Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review – Exploring the Pros and Cons

Vapir has been in the vaping market for several years, but unlike other manufacturers they didn’t bombard with market with dozens of products, and instead have launched only a few products after spending good amount of time perfecting these.

Prima vaporizer review

Their first device, the NO2 was actually one of the very first handheld vaporizers, before they went on to release VapirRise 2.0. Although both the products performed really well and became very popular, however, I personally have never been big on any of these two. My biggest moan against Vapir product has been their unwieldy size, especially the NO2, which looked like a large soda pop. And their big size was the reason that eventually the two devices have become virtually obsolete and replaced by newer, more compact devices.

Vapir Prima Video Overview

Vapir Prima
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Fortunately, Vapir has finally come up with a device that doesn’t suck because of its humungous size, and it’s the Vapir Prima vaporizer. The three most impressive things about the Prima are sleek design, high performance and durable build. However, just like any other product on the market, it also has some shortcomings, which we’ll explore in this Prima vaporizer review.

Vapir Prima is basically a conduction style digital vaporizer that supports herbs and extracts. Made of brushed aluminum for sturdiness and lighter overall weight, it features a removable Lithium battery and has four predefined temperature settings. A unique feature of the unit is that it comes with a removable, stainless steel vapor channel. The manufacturer has faith in their sturdy design and backs up their vaporizer with a five-year warranty.

What Sets Vapir Prima Apart?

While the vaporizer has everything you want to see in your vaporizer i.e. it performs really well, has a sturdy design, is easy to use, and pretty much concealable, however, we couldn’t see one particular exclusive feature that would set it above the hundreds of its competitors.

Is it Worth the Price?

Prima might not be the very best vaporizer in the market, but it gets above average rating in every aspect. And we recommend it if you vape concentrates because you’ll totally love the flavor-rich, thick vapor. Although the price of the vaporizer has come down from $259.99 to $229.99 since it was first released, we still think it’s on the higher side. We believe any price tag under two hundred bucks would be great.


Buttons on Vapir Prima vaporizerThe vaporizer gets full marks when it comes to stylish design, sturdy build and excellent attention to detail. The unit screams durability when you hold it, thanks to the brushed aluminum which also makes it lightweight at the same time. We loved how they have made the design ergonomic; it perfectly fits in the clenched hand, and the mouthpiece feels just in the right place.

Although the Prima has a large heating chamber for allowing longer vaping sessions, it’s made of stainless steel whereas most modern vaporizers come with a ceramic heating chamber for better taste. Another good thing about the design of Prima is that it has a unique removable, stainless steel pathway, through which the vapor is passed in order cool down, and offer better flavor. A downside to this mechanism is that the end of the unit, where the heating chamber is located, gets very hot. Although you can use the custom silicone sleeve that comes with the package, but it increases the overall size of the unit.

Another commendable thing about the unit is its compact size, it has nearly the same overall size as the high-end Pax 2. They both have the same height, though prima is slightly thicker. The small size makes it a concealable vaporize. If you hold the vaporizer properly, you will also be able to hide the LED lights under your fingers.


Prima dry herb chamber Vapir Prima has an industry leading 45-60 seconds heat up time, depending on the type of material you want to vape, pack type and temperature settings you’ve chosen. While some newer models allow you to precisely control the temperature settings, the Prima only has four predefined settings: Level 1 ranges between 350° F – 360° F, Level 2 ranges between 365° F – 375° F, Level 3 ranges between 380° F – 390° F and Level 4 ranges between 390° F – 400° F. So the Prima also caps out at 400° F, just like its predecessor the VapirRise 2.0.

Even though the temperature range isn’t as high as you see in some other vaporizers, yet at Level 4, it offers phenomenal vapor quality, especially for concentrates. When it comes to vapor quality and flavor, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between Prima and any other top notch vaporizer. The good airflow mechanism and high-quality circuitry ensure rich flavor, but the vapor might be a little wispy if you want thick, dense and big plumes. 

Prima uses custom batteries, which can be charged using the dock provided. Removing and installing the batteries is very easy, thanks to the quick-slide design. The battery is actually a 3200mAh Li-Ion battery. Depending on how you puff on it, the battery will last anywhere between 50 – 70 minutes of use, on the highest heat settings, which is definitely impressive. It takes under two hours for the battery to get fully charged. So, if you want to use it for extended group vaping sessions, consider buying an additional battery. But the overall process isn’t very user-friendly and buying additional battery will cost you $50, which isn’t cheap at all.  

Ease of Use

You'll definitely need to get one of these to keep your Prima clean.

You’ll definitely need one of these to keep your Prima clean.

Using Prima vaporizer is easy, but cleaning it is a different story. Just pull off the back lid, and the heating chamber will be exposed. You can use the little scoop that comes with the package to load your chamber and put the lid back on. Unlike most other vaporizers that require five clicks, you’ll have to press and hold the fire button for three seconds to turn the device on. Then you can choose from the four temperature settings by pressing the button, and the LED light will show your current temperature level. When the light is blinking orange, it means the device is heating up, but when you see a solid green, it means you’re good to start vaping. It’s that simple.

However, when you want to clean the unit, it can be a pain in the butt as little particles can get stuck here and there in the chamber and can be hard to remove. While the removable stainless steel pathway makes the cleanup a little easier, but still you’ll need to utilize the provided cleaning tools and all your skills. The experience isn’t very pleasant, to say the least, but luckily, you don’t have to clean it very frequently. 

Pros of Vapir Prima vaporizer

  • Sleek, sturdy and stylish design
  • Very easy to use
  • Phenomenal vapor quality
  • Impressive heat up time (as low as 45 seconds)
  • Outsized chamber with unique pathway for cooler, flavorful vapor

Cons of Vapir Prima vaporizer

  • Not very affordable
  • Not very easy to clean
  • End of the unit gets hot after prolonged use
  • Not a very user-friendly charging mechanism, plus expensive additional batteries

Summing it all up…

Vapir Prima can be a great vaporizer for one vaper, and can be a hassle for another. If you vape herbs and concentrates and love cool, flavor-rich vapor without any care about the thickness of plumes you exhale, you’ll definitely love the vaporizer. The Prima might not be the most expensive, but it isn’t very affordable either. At the end of the day, we must appreciate the amazing design, good performance, and the 5-year warranty, all of which make it a good portable vaporizer that actually works.

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