VaporFi Atom Review: A Bomb Vaporizer

VaporFi Atom Vaporizer Review

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The Atom is the latest flagship vaporizer introduced by VaporFi. It is a modern vaporizer that comes with several innovative features. Foremost among the advancements in this model are the integration of motion-sensing technology and the inclusion of a 3000 mAh battery. Our experience using the device was incredible. We’ve compiled a detailed review for prospective users below, so read on to see the benefits and drawbacks of the new device.

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The Atom has a modern design, an all-black body with sleek edges and rounded corners. It follows the popular minimalist design trend, without any gimmicks attached. The vaporizer can easily be held in the hand and carried around in the pocket, giving it high scores in the discreetness department. Unlike some other models in the market, the atom does not compromise on functionality or convenience despite its small size. The product has a smooth finish that gives the device a very premium feel; it will definitely impress your vaping buddies.

VaporFi Orbit (on the left), Atom (center), and Stratus Vaporizers. VaporFi Orbit (on the left), Atom (center), and Stratus Vaporizers.


The Atom is the most powerful vaporizer introduced by VaporFi. It features heating temperatures between 360°F – 464°F, which is more than sufficient for any kind of herbs. A single click will initiate the activation of the heating element and allow you to choose from the temperature ranges. There is an installed LED display on the center body to display the selected temperature represented by color:

  • Blue for 360°F
  • Yellow for 410°F
  • Red for 464°F

The heating chamber is designed from ceramic and is quite spacious. The chamber has been placed at the base of the gadget and will hold enough for several long sessions. Because of the position of the ceramic chamber, air runs openly through the stainless steel air path, which allows for incredible vapor taste. As a nice side-note, the mouthpiece is certified as 100% food grade.

Battery Life

The Atom has been given a huge 3000 mAh battery. This means that you will never run out of charge while using the vaporizer on the go.

Shaking this portable vaporizer will switch LED indicator to showing the battery life.A programmed chipset utilizes complex hardware to safeguard against overcharging and over-discharging and provides extensive protection to vapers. The VaporFi Atom also employs a smart motion detecting system to prevent battery wastage (30-second standby) and ensure that the product can be used for long periods. Its battery life marker permits you to shake the gadget to view its battery life status:

  • Green for full battery
  • Yellow for partial battery
  • Red for low battery

The LED temperature marker displays a purple light while warming up and a white light when the vape is ready for use.

Accessories in the Box

Apart from the vaporizer, other items which are found in the box are:

  • Mouthpiece – It comes preinstalled and is 100% food grade, as aforementioned
  • Oven Door – Again, this comes preinstalled in the device and requires no technical knowledge to use.
  • A replacement screen, which would definitely come in handy after a prolonged usage of the device.
  • A pair of cleaning pipes to keep the vaporizer in shape.
  • A micro USB cable to charge the battery.
  • An instruction manual to get you ready with everything needed to know about the device, its handling, etc.


The VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer has the cleanest and best dry herb vaping channel. It is very easy to clean and maintain using the tools provided with the package. Upkeep of your gadget will ensure that your dry herb vaporizer will give a quality draw every time. If you lose your cleaning pipes, you can purchase a five pack of dedicated Atom cleaning pipes from the official website and keep your vaporizer in an immaculate condition.

The VaporFi Atom has a 30 days money back guarantee. After you buy the vaporizer through the company’s website, should the Atom not arrive in perfect condition or not meet your expectation, simply contact VaporFi’s customer service within 30 days.

About The Manufacturer

VaporFi is an American brand through-and-through. It’s a subsidiary of the International Vapor Group, which owns brands like South Beach Smoke and Direct Vapor, one of the biggest entities in the industry.

VaporFi follows through on its motto of changing the way people smoke. It has an e-store with a growing customer base and a wide variety of products. Any product coming from VaporFi can be trusted to be great quality. The brand is backed by an experienced team of designers and engineers who are determined to bring you the best product every time.

What sets VaporFi apart from other competition is its strong focus on customer service. Their attention to detail makes customers feel like they are truly purchasing from a high-end, reputable brand.


The execution and vapor quality of the Atom is a wonder, though the device is neither the thinnest nor the most stylish of all the vaporizers its class. These quibbles don’t matter much because, everything considered, this truly is an amazing product. The smart innovations included in its mechanism give VaporFi a strong claim as one of the most exciting products on the market.

VaporFi Atom
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