Why Cigarettes Make You Feel Tired

Cigarettes are one of the main causes of preventable deaths world over. Use of tobacco in the form of cigarettes has many adverse health effects. Though cigarettes make you feel relaxed for a short period, they are doing more harm to your body in the long run. After using cigarettes for a long period of time the smoker will feel that they are more tired and by that time most the damages might have occurred in the body.

Reduces the Efficiency of Lungs

One of the main reasons for the smokers to feel tired is that their body may not be receiving enough oxygen due to the damages caused by the cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains various toxins, including tar which affect the cleaning process of the lungs by sticking to the lungs. This will reduce the oxygen absorbing capacity of the lungs. When the body organs like heart and brain do not get enough oxygen we feel tired. The blocked airways in the lungs cause continuous cough as the lungs fail to eliminate the dirt containing mucous from the lungs.

Causes Pulmonary Diseases

Smoking causes damage to the lungs due to exposure to carbon monoxide and cyanide in the cigarette smoke. The alveoli of the lungs lose the elasticity and this will lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. This disease cause shortness of breath, bronchitis, wheezing, etc. all these health problems can lead to tiredness.

Affects the Cardiovascular System

The smoke from tobacco has several immediate effects on the working of the heart and blood vessels.

  • When you start smoking, the heart rate increases by 30% within the first 10 minutes, this will put a strain on your heart muscles as they have to beat faster to maintain the blood supply to the organs.
  • The oxygen carrying ability of the blood decreases due to the carbon monoxide absorbed into the blood while smoking.
  • The organs will not receive the required oxygen and makes you feel tired.
  • The toxic ingredients in tobacco smoke can cause narrowing of blood vessels which may lead to increased blood pressure and stroke.


Increases Chances of Infections

lung efficiencyA smoker is more susceptible to infectious diseases. They are more prone to infections like influenza, mucosal lesions and lung infections. Nicotine in smoke causes structural damages to the tissues and affects the immune response of the body. The smokers are also more susceptible to HIV infection. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are common in smokers. The reduced immunity level causes health risks. The smokers are also prone to oral and lung cancer.


How to Avoid Tiredness Due To Smoking?

The best way to avoid the adverse effect of cigarette smoking is to quit smoking. You will find that you are receiving immediate health benefits by quitting smoking. You will find that your heart rate and blood pressure are returning to normal. The oxygen carrying capacity of blood increases due to reduced carbon monoxide level. This will help you to feel more energetic than while smoking. The blood circulation in the body improves and you will experience reduced phlegm production and cough. Your food will start smelling and taste better.


  1. I was just wondering ive only been smoking for a little over a year and when i smoke one i get so sleepy i cant hold my eyes open. why? thanks.

    • The way it was explained to me when I started tobacco is essentially you are putting a drug into your system. This reduces the amount of blood going to your brain : Its causing a constriction of blood vessels, especially capillaries giving you that high feeling because of reduced oxygen flow to the brain. Depending on your own physical condition, especially Hypertension (high blood pressure) your blood flow is being decreased so significantly that its restricting blood flow everything but the Triad (heart, lungs and brain). Your capacity for living operates on a very basic principle: keep the three most important organs for life running at the expense of all others. If after a year you are still experiencing effects of nearly passing out, you should seriously consider quitting before you do too much damage to your internal homeostasis (in a nutshell your bodies capacity maintain its living equilibrium between life and death a constant cycle and delicate balance between cells dying and being disposed of and being replaced by newer cells). You do have a internal cellular clock as to how long you will live on this earth based factors like genetics, susceptibility to certain diseases, allergies…etc.

  2. I also get so tired after having a cigarette. Sometimes I have to take a short nap afterwards. I smoke maybe 2 to 5 a day, and its mostly in the p.m. I truly hate smoking and the way it makes me feel but at a certain point my body starts to feel hyper and I get an uncontrollable craving. I’ve tried the Gum but it is only a temp fix. If I could get the thought out of my brain I think I would be ok.

    • Probably linked to the way cigarettes influence your blood sugar to spike and then crash… I’m just guessing here after reading up a bit.

    • Most easiest way to quit smoking in my experience is everytime when u want to smoke a cig u do any sports u like like running,bycicling,squats or even walking helps

    • I distract myself with anything….going for a walk, playing a game on my phone, tamping with friends. Anything that can distract you for at least 5 minutes or till the urge passes! =) You can do this!

      • Dear Jeff, I am 51 and I have been smoking for 38 years and have COPD. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and still struggle with trying to quit smoking cigarettes period sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a COPD flare up and I cannot breathe because over the course of the day I smoke because like you I have terrible cravings and I have tried just about every smoking cessation product on the market. Now I have an oxygen machine at home and a nebulizer machine for those times when I have a COPD flare up and cannot breathe. My suggestion to you is that if you haven’t already try Chantix if that doesn’t work try the patch. I know a lot of people that have used Chantix and successfully quit smoking. I have found for me that the patch is my best defense. Just keep trying to quit before your lungs quit on you. Best of luck

      • Like you Summer i started smoking at a very young age 13 now it’s been 38 years and I’m 51 years old and was diagnosed 2 years ago with COPD. It’s very scary when I wake up in the middle of the night because my lungs are filled with so much tar and nicotine because even though I was diagnosed I still continue to smoke. Summer used to be my favorite time of year now I hate it. Because all the medications find the COPD have side effects and I feel like I have an internal radiator and I sweat terribly and unless I have air conditioning when it’s really hot out and especially in my car I have to use my oxygen tank period you don’t want to be doing that at the prime of your life. Try whatever works for you Chantix the patch the gum and keep busy walking and exercising you are still young and can beat this terrible disease best of luck to you

    • Knitting, crafts, read, breath, take a shower, work out, watch a documentary, call a friend, cook something, listen to music, write a blog,

  3. Im done smoking, im going to meditate on it tonight.
    i find that there are many barriers in life that present itself to stop smoking.
    I dont have much reason further other than the great thought that says hey dont smoke..

    Idea is that people who try to stop and dont, want to smoke more than they dont want to.
    And so if your will to stop is stronger than your will to smoke, then you will stop.

    I think people who are starting out should go for the wind! bad advice, but hey why not, eventually you’ll figure out since you’re on this page now, you’ll sooner or later recall the idea, that hey i think i want to quit smoking.

    In the end those that dont smoke are probably taking on a healthy lifestyle which is fun to bits. more time in the end to do what we love and to live, because in the end we die and then what ? ha question raiser, but the point is the wind doesnt have worry when obstacles alter or stop its course ..so which ever choice we make we should be like the wind.. total bliss. Because stress is another killer! but if the wind did worry it would do it with love, or with hate or which ever feeling it can have, and it’s always going to be passionate about it. and just be.. the energy that it is, that it will become. A smoker will stop and the roads ahead will be a choice of now, always now.. so stop smoking…suggestion, plant it, let it grow and it will conquer.

  4. After a ciggarette or two I feel so weak as if Im about to faint. Ill stop for about a week or two but start again. After 23 yrs I find no pleasure in smoking but cant stay stopped smoking Please help?

    • Try Chantex…..I have quite for over a year now and never looked back. People will say “what about the bad dreams” or “I hear it make you depressed.” BS…..I would rather have a couple bad dreams then life my life in a bad dream. I did not get depressed some of my friends did but did not last longer than a couple weeks.

    • Just say and believe they do absolutely nothing for you!!!! Thank Jesus for making you free everytime you smoke or think about it

  5. I stopped smoking after 29 years of smoking. Had enough of it. I stopped on the 3rd of August. Today is August 12th. No cravings, not going antsy, I’m fine with it. It is very strange. This is the first time I quit smoking and have no interest in smoking at all. I also quit drinking coffee 4 weeks ago. I usually have 4 to 5 cups at day at work. I was feeling like I had an ulcer, so I stopped drinking coffee and it worked.

    • Been smoking for about 40 years! Feeling sleepy all the time and I just read on the internet that smoking causes problems with Joints and Cart ledge in your body. My knees have been getting worse now for the past 10 years. Hard to walk up and down stairs, and I am 61 years old, male. My son is 15 (yes 15) and he’s on my butt all the time about quitting and him and I are so close! I keep thinking too, all the time, if I die from smoking, he will be lost without his best friend, me. And I will Not put him through years of being lonely without me. I also have this cough and wheezing for along time too. Come to think of it, I somewhat feel Okay when I wake up each day….but as the day goes on I get sicker and the joints hurt more from smoking about a pack a day. I’m so stupid to continue this I know. I bought an E cigarette a few months ago but didn’t use it yet. And even with that I will not do that too long either! Good luck to all of you and remember as I do, we are killing ourselves and making loved ones sad.

      • To Jerry. You must stop smoking. My best friend, love of my life died aged 54. He was a heavy smoker. Our youngest son misses him so much. I can’t explain my loss, but absolutely broken hearted is not even close. If only I leant on him more, but he was so fit. Stop for your sons sake as the pain your loss will be hard to bear, you should have a few more years before the Lord takes you

    • Good Luck Kelly. I stopped smoking on June 19 2016 after 25 years of smoking. Had enough. Felt embarrassing smoking. Was no more fun. And people around you hates it for smell.

      Stay off, good luck.

  6. I stopped smoking after about 20 year. Reason not enjoy anymore and pain in shoulders and stiffness in body after smoking.

    BUT after 10 day stop smoking I got Bell’s palsy attack on right side of my face. And it was worst . I didn’t realise the symptoms. Doctor say you come late and you have to take steroid and antiviral, which I am taking from late 16 days . Now it start removing now thanks almighty. According to Doctor the reason of Bell’s palsy undefined able . So for me stop smoking result Bell’s palsy

  7. Smoking for 36 years’ now i feel tired and lazy. Still cant seem to kick the habit. Maybe a cancer Diagnoses is the only wake up call that will do it for me. I cant believe how stupid and helpless i feel i need help.

  8. I quit in Nov 2014 because I couldn’t stay awake after I had a smoke. Felt really tired and hated myself for the weakness. After that recovery was great and I didn’t feel like smoking for a year although I continued with my weekly cigar. Last week I began with a cigarette a day and the same sleepy ness took control of me. I’ve decided to leave it again. Its no fun being sleepy all the time. Life’s passing by…

  9. I have been smoke free for over 3 weeks now. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for over 16yrs. The older I got, the more disgusted I became with smoking. I actually woke up one morning, threw my cigarettes and all my lighters and ashtrays away, took my car to be detailed and did heavy cleaning at home. Im not going to lie, I quit cold turkey and it was hard. I found myself in the E.R. 3 times in 2 weeks. Twice for respiratory issues and breathing treatments and once for a CT a scan. They tell you the withdraws are hard, but they don’t tell you how I’ll you can become when you’re body starts healing it’s self. I was in bed for 2 weeks straight, using a nebulizer to open my airways, emotional, headaches, tired. I really honestly thought I was dying. Also anxiety sets in about a week into your process. I was thinking one minute I was having a heart attack, or I wasn’t breathing in my sleep and I literally didn’t sleep for 3 days because I was afraid I would go to sleep and not wake up. I could go on and on about the past 3 weeks of my life but I won’t bore you. All in all, my blood pressure is back to normal, my spo2 is 100%. I feel so much better, I feel ALIVE! please, whatever you do QUIT SMOKING NOW! it’s horrible for you and the people around you. Believe me, you will love yourself that much more if you do!

    • Dear Meagan, You have inspired me and I am thankful you wrote what you did. Your issues parallel mine, I quit back in October of 2015, was having severe respiratory issues, in the ER twice, breathing treatments, steroids, etc. I had had enough. So STUPIDLY, I went back to smoking after several weeks, now I am sick again. I feel like a complete moron for going back to it, but the addiction calls you, but I did not have to answer!!! Now, I am quitting again, thanks to being fed up with it again, and to your posting. I don’t feel so alone anymore just knowing someone else has been as ill as I have and has finally quit. Thank You Meagan!

    • Meagan

      I am 5 days into quitting and I am so tired, I feel like a truck has hit me. But I refuse to give up and smoke. Those 5 days would have been for nothing and I’m very competitive..it’s me against the cigs. I just wish I didn’t feel so bad!! I take deep breaths, walk outside and just breathe.

  10. Thank crap, I thought I was the only one. I’m on day 4 of quitting cold turkey. I’m 33 and have been smoking a pack and half a day for 22 years. I feel awful. I’m all stuffed up, have had bloody noses, my teeth are killing me, I’m exhausted, my chest feels like its caving in and I just want to eat everything. All the time. At least I’m not smoking ..

    • I’m only on day three of quitting smoking. I feel like I have a fever. And so very tired .. Does this take long to start feeling normal???

      • Dear Candace, for some it takes a month, for others it may take a few months. It simply depends on an individual. I’ve been clean from smoking for 10 months now and it sometimes is still a battle but I feel like I am finally winning. Good luck to all of us.

        • im clean now for 11months.i smoked for 47 years. i love salman fishing but last year i could hardly walk with my left leg dragging behind me.i had nothing but pins and needles in it from smoking.i said to my self this is bull crap letting a smoke do this to me.stopping me from doing something i love doing.now 11 months later my left leg is perfect.feels like im 20 again.my breathing is back about 10 percet.i can walk a lot longer distance than i could for years.i still get out of breath if i walk a long long distance.i only started spitting up muscus a couple of months ago.but when i started watch out im still spitting.and what i can see is stuff thats being down on your lungs for years and it turns into goo it takes a long while for it to break up and come up.i quit cold turkey and went threw hell for the first few months but it got better.now i don.t crave and all my withdrawls are gone.except my breathing and i can find that getting better by the day.anyone trying to quit take my word on this it do get better and you will feel a lot better.it just take time.by the way im 60 years old and feels like im in my 20.s again.stick with it it will pay of believe me.god bless

  11. i have been thinking my self to quit smoking for last few months, every night I go to bed saying to myself that I will quit smoking tomorrow morning, but I haven’t been successful until now, but now I want to fight it out completely cos I have started feeling some of the things mentioned above off lately.

    breathlessness, sleepy, joint pain etc, no matter how much I blame other things for it I believe it is a smoke at the end of it. I am 41 and been smoking for 22 years, even my gym has started to get affected.

    wish me luck, I quit today!!!

  12. Yes the smoker feels tired. The cigarettes smoke enter into the lungs. The lungs always need the good and fresh oxygen but the smoker is not providing good oxygen to the lungs because of blockage. So smoker feel tiredness.

  13. I have to stop smoking I have a son and I want to see him married and live long enough to see my grandchildren I smoked 10 a day enough is enough, I am fed up with felling tired and tired puffing my life away thank you all , I will let you know how I got on

  14. Wow-Can i relate! I smoked a pack a day for 30 years. Went from twenty per day to zero with No withdraw and No Cravings! Withdraw is physical but very slight (smokers suffer nicotine withdraw throughout their smoking lives!) Cravings are a mental event. We’ve been brainwashed since birth to believe cigarettes are some pleasure or aid. They are not. In fact, they do the complete opposite! They do NOT relax you, enable you to think clearly, stimulate you or provide any pleasure. The ONLY thing they do is temporarily relieve the withdraw of nicotine that the previous cig created! We’ve ALL been had! (Smokers and non-smokers alike!). If you can undo the brainwashing then you CAN Easily stop. I’d suggest Allen Carr’s “Easy Way”. Good luck to you ALL! It can be painless and easy to step out of the nicotine trap and never look back.

  15. Hi all,

    I want to share my expirence of quiting smoking.
    About 5 year of smoking I got week n lean.dry face and not a all looking 26 old men.
    One day I saw my face on mirror and I told myself it’s enough today it’s done no more smoking from now I spoke to myself very strongly.
    Took shower, prayer that’s it. I think you all will not belive but there was no feeling like I used to smoke I felt wow what is this. I don’t feel any cravings or side effects nothing.
    The reason for this is also wonderful I think. I went very spiritual those days. Was reading not searching Internet for spiritual things and doing lot of meditation, I was not expert but was trying anything I find. But that meditation made my will so strong that’s why it happen.
    Please try to do meditation everyday automatically u will quit the day u want to. It happen to me then why cannot on anyone we are all human only colour is diffrant.

  16. Dear Meagan
    So glad I got to see your email. I quit cold turkey 35 days ago after at least the last 10 years smoking, but 1/2 pack to a pack the last 6 years. It has been a nightmare, I wish I would of seen your email earlier. I ended up in the ER twice within days of stopping smoking with what now turns out to be an extreme anxiety attack, which then led to me the ER 2 days after that being CT scanned of the head for what I was sure was a stroke, but turned out to be a headache and anxiety once again due to the nicotine withdrawl. These last 35 days have been awful, but I am determined to never start again. I just wish these headaches would go away. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am taking vitamins, sleeping good, drinking a lot of water, cut out caffeine. Still have the headaches, but I will not give in to smoking again.

  17. I’m 16 years old and just been fully diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This was the worst thing I have ever faced so far. I thought I could never do normal things again, due to being constantly exhausted and never knowing when harder days would hit me. I tried so much, going gluten free, changing diet, doing more exercise etc… Then a family member said smoking makes you tired. However, I didn’t want to listen as I’ve been smoking for over 2 years and I didn’t think I had the will power to stop. But then I realised I am only 16 (nearly 17) I need to start saving for important things, E.g car stuff and essentials for when I go into Sixth Form. Furthermore, it also hit me since smoking, I’m 100% not as intelligent as I used to be and I really needed to be at my best possible health to start Sixth Form as I have a lot of pressure from my family in doing well. It’s not been long since I’ve stopped smoking but I am definitely on the road to recovery. The moral to my story is, it doesn’t matter when you start or when you stop smoking but making this life choice has a massive impact on your life regardless your age and lifestyle. Sorry this message is long, I really felt the need to tell someone to get it off my chest. Finally, one last thing, I was wondering if there are any good tips or things to do when the cravings are coming back? Thank you

  18. Been smoking 2cigs a day for 3wks now. and it makes me tired. Wow. 20yrs ago it was kinda fun but now its more a burden. I think it adds to stress. If your defenses are worn working all day ect…., seems adding even 1-2cigs in a day has a magnified effect.

    I’ve had Low Cholesterol (yes low!) which I found is the foundation for defensive chemical production. I know this stuff about about myself yet i’m so bored i just want something quick, so i thought 1 or 2 would be no big deal. Not the case. Now i have to let it go before i get really hooked.

    I’ve know also that smoke/combustion produces Poly Cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Producing estrogen and chain reactions with nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, serotonin. Its a big loop. Drug companies have know this and make their estrogen pills for pennies on the dollar. I think that’s the true culprit in tobaccos undesirable effects. (I’m at least switching to vaporizers for the time being) Help!!!

  19. Hi i have been smoking every waking hour,sunrise to sunset,there is not a picture in my life without a cigarette in it. Im constantly tired(why i was reading this site) and i believe this is the answer.Three years ago i quit drinking,God what a change to my life.though i still smoke these foul, death inspiring,fags of fate.i said to the one’s i love i will quit around this Christmas 2016,butt im bringing that freedom of lung life closer,i think. Keep up the good work people, LIFE IS NOT A REHEARSAL.

  20. I am 35 & smoking since 12 years . I smoke atleast a pack or some times more. I always have heavy legs & toredness . Feel like I need sleep all the time. Is there any relation of this fatigue with smoking? & how long it will take to feel better if i quit moking today? Would it be ok if i only smoke 3 – 5 cigrs?

  21. Today is my day 10 of not smoking, I quit mainly because of how tired I feel. I honestly thought something was really wrong with me because I am only 23 and feel like I have the energy of someone who is 80. I really want to be healthier and be able to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. I am using the Nicorette Lozages and so far they have helped. they got me to day 10. Good luck everyone

  22. I’ve been smoking since I dropped out of college at 18. I’m 22 right now and I honestly just “quit” about two days ago. I’m scared because I’m already getting those damn urges and I’m trying my best to keep busy. Smoking’s always been the one thing that takes me away from my troubled mind. I had to force myself to quit though because I found myself getting so tired, nauseous, and borderline sleepy after every cigarette. The only time I ever felt like I had energy in me was when I first woke up, then the rest of the day was downhill as I was a pack a day smoker. I’m practically losing it as I’m writing this and I might just relapse depending on how well or not well my day goes. But here’s something, DO quit because guess what? The last two days, I’ve felt so energetic, food tastes good again, I can walk up and down the stairs without all the wheezing, and I have a clear mindset. I don’t feel like crap anymore. Sadly, the way my brain’s wired is making me wanna go back some more. We’re all masochists!!!

  23. I have smoked for 15 years straight. I’m 33 now and was up to 3-4 packs a week. Sometimes more depending on what I was doing on the weekends. I have quit cold turkey for 2 weeks now for the first time ever. I have no desire to start back up again. I have noticed a huge increase in energy as of late! I have been very sluggish for a long time now and couldn’t figure out why. That’s why I’m on this site right now. I was just curious to find out if other ex smokers felt as good and energetic as I do after quiting. It appears I found my answer! I am living proof that you can feel so much better physically and mentally and in such a short time after putting out the cigarette for good. Good luck to you all!

  24. My grandmother was a chronic smoker from the age of 13 and has since passed on for many years. She battled smoking every day of her adult life and always had health problems as a result. She had the COPD as you mentioned and also frequent bouts of pneumonia and hospital stays. She was on oxygen at the end and always struggled to breathe, especially during the winter time. And as you indicated, she was always tired and I think a big part of being tired all the time was attributable to the smoking. Even after she was diagnosed with cancer related to the smoking, she still continued and it wasn’t something she could ever kick to her dying day.

    I don’t think there is any good which came of that situation other than it taught me not to smoke. I have very mild allergies and it causes breathing issues for me too in the spring time and related tiredness feeling. So I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a constant smoker and have that suffocating feeling in the chest; being tired all the time from the chemical poisons being inhaled. I know it’s a tough drug to battle, but cigarettes is one thing you have to give up if you want to keep living a good long life. It’s so worth it to give it up, for yourself, for your family’s sake so you can breathe easier, not be tired and have the life you deserve.

  25. I am happy to hear about all these great stories of people quitting! It is the hardest thing I have ever done! I am 61 years of age! I am only on day one using the patch! Seems to help a lot! I have been feeling tired all the time! Just hope I have quit in time for it to help me in not being so tired! Hope nothing else is seriously wrong!! Good luck to everyone on quitting smoking! With gods help and other aides, you can quit!

  26. I have been feeling sluggish and drained for the past months, and decided to google tonight if smoking makes one feel tired. I have been smoking heavy back on again since 2014. I started around age 13 because my friends did it. Cigarettes were easy for me to get because two of my friend’s parents would buy them for us. It went from smoking being a follower to already completely addicted by 19, the legal age. However, I stopped at 19 because it would make me feel sick and I didn’t know why, but soon after I found out I was pregnant and the smoke triggered nausea. I remember being so glad it made me sick and made me not want to smoke because I know some women who would still smoke during pregnancy because of being that addicted, and it didn’t make them sick. I started back at 20, then shortly after stopped again somehow and couldn’t even stand the smell of smoke. It was times I didn’t even want to visit my mom because she would smoke so much even with her grandkid right in the room. Well now I’m back smoking, I thought it made me calm, and I won’t lie I felt like it did, but in the last months, it drains me. I don’t feel like doing anything after I smoke like I have no energy to even load the washer or vacuum. I think it’s mostly because I want to quit, so after I smoke I get so depressed and ashamed of myself, and it makes me sad to where I don’t want to do anything. I just hate myself sometimes because my father died of lung cancer when I was 12 and here I am smoking. Sometimes I feel like crap even during smoking, feeling so guilty that Ill just put it out or throw it out the window if I’m in the car. I think it would be easier to quit if I hadn’t made such a routine out of it. I smoke on the way to work, while I’m on break, after leaving work, after I eat, before I go to sleep, when I’m running errands, when I’m bored when I’m lonely, and if I’m drinking I smoke a lot then. I slowed down last summer a little while I was subbing at a daycare only because I didn’t want the kids or their parents seeing me smoke in the parking lot or smelling smoke on me. I don’t sub anyone, but I noticed I’ve been a closet smoker ever since. I don’t even want to take a pull at a red light, hoping no-one would look over and see me smoke. When I buy them from the gas station, I hope that no-one behind me will see me buy them. I’m 26 years old and can smoke but find myself sneaking more now then when I was a teen smoking. One reason is I guess of how I used to sub, but the other reason is that I have to hear people say I need to quit which I know that already. I’ve even started smoking in the house to keep from being seen, and that is sad because I hate the lingering smell of smoke in the house and car. I used to smoke cigarettes, but in the last 2 years, it’s been black n milds, which has such a stronger, longer, scent to me than cigarettes. My 6-year-old says I stink when I come around him after smoking and has asked me to quit. That’s another reason I want to quit because of him, and he’s right it does leave a bad odor. I find myself having to chew gum when I go back to work from break so no-one would smell it on my breath. Then I spray perfume on because it’s in my clothes, then have to wash my hands for awhile because the strong smell is on my hands, but then it’s still in my hair. So it’s like I feel bad and smell bad after smoking. After reading this thread with other people’s story, it motivates me to stop more than someone just telling me I should quit because it is wrong. Sometimes a little more goes a long way, and I am hoping this will help. I know it will be strange to not smoke tomorrow especially on the way to work, but I plan on sticking it out.

  27. Also, I wanted to add that It has been hard because, for the longest time, I had it in my head that everyone has some habit and mine just happened to be smoking. If it’s not smoking for some people, then it’s alcohol or some drug. Some people have bad eating habits too. I think if I ate healthier than I do, it would help me out with the way I feel along with quitting smoking.

  28. oh shitty shit. oh my juda … it feels freakin good !! i am 23 and it’s about 3 or 4 yrs that i’m smoking and it feels good πŸ™‚ <—— me about months ago
    hey i was so young and fresh i used to smoke as i was exercising , swimming , go jugging, mountaining … but i surely am getting matured and that kinda ultimate energy of my youth is gradually getting vanished and i feel it. I am wondering if i get to 60 and i still smoke , how weak would i be … so i will try to keep it off me as my parents and ma GF want me to and for Christ sake ( i am an athiest but this is a nice catchword ) , u parents show some responsibility and get us away from any kinda smoking …………….

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  31. Man. I feel like a loser. Just wasted my life smoking away. Every type of relationship told me to stop but it never happened. I don’t know what to do as I feel dependent on smoking to do my day to day activities.

  32. Hi, everyone. I quit smoking on Mother’s Day. I wasn’t convinced that i could do it but i did. I threw away my unique skull handmade ash tray in the bin along with my rizzla and filter tips. As well i have avoided the company of my smoker friends. I use to brush my tongue and the roof of my mouth to get the shit off. Coughing up shit every morning…what possessed me to continue that way i do not know. Its a slow unhappy miserable existence to an early grave…a symbol of weakness and defeat. I wish i had never started. Looking back i feel like a fool, lacked respect and understanding towards myself and my health needs. I do not think about it anymore, i actually believe it is a disgusting habit, a waste of money and what the fu*k. Now i have more energy, my teeth are whiter, i can run faster and further, food taste amazing and i do not have the insecure bad attitude tailored with it. I am reprogramming my habits. Time to look after No1 and be a leading example to my peers. Only the strong survive and knowing how. Never surrender on fighting, recreate your environment! Bandoo

  33. Hi everyone, I smoke 5g of rolling tobacco a day and I feel so tired most of the time. My lungs are wheezy and my mouth has a red patch. Also my teeth hurt sometimes. I want to quit so much. I hope it’s not too late after 8 years. One thing that has helped me to cut down has been crocheting. So my advice is find a hobby that keeps your hands and mind busy!

  34. Thank you all for your comments and encouraging words. I have smoked so long, I’m embarrassed to say. You wouldn’t believe I am a health care provider and developed this nasty unhealthy habit crutch from PTSD, when I was a child. I am now 54 years old and I want to live a cleaner healthier life. I’m going through a depression at this time because I’m quitting losing something I’ve had in my life so long. I want to be done. Please pray for me. I’m afraid of increase anxiety and depression as well as the side effects.I know that sounds so stupid. But I must quit and now!!!

  35. I am smoking to pass time, I mean this as in o get really tired and I guess “chill out” I don’t know if I want to quit let say but am looking for some sort of direction. I have been smoking since I was 13 and it’s getting harder and harder to just ” chill” after one or two I’m up to about 6, please help me.

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