The Cheap and Easy Way to Make THC Dab Wax for Vaping

If you want to create dabs from a basic environment like your home, you will need to gather a few simple tools and follow a few easy steps. Basically, you will be extracting the resin and other essential oils from weed using a heat-and-pressure technique.

Only do this where it’s legal.

Don’t worry, it sounds a lot harder than it actually is.

 How to Make Dab Wax – An Overview

  1. Gather materials, most importantly a hair straightener and a bar clamp
  2. Cover the marijuana buds with wax paper
  3. Heat the hair straightener to 240°F and squeeze the buds between the parchment paper
  4. Remove impurities from the resulting wax
  5. Use the wax in your dab vaporizer and enjoy!

 The Tools You’ll Need

 The main item you need is a basic hair straightener device which can be purchased at any big retail store. You could also use a rosin press device, but those are a lot more expensive and are typically only used to create commercial products. A hair straightener will serve the same purpose for creating dabs for personal use. This will be the tool that generates the heat you need for the process.

 In addition, you will need a tool that creates pressure. A simple bar clamp from a home improvement store like Home Depot will work for you.

 The other materials you’ll need are your cannabis buds, parchment paper, pressing screen pouch, tweezers, and a stainless steel dabber.

 To summarize, you will need:

  • Hair straightener
  • Bar clamp
  • Cannabis buds
  • Parchment paper
  • Pressing screen pouch
  • Tweezers
  • Stainless steel dabber

 Step #1: Set the right temperature

For the first step, plug in the hair straightener and preheat it to around 240°F. Going above 300°F will be too hot for this process. If the temperature settings on your hair straightener don’t let you adjust the heat to these particular temperature ranges, then just select the lowest temperature setting available on the device. Remember, it is better to have the temperature too low than too high.

Step #2: Prepare Your Buds

Next, you’ll want to gather your cannabis buds, press screen pouch, and parchment paper. Make sure you choose a medium-sized bud (about the size of a quarter). You don’t want the bud to be larger than the surface that you’ll be pressing it on.

AAlso, be sure to remove any stems that are visible on the bud and if the bud is too larfy or not dense enough, try squishing the bud with your hands to get it into a small ball. At this point, take the little bud ball and put it into a small pressing pouch. This pouch eliminates the risk of having plant material in your concentrate after the process is done.

Then take the pouch and put it on a single sheet of parchment paper. Fold the paper around the pouch so that it covers it completely. This paper is where the rosin will be extracted into after the pressing takes place.

Step #3: The Extraction

Next comes the fun part.

 Take the folded paper and place it into your hair straightener device with the proper temperature set. Press down as hard as you can on the hair straightener so that the folded paper gets as hot and pressurized as possible. You should only have to press down for about 10 seconds in order to get the results you want.

The length of time you keep pressing determines the color, consistency, and flavor of the cannabis. After you are done with the hair straightener, take the folded paper and place it in the bar clamp. Use the clamp to give the pouch even more pressure and maximize the results.

Step #4: Remove Impurities

Finally you need to clean any existing contaminants out of the rosin, which in this case would be plant matter. Pistils from the plants often get mixed in with the concentrate during the pressing process.

Take the tweezers and remove these plant pieces from the concentrate. There shouldn’t be too many of these pieces if you used a pressing screen before beginning. Some people don’t use the pressing screens, which ends up resulting in a lot of pistils getting mixed in with the concentrate. The reason you don’t want plant matter in the concentrate is that they absorb a lot of the essential oils from the cannabis.

Step #5: Collection and Storage

After you’ve cleaned up the concentrate, take the dabber and collect the ball of rosin with it. Rub the dabber over the parchment paper to collect any essential oils left behind, since the oil is very sticky.

Now take a new sheet of parchment paper and place the dab into it. Use a non-stick silicone container if you want to store the dab for a long time. You want to make sure it’s in an airtight container, since that’s the only way to preserve the flavor and quality of the cannabis.

You may use any device to consume it, but a vaporizer is recommended for the best experience.