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Always wanted to try vaping but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for an expensive vaporizer or vape juices? Enter a giveaway and win free vape starter kit!

Legal Information: In our effort to comply with the latest FDA regulations, the prize in this giveaway is a gift card that will allow you to get the selected vape kits from our sponsors.

30 Free Vape Kits Giveaway


Last Giveaway Winners Are:

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►  Jason Butler

► Donna Franklin

► James Gomez

► Laura Holly

► Garrett Marvin

►George Vazquez

►Michael all

►Ronald Cox

►Jerri Goodwin

►Haley Hoyt

►Clyde Dix

►Ryan O’Donnell

►Mary Schreiber

►Bert Wedel

►Steven Zielinski

►Elizabeth Safford

►Ava McMurry

►Felix White

►Patricia Moultrie

►Michele Bannister


10 Free Vape Kits Giveaway


  1. I would love to win a vape kit, I have been doing research and I will be satisfied with a vape, and I know this because a lot of my friends have vape, and I utilized them often, without any cravings for a cigarette.

  2. I DO NOT WANT ANY substitute smoking apparatus. I’m not even thinking about smoking and I gave the disease to God.

  3. I’m so worthy of this ,its been do hard to kick this smoking habit, patches&or gum isn’t working,please please please pick me,Sincerely KATRINA HAYES

  4. Would would like to try vape but they’re very expensive and I’m not sure if it will replace the craving for a cigarette, but hoping it does

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