SOURCE ORB 4: An Elegant, Powerful Vape Pen

Source Orb 4 Review

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Vaping is the newest trend, and everyone is looking to get in on it. To get the most of the vaping experience, however, you need the right device; and you’d be hard-pressed to find much better than the SOURCE orb 4 Dab Vape Pen Kit.

With an impressive build, unmistakable design, and an array of features built for the ultimate user, the orb 4 is a vaporizer than any vaper would love to get their hands on. As you’ll see in our review below, the device appeals to both beginners and hardcore vapers alike.

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What makes the SOURCE orb 4 a standout choice?

The orb 4’s build alone might be enough to entice buyers, but even if that’s not enough the device’s numerous features and endless improvements will. The most impressive part has to be the six atomizers that are the central part of the kit. Not only are these interchangeable, but they’ve also been built with different designs and materials. These differences ensure that you have an atomizer ready to deliver a deeper and stronger punch with every puff regardless of the concentrate that you’re using.


The orb 4 has been built for performance. From the careful selection of materials straight to the features, everything about the vape pen screams optimum performance. The outer casing of the pen is stainless steel, which is not only hardy and durable but retains its shine for quite a long time. Other materials that have been used in the making of the vape pen and its parts include ceramic, quartz plus and even titanium.

The many features further emphasize SOURCE’s dedication to offering the best user experience possible. With cutting edge and patent-pending technologies like the magnetic lock, the user will spend less time refilling their chamber and more time vaping. The pen also allows for plenty of variations, with up to eight different temperature changes as well as five different Variable Airflow System (VAS) settings. The orb 4 has everything you would need to customize the vape pen to the performance you would need.

Vapor Quality

One of the features that have been greatly praised by users is the creeping and impressively strong hit that the pen offers. With different atomizers built for different concentrates, the user in each case can customize the quality of vapor by switching to the proper atomizer. If that’s not enough, the eight different temperature settings do more than enough to ensure that the pen can give you the experience you want.

No matter whatever setting you choose, the fantastic vapor quality will stay the same.

Ease of use

With so many settings and variations, the vaporizer’s ease of use could easily be compromised; but that isn’t the case with the SOURCE orb 4. While offering a wide array of features, SOURCE has adopted a minimalist design for this pen that provides the user very straightforward operation.

The different features are well distributed to avoid confusion. The hardest part of using a vape pen, refilling, has been incredibly simplified with the addition of the magnetic locking mechanism. This mechanism allows you to simply take off the top, reload it, and snap it back on. You’ll get back to vaping in no time.

Source Orb 4 Review

Overall User Experience

The SOURCE orb 4 offers an elegant and classy appeal that every user will enjoy. The lifetime warranty is also an exciting feature of the orb 4, and instills some confidence in the brand. It offers a great user experience, thanks to the thick and flavor rich vapor as well as the ease and simplicity of use.

With thoughtful additions that are made to offer the user an easier and more profound experience, the orb 4 is one of those of wax pens that are built to satisfy all kinds of vapers.

What You’ll Love

When it comes to the advantages that this vape pen has to offer, they are many and far reaching. The most notable advantage is the option of having different atomizers that work with different concentrates. Other advantages include the pen’s easy refilling via a magnetic lock and the strong, sturdy and immensely durable build with materials that age gracefully.

The many variable settings ensure that this is a vape pen that can be used by a huge number of vapers. All you have to do is pick your preferred setting, and you’re good to go.

Some Weaknesses

On the downside, given the quality of the materials and increased variability of the functions, the pen is slightly heavier and not built for maximum portability.

Also, the orb 4 can be quite costly for the beginners who may not understand how to get the most out of the pen; not to mention that the many features can be a little confusing for a first-time user of the orb 4.

Source Orb 4 Review


If you’re looking for a great vape pen that is not only an extension of your personality but also a fashion statement, the SOURCE orb 4 is a perfect choice. With an impressive array of features, a sturdy build and powerful delivery and performance, it is everything that you have been looking for from a good vaping pen.

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