VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer Review: Best Desktop Hybrid Vaporizer

The Cloud EVO is a convection desktop vaporizer, created by VapeXhale. When it comes to vapor production, the product offers the best of the best through its powerful heating, different Hydratubes, and total glass vapor path. You can vape both dry herbs and concentrates really well, and can easily control the amount of substance going in the loading basket.

vapexhale vaporizer review

Vape Xhale Could EVO Rating: 84/100

Vape Xhale Could EVO: Efficiency Of The Heating Mechanism

The Cloud EVO uses a patented “PerpetuHeat” Thermal Technology and a ceramic heating element. This combination allows the unit to adjust the temperature precisely based on the consumer’s inhale. Basically, you will not be using up any of the herbs unless you start inhaling. We experienced that the heat is extremely powerful and is capable of producing huge tasty clouds.

The Cloud EVO takes approximately two minutes to heat up which is standard for a desktop vaporizer. The 30-minute turn-off feature may be a blessing or burden for you. We understand that it is added for safety but constantly having to turn it back on and wait for it to heat again after 30 minutes can be frustrating.

The temperature is set by a radial dial and a clock is used to estimate temperature. So 5:00 on the dial will equate to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is the maximum heat setting (for concentrates) and 7:00 will be 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest temperature setting. We personally prefer to set the heat setting according to the substance that we use. But for practical purposes, for dry herbs we stick to 1-2 3-4 is usually for concentrates. Of course, the temperature settings will vary according to the type of materials you use and the HydraTube you opt to use.

Ease Of Carrying And Concealing

VapeXhale Cloud Evo

Being a desktop vaporizer, the Cloud EVO is about 8 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 3 ¼ inches deep, without the glass secured to the top. Out of the options available, the “standard starter kit” comes with a glass mouthpiece that adds approximately 6-8 inches to the height of this model. You may also add one of the VapeXhale Hydratubes for filtering water and that additionally adds 6-10 inches too.

The base unit on its own is not that big but with the glass attachments, portability is really out of the question as it makes the vaporizer stationary and something that will be tedious to carry around while traveling.

The power switch is very high quality, user-friendly and easily accessible. Turning it fully anti- clock wise turns the vaporizer off and a full clockwise rotation sets it to the maximum temperature.

Parts, Extras, and Applications

Depending on the package you buy, the Cloud EVO comes with various accessories. The standard kit has everything you will need to vape dry herbs and liquids but only has a standard mouthpiece. It is by no means a bad package, but a drawback is that the higher temperatures will cause irritation in your throat without the water filtration.

If you buy the “concentrate package”, it comes with the VapeXhale Adapter Kit which lets you connect the Cloud EVO instantly to your 14 or 18mm glass components. It is ideal for those who already have glass options available.

The final kit is for anyone who doesn’t own any glass options and wants to vape both concentrates and dry substance. You don’t necessarily need to use concentrates but it still comes with a VapeXNail add-on if you need it. This kit comes with the VapeXhale Hydratube we mentioned earlier. Each Hydratube offers various levels of taste and diffusion.

Maintaining and Handling

Cleaning and maintaining the Cloud EVO is fairly simple as long as you take some precautionary measures in between thorough cleanses. For instance, after each vaping session, we like to wipe the inside and outside of the chamber with a brush. After we have used about 14 bowls, we dip the dry herb basket in ISO alcohol for 15 minutes, followed by a thorough rinse. Make sure that the chamber and basket is totally dry before using them again.

All of the Cloud EVO packages have a VapeXheat Shield in the box that covers the unit, making it easier to hold in your hands.


So that concludes our review on the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer. It is a desktop vaporizer, and one I would recommend if you are switching from bongs, steamrollers etc. The Cloud EVO is a perfect replacement for them. 

VapeXhale Cloud EVO
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