Best Vape Pens for Vape Juices and E-Liquids in 2017

The Best Vaporizer Pens to Use With E-Liquids

E-liquid vape pens have recently been on a rampant increase in popularity. Their portability, ease of use and quick vaporizing ability make them a top choice for people that would want to steer clear of smoking or even for beginners that are just catching up with the trend.

The idea of being seen with some classy gadget and a piece of art to many is heart-warming and vape pens are presenting users with exactly that. What’s more, with a vape juice vaporizer pen, you can vape you favorite e-liquid at any place you want. All you have to do is have some vape juice and some charge on the pen.

But, before you can enjoy everything that these pens have to offer, you have to get over one hurdle first; getting the best vape pen for e-liquid and for your own use. Keep in mind that personal taste has a role to play here but, you have to prioritize functionality and performance.

The Best Vape Pens for E-Liquids

#1 XEO VOID E-Liquid Vape Pen Kit

XEO Void E-Liquid Kit

Let’s start with the very best. Built for the classy, simple but elegant this e-liquid vape pen earns its spot in the discussion of the best vape pen for e-liquid there is. It comes with a diverse range and is a product of one of the best homes of engineering- Germany. It has an impressive battery that runs for extended periods and able to vaporize both PG and VG vape juices equally well.

The durable construction of the vape pen makes it virtually leak proof and comes in a range of three colors to suit your taste. While it might seem like the perfect addition for the sophisticated avid vaper, the user manual that comes with the purchase also makes it ideal for starters.

 The design, power, and long battery life are a big plus. This is #1 e-liquid vape pen on the market today!  

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Save 10% on your entire order (including VOID e-liquid pen) with this exclusive coupon! Just click the button below to reveal the code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF your entire order.

 #2 Halo Triton II E-Liquid Vape Pen

Triton 2 Starter Kit

E-Liquid vape pens are all about portability. The freedom to vape on the go and the Triton II pulls all the stops to come in as one of the world’s smallest sub-ohm devices ever made. If you prefer small and discrete vape pens, you will love this one.

The Triton II vape juice pen starter kit includes two batteries and two 2ml vape tanks, so basically for $45, you get two vape pens, which is a pretty good bang for your buck.

Very small and very portable device easy to conceal and carry around.

#3 V2Pro Series 3x E-Liquid Vape Pen Kit

series 3x vape pen kit

Have you heard about the Series 3 vape pen? I bet you did. Now there’s another great contender in the vape juice vape pens niche — the updated version of Series 3 — the Series 3x Vape Pen.

Allowing you to vape sub-ohm and above-ohm, featuring a unique magnetic refillable cartridges system and improved design, this is one the best e-liquid vape pens on the market.

The only reason it’s on #2 spot is that it’s a little bit more expensive than VOID, but if you have extra $40 to invest in your vaping experience, the series 3x is a no-brainer!

It’s very easy to use (yes, there’s basically no learning curve), easy to maintain, and it produces the amazing quality of vapor and incredible flavor.

 You can also save 10% off your entire order if you use the link below and coupon code QSC10 at the checkout. 

#4 Halo Tracer Twist E-liquid Vape Pen Starter Kit

HaloCigs Tracer Twist Vape Pen for E-liquids

The Tracer Twist is one of the top e-liquid vape pens when it comes to sub-ohm vaping. Luckily, there is no love lost, and it has stayed in touch with changing trends to offer a comprehensive and one of the best vape juice vape pens there is in the market.

In the small construction, you have a 2,300mAh battery cell to keep you running all day, a 4ml four-port adjustable airflow tracer, top fill glass tank, a stainless steel and glass mouthpiece and two charging options in the form of a USB cable and wall adapter. That sounds quite interesting, and as you will find out, it is!

On the upside you have a big tank, impressive battery, and different charging options. On the other hand, you don’t get any other additions.


#5 MigVapor Minion E-Liquid Vape Pen

Minion Advanced E-Liquid Pen Vaporizer

Not sure whether you prefer to have your vape mod looking elegant or youthful? The Minion Vape Mod Kit has got you covered. It comes with a wide range of colors from the simplistic but elegant silver all the way to the fun and bright colors like yellow and red.

Other than the external features, it also has a 3ml vape tank, a stainless mouthpiece, a micro-USB charger and you also get a user manual for the battery and the tank. It is a great kit for starters and users that don’t like having too many buttons to work with. Just light it up and get vaping.

Impressive tank capacity, great finishes for all ages and an extra sub-ohm are the strong points on this one. The battery is a real disappointment though and they could throw in an extra mouthpiece.

The Bug Mini E-Liquid Vape Pen

The Bug Mini Vape Pen

Obtainable in a wide range of colors, the Bug mini offers a wide set of features other than its range of colors. These include a top filling 2ml tank, a side USB mount charge, and an impressive 1100Mah battery cell. While it might be the small package, there is nothing small about its ability to deliver quality vapor on the go.

It comes in a cute gift box just in case you think of buying this for a friend and also features one stealth and leak magnetic cap and a .08 atomizer coil. The design is stunning with bright colors for the young and the young at heart. It offers everything that you could be looking for in a great vape pen in one tiny product that gives you a great experience in vaping.

The gift box is a really nice touch. It also has a wide range of colors to choose from and a standard battery. The tank, however, is quite small given its size.

With the best vaporizer pen, you can finally achieve vaping freedom. Portability, sleek designs, optimum clouds and incredible battery power and tanks will keep you in action for as long as you would like to vape. What’s more, you will still be able to look classy and vibrant with the vast range of colors and designs. All you have to do is pick on vape pen that you find most appealing to you and start your vaping journey.

Five Tips to Choose the Best E-Liquid Vape Pen

Just like any other emerging product, the best vaporizer pens for e-liquid are quickly developing. What was a trend yesterday, could be history today. So, you want to buy something that will last and be worth the money.

  1. Quality and durability – this should always be first on your list at all times. Quality gives you value for your money while durability ensures that you don’t have to buy another piece soon.
  2. Features – this is a shaky one. Features are being added to vape pens for e-liquid day and night to improve the user experience. Look for features that will create a difference like the heating system, the battery life, and also the size of the tank.
  3. Aesthetic – this is where your taste comes in. The color, the finishing, and the outward appeal everything that makes the vape pen call out to you. As much as you want a great vape pen, you also want one that is an extension of your personality.
  4. Portability – if it is not portable, then you will not be able to use it when and where you want. Ideally, the portable nature of the device will be dictated by the size and weight.
  5. Simplicity – regardless of the design, and features you go for, a good e-liquid vape pen should always be user-friendly and easy to use.