Benefits of 100% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) E-Liquid

100% vegetable glycerinMost e-liquid companies will use some sort of mix between vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Each of these bases has their own benefits and drawbacks, but there are certain advantages to using only VG.

No Need for Sweeteners

VG already has a slightly sweet taste to it. It makes fruit liquids taste sweeter and dessert juices taste a bit more delectable.

Many times, in a PG base, the manufacturers will add some sorbitol or other artificial sweetener to make the juice more palatable. But these can contain manmade chemicals that, while approved by the FDA for human consumption, are not completely understood. There may be side effects to them that have yet to be discovered because we simply do not fully understand all the ways in which they interact with our bodies. 

Better Hit

The best part of vaping an e-liquid is the hit you get from the nicotine and the flavor hitting the back of your throat. This leaves a wonderful sensation in your mouth and throat, and it differs due to the base you are using. With a PG base, you get a thin vapor that doesn’t remain in the air as long, so it can dissipate quickly in your throat, offering you only a slight hit.

But with a VG base, you get a nice, thick vapor and it is often full of flavor that lingers. The entire reason VG is added to a PG base is for its thicker, milkier vapor. Without it, the liquid tastes too flat and thin. So with a full VG base, you get a much more satisfying hit and a thicker vapor. It isn’t diluted or held back by other ingredients.

Easier on the Body

Another reason that the two vapors are often mixed is because of the frequency with which PG causes allergic reactions. When it is diluted with VG, it is not as likely to cause those problems.

So once again, a complete VG base wins out. If you don’t have any PG in your base, then you are far less likely to experience any allergic reactions. You can breathe easier and not suffer an irritated throat. Very few people ever have an allergic reaction to VG, so if you are sensitive to such interactions, it is a good idea to opt for a VG base entirely.

Those who have allergies of any kind, who cannot eat certain foods, who suffer from asthma and other breathing difficulties should all avoid PG bases when possible. And there are e-liquid companies that offer fully VG bases for their products. If you want something that is all natural and won’t give you any allergic reaction, then this is definitely the way to go.

Ultimately, you will have to experience the bases for yourself to see which offers you the more satisfactory experience. People often come away with different preferences, but if you want a healthy vapor, there is not a better option than a VG base.


  1. Vegetable glycerin naturally generates more vapor than propylene glycol, but has a reduced throat hit. It is also slightly thicker and slightly sweeter then propylene glycol.

  2. There is no one in my area that offers the VP alone ,so I want to do it on my own,and one day stop all together but my question is this where can I purchase the nicotine oil?

    • you can buy true 100% vg juice online from ichor eliquid. You can also buy large bottle sizes. I’ve been using this company for 18 months and find I can’t fault the company in any way. Hope this helps

  3. I am wondering if MAX VG juice contains formaldehyde or any types of carcinogens and whether second hand vapor is harmful to someone with allergies and / or is in remission from cancer? If I vape only MAX VG, would it affect those problems? The allergies and whether it has carcinogens? I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me ASAP.

  4. I use only vg, from my local health food store, no nic, no flavor, just pure vg, been doing for 4 yrs now, and no side effects of any kind, snd i have severe asthma, wich is wjy i quit smoking!pure vg is the way to go!!!

  5. Even if you don’t have a PG allergy, it’s worth checking out the difference with a 100% VG based juice. It’s unbelievably smooth and you get massive clouds packed with flavor. As the article mentioned, you don’t need sweetener either so the juice is clean and won’t gunk up your coils. If you’re looking for a 100% VG Based E-Juice that’s affordable and awesome, feel free to check out

  6. What’s the best vape or settings on a vape box mod for 100 vg ejuice.. I have cannabis infused vg I would like to vape

  7. I vape also vg, and I’m really satisfied totally with it its a kind of natural feeling and by the way I even heard that vg is used in asthma medical treatment. vg is organic pg is chemicals and thats true and by the way I vaped also with pg the feeling is totally different than if I vape only vg so at the end vg wins. and also I never heard alot about people who has vg allergy maybe it gives people who has this but me I never heard yet. so keep on vaping with natural vg. and thanks fox.

    regards. .

  8. my husband and i just starting to use vapor what is best online to order 100% vg juice we like the candy flavor

  9. I feel that I get a all around cleaner vape when I use 100% vg. Also pg is known to cause joint soreness which isn’t good for my active lifestyle. Try 100% vg and u won’t go back to the mix anymore trust me. Great taste, stays In your mouth and produces great clouds.

  10. Hello,
    I have been Vaping for more than 10 years and started on 36mg nicotine.
    having said that and have pretty much stayed in the realm of VG but it is becoming harder and harder to get away from PG & PE and alcohol base that was developed originally in chine for the use of thinning juices. I Use a rx200S mod with a Avacado rtda on top (not for beginners) Just to keep you informed and aside from the new laws coming in to tax regulate and control the e cig market, stay away from PG it is bad for you..I was going to rant about all the problems it causes but you can search on that later.
    as for VG …If you can buy juice that has the most base like 90%VG you are doing well or what is now called Max VG ,and remember that the flavoring has pg in it as a carrier too.
    Do not believe all the hype about equal blending and all the garbage they tell you about producing massive vape …If you like vape and do it as an alternative to tobacco good for you stick with it and get away from tobacco! *** I did hear that abuterol that is used to help in asthma is being produced to e cigs now but cannot verify it anywhere but imagine a drug atomized in your lungs to trat the problem directly wow what a breakthrough that would be… Oh 1 last piece of advice for all the vapors out there: Do not buy Juice from ebay that some guy made in his sink and if you see juice somewhere really really cheap stay away from it -have a great day!

    • Where do you recommend buying vg juice from? I think the blends I’m getting from my b&m stores are causing me to be short of breath, almost like asthma symptoms? Does that sound like a PG problem?

  11. I have read many warnings about the dangers potentially posed by gaping, including the formation of carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. All these studies referenced the ingredient propylene glycol.
    Since buying my vapor unit, I have only used a vegetable glycerine based liquid. I haven’t seen any studies regarding a pure vg based liquid. I only know the symptoms of my heavy cigarette smoking habit have stopped.
    I hope it is safe.
    Today I stopped by my vapor store. They now charge $1 to sample flavors. New rules no longer allow free samples. Further changes are coming designed to put vapor retailers out of business. For each flavor and each nicotine level of each flavor they sell, they will be required to pay for a permit or a fee to sell. This would run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was told that Pennsylvania added a 40% tax on each vaping product and made it retroactive, effectively running most retailers out of business.
    We need studies on pure vegetable glycerine vapor and not conjecture. The government is going to tax the crap out of vapers.
    Vegetable glycerin liquids are thicker, better tasting and more satisfying than pg (propylene glycol ) They may be safer. We won’t know until appropriate studies are done on the product.

  12. I’m another “VG only” vaper. PG makes me cough. So I stick to 100% organic liquids from companies that don’t use PG even in their flavoring agents. Just as there are vegetarian and vegan restaurants and health food stores, there are vape juice suppliers that use nothing but organic ingredients.

    There are also more generalized suppliers that have 100% VG products, but watch their fine print. Some flavors may have PG in them. So I stick to the 100% VG/organic people. Search Google for “vape liquid 100% VG organic” and you’ll find a bunch of them. I personally prefer the lowest possible of nicotine, usually 1.5 mg in a moderate tobacco flavor like Kind Juice “Route 66.” I also like 0 nicotine citrus-ish flavors for variety.

    For a pen, stick to .5 – 1 ohm coils and you’ll be fine with 100% VG liquid. Beyond that, it’s personal taste, same as it is for the liquids.

    • Hi Robin,
      Any suggestions for a particular vape pen for 100% VG? I have never smoked or used a vape product. I’ve heard it’s important to get a vape that doesn’t leak and can handle the thick viscosity of the e-liquid. At the moment looking at Xeo Void series 3 or Vapour2?

  13. Where do you buy the VG juice? Is this available over the counter or do you have to mix the solution yourself? I would like to try to switch to VG as I’ve heard bad chemical compound components arise from heating the PG.

  14. I’m glad I found this site and learned more about VG only. About a week and a half ago the right side of my face went numb, starting with my lips up to my eye, even in the roof of my mouth. It felt like I had rubbed orajel all over my face and mouth. Finally after much research I realized that I’m seriously allergic to PG. I love my vape and have gone from a ten year two pack a day habit to none overnight. I just don’t want them anymore. The odd thing is tho, it’s only recently that the PG bothers me. I’ve been vaping for 2 or 3 years now. The only change is that I’ve gone from pens to high watt mods. I use premium liquid and still the last few days, the numb tingling sensation. Tonight, I emptied my tank, changed my coil refilled with 100% VG and so far the feeling seems to be returning to normal. I was aware of PG allergies but I wasn’t aware of the benefits of 100% VG until this site so thank you!

  15. I use an ecig, with a screw in atomizer (green smart living), I am looking for a 100% vg as a screw in ecig, any suggestions

  16. I have started making my juices with only VG. My nicotine and flavouring are PG based and im happy with flavour and nicotine kick, even though I have dropped from a 50/50 mix with 6mg nic. I dropped this to 3mg and find there is no difference to the throat hit.

  17. I didn’t know that you could get a better sensation in the back and throat from vaping e-liquid. It seems that this would be a safer way to get the feeling than a cigarette which has lots of chemicals that can do you damage. My brother loves smoking but I wonder if he has considered e-liquid as a replacement for the cigarettes he normally uses.

    • I’ve been trying to get my brother to make the switch for years, and I think might have been successful this time. Seems the problem was he has been using an ancient mod and Nautilus tank I gave him years back (when the Nautilus tank was new and all the rage). We got him into a newer, you to date mod (one that goes up to 75w) and a better tank (top fill, .2 or .5 coils) and he is getting much better results in regards to smoking experience. Stay away from a pen or low wattage box (likewise he won’t need a mod that is the over the top competition level lol, apparently that is a thing). Just a $65-$100 mod which will usually come with a tank (and make sure the battery is external and can be recharged via USB). Not to push any particular brand, but I use a Kangertech Sub Box and love it. That’s what I got my brother into as well….

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