When You Quit Smoking – What Day Is the Hardest?

Quitting smoking is not easy, as anyone who has tried to can attest. But that first week may actually be the hardest. That’s when the nicotine is in your system the most, and the first couple days are actually the worst of all. The pull of nicotine is the strongest during those first crucial days, and if you can get through them, you may actually be able to conquer your habit. But  When You Quit Smoking – What Day Is the Hardest?. Let’s take a look.

The First Week

That first day is probably the easiest one. Tons of people quit for just a day all the time. They mean for it to be longer, but trying to get through the second and third days are torture, comparatively speaking.

Quit smoking

Your body is still full of nicotine and not really craving much on the first day. You are going to feel the pull of the habit, as your mind and body aren’t used to the change up, but actual withdrawal symptoms won’t really take hold until the second and third days.

And it is those days that are the hardest on your physical cravings. Your body is going to feel the need for nicotine, and it will go into a state where your body will try to cope with the changes that are happening. Your fingers will shake, your mind will be restless and edgy, and you will crave your cigarettes more than ever.

You have to keep in mind that this is just a temporary craving. The cravings come and go, and the feeling won’t persist the entire day. If you can just get through each wave of craving, you will be able to conquer it.

The cravings will be different for everyone though. Some people will have no problem with the first couple of days. They will coast right through and e babel to quit just fine. They will need a lot of support and willpower to resist the urges and keep form smoking.

But once you get through that first week, it is not all easy sailing from there. You still have a tough road ahead of you if you are serious about quitting.

The Second Week

You will feel the mental cravings very strongly in the first week, and they will likely become even stronger by the second week. By this point, a lot of the nicotine has left your body, and it is mostly your mental state being affected. Your body may not need the cigarettes as badly, as your shaking will likely have gone away almost completely at that point. But your mind will definitely feel the need to have a smoke.When-You-Quit-Smoking

You will likely be hungry and have specific food cravings, particularly for sweets. It’s okay to give into those cravings a little. You want to fight the stress you will be feeling and some sweet food can help with that.

You will be in a constant fight with your mind during that second week, so you need to keep it distracted. You can go to places you haven’t been before or visit old friends. Just try to keep your mind off the smoking and avoid the triggers that make you want to go back to it.

The symptoms vary by person, and they definitely depend on how long you were smoking for and how heavily you smoked. Basically, the more smoking you did before you quit, the harder it will be to quit, but once again, your personality and willpower play a big part in how well you will cope.

If you find yourself doing particularly poorly, make sure you get some support. Talk to friends or join a quit smoking community to find that support that will keep you going. If you are spending a lot of time alone, then the cravings may be worse and the temptation maybe easier to give in to.

They say it takes as long to break a habit as you spent forming it, so you could be fighting a long time, but at a certain point it will become much easier and the cravings will subside faster and be much weaker.

After the first two weeks, your constant cravings will probably start to subside. You may still get some occasional strong cravings, but the worst of it is likely over. By the four week mark, if you have managed to stay mostly smoke free that long, then your chances of conquering the habit are extremely good. Congratulations, you earned it.

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  1. I really needed to read this as I am on day 3 of quitting smoking and I felt the urge to smoke greater today and yesterday than my first day. Appreciate the info…

    • Today is my 5th day without a cigarette and I went cold turkey, trying to hang in there, don’t want to go back. Just need to stay strong and get through the mind over natter.

      • I am on day 5. I used a mist a couple times but trying not to. I’m irritable and almost went to buy smokes but didn’t. I am struggling today but it’s 5 days. I’m going to keep going I hope.

        • To Randy & Denise, I hope you are still smoke free!
          This is day 4 for me. It’s really hard to stay focused at work but at least there is no chance of buying smokes. When I’m home I try to keep busy enough to forget about running out to buy cigarettes. Hoping to make it to day 5.

          • Third day. I put on a patch. Yes it IS the third that’s really hard. So proud of Randy and Denise. I hope they come back here and share their progress or recession.
            Hang in there Lisa!
            There is no such thing as failure. The re-start date just changes.

      • I am also about to be on my fifth day and (knock on wood) I don’t miss them at all. I am using an app that counts time, money saved and positive effects on health and it’s really encouraging. As of now, no problems at all. Maybe next week?

    • I am on day 3 of quitting cold turkey. I am 32 and have smoked for 15 years. I have a wife who is a smoker and we have 4 kids together. I am a carpenter and was recently injured at work. I cut my thumb real bad with a table saw. Doctor said if I don’t quit smoking he will more than likely have to amputate the injured part of my thumb. He says smoking reduces the amount of blood circulation and your fingers already have a low amount… I thought hmmm. I’m running out of excuses not to quit. The first day I made it till 2 pm. Second day till 11am. It was very hard. Day 4, 5, and 6 I smoked as usual, at least a pack. On day 7 I put my foot down and actually left town. Its so hard to quit and I turn into a not so nice person, and my wife smokes so…. I went to the Florida everglades and kayaked, camped, and rode my bicycle all by myself. It was not to difficult on day one till the evening. I tried to go to bed at 630pm cause I had enough fighting lol. Of course I’m in a tent on the ground and not comfortable. Funny part is I brought a queen size air mattress to sleep on. I forgot to pack my electric pump, but I did bring a hand pump but i was so frustrated at this point I couldn’t even invest 5 minutes to have a good night sleep. Of course I couldn’t sleep. I ended up going for a night bike ride and looked for some gators. When I made it back to the camp i pulled my sleeping bag out of the tent and put it out under the stars. I rarely look up at night, but tonight the ski was magnificent. I tossed and turned all night and it was the longest night I can remember. On day 2 I woke and made breakfast and instant Coffey on my propane stove. Packed up and went to the southern most of everglades called flamingo, its right on the gulf if Mexico. I wanted to rent a boat and cruz to the keys( I have a boat and a jet ski but did not bring them cause I figured I would have some sort of mechanical problem and get pissed off and buy some smokes). They wouldn’t let me rent a boat to take to the keys, said I would have to go there and rent one. So off I went. Day 2 was very tough not to smoke, and I’m in paradise and can’t even enjoy myself. Im in the keys at this point and stop to eat. Seafood of course. I start to order my food and can’t even under stand what I had said lol. I can’t think, focus, or even speak right. After that I went to a marina and inquired about renting a boat cause I want to c the coral reefs and go snorkeling. They said there is a 24 hour wait. Ahhhh. At this point I couldn’t take it any more. I thought i can’t do this. I take some deep breaths and pray to God… ..for real…. Then go for a walk by the beach. Man is it beautiful..crystal clear.. I am just so miserable. And I think if I spend this money and rent this boat I wont even b able to enjoy it cause I’m so miserable. So I figured if I’m going to b miserable I may as well b comfortable, so its time to go home lol. And I thought day 3 would b a little easier. So I drove 4 hours and made it home by 11pm. Went to bed. Now we r on today, day 3. Woke up and made breakfast for me and the kids. I went for a motorcycle ride to a section of woods I enjoy to run in. I gave been running here for a couple weeks now. Each time I get a faster time as I do record on my watch. This time its day 3 for no smokes and I was so winded after just a half mile. Its like my body is in so much shock from the change I am in worse physical shape than before. So I turn off the stop watch and decide time doesn’t matter today. I did more walking than running. But I took time to stop and actually look and listen to my surroundings. It was actually very nice. Now time to go back home. Dun dun dun….of course I get home and c the cigarette butts lining the driveway.. Such a dirty sight. And my wife is out front checking the mail and smoking. Its sad to say but for some reason I can’t really sit down and talk to her with out feeling like I’m over come with rage… Maybe that’s a little harsh but when we speak especially when she is smoking I get anxious and upset. So I tell the kids to get dressed and we r going roller skating, just me and the 4 of them. We had a good time. I was still feeling very anxious, still had moments where it was hard to take a deep breath, and still did not smoke. The majority of the time we skated I was trying to look happy, but I was not. However I did occasionally find myself forgetting about my pain and actually laughing a few real laughs. After a few moments I would realize I was actually happy for a moment, but only a moment. But those few moments gave me hope that it will get better. After skating we went for 2 mile hike at a local nature park. I’m trying to pro long our stay away from danger aka home. When we got home my wife’s friend was there and she is a smoker to. Sooo I went inside and took over where my wife left off cooking dinner. Which made it possible for me to b alone while they stepped out to smoke. It really wasn’t hard not to go smoke, but I still feel horrible. My body and mind are not happy. After dinner we r now all caught up. I am typing this. Still on day 3 and still trying not to smoke. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is necessary and I can do it.

      • I quit 7 months ago, cold turkey. It’s not that hard it’s a habit and habits are hard to change, after day 3 the nicotine is out if your system. Good luck

      • Good job.. did you make it? It’s Jan. 2nd 2017 and I’m on day 4..I’m diabetic so hopefully no smoking will get that under control or eliminate it completely.

      • Will you keep posting and write about how you’re doing? My husband smokes and drinks and I am staying away from him as much as possible. I’m only on day one

      • I’m on day 7 and thought feeling sad was just me being me. I wanted to smoke so bad!! I too prayed please God hold me ! Don’t let me smoke. I got through that ruff patch and looking forward to tomorrow. I’m back in the gym too so that should help. I enjoyed reading your journey !!!
        Thank you for sharing!!

      • Hang in there and congrats on making the decision to quit. I’m on day 7 with an upper respiratory infection that has kept me from smoking. I coughed nonstop for 4 days and swore I would never pick up another cigarette yet here I am on a smoking forum healing up and thinking about having one. I’m not going to cave in????

      • Great story. I’m on day 3 too. I’m a strange one though. I don’t smoke cigs I smoke cigars. Usually one small one a day….two on a drinking day. I don’t smoke during work ever. 10 plus hours a day I don’t smoke and don’t crave it. I walk in the house and it’s time to light up. What is killing me is all day 1 I wanted to smoke or craved nicotine at work. Yesterday was the same, wanting nicotine during the day. Today has been really good just about 20% of last two days. The nights are different. I’m afull blown eating machine last night sucked but no smoking….bloated but not smoking. Just left publix with a tone of sweets. What ever it take… good luck everyone.

    • When I was 12, I became a casual user of drugs and alcohol except for crack and ectasy ( I know I probably mispelled e), for 17 years. I have been smoking cigarettes and weed for 28 years. 2004, stop the other stuff. I drink on weddings and funerals. On 12-21-2016, I had two smokes at the airport. I went to visit family. On the 28, I freaked out and smoke Purple Champagne ( Sativa .75, prerolled ). I got buzzed and a bit paranoid. I ate a big dinner, had less paranoia, but was buzzed the whole night and woke up buzzed. I did not crave a cigarette, the whole time or today. At this point, I am doing alright, because I’m starting to think about what smokes do to yer lungs, teeth, body, money, TIME wasted standing there suckin bad air, and a list of negatives from smoking cigarettes. I don’t know my future with cigarettes, however; I am going to fight and stop. More power to those who want to stop. May the Force be with you.

    • Above it says by the fourth week IF YOU HAVE STAYED MOSTLY SMOKE FREE, THEN CHANCES OF CONQUERING THE HABIT ARE GOOD. CONGRATS. This is like telling someone if you do the task, mission, or job, you will be rewarded. You still have an option to smoke because the writer wrote stayed mostly smoke free. Sounds good. Now, if I can stop drinking, lying, lusting for women, and other bad habits, I can be human. I cry because humans continue to hurt and kill each other and the mother planet Earth. Peace.

    • i am on day 8
      its bit ok now please keep fighting .. i was smoking last 16 years, i will not smoke now, today i am feeling bit lovely, my breathings are fresh

  2. day 5, very rough. My willpower carried me through the first 3 days just fine and the occasional nicotine gum (can’t handle the taste) helped me through long shifts at work. Today was the first day I realized I was eating everything in sight and call it an oral fixation or not but I’ve been longing for the actual act of puffing the smoke. I’m hoping the 10 day mark will be enough for me to stop thinking of smoking all the time. Best of luck to everyone

    • Johnny if it is just the act of it when in your own home or whatever try chewing on a straw it helped me when I needed something to take the edge off. Also when in public or whatever if candy is allowed hard candy like peppermints butterscotch candy sticks or candy canes any thing like that helped me with cravings.Not sure what to do if someone is a diabetic unless they make sugar free hard candy not sure never paid attention.

    • Day one is the most difficult, then it is relativelly easy. The body gets rid of nicotine exponentially fast–that is why you have practically no nicotine in your body after 24 hours. Try to resist the temptation what would the ciguarette taste now.

  3. 3rd day of no nicotine. A bit edgy since morning, filled up the tub with cold water and spend about 90 min in there reading a John Gresham. Felt much better when I got out.

    God bless you all, hang on in there. Ground is much much greener in the other side..

  4. “Tons of people quit for just a day” – I am not really sure, that is the case. The smokers I know, cannot even stop for a few hours, my business partner uses a bong to smoke tobacco. So, welcome to hell.

    Nevertheless, I did quit. Again.

    This is the third time I’m quitting (in the last 15 years, 7 years of smoking, 8 years of not), and yet, the climb gets steeper and steeper. I always thought quitting weed would the hardest nut, but boy, nicotine is definitely a HARD DRUG.

    Days 2-4-6 have been the hardest for me:

    2, because I have to stick to quitting and can’t put that off no more.
    4, because being smokefree is becoming a thing. And I crave like hell.
    6, because I can’t wait till the first week is over.

    My father, a heavy smoker himself, told me about a 7-7-7-story. He told me one day, the first 7 hours of quitting are crazy, the first 7 days are hard, but after 7 months you’ll be completely free. Obvious nonsense but, it’s a game I’ve been playing in my mind, trying to reach the next 7. To be honest, he’s still smoking.

    Oh, one more thing: I just wrote this comment to deal with a craving. Now, it’s gone. 🙂

    Best to you..

    • As a former crack head this is just like getting off pipe. That day comes and you know there is no way back.in once you close the door. Been clean 22 years and day 4 smoking. Sucks cuz it’s easier to acquire…but that’s the only difference I see. Do I still have crack cravings…you bet your ass….but it’s a distant memory craving. Once your an addict your always a addict. It’s a club……welcome have a sit and stay clean. This can be done…..we will all conquer it…..there is no room for failure…..repeat….repeat…..repeat……get strong.

    • On day 7 – a Friday evening/wine in hand/ready to EAT a 20 pack!!! Read through the previous messages – read yours, THANK YOU, laughed out loud (you probably didn’t intend this quite manic response), and no longer wanting a fag/ciggie etc xxxxxx

    • That was awesome, day 3 is treating me apart but it’s almost over! You’re post made me laugh for the first time today, thank you!

  5. Today is day 15 and it may be my roughest day so far. Not really sure why. No major stress in my life right now – I just want a cigarette. But then I try to remember all the reasons I have decided to quit (again). I try to remember how really few smokes tasted all that great, the smell, the cost and all of the other negative factors.

    Like the comment above – now my craving is gone.

    • Day 9 for me and i swear i can smell the cigarette in my mind. My mind says it would taste so good! But i know as soon as i puff i will feel horrible cause it would mean i failed again!

        • Day 11 had a melt down at work! LOL but made it through…I somehow miss the taste of all things….but spent a lot of money on my gums, smoking for 35 yrs caused major gum recession and I ended up with 2 cavities one on each front tooth. So I am a bit vain and aint no way I am going the denture route at 50. I feel ok now, the urge can be really strong, but does pass with breathing and remembering why I quit…don’t wanna be the toothless wonder with a cig hanging out of my mouth!

          • Also I am on the patch, it helps for the most part better results for me than when I tried cold turkey, but still get cravings at this point not sure if they are mental or what

            • Lol I am in the same situation, major gum recession requiring surgery kicked off my quit. On day 11 and the urge is still there. Wearing patches here and there(when my skin will tolerate) but basically just trying to stay busy and,work through each crave it is getting easier. But still have to talk myself out of having just 1 a few times per day. Hoping this is it the time I stay quit!! Best of luck to all stay strong!

  6. Hey everyone, I’m on my 3rd day. Off-and-on HELL. I am also on Chantix… Anyone else? It definitely helps a lot, can’t imagine how hard it would be without it. I smoked approximately 30 per day for 18 years and God I am missing it! The only thing that is keeping me going is the fact that I don’t want the past 3 days to be for nothing. Anyway, good luck everyone!

    • I quit this year with Chantix. It’s like a miracle drug. Stick with it..and if you fail, do it again and then again. It will eventually work.

    • My 3Rd day as well but I had a small craving in the morning survived that one,now I’m getting my taste buds back I think I can quit smoking after 19 years

  7. Day 3 so much easier this time because I’m using the patch. Previous attempts were unsuccessful at day 3 because I was mean, shakey and just felt like crap. I’m so grateful for the patch!!!

  8. Well its my 5th day, no problem, i sleep better and I’m up earlier, But i have a short fuse, so I’m hoping by the end of week two, all will be good.

  9. 5 years of a pack a day and now I’m on Day 5 of being smoke free. It is somehow the hardest so far. Perhaps it’s because my willpower is running out, or maybe it’s all the errands Im running (I used to chain smoke in my car).

    Seeing these comments are helping me. Stay strong everyone!

  10. I am on the patch day 10 used to smoke about a pack a day. I am 27 and my daughter is 3, she started to get on me about smoking if that doesn’t make me quit I am not sure what will! I do not feel the physical need to smoke, as much as the mental games the addiction has on me! I keep thinking I cant let 10 days be a waste or let my daughter down! My Gram told me say to yourself “this to shall pass”. I am already noticing that I can breathe better, at 27 I was short of breathe caring laundry to my basement and I am not over weight (one of my fears gaining weight because of quitting) not a good sign!

    • Day 7 for me too on the patch and this seems to be the hardest so far shaking loaded with anxiety, I’ve been smoking 40 years and have copd bad

      • I am on day 10, smoked pack/day for 40 yrs, I too have recently been diagnosed with severe COPD. I am using the Nicolette gum, and an e cig. Going OK, but yesterday was the worst so far. Hang in there, we can do this!!

    • Day 18 : quit cold turkey , didn’t try any Chantix or Nicolette , but I am feeling so on edge , it’s wierd I don’t want to smoke at all just Crazy mood swings, I’ve found chewing gum is helping . I find my self reading a lot

  11. Day 4 and the worst so far. I’m using the patches and I think they help a little bit with the cravings. I hope the days get easier, not harder. If they get harder than today, I may not make it…..

  12. The first day was the hardest for me. I could actually feel the withdraw sensation in full-force. The feeling was like: the reverse sensation of smoking a cig. IMHO, day 2 and 3 and beyond is your mind trying to adjust back to normal. Hence, a majority of the nicotine leaves your body 24 hours after your last cig. Mind you, on day 2 and 3 you might have small traces of nicotine nut it will not be as hard or pronounced as day 1.

    Get through day 1 and never look back because day 1 was the hardest for me.

    Good luck.

    • Steve you need better facts, Days 2 and 3 are usually harder because as you said Day 1 the first 24 hrs your body still has traces of nicotine in it, therefore your body does not crave it as bad as it does on days 2 and 3 when there are no traces left, The cravings and withdraws kick in overdrive. Day 3 has always been my hardest day until this time I never made it past day 3 and I tried quitting 6 different times before now and always lost to the cravings on day 3.

        • True going in 5th day i made my minf up that no vig. Wad going to control my life.i belibe the wrost ead before i face the truth in me i vould not do thos any more.To be looking for a. Cig.when i had none that was my truning point.and ot made me get stromg fast.when i fell like i need one witch is not at all any more i hum Christian songs from my childhood.That’s my way and the strong mind control to be proud i control my thoughts and i got this.i will never smoke a cig again. It’s mind ober matter.what ever i have to do to stay in my own zen i will. But i can smell one a block away and stop buts every where and walk happy by.good luck.over here humming along. Oh i went cold T. Not missing around.

  13. Day 4, i was at a pack a day and started feeling extremely unhealthy. I had tried vaping before as a cessation but it turned into a hobby and back to the associated smoking I went with weed video game and after food and driving. So many triggers. I’d be at approximately 100 smokes down right now and I’ve managed to cut it to 8 in the last 4 days. Vaping is helping me through this this time. I’ve smoked constantly for 10 years. Also, I’ve gone to the lowest strength of nicotine in the e-juice so my system is for sure getting a shock. But today has been the worst so far, going for zero today. I also notice the mental addiction to the other chems in cigs, what a gross thought.

    • Hey John. Beware of the ecigs!! I used them in place of smoking. I did well in my opinion but suddenly realized that I was puffing those chemicals CONSTANTLY. From the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I just had to have my vaporizer in my hands. After about a year I put it down and went back to tobacco because I developed a nasty cough that would not leave. I used to smoke a little more than a half pack a day. Up until Saturday January 21 6:10 am (my last cigarette)I jumped up to about a pack a day. I had to stop!! I’ve been using the patch and it’s hard as hell but I prayed and I’m gonna be fine. I know it and you will be too. Just gotta put that ecig away!! All the best

  14. day 13 , i thought it will be easier after the first week .
    its getting harder mates . im feeling dizzy all the times .
    im losing memory and consentration .
    i hope this goes away soon because its driving me crazy .
    and my performance in work is 3/10 .
    i can be used like a police dog hhhh i can smell cigarettes 2 miles away .

  15. I’ve smoked for around 14 years now, 10 of them years being around a pack a day. I used the Alan Carr’s easy way to stop smoking book, day 7 and I honestly haven’t felt any strong cravings or gone through “hell” like previous times. I strongly recommend this book as it removes the mental cravings or the “brainwashing” as Mr Carr puts it. Unbelievable how well it works 🙂

  16. I have been a smoker for 22 years. 4 years ago my mother passed from cancer at the early age of 63. From that moment forward I kept saying I would quit.
    I gave every excuse not to.
    I tried chantix and did not quit.
    On Sunday, I woke up and said, today was the day.
    I went to the store and purchased the patches.
    Today is Wednesday, and I have not smoked.
    Driving was the hardest, that is when I would chain smoke. I have an hour and 45 minute commute each way, and would smoke about 5 in that time frame.
    I was so proud of myself for not stopping at the store on my way to work.
    I had to tell myself…. DONT !
    I wish everyone the best !

  17. Anyone else having my experience? Let me tell you a little background. I smoked for 19 years- started at 13 bc I thought I was cool- god what I wish I could have said to my teenage self. Anyways, I am proud to say that I finally bit the bullet and quit smoking for good this time. I quit back in October- I weened down to a few a day and then cold turkey. I smoked 15-20 a day for 19 years. It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The mental struggle is real and you must make the choice to quit. Without willpower you will not succeed. I have tried to quit many times before and failed. The difference this time is truly the fact that I made the choice. The first week was hard, the second even harder. It really took about 3 weeks for the strong cravings to subside. I still have cravings for them almost daily, but the length of the craving is much less- last a few minutes vs a few hours of crazyness. Lots of anxiety and surprising depression has come into play with quitting. My metabolism has plunged. It doesn’t help that I want to eat everything in sight- this is finally slowing down.

    What I am most curious about is how Sick I have been physically since I have quit. I am a nanny so I am surrounded by germs, but I haven’t been healthy for more than 5 days since I quit smoking. It seems like I am a walking Viral sinus/ chest infection/flu. I have gone through several antibiotics, now using sinus rinse daily and just can’t seem to catch a break. Is anyone else out there having a similar experience?

    • Yes!! I have had bronchitis!! It’s seems like my body is exacting revenge for the sudden chemical imbalance and change!! I quit for 6 mos. last year.. Gained weight and had more health issues than could count.. Seemed like I was happier and healthier when smoking.. At some point I started again…not sure what just made me step up again and say this is it.. But I did.. I’m on day 6.. And antibiotics… Lol.. But we shall see

    • I smoked for over 30 yrs. Have COPD, and I haven’t smoked in 19 days. Given some antibiotics, but not getting any better with chest congestion and shortness of breath even with oxygen on. And I really want a cigarette, just not sure how I will feel afterwards.

    • When you quit smoking, 24 hours after your last cigarette, you start growing cilia back. Those are the little hairs that grow from your nose down your esophagus and into your lungs.
      These growing back creates a sore throat, cough, and cold/flu like symptoms. Taking antibiotics can actually make you worse.

  18. I’m officially on 2 weeks smoke free. I was a pack a day smoker for 13 years, but I’m turning 30 in 2 months so I quit cold turkey. I never thought I would ever be smoke free but I am and its hard. Its been 14 days and even though I can drink coffee and go outside without automatically thinking of smoking its still hard. I thought it would be easier but really there are days that are easier than others. Today has been hard but I’m hoping tomorrow will be easier.

  19. After 30 years of smoking, I am on day 4 of no smoking. using champix. Seems to be ok so far. trying to keep busy is helping as well. Good luck to all on this journey. only you can do it, no one else 🙂

  20. Day 6. Using both Welbutrin and the patch (2nd step) and 2-3 pieces of Nicotine gum a day. 40 years I smoked a pack a day. I am 56. I feel pretty good with only 2 or 3 strong cravings a day. They pass within minutes though. I’m already breathing better and don’t sound like I’m coughing up a lung when I lay down. I quit. I’m done. Remember to reward yourselves. I just got a motorcycle permit and enrolled in a motorcycle safety course. At my 8 week mark I’m getting a used bike to ride around. Always wanted to. If not now. When?
    Good luck to you all. Be strong. Stay the course.

  21. Great to hear so many stories. I quit for 21/2 years but gave in and started back last June. Me and friend of mine were working on my truck in his garage with him smoking then his wife come outside in the garage in smoke. I guess I it was a trigger?. I should’ve been stronger than that after quitting for that amount of time. But here I am 2 hrs short of my first 24 hrs. I feel like I’m doing ok, drinking a lot water and sugar free juices. Signed up at Planet Fitness so I’m gonna be working out along with hitting the off road bike trails. I’ll keep you all updated. Best of luck to everyone!

    • Thanks Tanya, it is day 17 of 100% nicotine free for me and feeling really low.
      20 years of 30 Rollies a day.
      Diagnosed with bullous emphysema aged 33.
      Would advise Allen Carr book to all.
      “Wake up Neo”

  22. Hope this helps: I’m on Day 3, but I’m wearing a patch. I’m getting over acute bronchitis, so the prospect of inhaling anything is pretty sickening in itself. Still, I want me a cigarette.

    My mother and I quit when I was 21…both cold turkey. She never smoke again but died 17 years lasted….of lung cancer. Those first three days were BRUTAL! The next three months were a little dicey, but after that, I was reformed. I stopped for 7 years that time, smoked for about 5 more, then my 7 year old daughter asked me to quit for her birthday. I used the patch and didn’t smoke for seven more years. Really, that was a pretty easy quit.Started again for who knows what reason and have been knocking back 2+ packs a day for the past 15 years. This last illness, first one in 15 years, has really kicked my ass.

    I’ll say this, too: Every time I’ve resumed smoking, it’s been over cocktails. I don’t drink anymore, so maybe that’ll give me a leg up this time.

    Best to all, I wish you all much success. All the money you’ll save, the nice, clean smell you’ll enjoy, the taste of food will get sooooo much better….keep in mind all the good stuff that comes from dropping a bad habit. We’re too smart to be smoking, friends.

    Like I said to a friend today, ‘No cigs for me today. Maybe tomorrow.’ I plan in saying the same thing tomorrow.

  23. I am week 22 smoke free. It is spring, warm, march madness time and I am craving more now than I have the last 20 weeks. Certainly, not from missing the nicotine, it’s the habit itself. The sitting outside on a nice day, just enjoying a smoke. I miss the act of smoking, more than I miss the nicotine feeling. It’s very transient, but when it hits it’s hard. Since I am into the 4 1/2 month mark, I don’t notice any difference in my health or the way I feel. I am glad I quit, but to be honest, I don’t feel as good physically as people think you should feel when you quit smoking. I still get short of breath on long walks and stairs. Now that I quit smoking, I think I have to change my diet. I would love to smoke when I want without being addicted and eat donuts when I want without having to starve myself the next day. Life is adjusting from one bad habit to another….. it’s a struggle. I get through it, once decision at a time. So far, all my decisions have been no more smoking, hopefully, more of my decisions will be no more donuts.

  24. This is my third time quitting in 4 years I’m on day 3 I think that the key is once you stop you can never start again that is my problem. To make it through the first three days I take sleeping pills and do it on vacation. I only smoked for 4 years. I only smoked before and after work. No smoking section at work so I left as soon as I could even through I needed to work longer. Once I quit smoking for a few weeks a month I don’t even know why I smoked in the first place and then a stress trigger will happen and I’ll be right back where I started from that’s what I need to prevent!

  25. I am on day 5. It has been pretty tough, but with God’s help, I am doing it this time, regardless of the cravings, withdrawals, or whatever. I hope it doesn’t take as many years to not want a smoke as I have been smoking for at least 40 yrs! and don’t have another 40 to see what it would be like to feel what it would be like to not want to smoke! March 11th I said okay to God. That’s right. Laugh all you want, but I listend, when out of no where I heard and was listening to a conversation about me smoking and agreed to stop. It had to be God. I haven’t smoked since. Actually, it hasn’t been that hard to not smoke. It hasn’t been easy either. God knows I want to obey God! I am a Christian. I believe. I feel honored that He took time to actually talk directly to me. It had to be Him. Even if it was a dream. It was very real. 40+ years..my only bad habit..I gave it up 3/11/16

  26. MIRACLE PLANT!!! i wanted to quit smoking for a year now but never had the willpower to start. That is, until i tried smoking LOBELIA. It is a herb that tricks your mind into thinking it has nicotine, and massively eases withdrawal symptoms. Its also very cheap (i got 1 ounce for 4 bucks online lol) i couldnt believe how much this plant helped me the very first time i smoked it, Quitting smoking, so far, has been easy as pie! Almost zero withdrawal symptoms, most noticable is i feel a little tired, and im almost on my third day. Please, if you want to stop smoking, theres no easier way to quit than smoking this plant.

  27. 10 days gone….. not feeling so much difficulty… craving is not that strong…. its easier than I thought… Hope will never touch this thing again… Pray for me….

  28. Only day 2 but Dear Lord, I can’t keep busy enough to make cravings stop. My only thing that keeps me sane is my 3 year old son playing next to me. I hope it gets easier.

  29. It’s Day 6 for me now after 20 yrs of beatin on my lungs….and I’m more of an emotional wreck. Foods aren’t tasting the same and I CAN’T stand the taste of coffee and I LOVE COFFEE?. I keep reminding myself of the money I am saving. But all I want is my taste buds back ??. And for theses cravings to stoppppp? good luck to all in this day to day battle ✌?

    • Diana you are so right about the taste buds I have drank dr pepper for yrs now and it don’t taste the same. My food don’t taste the same I am smelling things I didn’t smell before and not sure all these changes are a good thing. I am just as addicted to caffeine as I am nicotine giving up one is hard enough but giving up the nicotine is making my dr pepper which is my caffeine taste like crap. Now I am wondering which is the way dr pepper really tastes was is always this nasty and the cigarettes blocking that or was it when I quit smoking it changed my taste buds? I am really so confused right now about what happened with my taste buds but I want them back cause caffeine migraines on top of nicotine withdraw really not helping.

  30. Ugh. Was up constantly last night, thinking about it. Hardly slept at all. Day 3 about to be in the books and it has been hard. I like to come on here and just vent, especially with the other brave souls going through what we ware attempting to do. Just remember, we are going to make it.

  31. Whether others read this site or use it, it is helpful for me to talk about quitting. Writing it down, like I am actually talking to someone has helped me thus far. Day 4 was pretty easy, couple moments were touch and go but I made it through. Maybe the restlessness will go away tonight.

  32. Here are a couple of tips that really helped me:

    1. When you get a craving for nicotine, get your phone out and time it. This shows two things, 1. the cravings only last a very short period of time and 2. that when you’re having them you know they won’t last forever (you’re on countdown).

    2. I stopped thinking about giving up smoking as a ‘big thing’ and just though of it as something I’ve done and not give ot too much thought.

    Good luck.

  33. Just completed my first 24 hours. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be but as the night goes on, I’m thinking about it more and more. Mood was diminished but I wasn’t too snappy. Head is starting to hurt so I’ll drink more water before heading to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be good to.

    • I’m at the start of day 6.. Tonight has been pure hell!!! I thought day 4 was bad but tonight (day 5) has been horrible! I’ve felt nervous, like my skin was crawling and just wanting to light a whole pack at one time!! In fact I grabbed a cigarette tonight, put it in my mouth and said screw it I’m a smoker!! But luck on my side I received a sign, My dang lighter wouldn’t light.
      Reading some other post really help and I have to agree nothing taste right. I love Mt. Dew and they suck now!!

  34. I have made it through 7 days. The cravings come and go. Last night was kind of tough but I just take a deep breath and know that the craving will subside. It has really helped to read the comments from others that have quit and are struggling with the same issues. Knowing I am not alone does help. To all of you new non-smokers like me keep up the good work, it will be worth it.

  35. I smoked for 16 yrs for the first 15 yrs I easily smoked 4-5 packs a day for all you non smokers that is like 80-100 cigarettes a day, The last yr I started cutting back I got down to a pack and a half to 2 and a half packs a day depending on my insomnia and stress levels. The 13th of March around 4am I had severe chest pain, back pain, ad shortness of breath. It hurt to stand up it hurt to sit down it hurt to lay down. I didn’t know where this pain was coming form but omg it hurt like heck. I had to go to the ER no avoiding or blocking out this pain even with my high tolerance for pain this was way too much whatever was causing it had to get dealt with and fixed. Well I found out the top part of my left lung collapsed from smoking. They had to insert a chest tube I thought the pains from before hurt they didn’t touch the pain I was in when the DR inserted the chest tube. No I was not put under I could feel every bit of it they gave me some pain meds but honestly the pain of the chest tube was worth then labor pains. I have experienced both and I will take labor pains 10 times a day before I would want the pains of a chest tube inserted ever again. Why all this pain SMOKING, Think that was the end of it not even close spent the night in the ER they took the chest tube out Monday the 14th I was sent home later that evening. I was told follow up Thursday the 17th for x-rays and for the DR to check where the chest tube was make sure everything is healing and looking good no infection kind of thing. Well no infection where the chest tube was but X-ray revealed my lung was still leaking the chest tube didn’t completely fix it. So I was referred to another hospital to another surgeon who could do the surgery, this DR didn’t have the equipment to do. For all of you keeping track I have been in serious pain this whole time from the 13th and it is now 17th no pain meds nothing the whole time I was at home. Friday morning at 8AM I have to be in a city that is 45 minutes away from where I live first off I’m not a morning person. 2nd off I’m going somewhere I don’t want to be but have to be for health reasons. 3rd of all I’m scared because the other dr has told me there is issues with my lung it didn’t heal right I am in constant pain and not sure what the heck it going on. Well the new Dr has a cat scan not an x-ray cat scan of my chest done. HE sees the issue I have going on comes back and tells me the news. I have to have my lung stapled which consists of hopefully only 3 small incisions unless there are complication and they have to make bigger ones. Keeping in mind this is the same side not even a week ago I had a chest tube in I’m still sore from that an now this DR is going to cut into me 3 more times in that same side. I am not thrilled about this idea at all but I finally get some good news so I thought I am going to be put under for this unlike when they put the chest tube in at the other hospital and I felt every bit of it. I won’t feel any of this at all. I’m thinking awesome I will wake up and never even know they did anything. If only I knew then how wrong I was about that thought. While I was out they did the surgery the DR talked about but they also inserted another chest tube, Well when I woke up I didn’t feel hardly any pain cause they had me on morphine. When that morphine wore off all I can say is the pain kicked in and bad. Also this was not just an over night stay this time a lot longer stay was in store. I was in this hospital from Friday the 18th until Tuesday the 22nd. The whole time with the chest tube in me until they took it out Monday the 21st. I couldn’t use the bath room on my own. I couldn’t get out of bed on my own. It hurt to even try to sit up in bed unless I had pain killers in me. To make this long story a little shorter it is now the 2nd of April I am still in pain. My entire left side from my chest around the side where they put all them holes into me all the way to my back. I quit smoking cause every time I even try to take a puff of a cigarette my whole chest feels like it’s caving in no exaggeration it hurts that bad, Now here comes the conflict I am going through the withdraws from quitting cold turkey no nicotine patch in the hospital no nicotine of any form didn’t want any if I was gonna quit I was gonna quit. Well I was good til about 4 days after I got out the hospital then I started craving bad I was like just one cigarette just one I took 2 puffs and hurt so bad I couldn’t take another one, Now I get to go through the withdraws without being able to even think about satisfying it with a Vape or a regular cigarette cause either will cause pain to my lung and chest and be too painful. I have thought about nicotine patches but after this long it is the nicotine I’m craving or just the psychological part of it that is driving me crazy? I dunno but honestly it is driving me nuts I was craving so bad ;last night I actually smoked half a cigarette in 6 hrs time take a cpl puffs here and a cpl there even thought I was in extreme pain with every puff. Anyone who does not smoke and reads this trust me smoking is not a road you want to go down. The pain I am talking about that I am in, you can’t even imagine and I don’t wish it on anyone. When some thing physically puts you in this much pain when you do it but you are craving so much you are willing to put yourself through such pain to satisfy the craving. That is when you know you are seriously addicted and you have a major problem. I am trapped between a rock and a hard place right now with no where to turn. I strongly urge all of you that can quit to do it.To the dude who said he only smoked 1 cigarette a day that is not an addiction QUIT if anyone can quit you can. Most serious smokers smoke at least a pack a day some like myself 2-5 packs a day. I am quitting because I am out of options it has been made clear quit smoking or lose my freedom then lose my life. I am only 32 yrs old been smoking since I was 16 and I am being told if I don’t quit I’m not going to live to see 42 and I will be on oxygen 24/7 within a year 2 at the most if I don’t quit. Again I am ONLY 32 yrs old and my left lung is failing all because I chose to smoke. Even with the pain I am in the addiction is so bad that even causing extreme physical pain to myself by smoking I do it to satisfy the withdraws. If 16 yrs ago when I started someone would of told me the place I am in now could even be an option. The pain I am in now if I knew then I wouldn’t have to quit because I never would of started. Which is why I am putting my story out there because if even ONE person reads this and decides not to start smoking because of my story then this story has served it’s purpose. However I am also putting my story out there because I am in serious need of support this is a VERY hard fight and sometime I feel like I’m doing awesome and other times I am losing the fight and giving in to the cravings and urges. It is like I am in deep water and can’t swim all I can do is doggy paddle to keep my head above water but I keep going under just to pull myself back up to go under again. Anyway for now I will continue my fight until I beat it or it defeats me which ever happens first god speed every one and wish you all the best on quitting before the choice is out of your hands.

    • Vexy, I hope you are doing well. After reading your situation, I feel like I am weak for complaining about my issues with quitting here.

      Those chest tubes are the absolute worst. My father dealt with those when he was going through his battle.

      Stay strong and we hope to hear from you <3

  36. Vexy I wish you all the best I am on day four of my quitting but I’m on patches but have not smoked and was on 1 to 2 packs a day. I recommend you get someone to get you patches it helps the cravings.

    • Yes it does I have been smoking for 30 yrs 1 pack a day this is the third day for me! The reason I like the patch is you cannot smoke with it on,so those spur of the moment urges can come and go without you giving into them at the toss of a dime.you have time to actually think about why your quitting before you give in and regret it! Good luck everyone it is torture for sure.one more thing everyday I quit $6 goes into a jar!

  37. Day 2 and the cravings are brutal. Typing this as motivation to keep going. I started smoking at 16 and was up to two packs a day for a few years. I quit for a year and half when I was 20, then thought I’d conquered it and could just smoke “recreationally”, whatever that means. Terrible idea. I was soon back to a pack a day and all that progress was wasted. I never want to be back at that point, so I gotta stay strong. Thanks to everyone else for sharing their stories, and good luck to all. Cheers, SS

  38. Vexy, hang in there!!! Your not in the fight alone! I’m on day six and it’s hard! So hard to believe a little ole cigarette has so much control over us. I was smoking 2 packs a day and got up 6 days ago and said no more! I woke up coughing, weazing and noticing least bit a doing nothing I was getting short of breath!
    Please reply back, would love to see how things are going for you now. Don’t give up!

  39. Having smoked for 45 years and attempting to stop several times, I am delighted to reach two weeks. No day is easy. Every day brings cravings and arguments with yourself (just one cigarette? No? Just one puff?). For some reason this time I am resisting. It is beyond tough. I am determined to be successful because four weeks ago I was diagnosed with COPD. I have no other option.

  40. Most people talk about the mental toll of quitting cigarettes,but my issues are more physical. I haven’t smoked in six days. At first, I felt normal; appetite, bowel movements, sleeping pattern, etc. But the night of day two I had trouble sleeping and felt very anxious. It was like how I felt coming down off psychedelics.

    In the days following,I’ve hade normal days; feeling talkative motivated, and happy.
    Then there are days like today; super tired, unmotivated, feels like my heart is beating harder than normal and my poop schedule is jacked.

    Is this what breaking an addiction feels like? Sometimes I feel like I should consult a doctor. I definitely do not want to smoke a cigarette ever again, but I don’t want to feel anxious or my stomach be in a knot forever.

  41. Day 21 today, the hardest day so far. Days 19, 20 and 21 were harder and harder. First week was easy, second moderately easy. All this time I was going out, and people around me were smoking but my cravings were minimal. But 3 days ago I started having horrible cravings and in fact I started dreaming about smoking cigarettes. One dream last night was so vivid it took me several minutes when I woke up to realize it was just a dream. Today the cravings were unbelievably strong and long lasting, I had to search internet for evidence that somebody else is experiencing similar thing so I ended up here. It is strange that cravings have this increasing trend. I though it gets from harder to easier and I am very surprised that the process of quitting actually goes from easier to harder and than (I suppose) to easier again.

    • In the same boat and I seem to be very fatigued for some reason, am guessing this is why it’s difficult cause it’s hard then gets easier then harder again.
      Does anyone get tired even if they get their 8hours?

  42. I’ve actually decided to try to quit again. Friday morning at 7am I had a wisdom tooth cut out. Like an idiot, I smoked after, but only 3 since then! Haven’t had a cigarette since 2pm on Saturday. So I’m in my 2nd day (38 ish hours). It’s 4am, woke up at 330am, can’t go back to sleep. Even though I had pain killers for this tooth. Right now what’s helping me if the fact I don’t wanna get dry socket, especially having no stitches. Just praying this time I can actually do it. I’m 26 and smoked about a pack a day since I was 19.

  43. Hi everyone , day 1 for me not been bad so far though reading everyones comments I know I am probably in for a time of it , I am on a nrt programe through my local chemist I was able to pick 3 things from the nrt range I chose the gum , inhaler and the spray to my surprise this was all free for up to 12 weeks of stopping smoking . Bit worried as tomorrow is day 2 and I have a driving lesson , just hope the concentration doesn’t go . Great to see so many strong people fighting this well done , since I turned 40 I have told my self I need to quit for my health plus I don’t want to age any quicker 😀 . So many people saying they have been ill since stopping why is this ? that scares me a little .

  44. Day 3 for me. Definitely feeling it today. Just lost my mom to COPD and it was the hardest thing to watch. I miss her so much and can’t imagine a worse way to go. I don’t want that to be my fate. I have to quit.

  45. Day 39 of not smoking. I write daily in a journal, but today I decided to contribute publicly. My ears are cold, I have extreme restlessness. As a 25 year smoker I really don’t have much to compare these aches and pains too. Are they normal? Every day of my adult life I smoked so I have no experience to compare to say what is a normal, non-addictive ache. In times past when my ears got cold I smoked and all the “itches” went away.
    Don’t be scared reading this if you’re like on Day 1,2 or 7.
    I will say the best decision I made was to quit smoking. I knew there would be penance to pay. You don’t just walk Scott-free from an addiction.
    It has gotten a ton easier. Yesterday, Day 38 was a breeze. I had next to none cravings. My body was ache free. I was not restless.
    Today I will fight through like every day before until i get to that higher, safe ground.

    • I am on day 45 and the pasted two days have been the worst. I really haven’t had any bad days until now, I am on the patch and having a few side effects like itching . I don’t want to give in but it’s tough. I have smoked for over 30 years and have quit several times but just started back. I do not want to this time, I just want the cravings to go away.

  46. I am on Day 3 of no smoking and it’s slightly easier than yesterday. I was literally hoping my arm would turn into a giant cig so I could light it up at my desk and just puff away. I’m hoping to get through the first week because when I have attempted to quit in the past usually by day 5 i’m going to strangle someone and I eat everything and anything I can get my grubby little paws on. This time around seems slightly easier…knock on wood. Reading people’s comments above also helped and made me laugh.

  47. I’m on day 15 and the nicotine withdrawal is hitting me real hard tonight, it’s 8:15pm and my mind is telling me to smoke a cigarette it’s so bad that’s why Im on here writing what I’m going through. I thought after 2weeks I wouldn’t have these problems I wouldn’t want a cigarette this bad but I do so that’s why I can’t start back smoking because it’s to hard to stop this nicotine addiction had to much control over me but not no more Bye to cigarettes forever. . GOODLUCK EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY STRONG !!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I have quite smoking on december 2015 by using e-cigarete. The last month I have very strong withdrawal symptoms. faitness, dizness, high blod pressure… Today decide to quit e-cig and start the nicorete patch 15mg may they help. Everyday is a strunngle some people dont have withdrawall…those people are lukcy……. we ll see… The difficut part is that I ‘m working….
    Smoked over 25 years about 2packs per day…..
    I rememberd when I quit weed 10 years ago… that I have withdrawll symptoms for 6 months.
    This from cigarete is almost the same , same days but usally is worst
    Greetings from greece
    gool luck all

  49. Approaching day 3 of cold turkey here. Day two was far easier than the first day, for me anyways. Lets see what tomorrow brings. Just hold it together, dont give in! I just tell myself its all in my head. Seems to be helping. We are strong! We can do this!

  50. Day 3 here, I’m struggling… My husband is still smoking but I just can’t anymore. My mom passed away last month from congestive heart failure and it was so hard to watch her as she deteriorated and her breathing continued to get worse. She passed away when she was only 50, I will be 30 soon and the thought of only having 20 more years is so scary to me, I have tried to quit numerous times but never been successful for more than a month, I’m just trying to stay strong I just keep telling myself I want to live!!

    • You can do it Crystal!! My mother smokes constantly as well and its scary to think that she may not have long to live.. I mean really, what is 20 years? It’s like dust in the wind.. GOOD LUCK!!

    • Wow so much in common.I am about to turnot 30 in 2 months. I just recently lost my mom as well. She was 48. I am on. Day 3 of. Scared to death but I have to do it. For the first time in my life I can tell that I have a hard time breathing in the mornings and I have smoked since I was 14 years old. I am in nursing school and I finish in July and I do not want to be that nurse that smokes especially because I, just got my dream job in a pediatrician office and the last thing I want to do is smell like smoke or let any of the moms see me smoke as I am their kids nurse and I will be taking care of any age from newborn to 18 so there will be a lot of teenagers as well. I wanted to bemail able to say by the time I was 30 I will be a nurse and a non-smoker and that is my goal right now and losing my mom is what pushed me to become a nurse. Anyway good luck to you! I just thought I would reply because I thought we had so much in common when I read your post. Good luck!!!!

  51. I’m onto my third day! Been on the chemist plan of nicotine patches and the nicotine mist, to be fair this has been by far the easiest I’ve quit , I’ve quit plenty ha longest I lasted was 7 months using the Vape but on nights out it wast enough then came to the conclusion I’m just replacing smoking with vaping both as equally expensive! Do I’m using patches and the occasional mist ( rarely use as I detest the taste of mint) but must admit I’m feeling very confident about this, downloaded a quit smoking app that has missions and goals ect basically anything to distract me, also a downloaded a pedometer so I can distract myself with that rather then focus on smoking , so far so good, hope you all are doing well !!

  52. Today is day 3 for me. Probably the worst day so far. And guess what…I caved and had a ciggarette after dinner. 1 positive is that it was disgusting and I don’t want another one any time soon. Day 1 starts again tomorrow! Wish me luck!

  53. Two weeks 3 days smoke free but whose counting :). Still on the patch and lots of lollipops. Good luck everyone,its not the easiest thing to do!

  54. I smoked 30 a day for 35 years, low tar brand 5mg and decided to try and quit due to the obvious health, but also for financial reasons. 20 cigarettes of the brand I smoked are £10 a pack almost in England, I used to buy 10 in the morning and 20 at night, that’s £105 per week, over 5 grand a year on this rubbish! 2 weeks ago I went and bought a decent quality vaping kit with some low strength 6mg juice, I decided I was going to try using that in the day and just buy 10 cigarettes at night, sort of cut down rather than pack in completely, but how it turned out was really strange. On the second day of vaping menthol juice, I was looking forward to my proper smoke after dinner, but as soon as I lit it up and took a drag I noticed how disgusting it tasted and smelled compared to the vape, so I put it out and haven’t had one since. That was 2 weeks ago today. In this short space of time, I can’t tell you how much rubbish I have coughed up from my lungs, and how much better my breathing has improved. I can honestly say that I have no cigarette craving, I’m getting my nicotine hit from the juice which is a much healthier and cheaper way. Tomorrow I’m going to buy the lowest strength 3mg liquid and see how that goes, eventually I hope to rid my body if nicotine altogether. I know different things work for different people, I never thought I could go more than a day without a smoke, but vaping is helping me a lot. And I’m noticing already the extra money I seem to have just lately so it’s all good so far.

  55. On Day 3 everyone and I feel nauseous, dizzy and light headed. I am seriously wondering if I am pregnant? I’m hoping to God that it is the nicotine withdrawal. Has anyone else had these symptoms? I’ve smoked pretty much constantly (except for the 2 times I was pregnant) for 13 years.

    My husband definitely doesn’t remember the struggle to quit. He just doesn’t get it. I am so irritable but happy I have decided to quit. I think this might be the time. So completely fed up with the smell, cost, the constant thinking about when and where I will have my next one. I will not let my kids be the next to deal with this struggle. I really do want it to stop with me. Both of my parents and brothers are heavy smokers. We can’t keep going on like this… We just can’t…

  56. Pheew i am on day 3 and cravings are playing around with me , When never i crave i say to myself i won’t die i’ll stay without a cigarette , i am not willing to loose this fight

  57. I smoked about a pack to a pack and a half a day for 30 years and today is DAY 13 with no nicotine!! Not a single puff. I used the patch for a week, but still smoked a few each day. That week I used the patch, my pack of ciggs lasted all week. When it was gone I said NO MORE and went cold turkey. Honestly, the first and second day were BRUTAL. I was an emotional wreck and had to go to bed at dinner time, because I couldn’t be awake for another minute without smoking. By day 3 I was feeling much better and now, at day 13 I am so proud of myself. I honestly can’t even believe it myself! The thing that surprises me is that I’m feeling a bit depressed and definitely a little moody, but the cravings aren’t nearly what I expected, they pass within a minute or two and are not all-consuming. I can do this!!!! Reading about others’ experiences has REALLY helped me. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! We can ALL do this!! WOOHOO!!

  58. Day 5 or 6 after total quit. Not quite sure which day. I find it hard to count. My mind wanders. It feels like my nervous system is being subjected to an electric current which grips so hard everything else seem far away. This is horrible beyond words. But failure is not an option. Before, I couldn’t walk ten steps without becoming completely breathless.Now I can.This will pass.Failure is not an option.

  59. DAY 5 – Have been okay up to this point using willpower but today I’m craving regularly. Solution? Working out until the craving is gone. It’s working for me plus I’m feeling that much healthier each work out.

    Good luck you all

  60. Day6!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy I came across this site! this is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do! I have been smoking for 13 years . my boyfriend is a smoker also and kept begging me to quit with him cause he has problems breathing, I told him I would try.. cause I honestly really enjoyed smoking and didn’t want too but I love him so I thought id be by his side and quit! day 3 was by far the hardest day ever. did I mention my boyfriend still hasn’t quit! I getting through this day by day it isn’t easy at all but I fight it. im hoping the cravings will stop ! I keep myself as busy as I can. I really wanna light one up as I type this but, I didn’t get this far to give up!

  61. Its all in the mind.

    Where the head goes, the body follows .. Day 3 is over and so will the rest.. Its not my first time quitting and its not really as difficult as it sounds.. I am a step ahead of smoking . I smoke midwakh, which in our part of the world is referred to a pipe.. strong stuff.. gives a nice buzz each time you take a puff but I dnt get tht buzz anymore so I decided to quit rather than head towards something stronger..

    Everytime i quit I am successful for as long as I want. Ofcourse, I have nicotine cravings but I dnt look for a substitute coz then its not worth it.. I usually start smoking again coz i know i still have the power to quit it anytime I want no matter at what stage or age I am in.

    Honestly this time its bye bye to smoking for good coz im still 34 and I have a lot of things to achieve in life .. I have to be physically and mentally fit to face the challenges of life.. I m doing it for my daughter this time..

    I wish good luck to all of you guys .. dnt overthink and dnt count days ..rather forget the numbers and let ur brain think tht days and weeks have passed..

    I hope ya’ll get over nicotine cravings and enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle..

    For me i have another goal in my head .. “Gym” Yes! This is one activity ive been longing to get back to but could not due to busy schedule.. It about time to hut the gym..

    Well thts abt it friends.. I have decided my path and I m on it finally and I really hope to come by this forum in the near future “Nicotine and Fat free” ..


  62. Day 3.

    For the longest time, I was in denial that I was even a smoker. I smoked about 3 cigarettes a day until the past week or so, then it was about 5-7 a day. I don’t want to be a smoker so my husband and I both decided the packs we had were going to be our last ones. I haven’t had a cigarette since before noon on Monday. That was 2 1/2 days ago. I wanted one so bad tonight and I was so tempted to go to the store and buy a pack and smoke like 10, but I didn’t!!! I’m so proud of myself. My husband hasn’t had one in over 24 hours. If he can quit, I can. And if I can quit, it’ll help him quit. I hope we can make it through the next couple of weeks without giving in to the temptation of just wanting a cigarette!!

  63. OK, just needed to read these to see how others are coping. Day 3 is nearly in the books. I think day 2 was my hardest.Since 1991, the first time I quit, I smoked a cigar on the golf course and it led me back to cigarettes in 1998. Stopped again in 2004 and in 2011 smoked another cigar, this lead me back to cigarettes again. Face it, we are addicted, once you stop….STOP. I will tell you I feel much better when I don’t smoke. You can do this. Remember, there are stores on every corner to get a pack of smokes, YOU have chosen NOT to smoke. Your decision. You will be much happier, feel better and smell better. Good Luck, I know its tough but you can do it. Hang in there.

  64. I am going on Day 5!
    4d 15hr 33min as of now

    I smoked the most on my way to and from work and at home, especially after a long day. I could smoke a half a pack in 3-4 hours in the evenings! During the day I would smoke 2 cigarettes each 10 minute break at work ( I had 3 breaks) and at least 3 on my lunch. I averaged a pack a day.
    I have been smoking for 8 years and I always told myself “Why did I ever start” and I have had the want to quit for the past 6 years! The “nagging” of family and friends would always be brushed off as I was never ready to quit and would not listen to their plea for me to quit. Which they have been the biggest support with my quitting. When you admit to the yourself and others that you are quitting smoking the accountability that is there helps. I used to deny that I was a ever smoker for the longest time. At least my first 2 years. Never wanted anyone that didn’t smoke to know that I was smoking. The biggest lie I told myself was that I was not going to get addicted or let myself become addicted.

    Admit and commit to QUIT! Many smokers will say they want to quit. It is a terribly addicting habit and to be successful in quitting it has to be a mind over matter. You need to be 100% there and do not turn back.. My fear is giving in and what keeps me from giving in is the need to start over and quit again. Each day I am getting through now is progress! When I decided to quit it was when I bought my last pack, It was like a switch was flipped. I thought to myself this is my last pack of cigarettes and it was and I pray it still is! I only want to look forward to the life I had before this addiction controlled me. I can already taste foods sooooo much better than before, this I noticed the 3rd day. And I can breathe so much easier. No more congestion, coughing up mucous in the mornings and feeling chest pains and shortness of breath. I feel that With the more time that passes the easier it will get and I will leave this habit behind me for good!

    There is a helpful app that I refer to often to track my progress, how much money is saved, cigarettes not smoked and time saved. Also shows you a percentage of progression in health benefits of quitting. “Cessation Nation” is the app and I would definitely suggest it as a tool to keep your eye on the prize.

    I am too a Christian and am relying on God as a form of strength to get me through.
    If anything rely on friends and family too. Their encouragement in your journey to a new smoke free life will empower you to cross the finish line.

    Quit date June 2nd 2016 with Nicoderm Cq 21mg patch

    P.S. Day 5 seems to have been the hardest for me but reading the comments on here have helped.
    To others that are struggling to cope please keep your mind busy and focus on the benefits you will reap in quitting.

    Think of it as the “chains are being removed and you are being set free”! Good luck to all!

  65. Omg, day 6 it’s 3am, I can’t sleep and would love to just spark one up. This has to be the toughest day so far. I’ve already showered to keep myself distracted and now I’m thinking of going to my 24 hour gym because I just do not know what to do with myself. But day 6 leading into day 7… Not one puff, and never again will I smoke because I only ever want to do this once!! Ever!!!

    • Gets a lot easier don’t worry you will sleep like a baby, hang in there.
      I have a lot of stress with my personal and professional side of life, it’s been 25 days since my last cigarette, I am seconds from re starting.
      I’m fighting it with every bit of mental strength I have.

  66. I am on my 3rd day. Just woke up. The first two days I was dizzy and light headed. Cigarette cravings haven’t been so bad, because I have almost been in a state of psychosis. Today I feel a bit more clear headed and less dizzy, so far, but I woke up at 2:30 AM. Hopefully the withdrawals are about over. The mental part of this is no problem for me.

  67. Day seven, cold turkey. The cravings have changed. It was more of a physical thing till day four, now it is a memory thing.

    I smoked a pack a day for 43 years. I have been in the Navy, built power lines, been a cop, a federal agent, and an Air traffic controller.

    The first four days was a battle between me and this face-less grim-reaper type that was the physical addiction. Now its different. Now she is a dark haired beauty in a red dress slit to the hip She smiles at me with all the good memories. Watching the sun come up from the catwalk of the tower in San Juan, tradewinds in my hair and a smoke in my hand. Listening to the High Sonora desert come alive after the sun goes down. The girl in the red dress looks so sad when I tell her no. She will not stop though, she says she loves me so. I must be very careful around her. Those dark eyes…….

  68. I was using the patch (been flipping between full out smoking and the patch for 2 years)- finally decided enough is enough…

    No smoking since May 5, 2016

    No patch and no smoking for 2 days

    Cravings are not unmanageable- I crave the ritual of smoking more than actually doing it.

  69. This was very helpful since i googled what happens after 6 hours of stopping smoking. Ive been told the first three days are the hardest so im pushing thru. Ive tried before and have failed, but noticing a pack a day was happening after 20 yrs and thats major regrets. Im currently using a expired patch (05-16) but i still want that inhale. The neighbors are bbqin and just to sit outside n smell the smoke relieved it a lil. Strange prolly.. sigh, I wanna do this so im trying. Finding something other to do then smoke has made me realize i waste alot of time on smoking. So i colored today to keep my hands busy and mind off of it, Every time i hadda urge i would just pick up that colored pencil and go. Tomorrow will probably be worse since i have to work and my anxiety happens mostly there. Can i just sleep the next week ?? Even the thought of eating makes me sick due to the fact i want to smoke after. Hopefully all works out and we all remain strong. This is harder then quitting drugs. With those i was like forget this im done, this is far worse and harder. 🙁 I hadda urge cuz i fel into my emos, but i feel better about it now. Sorry for my rambles.

  70. I have only ever gotten as far as day 5 of no smoking, before this go round. I’m day 6 and don’t plan on looking back!! I’ve been smoking for around 13 years and day 4 and 5 were the most challenging for me, I guess this experience may give me a different outlook the longer I go. I had a real short fuse, food tasted not as good and I woke up several times in the middle of the night. I realize that this is just temporary and that I will be much more healthy, and a little more wealthy:) Hang in there, you can do this if you want to!

  71. I am at the end of Day 4 with no nicotine at all. I do have an old E cig and today was the day I got closest to testing it out but I luckily stayed away. Day 4 has been the most depressing for me. The first few days weren’t as bad as I thought. I’m hoping it only gets better from here on out. God please watch over me!!!

  72. Thank you for this. I had such a positive first week. Fighting the major Nicotine addiction, the positive energy from starting the journey and the positive feedback made it pretty dam easy. Even went for drinks two nights.

    Woke up this morning and it has been really bad, distracted, bad form and something deep inside me trying to make me quit.

    I think finding this has just made me a lot stronger so thank you

  73. my 2nd day:
    it was easy as compare to yesterday,
    Day 1 was horrible, i couldnt concentrate in studies and i cant even enjoy( have ti study through out my day) which makes it harder to quit. Dnt use nicotine patches, as NICOTINE attracts NICOTINE, unless you going with them forever. i can feel my heart rate and bp came down, my breath smells good, and feeling strong. Addiction makes you feel jerk 8)

  74. I’ve smoked since I was 15 years old. I am now 59 years old, smoked about 5 packs a week, so that’s 44 years of smoking. Wow..add that up to all the crap that’s been inhaled over those years. I had to quit 3 weeks ago. Got very sick and had chest problems and couldn’t breathe. Ended up in hospital on a ventilator so to me, it was a wake up call. I know that with being sick at that time has actually made it a lot easier to quit. Don’t get me wrong, even now I want to go and buy cigs…and its taking all of my willpower to not do that. As far as food goes, yeah..I’ve been eating everything in sight and longing for hot chips, pies etc…so there is another challenge ahead of me, to eat the right foods at the right time. I know that if I stick to my goal of becoming completely smokefree…I will live a longer life. To all those who trying to quit the habit….good luck.

  75. Day 7 – started this quit at the tail end of strep which really helped me get throught the first few days. streps gone, im back to work, all the old triggers and craving are worse than they’ve been so far. really just posting here to get through one. I quit for 7 years once, then went to Europe got all banged up and started again. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well lesson learned, i know every day gets easier from here on out so if i can make it through today, tomorrow should be no problem. GL staying quit all and if you take one thing from this post just remember that YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ANOTHER CIGARETTE is you want to stay quit. seriously all it take is one cause “i can have one” and u’re right back to where i am fighting again.

  76. This is my third day. Last night was very hard so I went to bed early. Tonight don’t seem quite so bad now but was early evening. So I took my two labs for a walk to take my mind off a smoke. Great forum. Stay strong guys.

  77. OK today I didn’t intent on quitting smoking. This is actually a true statement I woke up plans on walking to the mini mart and then it started to get later and later and then it was 3pm kept telling my self to get motivated but sadly I’m sitting right here writing this. So yeah I guess I’m going to quit and I’m doing it cold turkey…..
    I’ve quit when I was preg with all 3 of my children and when I was breastfeeding and with in the yr I was smoking again. Every time it was cold turkey but this time I find it to be the worst day ever or it so seems and I haven’t had a smoke since 2:30am this morning I’m bitchy irritated i have a headache and I just don’t want to be around anybody I want to go hide and bury my head in the sand and just stay there. Grrrr

  78. I learned to drink a bottle of water for every urge, it made a differnece. I also think about the diseases I am not preventing. That helps. Posting a lst of cigarette ingredients everywhere one reading level even when sitting on the toilet helps turn u off to smoking. The ingredients has to be similar to meth, or worse. Water helps to flush nicotine out. Another thing I do is take a deep breath of fresh air, that feels so good!

  79. Oh Vexy, I hope you’re still alive and OK. Please drop us a little update!

    Amanda, thank you for sharing about coloring! What a good idea to keep the hands busy!

    In 12 hours I will be one week smoke free…again. This is my 3rd quit. I’m using Chantix and I feel a teensy bit crazy, restless, irritable and when I do sleep I have really, really vivid and weird dreams…not scary, but bizarre. Oh, and the terrible desire for sweet crunchy food…Oh Capt’n (Crunch), My Capt’n!!!! The other thing that’s bothering me is everything smells AWFUL! I suspect the world just smells and we’ve never noticed because we lived in a cloud of cigarette smoke and couldn’t smell anything else. Yuk! Even my body wash and laundry soap smell so strong and chemical-y.

    What I know for sure is this is unpleasant but it’s temporary. I can quit and so can you. God bless.

  80. Hi All

    Hope your all doing good and staying positive about the benefits of being free of the addiction we all found ourselves under. Day 8 for me. Been smoking since I was 11 years old, thats 45 years of being a slave to cigarettes, tried to stop a few times, done 3 months of champix a couple of years ago and as soon as the course was finished I taught ….yes taught myself to smoke again as it was disgusting but I persevered. Stupid or what 🙂

    This time im doin it with the inhilator, not really using the nictone capsules maybe 1 a day …just like this because it gives me that hand to mouth action, I mainly just bite on the end of plastic. I dont actually feel too bad considering I have been on rolling tobacco for the last 5 years and smoking about 35 rollies a day probably more. I have COPD I was diagnosed about 7 years ago, I had a persistant cough from last October, had all the tests done nothing sinister, day 2 off the rollies and the cough had completely gone with the exception of the occasional clearing of the lungs. I havnt used my inhalers in the last 5 days and Im either walking or cycling to work. I still want a cig, but just taking deep breaths until the craving leaves me is helping.

    My mum has end stage COPD, I dont want my kids and grandkids to have to watch me going thru the same thing……WE CAN DO THIS…..good luck people x

  81. 3 days, 18 hours, 34 minutes since my last smoke. (I have an app for that). Man this is the longest I’ve gone voluntarily without smoking and it has been all about will power. I’m getting pretty nervous about people saying that the next couple weeks are really tough though because how does it get harder than THIS?!
    When I think about smoking again though I think about the fact that I love life and that I want to be as healthy as I can. I’m still young and I want to be here for my daughters who depend on me seeing as I am a single parent. I know I can do this though but if anyone has any advice please feel free to let me know. Good luck to everyone on our journey.

    • Hello, it shouldn’t get harder but easier because over time you will think about it less. Just see yourself as a non smoker from now, this is the new you. If it is getting to hard you might want to take a look at vaping..this method helped me and many others. Also be sure to know what your triggers are eg happy moments or sad moments, alcohol or food etc. If you know how your brain reacts to this as a smoker it is easier to just dont do it, your mind is basically still a smoker but your body isn’t.

      Just My 2c.

  82. I am end of Day 2. Was 3-4 packets per day for last 10 years, and smoked pack a day for 10 years before that.
    Am 40 years old.
    Giving up because could not smoke less, was chain-smoking more or less.

    I have tried 10 years ago, and lasted 3 months and got very very depressed to the point of suicidal, because I had decided that I would never start again. I was running every day but I think my problem was that I was drinking 50 grams of Nescafe per day to compensate.
    I went to psychiatrist, I got put on SSRI’s they didnt help, then he put me on SSRI’s that included something to do with dopamine blocking as well – That didn’t work.
    Finally I just went and bought a pack of cigarettes and after the first smoke, pretty much I realised by the end pf the packet, that the depression had gone. The whole time in that 3 months, craving every day all day but with will-power denying myself it, I was suicidal depressed – insecure, enjoyed nothing, felt dumb, felt like crying half the time….

    I tried again 7 years later, but this time the reason I was doing it was different. I was doing it to try and get back a girl who just dumped me. So I wanted to get really fit and sexy, and not be smoking…I got to 4 months and then really I started to feel more and more ok. I didn’t feel any of the depression but one thing I did notice was that I HATED the smell of smoking. And then some neighbours moved in and they smoked and the smell would wake me up, and it made me go crazy, it fires up all the receptors, they all like licking for some crazy like they are flies in hibernation and just come a buzzing at the smell of sweaty human to storm upon.

    But then problem is the girl smoked. I got back with her, she was really impressed how good I looked, how I had the strength to quit smoking….how my penis she said was about 30% bigger, how much more beautiful I looked….
    But then I just wanted a smoke with her, after about two weeks I had just a puff, just one, that very quickly, in a day, became again 30/day.

    This time, its 3 years later, I have gotten so unfit and overweight from chain smoking over a laptop, I am about to start again.
    This time I am not drinking or taking any caffeine either, no sugar, no chocolate, no alcohol…The psychological part is alot with impulsive behviour.
    Far more research this time, and all those stimulants are connected. A much less painful rehabilitation is to stop all of them together.
    I believe there is little research data for this because no funding for it but nutrition and diet has everything to do with the success rate of quitting cold-turkey. That time 10 years ago I was totally depressed, it would have to be that I had some deficiency, like a Niacin deficiency, caused by too much coffee and drinking…

  83. 3 days. I am passing the time by feeling superior to the whining maggots in the comments section of smoking cessation articles. RAAAARRRRGH! fight me! 🙂

    The dog keeps bringing me toys to cheer me up… rest of family has gone into hiding.

  84. I have smoked ONE PACK a day for almost my entire life (almost 37 years)
    Nov 7th @ 730PM 2016 I was walking out of work and tossed my pack in the trash

    I’m approaching my 48th hour…. it’s all been crazy…
    I have been “Jones-ing” for a cig since Tuesday morning…
    Fortunately I’m on vacation until the morning of the 14th…

    >Patch drives my blood pressure through the roof
    >Chantix – I’m one of the one that has night terrors
    >Nicorette – Flatulence like a herd of cows.
    And what’s the point with the Patch and the Gum? it’s still part of the addiction.

    The cravings have not stopped… it’s like I’m on a constant rush.
    I WILL get through this!!! I will NOT Freakin Give In!!!

  85. Hi everyone- I am on day one. One day but the day I know will last the rest of my life. The last few days I went from 12 cigs for over 35 years a day down to three , two and one. Damn it’s hard. I don’t know why but I got really scared and started freaking myself out. Feeling tightness in the chest and hoarse voice. I have quit numerous times once for three years, but always went back, but this time is different and I’ll tell you why.

    I started smoking around 15. I just turned 56. My mom smoked and my brother and sister did. About 25 years ago I got really sick with acute bronchitis and quit cold turkey. That lasted for almost four years , but I have to admit I cheated every now and then, but never bought them. Then a family member unexpectedly passed away and I started back with ease like I never quit. My mom could quit cold turkey on and off for years and it was never a problem for her until she got older. My brother was the first to quit for good 20 plus years ago. If I would have stuck to it I would be 22 years smoke free now. It makes me so mad at myself!!!

    Now fast forward to ten years ago. My dear mom who I love so much was diagnosed with early stage emphazema and began a series of problems. She was now in her 70’s and scared a lot. She constantly begged my sister and I to quit but….ya know how that goes. She finally quit at 74 and was gone two years later. My sister quit 6 months before she died but I didn’t. I was devastated beyond words, which gave me an excuse to keep smoking. Then my second nightmare….,my best friend of 45 years the one I began smoking with and enjoyed smoking weed with, Dailey, was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer November 2014. The worst ! She was my BEST friend, my twin, everyone thought we were related and together we made everyone laugh and people thought we should have a comedy act. I spent the next nine months going back and forth to her place 4 hours away(she moved 6 years earlier for her boyfriend) watching her suffer and get worse with each month until one day she could barely walk 20 feet without feeling like she couldn’t breathe. It was excruciating to watch I was losing her with each day..,….and still didn’t quit. I was riddled with guilt and she never judged me, she said she knew just how hard it was. Finally , on August 2, 2015 I was sitting in hospice holding her hands for three days and on August 5th I lost my best friend since the second grade to lung cancer from Smoking! Smoking those filthy smelly evil cigarettes.

    Then the final straw, the bass player in my band; yes I am a singer, that smokes, who’s family members live to be in there 100’s and smoke, and my smoking buddy, for 25 years got diagnosed in June with Larnyx cancer. From smoking. It’s been tough and now he is waiting to see if he is getting through it after chemo/radiation. He lost 70 lbs and is a shell of himself. So enough!!! I am done. Forever done. God is knocking on my door and I am listening. I lost my two best girls, they left me behind and I am so lost without them, all because of cigarettes. I have to quit for them and I am done. My husband who had never smoked has wanted me to quit since we have been together. I have felt so much guilt for putting him through this because I am selfish. He is so good to me and now that we are older he will have to deal with anything that this addiction may bring down the road. So there it is. My story. Please pray for me to get through these next few weeks until I am home free. These types of stories never got me to quit until I started getting older and they started happening to my loved ones. I hope this will help one of you never go back, I know I won’t!!!! I am doing it this time!

  86. Hello to all,
    I’m 58 have smoked since I was 14 yrs old, eventually up to 3 packs a day for the last 10-15 yrs. have emphezema/COPD over 10 years and am currenty sitting in a hospital room where I will be spending my Thanksgiving. I haven’t had a cigarette since arrival to the emergency room on Monday morning and believe me I was puffing that baby all the way to the door even though my chest was hurting terribly and I could barely breath to make it in the door. So, here I sit on day 3 and after loads of breathing treatments and tests and antibiotics and steroids and even thru my continued wheezing and cough am now capable of getting up and walking outside to have that most important thing for me, my fix everything cigarette but I haven’t. I’ve reached for them on many occasions but I’m not giving in, it’s been 3 days I refuse to go backwards this time. If i can do this you can too. I worry about when they actually let me walk out free and I’m sitting in my car with that pack for a companion just there withinin reach but I think I’ll have to call him a cab and take my family to Disney.

  87. On day 3 of quitting after 51 yrs of smoking. Still 1st 30 min after waking is the hardest. chantix did not work, (Hiccups for 2 wks) patches gave big rash Then started lobeia supplements with “NicRX” on 11/19 Melatonin at night to sleep Not sure how work tonight will go for I have some bad shakes (work schedule from hell) Do have a very crisp cig sitting in my face (stale one) knowing after minor cessation it will taste as bad as everything else no matter what,.even if I don’t I fire it up.

  88. We have to stop “trying to quit” and decide to quit. We want to quit smoking, remind yourself every 5 seconds when necessary, part of you may say i need or i want a cigarette, but we all know the part of us that wants to quit is right. The cravings have to get easier keep remembering you want to quit. Everytime you feel weak like me and tell myself i want a smoke keep repeating i want to quit smoking. I cant ignore the asshole shouting i need a bleeping smoke but im gunna hoarse scream right back “i want to quit” until the demon dies

  89. Day 12: hardly even think of cigarettes; however, the holidays are here, no work to occupy my mind, so who knows if I will get thru to the new year unscathed

  90. Day 2 is the worst. For me, I am at my peak of irritability and irrationality.

    If you get through 4 days, you are no longer addicted. I’m on day 5 right now. When you get to day 5, you no longer have a physical addiction and you have made it through the worst of it all, but you no longer are effected by mood swings and you can think straight.

    I still have it flash in my mind “I want to go out and smoke”, and this I know lasts for weeks. I am also arrogant enough to think I can smoke a single cigarette and stop, that this is my downfall. I can’t. If I have 1 cigarette, I will have another, and another. I cannot have any nicotine or I will be addicted again.

    Day 2 is the hardest, day 3, get through that and you are free, IF YOU WANT to be. The first 3 days are the hardest, but you get through those 3 days, and you aren’t an addict anymore and have no chemical dependency. Remember how hard those 3 days are, and how easy it is now.

    And something else to say, it’ absolutely normal to have chest pains after quitting smoking, insomnia, constipation, cold and hot sweats, dizziness, a host of problems. But they go away after a few weeks.

    If you can get through 3 days, 3 HORRIBLE days, you are done. Those are very difficult days. Ge through that, and you’re not longer addicted, but if you smoke again being confident you are not addicted, you will be addicted again, very quickly. Only 3 very difficult days.

    • Thank you for your post. Holy crap is Day 2 hard! I am just fighting myself mentally. I got ginger, ginseng, cough drops, eucylputus oil…..anything that smells good. ARGH! It’s so hard. I was a year off smoking and then planned my wedding and got hooked super quick again. I know the first 3 days are the hardest, but I completely forgot how hard they actually are. Dang it. Just one suggestion I have learned from quitting before, set up a reward system. Like a scoop of ice cream and a walk in some fresh air…or getting your car washed or buying yourself something that smells good. Good luck Everyone!

      • It’s January 4th and I’m starting my third day. I feel your pain. I quit smoking for two years. Best decision ever. I then turned 30 and thought I was ready to be a social smoker. Worst decision ever. I smoked for a year and half after that – which leads me to today. Day 3, and it’s a killer. I want to pick up a cigarette so badly. My cravings last up to 10 minutes. I totally forgot how hard this is. I obviously won’t pick up another cigarette, but dude, I feel your pain. Good luck!

  91. Day 1.. yesterday I had to take a nap to get rid of cravings. Day 2.. well this is something I want. I have to keep it up. Dont want to smell like an ash tray. Got in my car today and sure does stink. Any ideas how to get that pack a day smell out.

  92. Ive just read the whole of joels story, i am now on the 3rd day, i am more determined than ever, my partner smokes too and it’s really hard, i can feel the craving taking over this morning, grrrr, but not going to give in to it, its now or never!!!!! Anyway happy new year you lot, good luck on your stopping smoking quest, also ive had lots of bloating and wind , anyone else ?

  93. Day 3; cold turkey. I’m sitting in a lecture and my mind just cannot abstain from thinking about the smokes. I really crave the taste of Reds. Have been smoking daily for a year, on and off for a total of 3. The comments are so, so helpful. I’m resisting heading out for a cigarette. Damn these cravings. -.-

  94. My third attempt and on day three. This must be the winner quit! 😉
    Smoked for 28 years. Can’t believe where the time went. Anyone some good tips to get through the initial period?

  95. I am on day 2 and the cravings are so strong. This message board is certainly helping me resist the urge. I have been smoking close to a pack a day for 12 years. I stopped for 8 months a few years ago going cold turkey. One wedding later and I was hooked again. I am doing this for myself. I feel like crap all the time and my mom just quit. I am one of the few peolpe I know that smokes anymore. It use to be cool back in the days of High school and college. Now, I just feel really lame when I have to go outside by myself and smoke. I sepend $6 a day on this thing that will one day probably kill me. I must keep strong.

  96. Day 2 is about to end. Every time I want to smoke I have this set of thoughts: nothing is that good without smoking; nothing really awaits me in the future if I don’t smoke; there is no sense in quiting. Anyone else? And on the other hand if I start to read all these comments or listen to good song, it’s all gone. This is hardest and wierdest thing I’ve ever done. Thanks for the support.

  97. I’m not sure if I’m just a lucky one or what. I smoked for 15 years before quitting just 4 days ago (01/01/2017). I always worried about quitting, the need to have a cigarette, the daily habits of having one, etc. As I’m going through the days without a cigarette, it has been ridiculously easy for me. I have not had the desire to WANT a cigarette, only have out of habit (driving to and from work especially) but other than that, I have been fine.
    Prior to my quitting, I’ve been fighting migraines for several years being in and out of doctors office and nobody wanted to figure out why, they just wanted to throw pills at me which I refused. I’d like to make a note, since the day I’ve quit I have not had one headache or migraine which is a HUGE relief for me! I usually have one a day and since I’ve quit I haven’t had one. I’m wondering if the smoking was an issue for ’em.
    Quitting smoking has been a personal choice, although I enjoyed smoking, I needed to better myself. There is no point in smoking other than ruining your health, shortening your life and wasting your money. Now on top of it all, it’s gotten rid of my headaches/migraines, I really cannot complain.

    I would describe my days by each day, but honestly – They’ve been the same. EASY! I’m so surprised how easy it’s been to just up and quit. I smoke a pack a day, sometimes more if out and about doing things/bar/casino/race track/etc.

    I wish everyone luck out there that’s quitting like I am (I never thought I would be able to do this!) and a better future! YOU CAN DO IT!

  98. Been smoking since I was 10. I am 28 now. I wanted to quit because I can tell my energy level just sucks and it has pretty much since I started smoking. 18 years and I am finally realizing that the only consistency in my life has been smoking. Sad… I bought my last carton almost two weeks ago. Finished the last STICK from that 45.57 hours ago (have a smoke free app on my phone lol) I just looked at the stick and I swear my life flashed before my eyes. I decided that. That was it for me. I wasn’t going to waste money on GAS going to the store or money purchasing another pack. WASTE WASTE WASTE. Not only am I not able to afford to smoke, I have 3 kids. I used to think that was me doing something special for me. That was mommy time. Everything I do is for my Family, but truth be told I was being selfish for years! That money could have went to movies, bowling, skating rinks, vacations, clothes, shoes, school supplies, gas…ect an estimated $9.00 a day is a lot of money. Money and time that I can no longer afford.

    Day 1 (2:30pm) – Last Smoke

    I remember the urges were pretty bad. I replaced STICKS for vape, Vaping has helped me deal with the cravings. Tightness in chest and stomach, heat flashes, jitters during sleeps, insomnia, dry throat, thickness in saliva, habbit of walking out side and lifting and flicking the STICK triggered cravings often.

    Day 2 – FML Shoot my Left Toe

    Cravings are still bad. Vaping helped relieve the quench quick but when they’d come back the would suck donkey balls. Although the cravings suck at this point they are bareable. Still living. Tightness in stomach, chest, and now throat continue. Severe at this point. Jitters every now and than. Deep breaths help. Feeling a bit lost but Focused and commited to the journey.

    Day 3 – Better

    Woke up the Jitters and like yesterday not having my morning smokes was a kick in the ass. However, it has been a bit easier. Tightening is not so bad. Still have urges but vaping helped. Have not been eating much been drinking more often. My sense of smell has improved to the point my nostrils are burning lol Sense of taste is different. More clear and better. My mouth taste normal? lol Not like NASTY SMOKES. I did smell someone who smoked today and I didn’t like the way it smelled. Head feels heavy and I feel tired but I don’t have a headache.

    This is my Journey so far. Stay motivated. “I know I can I know I wont.. I wont …..” Anyone have similar issues like me?

  99. Day 3 was yesterday and it was absolute torture. I couldn’t concentrate on work. Twice, I drove to the store with every intention of buying smokes and unbelievably on both occasions managed to mentally wrestle my way back and didn’t buy them. I have no idea where that will power came from but, right now as I start day 4 It feels good that overcame it. One day at a time is cliche but also true.

    • Great job, Liam!! I know that is so hard. I am 10 months tobacco free and glad for it. What day is the hardest? Whatever one you want to be the hardest! For me it can be anytime, even this far out from quitting. The cravings are few and far between, but they are still powerful. I just use the “mental wrestling” you talked about and voila!, it’s over. And yes, I too feel good about beating the craving down. And why shouldn’t we? This is the single most challenging thing that many of us have ever done. It feels good to slay that monster when it starts trying to creep in!

      And, as much as I didn’t believe it at first, it does get easier to beat it down. Combine that with not having that embarrassing cough, not smelling or having bad breath and (yes!) having lots of extra cash, it really is a win!

      Good luck to us all and keep slaying that monster!!

  100. I am on Day 5. the headache, nausea, and intense fatigue are still there. I am glad that this information is here because it is good to read that it will go away soon.

  101. I’m on day 5. I could eat one. I’m not going to cave though. Some motivation for me was looking a pictures of what smoking does to your lungs. Everybody hang in there. When taking a breath it’s amazing the difference in just 5 days.
    We can do it.

  102. I smoked for 16 years, a pack, pack and a half a day sometimes. I quit November 2016. I am on day 148 today. I got thru the first 30 days or so reading the posts on this site. thank you all for sharing! I still get cravings sometimes, but they are so minor, I can get thru them without pulling my hair out. I think this is a lifetime thing, but I am ok with that. I look at quitting as an accomplishment of something not everyone can do. quitting is HARD! but as long as I don’t pick up another cigarette or nicotine anything, I can say I did it! One of the tools I use that is still helping me everyday is an APP called Cessation Nation. it keeps track of how many days, how much money you’ve saved, how your health is improving and a few other things. and it has games to play to keep your mind and hands busy during cravings. For me, I think the 2nd and 3rd weeks were the hardest, but I’m glad I dug in and kept going, it eventually gets easier and then you are FREE! Keep it up All! I believe if you want it, you can do it! don’t give in, and keep reading and writing these posts!

  103. I’m on day 5, gosh this is so much harder that I thought it would be. Staying strong though, I’ve made it this far and I am determined never to go through this again. I saw a quote online yesterday, “WILL IT BE EASY? NOPE. WORTH IT? ABSOLUTLEY.” Hang in there everyone!

  104. I’m on day 4, 85hrs. It is a bit strange to quit smoking after 13 years.I’m 26 and it’s almost half of my life that I’m about to forget. I’ve done this last year for a month but it was after a heavy surgery and they told me to stop smoking for 4 or 5 weeks. this time is different, I myself decided to quit. every sense is strengthened and I have trouble even focusing. there is and unknown rage in me and I want to fight everyone. coffee tastes different. even the air is different and suddenly every smell is picking my nose. craving for salt and salty foods are something new! it helps me to stop craving for smoke but feels me sick in another way. my left hand does feel different, its like my left hand has less than 5% power and I have no idea what’s going on with me!, i just do know i shoud stop smoking. all of my friends are heavy smokers and I don’t ignore them. I think it is so important to be in smokers room and quit smoking strongly with all its temptations.

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