5 Simple, Easy Tricks to Quit Smoking

You probably know of lots of ways that are commonly used to help people quit smoking. There are patches, pills, 12-step programs and more. But you might not have heard of some of these under the radar methods for helping you kick your habit.

1. Tell Someone You Are Quitting

If you only tell yourself that you are going to quit, then you don’t feel so bad if you mess up and start smoking occasionally again. But if you tell someone you care about, then you feel like you let them down if you slip up. By making your pledge publicly known, or at least known to another individual, you provide yourself some motivation to get over the rough patches when your cravings hit.

2. Freshen Your Breath

Freshen Your BreathAs a smoker, you probably popped in a breath mint from time to time or brushed your teeth just to make your breath smell better. But did you know that this is actually a great way to reduce your cravings? When you freshen your mouth, it cools down your mouth and makes your brain not fell the need for hot smoke inside.

3. Enjoy Some Fruits

Chewing is one of the best ways to fight your cravings. If your mouth is occupied, it won’t feel as strongly that it needs a cigarette inside it. But there are foods you can consume that actually combat the withdrawal symptoms and reduce your cravings more effectively than just chewing.

Fruits are some of the best foods to consume when you quit smoking. Grapes act as natural antioxidants and reduce the toxin levels in your body, decreasing the amount of nicotine. Apples and blueberries work similarly, and acidic fruits can reduce your cravings greatly.

4. Drink (Water!) Constantly

Drinking water or other healthy drinks works similarly to some of the methods outlined above. It rinses out your mouth and makes it feel fresh and clean, reducing the need for smoking. But drinks like water and grape juice can lower the levels of toxins in your body. This speeds up the recovery process and cuts down on the withdrawal symptoms and the cravings, making quitting much easier.

5. Measure Your Victories

If you keep track of your progress and you quit smoking you can help to motivate yourself and stay on the right path. Each hour and day you don’t smoke can add up to an accumulated sense of self-worth and accomplishment. And each cigarette you avoid smoking can make you feel better about how far you have come.

Keep track of your habits and the kind of progress you have made. You’ll feel more confident in your ability to conquer your cravings when they occur. You may also want to keep track of the time by having a watch handy. Nicotine cravings can distort your sense of time and make you feel like it has been longer since you had a cigarette than it really has. Most people don’t quit right away, and you want to be sure you aren’t giving into your urges and having a cigarette shortly after your last one.


  1. This advice about using breath mints works like a charm! I’ve been smoking a pack a day (sometimes more) for about 22 years. I would wake up every morning and could barely breath so I decided to try to quit. Nothing ever worked for me. Being a menthol smoker I decided to give breath mints a try. The first few days were rough and I must have eaten over 100 mints each day. I’ve now made it through my first week without a cigarette and the cravings are far and few between. When I do get them I simply pop a mint in my mouth and I’m good to go for a few hours. Its working great and it may have saved my life! Thank you so much!

    • I hope that you made it past that first week and have stayed smoke-free.
      My husband and I both smoke and he doesn’t want to quit yet, as we have our house on the market, his parents and sister are constant triggers, etc. So, we decided that moving is when we will both stop. I know myself well enough to know that I will get angry and resentful of him if I quit alone…but I am preparing. I’m 41, my husband is 51, and I’d honestly prefer being able to stay inside the whole time I’m at my parents’ house for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Smoking has taken way too much from us already. So I’m getting ready.
      I’m actually tearing up as I type this, because I wish we’d never started, and I regret the time I’ve missed with family and the trouble it takes to smoke anywhere but at home. I hate it.
      I hope you’ve made it through the past nine months. I hope that you always smell minty fresh!!

  2. Prepare for you quit by getting used to drinking plenty of water. I eliminated soda from my diet several months ago and substituted water. I am now 3 days into my quit and I have yet to have a head ache and I’ve only had 1 bad craving. And I was a 23 pack year smoker.

  3. if your wife has Never smoked in her life,and you have smoked your intire life,what risks are there to pass something bad to your children???

  4. this no cigarette thing is harder than I thought I am on day 5 and the cravings are getting stronger and stronger. I feel crazy inside and very angry for some reason Please help I don’t want to start again !!!

  5. I’ve smoked for 40 year’s I’m trying so hard to stop I’ve bought fruit, vegetable, candy,and every once in awhile I crave for a cigarette so I smoke a 1)2 of one I’ve even held a pencil ,chewed on a straw the hardest is mornings ,and before bed

    • I have smoked for 42 years and set tomorrow as my quit date..I’ve been diagnosed with COPD.

      I hope it’s not too late. I’m scared

  6. Heard about the mint thing before,I think I’m going to try it,not a heavy smoker,1 pack every week and a half,I find I need a smoke after that moring cup of coffee,thanks for the tips

  7. To be straight forward,
    What has helped me, is to often google “Pictures of a smokers lungs” and knowing my lungs and anyone who smokes regularly…
    Well, that is what you and I are doing to our bodies….
    Everyone loves them self, so why are we doing this to ourselves?
    That is always my question when I look at those lungs from a previous smoker…

    Also, chewing gum,…. like as you throw out, place another two pieces in immediately… this will help in the beginning and when you crave that cigi…
    If your teeth fall out you can replace them,
    But once your lungs go pal….
    Then you have reached the end of the story!
    Google “pictures of a smokers lungs” look deep and hard, and I will guarantee that craving will go away….

    If you have children, Like I do, harsh reality is that for every puff I have”nope, used to have” :-), I am shorting my time with my boys and my amazing wife…
    Don’t ignore the facts,
    face them, they may be harsh, but the decision is all yours…
    Once you know what you want out of life,
    The choice of quitting will come naturally.

    Also remember, that no craving, can ever give you more satisfaction than the will to LIVE!

    Good luck guys!

  8. I am smoking one pack a day, I should have stopped that but craving does not let me do it.
    especially, I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, worst and horrible pain in the world. But, the reason and TN is no excuse that I can not stop, main reason is when I am in pain when the craving comes to me, I will get so nervous and angry, I can not tolerate and I will scream and sometimes, I am looking for something in my life to have to argue with family. and I do not know what to do.

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