Mig Vapor Review (and 10% Off Coupon)

Mig Vapor offers some of the best e-cigarettes available on the market today. For a powerful vaping setup that will provide many years of reliable vaping, we recommend the Minion or the Neo Vape Box Mod. Mig Vapor’s advanced miniature e-cigarette, the Mig21, performs better than nearly all other miniature e-cigarettes available today. With some of the most reliable products in the vaping world and competitive prices, we highly recommend Mig Vapor.
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10% Off Coupon

Save 10% on Mig Vapor with our exclusive coupon! Just click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF entire order.

10% Off Coupon

Save 10% on Mig Vapor with our exclusive coupon! Just click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF entire order.

The Best Miniature E-Cigarette

The Mig 21 is one of the best miniature electronic cigarettes on the market right now. Great for people switching from smoking to vaping, Mig Vapor configured this miniature e-cig to work at maximum capacity for its size.

By combining a higher voltage battery with a low resistance tank, Mig Vapor created a small, nicely sized e-cigarette that could perform just as well as those bulkier setups you see.

If you want a fantastic e-cigarette without having to carry around a larger, bulkier e-cigarette, we recommend an investment in the Mig 21.

Disclosure: We receive a small commission if you buy the reviewed e-cigs using the provided links. This helps us to maintain this website.

The Top Product for Vapor Lovers

The SR 72 Aspire 1300 is a product that was reworked and improved several times since it was launched. The Mig Vapor team is constantly optimizing their e-cigarettes for the best vapor production and reliability, and we think that’s fantastic.

After testing the SR 72, we’re happy to say that it really does provide a great vaping experience. The SR 72 combines a powerful Mig Vapor battery with one of the best tanks available today. The kit includes 2 powerful batteries, 2 Aspire tanks and 5 replacement coils, and the full SR 72 Aspire 1300 Starter Kit is available for just over $100. This is a great deal, and if you’re not sure where to start, the SR 72 is likely the e-cigarette you’re looking for.


Sub-Ohm Champion — the Morpheus Tube Mod

The Morpheus is a vaper’s dream mod. It is a simple and powerful mod that lets you enjoy the best of the vaping world without complicating the experience with a voltage or wattage adjustment. With this mod, all you will do is vape, vape, and vape.

Featuring a 3000mah battery, the Morpheus Vape Mod can fire anywhere from 20-100 Watts depending on the type of coil that you use. It automatically adjusts as you place your preferred coil, saving you from spending too much time on buttons and settings. It comes with a 3ML Morpheus tank and two sub ohm coils at 0.2 and 0.4 ohms – more than enough to achieve the big clouds of vapor that sub ohm vapers demand.

Despite its remarkably huge power capacity, this mod remains lightweight, portable, and easy to hold because of its carbon fiber body. Its sleek and daring look is available in black or silver, with colorful rubber seals that not only protects the battery, but also gives the device a sleek appearance.

The build quality of this mod is the best in the industry. This is a solid, durable and reliable device, which makes it a perfect investment for long-term vaping satisfaction. Without a doubt, the Morpheus is an excellent choice for advanced vapers and anyone who wants to upgrade to a more powerful, reliable, and enjoyable vape.


Vimanna E-Juice Bar

Taste is subjective, and there is no one way to gauge whether a certain e-liquid tastes good or not without trying it. The final say of any taste evaluation is dependent on the taster, and a problem that the vaping industry has had for years is that fine-tuning of flavors to meet the vaper’s requirements has been impossible. If e-liquid flavors could be adjusted to every vaper’s preferences, then there wouldbe more satisfied vapers in the world, and fewer smokers who are risking their lives to analog cigarettes.

Fortunately, brands like Mig Vapor are innovating in ways which other companies have not, and this is giving vapers a whole category of products to choose from in the vaping world.

Mig Vapor prides themselves with a unique E-Juice Bar that is available online and in-store. For as low as $10.95, you can easily make your own custom blend.

All you need to do is select your preferred VG-PG ratio, nicotine level, and flavors to mix and match. A maximum of five flavors can be mixed to create a bottle of Vimanna DIY blend. You can also choose a flavor several times to make it more distinguishable.

Mig Vapor allows customers to name their own custom e-liquids if they turn out great, which is a brilliant way to convince more people to try out their e-juice bar. Apparently, this is so far proving to be effective as Mig Vapor’s Vimanna e-juice bar is constantly on the rise. Why wouldn’t it? Mig Vapor has a long list of delicious blends that serve as the foundation for creating custom flavors which suit your particular tastes.

Another Great Performer: Minion 30 Watt Sub Ohm Vape Mod

MigVapor MinionThe Minion Vape mod is a blessing for beginners, who want to enjoy sub-ohm vaping without much working knowledge or having to invest a lot of cash. But that doesn’t mean the minion has nothing to offer for intermediate and experienced vapers. The mod is small but offers intense vaping experience and massive vapor clouds. It comes as a whole kit that costs $89.95 and has several handy accessories such as the 30W Mig Vapor battery, micro-USB charger, sub-ohm coils and more.

The only major concern with the Minion vape mod is its low power i.e. it only fires up to 30W, which can be enough for beginner and intermediate vapers, however, the old vaping hands will be left desiring for more. On the flip, the low power range increases the battery life, so you can vape for hours and even days on a single charge.

The biggest selling point of this mod is its simple, minimalist design, which makes it an ideal on-the-go vaporizer. You don’t have to tinker with dozens of buttons or even read confusing info from the LED. Just grab the mod and enjoy a refreshing vape.

Another cool thing about the Minion vape mod is the optimized PCB, which ensures a smooth, constant voltage flow of 3.5 at all times, regardless of the battery power remaining. What this means for you is that you’ll get the same amount of vapor and flavor on every single drag, no matter the battery is fully charged, or nearly empty.

While it might not be the most powerful mod, or the best performer available on the market, its above average performance, solid build, great battery life, ease of use, and affordable price make it worth a look.

About Mig Vapor (former MigCigs)

We have been working on building a directory of e-cigarette brands for some time, and the brand Mig Vapor continued to come up with vaping enthusiasts. Mig Vapor, formerly Mig Cigs, is a young company that’s leading in innovation in the vaporizer industry and has released numerous products to challenge the status quo in the e-cigarette world.

A few years ago, Mig Vapor might have been overlooked as yet another brand among hundreds of e-cigarette manufacturers. Many companies sell “cig-a-like” e-cigarettes, the cheapest of which are sold at convenience stores and gas stations, and with so many brands competing for market share it’s easy to overlook a few.

After looking through Mig Vapor’s website and testing their e-cigarettes, it’s clear that they’re doing many things differently compared to mainstream e-cigarette companies. Mig Vapor focuses on optimizing and refining products, and refinement is difficult to find in such a new industry. Here, we will cover two of the most popular products from Mig Vapor, the Mig 21 and the SR 72 Aspire 1300.

The Mig 21 is a custom built miniature e-cigarette that is built for vapor production. There’s nothing like that out there. It’s nearly impossible to find an e-cig that is shaped like a traditional cigarette and also gives you the vapor production of larger units, but this is exactly what Mig Vapor accomplished with the Mig 21. Bulky e-cigarettes aren’t for everyone, and this product truly excels in this market.

The SR 72 Aspire 1300, also described above, is indeed a custom built combination that provides an incredible amount of vapor production and a generally fantastic vaping experience. It is not miniature like the Mig 21, but the goal of the SR 72 is to excel in battery life, vapor production and taste.

Mig Vapor is still releasing new products regularly. We recommend you take a look at their current offerings by clicking the button below.

Mig Vapor Deep Dive Reviews

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If you are looking for the full rundown on these models, than you’re going to want to read on as this is our detailed section.

When you reach MigVapor.com, you can see that their main offerings are starter kits. They also sell replacement batteries, tanks, and e-lqiuid, but starter kits are the staple of their business.

When you visit the “Starter Kits” page, you may be overwhelmed at first. But if you look, there are only a few models of e-cigarettes being sold. Their standard e-cigarettes are the Mig 21 and the SR 72.

1. The Mig 21 – Bringing the Mini E-Cig Back to Life

The Mig 21 is a game changer. It’s a mini electronic cigarette, but don’t hold that against it!  Instead of your typical inefficient and bad-tasting prefilled cartridge, the Mig 21 uses a refillable tank like you see with the larger devices… it just happens to be a bit smaller.

Refillable e-cigarette options are very much preferred by many e-smokers because you can refill your tank many, many times before needing a replacement. This makes them a much better value in the long run. Not to mention that you can try any e-liquid on the market, you’re not stuck using only the flavors offered by that company. Your options for flavors are limitless with refillable tanks.

Who Would Like the Mig 21?

  • Those who want a small e-cigarette but are frustrated with everything else on the market.
  • Experienced vapers who still want a smaller, quality backup they can use on the go or in an emergency.
  • Those who are switching away from tobacco cigarettes and want the vaping experience to be similar to their smoking experience.
  • Anyone who wants to combine portability and simplicity with power and satisfying puffs.

But What Makes the Mig 21 So Good?

So maybe you don’t believe that a miniature e-cig can create quality clouds of vapor that taste good, and we don’t blame you! So let’s talk a bit about how the Mig 21 is built.
The reason the Mig 21 is our “best miniature e-cigarette”, is because it is built differently than any others. Plain and simple. Other brands have tried to produce similar products and failed. V2 Cigs released their ‘EX Blanks’ soon after the Mig 21, and it was basically the same product….except it produced very little vapor, and the vapor it did produce was tasteless and unfulfilling.

This is because they made a fairly simple change, took a risk on it, and it worked out. I don’t want to get too technical, but basically he tried a tank with a low resistance on a battery with a very short charge time. Low resistance tanks require more energy, so nobody had really used one on a smaller battery before.

But it actually worked quite well because, as it turns out, the user has to take less of a pull each time. So in the end the battery work evens out between the long, less intense pull and the short, more intense one. So basically they proved everyone wrong and have the best mini, handheld, “do what you want while you use it” e-cigarette on the market.

Mig 21 Starter Kit Options, Prices, and Contents

Mig Vapor only offers two variations of this model. One is called the “Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit”, currently running for $69.95. The other is the “Special Edition Kit”, which comes with a beautiful cherry wood box to hold all of your e-cig supplies. That one runs for $89.95. The only difference between the two is that the special edition kit comes with the wooden box and a free 30 mL bottle of e-liquid. But I have to say, the wooden box is actually extremely useful and probably worth the extra $20.

Besides those differences, here are the contentes:

  • 2 x 140mm batteries 
  • 3 x Clear Fusion (2.5 Ohm) or Clear Fusion Max (1.8 Ohm)
  • 1 x Soft Carrying Case
  • 1 x Charging Kit

That may seem like a steep price, but the kit is packed with good stuff and your only recurring costs will be e-liquid and the occasional tank that stops working. The original kit should last you about a month and a half. Meanwhile, $70 is about 8 packs of cigarettes. Would that last you a month and a half?

If you are looking for an e-cig that pumps out vapor like a champ but doesn’t take up all your pocket or purse space or require extra attention, than you have to try the Mig 21. It’s a diamond in the rough and a very innovative product.

2. SR 72 Aspire 1300: E-Cigarette Genetic Modification Deployed

Mig cigs sr 72The Mig 21 is great, but not everybody is looking for a smaller e-cigarette (though I do recommend it for everyone because it is so useful when you can’t use your huge vape).

But some people just want pure power, huge clouds of vapor and a satisfying hit. Give them a powerful battery and a well-built tank, and they’re happy as a clam (are clams really happy or something?)


The SR72 is one of the coolest combinations I’ve seen from a large brand. Usually brands will stick with the same manufacturer to keep things simple. Instead, Mig Vapor went and got the best parts from different companies, THEN modified them, and only then did they put it together to create a vapor producing monster. Here are the parts:

The AR1300 Aspire Bottom Coil Tank –

Yes, that’s a mouthful. But bottom coil is the only really good option on the market today, and Aspire is one of the top manufacturers of flawless tanks. Combine those two together, and you end up with a fantastic tank on the SR 72.

High Output, Long Charging Batteries –

mAH is a measure of how much charge a battery can hold. 1300 mAH is a LOT. Which means it can pump out 4.2 volts all day, which is the optimal setting for the AR1300 Aspire Tank. It literally could go all day on one charge. This battery is fantastic for long term use. It’s one of my daily vapes for sure.

SR 72 Starter Kit Options and Prices

SR72 Aspire 1300 Kit – This is the standard kit, the mid range and the most popular. It is running for $99.95 and comes with:

  • 2 x SR72 Aspire 1300 Tanks
  • 2 x 1300 mAH Batteries
  • 1 x Soft Case
  • 1 x Charging Pack

with the option to purchase a bottle of e-liquid at 50% off, and also the option to upgrade your batteries to “variable voltage”, which offers you more control over the output of your battery.

Disclosure: We receive a small commission if you buy the reviewed e-cigs using the provided links. This helps us to maintain this website.

SR72 Aspire 1300 Junior Kit – If you want to enjoy the incredible vapor of the SR72 but don’t have the money, there is a cheaper option. It’s pretty simple, you get one tank, one battery, and the chance to upgrade your battery to variable voltage. It comes with the charging materials too, of course. This one runs for only $70, and you’re only losing 1 tank and 1 battery. You’ll have to do the math to see if that’s a better deal for you or not. I would go with the above kit, just because it’s only $30 more and you will be able to charge one battery while using the other.

Summing It Up for Now

[rating1 itemreviewed=”Mig Vapor” rating=”93″ best=”100″ datepublished=”2015-10-29″][/rating1]

Alright guys, that’s all we have time for today, but we will keep the review updated as Mig Vapor continues to add more improvements and more products. But they are definitely a brand to watch and I would highly recommend them to any beginner. If you have any questions, the guys at the help desk on the site are really helpful too.

Have a great day and remember that Mig Vapor is a good option even if they may not be a brand name! Their dry herb vaporizers featuring the ceramic chamber technology (you can check them out here) are among the best in the industry. And also don’t forget that you can save 10% off with the coupon we have at the top of the page.

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