Benefits of Smoking Cigarettes?

Smoking is bad, they say. It will attack your lungs, incapacitate your heart, yellow your teeth, wrinkle your skin, and empty your wallet. And once it’s gotten its fill, it will probably kill you too.

But there have to be perks to smoking too, right? Right?? Why else would almost 20% of the population continue to actively use tobacco products? We dug deep into the well on this one, but were able to come up with some “benefits” of smoking cigarettes.

Benefits of Smoking Cigarettes Uncovered

We found 3 benefits of cigarette smoking that most people don’t think of. Here they are:

1. Look Older, Distinguished

Do your youthful features hold you back in life? Do you find yourself thinking, “Man, if only I looked like I will 20 years in the future!”? Does your young, healthy appearance bring you down? If so, you’re in luck.  One of the lesser known benefits of cigarettes is that you can add decades to your physical appearance in just a fraction of the time!

smokers face

Smoking allows anyone the ability to fast forward through their body’s physical life. While this usually means early death and/or chronic disease, many smokers take the risk. The “aged smoker” look, as shown above, is apparently all the rage.

If you want pale, wrinkled skin and a face that says “I have been ravaged by life and time”, you’ll certainly find benefit in sucking down tobacco smoke daily.  Ensure you are never mistaken for a youth again!


2. Enjoy Smoke Break Culture

As a smoker, you’ll receive unlimited participation in 7-10 minutes of organized puffing and talking with other smokers. These are most often called “smoke breaks”.

Smoking break situations can happen any time, anywhere and with anyone (well…anyone who smokes). And boy, non-smokers are really missing out on the mind-blowing scope of conversation that goes on during your typical smoke break. We broke down the data of smoke break conversations and found the following: 

benefit of smoke breaks


3. Become a Regular

There’s something about being a “regular” at a place of business that is just a little bit magical. Being on a first name basis with the waitresses at your favorite restaurant, ordering “the usual” and feeling at home in a public restaurant is a unique and fulfilling experience.

Which brings us to our third and final benefit of smoking! Smokers also get to experience the thrill of being a regular at a business, just without all that human connection BS.

Just replace Big Boy and their cheery staff with the closest liquor store to your home, and its revolving crew of surly clerks. There’s just something so…edgy, yeah we’ll call it edgy, about having “regular” status at a store that deals in human vices, about a staff that knows you by the brand you smoke rather than the person you are.

smoking regular liquor store

And when you drive by with your mother-in-law or new girlfriend, you can proudly say, “That’s my spot!”

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Wrapping Up

Smoking tobacco cigarettes does not have any benefits beyond the short-term and the shallow. And these “benefits” are absurdly out of proportion with the risks involved and the damages caused by tobacco.

Most benefits are imagined or sensationalized by the nicotine-addicted mind, which is prone to morph perception  when it comes to anything involving cigarettes.

So, for example, let’s say you haven’t smoked a cigarette in a while and are feeling a bit of brain fog. You then smoke a cigarette and feel more alert. The perceived benefit is that the cigarette made you more alert. But the truth of the matter is that you were withdrawing from nicotine and smoking the cigarette simply satisfied the withdrawal and helped clear away the fog. Not a benefit because the cigarettes caused the brain fog in the first place.

There may even be other short term benefits. Maybe you feel an initial sense of belonging with other smokers. You may find comfort in the ritual of a smoking at a certain time of day. But none of these short term rewards will ever come close to nullifying the devastating toll that tobacco smoke takes on the body.

On the other side of those few meaningless “benefits” lie extraordinarily high risks of death and suffering. It may be a  death sentence in the form of an incurable lung cancer diagnosis. It may be 10 years of suffering from COPD (also incurable), a life of struggling harder to take in breath each day until finally it wins, you can’t take that next breath and you die. It could be a factor or even the main cause of a heart attack or stroke. Not to mention all of the other havoc that it wreaks on the human body. All of the minor benefits of smoking wouldn’t even tip the scale against the long-term risk and short term damage.

In all seriousness: If you are still smoking tobacco, I am telling you from the bottom of my heart that you should find a way to stop. In just 35 short years, I’ve seen so much suffering at the hands of cigarettes in my family. It’s taken a toll on me emotionally and shown me just how devastating it is to everyone involved.

I think everyone has the power to quit cold turkey, but if you can’t or don’t want to, than just switch to another way to get your nicotine. We recommend the patch or electronic cigarettes, they both deliver the same damn substance to your nicotine receptors. Just realign your perception and run away from tobacco as fast as you can.

Logging off,


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  1. This is a really well written article,dosent seem to be getting the attention it deserves but i enjoyed the read. As someone who recently gave up smoking i can relate, and yes honestly those are the only good things about smoking. I only smoked for just under 5 years and i was feeling the negative affects strongly.
    Shallow breathing, sharp pains in my chest and shoulders,headaches,coughing up blood (!!!!!!?!?! this shit is scary)

    about a half a pack to a pack of L&M Reds a day,for about 5 years, currently at a week cold turkey and i feel great. I havent even had the urge to use my e-cig this time around but i have it as backup just in case.

    • I am happy for you Reid. I wish I could say the same. I smoked for over 40 years and stopped 7 months ago. No I do not feel any benefits health wise. Quite the opposite. I have never been or felt so sick in my life since I stopped. I will not smoke again because I can’t afford to but I would love to have at least one health benefit felt. The air we breath is toxic so why blame smokes? Why do the companies add chemicals? Lots of ????? Good luck with your effort, you can do it if you really want to.

      • It’s interesting that you say you don’t feel any health benefits. In Brief I quit in 1986. Suddenly. Cold turkey after ten years of puffing, and in social environment that was much more ‘smoking permissive’ than it is now.

        I felt the health benefits from day one. Day by day, I felt my appetite improve, saw my skin look better, breath improved, could taste stuff properly, put on the right amount of weight, got fit…everything. These benefits drove me forward and reinforced my resolve to stay off them.

        Realise it’s nearly 30 years now. Best day’s work I’ve ever done.

    • Kudos to you Reid for quitting cold turkey. I smoked Camel Lights for about 3 years and finally after the 7th time of going cold turkey, it finally worked. I’ve been about 2 months without a cigarette. I don’t have any cravings. One of the positives is that I can now finally go to a gym and start working out. When I smoked I couldn’t do that. Keep up the good work.

  2. Fact #1

    Smoking increases activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine. The chemical messenger is most commonly associated with gratification and is sometimes called the pleasure neurotransmitter. However, peer reviewed research suggests that certain levels of dopamine are most often associated with mental focus! This could very well mean that cigarettes can make people smarter!


    Tobacco was the first good of commerce in colonized America and remains one today. Therefore, smoking helps simulate the us economy. In times of economic hardship large tobacco corporations contribute to the solution.


    You didn’t “dig deep” for anything. People know cigarettes are bad for them and being talked to like there idiots isn’t going to resolve anything.

    • They’re* first off. And secondly can I have the sources where you found those ‘facts?’ Because to my understanding (with a degree for medical informative testing) last time I checked, dopamine that is released is over amounts is actually very damaging for the stimuli and decreases the level of other chemicals that develop long term memory. So sure maybe while you’re smoking you’re high on a cloud but boy is it going to suck *** when you crash down and forget everything you were “focused” on.

  3. 1. Methamphetamine improves focus, is it a healthy choice? No doubt dopamine release is a beautiful thing….when it’s released in a natural response. Food, sex, exercise, achievement, etc. Not drugs or sucking down a cigarette. That’s a surefire way to completely dismantle your reward pathways in the brain.

    2. According to the CDC, the healthcare costs of lung cancer patients who were smokers is $133 billion. The loss in productivity from smoking related illnesses/death was $156 billion. The expected overall revenue of US tobacco companies in 2015? $25 billion.

    3. It wasn’t written for smokers who know smoking is bad. Those people wouldn’t be searching “benefits of smoking”. It was written for people who are still clinging to a hope that maybe smoking isn’t a big deal.

    I appreciate your comment and thanks for keeping it civil! Best of luck to you

  4. I would like to apologize for my former comment. You didn’t deserve that. I was having a horrible day and I took it out on the wrong person. I know your just trying to help people and you should continue. I hadn’t had a cigarette in two days at that point and I was very grumpy.

  5. cigarette smoking is slow suicide. it only benefits people who want to die.i really think it should be banned as so with alcohol because there are no benefits for the health of humans. thank you for sharing this message in your unique way. more people should be reading this.

  6. I have recently started smoking.. cause I find it useful. Helps you in making new friends at college, office etc. Do you guys think, I should continue with it or stop it ?

  7. I think you should reconsider some of the points in the article. Nicotine does activate acetylcholine receptors in the brain, and has been shown to reduce risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as alleviating some symptoms of other neurological conditions like aspergers and schizophrenia. This isn’t to suggest that it’s the best solution, but by intentionally misrepresenting tobacco as having no benefits whatsoever, it brings your integrity into question. Why should anyone trust anything you say, when what you’ve written here is obviously just an opinion with an agenda?

  8. its really gud… I realy wanna quit smoking… But I keep searching for reasons to smoke… Guys .. Pls help me out …

    • I can give you some reasons to smoke. Nicotine is an appetite suppressant, so if you want to lose weight- smoke. Nicotine also prevents ulcerative colitis- a fun fact my father’s gastroenterologist just told him. Then there are some social benefits. The best conversations at the bar or club are with the smokers outside of the bar or club. If you are not a people person, the smell of you will keep them away. Obviously, there are more reasons NOT to smoke but it’s not all bad. Just make sure you stick with your own tobacco or American Spirit.

  9. I have smoked for 47 years.12 years with
    cigarettes and 35 years with small cigars.I
    am also a Diabetic Type 1,since 1971.I may
    have a 1/2 pint of lager,once in a blue moon,
    but I keep to orange juice.My Doctors,say I
    should give up smoking.I try to reduce it.
    I see the reasons why my Doctors ask me
    to stop smoking.There are many things I
    here in the news,especially,Drinking,Drugs,
    Being Overweight,Cancer and many more.
    The Society of My Youth,is completely
    different to the Society in which I live in now.

  10. Ok so i havent smoked and i dont care for it but people have smoked for years literally in the 50s and 60s smoking was a normality no one cared now everyone has a problem with it by the way the only way u get any of the deseizes is if u smoke a pack a day smoking a pack a month wont do anything my grandfather smoked from 16 to 72 !he quit and hes more healthier than me a 18 year old guy cause its more dependent on how u treat ur body than the cigs themselfs most smokers are lazy why do u think people die cause half of the smokers today are on there electronics lazy as fuck and now getting out people didnt die for the longest time in the 20th century cause technology still required work and there were better grooming skills and took care of themselfs so it is there own fault that they kill themselfs u can try to be a good smoker and be ok

  11. smoking cig is just show off espitially for young generation that think some kind of grow up . but we all make same mistake. so cig is not a tobacco is a drug

  12. Today is day 4 no cigarette im sitting here talking myself out of going to buy a pack I sure hope I win and not my urge im 53 year old women who has been smoking since the age of 16 people often tell me I look 35yrs old I believe that because im 5’7 and 145lb skinny but when I look in the mirror I see the damage to my skin it only been 4days no smoke and I already see improvement in my appearance

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