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    Nicotine’s Side Effects: The Agony and the Ecstasy

    The Many Faces of Nicotine Nicotine is both the main addictive ingredient in a cigarette and the drug that helps people quit smoking through NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). It is what addicts you to smoking and then it is what eventually frees you from tobacco. The contrasts do not stop there. Nicotine is a stimulant […]

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    Tobacco Free Florida: How Florida Became the Best at Quitting

    Tobacco Free Florida: A History The Tobacco Florida Free initiative was created in 2007. An amendment to the state’s constitution established the legal framework to create an all-encompassing tobacco education and prevention campaign to get Floridians to quit smoking. Since its beginning in 2007 Tobacco Free Florida can proudly proclaim that it has helped over […]

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    Smoking Cessation Programs: A Rundown on What is Out There

    Smoking Cessation Programs: A List There are a wide variety of smoking cessation programs available to you if you are looking to quit smoking and all of the smoking cessation programs listed here are offered completely free of charge. 1-800-QUITNOW/smokefree.gov Both the quit-line and the website are administered by the National Institutes of Health along […]

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    Smokeless battle of Tobacco Titans over the Japanese Market

    Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco are fighting for the supremacy over the Japanese market with their smokeless tobacco heating products. “I like the uniqueness of a new product,” said one Japanese consumer. Which product seems to have it all? Three products, one market Given the fact that Asia is the birthplace […]

  • Motivation to Quit Smoking: Inspirational Quotes

    Some Quit Smoking Quotes to Keep you Motivated

    The Importance of Motivation Whether you are thinking about quitting smoking or whether you are in the middle of trying to quit for good it is always encouraging to receive some motivation to keep you going. One great way to get motivation is to look outward for inspiration from those that have been there before. […]

  • Why is Maryland’s new smoking ban being opposed?

    Ban on Rockville’s Menu: No More Smoking on Outdoor Patios

    Following all of the recent smoking bans we’ve reported, one can say without exaggeration that the smokers’ world is shrinking. First, smoking was banned in public outdoor spaces; then in public indoor spaces and workplaces. Parks, recreational areas, and stadiums followed, but that isn’t the end to the legal push for a smoke-free environment. Eventually, even […]

  • Battle for tobacco-free air continues.

    Weekly overview: From Air Pollution to Design Solutions

    Protecting the Youngsters Not far behind us, May 31st marked the World No Tobacco Day. Prior to this date, there were introductions of many new laws. The main actors included health commissioners, practitioners, lawmakers, and legislators. East Point, Georgia, banned smoking from its parks and recreational areas in order to honor this important date. Moreover, […]