Vaporfi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer – An In-Depth Review

Vaporfi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer has a sleek design, which makes it one of the best accessories to carry with you to a gathering. You’ll definitely wow your peers.

It comes in two bright colors: red and black. It also is an efficient vaporizer, and doesn’t produce a burned taste even if the oven gets too hot or the herb left is too less. The temperature control feature adds a new dimension for customization. Another notable thing about the vaporizer is its’ extended battery life, which is better than many vaporizers I have personally used – including some more expensive units.

The Stratus is available with a 30-day money back guarantee. A connoisseur vaper like me can easily use it for an entire day without having to recharge it.

VaporFi Stratus Aesthetics

As far as the outer look is concerned, me and my whole team loved how it fits in my pocket and is not too heavy, although it gives a sense of sturdiness when you hold it. The design is good and the nice display screen shows the exact temperature at which oven is working. The battery remaining life is also shown so you can charge it before the battery dies completely. The design is very elegant, but nothing too extraordinary as it seems somewhat similar to some of its competitors.

Features and Functionality

The device no doubt is very user-friendly. Vaporfi Stratus is ideal for new vapers or ex-smokers turned vapers. The compartments are easy to understand and so is the functionality. One thing to be kept into consideration is that it can only be used for dry herbs. I personally got the best vaping experience at 350°F that is achieved within a minute. This is an amazingly short time.  The heating chamber is based on advanced technology, and opening and refilling it is a breeze.

Three rubber/silicone mouthpieces have been added to the package to be used for an extended time period. Unlike most other vapes, that the mouthpiece does not get warm on Stratus. Having spare mouthpieces also makes sharing much easier for vapers like me (I like to vape in a group but also am a neat freak).

The only issue I’ve encountered so far is that after five or six extended sessions, a little residue of herbs does get stuck in the heating chamber and can be a bit difficult to clean if you don’t have the experience and tools. It’s not, however, a deal breaker by any means. The remarkable feature is that no matter how high the temperature is or how less the herb is in the chamber does not produce a burning taste – which is the biggest nuisance attached to most dry herb vaporizers.

Long-Lasting Battery and Efficiency

The stratus comes in with a 2200mAh battery that is rechargeable. It weighs only 2.6oz. the battery runs for a complete day; facilitating even those who are in a habit of vaping most of the day. It has a micro USB port charging cable same as that of your mobile. Just unplug your mobile and plug-in your vaporizer. It does not take more than 3 hours to fully charge. The heavy users can easily use it for a complete day without running out of battery.  

The temperature range available is from 350°F to as hot as 430°F. The heating chamber can hold up to 1 gram of herbs. Another unique feature is that the temperature can be raised by 1°F at a time thus allowing you to customize the heat according to your own choice.

As a Whole

Vaporfi Stratus is a handy dry herb vaporizer and offers a lot of unique features at a very low price. It has a sleek body and an amazing battery life. Above all, it takes only a minute to heat up to its full temperature that is an outstanding feature.

It has the capability to hold about 1 gram of dry herbs that allows the vaper to experience vaping for a longer time interval without refilling. The temperature can be adjusted one degree at a time. This is a feature that allows customization that user value greatly.

The only feature missing is pass through, which allows you to vape even when the device is on charging. In a nutshell, the vaping experience and the product quality was above average. I would highly recommend new and moderately experienced vapers to give it a go.

VaporFi Stratus
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