V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review

v2 pro vaporizer review

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The V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 is one of the best dry herb vaporizer pens on the market. It also has e-liquid and oil/wax capabilities. And it will only cost you $59.99. In the running for best vape pen.

V2Pro Series 3 Vape Pen Video Overview

V2Pro Series 3 Vape Pen Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the V2 Cigs Pro followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Dry Herb Vapor Quality – 92%
  • Wax/Oil Vapor Quality – 85%
  • Size & Portability – 97%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness – 89%
  • Price – 95%
  • Overall Rating – 91%
Because they just added an attachment that allows the V2 Pro to work with concentrates, this is probably the best 3-in-1 vaporizer on the market. Plus at $59.99 you really can’t beat the price.

V2 Cigs is looking to position itself as the go-to vaporizer company for those who want their vapes to be able to do everything. The V2 Cigs Vaporizer Pro can handle not only your dry herbs but also your e-liquids, waxes, and oils. So does it try to do too much and lose its focus or does it pull off the hat trick? We tested it out to see for ourselves.


v2 cigs pro vaporizer small sizeForgoing the usual threaded accessories, the Pro opts for a magnetic coupling design. This lets it quickly and easily attach to all the accessories that make vaping with a variety of ingredients possible. All the attachments just snap to the main unit. That may make it convenient, but it also limits where you can buy attachments from.

You see, with the standard threading setup, many companies allow you to interchange their accessories with those of other companies, but with the Pro, you are stuck with V2’s items. That might be a problem if they were priced extravagantly, but as many people who have used V2 products before can attest, they have some of the most reasonable prices in the industry.

The e-liquid cartridges will only cost you $8 while the ones for herbs and oils will run you $25.

The pen is pretty discreet. It just looks like a large, sophisticated pen, and it comes in a few different colors. It offers a great way to take your vaping with you without attracting a lot of unwanted attention, and its small enough to fit in just about anything. Now if you use some of the cartridges like the dry herbs one, you might not be as inconspicuous. That one tends to be bulkier and more obviously made for vaping.


We already mentioned how changing out the different vaping methods just means snapping a magnetic attachment onto the pen. It v2 cigs pro vaporizer kit contentreally is easy to do and should be pretty simple for anyone to pick up.

And every attachment is made with some great features that really compliment the overall package. The e-liquid one, for example, has a light-up function that lets you operate it even in the dark. And it won’t leak no matter how you turn it, so it is great for taking with you when you are on the go.

To activate it, just turn on the power button in the middle of the vaporizer. It will cut off by itself after about 10 seconds of not using it. Or you can power it off yourself by pressing the power button three times quickly. This is also how you can turn it back on if its goes into shutoff mode while you are vaping.


One thing we like about this vape is that you can use it while it is charging. The charging cord is pretty long too, so there’s not worry about restricting yourself too much while it is powering up.

It will take around an hour and a half to charge it up, but you only get about half that time in actual use. That makes it fine for a portable vape, but not very worthwhile if you want to use it all throughout the day.

Vapor production is probably the most important factor when it comes to the value of a vaporizer. And the V2 pro delivers in that department for sure. It produces some wonderfully thick vapor, probably some of the thickest on the market. And you get those nice, thick plumes of vapor for the entire session, all the way down the dregs of whatever you are using. This is partially accomplished by using a small ingredient tray, but that’s the case with most pen vapes anyway. There just isn’t room for anything bigger.

The draw is a little tight on this though. That’s likely so it mimics the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette. But when you compare it to other electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, it feels just a bit tight.


V2 Pro Series 3
QSC Rating: 91/100 by

This is one versatile vaporizer. It does a lot of things and it does them all well. Vapor production is solid across the board, no matter what you are using to vape. And the cartridge size for the e-liquid is pretty decent, coming in at about 1.6ml. It won’t exactly blow you away with how generous it is, but it’s certainly enough for most people.

As much as the V2 pro does, we kind of expected it to fail somewhere, but it really doesn’t. It manages to pull off doing a lot of thing remarkably well, and we have to commend it for that.

And best of all, it manages to do all this with a very reasonable price point of $80. Now it may cost you a bit more if you are just starting out and using this as your first vape. There are no included e-liquids with this vape.

That may seem odd to e-liquid users who are used to having some liquid packaged with their e-cigs. But for those who are used to dry herbs and oils, it is very uncommon to have anything included to start vaping with. So it may seem like a bare-bones package to some, but we see it as the price you pay for an affordable pen vaporizer that packs in a lot of functionality. For this price, we can’t complain about what is included and what is not.


  • It can vape anything
  • The Pro make some great vapor, no matter what you are trying to vape
  • A quality product through and through
  • Very affordable, especially for what it offers


  • Maybe a bit tight for those who like easier draws
  • Battery life is not impressive
  • Only supports V2 attachments

Any problems we have with this vaporizer are minor, and we would heartily recommend it to anyone that wants an all-in-one vaporizer. You won’t find better value for such a versatile product anywhere, and we commend the V2 Pro for what it accomplishes.

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  1. I had been using this vap pen for about two month, before it I tried with 510 compatible cigs, this is the best by far, the cartridges had a really long life and you can clean it several times to recover their fully functionality and flavor, amazing!!!!

    Until now I haven’t change the cartridge that comes with the starter kit, two months and it vap like new!!!!

    • Barely getting any vapor in my exhale at all using loose leaf what am I doing wrong definitely feel the medicine though

      • There’s a little tricky to getting really good hits per bowl (about 4-7) , do not over pack (my problem in the beginning) pack up to the metal oven line and pack it softly snug.. I also removed the screen ..take slow hits with your mouth (hit slow and steadily for about 7-10 seconds ) and inhale air at the last second to let it hit you

  2. Bought the V2 pro series 3 and initially was a tidy pen. It felt good to hold and looked good. However, from a light user like myself, I found it starting to malfunction after just 2 months. Sent it back and they replaced it with new, which was good! After 1 use of the new pen, it malfunctioned again! I asked for a refund and they only partially refunded me as it was outside the 30 days money back guarantee. Overall nice looking pen, but considering it didn’t work, I found it to be no different vape wise than other cheaper pens.

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