Why Am I Coughing after Quitting Smoking?

Quitting smoking is a process, and not every step of that process is going to be smooth. You will notice the withdrawal symptoms and effects of nicotine cravings as you continue to abstain from days and weeks and months. But what you may have wondered about why you are coughing so much.

Some people assume that once they stop smoking, they will stop coughing, as coughing is often a byproduct of inhaling smoke regularly. This is known as smoker’s cough. But what about the cough that starts appearing after you stop smoking? That is a different kind of cough altogether.

This cough is a result of your body healing, and it is natural for your body to react like this. You see, as the nicotine leaves your system and your body tries to regenerate, the tiny projections along the inside of your respiratory tract are recovering. These are called cilia, and they are small and thin and look something like little hairs.

Once you stop smoking, these cilia start regenerating. As they grow, they cause small disturbances along your respiratory tract. This in turn makes you cough. So that coughing is a healthy sign that your body is recovering and trying to get back to normal.

That’s Not the only reason someone might start coughing as they quit smoking. Your body is also getting rid of toxins, and sometimes it does that through your respiratory tract. Your throat and lungs are going to feel the irritation of trying to expel the toxins from the cigarettes. When that happens, coughing is inevitable.

But don’t just assume that just because you are coughing, it has to do with quitting smoking. If the cough is persistent and particularly vigorous, then you may need to see a doctor. You definitely want to see someone if the coughing starts to involve expelling blood. It is possible that your lungs are damaged or that you have lung cancer. These are all byproducts of smoking, and coughing may be an early sign that something is wrong there.


So you definitely don’t want to ignore the coughing. In many cases, it is natural and is a result of your body healing. But stronger, more persistent coughs can be causes for alarm. Even without a serious cough, it is a good idea to have yourself checked out after you quit smoking.

You should go for a checkup after you have quit for a few weeks. During this checkup your doctor can assess the damage to your lungs and respiratory tract. The doctor will be able to tell you if your body is healing like it should or if there is serious long-term damage caused by the smoking. The longer and more often you smoked, the more damage there is likely to be.

Keep in mind that not everyone will experience the same symptoms as they quit smoking. Everyone is bit different, so it is possible that you could experience little to no coughing at all. That’s fine too, and it doesn’t mean your body is healing at a slower rate or that something is wrong. It could just mean that the cilia re-growing aren’t affecting you as much as it does some other people.

Still, you do want to make sure you are healing okay and that the toxins are leaving your body. Have yourself checked out and make sure the doctor thoroughly examines your lungs. That’s where smoking does the most damage, and you want to be sure that any major problems are caught before they can become very serious.


  1. I’m 17 years old .I smoked 5-6 cig. in 2 weeks , and then I quit . It’s been 3 weeks since I quit , and I’ve been coughing blood in morning initially , but now it got better , there is no blood in my cough . But still there is a lot of cough production . i do not want to go to a doctor , as I don’t want my dad to get to know about this . Plss I’m tiered of coughs . I realized my mistake and quit it . And will never go back with it again . I want to heal to the fullest .

    • You are 17 years old and you smoked for 2 weeks… Trust me man, smoking has nothing to do with the blood in your cough. Certainly it did not help, but you’re too young and the amount of time you smoked wasn’t enough to do any kind of damage to your lungs. Go to a doctor ASAP, as it could be something serious. If you’re worried about it, you don’t even have to mention the smoking part, as it really has nothing to do with it.

      • hii im a xsmoker….its almost 5 month that i have quit smoking….i usually smoke 7-8 cigg per day for 3year…after leaving for 5 months it was all normal but now coughing has been started….but the main issue is chest congestion due to mucus….its almost 2 weeks now ….plzz tell me how much more tym it would take

    • Coughing blood up does not always mean cancer sometimes you cough so much that u ruptured blood vessels in your throat hence the blood

    • hi
      i really replied later but actually i just see this website now
      if you coughed blood stained sputum without having a severe throat congestion then you need to see a doctor right away
      your father still love you even if you smoked but he will not forgive you if you did not checked your self if it appear to be serious problem.
      i do not want to terrify you but please get medical advice
      i wish you best

  2. XYZ,
    I am not a medical professional, but your post concerns me. I don’t think that the smoking or quiting smoking has anything to do with you coughing up blood. I know you said that the blood has stopped, but the coughing hasn’t. I have been a smoker for 16 years and have quit several times. Never in my life have I coughed up blood. I believe that you could have a much more serious problem buddy. You should go to the doctor and if your dad goes in with you, just don’t mention the smoking unless you feel that there is no other choice but to do so. If there is a major problem, the doctor will be able to find it regardless. Definitely tell the doctor about the blood. Trust me, when he hears that, he us going to do everything possible to find your problem. One the other hand, even though you are not 18 years old, you can still ask your dad to wait in the waiting room too. It’s natural for peoples your age to begin asking for privacy and most parents understand that. I’m just really worried about you man. Get it checked out.

    Best Wishes,

  3. xyz:

    This is due to smoking, your body is just too weak that’s all. Give it a few more day’s and you will be fine.


    • That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard as a professional. He needs to get to a clinician ASAP. What kind of witch doctors school did you attend, giving a diagnosis to a 17 yrs. old, in peak fitness with elevated GH/Test levels who only smoked a half dozen cigarettes, averaging 1 every 2 days over a 2 week timeframe, that his body is just weak/frail. That’s not a diagnosis. The likely culprit is undiagnosed Asthma that was irritated, but it could be worse. An X-ray at the very least, and BOL test are absolutely necessary. Have you had any other symptoms? Changing skin color? Virtigo? Thick dopey mucus? Don’t mention the smoking if that’s the only thing preventing you from going!

  4. I stopped 3 week’s ago and I have a really bad cough . it keeps me up all night. I need some help I quit cold turkey. I feel like my lungs are hurting. Please give me a tip to get rid of it.

    • Some cough is expected as your respitory track is repairing but it won’t Keep you from sleeping at night, it is best to go to the doctor and get it checked.

    • Try to keep a lozenge in your mouth as much as possible this week help your throat stay moist and soothe the dry cough, if you want to bring up mucus try drinking water more frequently it will assist in drawing out the phlegm.

  5. I’m 47 yo, I started smoking ,on a regular, at age 16. I have tried quitting several times. The longest was 3 mos, others were only for weeks.?
    I recently, about a month ago, started the nicotine patches, they are working. I do still have only 3-5 figs a day tho.( I take the patch off first).
    My concern is this awful annoying cough a have, always productive as I did when smoking my usual pack a day. I is allergy season and I have PND. I have coughed until I throw up clear thin mucus or phelm, this occurs mostly at night after lying in bed.

    Please advised

    • Jayme I’m 47 as well and I have been smoking since I was 16 also. I stopped smoking 8 moths ago cold turkey. I’m not gonna lie it was a miserable couple of months because of withdrawal sypmtoms. I can tell you it was the best thing I ever did. I exercise three to four days a week to avoid the weight gain. Sorry to sound conceited but I look and feel great. My skin has cleared up my teeth are no longer yellow. I no longer suffer from sinus problems and my breathing is pretty normal even my sex life much better. Hands down its the best decision I ever made. Don’t give up keep trying to quit you will love the smoke free life. I will never go back!

      • Joe I have a question for you. I quit almost 7 months ago and still have a cough. I was a smoker for 20 years of day half a pack to a pack a day. Are you still coughing since you quit 8 months ago? Just seeing if this is a normal symptom of quitting.

      • This is actually inspirational. Thanks for being so detailed with the outcome of quitting cigarettes. I’m 35 and have smoked since i was 13. Its only my 4th day with no cigarettes. I know that’s nothing but to me that is incredible. Im not really coughing but my lungs definitely feel different. It’s a bit uncomfortable and its freaking me out actually. Giving me a bit of anxiety. Ugh…I just want it all to go away so I can have a normal life again like you do. hanks again.

      • This is actually inspirational. Thanks for being so detailed with the outcome of quitting cigarettes. I’m 35 and have smoked since i was 13. Its only my 4th day with no cigarettes. I know that’s nothing but to me that is incredible. Im not really coughing but my lungs definitely feel different. It’s a bit uncomfortable and its freaking me out actually. Giving me a bit of anxiety. Ugh…I just want it all to go away so I can have a normal life again like you do. Thanks again.

      • Thank you for that post, Jayme. A bit older than you, and have been trying to quit for some time. Manages three weeks smoke free about a year ago. Still had breathing difficulties and productive cough, and felt absolutely no better, and just surrendered to the fact it was too late.

        Weighs on me every day, and your post has inspired me, I am going to try again!

      • That’s just awesome. Thanks for the incentive. I’m 46 and I quit 40 hours ago. I’ve smoked since I was 16 as well. My Dr prescribed Chantix and so far it’s working.

        • Hi, Thank u so much that was nice to read, motivational, im 33 years old, been smoking since 14. A pack a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Quitted 5 days ago and still at it! Feels great so far. Cravings, coughs and temptations ever so present. But im
          still persistent. Been exercising 4 days a week, really noticed the difference in stamina. Its just amazing!!

    • I have just turned 17 and I’m in year 12. I was smoking about 2 a day from year 9 to 11 and then about 14 a day for a few months in year 12. My ambition is to get into the fire service and realised to do this I need to be fit and healthy so I decided to quit. And I quite straight away with none a day and I have developed a very irritating tickle cough that only sometimes brings up sticky thin water like phlegm and it’s hurting my chest. I don’t want to go to a doctor so my parents do not know and I. Getting a bit worried this cough could mean something serious is wrong, I have been to a gp and he said I have bacterial infection but I did not tell him I used to smoke. Someone please help

  6. I’m 52 and have quit smoking 2 months ago however I have smoked a couple of packs during this time but I have a dry cough if feels like little hairs in the back of my throught after coughing for a bit then I constantly have to clear my throught is this normal

    • Second this. I’m only 9 days into quitting and have been coughing like crazy the last 2 days.

      Halls helps a whole bunch.

      • hi Rick… i would suggest you not to depend too much on halls as it would suppress the cough in your lungs trying expel toxins from your body, thus causing asthma.

  7. Sedfrey 20 i smoked for 6 years and now i decided to quit and it has been a week now but i noticed that my throat is itchy as hell and im coughing up really bad. Itried water theraphy and i kept on drinking warm beverages.
    Will my throat be ok?

  8. Hi! I smoked regularly for 2 years & have quit for a month now. The cough is TERRIBLE, but as it is all natural with the healing process, it is a good thing as well. A great way to alleviate the cough & help speed up the process is by having raw honey every day. I typically buy honey sticks (they even come in 20 a pack) and keep them in the car. Good way to keep my mouth active while helping the healing process.

  9. Im 19 years old. I use to smoke 10 cigrette’s a day,since 1 and 1/2 year. But recently few days before i quit smoking. Bt im coughing blood in the morning and a serve pain in chest. I follwed d medical check up and xray. Bt nothing was found their in report. What should i do now . Still im coughing blood in d morning.

  10. Hi I’m 28 years old. Iv quit smoking for nearly 2 years now. I smoked 10-20 a day on and off from the age of 15. I have a persistent chesty cough thats on and off for a few months. Mostly on than off. Opinions please? Should I see doctor?

  11. I quit 2 and a half years ago and I still cough hard in the morning. Have to face it, I’ve been dumb smoking and damaging myblungs for over 16 years finally quitting at age 31.

    I’ve had an X-ray, sputum tests and my doctor said I’m fine. The cough is annoying though.

    With regards to blood, I’ve had some before. It’s just throat cells being damaged and is quite normal. If there’s traces of blood it’s probably fine but if it’s mostly blood than sputum then see a doctor asap.

    For those of you with an irritable cough, it will pass in up to two months. Stick with it, it’s well worth it. It just shows how amazing your body is at repairing itself and we’ve all been stupid by inhaling toxins for years.

    Good luck to all of you.

  12. I was 14 when i started smoking. I have smoked for 3 years 1,5 pack per day. When i saw that i was coughing really badly at nights i quitted smoking. It has been 1 year since i quitted smoking and i still hear a little whizzling noise in my lungs and i still caugh just just mildly when i need to clear my throat. I sometime caugh something that looks like a tiny piece of slime. Any ideas?

  13. I started smoking at the age of 13 and quit a week after turning 19 (6 years of smoking). I am now 21 years old (22 in december) and have been coughing since I started smoking at 13 years old.

    I thought by quitting, the cough would go or at least die down but instead it just gets worse and my doctors are so sure that it is asthma that they have given me all kinds of prescription (which have not worked).

    Please could somebody give me idea on what to do or tell me why my cough is getting worse after 2 years?

    The cough is dry but hurts and I also lose breath a lot???

  14. I’m 37 & I have been smoking for the past 18 years. I smoked a pack a day. 2 weeks ago, I quit cold turkey. This is the 3rd time I try but the first time I try cold turkey. Not as difficult as I thought the first couple of days but now I get very jittery and anxious. The part that is most annoying is the dry cough all day. For the past past 5 years I’ve had the occasional dry cough but now like this. I’ve read on some forums that the coughing after quitting is somewhat normal. My question is after how long should I start to worry??

  15. I have been a regular smoker for roughly 10 years. Pack to pack and a half a day. Ive been ising a vape to quit and already down to 3mg nic. The coughing is normal. I asked my doc and it was a matter of the years of carcinigen inhalation and tar matter building up in the lungs and respiratory tract. He told me it could last anywhere from a week to 6 months just depending.

  16. I’ve read these post while suffering a very dry, chesty cough after stopping smoking for a couple of days. I’ve just steamed my face using a bowl of hot water from the kettle and some eucalyptus, inhaling the steam with a towel over my head (covering the bowl). It’s definitely given me some rest bite from what had become a very painful cough and I didn’t cough for about an hour. I would recommend this if your cough is getting unbearable

  17. It has only been 5 days since I last had a cigarette after smoking for 10+ years, I am 27 years of age! I have never really tried quitting for my own good, although I did stop smoking 3 times at 9 months each for my three pregnancies. Once the baby was born I would go back to smoking as I only quit for my sons who didn’t have a choice inside my womb. I am currently using the patch which is helping a lot, I do have to take it off at night to avoid NIGHTMARES (yes it happens) and I place a new patch in a new place the next morning.

    I have a horrible cough today, I didn’t have this cough until now (5 days later). It hurts to cough my throat is very irritated and my lungs feel painful as well. I have a lot of buildup that is coming up with my cough. I haven’t noticed any blood as of yet tho.

    Cough drops (Halls Triple Soothing Action – BLUE) have been helping a great deal with the coughing and soreness in my throat, I still have a lot of buildup coming up tho.

    I use DumDum suckers to help with the hand/mouth coordination habit and so far I haven’t had any complaints besides the cough, buildup and soreness of my throat/lungs.

  18. So, I started smoking(heavily) in January, its August now of the same year, so its only beeenn, 8 months? I think. Something around there, but I’ve tried to quit, over and over, I’m only 16, I’m a Senior in highschool, and I have my whole life ahead of me, so I’m trying to quit. The last time I did I was numb and cried like a little bitch for 4 days straight. Then day 5 I got a pack and went back to smoking about 5 at day. No more than 10, but generally 5 a day.
    Anyways, its day 4, I haven’t cried haha, but I’m very moody and cranky as hell.. I also have a few common mental disorders, that cause me to tremor, and they have gotten very bad. I walk every night trying to lose weight, and I’ve never been out of breath while I ran or jogged while I smoked, but now that I quit its hard to run, I get dizzy, and out of breath. Its the weirdest thing. I know in the long run this is the best for my health, but could you guys give me so motivation or tips on how to deal with the moodiness, cravings, and all the other stuff that just seems amplified.. I just went into my senior year, so any advice is appreciated.. I just really need help.

    Much love,


  19. Hi there I quit cold turkey 6months ago and never had a cough at all until today and Im experiencing upper back pain as well… Anyone with similar? Should I have it checked out? Let me know your thoughts Thanks

  20. My husband stopped smokong in march 2015 after a heart attack he’s 49 and smoked from being 16 a pack a day.. he still coughs every morning as if he still smokes?

  21. I’m 46 after after 3/4 attempts at stopping .. Longest iv stopped is 8 months .. I’m now into my 4th week and have been coughing up cleat White phelm .. Breathing sounds a lot better .. I hope I can stay stoppers for good this time .. To all trying to give up please get on it and try your best to stop .. I downloaded the stop smoking app which helps ..

  22. Hi, I’m 19 & started smoking about 6 months ago, but I was never a big smoker and only smoked “socially” i.e. About once a week down the pub. I’d usually smoke about one or two and wouldn’t smoke any other days. After a weekend away I decided to give up the smoking and I’ve been coughing constantly ever since (about 4 weeks ago) I assumed that smoking occasionally for a few months wouldn’t do any major damage to my lungs, but from what Ive read online it sounds like smokers cough. Is this a case of smokers cough or something else? And if it is there anything that can be done to help it because it’s been keeping me up at night and is a general nuisance. Thanks!

  23. I have been smokilng on and off since I was 19. I didn’t smoke during my four pregnancies,
    bad for my babies. I just put the nicotine patch on two days ago. The only problem I have are the morning when I wake up. I too, have quit before,once for 7 years, I can’t remember why I started again. If you have quit,, stay away from it’a the worst thing you can do to your self. As far as weight gain, it’s better to gain a few pounds than smoke.

  24. Hello, I had gone for a vacation and quit smoking for five days. I had a few of the withdrawal symptoms, one of them being cough and mucus in throat. Now that I have got back home, I’ve started smoking again but the cough might have gotten worse. Please help me.

  25. I am on day 8 with no cigarettes. I feel congestion in my chest, I keep spitting up flem all day and night. a couple times I coughed till I puked flem up. Is this normal?

  26. I’m 18 and I have smoked a few times on my nights out which are about 1-2 times a week in the last few months. More as a social thing but I’ve have stop for two weeks now and have had an awful cough for 6 weeks. I’ve been checked out and they couldn’t see anything so I think it’s a smokers cough. It’s driving me crazy though. Does anyone have good trips on how to get rid of it as everyone is starting to question me now.
    Thank you

  27. Working in construction for over 15 years didn’t help either.. Peer pressure in junior high school wasn’t much help either, I’m 35 and was a heavy cigarette smoker for 20yearsas well smoked blunts with pot instead of paper.
    One day my youngest daughter cried to my wife stating daddy should quit before be dies from Cancer.. I think that was the eye-opener.
    sad but true..I’m a true believer stating going cold turkey almost 6months ago was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. With the sweats and being cranky and Jittery as well. I decided to quit everything.. wasn’t easy but it has been a major accomplishment..
    Anyone reading this, should do this and quit while they can, before time passes them by and it might be too late to improve health..

  28. I had been smoking for about 7 years. I quit smoking about 5 months ago and occasionally at night or when I’m laying down I get a couch it isn’t all the time and it isn’t really server. I don’t know if it is normal to still be coughing or not and I don’t know if I need to see a doctor about it

  29. Im a 55 year old female. I used to smoke in my 20s until I was around 35?? I never smoked a pack a day I picked up again in Feb 2016. Smoking around 8 to 10 cigarettes a day now I’m trying to stop. I have Ashma and allergies also this cough. After reading this ad I’m worried. I’m stopping cold turkey. But my husband smokes which makes it even harder. Besides the HALLS cough drops is there anything else to help with the cough?

    • Ginger and honey will do the trick due to having another smoker present in the household, thier second hand smoke will make you very sensitive to cigarette smoke since you quit,but these natural remedies will help,Congratulations!

  30. I quit smoking 2 yrs ago and sometimes i wake up with a case of the smokers cough. Whats up with that?? P.s no one smokes in my house.

  31. I probably smoked 4-6 cigs a day since about 25. I am 33 now. I just quit 6 days ago due to how I felt, I must say it has been interesting, the withdrawals. I don’t crave a cigarette, but the withdrawals are crazy, I’m jittery, felt like I had the flu for about 4 days and now I have this insane cough. I’ve read it can last a while so I am going to just deal with it I guess.i do have cough drops and some otc meds. However, the withdrawals, like not sleeping, hot flashes, cough, and blowing my nose, well that part is almost gone, is pretty intense. I have even had some handle problems, like dropping stuff more. Quit assist has told me I just need time and to keep it up, especially because I have done it cold turkey, without any patches, gum, etc. anyhow I can’t wait until this smokers flu goes away fully. This really makes me want to never smoke again. I wish everyone the best.

  32. I quit smoking 6 days ago cold turkey now I have a dry persistent cough, reminds me of the end process of bronchitis sometimes I cough so hard I piss myself… help

  33. I have been smoking since i was 14, now im 18 im starting to realise my health is getting a bit poor and trying to quit. I have been cold turkey for almost a week now which im quite proud of. I have quit probably twice or so before but i keep going back to it which sucks but i reckon i just need the will power. I have this horrible raspy cough, i know its just my body repairing and trying to heal itself but its very unpleasant. I have tried Halls but they dont seem to be doing the job 🙁 Does anyone know of any other solutions and also how long this may last? thanks 🙂

  34. I am 58 and a smoker for 40 years. Quit August 21, this year. Coughing started about third month and I still do, to the point of vomiting sometimes. Doctor said lungs sounded good and I’m healing. Hoping the cough stops soon. Good luck to all in the process.

  35. I have been smoking for 26 years ,2 packets a day and had high blood pressure so I have decide to quite three months ago. I thought my high blood pressure was going to improve however it hasn’t .

    I’m not smoking but bit worried as there is no improvement to my high blood pressure issues, what can I do now ?

  36. I am 46 years old and quit cold turkey on December 27, 2016… I have not picked up a cig since… Yes, I have a little cough but nothing serious I don’t believe… I haven’t had but a few withdraws & urges to smoke… When this happens I get up and find something to do, to take my mind off it… I have gone thru much worse than this. This week I am celebrating being clean of Meth of 3 years so, yes all things are possible through Christ…
    Sara Thompson, Georgia

  37. I am an ex-smoker I just quit on the 31st of Dec. I smoked for 50 yrs. I just started coughing a lot today. I have been sick with a cold for a month. But I am looking forward to cigarettes not ruling my life and time. Good luck everyone.

  38. 1 week in. Dry coughing constantly. Wake up smooth breathing, 10min later Mr cough is back and it’s coughing up flegm every 10min….I made it sound worse than it really is. But you get the idea. A dry cough IS present. It IS irritating and no it won’t hurt you or be something more serious. So I think we should all just chill and cough cough cough. Drink so water and juice. Eat lots of fruit too.

  39. I’m 32 and I have been smoking since I was 18. I have been a week now smoke-free and I have a really bad cough. I’ve noticed that it’s started to ease up since I make sure I cough of the phlegm every time. If you feel like you have to cough something up make sure you get it out each time or it comes back worse. I know it’s hard when your not in the best place to do so.

  40. Hello, It’s been a month since I stopped smoking. I’m 18, and I’ve been smoking since I was 11. Still, I’m a bit concerned about this dry cough because it seems to be getting worse. I have no other symptoms. I thought it was the weather since its winter time, and I live in Europe, but a cough was there even after I went to the beach in a tropical country. How long have your cough? When should I worry? In which ways does nicotine abstinence manifest itself? I haven’t gained any weight, I have become more anxious, I forget things all the time and have heavy concentration problems. I don’t know if it’s related. (I don’t like to drink, and I’ve been clean (drugs; cocaine) for 2 years now).

  41. I quit smoking on OCT-1-2016 after a week or so I can down with really bad sinus congestion and my lung hurt really bad. The congestion has passed after 4-6 week and taking every med under the sun but my lungs still hurt.
    Had a chest x-ray and had a PFT for COPD all came back normal. Anyone else has this happen to go on 4 months and still not feeling great?

  42. I’m 38 yrs old, started smoking at 18. Smoked abiut a pack a day, more if i was out at night. I quit cold turkey 3 weeks ago. I feel great, but going into tge the 4th week i have developed a very bad cough for the last 3 days. It only happens at night before i sleep, not during the day.

  43. I am a female and have been smoking 32 years. A pack a day. I went cold turkey two weeks ago. I had smokers cough while smoking. Since I quit it hasn’t gone away and feels deeper in my chest. I go to the Dr in March for my annual physical. I’m wondering if I should go get an x-ray to see what’s going on. Any suggestions?

  44. I just quit smoking now for two weeks, I am a 52-year-old male , I have been smoking for over 37 years , I’m coughing and gagging, on a daily basis, more a dry cough then a productive one, but some of the colors of phlegm, coming up is pretty disgusting, as well as worrisome at times, anyone relate to the colors?, anyways besides that, I am breathing better than I have in so many years it’s ridiculous :).

  45. I quit 7 months ago cold turkey, 2 weeks after I quit chest has a fuzzy feeling. And still coughing some yellow phlegm. But feeling good

  46. To the people above who have quit for 7+ days. You have already quit, you need not worry about anything the only urge you get is in your head as a habit which you can break over time other than that you’re grooving all it takes is a week and just never look back

  47. i have been smoking for 4 years daily about 10-12 cig a day. i recently tried quitting but i couldnt. i was coughing really bad no mucus just dry cough. tried even some home remedies but didt work. then i started smoking again i feel relieved from the cough. can anyone tell me whats wrong

  48. I have stage 4 lung cancer and haven’t quit ciggs. My cough is so bad I puke and get extremely dizzy. Im sick of it so tonight I PT my patch on but I still want a smoke. I won’t smoke with patch on cuz of the shit it can do to your heart. I hope I’m not quitting to late! My lung cancer has been shrinking with treatment. But I fucking hate this cough. Center of chest is always tight too. I know I’m a dumbass. Quitting is so hard. I quit drinking and drugging though

    • Its never to late James. I have COPD and asthma after coughing up mucus and continuous infections decided to stop three weeks ago. The coughing is sometimes so extreme it makes me vomit. I affects my personal life as I don’t want to go out like it. I am going to Turkey with my daughter next week for my 60th and although she says it doesn’t matter I get very embarrased when it starts. Stay strong and don’t give up on giving up x

  49. I’m 51 years old, and have smoked a pack a day since I was 15. I’ve quit a couple of times, and am currently 5 days into cold turkey again. Each time I’ve quit, I always developed this irritating cough about 4 days into it. For me, it tends to happen when I’m reclined or lying down (asleep) for a long time. I can feel mucus building up in my windpipe and lungs. Not much mucus, but enough to cause irritation and slight wheezing. Usually I stand up for about 5 minutes so gravity can pull the mucus down a little from where it gathered. Then, coughing it up is easy, taking about 10 minutes to get everything cleared out. You’ll cough out about 2 to 5 little chunks of gooey mucus, and notice your airway is then clear again. You’re left with a slightly irritated throat from coughing, but it is what it is.
    It’s normal. As I said, it happens to me every time I quit. If you’re going cold turkey, be prepared. Your brain will fight you to get a cigarette. A pattern I noticed when I quit: When your cravings are at their worst, and you’ve decided you need a cigarette, give yourself about 30 minutes. The craving will pass every time. After 30 minutes, I think your brain is convinced there is no nicotine readily available, and stops the cravings temporarily to give you a break. I kept no cigarettes at home. Therefore, when I caved and decided to smoke, I’d have to go to the store for cigarettes. After taking the time to get dressed, get in the car, get to the store, by the cigarettes, and get back in the car, I always noticed I didn’t want it as bad as I did at home. Arriving home, about 30 minutes later, I could easily keep going with no cigarettes. But throw them away. The waste of time and money going to the store for smokes is another incentive to resist smoking.

    Just my two cents. Hope you find it useful.

  50. i smoked for about forty years. had my last cigarette on my way to surgery for lung cancer. i’m ashamed it took that to make me quit. for the last 7 days i’ve been coughing up thick, brown mucus that is so vile it makes me gag. i have 3 cuts in my side and will soon start chemo. this is not how i thought my life would be. please stop smoking before this becomes your life.

  51. I have been smoking since I was 17 yrs old. I’m now 30 and am on my second day of quitting. I know it’s a process. I cannot quit cold turkey so I have a square vape. Will this affect me as bad as a cigarette or will it help me quit.

    • Vaping in my opinion is no different than smoking. Your still inhaling a chemical into your lungs. The fact that most of the solutions are not actually water based but more of a oil based solution (you can tell this by the residue left behind if you left it out to dry) tells me that your taking in more than just water vapor. These systems are not regulated by the FDA so none of the companies have gone through the riggers of testing that Tobacco manufacturers go through. Personally I think they should be outlawed because I see so many people (youngsters) getting hooked to the nicotine.

      I am 35 myself and quit cold turkey. With daily prayer and keeping myself busy doing other things I have not gone back. The withdrawal was difficult but not the end of the world.

      Get support from family and friends and even your Dr.

    • Bad stop u just have to want to quit until you want to nothing is going to help . I quit after 5o years. I really like to smoke. I`m 65

      • Do the research. There’s a huge difference between the chemicals in smoke vs vapor. People smoke for the nicotine but due from the tar.

  52. Hi
    I quit smoking 6 days ago, cold turkey.
    I have done this a few times over the years, never had a problem.
    Been smoking since I was 18, (45 now) on and off, but not heavily, no more than 10 a day and the last few months only about 6-7 a day if that.
    Don’t know if its just a coincidence but on day 2 of quitting i began to ache all over, had a temperature, bad head, tight chest.. It feels like flu but im not sure if its just withdrawal symptoms.. I have a very dry and annoying cough too, its non productive and hurts to cough.
    Im hoping I start to feel better very soon.
    Good luck everyone.
    It will be worth it!

  53. I am 54 and have been a smoker since I was 17 and I smoke weed to. I have been off cigarettes for 3 months now and hardly smoke weed at all. I cough alot but not like when I was smoking it’seems the toxins coming out i think. I will never smoke again that’s a promise. I am starting to feel better and look better and after quitting 8-10 times I know now I’ve kicked the habit.

  54. I smoked a little over a pack a week for almost three years and it’s been just a few days since I quit, but I’m coughing up brown phlem. Little specks of grey and brown, one time even a black spot in my lugies. I don’t have a particularly harsh cough and my chest isn’t congested so maybe its just the tar coming out of me? It’s just gross how much there is, but apparently it’ll take at least a couple weeks to really heal… Should I worry or is this normal?
    Anyone cough up tar? I’m going to try some expectorants to help get it all out

  55. I am 6 months pregnant and i quit smoking cigarettes almost 3 months ago and i been having this cough every since i quit. I can go a day without coughing so its not a daily thing but when i do cough i feel like my lungs and throat are going to explode. Its painful. Is that normal for it to hurt and last that long after i quit.

  56. I started smoking 5 weeks ago I smoked everyday at school whenever I had the chance I’m 15 an realized a smoker wasn’t somthing I wanted to be so I quit but ever since then I’ve had a really bad cough an I’ve been coughing up slime an stuff. Does anyone know anything that will help?

  57. Yea sweetie their right. Only smoke for 2 wks. Go to the doctors. Hope your dad dosen’t find out. I belive you now know better. Smoking is unkool & embarrassing. I just quit after 40 years. Hallelujah!!!!!

  58. I’m an 18 year old female that has been smoking for two and a half years.
    My dad recently had a heart attack and quit cold turkey.
    Over this past month I’ve been smoking less then before and I find I have to clear my throat way more and that my breathing is worse now. The coughing is horrible and it causes my chest to rattle
    I don’t know what to do. Should I just keep smoking and see if it goes away? Or should I try and deal with the coughing?

  59. I have bad headache since i stopped smoking 6 months ago. The first 3 months were really bad. I went crazy and I couldn’t function properly. My headache occurred every day but recently it has improved bit by bit, although after six months i still have my headache once in a while. I have problem sleeping because i feel like having sore throat and flu every night but i’m alright during the day. Does anyone know how to improve my condition? Did anyone experience something like this before? How long could it last?

  60. I started smoking when I was 14. I’m 60 now. I would like to quit but I really like smoking. Recently I have started to cough and cough up phlegm. This is literally the first time I’ve started coughing from smoking. I used to be a half pack a day smoker but since my husband died 2 years ago, I smoke like a train.
    When I’m at friend’s house I don’t smoke. The same applies to airports and restaurants. If I know it’s going to be awhile before I can light up, I use snus to reduce the cravings. It does work at the time but I know it’s not a long term answer but it works for me when I get the urge. The only thing that I hate about smoking is the way my clothes smell and my house as well. I think in my situation, I would have to go to hospital and be in a coma for about 3 weeks to quit. Any advice or comments?

  61. I quit smoking 7.5 weeks ago after 35 years of 1-2 packs daily. I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I am using patches and was vaping until 10 days ago. Now I use lozenges instead of the vape, which I think is also harmful. Now I’m sick and coughing up phlegm, though I am fairly certain it’s part of the detox/ healing process.

  62. I started smoking at 14 and now at 48 I have given it up. As Drs told me I am caught by Buerger’s Desease. I did not smoke for last 14 days. Today 14th day I am having lot of cough with vomit. But I think my lungs are getting clear and I shall be fine like any healthy man in few months.

  63. I’m fixin to be 62 I finally stopped smoking weed and mow I’m getting ready to stop smoking cigarettes. Now mind you bern doing both for 47 yrs. I have C.O.P.D. found out a yr ago and had a heart attack 4/16 with cath surgery. Been 4 weeks no weed and the cough is worse now than it was a yr ago. My goal is the cigarettes.

    • Dave, it sounds like you have good reasons to quit smoking. If you 100% want to, you can do it. It won’t be easy, nor is it supposed to be. You have to go through the withdrawl in order to be a non-smoker. Read info on quitting smoking on verywell.com Type in ‘quit smoking’ in the search bar on the website. There are a lot of articles there that can help you with your quit. I recommend drinking a lot of cold water, exercising (as much as you are able), getting plenty of sleep, and keeping busy to distract yourself. Change your routines up a bit. Yell, scream, cry, pound tables and desks if necessary, walk around the house, go for a short walk, do jumping jacks, do pushups, do anything to not smoke. The first 3-4 days are the hardest. Take them one hour at a time. Make sure you see your doctor(s) on a regular basis. Best of luck to you.

  64. I was 2 pack per day, and I quit smoking 4 days ago, I got a headache in beginning 2 days and dry cough till now.

    • Headaches could be dehydration. Happens a lot to quitters. Without that dry mouth feeling from smoking, you forget to get enough fluids.

  65. I quit smoking 8 months ago and i was smoking for 10 years. Im proud to say i dont smoke when someone asks me for one. My kids. Helped me through it. ❤

  66. I am a long term smoker, but at times very off an on and never smoked a regular number…lately I started coughing in the morning, which is new so I decided to quit. I am patching it and smoke a bit off the patch — under 5 per day. But wow, NOW I AM COUGHING A LOT MORE than I had begun to from smoking!!! No blood, just sticky goo that eventually turns clear and then I stop — lasts about an hour in the morning. I”d heard this is a result of a huge decrease or of stopping smoking, so it is great to find out it isn’t just an “old wives tale”. I’m a bit grumpy and headachy and tired (smoking is a stimulant!). Glad to read some of your stories, they are encouraging and helpful — esp. about the coughing which is kinda freaky. I mean, I quit to stop coughing, not to cough more lol. Knowing it is my body healing is great, and I will look out for other more persistent symptoms and see the dr after I get off it all. Thanks everyone for posting <3 .

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