Mig Vapor Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

MigVapor Matrix review

Mig Vapor Matrix Vaporizer Review

Our Rating: 94/100 — one of the best vape pens on the market today

The Matrix is a portable vaporizer that the Mig Cigs company has positioned to be the next big thing. We heard good things about what it can do and had to check it out for ourselves. This is a company that has been a rising star for a while, but this vaporizer might just place them at the top of the heap.

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What You Get

matrix-mig-cigsThe vaporizer is going to cost you $149.95. That puts it on the high end of portable vapes, so we were definitely going in expecting some quality from this. It would have to be good to be priced at that point; otherwise a lot of people are going to feel like they wasted their money.

The package comes with the vaporizer, a chamber you can switch out and some tweezers. We’ll talk about what all that is for a little alter, but let’s look at what else is in the package.

You get all the basic stuff- a wall charger, a USB charger, the manual, a dabbing tool, some cleaning brushes, and extra meshes and mouthpieces. The kit actually includes four wire meshes and four mouthpieces. With everything in this kit, it’s not hard to see why it was priced at the point it is. There’s a lot of value to be had, and it’s a pretty packed kit for something that’s not a deluxe super kit with all the trimmings. There’s tons of stuff here that you don’t normally see in standard portable vape kits.

The Quality

So is all this stuff any good? We tested it for ourselves and came away pleasantly surprised. The first thing we noticed was the OLED temperature control. This lets you adjust the temperature between 350 and 430°F. You can choose any temperature in between there, and it adjusts perfectly. We never had any trouble with it seeming like the vape was too hot or too cool for the temperature we had set.

As a bonus feature, the Matrix also remembers the last temperature setting you used.

mig cigs matrix chambersWe also liked how it heats up fast. In 40 seconds, the Matrix goes from turned off to heated to whatever temperature setting you chose. In the world of portable vapes, that is blisteringly fast. Now with that kind of power, you would expect that there would be some combustion. That’s kind of normal for the really powerful vapes, unfortunately, but we did not have that problem with the Matrix. It just provided great vaporization that produced fantastic vapor clouds each time.

Those great vapor clouds come with some superb taste, and that’s thanks to the ceramic heating chamber. As vaping aficionados will know, the best kind of heating chamber to have is a ceramic one. Most vaporizers use a metal one, because it is cheaper to use and more durable. But the quality of vapor suffers a bit because of it. With the ceramic heating chamber, you get clear, crisp vapor every time. You do need to be careful about how you use the vape though, as it can be a bit more fragile due to that ceramic heating chamber.

The Matrix also comes with a wax and oil chamber that you can switch out. It is already fitted with an herb chamber, which is where you are going to be vaping your dry herbs. But you can switch that out when you like for the oil and wax chamber. That’s for you e-liquids, concentrates and such. The dabbing tool is included, so you don’t have to buy anything extra.

The tweezers in the package are to help you insert and remove the ingredient chambers. They allow you to take the chamber out and replace it with ease. This ensures you aren’t damaging your chambers or smudging them with your hands. They fit in and out really easy, and they are simple to clean. Just using water and the cleaning brushes worked well for us.

The Verdict

This is hands down one of the best portable vapes on the market. It costs more than a lot of the competition, but it is definitely worth it. It’s not the most expensive by far, but its level of quality is on par with the most expensive ones on the market. Between the ceramic heating chamber, the adjustable temperature setting with OLED display and the supply of extra paraphernalia, this is really an unbeatable deal.

It is also a great vape for beginners. That’s because it is so easy to use. Even switching out from one chamber to another is a breeze. The adjustable heat range is set to where it is just perfect for a variety of different ingredients without ever burning them. And the simple cleaning it takes to keep this in working condition means that it’s not a hassle for newbies to get used to it and keep up with their vaporizer. The only thing that might scare new users off is the ceramic heating chamber and how careful they have to be with the Matrix. But once they try that ceramic hated vapor, they won’t want to use anything else.

The variety that switching out the chambers provides is also great for experienced users. They can use anything they want with it- wax, herb or liquid- and it all heats up perfectly.

• Tons of value, even for the price point
• High-quality materials and design
• Ceramic heating chamber makes the cleanest, crispest vapor
• Can be used with wax, herb or liquid

• May be too expensive for some people
• Slightly fragile

There really aren’t any vaporizers out there that are able to compete with the matrix. You may find cheaper ones or ones that are slightly more durable, but nothing can match it for quality, value and perfect vapor production. Even if it seems out of your price range, we recommend you give it a try. We know we are glad to have given this one a shot.

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Mig Cigs Matrix Vaporizer
QSC Rating: 94/100 by


  1. I’ve had my Mig Cigs Matrix for a little more than two weeks, and I love it. I came here today to let people know about a slight issue the Matrix has: the mouthpiece. Its certainly not a dealbreaker, but the metal chamber cap that is built in to the resin mouthpiece has recently separated from its seat. With no screw holding it in place or ridge to snap down into, my mouthpiece is now essentially a two-piece component. Of course I do not want to glue it back in as I’m breathing the air from this chamber into my lungs, and it is what I would now call a pain in my ass. I would recommend to Mig Cigs to redesign the mouthpiece, but again the unit is an amazing cooker. I’ve been smoking for 11 years solid and my 2nd or 3rd day of using the Matrix I got the second highest I’ve ever gotten in my life. Oh yes, vaping is a new world indeed.

    • My mouthpiece broke the same way and they sent me a replacement that fits tighter and so far has held the screen in place. I think it was an upgrade.

  2. It’s a great vaporizer. But the plastic tip is very fragile. If you stress it too much, it becomes loose and the metal screen falls out of place. Other than the tip the unit works great.

  3. Hi,

    I also had trouble with the mouthpiece breaking and the mesh filter falling out as a result. I contacted them and they sent out a replacement. That was good for about a month and I was very careful (not to take it off while hot) etc. Now just today I see that there are two fractures in the plastic up the side of the mouthpiece…I’m an engineer and that mouthpiece is a very bad engineering design…come on guys for this price (or any price) this should not be happening

  4. I bought one, and it fried out after 10 or so uses. Since I was past the 90 day warranty, all the company would offer me was a 10% discount on another one. So, I have an expensive, worthless paperweight. Could not be more disappointed by my customer experience.

  5. Could not possibly be more disappointed with MigVapor’s customer service or the quality of this product. Feels cheap and flimsy, has an AWFUL chemical smell out of the box (not helpful since I use herb for migraine relief) and every other review everywhere says it’s a piece of crap.
    The worst part is, MigVapor claims “we stand behind our product with a 30 day money back guarantee” all over their website, but the truth is that doesn’t apply to dry herb products if they’ve been opened. And their customer service is AWFUL.
    Can’t believe I wasted $150. Won’t be trusting this site for reviews anymore, either.

  6. The mouthpieces on this vape suck. In 8 months I have gone thru 4. At $10 bucks a pop, the replacements are getting expensive. If not for the mouthpiece, this would be a great vaporizer.

  7. MIG Vapor as a company is a complete rip off and do not honor written guarantees. In addition they are very smug and have no customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  8. I have the pro series 7 an the batterys die a lot the loose leave mouthpiece keeps opening in my bag an spilling what can I do to stop it

  9. I called and asked Mig Vapor About the mouthpiece and they informed me that as of November it is now made with a new material that has eliminated the older mouthpiece issue.
    Not that I can’t replace them, but it gave me confidence to buy one. I am glad I did. Works Like a charm.

  10. I am unable to get a cloud of anything with Damiana herbs. I went as high as I could, with a quarter teaspoon of herb, and removed as much as I could to try to get that vapor, but I just wound up burning my lips. I thought the mouthpiece was silicone, so I was surprised to see how poor the overall design is, even if it WAS working! I may steer clear of this company in the future if it isn’t replaced with one that works… Once you buy it, it says you have a guarantee, but reading further AFTER my purchase I read that it can only be returned if all components have not been used. “Not been used?” How do they expect me to know if it works? I was using Damiana, and got no vapor at all, and I tried it seven times with different amounts in the chamber. I am sadly disappointed. I also bought over $75.00 in my subtotal, and end total, but did receive a percentage off, as I had purchased two Mig21 liquid vapors, which work great. The company refused to give me free shipping on the $81 I spent, so I screenshot it, and was told the discount lowered it under $75. I have NEVER had a company look at anything but the sub, or complete total. Spending $12.95 on shipping for liquid just forced me to go to E-cigs, and found a phenomenal deal on 100ml bottles!! I was able to get TEN times the product at E-cigs. I am going to continue looking at reviews to try to solve my problem, and hope the company comes through with a Matrix that actually works!

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