Reasons to Become Smoke-Free

Everyone has their own reasons for becoming smoke-free, although there are a few common reasons many people share. Amongst these are the ability to be a better role model for their families, to save some money, or to become healthier. Your reason may include one, none, or all of those. Whatever your reasons are, it is of the utmost importance that you think hard about what your reasons are. It is these reasons which carry the key to your smoke-free success.


While you are sitting down thinking of your reasons to quit, there are a few things you should touch on. Below you can find a comprehensive listing of some of the fantastic benefits you receive from successfully quitting.


Health and Appearance

  • When you quit smoking, your chances of contracting many diseases drops drastically. These diseases include things like cancer, stroke, cataracts, and heart disease.
  • Your immune system will become stronger so you do not get sick as often.
  • Breathing will become easier, and that nasty cough you have had will be much less. Eventually your lungs will completely heal and you will not longer cough at all.
  • Your blood pressure will drop into normal ranges.
  • Your skin will look healthier, which in turns makes for a more youthful appearance in general.
  • Your teeth and fingernails will be stained no longer.
  • You will greatly increase your life expectancy.



  • Living a smoke-free lifestyle saves you a lot of money that can be better spent on something more worthwhile. (For more information on how much you can save, keep reading.)
  • You will have more free time.
  • You will no longer have to fret about when your next cigarette break will come, thus making your life less stressful and making you more productive.
  • Your food will taste better because everything will no longer taste like stale smoke.
  • Your clothes, skin, hair, car, home, and kids will no longer smell like smoke.
  • You will be able to smell everything again.


Loved Ones

  • You will be setting a fantastic example for your children. It does, after all, take a huge amount of strength to successfully quit smoking.
  • Everyone will be proud of you.
  • You will be protecting your friends and family from second hand smoke dangers, and as such your children will be healthier.
  • Your energy levels will rise dramatically so you have more quality time to spend with your loved ones.
  • Since you will become healthier, you will be able to be around for a longer amount of time to share in your family’s special moments.


There are so many fantastic reasons to give up cigarettes. These are just a few of the most widely used, and it is certainly not an all-inclusive list. Take as much time as you need when creating your own list of reasons to quit. During the hard times ahead, you will be very thankful that you did.

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