Does Hemp or CBD Oil Make You High? Uses of HEMP/CDB Oil

Benefits of CBD Oils

Hemp or CBD oil is a dietary supplement and a good source of nutrients that can be consumed safely by individuals of any age bracket, especially kids and adults as a part of their daily dietary needs. CBD or Hemp oil is legal and not psychoactive – it does not cause high, unlike the traditional cannabis oil which refers to THC oil – which has mind-altering capabilities.

THC is a compound naturally present in the cannabis plant and is responsible for the high effect, experienced when it is taken by an individual. On the flip, CBD oil is assumed to cancel the effects of THC and as a result, it is not used for recreational purposes.

So, if CBD oil is not the same as medical marijuana and it is different from hemp seed oil as well as THC-rich cannabis oil, then what is CBD oil used for?

Before answering the above question, some issues needed to be put right.

THC has the power!

THC is the main psychoactive compound among the cannabinoids in cannabis which often outperform the one that provides natural antipsychotic, anti-anxiety and anti-epileptic effect.

On the other hand, cannabidiol (CBD), when combined with THC, produces a relaxing effect which fights any feelings of fear, paranoia, and panic. While been applauded for its healing effect on epilepsy, recent findings have identified CBD oil as the compound responsible for the majority of marijuana’s medical benefits.

Having addressed these issues, this is the right time to showcase the uses of CBD oil to mankind. So, here are the many medical uses of hemp oil you might not have been aware of.

The Benefits of CBD Oils:

  1. It Serves as a Natural Painkiller

Hemp oil which is rich in cannabinoids can work as a natural pain killer. Various researches have shown that CBD oil activates the same brain area bringing about analgesic and calming effect. Also, research has shown that CBD oil is capable of reducing the pain in arthritis through its analgesic and anti-inflammatory power.

  1. It is Used to Cure Acne

From the research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and National Institute of Health showed that CBD oil could effectively treat acne. CBD oil acts as a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent by stopping lipid production and triggers anti-proliferative effects while reducing inflammation.

  1. It Cures Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

CBD oil when ingested produces anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects by reducing the body nerves as well as calming the user. Knowing full well that those who are suffering from PTSD are usually weighed down with anxiety and fear, using cannabidiol relieves such conditions. This antipsychotic effect offers a stable mental avenue for those that need it most.

  1. It Reduces the Effects of Multiple Sclerosis

CBD oil can reverse inflammatory responses and serve as a strong protection from the negative effects of multiple sclerosis. From research findings, researchers came to a conclusion that hemp oil has the potential to reduce various aspects of multiple sclerosis.

  1. It Serves as an Agent for Reducing Oxidative Stress

Due to the anti-oxidative effects of CBD oil, it acts as a natural neuroprotective agent that prevents neuron degradation and diseases associated with oxidation such as gastric ulcer, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease. Furthermore, CBD oil slows down the production of glutamate, weakening its toxicity as well as protecting brain cells and reducing the effect of ischemic damage.

  1. It Cures Insomnia

One of the very few side effects of CBD oil is tiredness and weakness. To many, this is what they are looking for in a natural herb. Since drugs for aiding sleep exposes the user to the risk of drug addiction, it is better to take the safe route of CBD oil which is non-habit forming.

So, when looking for strains to cure insomnia, just look for CBD oil heavy strains to put you right when you need it.

  1. It Can Help in Curbing Cigarette Addiction

When the CBD oil inhaler is used by a smoker for some time, it decreased the intake of cigarette and the cravings for nicotine. This points to the fact that cannabidiol helped in the withdrawal process.

These findings are quite encouraging showing that apart from releasing considerable amounts of nutrients, CBD oil can be a powerful instrument to use in aiding various health conditions.