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The State of Our Quit Smoking Community

Our forum is still in the very early stages of life. We have found out that it’s really hard to get an online community started because low membership in the beginning makes it hard to get great conversations going.

So please, get in on the ground floor of a potentially world-changing community! Head over to our forum and sign up for an account today.

Complain about whatever is stressing you out during your attempts to quit.

Tell us how your day is going.

Rand and rave.

Give advice.

Take advice.

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We are also always looking for paid writers and moderators, and forum contributions are the place we start the search!


  1. I quit for a week smoked for a week, quit for 3 days and just smoked again. I went to Nicotine Anonymous and realize this is going to be more of a process than I gave it credit for. I’m glad I found this website and chat room to use. God has overcome this for me so I will keep trying!

  2. I just now learned what smokers cough is and that is what has brought me here, but i decided that i wanted to quit smoking one day, and i been trying to, but it seems since i started smoking at 16 and im now 30 and just now trying to quit i have put a lot of damage on my lungs, so i bought a E-vapor cig and was hoping it would help me, but i have a socially smoking problem which means i only smoke when i’m either around a smoker, or in a crowd. so how can i stop smoking if i can put them down all day when no one is around , but then when i’m out and about i feel i must have a real one, and the evape doesn’t really work for me out there cause i feel that it dont look like a cigarette and i want to feel like i blend in. Any ideas on how i can work on this , so i can eventually put cigs down for mine and my kids sake?

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