You Are Now a Member!

Congratulations and welcome to the Quit Smoking Community! Here’s a summary of everything you get with membership:


1. The Quit Smoking Community Facebook Group


We just reached 400 members in only a few months. It’s the best place to post when you are feeling like you might smoke again, and everyone there is goingthrough or has been through the same thing you are. It’s been said that the two best replacements for cigarettes are ranting and raving.

2. Smoking Solutions Book

smoking-solutions-ebookA very popular and thorough quit smoking book for those who like to read. Some have compared it to Allen Carr’s famous book, “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. It tackles the mental aspect of smoking and provides more insight than most quit smoking resources out there. You can download it by clicking here: Smoking-Solutions

3. 33 Day Walkthrough

You weren’t planning on quitting today, so we’re not going to suggest that yet. But you’re going to set a quit date 3 days from now. If you really want this, than you just have to dive in and endure it. For the next 3 days we’ll send you emails to get you ready, and the next 30 days we will walk you through the process until you come out the other end, a non-smoker. 


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