Yabba Dabber Wax Vape Pen – Little More than You Might Expect

Yaba Dabber Wax Vape Pen

Usually, you don’t even get a visible cloud when you’re vaping on a small vaporizer pen, but the Yabba Dabber Wax Vape Pen by Mig Vapor changes all that. Boy, the first few hits totally surprised us because considering that the dab pen is pretty much the size of an e-cig, we definitely didn’t expect such performance, such flavor. Not to mention it’s compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, and yet costs only $39.95.
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Aesthetics and design

Yabba Dabber Wax vaporizer boxAny pen shaped vaporizer is good looking, but Mig Vapor knows how to design exquisite gadgets, and the Yabba Dabber – despite its weird name – speaks for itself. The beautiful cigarette-like shape, elegant black and green coloring scheme with a glass mouthpiece, and the diamond shaped power button, everything about the design of the Yabba Dabber is awesome. What’s more, the unit measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 6, which is the ideal size for a vaporizer that’s designed to be concealable. It’s also ideal for ladies, and if you put it in your makeup purse, it’ll be pretty hard to distinguish it from the rest of the articles.

The vape pen comes with a wireless charger and a scrapper to clean any residuals left after vaping. The design is pretty simple, with two main pieces that can be unscrewed easily and just one power button – no need to even adjust the temperature settings. Just charge the pen, unscrew the top, fill the ceramic chamber with concentrates or dry herbs and vape – just make sure the unit is turned off before you take it apart.


Parts of Mig Vapor Yabba Dabber Vpae Pen What really makes the Yabba Dabber stand out from the crowd is its unique heating plate made of ceramic. In other words, there is no combustion or no coil to get in direct contact with your herbs, and you get the best possible taste. The ceramic plate can go up to anywhere between 400 and 455 F, pretty much the ideal range you would like to vape your dry herbs or concentrates at. The low-resistance coil is baked inside the plate, and it takes two to three seconds to heat up. The good thing is that it comes with a 500 mAh battery that could last a whole day, depending on how much you use it. Looking at the tiny size of the pen, the performance is totally unbelievable.

What we loved about the Yabba Dabber?

  • Works well for dry herb as well as concentrates
  • Beautiful compact design
  • Amazing performance for a tiny vape pen
  • Great flavor, thanks to the ceramic heating plate
  • Very affordable

What we didn’t like much?

  • The design is elegant, but doesn’t look too sturdy
  • Only 90-day warranty
  • Takes more than two hours to get fully charged


Epic stoners will definitely love the Yabba Dabber Wax vaporizer, for its size, portability and performance. Although it takes quite a while to get fully charged, but the decent battery life makes up for it. At the end of the day, what really matters is the performance, vapor quality and the amount of money you pay for it, so the Yabba Dabber is definitely a winner.

Yabba Dabber Vape Pen
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