Does Hookah Have Nicotine?

Does Hookah Have Nicotine?

There seems to be a misconception that hookah smoking is safer than cigarette smoking. This is probably being perpetrated by hookah vendors who want to entice people to try their products while playing up a supposedly safer product. But the facts provide a very different picture of hookah smoking.

While it is true that some shisha contains less nicotine than cigarette, most hookah users are taking in much bigger puffs with the hookah than they would be with a cigarette. That’s because it is an entirely different device delivering the smoke to them.

In some cases, the nicotine levels are lower in hookah per ounce than they would be in cigarettes, but these are very rare instances. For the most part, people who use hookah are taking in hundreds times more nicotine than they would with a cigarette.

The average hookah session lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes. In that time, a person can absorb as much nicotine and other harmful chemicals as they would with an entire pack of cigarettes. That’s an incredible amount. And it becomes obvious that people are taking in far more nicotine over a shorter period of time with hookah than they ever would with cigarettes.

So the answer to the question of is there nicotine in hookah is a definitive yes.hookah There may be some times when the nicotine level is low, but a hookah session still delivers more of its product than smoking a cigarette would. In most cases, the amount of nicotine delivered is potentially very dangerous. How dangerous it is depends on a number of factors. These include how much nicotine a person is taking in, how their body has adapted to nicotine (due to other nicotine use) and what concentration of nicotine is in the shisha.

Hookah is usually only found in hookah bars, and its popularity is increasing as people look for alternatives to cigarettes. But false facts being presented to the public are ensuring that this dangerous hobby is having some safety concerns overlooked.

It is important that people understand just how much nicotine is being taken into their system with hookah. And it is not just the hookah users who are absorbing far too much nicotine. Secondhand smoke from the hookah devices is causing those in the immediate area to absorb high concentrations of nicotine as well.

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