Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, then I highly recommend that you read through this timeline. We worked hard on it, and we think it does a great job of getting people excited to quit and ready to take on the challenge. It’s not as bad as you think, I promise you that. So give it a read, see what you think.

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Nicotine addiction truly is an addiction, and shouldn’t be pushed to the side as simply a ‘habit’ that only requires willpower to overcome. In fact, scientists find that nicotine addiction and withdrawal is on par with or above addictions to cocaine and heroin. These substances may cause a more intense high than nicotine, but the addiction itself – how the body becomes dependent upon it – is equally as strong. Because of the incredibly complex physical and mental addiction to nicotine, trying to break free of the dependency creates a series of withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe. These withdrawal symptoms are so severe that even people who know the health consequences of smoking can’t seem to push through the symptoms of withdrawal no matter how much they truly want to quit.

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The Acute Phase: Week One

Many of the symptoms that manifest in week one continue throughout the entire withdrawal process, and can even linger after withdrawal is over. That is the nature of addiction. However, the first week is the hardest for smokers to make it through, as the body is normalizing after constant nicotine exposure.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can begin as early as 30 minutes after smoking a cigarette (or vaping an e-cig). Depending on how long a person has been smoking, and on how heavily they smoke, the effects of nicotine on the brain wears off anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. It has a very short lifespan once introduced to the brain, and therefore must be delivered in very regular doses to maintain the ‘buzz’ that the brain is used to functioning on.

Most of these symptoms peak approximately 3-5 days after quitting, and then begin to taper off.

The earliest symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are usually cravings for a cigarette, followed by anxiety, anger, irritation, and a decrease in mental function causing attention problems and difficulty in completing some tasks. These symptoms can begin 30 minutes after smoking and continue to rise in intensity as time goes on. Most of these symptoms peak approximately 3-5 days after quitting, and then begin to taper off. That is because, by around day 3, the body has cleared itself of all of the nicotine from the last cigarette.

Physical symptoms throughout the first week include a headache, increased appetite, dizziness, constipation, stomach pain, fatigue, and insomnia. Also, many smokers begin to develop a tightness in the chest, begin to cough or notice an increase in mucus. This is because the respiratory system has begun to heal, and is in the process of removing the irritants that it was previously unable to do.

Other Common Withdrawal Side Effects

  • Depression
  • Restlessness/Boredom
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Moodiness
  • Sore throat
  • Lowered heart rate
  • Tingling in hands and feet
  • Sweating/Having chills

The Long Haul: Weeks 2-4

The first week usually brings the majority of withdrawal symptoms. Moving into the following weeks, they gradually begin to fade away.

Insomnia: Usually resolves by the end of week one.

Fatigue: Energy levels may be low for 2-4 weeks.

Mental fatigue/feeling foggy: Mental clarity should begin to pick up in about two weeks.

Hunger: Appetite should return to normal in 2-4 weeks.

Stomach upset: Heartburn, nausea and stomach pain taper around two weeks, constipation may last for up to 4 weeks.

Cough/Mucus production: These may persist past four weeks, although they often begin to get better in about 2-3 weeks.

Throughout the entire withdrawal process, from day one on, the biggest challenge will be the nicotine cravings and the stress that is associated with them. These cravings cause extreme anxiety and agitation. A hallmark of quitting cigarettes is the bad mood, high temper, and frustration that a smoker experiences. This desire for another cigarette can seem nearly constant throughout the first week. Over the next weeks, however, cravings begin to taper off. Fewer cravings are experienced, and they do not last as long as before.

Without smoking, there is time during the day that needs to be occupied, and it is difficult to find ways to divert attention or to find new ways to spend that time.

As these cravings begin to go away, the associated mood disturbances also fade. Without constantly battling the desire to smoke again, stress levels go down. Edginess and shortness of temper can ease after week one, and then gradually smooth out over the next month, although some occasional outbursts may persist.

Restlessness and boredom are often the last side effects to cease. Smoking cigarettes fill time and have become a habit that is very hard to break. Without smoking, there is time during the day that needs to be occupied, and it is difficult to find ways to divert attention or to find new ways to spend that time. This sense of restlessness does gradually improve but is still something many quitters feel even past the 4-week mark.

Although insomnia should peak during weak only come sporadically through the next three weeks, fatigue and loss of concentration or mental ability may continue to be bothersome in weeks 2-4. Since nicotine is a stimulant, the body has learned to function with increased levels of chemicals like acetylcholine and vasopressin in the brain, which work to improve memory and enhance cognitive function.

Hunger or appetite increases can begin within the first 24 hours of withdrawal. The uptake of serotonin and dopamine act as an appetite suppressant, and when nicotine levels lower, appetite increases. Also, withdrawal often causes cravings for carbohydrates and sweets, and many smokers eat simply to replace the act of smoking. The first two weeks of this side effect are the worst, and then it also begins to normalize as more time passes. Associated weight gain is also considered a side effect, although the gain is usually very small, only 5-10 pounds. This weight gain may begin in the first week and slowly increase through weeks 2-4.

There is no real timeline for withdrawal symptoms because each quitting experience is unique. However, as a general rule of thumb, many of the physical symptoms like dizziness or a headache fade quickly and are not very severe. The emotional, mental, and behavioral symptoms tend to persist much longer and produce many more problems, but can be managed and overcome.

Coasting For Life: Week 5 – The Rest of Your Life

Once you get through the first month, the road ahead becomes much rosier. If you are at this point than give yourself a huge pat on the back! You’ve made it through the intense cravings, the emotional roller coaster, and the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Getting through one month without a cigarette is a big accomplishment, and you should reward yourself.

Now that the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal have calmed down, you can relax…but not too much! You will have to remain vigilant for the rest of your life because relapse can happen even after years without a cigarette. One of the best ways to do this is to remind yourself of the hellstorm you experienced during the first month of quitting.

You will also have to deal with “smoking nostalgia” for the rest of your life. You’ll remember the good times you had while smoking or the feeling of a cigarette after a meal or in the morning.

Mental cravings will still pop up from time to time, especially in the first year, but they won’t be anything near the level of the first month.  Beware of situations where you will be around a lot of tobacco smoke or around folks that you used to smoke with. Constantly remind yourself that things, like taking a smoke break with the smokers or having a cigarette on the first day of spring, are not worth going through the trouble of quitting again.

You will also have to deal with “smoking nostalgia” for the rest of your life. You’ll remember the good times you had while smoking or the feeling of a cigarette after a meal or in the morning. Don’t let yourself get sentimental! For every cigarette that felt great, there were hundreds more that you didn’t want to smoke but had to because your addiction demanded it.

The rest of your life will be filled with temptations and thoughts that could drive you back to the pack. These thoughts and temptations can catch you off-guard because you’re not so intensely focused on quitting as you were in the first few weeks.

If you are still in the first month of quitting or have yet to start the quitting process yet, then take this section as a reminder that the effects of quitting will soon fade into a healthier, happier and smoke-free lifestyle! Right now you may be dealing with intense cravings, emotional turbulence, and mental anguish, but within a few short weeks, those will fade into small mental temptations that you can easily swat away as you go on with your cigarette-less life.

How to Beat Nicotine Withdrawal

Keep in mind: cravings pass quickly. The average nicotine craving only lasts about six minutes. That’s not even enough time to go up to the store and buy a new pack of cigarettes! So when that urge to smoke strikes, know that it will be over really quickly.

Take comfort in numbers.  There are now more people who are former smokers who quit than there are people who are active smokers. When you want to give up the habit, know that you have a lot of very good company. About 50 million Americans used to smoke but successfully quit. When the going gets tough, remind yourself that millions of people have made it through the tough experience of quitting.

Change up your routines. Your smoking habit is probably very predictable, and most likely, you smoke at the same times every day. Each time you do so, you’re reinforcing the habit. For example, you may smoke shortly after you wake up, again on the drive to work, after eating meals, etc. When you quit, you’ll need to change your associations at those times. Consider ideas like taking a different route to work or chewing a piece of gum after a meal instead of smoking.

Hold yourself accountable. Telling people that you are quitting smoking is a great way to be accountable – and get support from other people in the process. If you post on your Facebook page that you’re quitting smoking and update each day with the number of days it has been without a cigarette, you’ll be surprised by how much encouragement you’ll get from your friends and how much that drives you to keep going.

Consider beginning some positive new habits like snacking on healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables…

Make up your mind. Mindset determines a lot when it comes to success in quitting smoking. You may find it effective to make a list of all the reasons you want to quit – from saving hundreds of dollars a month to not smelling like smoke – and keep that list close at hand to look at when you start feeling discouraged. The list can help remind you of your motivation.

Create some healthy new habits. If you have to give up your old habits, it’s a great time to replace them with new ones. Consider beginning some positive new habits like snacking on healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables, and getting regular exercise like taking a walk. Exercise can also help you fight some of the more uncomfortable symptoms of nicotine withdrawal like mood swings.

Get extra sleep.  You might feel more tired than usual when you’re in the process of quitting smoking because of the effects of nicotine withdrawal.  Because nicotine is a stimulant, it can help you feel unnaturally alert and like you need less sleep. Your body has to adapt to not having that artificial stimulation anymore, but you can take heart in knowing that this sleepy phase will pass. If you feel like you need a nap, take one! In addition to helping you temporarily escape from any discomfort from nicotine withdrawal, it will also help your body to heal.

Strategies for Success: Coping with Nicotine Withdrawal

Have a support system. Going through tough experiences is always easier when you can turn to friends and loved ones for emotional support. Assemble your team of cheerleaders in advance and let them know you might need a listening ear or a distraction during moments when quitting smoking is at its hardest.  Ask for their patience if you’re a little grumpy. You’ll find that the people who love you want to help you get through this time because you’ll be so much healthier when you successfully quit smoking.

Reward yourself with little treats for resisting the urge to smoke. Some people recommend using electronic cigarettes with zero nicotine vape juice as a good way to help resist nicotine cravings.

Reward yourself. Giving up smoking has many benefits for your health, but that doesn’t mean that quitting is its only reward. Reward yourself with little treats for resisting the urge to smoke.  Consider letting yourself have a Hershey’s kiss when you feel like having a cigarette. Or if you’re trying to watch your weight, allow yourself a latte or a magazine as a treat for every pack of cigarettes you don’t buy. Give yourself slightly bigger rewards for more time that you successfully avoid smoking, like a movie date or new CD after a week of not smoking.

Keep your hands busy. That familiar feeling of holding a cigarette between your fingers is one of the most powerful associations for most smokers and is likely to be one of the first ways you’ll feel like something is missing when you quit. Head off this feeling by having things to do to keep your fingers busy. Knitting or crocheting, woodworking or even a game on your phone can be good distractions and replacements for that nervous habit.

Think positively. Your thoughts are powerfully influential. If you tell yourself that quitting smoking is going to be miserable and hard, you’ll have a very difficult experience. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to successfully quit, just that it will be harder than it has to be. Instead, prime yourself for quit-smoking success by repeatedly telling yourself that you can quit and the process will be challenging but bearable. Believe that you can do it, and you will!


  1. My last smoke was Tuesday December 3rd, 2016. It is now Friday December 6th and 11:00 am.
    I really like the description of each step for the craving. It helps a lot. Thanks

    • My last cigarette was Feb 12th 2017.its now Aug. 22nd and still smoke free.

      I was a (easy) 2 pack a day smoker in the end. Smoked for 30 years basically.
      I have quit numerous times with the aid of patches, gum, even medication like Chantix, it never lasted more than a couple of weeks. If I remember correctly my record was a month once 🙂
      This time was cold turkey and so far so good…6 months in and I would be lying if I said, I never think about it anymore. The intense cravings are gone, but I do on occasion think I wonder what would happen if I just smoked 1″ I know the answer 🙂 stay strong and determined.

    • My last smoke was aug 8 so I am on day 14 of non smoking. I am taking a Nicolette inhaler taking 4 or 5 puffs 5 or 6 times a day. I don’t know what that does to the nicotine withdrawal. I have been undergoing tests for Copd and decided how stupid it was to continue smoking. I am a diabetic as well so I am having an issue with food replacing cigarettes. I have heard that being involved with people facing the same challenges will help me continue to be successful. Looking forward to remaining smoke free. Good luck everyone.

      • Read Allan Carr’s easy way to quit smoking it well get you past the puffer and free you from the sense that you are losing something… in fact you have already won. After the book you will get off the nicotine.

  2. I am in my first month of my nicotine free journey and I didn’t do it by choice. I got really sick a month before and had to make a choice to live or die. Well since I am writing this you know the choice. I am at the end of my 4th week and I can just cry because I am so happy to be nicotine free. I have been wanting to quit for 13 years. But because I was so addicted I could lie very well for that next drag. I have taken 2 rounds of antibiotics and 3 rounds of steroids to get rid of this cough. Finally, the doctor ordered X-rays to make sure I don’t have pneumonia or lung cancer. I hope I don’t die. I feel very hopeful. I wish I could have written this after my x-ray results. I used Zyban to help with the cravings and it really helped. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day to flush the mucus out of my lungs. I grew up in smokers home and I started smoking when I was 16. That’s 30 years of a half a pack a day. It has been a creative process on what to do with my spare time. Since I am a single mother of 8 I spend more time with my family. Instead of taking a break to smoke, I tell them I need a half hour break just to myself. They have been so respectful of my mommy break and entertain themselves. I love sewing, reading, watching movies and cooking. I am saving up to buy a truck.

    • I just got my xray results back. No pneumonia or lung cancer. Just all the mucus tar whatever built up in my lungs trying to come out. I am the happiest woman in the whole world. I could not have done this without Gods help. Tears of joy are streaming down my face.

      • Thanks Corrine for sharing your story. My final journey of quitting began about 3 pm on Saturday the 22nd of July. I went to the e.r. and found out that I have a large blood clot in my left leg. Thing is, before Thanksgiving 2 years ago, had a large blood clot in my right leg. Today I was discharged from the hospital. Have all my meds and a determination to quit like never before! Am using the nicotine patch and so far so good! God bless you in your smoke free journey!

        • Daniel…..I quit on Sunday July 23rd at 9:30am. I woke up at around 7:00am and must have had 4 cigarettes and 2 espressos (my usual breakfast)…took a shower and headed to mass. I felt like shit the entire time I was at church; so bad that I had recurring thoughts of suicide. I just wanted to end it…I was in so much pain I stepped out because I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I must have drank like 2 litters of water in a matter of 30 minutes and I still felt dehydrated. At that moment I resolved to quit.
          At the end of mass there was a blessing the priest was giving from St. Charbel (a Lebanese Maronite saint)….call me an idiot for believing and having faith (don’t care!) I feel like without God’s grace there was no way I could have quit. I asked for his help and now I’m living it; one day at a time.

          I was a heavy smoker and to quit cold turkey is something I couldn’t do on my own. the ensuing days were tough. for the next few days I would endure headaches that lasted all day. the tension from nicotine withdrawal exacerbated my anxiety and messed me up well. But it was fleeting, it’s Tuesday August 1st and I feel fine. Albeit I am drinking a ton of coffee and working out twice a day; once in the morning and again in the evening. Physical exercise relieves the stress and secretes all these wonderful endorphins. I got a stiff neck last Saturday but I’m sure that was due to tension; again nicotine withdrawal. feeling much better today.

          God bless you all in during these trying times

      • I am just past the 2 week mark, and couldn’t help crying when I read your message. So happy for you. I was a half a pack a day smoker myself, smoked about 20 years.

        I am really struggling with my mood and anger. I stopped in at the pharmacist, and they recommended 5-htp.

        Anyone heard of this?

      • I’m so happy for your success!!!! I’m praying my husband smoker of 40 yrs can quit soon. Love to read all the successful stories of quitting. Great encouragement esp. since he is so moody just cutting down.

      • Thank GOD!! Prayers helped me, the grace and mercy of God is the only thing that could help me fight that cigarette battle…I guve him ALL the glory.

    • This is true motivation. Im in my first week and i am definitely looking foward to being ahead in my journey to quit smoking as you are!

    • My quitting date was 8/14 i’m only two weeks in and if the cravings would go away I would be fine. This is my first time really trying to quit. I keep getting broncotits my gums were turning darker. I knew then its time. Pray for me as I will pray for you all. I was relieved to hear the cravings does go away I know I’ll still think about it which I believe I can handle, its these cravings what’s getting to me. I do know I can’t stand the smell of a cigarette anymore. I will continue on this smoke free journey. I am a non smoker. Thought I would never say those words and it feels good. Good luck to you all.

    • I am on day 2 and this is helping. Rough is an understatement, but I feel compelled more today than I did yesterday. I hate how the mind tells you just 1 won’t hurt, so I have to re-program myself to know that 1 means I will smoke and I don’t want that. Working hard and pushing through.

  3. Thank you, that was very informative and helpful! This is the first site that explained in detail what I was going through. When quitting, you crave information to use as milestones to pat yourself on the back constantly. So you can feel rewarded like when you have a smoke every hour.

  4. Got through the first 12 days but day 11 nearly had a mental breakdown and brought a packet. Did not smoke any though. Thought I was going crazy. Struggling with patches but mini’s are helpful. Good to know I can aim for the month mark to see this calm down a bit – probably the 6 week mark to be sure – but yes I expect plenty of temptation even when this has past. Thanks – the advice was helpful Christine

    • Hah day 11 was murder for me as well!! I even resented apologising to the two strangers I snapped at lol… but I still apologised, albeit begrudgingly 😉 Day 13 now and about to leave for my 13th hour-long hill trek including 700 odd stairs! I’ve already done more exercise in the last 13 days as what I did for all of 2016. Ok exaggeration, but you get my drift. I’m determined I’m going to get FIT instead of Fat!! And my Golden Rule from – NTAP ie Never Take Another Puff. Cold Turkey from cigarettes and all/any form of nicotine, because it has the highest rates of success of any method 🙂

      • Tomorrow is day 14 but the most majestic moment was yesterday when I went to central London and found myself whizzing through the stairs and escalators f London underground and British rail and even running up the stairs at one point too catch my train home and it was like how it was when I was 25 years old (now 50) no sweat or fast heart beats. I am beginning to be a human again not a pig )))

        And the NTAP rule is sooooo cool. I will cherish it specially when peer pressure looms. My late father used to tell me ‘Never Give Up Giving Up’ and I am not Giving up NTAP.

      • I have not Smoked or used any nicotine for the last 75 days. I joined a gym but I’m still struggling to stop eating so much and I have intense sugar cravings. Any suggestions for appetite control that is not chemical?

        • Good effort! Keep the focus and up the protein to a minimum of 1gram per kilo body weight-as defiency causes cravings. Especially when hitting the gym- you need more and you’ll see results quicker and feel more energetic through the day wo dips. I prefer to use a powder as it’s quick, low calorie and actually almost cheaper than a breast of chicken w same amount of protein. I love Optimum Nutrition Gold standard Whey, chocolate because it mixes well and tastes great.Best of luck, Nathalie

        • Hi Angel, Wow! Your are doing fantastic!!! As far as the cravings for sugar, I have heard that gum really helps with appetite control. Chewing gum can trick your brain into thinking you are eating when you really aren’t. Also, try eating healthy snacks throughout the day to curb your cravings. I love frozen grapes and the little “cuties” oranges so they always help me satisfy my sugar craving. Another thing you can do is give in a little. Its ok to eat a little sugar just don’t go overboard and eat 5 cookies when you meant to eat 1 (Talking from personal experience here…) You got this!! Good luck!

        • I like to eat carrot ‘sticks’, it helps when drinking at bar too. I put a bunch inside a cigarrete pack so i can take it with wherever i go. People think its odd but i dont care, Itá helping me.

          • I quit for about 3 weeks then got to a point where I was really depressed because of personal problems and ended up smoking and drinking again and now I still think about smoking once again but I feel terrible now for smoking again after 3 weeks and I honestly feel like shit right now, but this timeline really helped me a lot though

        • Try to keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day. That will help with the cravings. You can do this by eating whole carbs instead of processed ones (think whole wheat bread vs. white bread). Also, try eating something like oatmeal in the morning, as much as you can eat. It’s high in fiber and good carbs so it will help you feel full and the energy released by the carbs is slower than from sugar which means it won’t spike your blood sugar (or cause a crash later on). Eat small meals every 3 hours and include as many whole carbs as you can. The steady blood sugar as well as full tummy should help.

        • I just quit yesterday and have been using liquid Stevia drops (peppermint flavored)on tongue when i want a cig. So far so good and no weird food cravings yet.

          • Thanks for that idea Janet, just ordered some of the Stevia! I am 6 days smoke free and haven’t had any withdrawals fortunately, but sure have the cravings! I am feeling clever headed and less “dull” feeling. Never thought I could do it!

        • thank you for sharing the expierence. almost 80 days up into quitting. have gained almost 13 pounds. but the worst thing is I still feel bloating in the stomach and suffocation. wonder why?

        • Eat more non wheat products and gradually give up wheat. For carb’s I eat beans (replaced bread with beans) and sweet potatoes. if you drink juices try drinking healthy juice such as Cranberry juice diluted with water. I found Cranberry juice helped with my sugar craving and helped me with not being hungry as much. Over time I dilute it with more water and gradually less juice.

      • Congratulations teresa on ur decision…its my second week of quitting too n ur post has inspired me alot…so thnx n am gonna start exercisin too…:)

      • Hi, i am on day 3 and it is realy tuff. I also have the flu so all the craving, withdrawals feel so much worse. Feel like smoking again till im better and then quiting again. This is tough….

      • Great for you, Theresa! I’m also cold turkey, day 14, still noticeably squirrely more often than I’d like, and packing on more of a gut than I’d prefer.

        But I’m also going for screenings at my doc this coming week, and looking forward to the results!

      • That’s what I did, cold turkey and I’m on week #10 already. Truth? It’s been torture but my house doesn’t smell, my hair doesn’t smell, my car, my clothes… I replaced that cig in my hand with Popsicles and began looking for projects, things to do that distracted me from cravings. I cut way back on coffee cause it was a trigger, so was talking on the phone, and now after a nice meal I walk my dog. Still, 10 weeks successful I’m still VERY tempted to light up. Gotta fight it or blow the progress altogether. It’s a HUGE endeavor but worth it! Best of luck to anyone trying to quit!

        • Its my day 2 going on day 3 later. I’m in a emotional rollercoaster and cravings every now and then. Still adjusting, I have lots of gum in my hand in case of cravings and drink water too. Plan on jogging later if craves starts again. Its really hard when you’re in a stressful job and quitting smoking, right?! But still for my health I have to do this! Good luck to all of us!

    • My craving completely stopped after 36 days, after that i didn’t have any cravings, it’s all relative from person to person. For someone it completely stops after 20 days, but for others it may take longer. I stopped for 5 months, after that time i really was born again, i didn’t have 1 milimeter of craving or was remotely interested, even if i tried to think of it, i was disgusted.

      After 5 months of stopping, my friend offered me a cigarette, i didn’t need it, i just forced it upon myself. I was thinking ”I have zero need for it + i have been off for half a year, it would be impossible to be as addicted as i was before i quit smoking”, that was the biggest mistake i ever did.

      1 hour later after my first smoke, my whoooooole body had an already installed driver that immediately recognized/remembered the addiction. Your body will always have a memory for that addiction you used to have, doesn’t matter if it’s years down the line, it will remember.

      Now i’ve been off for 30 days, and i’m never going back. I’m saying this to you who has never quit the nicotine addiction for as long as i’ve done it, so you don’t make the same mistake. Because you will come to that point where you 100% don’t need nor crave for it, and in that moment you will tell yourself ”It’s impossible to get addicted again, it’s just 1 smoke. I’ve been off for 1 year, my body won’t remember”, it’s just like heroine it will forever ever stick, DO NOT TAKE IT!

      • Same story here AD. I was off for a year, got cocky though I could grab one, just one and off to the races all over again. As they say in NA once an addict always an addict. Communities and Web forums helped me a lot the first time, I encourage anyone to stay active in the quit smoking community.

      • I just wanted to thank you so much for saying the worst is over by 36 days. I’m at 21 days, and I can’t believe how hard it is!! I had a hard time at days 3-6, but this is almost as bad. I’m hoping I will feel better soon.

      • Omg you’re so right. I stopped first time to smoke when I found out I’m pregnant. I was constantly feeling nauseated anyway so I even if I wanted I wouldn’t have been able to smoke. I got off pretty easy. I didn’t touch a cigarette for 3 years because I did not need it. Then I had medical check ups ongoing and I got extremely stressed out – so much that I asked my husband for a cigarette. I figured it doesn’t matter, it’s just a smoke – but yes my body remembered. Now I’ve been smoking around 1,5 years again I think (stupid stupid stupid) – but now I’ve said good bye again. I’m on Day 2. I have headaches, I feel dizzy and fatigued. I survive on tea and coffee and water. I am studying (occupying my mind or at least I try) and knitting to keep my hands busy. I will do this. I can do this.

        DO NOT ACCEPT A CIGARETTE, even if ‘ts YEARS ago!

      • I second that! I quit for 3 years, THREE! then started back. & here I am, February 17th 2017, day 2 on my journey to quitting again.

        never let your guard down to the addiction!

      • Thankyou for you tale of woe! I’ve been quit for a good 4 month now,and while initially the cravings weren’t as bad as feared I am now struggling. Had some health problems and the urge to light up to relieve the stress is pretty powerful. Non-smokers reading this will think (and rightly too) if you have health probs,the last thing you need is a smoke.

        I am resisting, although working my way through Werther’s Original at a fair old rate but reading your post has helped. I too wondered if “I only have the one….”
        My one real regret in life was starting to smoke, and I’ll be damned if I go back to it! So thanks for your honest words, just what I needed.

      • I quit for two years, had a house fire and said screw it. Smoked one and was hooked. Here I am almost three years later and finally back to two days clean. That one smoke was the worst decision of my life. I wanted to quit numerous times again over the last three years, but the addiction was so bad I just couldn’t. Here is to another successful quit.

      • Lol, I stopped for five months last year as well and then one day while I was drinking my friend passed me a cigarette and with over confidence thinking I can’t be addicted I lit the cigarette and that was my biggest mistake. I am trying to stop again and today is my 7th day.

      • This is SO true. Back in October 2016 I had quit for 3 months,I was super proud of myself and started thinking that handling one smoke every 2 weeks or so would be ok if I was “super stressed”. BAD MOVE! Before I knew it, I’ve been smoking again for a month.
        Today is the end of day 2 quitting again. First time wound me in the hospital from not breathing,you’d think I’d learn; but here I am repeating the habit / quitting process all over again.
        Good job to everyone making healthier life decisions. We can do it!!! #quitsmoking2017

      • Exactly same after 7 months! Biggest mistake… Another one I felt for after 6 months was the electronic cigarette same thing… Stay away!
        4 years later … I’m on day 4…

        • I did the E cig too! I was cold turkey for 5 years and 6 months ago started the vape… I’m now on day 2 without the vape and I am never going back to any of this crap!

        • Ditto…five years smoke free. Going through a tough family situation…someone left a pack on the seat of my car. I thought…I’ll just have one. Nope… Four years later and on day three of doing it all over again. So stupid. It was so hard the first time I thought I would NEVER so it again!!!

      • AD, you are correct. I quit for 18 years. Of course I had it licked. Hahaha! I am now trying to quit again and it is painful!!!!! Never even a puff. It’s not worth it.

        • Yup, truth. I quit for 10 years! After my mom died, I thought , “Sure I can have one.” Been trying to quit for 7 years. :/ midnight is my quit date. Wish me luck!

        • Oh my gosh. Thank you for sharing. I am on day 4 and thinking I can sneak a puff. Haha. I went cold turkey. I am now, I believe, just craving “puffing”. I don’t want the nic just want to puff. Puff, puff, puff. So I will put my headphones on and sing! Well, that’ll get me through for today! I’m really dizzy today too….

          • I found holding a little bit of soda at the back of your throat for a few seconds. The burning sensation helps with the wanting a “puff”.

          • Hey Sher,
            Try “herbal cigarettes” on amazon, no nicotine & no tobacco. If you want to just “puff” to kill the habit, it works. Wont taste like an actual cigarette but it does the job.

            Good luck!

        • Just remember one thing….”you are a puff away, from a pack a day”. That’s what keeps me going. This is my fourth time quitting. I’m on day 16 without cigarettes. Praying I can do it this time.

          • Hi Sheila I really like your quote “you are a puff away from a pack a day”, so very true. I was supposed to stop last week and managed a whole 40 hours which is the longest I’ve ever gone without a ciggie, bought a pack just to have one and lo and behold almost back to square one. Planning to stop tomorrow again.

        • I quit for 20 years and had just ONE…. anddd the devil snagged me yet again. On day 3 and wishing I had never had that one puff.
          Hardest thing I have ever done

        • Quit for 20 years!! One. Ugarette from a friend while emotionally upset and I was hooked again for 10 years. On day two of quitting. I want to do this but a neurosurgeon found two small aneurysms. Big incentive to quit. Maybe I wouldn’t have them if I had not started again ,

      • I agree! I gave up for three years and thought I could ‘have just one’ when out one night with friends, nope I was then addict yes again until 8 days ago! Just came online for some mental support! X

      • So true of making a mistake of redoing it
        Now I am struggling to quit and seems to be more difficult
        God willing should quit

      • Read so many comments
        Thank you everyone for your experiences and difficulties to quit
        It starts with such a casual thing and then how we stuck in a never ending senseless thing
        Have decided to quit from today
        Will do it

      • I can relate to your points. I quit in 2005, then I retired in 2015 and had a cigar. A week later another one, few days later another, then it became almost daily again. I’m now at 5 days and can’t believe I put myself through this again, it is still hard.

      • I quit for 10 years with Allen Carr’s method. Picked it up again like an idiot 4 years ago thinking there was no way I could become addicted again.

        After many months trying to gather my resolve I quit again for good two weeks ago.

        Even though I knew the actual quitting is relatively easy, the addiction played with my head making me panic before the very prospect of quitting. As I type I’m struggling with mild anxiety attacks coupled with that agonizing monster telling me to get one drag to take the edge off. No Sir, I will not. I try to focus on the misery of being a slave and the victory of breaking free.

      • I quit once In 2004 and I was clean for 9 years I started back up in 2013 biggest mistake I ever made I quit 3 weeks ago it’s been hard I will never smoke again

      • True words. I quit for 15 years, yes 15 the magic mark. I had no cravings but was wistful of the good old days of smoking. I felt good about myself, confident and happy…and oh so sure I could handle smoking cigars while on an amazing vacation in Cuba. You see, to me smoking us something I do to feel good. And when I’m feeling great I somehow convince myself that a cigar will make how I feel even better. And that I can control it….that’s the lie I tell myself. Of course, back from vacation and a month later I’m “controlling” myself habit. Yeah. Not so much. Three years later and I finally admit I lost control and quit again. Never to return…too hard to quit. …not worth the grief. …and 7 years later I did it again. Seriously, it’s so easy to forget. And to fall back into old habits again. This time my fall was for 6 months. Two months of minimal smoking then 4 months of no control. My wakeup was an xray that showed darkening of my lungs. So now I’m on day 4 of my third cold turkey quit in my life. I will always have fond memories of smoking cigarillos as I do enjoy the smell and taste. But I also value my life and this time I was given a visual warning if what even a few months of moderate smoking can do to your lungs. And how awful it feels to struggle to breathe. A don’t want to die that way, so three cheers for a successful, and final, end to my smoking days.

      • I done the same thing, now I am quitting again and it is harder this time, I am not allowed to have any type of nicotine, I am having major surgery soon and Dr will not do surgery with any nicotine whatsoever in my body.

      • I smoked for 55 years and attempted quitting twice… I was dreading my last quit. Doctors orders, quit or carry oxygen. Went to Pulmonologist with cat-scan. Results were excellent, clean for a 50+ year smoker with 8 years working as an asbestos abatement worker. I was truly scared. I’ve been tempted to have just one, but I know, that’s impossible. I want to get healthier. At 65 years of age, it’s not too late… Staying Strong. I read somewhere, You either smoke or you don’t… Pick one.

      • Wow! TY for this honesty! I’ve thought the same thing, like 1 quick cig won’t hurt me, what the heck. Great way to put it: “the body remembers”!!

        • Boy does the body remember. I never even tried to quit until June 25, 2017. I quit. On July 26, 2017 had a bad phone conversation with my boss. Got so stressed, I bought a pack on the way home that night didn’t smoke until the next night. Smoked for the next 10 days.

          Now I’m on day 3 and I WILL NOT GO BACK. I know I will always be addicted but I will fight it.

    • I am on my 1st week of quitting. After 30 years a pack to a pack and a half a day. I bought a vap pen with 0mg of nicotine. Threw away my cigarettes! I either have tricked my mind into thinking I still smoke by vaping or I was never addicted to nicotine. I have had the easiest transition ever!!! I would recommend this vap thing!!! Make sure to get oil with 0mg of nicotine

    • Hi, I’m on day 5. But I purchased this stuff I seen floating around on facebook called TBX-FREE. I got it from amazon and read all reviews I could. It works tremendously! I do not work for or am affiliated in any way with this company. Just want to help everyone else. Google it. Research it. You won’t be sorry

      • hi I am 4 days without a cigi.although I am not a heavy smoker I still feel like one.i own a retail newsagency so iam fairly busy during the day it is in the evening that I would smoke rewarding myself by sitting and relaxing and smoking. I decided to give up myself and have found that a glass of wine has helped me these last few nights although i don’t usually drink it has helped at least relax me you simply have to change your routine.

      • Hmm I am in hell. It’s day 3rd morning 9 o clock. But even if nicotine cut my head, hang me on 6 floor I will not accept it, no never ever. I have recovered my breathing. Ready I will kick out this nicotine from my body. Haha zombie I am zombie zombie a Nicotine killer. Haha.

      • Hi, I also just started the TBX-Free, I only just hit 24 hrs without without a cigarette, but this definitely does help more than everything else I have tried. And believe me, I have tried everything over the years. Can’t say it will help me finally quit (too soon) but it seems to be the one thing that has a shot. I also do not work nor an I affiliated with the company

    • This is an awesome post! I am on Day 5 of my quit and this describes me to a T! I quit before but did not have the intense withdrawals that i am having now. I feel much better today except for extreme fatigue and lack of concentration. I am looking forward to feeling better soon! Thanks!

      • I am on week 1 using chantix and it is helping a lot! I dont think i could quit cold turkey. I still have some cravings, but most of all i think the depression part of it is kicking my butt…however i am determined to defeat this thing called nicotine addiction

    • I am the novice. It’s been 4 days. Sometimes ok others I could just flip out. But I am determined. I have always considered myself a casual smoker but for the last year it has not been so casual. This is harder than I expected but I want to do this. I have been awake since 3 am so I am a liitle cranky to say the least. My poor husband! I am taking it hour by hour. Thanks for letting me vent. Yes we can do it! And I will keep repeating this over and over.

      • hi iam also 4 days and although not really a heavy smoker (about 4-8 cigs a day iam finding it hard.i would mostly smoke in the evening rewarding myself but these last few nights i have had a glass of wine instead(not a drinker usually but it has helped relax me before bed.change your usual routine and really think hard as to why you want to quit for me as iam 50 its for health hubby and i will be retiring shortly and i just want to live and be as happy and healthy as possible.

      • On day three and feel weird, not willing to do anything or go anywhere. I am taking it hour by hour but some of the hours seem like months. I want this to work and will continue on the path of “Never Smoking Again”

      • I’m only on day 3… and this has been about the 4th real try I’ve given since starting to casually smoke at age 20… I’m about to turn 26 and that casual smoking turned into a pack every couple days and even more when alcohol is involved… really trying hard this time I’ve seen it cause a lot of damage to people I love and just want to have a happier healthier life!

      • Hi there. I’m going into my 9th week. I still have bad cravings! I smoked for 50 years. I started when I was 12 and now I’m 62. What made me quit was the price. I have had a heart attack, carotid artery surgery on both sides with 92 percent blockage. I’m very lucky, there was no damage to my heart and I had a lung x-ray which came back clean. I look at it this way. …once a smoker, always a smoker. You have to keep on top of it for the rest of your life.

    • Me too! The end of this second week has been full of cravings. Ugh. I’m with you–I’ll reach for the month mark and then 6 weeks. This site really helps.

    • Hi my name is Dana I stumble upon this site.i quit smoking myself cold turkey is on 6 day .I had surgery I had a polup on my vocal cord.scared me .I already quit before my surgery.i was done .I had enough my breathing my voice being horse. Everything went good on surgery voice good again gotta take it easy .If people don’t get a scare on how Precious life is .Then you will never quit..I wish all of you & me the best

      • i broke down and bought patches. Seems to take the edge off. Anyone have experience or success with the patch? Does this mean my withdrawal period is going to last even longer? Will I have to go through all three stages of the patches?

        • This is my second go with the patches, I’m coming up on my two week mark. The first time I quit for 6 months…I went back to smoking because I was stupid. The patches help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and lowers the amount of nicotine in your body slowly over a longer period. The withdrawal symptoms last longer but are not as intense. I highly recommend go through all three stages of the patches. The ones I use suggest stage one be done for four weeks. I’m only going to do it for two weeks and the other two stages are suggested two week lengths which I will abide by. The longer milder withdrawal period allows you to deal with the other problems of addiction without facing the nicotine monster head on at the same time. Keep at it and before long we will both be non-smokers.

        • Use the patches. Follow the directions and it will be easier as you taper off. Smoking is mental as well as physical. You’ll have the physical part licked.

    • Read Allen Carr’s Easyway – honestly THE most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Chose my date, had a final cigarette and that was that. I consider it positive brainwashing – IT WORKS!

    • my problem is I quit smoking and started gaping and have now quit both but I’m using niqurette and i feel I am not addicted to that what the hell have I done?

    • If you’re using minis and patches, you’re using nicotine, not quitting it. This article is about cold-turkey nicotine cessation.

    • Omg I am on the 9 th day I went cold turkey ! and thought I needed a straight jacket in a padded room was awful…
      I really had no idea what I was in for when I picked up the that first cigarette 48 years ago ..I wish I never did! But like my recovery of 29 years 1 day one moment one second at a time .i will not allow the killer (cigarettes) in my life any more .i thank god for the strength to get threw today. And I made it ! And yes I got a 5 lb bag of gummy bears ,lol sweet rolls ,tootsie pops .omg what’s happing
      Stay strong your more capable than you think
      Note to self

    • I worked with our smoking nurse at the local surgery. Having tried everything on the market to no avail
      I then took with her advise tablets called CHAMPIX. Here l am a very heavy smoker 8 weeks on and have never looked back. Your must follow instructions carefully but hope to live a smoke free life from now on.

    • I need help. Please leave words describing how bad smoking is to you, because unfortunately I enjoy it too much. I’m not sure why I should quit. Please convince me.

    • Ive smoked for 12 years now and I’ve made it 2 months so far and it’s been a struggle. I didn’t use the patch or nicotine gum but i did use tooth picks to satisfy the hand to mouth habbit. I live with smokers who smoke inside which made it harder. Working out helped only to an extent but the biggest thing that did it for me was how horrible i felt for so long and that exact feeling of having a craving that helped me stop. I dont have physical cravings anymore, as I crave them sometimes still after 2 months but I now feel better, smell better. My work is happier i don’t smell like smoke. I can see movies and enjoy activities without being interrupted for smoke breaks. It was definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. Hang in there!

  5. Day 3. I’ve quit cold turkey in the past after years of smoking. Don’t ever remember having symptoms as bad as this time though. Sure as heck don’t wanna do this again. Hopefully I can make it this time!!

  6. Everything in that article is what I’m feeling. Thank you for explaining why after 2 weeks, I’m still getting cravings…and that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to. I was a closet smoker. Never smoked around friends, family or when traveling. My smoke time was when I am home….so when I get home after work, it’s torture…..for a while….until I get busy…and remember I have grandkids and family and wonderful times ahead. Failing health is what scares me the most and is my biggest motivator. I want to be around and enjoy my grandchildren. Best of luck to anyone who is reading. My thought is that if you go at it one day at a time, anything is possible.

  7. Read Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. It’s 100-pages and you can find it on Google through a free PDF. It’s a wonderful book.

  8. This is my 3rd time to try quitting. I watched my mother die from lung cancer back in 2004 but I still didn’t quit. I’m on day 10 without a smoke and doing ok considering. Someone commented that I was nicer to them now. LOL. The only concern was the heartburn, stomach cramps. Now that I read the withdrawal symptoms, I feel better. Keeping it going and never going back to smoke again!

  9. Had the last cigarette on Saturday, Jan 21st at 4 pm. At first, I had a very bad sore throat and cough.
    Now I have a very bad sleep and very very dry mouth. Trying to hang in there on my 4th day. Wish me luck!

  10. Being smoking for ages. Always wanted to give it up. Would walk to the local store every morning and turn back half way because wanted to stop. Just could not handle it, so still ended up going back to the shop and buying the usual box of 20.

    I knew I was going to give it up one day which happened to be 7th Dec 2016 and did a cold turkey.
    To beat the craving I reminded myself of the pride of giving up.No doctors help, no nicotine patches, no chewing gums. Best of all, started saving lots of money instead of blowing it up in smoke and I could feel an immediate improvement in my health.

    It now drives me nuts when I smell the smoke from other people smoking 15 meters away.

    • Right! Even after a few weeks I could smell smokers and it wasn’t pleasant! Thinking YIKES! That was me for 50 years, puffing away like a fool! Quitting is no picnic but def worth it, and you’ll soon enjoy the $ saved too!
      Tip: maybe don’t tell anyone you’re quitting. People usually mean well but often they’ll pull out that soapbox and SCOLD you for ever starting, brag how they never ‘needed’ cigs themselves, or worse, list for you the many reasons why smoking is harmful (cause you’re too stupid to know any of that). I told ONE person, hence, this tip.

  11. I am 27 years old. I started smoking daily at age 14 and stopped at age 22. I quit cold turkey, and I have never looked back since then. I stumbled onto this post in search of the health benefits after reaching the 5 year mark. This post compelled me to leave a comment. This post is very spot on with what I experienced from the first week throughout the first month and up till now. . Even after 5 years you will still want to relive a fond smoking memory, you just have to stay strong like this post said and remember the hell you had to endure for the first month or two. If you can envision your hard work, and efforts you put into quiting when your brain starts wandering, that has been what has got me through the past 5 years. Good luck to you all! I wish you all full blown success!!!!!!!

    • Sean, when did you get your normal energy back? I am on day 32, quit cold turkey but I am useless 🙁 I’m tired and sleepy. I just wanna know I will be better at some point…

    • I smoked from the time I was 15 until I was 31. I quit smoking 4 months ago after losing my mom to lung cancer, she was a smoker, too. It all seems to be a fog now but I can remember times I fought with myself, giving myself excuses as to why I SHOULD smoke. There were times I legit made up my mind and decided to smoke again, only to get in the car to go to the store to buy a pack of smokes and end up turning around. I noticed that taking long, deep breaths and focusing really helped me. It sounds silly but once I relaxed and allowed myself to speak logically to my brain, I was able to grasp that smoking wasn’t going to help or change anything. I felt extremely restless, paced and paced, couldn’t sleep. I can honestly say that my cravings were the worst in the first month of quitting. My cravings would come on strong and hard! I thought about smoking at least 50 times a day! I would stare at people smoking, I would pretend to smoke with my eyes closed to try to trick my brain, I was obsessed with it! The second month wasn’t as bad, I still craved it but not as often. The cravings were still strong though. The third month was ironically enough worse than the second. I must have dreamt about smoking every single night. I would dream that I smoked a cigarette then thought, “well I already had one why not finish the pack?” then I would be right back to smoking. I woke up every single morning in a panic thinking that I was a smoker again. It was the weirdest thing! It was almost like my subconscious mind was trying to manipulate me and talk me into smoking again. The forth month is a breeze. Cigarettes smell god awful, smokers smell god awful, seeing people smoke grosses me out and I find myself passing judgement on them , I can smell and taste everything, I no longer get winded, & I have a ridiculous amount of energy! I’m more confident than ever because I truly feel accomplished. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, if you can do it and stick to it, you should be incredibly proud of yourself! Cigarettes do not control my life anymore and I couldn’t be happier. I feel better now than I did when I was 22. Honest to god truth. Going into month 5 I know that no matter what comes my way I will always have to tell myself that I will not smoke. I cannot have just one. I’ll need to focus on this for the rest of my life. You can quit!

      • It’s not worth it! Every time I crave one I think about how much my chest and throat used to hurt, how I couldn’t climb stairs without wheezing, and how expensive cigarettes are now. Push thru it, you can do it!

      • I just stumbled on to this site. First I want to say, I hope you didn’t go back to smoking? Me I quit may 6th of this year, it’s been tuff! It’s been 48 days now and is finally better. But just last week I went to the Dr because I needed something for my nerves ,I would cry at nothing I was really getting depressed. He gave me Effexer ER I looked that med up on line and it had crazy side effects. I made my mind up that there’s no way I’m taking meds like that. I’m not crazy I’m just really trying to quit smoking. I been fine every since. Do I think about smoking of course I do.But do I? No !!!! Man I don’t ever want to go back to smoking because o don’t want to have to go through all this again. No way!!

  12. Been smoking since I was 15… Not really a heavy smoker… Packs of 20 usually last me two to three days… Funny thing is even after this long period I can go without it for a week without any withdrawal symptoms when I am with my family. Of course, I have thoughts of smoking once in a while but it goes off pretty quickly… But the moment I’m going off to work which is abroad. I will immediately buy a pack… Weird…

  13. 2/1/17 – I have been cigarette free for 2 months now, it’s been amazing. It was hard the first couple weeks especially since my husband is a smoker so I’m always around the smoke. But I’ve made it through and I’m not looking back! Remember you can do it. The craving and want for the cigarette are in your head just keep saying no and pretty soon you won’t want it.

  14. I’m on day 2. I quit once before for 7 years, then decided to have one. Well that one led to 9 years of smoking and trying to quit again. I have not been able to quit with the patches this time like I did before. So this time I’m on chantix, ive been on it a week today, haven’t smoked for 2 days. And had significantly decreased the amount of cigarettes from pretty much day one of starting chantix. The only real side effect is a horrible taste in my mouth, it makes everything taste nasty. For example coffee tastes like boiled hot dog water. You would think I would lose weight, but I’ve already gained 5 pounds, and can’t figure out how. I’m not eating hardly anything. Hang in there everyone.

  15. 28 hours into being nicotine free. I’m going cold turkey this time because I don’t want any form of nicotine. I have tried it all except cold turkey. Nothing works for me… patches, Chantix, e-cigarettes, acupuncture, hypnosis, you name it, I tried it.
    Came upon this site while researching nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
    I am definitely feeling shaky and light headed. I also have a bit of the chills too. Going to push through. Wish me luck!

  16. 14hrs – I’m dying I’m shakey and anxiety through the roof… Already binge ate all the food in my house and ran through woods for 2 .5 hrs. I don’t know what else to do. Do you guys have suggestions to keep mind off it?

  17. I smoked cigarettes since I was ten years old – I am 61 now. I said I would never be able to quit because I really really enjoyed it. I always had a cough and my dad always tried to get me to quit with him but I would always sneak. I wish I had quit before he passed away a couple of years ago. He always said cold turkey is the way to go because he did it that way. Well, November 2016 i had a terrible cough and shortness of breath for about 2 months — I went to the doctors and left with 2 different inhalers and an antibiotic. I was told I have COPD. Well, the good news is I have not had a cigarette since I went to the doctors. I QUIT COLD TURKEY just like my Dad said.

  18. I have been smoking for ugh… 33 years. I started Chantix (3 days now), you can continue to smoke for the 1st week and I have slowed down considerably. I may not need the whole week. I have quit before for 3 months, but a stressful situation, and back to smoking I went. I am more than ever motivated because I am going to be a grandmother soon and want to be able to be there for as long as possible. The hardest part, I think, is the habit of smoking. I am going into this 1 hour at a time and will succeed. Good luck everyone and I’m glad I’m not along in this!

  19. Today is my 33rd day. I’m angry all the time, lost my sense of humour and have put on weight. I would kill for a smoke. Despite this, I’m proud of myself and grateful for the strength I never knew I had. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  20. I didn’t quit on purpose, though I had been wanting to. I only meant to cut back and not smoke after 6 pm. That short break was enough to trigger withdrawal for me, amped its been so miserable I can’t stand it! It’s day 4 now and the sweats and chills are just as debilitating. I do NOT want a cigarette, ever again. But is there anything that can make me feel better?

  21. Hello everyone, I am 19 years old and have been smoking since I was 13. I battled with opiate addiction, and after getting clean I started smoking very very heavily, kind of as a replacement. I decided tonight was my night to quit. I smoked my last cigarette at 10:00, and threw on a patch. I am already getting edgy and twitchy, and craving a cigarette (its currently 10:30). Does anyone have any advice for quitting? I am very nervous because I live a very stressful and hectic lifestyle, being in nursing school. Any advice helps! Thank you.

  22. What I want to know is I had quit smoking I’m on my 3rd day I’m on the patch I have no cravings but when I stop using the patch will the cravings come back?

  23. Smoked form the age of 14, now 41 and have just hit 4 weeks smoke free. I think something just ‘clicked’, have done it cold turkey so far, no cravings, very few side effects (my wife would probably say otherwise) but am majorly proud of myself as should all of you!

  24. This is my 7th day. Omg it’s been hell!! Anxiety through the roof! Don’t feel like doing the things I use to do when I was smoking. Energy levels very low.

  25. I quit smoking 3 months ago. I came down sick and quit cold turkey. I’m still withdrawls. I started smoking in the 60s. At one point I was smoking 2 1/2 packs a day.. i didnt seem experience the nicotine withdrawls. im experiencing feelings of paranoidal feelings, constant heartburn, nothing I eat or drink taste good. i have a constant couph. I dont have any energy to do anything. Ive gone to see my Dr and he says Im fine. xrays are fine. Im going to continue but in a couple of weeks if my systems dont improve Im going to seek out another doctor.

  26. I’m on day 9 without a cig but I’m going crazy! I am seriously depressed right now and I’m wondering if this is a side effect. I’m telling you – it’s baaaad!!!!

  27. Hey, today is just the first day that i quit smoking, the cravings are really intense , so i”m still really on a crucial stage at the moment but i”m really determined to stop smoking.

  28. Thank you for your posts and this website. I am day three and am REALLY struggling – Miss Cranky Pants is in charge. I received a motivation boost from reading that my cravings are going to decline from here on.


  29. Day 9…. Really has not been as bad as I thought, going through the physical part I am finding the hardest. I keep thinking of the 180 smokes that I didn’t put into my body… will be back here for sure.. Good luck everyone…

  30. I have been smoking for over 55 years and now smoke 2-3 Packs a Day I have asked several Doctors for Meds to help with the problems of quiting smoking for as long as I have but the Doctors I have talked to tells me I just need to stick it out and will not percribe anything for My Depression and Anger So just purchased a Pack about an Hour ago and have already smoked half a pack Feel like a failure but the Doctors I went to could have helped with an Adiction of 55 years .I guess I am just weak .But to all who are trying to quit keep in their I know what you are going thru and pray you make it .

  31. Hello everyone
    First of all thanks for the very useful information, it’s really very motivational specially in my current phase of quiting smoking.

    I decided to share what I’m doing to feel more motivated and feel stronger.

    I am 30 years old and I started smoking at 15. i was always used to the red Marlboro’s (which are deadly) and at a later phase i switched to Golden Virginia RYO (with a filter). The RYO cigarettes caused me to face breathing problems after 4 weeks of smoking them specially that I wanted to loose weight and started to exercise.

    Once before I quit cold turkey but lasted only 3 months, so this time I’m approaching it in a different slow way. I started this approach 2 years ago by smoking lighter cigarettes but same count. Every 3 months i switched to a lighter brand and now it’s been a year I’m smoking 1mg tar, 0.1mg nicotine and 1 mg CO.

    At this phase I was smoking the lightest cigarettes ever in the market but still a count of 30 cigs a day. 3 days ago I started using the extra tar filter adding it to the filtered cigarettes and this stuff works like magic. My craving for cigarettes is much less. I don’t chain smoke anymore and my count dropped to 8 minimum a day and 20 cigs maximum a day.

    I’m adding more healthy habits to my daily routine like chewing gum, breathe mints and eating nuts. My target is to totally stop within a month.

    After adding the tar filter with my very light cigarettes I can really feel the withdrawal and cigarettes don’t taste the same. So it seems its working for me.

    Take care everyone with wishing you all a healthy life.

  32. I recently quit smoking cold Turkey and honestly didn’t know my dependency on it had become this Major. Strong fagiue, weakness, the mental foggyness, dizziness, constipation, all that I experience and this is just day 11. Also everyone thinks I’m crazy because I have been having panic attacks that I’m also not used to.

  33. I have quit cold turkey a lot of times. But this time I told myself this is it. So far 4 weeks smoke free. I felt like I lost a good friend. Well I have been reading the other comments they will help well good luck people.

  34. Hello,
    I am on 6th week after having been a smoker for 8 years. Still I feel like I am on first week. I am having an intense craving right now, that’s the reason I searched and found this page. To me it seems like this craving never goes away. I read somewhere that a craving lasts for a few minutes, but to me it’s hours I think. I am really going crazy
    Anyway I am not looking back. Guys, keep up.

    • Also, these cravings are after having breakfast, lunch or after swimming. I used to smoke after these activities. I used to smoke cigarettes back to back after having breakfast after swimming. Now it’s biting me back. I haven’t found any great improvement in stamina, but I think my breathing ability has improved. During the first two weeks, I had continuous mild headache as well.

  35. I’m a few days from five weeks and I still have strong urges at least a few times a week, I went to the doctor today so sure the headaches I’m having were from a sinus infection, but no infection. The Dr. Said nicotine cravings were more than likely the reason and I quit cold turkey almost 5 weeks ago, I smoked for 15 yrs that honestly didn’t cross my mind as a possible reason! I hope the headaches go soon Hang on everyone going through the stages of quitting YOU CAN DO IT. I agree that thinking that you can just have one cigarette is misleading themselves It’s not true! Don’t!! So happy for all who have chosen their health over cigarettes Keep it up! #meducksgirl#

  36. I am 66 years old and smoked since I was 17, almost 50 years and roughly 2 packs a day. I just quit 13 days ago. its been hell for me but seems to be tapering off somewhat. I just keep hanging on for reasons knowing it can only get better in time and just may add 25 more years to my life. my wife is a non-smoker and a great supporter for me. for now, I am living one day at a time and believe I will make it and never go back,

  37. I have been smoke free for 3 weeks.
    The smell of cigarettes grosses me out.
    I cannot be around it.
    I think I am still going through withdrawals. I find myself feeling with drawn and very serious.
    Not sure if that is the addiction or something else

  38. Day 4 cold turkey…ugh…my stomach constantly hurts but I’ve smoked for 20 years and I’m done! Had a heart attack at age 40 a few days ago. I was very fortunate to be fine (healthy even). Can’t go back. Considering getting the no smoking symbol tattooed to my wrist. Regardless, I know I’m better off, my kids are better off, even my dogs are better off. NEVER GOING BACK! Now leave me alone. I’m grumpy.

  39. My new year resolution for 2017 was to quit smoking. Into my 7th week and although it has been tough I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was. I do sometimes get intense cravings but with the help of a electric cig it takes the edge off. I am very pleased and proud of myself. My friends who are all smokers envy me because they think I made look easy.

  40. 40 day day since I was 16 now 45 and 3 days stopped cold turkey hard but worth it banking all the money I used to spend on smokes if I can stop any one can get a few cravings just breath in and out for a few mins and it goes away never going to go back on them

  41. 60 hours off the cigarettes and I feel great, but feel like I am being lulled into a sense of false security I have been taking champix and I stopped completely on day 14 and I get panicked every so often but deep breathing works for me that and saving 14 euro a day.

  42. Packed in for 8 months, started again whilst on holiday, it’s taken me about 8 months to stop again. The time line outlined here is on point. Looking forward to getting the first month out the way I’m only on day 7 cold turkey! Cheap cigs abroad was part of my trigger and thought I could make 20 last for the whole holiday and stop when returned home…kidded myself but that’s part of the play of addiction. We always have to remain vigilant. Big lesson learned and remembered for my next holiday :))

  43. I stopped smoking the day I had sharp pain in my left arm on the 7 th feb. Since then I have had mild headaches, shaking, can’t sleep, anxiety, anger and nausea. It is not easy to stop smoking, but after 40 years my body needs to heal and I must be strong. I hope this helps someone out there. Sue

    • Sue, I’m on day 10 and I’m crippled with anxiety and panic. Feel so sick with nausea, especially in the morning! Hope you are feeling better… I really believe we can do this!

    • Hi Sue One month today for me. Myself smoked for appx 35 yrs never once tried to quit. But have now., The headache hunger nausea & bathroom matters are way better now.

    • I am on day 8 of being a non-smoker ,YAY! I want to smoke one soooo bad but I know I never can again. I don’t want to have to put myself through those first 3 days again….EVER. I think just one puff…, asking God for the strength to get me through this. I want a smoke! Just know I will hate myself afterwards… UGH :/

    • That’s funny, I stopped smoking on the 7th of Feb too. reading these blogs helps. I am completely sick. I have a sore throat,fever, tight chest, funny taste in the back of my throat, dizziness, sweaty palms,weakness… and the dry cough!!’s almost like I got the flu. I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and am now 33. That’s a long time, I can’t believe it. I’m not irritated though and actually quit peaceful. I look forward to not smoking so I’m happy otherwise. This is am sure others will agree the hardest thing I’ve been through. The cravings are tapering off but the sickness I feel is practically unbearable. I went for a walk today to try and get some energy up but I got so dehydrated and dizzy all I wanted to do was rush home and lay in bed and drink my tea and dayquil. I’m a mess. I just hope I wake up tomorrow with some energy. My Boyfriend is getting irritated with me being like this and I’m trying not to make him mad. I have a externship coming up and don’t have to work right now so I think he thinks I’m just mopping around the house all day, which I kinda am but I’m feeling so darn sick it’s relentless. I just know after going through all this, I will never want to pick up a cigg again or even have a drag of a smoke because it’s literally feels like I’m about to die my entire body is not happy with the choice I made, I can’t wait for the day it thinks it is!!

    • Sue, you like myself probably have a lot to live for, I have 3 beautiful Grandchildren andy kids who I adore. Today is my first day off cigarettes and the thought of quitting “again” is so stressful for me because this is my 9th time trying to quit and I too have been smoking for 40 years. With that said I just want to say that you are not going through this alone and the benefits outweigh anything that a cigarette has to offer. So don’t give up and I won’t either.

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your post. I have been smoking for the last 18 years and I always thought I can quit when I am ready. 7 days ago I underwent a medical procedure and had to quit cold turkey. It has been an emotional roller coaster and the slowest week I can remember. Stay strong and take it one hour, one day at a time.

      • I smoked for 17 years I’m going on day 12 . You can do it, I know it feels hard at times, but what’s really hard is continuing to smoke if you actually think about it.

      • Same thing here. I’m extremely young to have been smoking for 18.5 years. I’m turning 29 this summer
        I have major damage to my lungs; asthma and signs of COPD which I’m now being treated for. I quit last year for 3 months, felt great. Ralapsed after new year. On day 2 again.
        We can all do it.

    • I’m experiencing the same things. I smoked 30+ years. We can fight this!! Every time I want that smoke I just think of that demon (nicotine) wanting me to do it and I will not give in.

    • Also smoked for thirty years, I am on day 8, I just keep telling myself I am stronger then the cigarettes and I believe that. You have to believe also.

    • Hello, Sue – my story exactly same as yours …experienced pain in my right arm which just lingers on and a chest pain. So scared… I thought right, now I gotta do this . just hope not too late. I too have been smoking off and on for 40 years:-(….so what else could I really expect?This addictive product makes yu smoke even though you KNOW how bad it is. It’s my 5th-day cold turkey and I’m not feeling too good either this morning..heavy head n feeling queasy. Took my cuppa back to bed for 20 mins hoping to improve!! Good luck Sue….(and everybody else fighting this terrible drug).like yu said we need to be kind to our bodies… Let the battle commence! And we are gonna be VICTORIOUS!!!Xxx

    • Hi, I’m on day 5. But I purchased this stuff I seen floating around on facebook called TBX-FREE. I got it from amazon and read all reviews I could. It works tremendously! I do not work for or am affiliated in any way with this company. Just want to help everyone else. Google it. Research it. You won’t be sorry

      • Hello, my name is Debi. I bought some of that TBX and I haven not smoked since March 23rd. That is huge for me. I have been inspired by all the post.. If I fail I keep trying.


      • Lawana I’m intrigued & desperate to get ALL the nicotine out if my body.

        Please tell me more about this TBX FREE product?? It’s one thing to read on Google but nicer to hear from someone directly.

        I’m in the UK so is us accessible & reasonable in price??

        I’ve lots of questions as I’m so determined to quit smoking

    • I’m 5 days in (Cold Turkey) after 45 years. The cravings are not so strong. But I have developed flu like symptoms…maybe it is flu? A really deep cough that wakes me (and everyone else) up. Muzzy head and feel a bit depressed. I may feel crap but it doesn’t feel as bad as after a cigarette. Just lasts longer.

      • Steve it is your lungs trying to heal and it is very depressing; but just keep at it the craving go away and are easier to fight off. Good luck

      • I’m 45 days quit, after smoking 17 years last 12 years very heavy smoker. I had the muzzy head and depression but it’s much better. Day 8 through 28 where very hard. Still get headaches but they are milder and not as bad. Crazy how strong of a drug nicotine is.

      • It’s not the flu. Expect the cough to last a few weeks. Your lungs are finally able to heal themselves after being under constant siege for so long. That is exactly what they are doing.

      • Hey 2 all. Looks like smoking is not cool any more. I’m 65 years and smoked for 50 of those years. I must say I enjoyed smoking. I quit 7 months ago went though a lot so much I wouldn’t know if I could tell u everything that’s happened to me. I will say I’ve had 2 heart attacks, second one I had open heart surgery in 2004. I’m recovering from a broken rib. I will say that u have to want to quit. I used the patch for 2 weeks. I will never go back to smoking after what I’ve been though. I’m having bronchospasm off and on. I sleep on a recliner, I know that the lungs are an organ that repairs themselves. I will stick to this for as long it takes. My doctor has me on Advair and albuterol. She’s wanting me in next week for mri. hope that goes well. I’ve had 15 chest x-rays since I quit. Nothing had showed up. Good luck god bless.

      • This is completely normal since you quit cold turkey. I would never suggest that, because it can cause other health problems. Just power through and you’ll be ok!

      • Is it or isn’t it flu? Hyper sensitivity. Sore stomach, no constipation. In fact opposite. On day 7. Must have it bad!!

    • Thanks. 50 years for me. Am on day 15 and so irritable I can’t stand myself. Keep telling myself, if you smoke now you will have to go through this all over again. That helps because I am so irritable and I just want it done.

    • Thank you Sue. Wishing you great success. Thank for sharing. I am on day six, bad cravings and bored out of my gourd. The mental part of this is a trip. Hang in there and we can do it. Diane

    • Hey Sue, I’m on day 4! Been smoking for 44 years. I’m so sick. I’ve got depression, bad cough, shakes. I trying to get out of bed but every time I do I get a horrible headache. I know I can do it. But it’s hard to breathe. Thank you for your post!

    • Hi Sue

      As I was scrolling through the comments I started to think about the existing pain in my arm and thought well aint this something?

      I have smoked many cigarettes starting at the age of 17 but first took a puff at 14. A former boyfriend smoked and Ive let the habit go many of times but 3 months in, I gave in once again. It has been 10 years and Ive done more smoking than not.

      Ive always know someday would be a day that my lips would be free from the smells of cigarettes. This time I intend to free the prision in my body and brain from nicotine addiction. I feel that quitting cold turkey causes some slight disturbances with sensory and audio but I take it as a sign that things are in restorative processing. Be Strong and if you feel like me right now going absolutely bonkers…tell yourself my brain and lungs are beautiful things that flushes crap off of it and allows you to feel more coming in, that sexy oxygen.

      Hello from Brooklyn!

    • I quit on the 8th of February 2017 so we are on same schedule. I am walking 3 miles a day and my house has never been cleaner. Busy busy busy. Feeling good except for horrible anxiety. Stay strong, we can do this!! Anyone have tips for anxiety?

    • Thanks Sue. It’s been 50 yrs. On day 44 and still craving. I suppose after 50 years it takes. Some days I crave some I don’t.

    • Thanks Sue for your encouragement it I’ve been smoking for years I stopped now for 3weeks cold turkey and have all the same symptoms as you had and have to admit the shaking and anxiety are terrible but I’m going to stick this out how long do withdrawals usually last I just want this to be over with thank you shelly

  44. Almost exactly the same as NL. Had stopped for nearly 4 yrs, went on holiday, thought it would be nice to relax with a wine and cigarette. How could I have been so stupid!! Hooked after the first pack!
    Here I am 2 yrs later going through the misery again. I’m at 5 days abstinence.
    Going to do it this time for good!!! Can’t put myself through this again.
    Stay strong people!!

  45. I started the nicotine patch 11 days ago, ive been smoke free. Chewing gum, eating food, cleaning, sleeping, staying busy has gotten me this far. On my 9th day i forgot to apply my patch, oh well… im pushing through.. nicotine free 2 days now… cant sleep at night for crap! Lol.. headaches, super hungry. Keeping in mind, my kiddos, my health, and smelling better Good luck to you all. This is a battle, but stay strong for your good reasons

  46. Im on day 3 and im doing ok, its tough because my husband smokes about 2 packs a day, i was down to a half pack, i was having chest pains and always congested, pushing 50 its time for me to quit, my grandma passed of lung cancer and my mom has emphysema, i dont want neither of those.

  47. I’m 33 and I have been smoking since u was 12. For 21 years. I am going to stop but I have tried plenty of times and I really don’t know how you guys managed to succeed if I cant eve n go for 2 hours without a smoke.

  48. 7 full days in an just reading these relapse stories are helping me to know that there is no such thing as “just one more puff” so I already know that my last puff was my actual last puff. An this is really easy especially if you want to quit. You have to honestly want too. Even at work I sit around the smoke but watching others who have no idea how good I feel is motivation enough. While they continue I’m just chilling. It has its rough times but you have to actually want to quit this shit!

  49. This is a fantastic outline! I stopped smoking when my doctor told me that it was likely I developed acute bronchitis because of smoking. I’ve been smoking for eleven years and am coming up on my 30th birthday in a few months. I’m not sure why, but having two weeks of bronchitis really did it for me. I immediately fell on the war path against smoking. Psychologically this had been good for me. I’ve had no desire for a cigarette at all since I’ve a way to demonize them, lol Like some of you I’ve adopted a very healthy and cleansing diet to fight the weight gain. I think this also helps with chemical fluctuations and adjustments or bodies are going through. I’m on my 7th day without any cigarettes (i cheated and had one a day until I was able to get a diagnosis for the bronchitis) and in the night time migraine, insomnia, congestion phase,but am seeing improvements everyday. It’s a struggle that seems so worth it. And I’m really excited about making it to the one month marker so that I can begin an exercise regiment! I am so happy to hear your stories and successes! You guys keep up the amazing work☺

  50. I’m on day 10 and really struggling, can anyone give me some advice…

    Day one to five were hard but I managed to get through them, day seven hit me really hard out of the blue. All of a sudden anxiety, panic, hot flushes and depression set in. I was having really distressing dreams and wakening up feeling exhausted. For this reason I took of the 14mg patch I was wearing before going to sleep. This has stopped the dreams but I am wakening up feeling so anxious and nauseated. It’s horrendous. After such a great success with no side efects on the patches on day one-six I don’t think it can be them!

    What is wrong with me? I really feel so low and anxious! Visiting my Dr on Friday to check in regarding my mental health.

    I smoked 10 Marlboro Lights per day and in fairness prob wasn’t great at eating in the morn and at lunch as I loved a coffee and cig instead…

    Help!!! 🙁

  51. It has been only my fifth day of quitting.My neighbors make the mark of not wanting to quit. I sworn in the doubt to go stick to my decision. It is so hard to keep a positive focus. And focus.

  52. I’m 29 years old and started smoking at the age of 24. I’ve stop smoking last month once i caught the flu. It was so easy for me to stop smoking. After i got rid of the flu, i tried smoking and my body just couldn’t take the taste or smell. I went from smoking and pack and a half once a day, to completely not smoking. I have since been getting mild headaches, stomach pain,food cravings and dizziness. I also been getting very depressed lately. I was kind of glad that i caught the flu lol because i don’t think that i could’ve stopped smoking on my own. So happy cause once i started smoking, my weight started dropping and it was very depressing for that I’m no longer smoking, I since then started picking my weight back up very quickly

  53. I’ve been smoking since the age of 14 and on a pack a day by the age of 18. I decided to quit at the age of 41 because I’d simply had enough of being a smoker, I disliked the act of smoking.

    I’d been thinking about quitting for a few months but then decided to quit on a whim. I choose to go cold turkey. The first day was the hardest by far and the following 2 days were also very hard. On the first day I couldn’t concentrate for more than 5 seconds and the cravings were almost constant. The only way I go through it was keeping my mind occupied, even if I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing, and exercise.

    I suffered from insomnia for the first 3 nights and then suffered stomach pains after that, although they have now largely passed too.

    I’m now on day 11 and the cravings have largely ceased altogether. That being said, I still want a cigarette from time to time and also find I have to go outside, as I used to when smoking, from time to time, just for the air.

    Whatever method you choose to quit, keep at it!

  54. I am on my second attempt of quitting smoking. The first time I made it 7 months and kept craving a cigarette and due to some stress I could blame it on and not be judged used it as an excuse and caved in. It has now been 19 months since that time. I had bought some filters on the internet (Nic Out) that seemed to help, at least I could see what I had been sucking in my lungs but the big turn around came with my health. I am 48 and honestly very healthy in every aspect considering how long I have smoked. Out of no where I started waking up in the night with terrible pain and burning in my arms and hands. Very hard to explain…sharp burning pain and sometimes numbness. This moved to my ankles, knees and elbows and wrists. After seeing a doctor specializing in internal medicine she recommended a rhumatoligist. I had to wait 2 months to see the specialist and the pain and swelling was unbelievable. I was even losing the ability to walk and to grip my hands or make a fist. I was terrified. The blood work confirmed I have rhumatoid arthritis. Although there are many people that never smoke with the same disease I believe with all my heart that my smoking absolutely contributed to mine because it is linked to auto immune. Since that time I have learned that people who smoke have a higher white blood cell count that can lead to all kinds of health problems including cancer and heart disease. I suppose my message here is, you can lose your health way before your life, so if you are on the ledge about quitting don’t wait until you have a health problem to show up because inevitably if you smoke one will.

  55. I gave up smoking for 5 years and I had drinks at a friends place and I made the same mistake “oh I havent had a smoke in years I should have one” its taken 7+ years since that day to quit again, I am on my 5th day lol I read Allan Carr Easyway to Quit highly highly recommend and I know that I will never ever pick one up again. Good luck everyone on getting out of the trap.

  56. I had my last smoke on valentines day. I’m only 3 days in and it’s rough. But literally, every day is easier than the last. I know this is so positive. Smoking disgusts me. Regardless, I worry about going into the weekend where I don’t have work as a distraction and being around smokers. I keep telling myself I’m stronger than nicotine. I can fight the cravings, the memories, the comfort. I don’t need it. It needed me. And it can’t have me anymore.

  57. It’s been 5 days for me. And I can already feel the difference of how my body feels.coughing alot but I smelled one and was like what was I thinking? I’m not turning around now.

  58. I’m on day 2. I’m 48 been smoking since I was 17. All I can do is ONE DAY AT A TIME !
    I do a lot of praying and isolating because my spouse smokes so I try to avoid being around.
    Pray for me !!!

  59. I’m on day 5, I cry a lot lol, the emotions are killer, and the insomnia is hell, but I have not caved. The time to fill is hard for me, it is actually the hardest part. Fresh air helps me a lot and I try to stay busy.

  60. I want to make it through a week. I can’t imagine a whole month if this Hell. I feel like i need a cave to curl up in. I’m not angry so much and exhausted and emotional like crying. I read it help a to sniff a dirty ashtray when you’re craving one. It is very gross.

  61. Had an angio and stent implant on 02 Feb 2017. My last cig was on 01 Feb eve around 5 PM. Dr advised to stop smoking. Rigidly following his advice now crossed 20 days without a cigarette, and hope my future will be smoke-free. Now I am enjoying my breath without smoke.

  62. Hi have been stopped now for 3 weeks but last night i had one, I felt bad about it. but my temper was getting to the point that I thought I was going crazy. I.e anxiety levels are though the roof is this right? And I feel down and depressed but this morning I went for a run, and read this blog that made me feel better I AM GOING TO DO THIS !!!!

  63. I am stopping today. I quit in March last year for 6 weeks, was feeling great and went on a date with a smoker. Big mistake!! I was nervous and there was a packet of cigarettes on the table…it was too easy to think “just one”. It’s my birthday in 6 days time, this is my birthday present to me, after reading this article I will have the worst over by then. Thank you for all of your comments. I am not alone .

  64. I’m on my second round of trying to quit! I tried last year, in April 2016. Was only successful after I started using the patches. Walmart equate Brand and to my amazement they worked! You HAVE to follow instructions or they may not work! Then I got stressed over the holidays and started back but luckily I realized quickly I had made a huge mistake and I started the patches again which worked again! I’m on my 4th week of being smoke free but I’m having a horrible time with this DAMN cough I just can not get rid of!!! I will feel perfectly fine then out of nowhere I start having coughing spells to the point that I can’t catch my breath and this has been going on since the first week of quitting, but is a daily reminder of why I’m quitting, and don’t ever want to start back again! The first time I didn’t have this much of a problem with coughing. It is starting to affect work since I work in fast food which is very embarrassing! I started, like many people, at the age of 14 and I’m now 32 -33 next month. I’m also going through the weight gain. I was about 120 before and last week was weighed at Doctors office and I was 136! Doesn’t sound lime much but I’ve never been over 125 since I was pregnant with my daughters. Its tough and its an emotional rollercoaster and very tough when everyone I’m around are smokers including my husband who not only smokes but started smoking more since I quit but I can’t go back not this time not ever!!!! Its horrible! I tell my daughters everyday – look at me, do you really want to go through all of this when your my age, and have broke down begging them to not ever start! I have a 14 year old right now and it just worries me every day that she is the age I was when I started and I try my best to stay on top of her and explain every reason possible as to why she should never start! Thank you so much for making this page! I wish more people would take smoking more seriously! I know so many people that have been addicted to heavier drugs and overcame quicker and easier then I have with cigs. Kids number 1 need to realize that just because its legal like alcohol doesn’t mean it isn’t any more dangerous. I believe it actually makes it more dangerous because it gives the illusion that it’s safer then other drugs out there which isn’t true at all!

  65. For me, it’s been 4 weeks. I am ecstatic. This, after 40 years of almost a pack a day. “If I can do it, anyone can.” Oddly enough, this past week has been harder than even the first few days, but I know eventually cravings will be gone. And hey, cravings dont hurt– they are uncomfortable, but they dont hurt… And if I had a cigarette, instead of calming that urge, it will just cause and perpetuate the next one, and the next one, etc. And how great it is to not be constantly worried about when and where I can smoke, or if I’m going to run out of cigarettes, or how stinky I smell when I hug my kids, and to not be nagged by the thought “how stupid can I be??”

  66. Oh Lord Jesus, this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!! Started using patches about 8 days ago and I have smoked maybe 2-3 a day. Down from 40 a day. I know that’s still not good . I have tried several times. Even though I am getting some nicotine I am snappy, mood swings. I want to cry, cold at times and want to smoke more. But not. Have not bought a pack since the 11th or 12th of February . I have got one or 2 from someone I know. (Don’t ask random strangers lol) I know it’s not suggested as the best way… but it’s working. I can have one in my hand before bed and actually have the strength to sit it down. Always smoked before I went to sleep. Went to the store to get a pack but left without. So it’s a step forward for me. Mentally I am bouncing everywhere. Can’t concentrate. . It’s just hell. Sad I didn’t know this when I was 14 or 15 and truly understand it. I’m now 43… And I read all of the success stories but this is pure hell!! But I am determined for this to work!!!! Cannot cold turkey, have tried and sadly, it wins each time. But I’ve got this. Good luck to all of those trying. If you fail, try again… time to control yourself and no longer let it control you!

  67. Just started it has been one week and it’s not easy i have been smoking for over 30 years and had minor surgery and decided to quit smoking the day of my surgery one day at a time because theses urgents are not a joke. So by reading theses comments i know i can do this.

    • I am on day 8, not sleeping properly, eating everything in sight, but am determined not to smoke. Irritability not so intense, so good luck and keep going, hopefully we can both beat this.

    • Not one puff. I have a friend that I can text anytime and just say smoke! She repleys with nooooo
      Helps to pass the craving ! Good luck I know this sucks

    • Last time I quit it was for 4 months and I started again because I couldn’t draw (I’m an illustrator), I just couldn’t find the flow and the concentration and I had trouble sleeping. Since it is my lively-hood, I couldn’t really cope with not creating and I ended up choosing to start to smoke again. Now I’m on hour 56 of withdrawal… it is hell once again but I’m hoping that this time the creativity will flow better and the insomnia will go away. I still have a few weeks to go though… until I know if can draw and not smoke…

      • Well, luuds, I’m having the same problem; I can’t seem to sit down at the drawing table or computer and do any work. I’m freelance so I have a little more flex in my schedule but I’m afraid I’m just NOT ever going to get the juices flowing again!! I’m 2 Months smoke-free…feeling crap most of the time. I remember reading in Norman Mailer’s biography that he quit smoking and felt like his head was stuffed with cotton for three months and he couldn’t write…

  68. I started smoking at around age 7-8 and continued off and on for the next 40 plus years. Feb 1, 2017 I quit cold turkey. A couple of days in the nausea & dizziness started, by day 9, I ended up in the ER so sick from the detox but I’m on day 22 without smoking, sleeping most nights, cravings are just about gone and feeling so much better overall. Keep up the great work everyone. 🙂

  69. Today marks 2 weeks I have quit smoking after 14 years. I’m 35. First few days were tough. After that, it got easier and easier. But most of the nights when I go to bed, I have these shakes just before I fall asleep. And I get dizzy during the day..I know it’s the withdrawals doing that. I just tell myself I’m almost through that stage. I’m really glad I quit, because I was having chest pains and my heat was beating faster whenever I was at work. So I’ll continue to quit smoking. Say No to Nicotine 🙂

  70. I quit smoking for ten years, but I justified a relapse when a family problem overwhelmed me. So for the last ten years, I’ve been off again, on again. I keep saying I’m quitting, and sometimes I make it for a few weeks or a few months, but I always go back. As of today, I haven’t had a cigarette for two weeks, and I’m sitting at my kitchen table, dizzy and shaking with the desire to go out and buy a pack. Thanks to all for sharing your experience. It gives me strength. God knows I need it!

  71. Got through for four months. Withdrawal symptoms were bad.
    Not regretting quitting. Feel brand new again after 40 years of smoking.

  72. Seven weeks for me with no help!!!!! Really pleased with myself though my gums feel tender and I am getting foot cramps. Anyone know if there is a connection? Good luck everyone x

  73. Haven’t had a cig since midnight on Sunday! I know it’s only 4 days but it feels like a huge achievement so far. I must admit I nearly cracked this evening but am trying to stay strong! Feeling anxious and a bit tight chested but will soldier on! This page has helped me feel better.

  74. Day 3 and I have sudden attacks where I feel like I can’t breathe… Like smoking would somehow provide oxygen? What the hell? I quit cold turkey and I gotta say @#%& it’s hard! Can’t wait for all the withdrawal to be over…

  75. Day 18 and I am feeling good Still using zero nicotine ejuice which gives some things to do and feel OK. I had cheated 3 times in last 18 days but not relapsed and I am OK and strong to continue the journey. Viru

  76. I smoked for 10 years and then I quit 2 weeks ago. However i slipped at the end of week 1 under the influence of alchohol and smoked a few. But then I stayed nicotine free for one week. The worst problem for me is the headaches and the short temper/ edginess! My girlfriend cannot have a conversation with me! Although cravings are now much less. Im staying strong and I hope things get better,

  77. I’m on day 2. Sluggish, can’t focus, tingling hands and light headed. I’m so glad these are a part of withdrawal, I was thinking something was wrong. The “cravings” have not been bad. I am surprised. I have smoked since 1972 so almost my whole life, I expected the cravings to be much worse. I have found this page and your comments quite helpful and will continue to monitor ya’ll. Go Lola, you can do this!!!

  78. It is hell. I have smoked for 56 years and am on day 6. I am so angry I feel suicidal, but I am too much of a coward. It was either quit or I would not be able to breathe. Even though for months I have only smoked 6 cigarettes a day. I have to do this.

  79. I’ve been smoking since I was 16 I’m 57 now.
    love smoking is my problem. But I awoke to what I thought was a heart attack early Monday morning about 3:00 am.
    I was a pack to pack and a half smoker.
    So it scared me and I quit cold turkey.
    It seems if time is slowed to half speed.
    A headache and tingling hands, acute awareness like my brain aren’t fogged up. Toothpicks seem to help:) day three for me:)

  80. Stopped smoking for approximately 4 weeks now and it’s not been too bad. Not the first time I’ve given up but hopefully my last as getting older. The reason I stopped this time was because I just could not get the brand i liked and so decided not to bother as the ones available were are too harsh so decided to stop. To get through the difficult days I just pretended to smoke – yes that’s right like children do- and it worked for me sometimes using rolled up paper or card. It cost me nothing and didn’t have to deal with any possible side effects of the nicotine substitutes. The cough I developed is on its way out too. So pleased with myself right now. My skin looks great and I don’t smell of stale smoke which all smokets do even if they think they don’t.

  81. Day 7 here. Struggling big time. Have been smoking for nearly 20 years, the last 10 years of that nearly a pack a day.
    Haven’t had headaches, so happy about that, but have had anger and sleeplessness, which isn’t really uncommon for me, but has been worse over the last week. I did get into a really bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night and having a smoke, so i have to sort that out as well.
    The anger is manageable, im generally pretty easy going, but work has been super busy and stressful over the last week. Has been really warm out as well, so want to be out there having a cig in the the sun.
    I just keep reminding myself that i am stronger than those little bits of paper and dried leaves. My hardest struggle is to not ask for them when i am in a service station or corner store.
    I just have to stay focused on the goal in mind. Oh, and i have found that reading books has been a great way to take my mind off it, it is more engaging than watching TV or movies. And i have been exercising like mad as well, which is starting to show results which is a good positive note, so i dont really want to undo all that hard work i have put in already.
    Sorry for long rant, just needed to get it out. Peace and good luck everyone.

  82. I have quit before but went back to smoking. The timeline on this post seems to be pretty accurate. I am on day 11 and the cravings are still there but improving, I think it is more the mental cravings now instead of physical. I started this journey to quit on Jan 1. I decreased my cigarettes by 5 a day every two weeks until the first two weeks of Feb was smoking only 5 cigs per day. Smoked my last 5 cigs on Feb 14th. Hoping to make it this time.

  83. I am on day 7 without a cigarette, went with accupuncture. I have two more sessions to go, no cravings, I have exercised more to fill the time gap, eaten more almonds in the last week than I can count. The night sweats have kept me up for the past week, migraine headache for four days, I did gain a couple pounds at first, but already losing it by filling in with the exercise. Those night sweats, with my body feeling so hot surely I have a fever, but the thermometer tells me, nope!

  84. On day #4 smoke free… It has not been easy but glad to read that I have the worst behind me! I keep repeating “I can do this!”. I have been doing it and will try to keep my willpower motivating me.

  85. I started smoking at age 15 and I am 40 now. I quit cold turkey no patches no vapes. I’m on day 4 no cravings I have been coughing my head off the past 2 days. I’ve increased my water intake and vitamins but the coughing is horrible. At least I know my lungs are spring cleaning and I never want to experience this again. All I can say is if your a woman wear a pad the bladder will fail with all the straining from coughing. Much strength to everyone getting rid of this vile habit!

  86. I have smoked for 30yrs. I have off cigarettes for 8 days now. It is hard considering I work in a casino where people are allowed to smoke, but every time I get the urge to smoke I just tell myself I am stronger than that cigarette and I believe it. I also have been praying to my God for help

  87. On day 8. Hard to breathe especially during 5 am to 6 am. Just feel my lung or my heartbeat was weak…. That will kill me … panic and depress was hunting me since day 7 … it’s harder than Day 1 to Day 5 … Hopefully, I will make it…

  88. Nicotine is as bad for you as caffeine but a lot more addictive. The hardest bit of given up tobacco is nicotine withdrawal so use a vape.

  89. Stop smoking cold turkey on 01/31/2017 @2:30 pm. My first 3 weeks I did ok. On Sunday 02/26/2017 I woke up to nicotine withdrawal. Having emotional and physical issues right into today Monday the 27th my birthday. I’m going to hold on and see it through, don’t want to go through this again.

  90. 4 weeks.
    Life feels different after smoking for 15 years. Even now sometime unintentionally i feel like putting my hand in pocket looking for lighter and cigarette.
    I have kicked it and never want to go back.

  91. I am 40 and have smoked off and on since the age of 17. The longest I quit was 4 years and the shortest 1 year with a grand total of 15 years of smoking 1/2 a pack a day at least. I switched to electronic cigs (vaping) 3mg. of nicotine about 3 years ago and decided to quit one week ago. It gets seriously harder every time to quit so this time is hopefully the last and I am done forever. I have had extreme anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, chills and foggy/dizzy head. Very tough week but each day gets a bit better and I focus on one hour, one day at a time. Like another commentator said here I have been exercising and walking every single day without fail, more than the last year for sure of sitting around vaping. I recommend exercise to everyone, not only is it nice to get fresh air and move your body it really helps take the edge off of anxiety and the edginess of withdrawal. Good luck to everyone!

  92. This is the 3rd time I’ve quit. First 5 months second 9 months and now 34 days. I found I was looking for an excuse to smoke the last 2 times. This time I’m done! Not one puff 0! I do feel confident. I do wish everyone the best on this “experience” fk. Not one puff and tell everyone you quit! Cold turkey it’s the drug I’m leaving behind not the action

  93. the easiest way to quit is get zero nicotine and vape nicotine free. you still get withdrawel symptoms but not near the way you get them if you were puffing on your ecig with smoke and coffee….Anyway im doing pretty good. on day 3 and cravings are getting a lot easier. soon i wont even want to bother with vaping…thats why i love quitting by vaping to do it….once your withdrawl symptoms get less and less so does even wanting to vape…that also leaves you…ive been smoking for 40 years and the first 3 days are the worst. after that it gets easier and easier to just go get busy doing something else and forgetting about wanting one….hope this helps somebody. vaping zero nicotine is my way of quitting and for me its the best way!!

    • Hi Sheila,
      By your wording… it sounds like you have used vaping to quit numerous times. Not sure what makes you slip but wonder if you are caught in a loop… maybe something should change? Maybe vaping isn’t the answer? My son is going to try to stop using nicotine… he was vaping… I don’t think switching out the vape solution is the answer for him as he is a minor… and many nicotine free solutions have some nicotine like decaf coffee and caffeine…

    • Go you! I’m glad you found your method. Don’t ever let someone tell you “oh, well…good luck with that. You’ll just go back to it sucking on that thing.” People are idiots, everyone is different. How you quit doesn’t matter; what actually matters is that you actually quit and you never quit quitting!

      Once you quit, you have to train your mind to be vigilent, never say “well, it’s just one.” Tell your friends they can *never* give you a cigarette no matter what you tell them. It really is that silly. They will forget after you’ve quit for several months, so remind them. And remind them again. Never take another puff. I quit for 9 months, started back immediately after a bad break-up…why? Because I never truly quit, I had one here, one there, we smoked half a pack together one night at a bar to get through the trigger – that next day was horrible! It was back to day 1. Don’t – do – it! lol Quit again for 2 years, same thing. Just one here or there, once and awhile I’d do some shisha with friends – it’s not the same, right? Next thing I know I’m stopping at gas stations buying cigars that I didn’t even like, just so I wouldn’t go back to smoking a pack. Yeah…back to smoking within a couple months.

      I’m finishing my second week on Champix now, and I’m starting day 8 as a non-smoker again and I’ll NTAP! As Admiral Akbar says…”It’s a trap!” Good luck, and hey, give us an update sometime about the vaping…I think people might like to see that people do, indeed, stop doing that as well. I’ve known several people who quit using e-cigs just like you mentioned and they stopped vaping within a couple months.

  94. its good to quit. i quit a month back after smoking for 22 years. faced chest pain and still have but now much reduced etc…..High BP….. now though urge is there but under control and i can overlook it….. feel active and healthy. Suggest all friends who smoke they must quit it since its effects every organ of ur body from head to toe. Pls share ur experience too to guide and encourage others to get rid from smoking. take care every body, love and serve the nature and all creation of nature…no alternative to get. learn to forgive others and enjoy the life. STAY BLESSED

    • Went to E.R. on 17th of this month because I’d been having minor chest pains. The test results came back okay.. I decided that was the last day to smoke. I’m 43 and have smoked since I was 16 yrs old. I’m relaxing right now, reading these comments and wanting a smoke soooooo bad!!!!!

  95. Day 15 for me. I smoked for 40 years. Came down with the flu two weeks ago which turned into pnuemonia. I am so crabby! Hard time sleeping. My mate who smokes isn’t the least bit happy with me. Hoping things get better and I can do this

    • hi Angela, same here…40 years smoking and now on day 15 quitting cold turkey. For me its getting more difficult each day….

  96. Been a smoker for 54 years.
    On day 5 without smokes,it’s ok.
    Tried. Quitting a couple of times,but relapsed after a fortnight because of many mouth ulcers.

    This time whatever happens I am quitting forever.

  97. Smoked for 21 years. Over the last 8 years have tried quitting 10+ times. However my addiction has been paced somewhat different then an average smoker as for the past 10 + years of my married life I have been somewhat a closet smoker. Don’t get me wrong my wife knows however I do not smoke once I get home from work and I typically don’t smoke on weekends at least the weekends I spend with her which is most. My issue is during this time when I know I can’t smoke, it does not bother me at all. Almost as if my habit / addiction forces my mind to understand. However when back to work or away from the house I can’t last an hour?? Longest stint quitting was for 3 Months 2 years ago using Champix. Problem was as soon as I went off almost immediately at work I started back up. Without medication or nicotine aids I typically have a few times a year where I will quit for 1 to 2 weeks at a time cold turkey. Again things like Christmas Holidays and Vacations with my family. We just finished a 2 week hot holiday vacation and I am on day 3 back in the office with no smoking. 19 days to be exact. This time I am ready as before holidays I cleaned vehicle, office space threw away all lighters to get these places more smoke free. Once again I had no problems on the 2 weeks away but now into the groove day 3 of work and it is painful. Wishing all of us the best of luck…….

    • You can do it! Are you still smoke free? I hope so. 🙂

      I have somewhat of a similar situation. I have been a smoker for 19 years. I’ve quit twice. The first time because of a near fatal car accident 10 years ago that had me in the hospital for a month. I was smoke free for nearly 6 months. I couldn’t move to smoke. Unfortunately the accident caused irreparable damage to my body, causing me to be on opioids ever since. I have found that when I take my meds, I have a seemingly uncontrollable urge to smoke. What is so odd, and similar to your experience, Kahuna, is that if I run out or don’t take one for 8 hours, I have absolutely no cigarette cravings whatsoever.

      For example, my prescription got all screwed up this past week. I had been without my oxycodone (I take 15mg 4x daily to give you an idea) for 8 days until this morning. I had no cigarettes during that time, no cravings to have one either. This morning my prescription got filled, and within an hour of taking 1 pill… I had an IMENSE craving, and a cigarette. I don’t know how to fight it. :'(

    • Hope you made it. I have been going through the same thing, today I am on day 5. I was a total closet smoker. My partner did not event know!

    • Hmm…seems you maybe able to reason away the addiction….your subconscious is clearly in “control” (well the wife is lol) joking aside reason why you cannot smoke…..perhaps something like…sure you can have a smoke…but it’ll cost you the tip of your pinky lol

      For most the strength of addiction means no more pinky fingers…and that is feels alright to remove ’em lol

  98. I have been smoking 42 years but very minimal. I always thought because I didn’t smoke a lot it was ok. My mother passed away 2 years ago from lung cancer and I still kept smoking. Two weeks ago I had surgery in my mouth and was told by my dentist I could not smoke at all. So this was it for me. I decided I have to do this. It’s two weeks today. It is so hard. I’m trying so hard. I refuse to give in to it. I just can’t wait to get past this. I’m not going back.

    • Exactly the same for me Linda, I had surgery in my mouth last Tuesday and they told me smoking was a Big No,no. stopped cold turkey 16 days ago .. keep up the good work x

    • Keep it up! Today is day 14 and I’m still craving them here and there, but I just tell myself they’re not worth a second of my time! They do absolutely nothing positive for you! I always thought, man i really love to smoke… but that’s just the Nicotine controlling your mind! This is my 3rd real attempt and I’m going to do it this time. Hang in there!!!

    • It’s terrible, isn’t it? You think when you aren’t a heavy smoker that it’ll be easier, or you can quit anytime you like. But nictotine addiction is like heroin addiction – even just one a day will start building a dependency, and you’ll still get hit by all the withdrawl. You can do it, though! Stay at it, and NTAP! Good luck!

  99. I’m on day 4, and this anxiety is driving me up the wall. It’s like a constant, unending, low grade panic attack. I’m not hyperventilating, but I am tense and nauseated nearly 24/7. I’ve always been high strung, and have suffered panic attacks in the past (mostly in enclosed spaces), but this is ridiculous. I’m not going to start smoking again, but I am seeing the doc in a few days to maybe ask about anti-anxiety meds. My body can’t take much more. 🙁

    • Lucy, forget about the meds; 4 more days and the anxiety will go. I have a similar experience. I am off for 11 days now. It’s way better than the first 4-5 days.

    • Lucy, that’s how I feel!! You have no idea how relieved I am to read this! I absolutely hate it for you, but I can relate completely. I also seem to be hyper- aware of my breathing. It’s like all of a sudden I pay attention to every breath and the pattern of my heartbeat. It’s odd…

    • Hang in there. I’m on day 14 of no smoking and not to sound Cliche, but it does get easier! I had a lot of trouble sleeping and could not relax lol. But, now that my mind fog is clearing, I have a more peaceful and calm outlook and it feels great. You can do it!

    • Stay strong. I am dealing with the same exact thing. I started walking 3 miles a day to cope with anxiety. I smoked for over 30 years. I have found that exercise and staying busy help with the panic. I am hoping that the longer I hold out the better it will get. I am on week 7 smoke free. You can do this. Try deep breathing exercises, they help too.

    • I used to deal with really bad panic attacks when i was younger, I am currently quitting (cold Turkey) and on day 3, My anxiety is through the roof except for its the anxiety that gives you constant scary thoughts, like Im going crazy, or I will loose my partner because I cant stop thinking about things going bad. Feeling funny and disconnected from people, like Im not there. Is this normal, has anyone else had this before?

    • I know what you mean.. I have had anxiety attacks before but this is too much. I am on day 12. I am seeing a doctor in a few days also. I am hoping he can do something. The best of luck to you.

    • I’m not a smoker and never have been but trying to understand what my husband is going through. He’s 41 and smoked since he was 14. He has high blood pressure and has been smoke free for almost 3 days. He’s been lying in bed, feeling absolutely awful. I’m really trying to show grace and compassion but I’m having a hard time. I’m not sure how I can be supportive.

  100. Good luck to you all. I have not had a fag for nearly a year mothers day will make a year

    But be on your guard you will still crave a fag but stay strong it dont last long.

    Im so proud of myself but must say since ive stopped ive had some minor health issues which im not 100% sure are linked but i didnt have when i was a smoker!!

    • Wanting a better life is worth the discomfort of withdrawal. I’ve been arrogant enough to stop & start again for years but just how rotten & addictive, smoking is makes me wish I’d been smart enough to avoid it completely. A dark, seductive dagger of poverty & illness, smoking is as Yoda would say BUT freedom is a far better taste! 🙂

    • I hear ya. It’s only been 3 days & I’m climbing the walls! I’ve tried “many” times. However, I’m really hoping I can quit for good! Had a new pain & the Dr said the “C” word. So scared! Smoked for 40 years & always knew the consequences but this young. It’s great to read that others have the same withdraw symptoms. I’m hoping for everyone’s success!

      • You can do it! Don’t give in. Tell yourself you love you and fight! You’ll feel so much better in a month or two. I’m on day 31 after smoking 30 years. Pray and ask the Lord to take it from you and make your mind believe you never smoked. He will see you through. I’ll be praying for you Lisa! 🙂

      • I’m on day 3…during the day I’ve not been too bad. It’s this evening that has been hard. I could of seriously flying kicked my other half in the head and I mean his head . Poor bloke he was only trying to make me laugh. Pft! Laugh I did not . He’s gone to bed out of my way.. I could hear my neighbour lighting herself a fag earlier (she smokes in the yard, we’d exchange pleasantries over the wall whilst smoking). Hoping tomorrow is a better day. I’m also avoiding all my smoking friends and family as I don’t feel strong enough (yet!). Wow I’m really an addict, a nicotine addict, feel like I should be going AA and announcing my name and how many I smoke(d) a day…

    • I’m on day three. I want one soooooo bad. Help! I can taste one right now as I’m typing this. That is all. Carry on.

      • Hi all quitters. I quit last day of January 2017. Forget any nicotine replacement, it just prolongs the agony. I’m bloated constipated and fatter, but I will never smoke again, ever. My hubby still smokes. I’ve attended a family funeral and had a beer outside with all the smokers, didn’t want one. Simple answer, read Allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking. I’ve smoked since I was 14. Will be 50 this year. I am climbing mountains. just read it plzzzz xxx

  101. Had a surgical procedure on Tuesday and not allowed to smoke. On day 4 and feeling dizzy and sweating. Very weak but here’s the opportunity to give up. Didn’t expect this never even thought about it.

    • going in for surgery mid June-need to quit-noticed my pre-op paperwork calls for a nicotine blood test. Worried that it won’t get out of my system b4 surgery & they’ll cancel. Having an ankle joint replacement (have already had a hip & shoulder replaced. this Dr is adament about not smoking, says mt bones won’t heal as quickly or as well. Scared as hell. Quit for almost 2 yrs & stupidly felt it would hurt my husband if I started again! It hurt me. That 1 out of anger was just not enough! I have 5 days til my bloodwork, was told it should be out of my system in 3 to 5 days. I pray! I can’t have this surgery delayed becuz of my stupidity. Wish me luck for both quitting and surgery.

  102. I quit for almost 12 years. Started up about 3 years ago. I hate it. I hate smelling, I miss being able to breathe, I hate the cost, and how people treat you because you smoke. It is now 11:03 am on 03/03/17 and I haven’t had a smoke since 10:00 pm last night. I can’t stop thinking about it. Ugh…this sucks. I haven’t told anyone I am quitting either. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed if I fail. Thinking I might need to start a journal as writing to this post has made me feel better. Wish me luck!

    • keep going Andrea, you can do it, and in a few weeks you will be so glad you have stopped.I have just got to my 4th week cold turkey, and I feel so much better, I smoked for 38 years and I was on 30 a day. I always said I enjoy it I like it, I lied I hated it but was addicted like everyone else on here. But hey Im doing it and you can too. I read the easyway book and found it was really easy.Honest Try it…good luck

    • The smokes are nasty for sure. You don’t need luck – you’ve done it before and just need to suffer through. Here is the bummer – I smoked for about 10 years then quit for ten years. I had a little personal hiccup and had a few puffs that turned into a ten year puff. Quit again 25 years ago. And I know it would be easy to fall off the wagon, even after 25 years. NTAP is the only safe strategy. The s$&@ is really nasty.

    • ‘LUCK IS 4 U!’. You’ve started the process & you will make it as you keep going. Visualize yourself as a far healthier, wealthier & in control individual – You CAN!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxoo

  103. Thanks, friends. This is my third day, as I resolved to quit for Lent this time. The worst thing for me is that the cigarettes in the morning and evening were the time i sat with my husband and we shared, over coffee, the day, whatever. Every time I’ve tried to quit before, he has not helped me because he doesn’t want to quit. It’s in my face all the time. So separating our time together is one issue. Now today some anger and sadness is setting in. The cravings morning and night have been tough, but I haven’t caved and am determined not to. Cold turkey is the only way I’ve ever done it. Once I quit for 3 months, then had the “just one” – and I was right back where I started. The constipation is really annoying me this time.

    • Vicki I feel your comment the most. 100 percent. Dealing with similar relationship situation tho we do not live together. On day 4 and in fact have had to shut him and most of the world our all 4 days. Came very close to caving in today, I knew it would cut right through the mental fog and despair and yes, make me regular again! But what is weird is I have been smoking for several years and quit many times … This time it was not planned. Its like i was just ready, and the stubborn non smoker is a new identity, a better version, that you just have to step into and surrender to. But oh, I know, there will be nostalgia, and an itching. To deal with loved ones…. Meditation to help strenghthen the resolve and not go back, and to realize we can only make decisions for our selves.

    • I went into hospital almost a month ago with heart problems brought on by smoking. I am 62 and have quit before so I know what to expect. I haven’t smoked in 22 days but I was on the patch in the hospital. I quit that two weeks ago because of nightmares. So I have been nicotine free for 2weeks. I’m still feeling fatigue and some anxiety but nothing like the first week. You have to put yourself in the mindset that you are suffering to get well. Yes you are going to suffer because nicotine is powerful but it will get better just don’t smoke no matter what.

  104. I’m on day 3 and find myself extremely emotional. Not just mad but I’m crying mad!! What the heck…. I’m embarrassed but I still don’t want a cigarette. I’m doing the mini patch and I think that has kept my anxiety down somewhat but I just want to get on the other side of this. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me but I just want to hurry this along. The days and nights are brutally long. Now I worry that once I stop doing the patch, will I go through additional withdrawals….
    I think I will stop the patches after 7-days and see what happens. If it is too soon, I will continue until more time has passed. I’m very determined to succeed this time. I can do this! To those who are equally determined, hang in there….

    • I have tried the patch many times, and it’s too easy. Your body has to rid itself of nicotine, and the only way to do it is to go cold turkey. Its brutal and takes a few weeks for you to get over the worst part , but it’s the only way I’ve ever been able to totally quit.

    • Hey Stephanie….follow the entire patch program.
      By following the whole program, you will have time to break with
      habits and behavior that signal you to smoke. This will also
      allow you to look back at time banked not putting those cancer sticks
      in your mouth. You don’t know me..but trust me on this.
      Coming off 7mg patch is easier than cold turkey.
      I’ve done it before but made the bad decision (choice)
      to have just one. We know how that ends up.
      Also, one of my motivators is the toll this could have on loved ones.
      Remember..there is no fast track to this process. We did it to ourselves. You can do this.

  105. On day 33
    Dizziness fatigue insomnia sadness and eating like mad
    Strange body aches anxiety and tingling in my hands and feet had them all
    Still going strong we can do this

  106. On the advice of my Cardiologist, he said at my age, (67) not to go cold turkey. I have high blood pressure. I was a 2-1/2 pk a day chain smoker, and have smoked for 51 years. What is working for me is the e cig. It has been 2 weeks now, and I’m down to 6 real cigs a day and the e cig if insanity rears its ugly head lol. Even quitting this way the withdrawal has been rough. The first week was intense stomach pain and diarrhea that lasted 2 days with a headache. I had occasional nausea and coughing up junk that tasted like it came out of an out house. Week 2 now and back to stomach pain only so far. Hoping it doesn’t go further. I’m going to drop off to 4 or 5 real cigs tomorrow and drop down to the next lower dose e cig. I’m doing this gradually so my body doesn’t go into physical and mental shock. My sister quit this way and so can I 🙂

    • Hie Karla,
      How have you been doing these days after quitting,do you have some withdrawel symptoms? I quit smoking on january.5.2017 after 42 years smoking.It has been 5 months now I still feel heaviness and pain on my chest on and off and also very dry mouth in last one month.

    • I’m going the vape route myself. Slowly cutting down the cigarettes with vaping. Once I’m off cigarettes I’ll start lowering the nicotine level in the vape juice. 2 packs a day. A smoker since the age of 12. It’s nice to read about someone else using e-cigs/vaping. Hope all is going well for you!

  107. Hi, I’m on day 5. But I purchased this stuff I seen floating around on facebook called TBX-FREE. I got it from amazon and read all reviews I could. It works tremendously! I do not work for or am affiliated in any way with this company. Just want to help everyone else. Google it. Research it. You won’t be sorry. I have tried everything under the sun. EVERYTHING! I failed everytime with in just hours. This stuff has helped with anxiety, moodiness, cravings, and it’s safe. My husband is also taking it and has not smoked. I had to early spring cleaning my home because Oh my God, the smell!! I have smoked since I was 14 and am 46 and advised to quit for upcoming surgery. I’m so thankful for this product!!

  108. Hi guys I am on day 3 I’m only 20 and been smoking 6 years! This is hard bloody work I’ve been so close to smoking but I can not let myself down!!! The benefits so far are already amazing! My senses such as taste buds are different! Being able to get on the bus smelling good, not like before smoking a fag then getting on wondering how bad u smell hahha!!! Just remember why you are here guys and quitting. The support on this page are amazing thank you and good luck!!!

  109. This timeline and the comments have been very helpful to me.
    I started smoking daily at the age of 14 and that was 42 years ago.
    My first grandchild will be born in May and that finally gave me the willpower I needed.
    I’m at Hour 58 but I know I’ll prevail.
    Thanks to all!

    • Good luck Sallie, I am going to be a grandma as well in May and it was my motivation too! I am at day 28 smoke free after smoking 43 years. I used Chantix which helped enormously, but I find I am depressed like I lost my best friend (to which my hubby chuckled). Then I laughed, even tho it sounds silly, its true and I am retraining my brain. I stopped Chantix 5 days ago since I felt it was making my depression worse. Now, 5 days later, I am still depressed, and think about smoking. But I will not go backwards as I have come so far. Hope everyone that has quit on here, stays quit!

  110. In my experience it depends from person to person, embrace yourself for 4 weeks of withdraw pangs here and there during these coming days, exercise and sleep as much as you can and switch your diet to more vegan and fruits as much as you can.

    The withdraw pangs comes because this is an addiction that people are trying to escape from and when people quit the nicotine and all kind of others toxins that are in cigarettes and they are many that are attacking the brain and the body demanding for their fix so it vary from person to person how long the withdraw pangs are hoovering over them, that´s why its very important to get as much sleep as possible, exercise, mediate, eat fruits and go for vegan recipes in between also if possible.

  111. Day 8, have tightness in the chest already had my heart checked it’s still good. I have smoked for 30 years. How long does the tightness in the chest last

    • The smoking cessation program that I went though said no more than a month usually. Good luck. Some of it could be anxiety too.

    • I’ve been doing nicotine gum and e-cigs for a month. Week 2 the chest tightness had me at urgent care. My blood pressure was scary high.
      Week 3 started a new cough from the BP meds.
      Now on week 4, my arms
      Hurt, my chest is tight. The cough from the meds is worse than my smoker hack, and I am parked 50 feet away from a pack of smokes, don’t know how long I am hold out. I quit because I felt bad. I feel 10 times worse now.

    • Usually is just a symptom of anxiety from quitting. Try taking deep breaths and allowing your shoulders and chest to collapse forward from time to time. That is how you can feel where your body is holding its tension. It’s all in your head. Find ways to relax.

  112. Thank you for being here.
    I started 6 days ago when I got the flu, since I couldn’t breath. It’s 26 years with only two quits for 6 months each. The body remembers the addiction. My body is a particular bitch, because it successfully convinces me that I am dying! Every 48 mins, I will sit and pain writhes through my veins and guts like shards of glass, pumping until my heartbeat fades and pressure in my chest And arm!! This body is way to smart, it kinda proves that we are not completely attached or responsible for everything our body does.
    The 6th day.

    • My bones actually hurt for a few days or a week. It took me a bit to connect the two. It passed. Then the constipation set in. Miserable and nothing really helps, I have considered smoking 1 cigarette each morning just to stop that but I hope I keep rejecting that thought.
      I am curious what will come next. I hope nothing but peace and tranquility ! 25 days FREE and praying for 25 more.

  113. I have been smoking for about 6 years, 14 days ago i took the decision that i don’t want to continue with my life as a smoker, and I’ve been smoking free since then. I take it one day at a time and think of all what I’ve been through everytime the craving starts. I can feel that my body is much relaxed, and im looking forward to reaching 1 month. Good luck guys!

  114. It’s been 5 months without smoking still having dizzines and headache. Everytime i wake up in morning i don’t have energy. And my regular BP is 90/60. Not having cravings though. Btw i did cold turkey.

  115. I’ve been cutting down for the past month and finally had my last cigarette yesterday. What is scaring me is the constant chest tightness I’ve had the last several weeks. Is that normal?

    • Hi, Lydia! I too am hoping someone here can answer this question, but I am experiencing the chest tightness as well and it is alarming. I can tell you, in hopes of giving you some mental ease, I have had X-rays, blood tests, and EKGs and I am “completely normal.” Stay strong!

    • I would say that the chest tightness is a fairly ‘normal’ bodily response.

      Just remember the underlying cause of the discomfort is the cigarettes themselves and that quitting is only going to improve your symptoms.

      All the best.

    • yes. very normal! especially from anxiety ,which will continue for months or years after your quit. you need to learn the distinctions between cig stimulant induced tightness and stimulant induced anxiety, or your own anxiety.

    • I went to my doctor I got scared cause the center of my chest was tight and shortness of breath I let him know I just stopped smoking 2 week’s prior and he told me the tight chest cones from my respiratory system was in the process of healing and the reason the chest is tight cause respiratory swells up it’s breathing and healing so it swells not to worry he said he gave me medication for inflammation so I can breath better and swelling in respiratory it was very scary I thought I was on my way to stroke he explained all the withdrawals from nicotine and it has been so ugly but I’ve noticed my symptoms are so bad I’m going on a month now

  116. im 29 yrs old and i have been smoking for nealy a decade, this is my 1st week nw, the problem is i cant concentrate at work and this realy affects my perfomance,but stll I QUITE,i rather loose my JOB than my lung 🙂

    • I quit 4 weeks ago and the ability to perceive time and to focus on tasks does kinda suffer. But, after week 3, I have noticed the “fog” starting to lift. Hang in there. It does start to get better.

    • This too shall pass, hold on, think of how your lungs are cleaning up. I also quit like 4 weeks back and Ive got this damn cough. I cant imagine having to go breathless all the time. I need my life and my health back. So i urge you NOT TO GIVE UP..

    • I am on day 109 smoke free. For the first month I juiced every day, carrots, ginger, garlic and a cucumber or celery. Sometimes I would blend that with green powder( you know ,green superfood). I found that was the ONLY thing that relieved my fatigue and brain fog. If I ever forgot, which was only a few days, I would be completely shutting down by noon.
      I have quit before and what derailed me was the fatigue and brain fog, which lasted 45 days before 8 went back to smoking. I was honestly afraid of losing my job. The juicing completely resolved both.

  117. I quit smoking 6 weeks ago, from 40 years of smoking, but I have co-workers that smoke. I am temped to smoke everyday I’m working. I have even slipped and have smoked a half a cig about nice a day on those days. Is it normal to still feel bad after stoping all but a half a cig. I’m still having shortness of breath, heartburn, hot flashes, can’t seem to get passed it. I still need help!

    • 6 weeks in after 40 years too. I haven’t touched a cigarette yet, but want to every single day. I just wish my brain would stop thinking about it from the time I wake up till I go to sleep. I’d be fine otherwise. LOL. P.S.. also have the hot flashes, they are unbelievable.

    • I feel ya , As long as you are feeding your cravings, you will not train your mind to move past them. The thought of smoking even half scares me/ I am so terrified that I would go right back to my full smoking amount. I don’t understand. This week has been the worst . I am in my third week smoke free and the first two weeks were a breeze. Now, it feels like I just started trying to quit. I also smoked almost 40 years. I am 52 and I wonder at times if I am doing myself any good to have waited this long to quit.
      I don’t really have shortness of breath, unless I over-do it. I work out regularly and I am sure that getting into that habit has improved my breathing ability so much that it really amazed me when I started. Cardio will help you a great deal with that. Start walking and work your way up with speed and distance. See your dr to make sure that you are healthy enough.
      I never had a lot of problems with hot flashes while going through menopause, now, I am like a total sweat box, day and night/ Hot flashes like mad.
      I need help too. This is making me crazy.

      • Lynn, you may want to have your thyroid checked if you haven’t yet. A friend of mine quit and had similar symptoms. A blood test showed she had a mild thyroid problem that smoking must have been masking. A small pill every day is all it took to make her body temperature regulate normally, and her energy level increased.

  118. I quit 112/23/2016…why had triple bypass surgery!!! Surprise to me! In good shape but a smoker! Since that hospital stay i have been smoke free. Sure it goes through my head and at times still thinking about smoking….but i look at my scars from my bypass surgery and my mind says no way!!! Hell of a way to decide to quit….but thats reality!!! Wont touch another smoke ever again….my life is too important!!!

  119. Day 1 my third time, previously I had stopped using patches; I have stopped this time and for good “cold turkey”. Good luck to everyone I wish you all the best and stay strong!!

  120. Hi all! I am on day 8 of quitting cold turkey and am having the worst tightness in my chest. I’ve been to the emergency room and to my doctor because I felt as though I couldn’t breathe, almost full on panic bcas It felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. All my x-rays, tests and blood work are normal and I have no past issues with anxiety or panic attacks. I assume my symptoms are due to me quitting smoking, so how long does this shortness of breath and tightness in the chest last?? I could really use some peace of mind here!!! For everyone else, start strong!!!

  121. Begining day 4. Insomnia is kicking in. I consider myself to have a lot of willpower and be a strong person in general. This is hard to do, but I am resolved to do it. I think that is the biggest thing. I have quit before for 6 months or so, and was still young and said “screw it” and started smoking again. The key to quitting is to have your reasons and remind yourself of them. Also, not allowing yourself to think things like “it’s just one cig, one puff” etc. Look at it like heroin. Every time you do heroin it can kill you. Treat smoking the same way. Not even one puff or you are doomed to smoke again.

  122. I’m on day 15 and feel great; however I’ve gained weight. Instead of feeling bad I will start exercising, because I refuse to go backwards.

  123. day 5 here. Approaching this with anything else than a strong will is a risky and failing strategy. I am sad to admit I smoke since 13 and now 31…. all I hope is that my body will recover with time, this is the only thing I keep spinning in my mind every time the have a cigarette idea pops In my mind. I wish an iron will to everybody out there stepping in my shoes

  124. I’m 7 days smoke-free for the first time in 15years after being a 20 a day gal, I’m so proud but I’m an emotional wreck. I get worked up over the smallest thing and go from being angry to crying hysterically…is this normal!!?? I’m also not sleeping properly aswell which I’m finding hard. Please tell me this gets better!!

  125. It is so helpful seeing everyones’ comments here – it spurs me on. I quit a week ago on my 59th birthday – smoked since a teenager. First week has been not too bad considering. Getting some triggers to light up, but quite determined that it is worth not smoking and to quit before I am 60 ! I am hoping that it is true that depression is lessened with not smoking as I have suffered from time to time with that. It has all got to be win win – keep it up everyone and thanks for the helpful commentary.

  126. This is day 68 after 50 years of smoking starting at nine. Only slightly beyond insanity but wow what a difference! I CAN BREATHE! My Wife still smokes too with no end in sight. Now I just keep reminding myself that like every other junkie one cigarette will take me back to being a smoker which I don’t want. I’m not happy with the thirty pounds I’ve gained either but am more willing and able to exercise that away.

  127. it does not get better or easier after week 5, this is crap. I’m on week 6, still have horrendous cravings, mood swings and depression. EVERYTHING I had read has said it only takes 5 weeks. Why do none of the sites deal with the psychological dependency of smoking and that is what makes people go back. Your whole is based on smoking. so the stopping is easy, the changing you ENTIRE life is not. The brain isn’t so happy with all of this, and is constantly telling you to go back. So read all you want, nothing out there deals with the truth of quitting.

  128. Decided this past Wednesday that Friday night I was gonna quit. So Friday night I had “My last cigarette” I’ve been smoking 3/4 a pack a day for like 2 years, that was down from a pack a Day. After 16 hours without a cigarette I almost ripped my kitchen island off the floor (I have a house with 2 young kids and a 4 month old… it was loud lol) so I caved and bought a pack. It tasted gross. I’ve decided cold turkey isn’t going to work for me and I’m going to ween myself off. I only smoked 3 today. I’m going to have my wife hide my cigarettes and only give me 5 for an entire day for a few weeks then go down 1 cig every two weeks. If I didn’t have the kids and if I was in a less hazardous line of work I would try cold turkey. Maybe I’m making excuses, probably. Not even sure why I’m sharing, guess I just needed a place to vent and this was pretty easy. Anyone know any good Facebook groups for people trying to quit? Support group type things ? Oh and just so everyone feels mildly better, I don’t smoke in my house, it’s outside or in the shed.

  129. I didn’t start smoking until I was 8 months shy of turning age 40, 11 years ago now. I know…crazy! In fact, I had always advocated against smoking. But, I foolishly started smoking with coworkers on a February day back in 2006. I naïvely called it goofing around and became addicted within approximately 2 weeks. I had absolutely no idea of just how powerful and addictive nicotine truly is. I finally made the wise decision to quit cold turkey! on 3/7/17. The constant bouts of irritability, anxiety, lumpy throat, restlessness, chest pain/tightening, headaches and hot/cold flashes is relentless, but the countless benefits of quitting makes it all worth it. Real talk! On Day 5 now and still going strong! Fighting off cravings is becoming easier at times…Just taking it day by day tho’. Keep hanging in there, everyone! And remember this about cigarettes/nicotine addiction: “We don’t want it, it wants us.” “Never take another puff!”

  130. My hubby quit due to COPD and couldn’t breathe normally. So severe he has to use a rescue inhaler at times. His behavior changed. Mood swings. Throwing things and even ripping our bedroom door off the hinges when I locked myself in. It is horrible. Oh, he quit smoking pot, too, so 2 withdrawals at the same time. I had to change the sheets a lot because of the horrible night sweats. omg He is still not a happy camper. I will endure it, for better or worse.

  131. I’m on hour 126 of my quit. I feel pretty good, but have had a couple bouts of nausea (mild). Very odd. Today will be the end of day 5. Good to read everyone else’s comments. I’m not alone, it seems!

  132. I’m 25 years old and have been smoking regularly since 13-14. I quit on March 3, 2017 and I am so sick. I got the flu a few days ago and I feel like I’m dying haha. It’s impossible to concentrate at work and I’m so, so tired. It really helped reading all the threads, guys. Just trying to keep on keeping on! Thanks for all the support, good luck!

  133. From the stories I’ve read here it appears that everyone’s journey is a bit different. I quit smoking 5 weeks ago for the second time. The first time was in 2000 for about 1 year and a half. Everyone’s experience is different and therefore everybody is going to have something that does or does not work for them.
    I feel fortunate that I’m not going through what some of you are; fatigue, nausea, constipation, etc.
    I have not changed much of my daily routine because I enjoy my daily routines and don’t want quitting smoking to affect me anymore than it is. I still enjoy my coffee, being outdoors and my 1 or 2 beers a day. People had told me that I would have to cut out these things I enjoy to make quitting easier. For sure I have felt the urge while having a coffee or a beer or sitting outside. But I had also read somewhere, and I think this is important, that you should embrace your cravings. Take it on the chin. I think of that every time I have a craving and long for the time that eventually…this feeling will be in my past. (it happened last time)
    I know this all sounds a bit self important and I’ve always despised narcissists but in this circumstance, in order to successfully quit, I think we have to be narcissists at least for the time being!
    Good Luck to all….I’ve read every comment here and it will make it easier moving forward…Knowing I’m not alone in my crazy feelings.
    I quit cold turkey this time; Last time was with a patch system.

  134. 3rd day in today…have substituted ‘tea’ for thise craving moments…force myself to sip slowly until it passes…and reading..a lot of reading …haven’t slept for two days…yet doze off only to be wide awake alert within 20mins…tired maaaaan…hope to keep this up, will go for a run tomorrow to help the system heat up…help it along…good luck friends

  135. I smoked as a kid and quit at 19/20 yrs old. Restarted again at 43 and 5 years later, after several periods of 3-6 months at a time stopping, I have stopped again. On day 14 now.
    I can completely agree that after x number of months (or 20+ years in my case), you cannot go back for a few “casual” smokes. I envy people who can have a smoke with a few drinks on social occasions and then not bother again. I personally cannot do this and I don’t know anyone who has ever smoked in earnest who can either. Once you quit, if you want to stay quit, you cannot smoke even 1 ciggie. Once you do cave in, the thought of going through it all again is so awful that I typically would then smoke again for several months at least, until the desire to stop forced me to try again. I am fed up with this cycle and am determined to stay off the demon weed this time around.
    I think stressing the positive aspects of quitting is important for getting through the intensity of the first few weeks, but I also think that you have to also go through almost a grieving process, so that you can let it go and accept that it’s part of your life that is now over.
    Good luck everyone

  136. This is intense. I was able to quit cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant with my son but then started back a few months after having him. Quit again for three months then started again. I am on day 1 not even 10 hours and I feel myself freaking out. My body is telling me STOP I don’t feel well when I have one, but still crave. I know it’s time

  137. Keep it up guys. I am going on day 15 cold turkey. Thanks God no cravings no side effects so far. And i think the reason of zero cravings is my kids. When i see them smiling and flirting with me i just feel guilty that i am not honest to them and maybe i will make them sad someday due to my smoking habit. Just got it down and no more smoking no matter what. Dont give up and think about your loved one and spend time with them. Thanks

  138. 3 years ago my brother died from cancer that same weekend my wife was diagnosed with COPD, we both gave up cigarettes, shortly after my brother dying my dad couldn’t cope and showed signs of dementia, he now lives in a nursing home with full blown dementia, mum lives alone.
    I lasted 2 yrs and my wife has not smoked since, 2 months ago I had to put my best friend Charlie to sleep he was with me for 19 years, broke my heart and made me ill, I had to try and stop the smoking, I’m 2 weeks in and I feel like death warmed up but I ain’t giving up because if I do I feel it’ll be time to buy some rope.
    Best of luck to you all

  139. I chewed tobacco for 45 years. And I quit 4 months ago. Cold turkey. After one day I was digging through my trash for one more chew. That was it. I am surprised that even now I get ambushed by nicotine urges. I will not start again. Ever.

  140. Wow.. this is straight on target. I quite smoking about 2 years ago it lasted 9 mo… I started getting a feeling of terror. I was going to get fat. So I did the unthinkable and started smoking again. I thought one a day will help and then it quickly turned into a pack a day.
    3 weeks ago I came down with a viral upper respiratory infection. I am so sick it’s horrible I have been to the doctor 2 times on my second round of antibiotics and prednisone and countless other meds including a nebulizer. And to top it off I can’t hear because I am so congested. 5 days ago with lots of begging from my husband I decided to quite smoking. The first 3 days I felt like he was the one controlling my life. On the 4th day when he was gone getting meds for me…. I decided to light up. One small puff and I was coughing and gaging horribly. I put it out and confessed to my husband and I then realized he was right. So it’s been a tough 5 days and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But when I find myself at that point I have this to remind me that smoking is the one that controls me. And on the bright side of things my house is getting spring cleaned. Good luck everyone.

  141. Quit cold turkey on 14/1/2017.
    I didn’t get the mood swings, as I believe a had a habit, not an addiction, but I am always reminded of smoking nostalgia, especially as i use the computer a lot and one of my triggers was between events on the computer. I really badly needed a cigarette last night, for no apparent reason. I even got into the car to go buy ‘just one pack’ but thought as I started the car “I don’t need this’, and went back inside.
    the ‘cravings’ or triggers stay with you for life. It’s like any addiction, once you are, you always are.
    I smoked a brand new 2 storey house away (to put it into real world expense terms) THAT is what keeps me Quit.

  142. This is great to read how I’m not alone & get to read everyone else’s struggles & successes. Have nervousness, anxiety, chest pains & it’s only been 3 days. Tried many times and did quit once for 3 months. Went to the dr’s & waiting on test results & hoping it’s not the “C” word. Smoked for 40 years & know the consequences but was hoping for later in life. We can all quit! Keep positive!!

    • I smoked for 40 years. I had a lump in my throat and Dr. saw abnormality on May 24, 2017. I quit smoking then. Did biopsy; diagnosed with larynx cancer one week ago. Smoke free for 20 days but now face 35 treatments of radiation. Dr. Told me I had cancer but have to wait for tumor board to review my case. Always waiting. I also thought I would quit before I got cancer. I’ve been very emotional. I hope you don’t have cancer.

  143. I quit like about 4 weeks back. Ive got this nasty stubborn cough that leaves me trying to catch my breath for a while. I did two courses of antibiotics just to kill this cough or any sorta infection of the lung. The cough is still there, and my throat is so irritable that each time I yawn or try to take a deep breath, i start coughing again or feel like coughing. Anybody experiencing any thing like this. Should I ought to be concerned?

    • I have a cough as well. This is my second round and hopefully my last. If your cough keeps up ask your doctor to help. There are things that will help it’s just your lungs trying to get back to normal. Have you tried sucking on spearmint or peppermint? Tic Tacs seem to help.

    • this sounds like bronchitis, which is a viral infection and antibiotics will do nothing but rip up your immune system. i had bronchitis, sinusitis, and an ear infection all at the same time, all from cigs. the best thing you can do is quit and eat organic healthy foods and drink organic black or green or herbal teas. and rest with periods of light exercise to help get that gunk outta your body. good luck!

    • Hey. I had this same thing last time I quit. I found it persisted until one day I did some seriously vigorous exercise. I had a massive coughing fit which hurt like hell, felt like my lungs were on fire. However after this I stopped coughing and was fine again.

      I stopped for two years, I’ve been smoking again for ten or eleven. Now on day 3.5 cold turkey and feeling strong.

      The problem for me is the temptation to roll a spliff.

  144. I am on day 5 without a cigarette. I have smoked for 38 years, since I was 12, and never thought I would be able to do it alone. So, I started taking Chantix 12 days ago. It was such an incredible feeling at first, to forget to smoke. Then my quit day came and Wowsa has this been hard. I can’t imagine what it would be like without the meds.
    On one hand I’m thrilled to be smelling things again! Its amazing to really know what an item smells like. I am encouraged by all the positives that I am experiencing!
    On the other hand, I am sure how easily all of this could end. How just lighting one would change all of this. Its like any other addiction you gain some control over, it never goes away. You just have to stay vigilant. I will Always be an addict. I have to approach every day with that knowledge.
    I couldn’t tell you how many times I previously attempted quitting. Countless times, countless failures. This time, there is no going back. This time, I am no longer a smoker. This time, I win.
    Thanks for listening (reading)! Keep up the good fight! We can all do this!

    • I’m on day 14 with no smoking and I am taking Chantix as well. This is actually my 3rd time quitting with the Meds. My previous failures were simply that I told myself I could just have 1 cigarette here and there… not this time. Once stop, you can never smoke again! That scared me to death, but now my attitude has changed. I don’t want to go back to smoking, it does absolutely nothing positive for you! Keep it going!

    • Hello, I’m taking Chantix as well for the second time…..the first time I couldn’t bring myself to pick a quit day. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 17 years…..I picked yesterday as my quit day but had 2… I decided not to beat myself up because I would have smoked 30 plus… today I figured I would try again. Had 1 so far and that was 8 hours ago. Really struggling right now…’s all that I can think about. I guess I thought this would be easier. Part of me wants to get rid of the cigarettes I have left, but the addict in me says keep them just in case. The same one that made sure I always had an extra pack on back up. I think now I’m just rambling, but typing it actually helped. Good luck to all! I will say a prayer for all of you.

  145. I don’t think tobacco or alcohol should be legal.
    I think the penalties for all drug laws including tobacco should be steep.
    This way our children will be far less tempted to smoke if at all.

    End the cycle

  146. Im in day 4. After 18 years of smoking. I smoke a pack per day monday i said enough is enough. Sleepless night is my concern any advice. Lets do it we can do it.

    • It is tough I am on day 4 too! try some lavender essential oil (just smelling it) or reading in bed. it will make your eyes tired and you will fall right out.

    • My advice read! Reading for me not only takes my mind of cigs it also gives me something to do and helps with sleep. Keep going and be proud your doing well

    • Day 14 for me, you can do it. Insomnia is definitely one of the big side effects. And unfortunately it can last for several weeks. Quitting smoking triggers big chemical changes in the body.. but it’s for the better! I use(d) Melatonin to help me sleep and it works pretty good. Hope that helps.


  147. This is my FIRST day… and it’s only 10:12 a.m., but typically I’ve already had 4 cigarettes by now and I would be going out on break for another. I have absolutely no cigarettes and would have to buy a pack if I wanted one, which I have a really strong urge to do so, but I’m really really trying not to. Is it ridiculous that I’m commenting already and it hasn’t even been a full 24 hours? I’ve already snapped at my husband once this morning and feel terrible. I’m trying to tell myself this is normal withdrawal and to stay strong. Reading the comments help. Glad I found this website.

    • I am on day three of quitting. I picked up a cigarette butt and smoked it today. I was going nuts. Now I am mad at myself for doing that. I quit 9 years ago . Stayed off them for a year and then made the mistake of smoking*just one*. Was right back on them withing a week.
      This seems harder this time than last time. I am doing a lot of praying. Without Gods help, I’m not going to get through this.

    • One hour at a time. You can do this! We are all stronger than this addiction. I remember countless quit failures and remember how little and defeated I felt each time I returned a cigarette to my mouth…I’m on day 7 cold turkey. I’ve smoked for 31 years. This is tough because I still enjoyed smoking most of the time. What I don’t enjoy is not being my healthiest, the stigma and judgment that comes from others, being a bad influence on my kids (that are now both adult smokers), and that little voice that is always whispering this is going to kill you eventually. I choose the extra ten years of life that I will get as a non smoker. This is still very difficult but remember what ever you do you can get through if you NEVER take another puff!!

    • I have smoked on and off for most of my life, with long pauses between, but started again 20 years ago and couldn’t or just didn’t want to stop! My partner who also smoke had a heart attack, he died for a short period, but thankfully came back. So i decided this was the time. I have no idea if I got Flu by coincidence or it was withdrawal that made me feel really ill the next day, whatever it was tough! However I am now on 5th day free all seems worth it, even so quickly. Tip don’t give up on a Monday, try Friday so you can cope with first couple of days . Yes it really isn’t easy, but it is worth it and this is just me saying it 5 days later!

    • I am on day 6. Today has been a rough day but I am staying off the smokes so far. Keep going you can do it.i smoked almost two packs a day.

    • I’m on day 4. I’ve been smoking for about 30 years. A few weeks ago I reached the point I knew I had to give this up before it kills me at a young age. I ordered TBX Free and they are strips that dissolve on the tongue. I used 2 on the first day and 2 on the 2nd day. They recommend 4 a day and as needed. Well they say in the handbook that smoking with the strips can be an unpleasant experience…. I haven’t tried it but I can only imagine that that would be true. They leave a really awful aftertaste in the mouth. My problem with them is I want to eat even more with them because of the need to get that aftertaste gone… anyway I set myself up my own WAR ROOM. Now when I have an urge to smoke I got to that room and write down one verse of scripture. By the time I finish writing the urge has passed. Not proud of it but I do have thoes moments where I want to slap the taste out of somebody’s mouth starting with my husband… Fortunately we moved into a new home about a year and a half ago and I have never smoked in my new home and we bought a new vehicle and I won’t smoke in it either. So with already changing thoes two habits I think it has helped to make this process much easier.

    • It’s not ridiculous at all! It’s extremely normal and means you’re doing the right thing by not giving in to the cravings. Any time you don’t smoke is ALWAYS a good thing and it’s fantastic you’re attempting to stop. Take care.

    • The first couple of hours is a struggle, so no, 24 hours is not to soon to be on a support site. I’m on day 14 and I’m telling you, it gets easier and easier.. Still have cravings here and there because of the countless triggers created when I was smoking… Having to go through everyday life without nicotine sucks, (for the first few weeks at least). At this point, the cravings are weak and short-lived. Your mind needs some time to adjust to not having that steady stream of nicotine and the countless “good times” you had while you were smoking… It’s a brain reset… and it’s for the better! Keep it up!

    • I am in day two after 50 years
      First time I made it even one day
      Seems to be easy today
      Have had two nights of not falling to sleep
      Hoping tomorrow will be ok
      I have made up my mind to make it!!

    • My last cigarette was outside the Pulmonology clinic.. I still have my last pack.. I know its there and I fight back not to touch it..

      • Ziad that’s a cool way to do it!! One guy I know still has the last emergency smoke (behind glass like fire emergency alarms)…it worked for him from a reasoning perspective to “believe” he has yet to quit…….It’s okay to lie to yourself sometimes….I find it a good trick that can work. Sometime in the future I can have a cig…just not right now…

  148. @Jen it is ok! you can do it! I am on day 4 after smoking for 20 years. I kept a pack near by and every time I wanted one I kept telling myself ” you will have to start over if you have one!” and I thought of how physically crappy I felt when I did have one. You are not alone!! I feel your pain!

  149. I “quit” smoking 9 days ago. I bought an e-cig with the lowest nicotine possible and it helped me a lot. And today I started using it without any nicotine. The only thing I’m missing is the habit and to go outside with my coworkers for a cig, but I won’t do it! Keep up the good work guys and believe in yourselves.

  150. Quit 3 days ago. No craving for cigarette after day 1 but by 3 day anxiety sure set in. Felt like I was having a panic attack during night. It sure plays with your mind. Have nausea as well. Never again. I don’t like going through the withdrawal s at all!!!

  151. Im on day 12. It’s hard, very hard. My partner and I are sleeping in different bedrooms. We’ve been fighting like wild dogs. (I should interject we both quit at the same time, and he’s a pack-a-day smoker.) I hope we can both get through this. It’s really good to know the symptoms will dissipate with time. This is a very reassuring article. Many thanks.

  152. Day 12 and my mind is gonna blow foggy i cant do my work properly my memory is so weak i forget things like never before I truely think getting back to smoke just to get my memory back :/

  153. Hello, it’s my 7th day smoking free so far and my 6th attempt to quit with the longest one was 1.5 years..

    One thing i learned from the process of 5 relapses (silly me, i know) is not to be overly confident that 1 smoke is okay..

  154. Hi everyone, I think I’m on about day 45 without any nicotine. 30 year smoker and quitting was no joke but it’s entirely possible. I stayed focused on hygiene as my main motivator to quit. The smell is disgusting and the everyday smoker cough is exhausting. After 2 weeks you’ll be a new person so just hang in there! Gets much better everyday without nicotine. One day at a time works for me.

  155. Day 48
    After 40 years, I am finally doing one of the best things for my body and my family. I am sorry that I waited this long and happy to have made it 48 days. It will be one day at a time from here and I pray for the strength to remain smoke free.
    Prayers and best wishes for everyone that is in this battle too.

  156. Yup, I quit for 10 years .. I got pulled back in , 3 years, and 2 years on Nicorette later I’m on 5 weeks.. What a mistake . the anxiety almost killed me. but feeling good now

  157. I started smoking around 1978 in the 6th grade. Cigarettes were .50 cents a pack. I’m on my 4th day of no cigarettes. i have been taking Chantix. The urge to smoke is strong as can be, but I keep thinking “if you go have one then the money I spent will be in vein, and I will never stop.” True I may be going stir crazy but ( Knock on wood) I haven’t had a smoke. 🙂

  158. I smoked my last cig 2/26/17. I have zero energy. Lost 3 pounds week one because food made me want to smoke. Week 2 was easy but week 1 was the devil. I was diagnosed with the flu for the first time in my life on day 11. Over that now but still congested and fatigued. Beginning to wonder if it is worth it. I felt so much better when I was smoking. Struggling with saying no. Keep thinking of all the good times while smoking. My husband is a smoker too which makes this tougher. When will it get easier?

  159. I cant sleep again. Day 12 now cold turkey. Just nodded off and i thought death had gripped me. Was awful. Darent try go bac sleep

  160. 3 years with heavy black and mild smoke. I hate the way my gf would look at me after she discovered I smoked. I hid smoking from my family and would often have to make sure I aired out before I would show up. Every now and then they would get a woof and I would blame it on a bar or a friend.

    Its day 8. Stress had me smoking 3 full ones a day. Im not sure how many ciggaretts that equals but even the gas station clerks became suspcious of the health effects. I quit. I didnt like feeling controlled by them. I didnt like leaving at 1AM to go find a smoke. Wasting hours out my day smoking and napping after.

    But man I really miss the enjoyment I got from smoking. Using matches, and deep inhaling smoke.

    I think I may just smoke MJ occasionaly now. Where I live it is legal. In small amounts I enjoy it occasionally. Any thoughts?

  161. I am on day 5, using champix. This is my fourth attempt in 3 and half years, by either going cold turkey (just the once) or using champix. Each time I have stayed smoke free for approx 6 to 8 months (bar the cold turkey method where I lasted a week) and each time I have fallen by the ‘i wonder how my old friend is doing and it’s only one, a feeling of missing something and believing I will just have one occasionally like a little treat for myself BUT I won’t start smoking again’ it’s not only one and it isn’t an old friend and your certainly not missing out on anything as for occasional treat, who am I kidding!! I took to wondering off so I could be a lone with my old friend, for my little treat, away from the glares of disgust and any negative comments my family and actual friends might give until the a lone time became precious time that I wanted more and more and then the temper started as I was unable to sneak off for my little treat with my old friend as often as I was starting to want so argument would start over nothing so I had an excuse to reach for cig and blame it on how stressed they was making me! Nope it’s lie’s it’s your addiction making you feel this way and that addiction takes old dam quick. This is what I have learned this is what I know I can’t do again, once my guard is down and I am totally relaxed that I have cracked it this time, this is the time to watch for those mind games that my addiction can play. I will stop, the champix will help me get through the first 3 months without all the nasty withdraw symptoms I know this, then it’s up-to me to stay away from the pits, the mind games and wanting to re visit an old friend. I will remind myself of these down falls and this time they will be not one cigarette. Good luck to you all and a tip I find extremely useful, is read anything just read. It keeps the mind busy and away from cigs!

  162. Wow, all I can say is hang in there everyone. Nicotine is an evil drug, the master trickster. So just keep telling that little creep on your shoulder to go away and leave you alone. Say “I do not consent, I hate smoking, I choose to live and feel and breath and love my life”, I do not consent.

  163. Normally, I smoke a pack a day. I started on the patch 5 days ago. Today I am trying without the patch. I still had withdraw symptoms on the patch. In some ways it helped and in others it made them worse at times. I have smoked for 18 years. I quit during my first pregnancy and stayed off them for 2 years before starting again. I can’t believe how hard this is.

  164. I have smoked since I was 12..I am now 67..My mom just passed away from not being able to keep air in her lungs.She was 87 and 22 years quit.Now I’m almost 1 month quit but I feel terrible.. I’m tired bored and quick to loose energy.Thank you for this website as now I know I’m normal.

  165. I am so proud of all of you! I quit 17 years ago. I am now dealing with food addiction and as an incentive I wanted to remember what it felt like to quit smoking, so I came here for a refresher. It is a lot of work, but so much worth it. Hugs to all of you

  166. I’m 46 and at the end of day 2 of this quitting attempt. I stopped for 7 years & went back to it when I finally had to bite the bullet and stop drinking. I needed a crutch and let myself lean on cigarettes as the lesser of 2 evils (in my situation), but now they need to go for good. Time to stand on my own two feet with no crutches propping me up!

    One trick that works for me: The little voice that pops up reminding you that it’s time for a smoke is coming from a very basic, primitive part of your brain that likes rote habit. Just thinking to yourself, “I’ll have one later” often will satisfy that voice for a bit. Of course, I by “later,” I really mean NEVER, but the primitive brain doesn’t get that memo. Later doesn’t actually ever have to happen and it gets me through tough moments & calms down the sense of urgency. Just another tool for the quitting arsenal! Good luck to everyone. You really can do it and life is much simpler not constantly needing to feed a destructive habit.

  167. Day 4… I feel so out of it.. I feel like I have more problems now with quitting then I did smoking! Does anyone feel the same way? My chest feels tight, anxiety all day long, tingling in hands and feet., tired, body aches really really bad all over, can’t sleep for crap.. does anyone els feel this way? Sometimes I tell myself how bout just a couple puffs to take the edge off but I can’t. I tried smoking one the 2nd day and got grossed out.. I’m feeling like a ton of bricks hit me.. can someone please explain their symptoms?

  168. Am on day 3 and I feel great, I hit the gym every morning drink lots of water. All of a sudden I am remembering things and people ive been ignoring for years. I feel my senses coming back. Ive been smoking for 20 years, about 6 cigarettes a day.

  169. Third day was hell, fourth day feel more positive. I quit cold turkey because I did not want to pump more nicotine in my body.

  170. I was wondering I smoked for 45 years I quit smoke 3 weeks ago the last few day my stomach has been really gassy and bowel movements have been very loose.and when I get the urge I gotta go tight now it is very very loose this the nicotine and tar leaving my body..never had this problem at all before quitting.please advise me on this.

  171. It took long 20 years to make 3 weeks smoke free but yes i had done it thanks to my self and my mind. It feels that every thing is possible in this world….


  172. It’s so great to read everyone’s experience. Here’s my experience.
    I am now on 5 days and 21 hours, and I have to admit. It’s been easier than I thought it would be. I am 24; and smoked socially (being rebellious at school of course.) just shy of 13. I started smoking a pack a day at 16. And by 24 (the age I am now) I smoked anywhere from 5-15 an HOUR! I know.. SICK! I have always tried to keep away from my children whilst smoking, until the other day, my 5 year old walked out and said. “Now mummy! I know you smoke. And I want you to quit. You will die, and my sisters and I will have no mummy. We won’t have cuddles, or bedtime books. Please stop mummy. Please.” It absolutely broke my heart. I have never broken a promise. Ever. I’ve always used the line “we will see”, if ever I felt it couldn’t be kept. So when my son said can I promise to stop; I was very hesitant. But what kind of person would I be to not say it?
    So of course, I said, ” I promise.” From that moment on. I out the cigarettes down, and didn’t touch another. Yes! I’ve had some cravings; but definitely not anywhere near what people say they’re like. Perhaps they’ll come later! I hope not. But heres whats I actually do. Probably not the best for people to do unless it’s early days. But, I know they tell us to keep away from the triggers. I like to rebel, and go TOWARDS the trigger.

    My husband smokes. So I sit outside with him. My biggest trigger is a coffee. So I have a coffee. Reason being; is I want to get my body used to those triggers. I don’t want to stop the things I love; and then 3 months down the track, I have a coffee and “BAM” trigger! I’m a smoke again. So I am training my body to get over those triggers early on.

    I know this is SO weird. My friends think this is weird. But another way I get rid of the cravings, is imagine through each craving, little evil tar creatures clawing through my lungs screaming for more nicotine. And I just imagine that every craving I beat. One dies. I smile at their pain. The pain of dying, and I love because the whole time I thought they were my friends, but really they were planning my death! So i enjoy every moment of suffocation and suffering the little bastards get..I know they aren’t real, lol. But it helps me greatly! Night times aren’t the best. Day time is easy peasy. Night time is slow, dark and lonely. And cravings do come in bigger waves then! Good luck to all.

  173. its day 3 for me. I use nicotin chew gum when feel like smoking.

    It really helps.

    Slowly I will reduce this nicotin suppliments. and finally stop in a month.

  174. I’ve quit more than once – and lasted a couple years each time – but my husband didn’t quit. Eventually I’d have one of his cigarettes after work, then the next night two… you see how it goes. But every time he tried to quit, it was a nightmare. Well, he just was in hospital for a week and they didn’t even give him the patch, so he’s already on Day 9. I didn’t know when he was being discharged but knew I’d be quitting when he was, so I basically had one hour’s notice of when my quit day would be. Now it’s been almost 18hrs for me and …. ooof. thanks for the advice and for letting me vent!

  175. Hi I’m 14 days today with out a cigarette.
    Quit cold turkey still getting anxiety but not as bad
    As a few days ago.
    For some reason I’m getting a little light headed
    Wondering if that’s part of withdrawing from nicotine?
    Other then that I’m fine.
    I have no desire to smoke.
    I wish you all good luck on your journey of being smoke free

  176. Well I’m on day 2, no symptoms yet, I started smoking at the age of 15, now 31… I feel really good about this, I do suffer from anxiety so I’m praying this doesn’t trigger my anxiety, but I also take medicine for it…I really like this will keep everyone posted on my journey

  177. I am 32 years old and have been smoking since sometime around late grade school years–far too long! I have quit a few times before, but I am making this time my very last time. I miss smoking, I enjoy it and the toxic hold it has on my life. I love the comfort I feel having that morning cigarette as I have my first cup of coffee to start my day. I love having a cigarette after getting a full belly–satisfying feeling that’s two-fold. I “sleep better” with my before-bed-time cigarette; my favorite cigarette of the day next to my morning one. I have an intimate relationship with smoking, it’s always been there for me and has been a better friend than anyone else in my life. Cigarettes have never left me, rejected me, or made me feel like I didn’t belong or wasn’t worthy. I have had a relationship with cigarettes for nearly all my life already. I am happy to give them up, however. I do miss them terribly and think about them daily. But, I am enjoying the quality of life that I am regaining from quitting and value it much more than what smoking does to me. I have improved my vision and hearing. Most people honestly don’t believe the health effects nicotine has on you outside the obvious. If you are on your quit journey and you truly want it, please don’t be too hard on yourself. You will have set backs and bad days but you will also come out on top.

  178. I quit about 5 months ago, smoked almost 5 years. I was ok for the first few months because my looks improved IMMENSELY, as did my waking moments. They improved with way less mood swings, knowing I am saving funds for better ideas, and just overall energy levels normal again. However, I have been having serious emotional issues recently. Some include intense boredom with the way of things, and nostalgia. I have even had sweats whilst going to get gas because the temptations is ripping at me from inside. But I try to rationalize with reality, and despite knowing COPD, that isn’t what stops me. What stops me is the TRUTH that there can never be enough cigs to satisfy me. It sort of helps the cravings become like a child instead of a monster. No amount of cigs can satisfy the cravings of that head rush or nostalgia, and I will end up more disappointed than if I stayed quit. The headrush can be found with marijuana, and yes, I truly believe marijuana should be legal and not tobacco. Another thought that helps the cravings is the rationalization that if the government really gave a crap about your life, they wouldn’t be selling cigs any chance they can make a huge profit. And then your diseases from smoking go into the healthcare sector where privatization of hospitals benefit the rich. And from what? Us wasting money and energy fretting over the most disgusting habit there ever was.
    Being only 20, I hope I can get support and give support where it is truly needed. As i type, I feel so tempted to go start all this shit over.
    I found out alot about how I worked as an individual and not some cigarette insane idiot.

  179. Seriously your body/mind will remember. I started again after 25 years!! I felt I could have 1, and then the next day another – 9 months ago. I am on day 3 of quitting and very, very stressed. But I will never, ever, ever take another puff of those expensive, awful things. Hang in there everyone.

  180. I’m on my second to last Step 3 Nicoderm CQ patch. Started on Step 1 and it was no big deal at all. Really gave me encouragement. When stepping down to Step 2 minor anxiety started but not bad. Step 3 anxiety is increasing. Maybe it’s because I know in a day I will be without a crutch.

    I’m hoping the step down system has given me the start I need. Early on it allowed me to experience the feeling of not smoking and smelling the world of a non-smoker. FYI, smokers STINK!

    40 years of smoking and I’m calling it quits for good!

  181. I am starting day 5 smoke free though smoking another cigarette is all think about. I have many of the same issues/ailments as everyone else has stated…but i am wondering one thing that no one else has mentioned: Everyone else acts like they hate thier addiction; I love smoking, I wish i could smoke forever. I have been a moderate smoker for 30 years, generally smoking 10 cigs per day. I know its bad for me, my wife of 20 years hates it but accepts and puts no pressure on me but i don’t want to influence my 6 year old daughter, who has begun noticing my smoking. I guess what i am really asking is how do you quit if you don’t really want to; even if you know the consequences to both yourself and your family? Is there anyone else out there like me who is quitting?

    • I guess what I am trying to say is that everyone acts likes smoking is purely some physical addiction that they are trying to quit and that they mentally/emotionally absolutely hate smoking. I know this is not true; most smokers love smoking more than the physical addiction. For various reasons, it is a part of who they are. Additionally, for many, though they won’t admit it, smoking is part of their psyche, sexual or otherwise. It would be more helpful if they were honest with themselves and for others if they opened up on this blog. I know it would be more helpful to me reading this blog and trying to quit. That said I wish everyone the best whether you make it this go around or not. Keep trying and eventually you will.

  182. i have gone 31 days today. Fair enough quitting was a challenge but my hatred for cigarrettes spurred me on. Believe it or not prayer and fasting got me through the first week with ease. My believe of Jesus Christ was all i needed to quit smoking. He can help you too.

  183. Hi I smoked a pack a day for 46 years,stopped cold turkey on new years day,one hour at a time.Was very hard but battled thru,just do it one hour at a time.After a week started to get better and every week after easier.I can go days without thinking of a ciggy now.Put on a little weight about 8lbs but thats about it.I wish I could say I felt healthier and happier truth is i dont! I will never smoke again,but I do get trapped in the nostalgia thing,after a meal with the first cup of coffee with a glass of wine,and still wished I smoked(smell apart).However bottom line is I never ever want to go thru giving up again,Whatever stage you are at keep going it can be done!

  184. I am on day 12 and I feel horrible. I feel like I have a cold and I’ve had nasty drainage the past week. Plus unable to concentrate or focus on ANYTHING. Plus the headache and cough. This has been the longest 12 days of my life. I hear after 6 weeks it’s better. I guess it’s good I have these feelings because I will always remember how horrible it feels that way I will not take one more puff. I told my teenagers to never ever smoke because quitting sucks. I’m just proud of myself that I’ve come this far even after sitting next to other smokers.

  185. It helps to put things in perspective: Smoking really is an idiotic thing to do in this day in age, and true individual maverick type people (aka the stereotyped “Marlboro man”) don’t smoke. Its the weaker, follower types NOWADAYS who smoke, because anyone under ~35 has had it jammed into our heads since grade school how bad it is for health. And the trade off is so meager, wow…the pro vs con ratio is pure drastic. But I know its stilll hard as I too was a smoker for a couple of years in my mid late 20’s. For me, I had no noticeable withdrawal and didn’t even make a formal plan to quit, just didn’t have them for a couple days cuz I was broke, and then decided to roll with it (where I live a pack costs $12) I’ve been through very real withdrawal from other stuff that makes nicotine seem laughable but I for sure know that others have a different and more intense relationship with tobacco than I did. One last thing: For some reason, AA (alcoholic anon) meetings are typically brimming with smokers and thats always stricken me as an odd as hell marriage. I say be rogue, be individual, be smart, take in all the information at your disposal which is now more than ever before and don’t be a follower. People who started before the mid 70’s or so have an excuse man. The information wasn’t out there like its been Stick to YOUR GUNS. Smoke if you want but really, its kinda pathetic now…there are much better things to smoke than tobacco leaf + 400+ addittive chemicals…

  186. 2 days without now.
    I’m a 32 year long smoker in my 50’s, never more than a pack a day, sometimes only two a day, and rarely, but true at times none in a day. The few times I went without for a week even, guess what? I didn’t die : ) ! But I did go back to my old habits, especially when I didn’t have to account to anyone else, for some reason I just kept smoking. For all the silly reasons we tell ourselves we ‘enjoy’ it.
    Yes nicotine is an addiction, but it’s our brains that make quitting hard or easy. If you’ve read Allen Carr’s book “Easy Way to Quit Smoking” you’ll see why changing our brain makes quitting easier. And he walks us through the ‘how’.
    It’s rather lengthy book, but he has a sense of humor about it too. He was a chain smoker until in his 50’s I think…(and did not start in his youth) anyway, two things that have made my first 2 days actually quite easy is reminding myself of these two things:
    —“Get this clear in your mind: there is absolutely nothing to give up. By that I don’t mean simply that you will be better off as a non-smoker (you’ve known that all your life); nor do I mean that although there is no rational reason why you smoke, you must get some form of pleasure or crutch from it or you wouldn’t do it. What I mean is, there is no genuine pleasure or crutch in smoking. It is just an illusion, like banging your head against a wall to make it pleasant when you stop”
    —“Don’t try not to think about smoking or worry that you are thinking about it constantly. But whenever you do think about it – whether it be today, tomorrow or the rest of your life think, ‘YIPPEE! I’M ANON-SMOKER!’ ”
    I really love that, I do much better NOT trying to fight myself, simply replacing the thought with something wonderful instead. To all of us on this sight, YES, we CAN and Yes we ARE escaping from that little nicotine monster. We can all say “See ya Monster, Buh Bye now…done with ya!”

    • Thank you for these well-thought-out pointers. They sound very clear and useful to me (on day 7) and maybe I should research further this book 🙂

      • Emily, the book is very good, I have actually quited many times. But the one that lasted 8 months was when i read this book. Sometimes i Jsut quit for a Week, to smoke on the weekend. Anyways, good Luck, it does feel much better after a Month, and later you see cigarretes as discusting.

  187. After smoking for over 10 years, i decided to stop smoking. I am on day 3 and i feel my will power slipping through my fingers. i have a cigarette that i walk around with (unlit of course) and i inhale it from time to time just to give me that hand to mouth motion. My biggest test is that i live in the Caribbean and Carnival season is coming up, this is the time to party and have a good time. Does anybody have any advice that they can offer me?

  188. I have been smoking for 27 years. The last year was especially difficult because I had a brother with esophageal cancer and he smokes a pipe from time to time. Talking and seeing him when I could(he lived in another state( was almost crippling for me. to top it off I had a very stressful job and when I lost it, it began a mew chapter for me. My brother unfortunately did not make it through, but I was able to see him more wheT scan I was told I had “several noodles” and one suspicious of lung cancer. It still took me about a month before I finally said good bye to cigarettes. But I did (with the aid of Chantix). Was it difficult OMG Yes!!

    I did not realize all the the withdrawals I would have.. SOB, slight cough, and the burning sensations were awful. Still are. But went to see specialists and everything is ok for now. But its been a whole month!! II feel victorious. Do I crave “Yes I Do”. But somehow I go back and read my CT scan and that is what gives me the strength for NEVER EVER RETURN. That was an addiction that is simply HORRIBLE.

    Good luck to everyone. You have to do this before its too late!!

  189. I am on day two sunday was my quit day I had three cigarettes on Sunday when I have tried to quit smoking in the past I get really depressed within the first hour of quitting but here I am two days and I okay I got this

  190. Thank you all for sharing your stories. Im on my 3rd day cold turkey after 20 years. Man I always told myself and everyone around me im not addicted. But now I see how much I needed this drug. It is so hard with everyday life and a cig would be my comfort. I miss it badly but I know its gonna end my life with alot of pain. Life is so short already…just wish I saw it sooner and just stopped. Best of luck to everyone.


  192. I’m quitting the second time and I just want to say that if you assimilate nicotine through any type of alternative method (ie, patches, gum, electronic cigarettes) the cravings will keep on coming and it’s very hard to get rid of it. You can try electronic cigs but keep on lowering the concentration of nicotine, until you get to a zero concentration liquid. Don’t ever get nicotine in your system after you manage to quit!

    • totally agree – the Nicotine replacement therapy comes from the same place as the cigarettes. Stay out of the nicotine in any form. The worst is my doctor is like “uh as long as you avoid the tar Vaping will be good for you”. Don’t take that advice. Nicotine is the drug.

    • I am using the e-cigs with the zero nicotine. I’m not adding any nicotine to my body but the act of “smoking” the e-cig really helps with the oral fixation. I still go outside to “smoke” my e-cig just like I did with real cigarettes. It helps to fill the time that used to be used smoking and I think it calms the cravings just a bit by going through the motions of smoking.

  193. I’m on Day 5 – cold turkey. My 8 year old son is giving me the encouragement I need to quit. He woke up this morning and said: “Day 5, Mom”

  194. Thanks for all the helpful information I am on day 5 and don’t even recognize myself…emotional…edgy..irritable…extreme brain fog…depressed….my get up and go has got up and gone Will push on because I NEVER want to feel like this again…We CAN DO this

  195. PS…having knee replacement surgery May 10… doc is doing nicotine test before surgery… if it is even at .01 he will postpone. Your risks go wAAy up as a smoker. Will not take a chance if the patient is no more serious than that….admire him for that…will keep situations posted

    • Waiting for an ankle fusion and consultant said the same thing! This is day 2 being smoke free and I have to have not smoked for 6 weeks before having the op and 3 months after. Hopefully by then I will be a non smoker.

  196. Day 3 today.. Very tough.. All my friends smoke and I still managed to ignore the craving.. No concentration whatsoever.. Today was my first day at work after quitting.. MUST avoid people that stress you.. Exercise one hour a day help let your mind off..
    I used to smoke 2 packs for the past 20 years.. All I can say so long dear friend, you will be missed!!!!

  197. I’m at 15 days and I feel SO sick to my stomach. I just want to vomit. And the heartburn is out of control. But, this will be worth it. I need to follow through with this.

  198. I am on day 16. Many of them have been a struggle for sure.
    I cannot concentrate and feel lost inside myself.
    I wish this process would be more predictable. The longer you go, the easier
    it is. Not true. My anxiety is still as big as it was on day 1.
    Good luck to all. We all want to succeed!

    • Hi Diane,
      On day 7 & I am still Mr Grumpy today having to apologise to my wife & kids for being so on edge BUT like you I have still not smoked to someday I have got to start feeling better? Right?
      Good luck!

    • Are you still quitting or did you give in? I am curious because I am on day 9 and I just want 1 more cig! I know I know…don’t do it! But it is ALL I think about like all the time! I keep hoping it will get better but it doesn’t sound like it does.

  199. I’ve quit numerous times, but keep going back to it. I’ve quit for a year on 2 occassions and last time for 8 months. The first week is really the worst part. But it definitely gets easier after week 3.

    The best way I find to stop, is find a healthy substitute, especially early on: I use sugar-free hard candy, or caramels, or whatever. I trick my mind into thinking “time for a cigarette” and taking one of those instead. By the time they’ve dissolved, it’s been a few minutes and the craving is usually better. I swear it works better than anything else.

  200. On day 1 and woke up early 430 am and within 15 minutes The cravings came and was ready to give in and say well Ill start tomorrow. I decided to hold off and get on the computer. I am so glad I did this got me through my 1st hurdle and am determined to fight this . Thank you all for giving me the strength to want to fight

  201. Day 3, bank holiday weekend, surrounded by smokers. I just can’t stop eating. The urge to smoke isn’t that bad, mainly because I keep smelling but on everyone else and it smells disgusting! But I am struggling with my appetite. Usually I’m on a relatively healthy and clean eating lifestyle but now I can’t stop eating skittles!!!

  202. I recently stopped smoking 4.9.2017 i started picking up weight immediately and im at the sore throat stage im proud of myself because i losted my mom to lung cancer and it runs in my family……

  203. Day 7 cold turkey after returning from hospital where spent night for 1st ever vertigo episode. Smoking is very bad for ear issues.
    No cravings really but a lot of fatigue and feeling mentally slow. I should say I have also cut back my caffeine consumption to 1 or less cup as coffee and cigarettes always went together, and caffeine is also no good for my ear problems. Feel VERY sluggish, sleepy.
    Smoked off/on for 30ish years, ranging between 3-5, and later 5-10 a day. Quit 8 years in the middle. It is time to stop!
    The irritability part is ok, it is just the feeling of constantly wanting to nap that is hard.

  204. Today 2 day.
    I used to smoke from last 30 yrs. But in between I have tried to lot but after 10 days and some time 28 days I not used. But this time I am sure from mind and heart that I will success. No any smoker in my friendship so I am sure. I want your help in this to reduce my anxiety. Good luck

  205. Hi I’m on day..feels like 1000…but it’s day…ehh..5
    I’ve smoked all my life from womb..till I put a pack in my own pocket at 12 yrs old. This has been the craziest 5 days ever…I hope that after 46 yrs that’s it..I never want to go through those first few days again…ever.

  206. I am on day 8 i had two nights where i couldn’t sleep ,and yes i quit cold turkey i started smoking at the age of 16 now i am 46 , i chew gum (trident layers) so i haven’t had any withdrawls or coughing and my eating habits are the same as well as my mood.Is this normal?

  207. this is day 1. I have controlled myself not going for smoke break. I know crave won’t last more than 5-10 min. I will strive hard to give up.

  208. Hey guys, im 35 years old and ive been smokeing a pack a day for 12 years. I’m tired of spending the money, being out of breath, hacking a lung all day so I decided to go cold turkey, im now on day 5…I never though it would be like this, its insane. Day 1-3 was absolute hell, I would soak my bed trying to sleep with sweat and shakes, I maybe got 2 hours sleep in those 3 days, couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than 5 mins, and would just pace around the house. Id pick up the car keys to get smokes, put em down, pace, pick up the keys again, put em down telling myself no no no, as my brain said yes yes yes continuously…there was a point on day 2 that I broke down in tears crying it was so bad, cant recall the last time I cried at all…The night on day 3 I was able to sleep, more day dream for 4 hours but better than nothing. Then as the sun rose on day 4 I didn’t feel THAT bad, still anxiety and my brain saying “can we smoke now?”.. so I fidgeted my way through day 4, its now 1am day 6 but since I haven’t slept I still consider it day 5 and I have to say it was ALOT better than the first 3, and significantly better than 4…I Feel “ok” I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, shakes and sweating have stopped but still cant sleep well and im so tired. The day didn’t feel like a week and cravings are far far lower, im not reaching for the keys anymore and can actually watch tv for half an hour, gets boring really fast though. I honestly think im done, I think I got this. im so mad at cigs for putting me though those first 3 days I take it personally….I thought they were my friends, no no they aren’t, no friend would do this to me. Good luck to all, we can do this! I know it 🙂

  209. Good luck to everyone! I’m on day #6. I’m a 37 year smoker and have tried to quit in the past, multiple times. The longest I’ve went is 3 months. This time I’m determined to succeed–so I’m using Chantix PLUS I went for hypnotherapy. The cravings are there–but it’s mostly the “habit” part and the nostalgic part that I’m missing so much. My life just doesn’t seem right yet. This morning I coughed up the grossest stuff ever–it was gray sputum–the color of ashes! That disgusted me. Never take another puff!

  210. Just woke up, blended a coffee looking for an ashtray when Im ready to sit down……….. Oh shoot this is my 3rd day cold turkey. My subconcious mind still has it. Just doing the things that I usually do with cig on hand and without it this time. Maybe it will train my subconcious mind that I dont do it with a cig anymore. Been smoking for 17 years this is my 3rd day quiting and I think I can make it. Good luck to us wanting to have a healthier life and more money in our pockets.

  211. I was told by my doc that I had to quit for surgery as well…I have to have a calcaneal osteotomy done as having 3 tendons repaired in my foot. I was given 30 days to quit or the surgery would be delayed as well. I never realized that smoking could cause an infection in your bones like that….smh. I am on day 4 being completely smoke free. I am on welbutrin and it helps to take away the anxiety and cravings but of course I end up eating and gained 3 pounds so far….so I feel like wow now I have a 2nd problem….got to keep weight down, but I am in a walking boot, soooo going to the gym is limited….I just keep telling myself it will be over soon and it will get better. headaches and heart burn are also a bit bothersome as well….jeez. I don’t remember having these problems the last time I had quit (4yrs ago for 3 months). guess I forgot.

  212. I am on day 10. Have been a smoker for 28 years. The edema in my feet, ankles, and calves have officially set in unfortunately. This happens every time I attempt to quit, but I’m going to try my best to get through it. Luckily I do not have any cravings for a cigarette, just wish the swelling would go away.

    It is encouraging though to read these posts, knowing that I am not alone in my struggle to quit this destructive habit. I believe in all of you, we can get through this somehow.

  213. I’m on day 4 of quitting smoking and this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I wake up with panic attacks, night terrors, sweating, irritable, chills and I’m completely exhausted. This is the first day that I’m actually out of bed (with the exception of ta king a shower and crawling back to bed)
    I’m going to keep going no matter what! I’ve changed my routine of what I used to do when I would smoke. When I feel the urge to go outside to smoke, I go upstairs and do something else. It passes quickly, usually in about 5-10 minutes. It’s trying to sleep at night, I fall asleep just fine but I wake up completely panicked every hour on the hour. I’m really hoping this stops soon.

  214. day 3.5,(cold turkey) heavy cough like really heavy i saw mucus of blood come by heavy cough…i wonder if its normal….ive been smoking for 11 years and im 30 years old..

  215. This is day 13 for me. The last three days have been horrible. I think about a cigarette as soon as I wake up. I am not using anything to help me quit. I just put them down 13 days ago and decided no more. But this is really harder. I have found myself eating a lot more. And it’s not that I am hungry, I think I just need to occupy my mind. But I can’t keep this eating of junk up. I am already overweight and God knows I don’t need to gain anymore weight. Does anyone have some suggestions for me that I can do other than eat?

  216. I’m about 5 1/2 days in and I’m really feeling it. I’ve quit a couple times before but probably no more than a few months. I’m on Champix but it doesn’t seem to be working like it had in the past. I’ve downloaded that quit buddy app and it’s pretty good. Tells you how much you’ve saved so on. Good luck to all

  217. I have my exams next month, so I have to study hard entire month. Is it advisable to quit smoking now or after the exam? Bcuz I don’t wanna hamper my studies due to withdraw symptoms! Please guide!

  218. Day 3 for me. Fuzzy head, more anxiety than depression but now I know it’s down to quitting I can handle it. Had a “I would love a cig right now” moment couple of times. I texted my friend the first time and he helped and I cleaned the kitchen 2nd time, going ok so far. Of the reasons stopping me going out and buying some cigs, the main one is I would have to do this again and the symptoms are definitely better today than yesterday. Haven’t slept this much in ages.

  219. I quit smoking for the first time on April 10, 2017 (after 45 years) after developing a bout of flu. I constantly remind myself of the painful coughing and intense chest pain that follows the flu (as always smoking during the massive coughing). So now it has been 12 days of having gone cold turkey. I feel a little better, chest feels a little lighter, the presistant smokers cough has gone, breathing has improved. As I smoked about 40 sticks a days, I suddenly found that I had about four and a half extra hours in a day (that time I spent smoking outside and standing around). Now to convince my wife and my three children that they need to quit as well. Understanding the timelines and waypoints has helped immensely and a big thank you for this.

  220. I’m smoke free for 1 wk. (That is quite an accomplishment.) I am so sick of the cravings, I don’t want to smoke but every so often those cravings come along and I say DAMN IT, go away! Thankfully they mostly leave as fast as they came. I keep thinking how much better I will feel and how my body systems will thank me later. Good luck everyone!!

  221. Now day 5 I felt much better yesterday and today I’ve hardly thought about cigarettes at all. It’s like I’ve come through a fever and I’m on the other side no longer in the grip. First 3 days. If you can get through that its much easier after. Keep going.

  222. 30 Days after a 40+ year habit. I am still struggling. NO motivation to do anything. Sleeping a lot. Depressed. I don’t know how much longer I can stay in this condition before I cave. Anyone no when this may stop???

  223. I am on day one, and honestly, I can barely focus on anything besides wanting to smoke. I’m trying, I don’t want to fail.

    • I suggest u stick a patch on and believe me u will not want to smoke. patch 14mg. Keep a carrot stick or celery . If u can stay away from candy bars after u quit then keep one of those handy munch on one of those. I quit for ten months eating candy bars. I don’t like sweets gained weight. good luck

    • Congratulations on you start of quitting ….. please keep in mind it’s hard but it’s worth it….. the evening of the first day I drove and it was worst than drunk driver, I could see things double like in cartoons.

      What I am saying is to look ahead …. day 3 will be much better and then every day after will be better and better

  224. It’s true that you should never, ever pick up another cigarette. I had quit for over four years after falling pregnant with my daughter until one night I had quite a lot to drink and decided it would be a ‘nice’ thing to do. The rush after that first cigarette in 4 years was incredible. It physically made me happy. Since then I’ve taken up smoking while drinking. Now I also drink more than I should as an excuse to smoke. Even though I go a couple days or so at a time without smoking, the second day usually triggers cravings and headaches. Which is where I am today. Very much regret picking it up again as now I really remember the feeling. Just don’t do it! Good luck to everyone trying to quit!

  225. I’m on day 5. Days 1 and 2 were pretty easy. Day 3 was a little difficult and i started snacking a lot more. Then on Day 4 all I could do was think about smoking. I ended up having a cigarette but I didn’t beat myself up about it. I know I can be my own worst enemy but not this time! Day 5 has definitely been hard but I have persevered and for the first time I am proud of myself, even with the one mess up! Good Luck to all of you and remember you choose if you are going to be negative so make the choice to be positive it will not only help those around you but it will lift you up too!

  226. Hey everyone today its been a week for me. I wanted to share my story for others in the same position. Im 32 and have smoked for a good 10yrs fulltime or so. I quit once cold turkey when pregnant and started up 6 weeks after birth that moment i also quit breast feeding. I couldnt cope with my child’s fathers side trying to take over and i was at their house full of smokers at the time. Felt a bit of guilt that my weakness took preference over my daughter and her milk but i wouldnt be here today if i wasn’t aware of my emotional triggers.
    Fast forward 5 years i have now decided to quit. Well i realised $200 a week on cigarettes is ridiculous (im falling behind in my bills and im a single mum), secondly 30 cigs a day x 10mins each = 5 hours i could have spent with my child. Now i feel the guilt so bad that i have forgotten about the cravings and pushed the urges to back of my mind. Got a bike from the op shop and about to go for an hour ride while shes at school. Day 3 sucks. Even as i read this i have an urge to smoke but there is no way i will ever pick up another one. The strength of my will power is so empowering and im using that to get me through. Im doing this for me. Im doing this for my family life. Also i must say i dont find the urges that bad well not after day 3 i kept myself real busy cleaning out shelves etc hahah. But i laid in bed and slept off some cravings too. I embraced the downhill struggles because you can only go up from there and you will feel on top of the world once you get over each withdrawal hurdle.

  227. Today marks my 3rd day of quitting. I have been smoking for over 15 years! I haven’t been craving so much the cigarette & how smoking a cigarette felt like, & mind you I quit cold turkey & I use to buy a pack every other day. My symptoms are more like my head is spinning, like I feel so slow & so tired & cant stop eating ! Lol yes I can’t stop eating I have been eating so much because I can’t smoke a ciggarette. It’s hard and after the first week mark I’m going to go out there and start walking an hour a day just to keep my sanity & my body on check since all I wanna do is eat! This has been my 2nd time around trying to quit, I quit for 4 months two years ago, and I went camping and smoked a ciggarette just one that lead to two & so on until I started buying my own ciggarettes, so for everyone out there trying to quit, no matter how long you have quit smoking, never feel you are confident enough to smoke a one ciggarette & that’s that. All it takes is one cigarette for all your hard work and progress to go down the drain. So if you really wanna quit don’t smoke at all, not even a puff. Good luck everybody on your journey we all can do it !

  228. I would like to say that today is my first day of quitting smoking but honestly it is not my first try I can always quit just quitting for good the problem I prefer to go cold turkey simply because the faster I can get off nicotine the better I am on hour 16 lol I guess we will see what happens but honestly quitting smoking is not the hard part I would have to say having them right in your face and be able to resist the temptation is the hardest

  229. Im six weeks into it…smoked 37 years. I tried and failed so many times it became a joke. Then I talked to a friend and I asked how he managed to quit. He said he didn’t quit. This confused me but he said that quitting smoking is the hardest thing you will ever do. Everybody tells you that…every website tells you that..every piece of literature tells you that. So he figured that information set you up for failure. He asked me a simple question ” what do you want to get out of this?” I replied that I didn’t want to smoke anymore. “Then don’t!” I started to see his point. Don’t think about quitting…that’s hard to do….just don’t smoke. This change in the way I viewed my task made things easier. Thrive lozenges helped with the initial cravings…the first few weeks are crappy, I don’t think you can avoid that, but yes like everyone else states, it does start to get easier. I don’t tell anyone I quit anymore…I smile and say its been more than a month since I smoked. And with any luck I will never smoke again.

  230. Hi, I just hit my 2 week mark. Of course I am weak and couldn’t do it without help. So I’m just wanting to let everyone know that if you are he same way, Chantix really does help. Actually much more than I expected

  231. Hi i am 27, been smoking for 3yrs. Now am on my day 3. The craving is quite higher than i thought. I think i will stop taking tea cause it makes me feel like having a cigar. I just feel like eating or drinking something. Am so down hope y’all help me to make it through.

  232. Hi to all fighters here,
    I have question regarding difficulty in concentration how many dayes does it take to get rid of it?

  233. 3 weeks from cold turkey! And wanted to thank everyone on here, I was concerned with some of the side effects thanks to everyone here I relised all the weird stuff was normal. Now I’m three weeks in I chew a lot of gum and body aches a bit. I have no want to smoke now. The hardest part was when I went back to work after my vacation I took to start the process. Day 8,9,and 10 was the one I negotiated in my head, you can just buy a pack and smoke one or 2 and it won’t hurt, lol. I didn’t feel great other then some body aches. Thanks guys

  234. I quit smoking about 6 months ago now! I can’t tell you how much healthier I feel and how glad I am that I am not a slave to the cravings anymore. I was a pack a day smoker for 8 years from 18 yrs old so it wasn’t easy to quit. In fact when I did quit I was worried I would just go down the road and get a pack when I felt the urges kick in. Instead I went to the store got a pack of icebreaker sours and started using those when I felt I needed something they are >5 calories per mint! After about a month I didn’t need those either. I am now smoke free, and can’t stand the smell of smoke, you don’t realize how bad they smell and how it affects your tastebuds either until you quit. I find myself going to the gym and having much better endurance when doing my workouts! I hope everyone can find the strength to quit. You will be glad you did! Save some money, save your life!

  235. you are all so encouraging! home from my 6th heart attack and 7th and 8th stent–must quit! please pray for me! don’t want to use any aids but God!

  236. 21 days and 2 hours – You guys are all a great support chain, not that I know any of you. But you can all do it. There are some youtube videos wayne by Joel lipshitz that help me big time. Day one was easy – I drunk and slept for 12 hours. Day 2 was tough – day three was a breeze

  237. 21 days and 2 hours – You guys are all a great support chain, not that I know any of you. But you can all do it. There are some youtube videos wayne by Joel lipshitz that helped me big time. Day one was easy – I drunk and slept for 12 hours. Day 2 was tough – day three was a breeze. Let me add just go cold turkey.

  238. Here’s my experience in case it is of any help to anyone else trying to quit.

    I’m 42 and have smoked a pack a day since the age of 18. I decided to quit cold turkey on a whim last November and lasted 12-13 hours before I went out and bought another pack of cigarettes.

    I then decided to quit again on 5th February this year, again cold turkey. I had my last cigarette at 1.30pm that day, which was the last cigarette in the packet I had.

    The first full day without smoking was the worst. I couldn’t concentrate on anything at all and the nicotine craving was near constant. I didn’t sleep much for the first 3 nights either. The second day was slightly better than the first, the third slightly better than the second. After I’d managed 72 hours without a cigarette I felt I’d really achieved something.

    Thereafter, it was the 1st week, the 2nd week, the 1st 4 weeks without being a smoker, the first month, etc. Looking back, I would say going cold turkey made me genuinely ill for the first 3 days. I didn’t do any work at all during those days. After the insomnia had passed I then experienced a pain in my gut for about 5-6 days but that passed too.

    I’m now 1 day away from having quit for 3 months, although my date is 9th May because I’m counting each month as 31 days. I still worry I’ll go back to being a smoker and I’m not sure what to do to address that. What is noticeable is that my body is constantly producing phelgm, even now. I’m taking cough mixture every night before bed as a decongestant in order to try to speed up the cleansing process but I know it can take months and months so it’s just something I have to live with.

    What’s strange about stopping smoking is that it is only after you’ve quit that your body tells you how much damage smoking has done to it. In truth, I used to think to occasionally think to myself “I have to quit soon otherwise I’m going to die in 20 years.” With my body still producing a lot of phelgm 3 months after stopping, and possible continuing to do so for the next 12-18 months, it just shows the damage that has been done.

    If I can do it, you can do it too! If you’re trying to quit and struggling just keep at it. Here are my tips:
    1) Be aware of time distortion, each minute seeming like 10 when having a craving.
    2) When I did crave a cigarette I went outside (I never smoked indoors), set the timer on my wristwatch and listened to music. After 5-10 minutes I was able to get over the craving.
    3) Buy lots of gum and chew it whenever you feel anxious, stressed, etc.

    Good luck and don’t stop trying to quit!

  239. I want to share my strategy with you guys, I live in Sweden and I first switched to Snus and used it for a few years, It takes you off from cigarettes, Unfortunately it started to cause palpitations and anxiety. So I switched to nicotine free version of Snus which has exact same taste but no tobacco or nicotine 😀 stupid brain ( i.e., me ) does not even realize the difference, hence not much symptoms. Of course I do feel low blood pressure some times. But i find it much better than quitting
    cold turkey. I have been trying to quit since the day I started. This time I have no choice because of nicotine giving me irregular beats and palpitions.

  240. I can’t believe what a relief finding this string of messages has been. I have had tears rolling down my face reading all of your posts and understandING all of them in different ways. Today is day 3 I think. It would be 6 if I hadn’t failed Sunday night and bought a pack. I have been quitting hard core for two years. I have made it to the ” I got this whipped” stage 20 times. With that being said let’s clarify that “I got this” has meant something different each and every time! Concentration-hahhahhhaha! Most worthless employee of the year today. And the scale said 144 Thom am. I was it 137.5 Monday when I had the courage to say this is it! But today is going to be different I am going to succeed I have learned from every failure and I am in Forever non smoker now. Thank you all for the contributions that helped my strength today. by the way I am 44 I started smoking when I was 13.

  241. I stopped smoking 4 days ago. I smoked 20 years but seldom inhaled. I am using the patch, I did not stop cold turkey. The only withdrawal symptoms I do have is the coughing and mild irritation to loud sounds! I am 68 years old. I cannot figure out why I don’t have the symptoms the doctors say you could experience after quitting smoking. I even lost weight instead of gaining it!

  242. I am on day 3. Gosh it is harder than i thought. I am irritated and want to cry. Flying after 2 days for vacation, hopefully it will help. Is it true that after quiting, you get health issues that didn’t exist when smoker?

  243. Hi everyone and good on you all for quitting. It is so gross, and so expensive.

    I’m using those white plastic inhaler things (Australia) where you insert a little cartridge of nicotine and suck away. Well, I’ve noticed that when the cartridge of nicotine has run out I still find some comfort in just sucking away on the plastic inhaler minus the nicotine. Sort of like putting a pen in my mouth or something. Holding it in my hand gives some comfort too. Seems to satisfy the hand to mouth, oral stuff. Just thought I’d share with you all. Oh yeah, I’ve quit many times before, failed, and am now on Day 1. Whatever works, it is so gross. Onwards.

  244. Had been smoking for 48 years, and now it’s been 102 hell days, 3 hours and 25 minutes without a cigarette! Had given it up cold turkey. And I Know very well that just one puff will get me back to square one! How am I managing? With extreme difficulty! I am 60 and decided to set new goals for the rest of my life, estimated to require 40-50 years to achieve. And I want to live to achieve them! The other option being to become organic matter within the next 5 years! And this is what I remind myself every time I have an urge for a cigarette. And so far so good 🙂

  245. So glad I found this website. I smoked for 7 years as a teenager, quit for 25 years, started again and smoked for 12 years. I am now on Day 6 of quitting. I’m tired of smelling like smoke. I’m tired of arranging my schedule around my next smoke. I’m tired of spending a fortune on cigarettes. I’m tired of the constant ache in my chest, the coughing, the choking…I want to feel good again! It helps to read about your experiences. I’ve had a lot of nausea and headaches, as well as terrible insomnia, and I’m relieved to know those are common symptoms of withdrawal. NTAP!

  246. I’m on Day 7.. I’ve smoked for over 30 years.. It hasn’t been a easy week by any means.. Im at the point where I’m reasoning with myself.. you know..(Just a puff won’t hurt).. I just keep reminding myself of the benefits to come.. and occupy my mind one craving at a time.. Setting short term goals..One week down on to week two..nothing beyond that at the moment.. I send strength and willpower to all of you..

  247. My heart goes out to all of you, but please stick with it. I’m currently watching/suffering with my hubby who is going through the rampages of smoker’s flu and there is nothing I can to do help. If any of you are interested, I suggest learning to meditate. It’s not some tree hugging experience, instead it is about discipline and giving your mind and body the tools to succeed (at anything). You have no idea how useful meditation is. The other trick, I used to quit, was laser acupuncture. I had one session and never smoked again(12 years ago) or wanted to. Sending you guys the power to stay smoke free! and love if you need it.

  248. Have QUIT !! had my last cigi on 24th April 2017, havent had one since then…i was a chain smoker (almost 25 cigi’s a day) for good 18 years.I had to go through ANGIOPLASTY on 24th April 2017 itself..
    PRIMARY reason was smoking..i have 2 kids aged 8 & 6 years…i came out of the jaws of death…just decided for my 2 kids that i wanted to live LONG.

    First week was HELL, but gradually the urge subsides…just think about ones you LOVE, and imagine how will they feel and who would take care of them in ur absence, automatically ur decision of QUITTING SMOKING will become more concrete !!

  249. Today is Day 5 free of the monster, after 50 years of smoking and many failed attempts to quit. This time I’m telling myself Not One Puff Ever (NOPE). I know that if I have one it will set up the craving for the next and then the spiral begins. I tried telling myself I’ve never smoked and never will but couldn’t get myself to believe it. The headaches, coughing, tight chest and fuzzy brain are real but I’m pushing on and find it helps dealing with each craving at a time. I can’t bear to think of never smoking again, so I don’t. I think this forum is helpful.

  250. Day 8 and I am miserable as day one. The headaches have just started yesterday and today. I have not had a decent night of sleep unless drugged. I am determined not to smoke again ever but damn this is hard.

  251. I’m 18 y/o and its my 16th day from taking my last puff its been hard for the first week but 2nd week is going good..i smoked first time when I was “12 y/o” but this site really helped me ! Thanks a lot

  252. I have been a smoker for 22 years. I quit for a year. But I started back up about 5 years ago and I cut it down to 2-4 cigarettes a day. My wife and I would have 2 cigarettes after work over a cocktail and I’d sneak a 1 or 2 in during the workday. She decided she wanted to quit, and I decided to go along with it. When we’re together I don’t have the cravings, but when I’m at work or we’re apart for a period of time the cravings are brutal. I would have 1 or 2 and hide it from her. I decided to quit because I was sick of hiding it and sick of anticipating and planning out the next time I would be able to smoke. I would look forward to times when I’d be away from her, friends & family so I could smoke and when I had the opportunity to smoke, I’d feel guilty about it. On day 5 now. I have much more energy, but trouble with depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Feels like I lost a close friend that I looked forward to seeing everyday. What helps me is that I know I have quit before and I know I can get through this part. Stay stong everyone!

  253. Omg I’m going nuts. I initially decided to quit using the patch about 8 days ago. That went off without a hitch. I had my vape (0 nic of course) but after a about 5 days the patch started to hurt. I noticed red marks on my skin, the area became very tender, and even started to feel like someone was pouring acid on me. So I stopped the patch on the 7th day. I had not had a smoke, but was patchless. I was still determined to make this work so I said screw it, no patch. That was Saturday night. I’m not counting Saturday because I took off the patch late and then went to sleep shortly after, not realizing that I decided to do this cold turkey. Sunday was pretty easy. I used the vape any time a craving hit. It helped. Then Monday. My appetite hit on Monday. I ate 6 bags of chips, 2 slices of pie, lunch and a big dinner. Then Monday night. Oh boy I could not sleep. Tossing and Turning, one second I’m under the covers because I’m cold, the next I’m sweating like crazy. So now today starts day 3 with no nicotine. I can do this. It’s not as bad as last night. I actually went outside with my old smoking buddies and just using the vape was enough to have me not give in. The desire is definitely there but I feel like the need is not.

  254. I’m in Day 3, Yesterday I really gave a hard time to my Daughter, she was only 10. I feel ashamed. Nicotine is really an Evil substance. I was clean for 6 years before I made that stupid mistake and took a Puff. after that mistake I Vaped for 3 years. now it is time to get my life together. I can never ever forgive myself for what I’ve done to my Daughter. She was upset but she said that it’s OK, but I know I was a Bully.

  255. I quit smoking with the help of an app. Yes, it’s a hypnosis app. I didn’t quit right away but as the day went by since I started the self hypnosis, I started smoking less and less until I finally stopped 1.5 days ago. Now my chest have been tight and I can’t sleep (time check: 1:49 am). I hope this will pass because I feel like I’m drowning with this chest tightness.

  256. 4th week just started …. went cold turkey, first week was hell or something close to hell. I still have some cravings but nothing like the first two weeks. Stomach still upset …. it craves for something to eat but then comes heartburn and constipation. I hope this gets fixed within this week. Yes the weather is lovely and a trip to lake would almost trip you off track but the hell I went through the first week is still fresh in my mind. Why oh why did I ever start smoking? Without cigarettes even the air smell much better. Still feel mucus early morning in my throat but 18 years of chemicals and tar will take some more days to get out of the body.

    The comments on this site and a couple of other helped me a lot in going through the whole nine yards so I wanted to write my experience as well…. keep going you can do it

  257. It saddens me when I hear about how much people suffered during withdrawal.

    I stopped issuing Alan carrs easy way, and despite it taking 2 attempts, at no point did I “suffer” – the total opposite in fact.

    I’ve been off now for 12 weeks, and have still been going to bars, hanging out with smokers and all that. Do yourself a favour and read the book, even if you’ve stopped

  258. I googled this site while enjoying a morning cup of coffee, an omelet and a brownie. Perfect time for a cigarette, right? The sugar, caffeine, relaxing day off from work….
    But I wanted to read about the brain of the addict; how it conveniently dismisses all the misery involved in an addiction, and how it romanticizes those “golden” moments. It is one thing that helps me stay away(been nicotine free for almost 1.5 years), and that is to laugh at the lie my brain is trying to tell me about something it is addicted to. How I seem to picture some rapturous moment smoking and feeling oh so fulfilled and complete, right? Soooo relaxed in a way I’ll *sob* never really know again boo hoo oh baloney. Please. Hey my brain is quite reliable concerning a lot of things mind you; finances, car maintenance, work ethic, etc etc. But when it comes to a stupid cigarette, my brain is a liar, manipulator, and fantasizer. Never trust the logic of an addict when it comes to their addiction. So when these lame little moments come up, I remind myself to tell my head to shut up; nice try; cue to get up and do something, or whatever, and NTAP. Never. it helps to think of a guy I used to work next to who had to go on medical retirement because he used to have two lungs now he only has one; I can still hear his cough in my mind…

  259. Day 17
    I smoked for over ten years and then was having odd pulses in my chest. It scared me enough to go to get an EKG. Even though my EKG turned out okay it made me stop cold turkey. While i dont crave nic anymore the anxiety is through the roof. Even today i almost had to tell a lady to stop cutting my hair/ So odd. I didnt start feeling the tingling in my figures until the second week. I hope after a month or so the anxiety will reduce. good luck everyone

  260. Im on day three. I have been using chantix for the third time. the last two times i was on it, the treatments were interupted. I have been smoking since i was 10 an i am now 37. I have quit cold turkey here and there for a year at a time, but I always went back. And without a fight. Smelling a cigarette made me go back. habit, asking a stranger when i see them smoking. I dont want to do that anymore. I already have a weight problem, and smoking has not been a help. Trying to walk being fat and smoking? death sentence. So for the third time, i am on chantix trying to quit and its actually working – better anyway. My quit day was 7 days into the treatment.. but I stopped smoking for only a few hours, then i was back at it. I will say i went from half a pack to 3 a day. Finally i was at the point they didnt taste good anymore, and every time i lit up i was in a hurry to put it out, finishing barely half. My mouth tasted nasty and i cant stand the smell on my clothes or body anymore. I have not had a smoke in three days, and I wont lie. Its been rough. Im cranky as all get out, and my belly hurts bad. I already dont sleep that great and i wake up off and on all night. The smallest noises wake me up. I thought maybe it was just me or the pills, but its good to know its not just that but its actually the side effects of trying to quit. It sucks, when you try to do something to improve your life and health it has to be sooo hard. It was not hard to pick up the pack or start smoking, why does it have to be so miserable to quit 🙁

  261. Day 7. Fatigue just hit me today. Actually been very energetic until now. Cravings are way down but I feel more mentally spent today. I don’t see much activity on this board for the last month. Reading through these posts has been helpful. I hope you all are still non smokers. I have also been listening to the easy way to stop smoking on morning walks. Very helpful also.

  262. I’ve tried to quit many times but always end up smoking once I think I am no longer addicted and can just ‘causally’ smoke. I am going through a breakup and decided to quit anyway. Detoxify everything! It’s day 6 and I feel like I have a chest cold but I don’t. I hope this ends soon. I have been smoking 20 years and I feel like I have to or else!!

  263. day 9 cold turkey and last night was the worst, I thought the addiction would be licked now and I would be concentrating on losing the habit. I’ve quit a few times before and always ended up smoking again. Glad I found this site. I have smoked for abut 50 years.

  264. I’m on Day 5. It’s not just the nicotine craving that I am feeling. I feel like I am losing an old friend. Someone who has always been there for me during times of joy and times of pain. Some of my fondest memories involve smoking. Sunset on the beach, around the camp fire, during cold rainy days, at parties, bonding with other smokers, listening to concerts, gambling at the casino and after a great meal. If smoking wasn’t making me feel crappy I would continue to smoke. I love smoking! I love the ritual of it. The pack and lighter in your pocket. Taking the wrapper off a fresh pack. Y’all know what I am talking about. We talk about the cravings, but it is even more than that. It is a complete lifestyle change and it is hard.

    • Do you really think you can`t be happy at a campfire, sunset at the beach or party without a fag in your mouth? Indeed, you could be bonding with other non-smokers [80% of the US population] at all those venues. Instead, your ritual makes it difficult for a non-smoker to enjoy a concert or sunset at the beach when you are upwind. A nonsmoker suffers from your smoke while you are smoking and from your nasty attitude when you are denied a smoke. While you are enjoying the great brotherhood of fellow smokers you are alienating and endangering the other 80% of your society. Is that really the lifestyle you think is so attractive?

  265. I think the symptoms cited here like in every other quit smoking article are exagirated and amplified. i’m a heavy smoker, i’m anxious, and passing through a hellstorm of stress at work. I’m on my 2 week and already feel better. I’m not saying it’s easy but articles like these make you think you’ll never do it. The thing is it’s not this hard to quit smoking, i blame myself and articles like these for not trying to quit earlier. My advice to you is try now, drink a lot of water, take some vitamine c.
    I wish us all luck ^^

  266. Just wanted to say reading people comments on here as inspired me even more and I’m not that far along in my journey but I’m in the hardest part of it. It’s been 5 days and I’m having all these symptoms of withdrawal and it sucks but I know it’s all for a good reason. But thank you guys for sharing your stories, they mean a lot to somebody like me.

  267. I’ve been smoke free for 5 weeks now, I remember the first few days I would come to this webpage and read this timeline over and over, counting the minutes until I would feel some relief from the constant thoughts of lighting up, I don’t know how I pulled through it but I did and after the third day it really does start to slowly get better, I hardly think about smoking anymore! Sometime I think “I quit smoking?!” And I’m amazed because I used to think it wasn’t possible

  268. Last Tuesday May 30th I filled my pipe and decided not to smoke any more. I have been smoking pipe for 30 years before that I smoked at least a pack a day of Dunhill. I am taking nothing but craving is hard to describe. Pipes are sitting next to my night table and one of them which I filled on May 30th is also there. I have decided to quit for the first time in over 50 years I have been smoking and I am determined to fight it and not smoke. I am sleepy, yawning a lot and bored which shows on my face. Determination and will power is all it takes.

  269. On day 7 of my cold turkey quit. I tried the patches and gum but when I realized how much nicotine are in those I decided they were not going to help and went cold turkey. My quit has been weird. The first 3 days where hell, but day 4 and 5 was a breeze and I thought to myself, “I have this licked” LOL. Day 6 and day 7 have been my worst as far as cravings. Still have not smoked because I am now a non-smoker and will never smoke again. I do however wish there was a sleeping pill for the first 30 days. I had planned on doing a water fast to detox at the same time as quitting smoking….boy me and my bright ideas, that lasted a day and I am eating everything in site. I think my wife may need to chain me to a post outside.

  270. I amnow on day 6. it has been a struggle but I’ve got it planted in my head to quit. I ve been smoking since I was 18 years old and have tried to quit several times with patches and e-cig to no avail. I now work for a Otolaryngologist (ENT) and seeing these patients being diagnosed with throat cancer is devastating. The time is now. I am so glad to have found this website as it has helped me a lot knowing what to expect in the days/weeks to come. wishing everyone luck

    • I am now 2 months smoke-free I used the patch all three steps and it work pretty good. The first two weeks was hell I smoked a pack a day for 15 years. You just got to stay strong and knowledge is everything I will never take another puff again. And that is a promise

  271. I ended up quitting cold turkey….
    Tried the patch first but….. It was too hard to keep those damn things lit !!!!
    Been 4 weeks and I STILL walk past the smokers circle outside during break just to get a nice deep lung full of second hand smoke !

    • I’m just reaching the 4 week mark and still can’t concentrate on anything. Not really getting much easier at all.

  272. The most I have gone through honestly is 2 days. I am on a severely reduced smoke diet right now. I am stupendously stressed and restless. Horribly bored. And even reading this article was a drag. But I am sticking this around – at least as a reminder of where I would like to be!

  273. I just want to know who this person is that only has cravings once every 3-5 hours. LOL! Seriously. How about — first craving in 15 minutes. Four hour? LMBO

  274. See I will tell you the corrrect way. It is very easy. But you all are doing it wrong way. I was a chain smoker and smoked almost 40 cgt a day. I tried all ways of quitting and ended up smoking within 24-48 hrs. Then I read Allen Caar’s Easy way to quit smoking(pdf is available free, just google it). Trust me after completing the book I do not want to smoke or even see a cgt. I have completed more than 2 weeks so easily cant tell u. And I m not even counting days because I m not missing cgts at all. The best achievment of that book is this that you dont feel pity or sad while you quit but u enjoy. Also while reading the book the author asks u to keep smoking. If you are serious to quit smoking then do this. Its free to download pdf and no nicotine patch, gum and all those bullshit needed. I read this post while I was trying to quit smoking so thought of commenting. Its not cool to smoke. Withing few weeks I am able to see drastic improvement in my health. I can run longer and do exercises. Anyone who tells you you will become fat, you will not be able to quit without patch and all