VaporFi E-Liquid Review (and 20% off coupon)

vapor fi e liquid reviewVaporFi (formerly known as Vapor Zone) has quickly become one of the top brands for e-liquid on the market. They are recommended all over the web for their selection and quality, but our goal was to find out if they stand up to the hype. We ordered a few bottles of VaporFi e-liquid and we’re going to put them to the test in this review!

Spoiler Alert: This brand is definitely one of the top e-liquid brands on the market. They have more selection than anybody, their flavors taste great, and they’ve added features like a “create your own e-juice” and a “flavor of the month club”. Plus, at about $5 per 10 mL of juice, they have some of the best-priced e-juice on the market.

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VaporFi E-Liquids Overview

VaporFi E-Liquids

VaporFi is an established brand with a huge army of fans. They’ve only been around for almost two years and are offering a huge selection of products, both e-cigarette hardware and e-liquids. But their e-liquids are really where the magic lies for this brand.

VaporFi has over 115 pre-made flavors that have been tested and are generally loved by their fan base. But on top of that, they offer a “create your own blend” option where you can mix up to 3 flavors and choose the ratio of flavor as well as the standard nicotine levels.

They also recently launched a “flavor of the month club” where you can get different flavors delivered to your doorstep every month. This allows you to try new flavors and never run out of e-liquid.

In terms of what they offer, VaporFi offers more than most other brands on the market. They have options!


VaporFi Top ejuice flavors

VaporFi obviously has their famous option to create your own blend, but they also over 115 pre-made flavors. That’s a big selection! Here are their top flavors by category:

Top Blends

Menthol Flavors

  • Fresh Mint
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mighty Menthol
  • Peppermint Party

Tobacco Flavors

  • American Red Tobacco
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Cuban Cigar
  • Heavenly Clove
  • Sahara Gold Tobacco
  • Simply Shisha

Flavor Quality

However, all of these flavors mean nothing if they don’t taste great when you vape them. So of course we had to review 5 of their flavors, one from each category. In the end, we found that they really excelled at dessert and fruit flavors, but are a bit lacking when it comes to menthol flavors. So if you love menthol, you might want to check out a brand like Halo or Strix Elixirs, but otherwise VaporFi is probably right for you.

Here are our reviews of the 5 flavors:

“Top Blends”: Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry cheesecake is a delicious flavor, which is probably why it’s in their top blends category. We love cheesecake flavored juice here, and when you add blueberry on top of it it’s delicious. A big problem with larger e-liquid vendors is that their juice is often not “hearty” because they use too much propylene glycol. But VaporFi’s dessert flavors are pretty great.

“Menthol”: Mighty Menthol

Menthol is a “love it or hate it” sort of flavor. Fortunately, a lot of our reviewers here love menthol. VaporFi doesn’t have the biggest selection of menthol flavors, but Mighty Menthol definitely packs a solid minty punch.

“Tobacco”: Cuban Cigar

I don’t know of many full-time vapers that love tobacco flavors. I don’t think anyone here particularly likes tobacco flavors (though in fairness our site is dedicated to eradicating tobacco). So Cuban Cigar didn’t really do it for us, but for the select few that do like tobacco e-juice, it has a pretty interesting taste that might help you get your tobacco fix.

“Dessert”: My Birthday Cake

Cake flavored e-liquid rocks! And this juice is no exception. It tastes like gooey cake batter and will help satisfy your sweet tooth.

“Fruit”: Raspberry Raz

Raspberry flavors are historically very hit or miss. But this raspberry flavor is right on the mark. It gives that lovely sweet and tart flavor that you find in real raspberries. Definitely a can’t miss if you like fruit flavors.


VaporFi has very reasonable prices. Here is a quick chart of their prices:

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The one thing they do a lot differently than most brands is not offer 10 mL bottle of e-liquid (unless you get the sampler pack). But their 30 mL bottles are priced at $14.99 which comes out to $5 per 10 mL, which is actually one of the lowest prices you’re going to find.

We like how their custom blend prices are exactly the same as their pre-made prices, which makes creating your own blend a much lower risk situation in case you don’t like it. And of course you’re going to want to check out their blend of the month club flavor each month to see what kind of flavor is on discount.

Also please don’t forget to use this button to automatically save 12% on your purchase!

Wrapping Up

When it comes down to it, VaporFi is one of the best deals you’re going to find on the market. You can get any of their 115 flavors or a flavor you make yourself for less than $5 per 10 mL. And of course their flavors actually TASTE good, so it makes it more than worth the price.

In the end, we would absolutely recommend VaporFi for anybody looking to try new e-juices.

  • Selection: 94%
  • Quality: 99%
  • Price: 85%
  • Customer Service/Shipping: 95%
  • Overall Rating: 92%

VaporFi E-Liquid
QSC Rating: 92/100 by


  1. Having 20 years of tobacco smoking now behind me primarily due to Vaporfi products I can only say in every area from their friendly Customer care type of service, helpful product knowledge I would recommend anyone wanting to quit tobacco that vaporfi has been a pleasurable switch from tobacco.

  2. VaporFi is one of, if not, the absolute most professional electronic cigarette companies around. With so many unscrupulous players entering the market with fuzzy details on their products quality and purity, VaporFi makes it a point to be transparent in letting you know exactly what you are purchasing and what you are ingesting. If you want a top of the line e-liquid, I highly recommend giving them a try.

  3. I apparently did not get the same juice as the rest of these people. The juice they sell as “Cuban Cigar” is closer to tutti fruitti gum than it is to a cuban cigar. I also ordered their ‘coffee’ blend which, is nowhere as sweet as the ‘cuban’ juice, but still sucks. I tried their juice many times and if I go back to what I’ve bought locally from Cloud 9 and never really warmed up to it as a tobacco replacement, I find it is 1000x better than VaporFi juice. I can’t believe people actually like this. I’m only talking about the cuban cigar flavor, just to be clear. But I bought it based upon consumer reviews and I found that people like me, that submit a negative review, never get posted.

  4. i tried Vapor-Fi for the first time. I’ve tried a lot of different flavored from a lot of different companies. I’m in search of a good vanilla custard liquid. I decided to order a custom blend. I chose a double shot of custard and a single shot of vanilla. It’s awful! The most accurate description I can give is that it tastes like liquid hand soap. Maybe it needs time to steep. I’m very disappointed. I thought it would at least be fair due to several good reviews of this company. I probably won’t be ordering from them again. If the flavor improves after steeping, I will post an update.

  5. I’ve tried several brands of eliquid and I basiclly married Vaporfi. The choice that you can make your own flavor mixing up to 3 flavor is a plus. I always mix my own and I love it. The prices are cheaper than most and the package is not fancy but is very good quality conpared to cheap brands. Shipping is super fast I almost always receive my order within 3 days.

  6. I just ordered 3 liquid e-juices base on your review of their e-liquids. I ordered white chocolate, butterscotch and almond coconut. They are awful! I can’t even vape them as they taste horrible and the almond coconut and the white chocolate taste like soap. I just wasted a whole lot of money on e-liquid that is now going in the garbage because I can’t stand to vape it. I am so disappointed that I followed this advice on what is good tasting and reasonably priced e-liquid. It doesn’t matter if you the e-liquid costs less if it tastes horrible. I think I will pay a little more and stick to what I know is good juice because this was awful.

  7. I bought the vanilla bean with dounle shot and it just taste nothing like what it says. I am extremely dissapointed and was a waste of 15 bones. I would just stick to something like vaping rabbit. Pretty much anything but Vaporfi. I was really impressed right until I got your porduct. I would rather just burn my coils cause at least I had some taste.

  8. I have fallen madly in love with Vaporfi, I recently decided to vape instead of smoking cigarettes, but i truly enjoyed smoking but not the smell & besides i have grandbabies that i did not want consuming cigarette toxins.

    i had been to 2 other stores one out of town and the other was more of a vamp spot, damp dark basement w teens that weren’t helpful ( not for me). so i did my research of the arlington virginia area and wallah i found Vaporfi.

    I phoned this location on columbia pike and spoke with a great courteous guy that was teaching me over the phone… YYYYEEESSSS. THANK YOU JEREMY, not only was this guy friendly knowledgeable and kind to me, he was understanding. i had been smoking for over 30 years and needed the nicotine but wasn’t getting the right dose which lead to headaches. i walked into an open bright clean well stock store.

    Jeremy had what i needed in stock & ready to go, and in my favorite girlie color of PURPLE, he educated me on e liquids and taught me about my new pen (inwhich i absolutely love)

    Thank you,
    Robin Bennett

  9. Awful e-liquids! I purchased a sampler pack and two other e-liquid items (total of about $60 worth). these were my first orders from VaporFi. Every one of the e-liquids left a perfume-like after taste. since there were several items and they all tasted that way, I’m assuming all of their items taste awful

  10. Just wanted to quickly say that I too am now a loyal VaporFi fan and customer. I bought the VaporFi Edge vaporizer and Very Vanilla juice (50/50 PG/VG ratio, 3mg nicotine, single-shot vanilla) and it is simply HEAVEN! I also bought the enhancer liquid that can add sweetness, which works well. I think on the next order I’ll try the double-shot vanilla.

  11. VaporFi’s Mighty Menthol:

    I posted a review for this product in the past. This has been my absolute go-to never-changing flavor. I have been vaping the Mighty Menthol for about two years with a double shot. I cannot even begin to explain how upset I am that the formula just recently changed.

    It was explained to me by VaporFi customer support that the formula changed in order for this e-liquid to be compatible with other vapor pens. I was also told the “most popular flavors” were the ones that ended up changed.

    The new Mighty Menthol is absolutely, utterly different than what it used to be. The description for this product, in my opinion, is completely tasteless right now in comparison to what it used to be.

    The original flavor had a kick to it. It was a nice, smooth, COOL hit to the back of your throat. If you would blow it out through your nose, your nose would get that tingly sensation.
    New formula: The coolness is completely gone. There is none. It feels warm. To people who continuously vape sweet flavors, they may not notice the difference… but those who knew what the original flavor tasted like, this is huge.

    VaporFi- why are you changing the most popular and successful flavors? Something was right! I will never, ever again buy Mighty Menthol with the new formula. PLEASE bring back the original. At the very least make a replica of the original and name it something else- anything!!!

    I sincerely hope all original Mighty Menthol customers end up posting their NEW reviews of the product.

    • UPDATE: VaporFi re-reformulated their Mighty Menthol again, this time for the good! Customer service said it the recent prior change was a trial and that an enormous amount of customers were unhappy. I was sent the re-reformulated Mighty Menthol and it stands true to what it was before. 🙂 Note- the online store will have this newest change, but some of the in-person stores may still carry the terrible reformulated version for some time. Ask your individual stores before purchasing.

  12. Unfortunately the folks at Vaporfi have changed their e-liquid formula, serious degrading the quality of the product. Been a loyal purchaser for about a year and the last batch I received was awful. Called in and after chatting with a sales rep who insisted “it just needs to steep”, they (reluctantly) admitted the formula changed. Disappointing, order with caution from now on.

    • This place is horrible. All the juice I got from them recently has been so watered down that I can’t smoke it at all because it boils and pops all in my mouth burning me mouth and throat..

  13. Just received my first order of e juice. The pro 3 works fine. I had an Aspire previously. Not impressed with the e juice. I can’t detect any Carmel taste, vanilla with tobacco is unimpressive as well. Very disappointed….

  14. Vapor Fi just “reformulated” some of their most beloved flavors with NO notice to customers. The reformulated products are disgusting and customers are not covered by the refund policy. The bait & switch was done over a huge holiday sale so customers like myself who stocked up are stuck with hundreds of dollars of foul, unusable juice. Vapor Fi will not honor their guarantee saying that taste is subjective. Its not subjective to expect that when I order a product, I get the same product that I’ve been ordering monthly for 2-3yrs, not a completely different product labelled as mine.

    Lousy practices, lousy service at premium prices.

  15. These people water down their juices. If you are using an 80tc you won’t be able to even smoke their cheep watery juice that boils and pops in your mouth leaving second degree burns. I’m taking all 4 bottles back for a refund. I am literally scared of hitting my vape right now for fear of it burning the hell out of me. I will never go back

  16. Just ordered for the first time and it’s the worst juice I have ever tasted. It tastes like chemicals. And the other comments about needing to steep? WTH? I don’t have to steep my juice from Saffire. The only reason I am trying something g new is because Saffire costs have gone up so high. But hell, I just wasted $40 bucks on this crap. People must not know what good juice is because all of these glowing reviews are redicuous or fake.

  17. I just received Vaporfi’s “classic tobacco” e-juice. I thought it smelled kind of fruity when I filled my tank but hoped that it would taste better that it smelled. Nope. This stuff tastes like strawberry-scented incense. I thought for sure they must have sent me the wrong flavor, but the sticker on the bottom said “tobacco,” so I dumped the vile stuff out of my tank and threw my coil into the trash with the bottle. This stuff really is that bad. Don’t believe any positive reviews you see; they must be posted by the company – I can’t imagine how anyone could try this and then recommend it to anyone who they didn’t hate.

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