The Stages of Quitting Smoking

The Stages of Quitting Smoking

There are many reasons that people will quit smoking, and they often have to do with their own health or the health of those around them. But many smokers fear what will happen to their bodies when they quit, and they are afraid that they won’t be able to handle the side effects.

Let’s break down the stages of quitting smoking, and you can see for yourself just what most people will be going through.

The First SignsQuit-smoking-by-the-time-you’re

You will feel the effects of quitting smoking almost immediately. Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your heart rate will start to return to its normal levels. This means that your blood pressure is decreased as well, and you won’t be as anxious or jittery.

In about two hours, the symptoms become even more pronounced. Your blood pressure should return to normal, and your heart rate will soon follow. You will also feel a warm sensation in your fingers, as circulation is improved.

The negative side effects start to show up as well. These include food cravings, nicotine cravings, difficulty sleeping and anxiety or nervousness.

The First Day

Aroudn 12 hours after your last cigarette, your respiratory system will start to feel the effects. The carbon monoxide which you inhale with your cigarettes bonds to your blood cells. It makes it difficult to breathe at times, and it can cause you to feel exhausted or out of breath after short exertions.

But around the 12 hour mark, this toxin will un-bond from your blood cells, and your respiratory system will start to get back to its old self. The effects of carbon monoxide may never fully heal, but you will notice an improvement in your ability to sustain energy and exertion levels for longer.

The Next Day

Your cravings will be worse by the next day, and many regular smokers cave in at this point. Your anxiety will be greater, and you may suffer from shaking fingers.

But at the same time, your risk of heart attack will be greatly reduced. Smokers are at a high risk of heart attack when they smoke regularly, but even after just a day of not inhaling smoke, they will cut their chance of heart attack significantly.

Two Days Later

Once you stop smoking, about 48 hours quitting-smokinglater your nerve endings will regrow. These were stymied by the chemical in the cigarettes, but they can start to heal now. This means that you will have increased sensation on your extremities and you will be able to taste things better. As your sense of taste and smell return, you may be more prone to notice cigarette smoke nearby, and your cravings will only have gotten worse.

Three Days Later

At this point, nicotine will be completely out of your system. This means your cravings will be at their peak, and you will suffer the severe symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. You will feel emotional symptoms, such as cravings and the need to hold a cigarette or other similar object. And you will feel physical symptoms as well. These include nausea, headaches, and cramps. Different people will experience these in individual ways.

Two to Three Weeks Later

In two to three weeks, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms should be completely out of your system. You should no longer feel the need to smoke or even hold a cigarette.

And your body will have begun to seriously regenerate from the negative effects of smoking. Your lug capacity will be greatly increased and you will have more stamina. You will no longer feel winded after short periods of physical activity. Your lungs will have mostly recovered (or as much as they are going to) at this point. Breathing will become easier, and you will find that you have more energy than you did while you were smoking.

Your circulation will improve as well, making you feel warmer overall and improving your energy levels. You also won’t feel sick as easily. It is common for smokers to feel nauseous after exerting themselves, but that should no longer be the case by this point.

Months Later

Even the heaviest of smokers will lose all their withdrawal symptoms after a month or two. And the lungs will be repaired even more, and your risk of heart disease will decrease by as much as 50 percent over the next months.

In the following months and years, your body will have more healing to do, and you will continue to lower your risks for numerous diseases.


      • Neither!:)

        On January 26th, I quit cold turkey. Was it difficult to quit? Absolutely! However, I witnessed my ex husbands (husband at the time) sister die an awful death from lung cancer. She was a very heavy smoker.

        Today, I’m a single parent of 2 beautiful girls. My ex husband died 5 days ago on August 14th, 2017. He never quit smoking after his 1st heart attack – 11 years ago. He suffered a fatal heart attack 5 days ago.

        Please, if anything, quit for your kids or family.

        I am heartbroken.

        • I quit 4 months ago, if I didnt, your story would have made. My deepest condolences to you and your family. That is very sad.

    • I’ve desperately been trying to quit for 1 year, always cold turkey. I’m only on day 3 with patches… but I know this time is the one! not a SINGLE craving, I’m literally over the moon. Please try xxx

      • Try vaping, I smoked for 40 years, got out of breath, knew I was really bad, still smoked but no inhaling, tried everything possible, I also did huge holes near the butt, didn´t know what to do to quit, then start to look and investigate until I came to vaping, read a lot about it, bought a vape started kit about 5 weeks ago, never bought any cigarette no more. Vaping is really the best alternative to quit smoking, and it is false that is the same as cigarette, it 97% less damaging, you wont get any bad odor, neither ash, it can save many lives if doctors even try to understand the differences. For my self I will never ever smoke a cigarette for the rest of my life (56yo), vaping saved my life

    • Try vaping, I smoked for 40 years, got out of breath, knew I was really bad, still smoked but no inhaling, tried everything possible, I also did huge holes near the butt, didn´t know what to do to quit, then start to look and investigate until I came to vaping, read a lot about it, bought a vape started kit about 5 weeks ago, never bought any cigarette no more. Vaping is really the best alternative to quit smoking, and it is false that is the same as cigarette, it 97% less damaging, you wont get any bad odor, neither ash, it can save many lives if doctors even try to understand the differences. For my self I will never ever smoke a cigarette for the rest of my life (56yo), vaping saved my life

    • Neither. A change in mindset is the only way. GET EDUCATED about how nicotine works.
      You can try every type of nicotine therapy, or try to quit for your kids or spouse, or think you can just cut down and be fine, but you’re just fooling yourself, and will still be addicted to nicotine. The only sure way is to literally make up your mind!

  1. THanks for the Info and support. Quiting, again for the second time this year. And hopefully the last time for the rest of my life.
    As song goes: I just want to cepibrate another day of living !

    • AS MARK TWAIN ONCE SAID, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

  2. Thank you very much for the best information.To be honest i decided to stop smoking from last two weeks and i did as well now im feeling really better bt as you told above now im facing the physical chalanges like headaching and nausea and so on.but i hope these symptons are temporary.thanks a lot once again.

  3. I want to quit smoking. It will be a challenge and tough habit to kick. I must defeat this monster if you feel like I do let’s pray for each other. Good luck. Chris

    • I quit 6 days ago. Though it is hard, just think about how long you smoked. I smoked for 53 years. I was really afraid of getting emphysema. One of my neighbors has it and it’s not fun to watch. She is younger than I am. I was also afraid of getting anything associated with cigarette smoking. Also the cost. What I am going to do with the money I saved is buy myself something I’ve been wanting for a few years now. I will put the money away that I saved little by little until I have enough. One thing I noticed is that I can breathe better.

    • I pray that you are smoke free and have not caused any long-term effects on your health. Please keep me in your prayers as I just began the journey of quitting a week ago.

    • Hey man I am 44 I’ve been smoking since I started high school decide to just try and quit after 3 hours I started breathing better. I kid u not still in the process of quitting, eat lot of salads. Works for me. oh and change your habits, hope it helps

  4. This answered a lot of my questions !!! The feelings described are exactly what I’m going through. Knowing them now makes me understand what to expect. This hopefully will keep me in the right path

  5. I had quit for 3 months and then I started smoking about 2 months but I only smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes a day. I dont really feel good as I were not too smoke. I can go 8 hrs of not smoking with I feel better. I’m sure why I do this. My husband smokes and of course thats when I started again. I get so stressed out with him around. I know I can do it. Ive done it before. When I had quit I drank lots of water and exercised. i felt really good. I have to put my mind to and i can do this.

  6. I have quit smoking for 5 months now I feel tingling sensation in my feet and hands is this normal? Seems everything positive it’s saying is reversed for me. Run out of breath, sick to my stomache and no appetite. But don’t want to smoke so good thing I guess:)

  7. That info graph is chillin (I’m 31 just gave up smoking).

    6 weeks in! Funny though I didn’t wait the full 48hrs before starting to persuade my mates to give up with me because to the dangers of smoking


  8. Its day four for me and it hasn’t been as bad as I thought but its still early. I’m praying for god to give me the strength to keep going. I have faith in him. This want be the first time he’s delivered me from a monster, an i hope juts the last. I’m gonna hang in there tubs time as I don’t want to be an honorary quitter, quitting again and again and again.

  9. It is rather difficult to consider this a reliable site for topic information when there are typos in the text and on graphics. Seriously?!

    • typos? seriously? Maybe that is why everybody smokes. The big tobacco companies have many employees that make sure they can sell you a deathly habit without typos.
      this is an .org website buddy. maybe you can offer your free writing expertise to the website instead of just talking sh!7.

      • *deadly habit. Spelling and grammar are as important as speaking well. Would you listen to your doctor if he spoke like a village idiot? Your message will be taken seriously if there are no mistakes, especially in this day and age where mistakes are easily fixed.

  10. About to begin Day 7 of not smoking. Cold Turkey. Only way for me. Flushed last cigarette down toliet Election Night 2016, telling God would never smoke another if _____ won. He won. I am thankful and committed. Have stopped before, and picked it back up. 55 y.o. lady here and it is time to be serious. No matter what we do today, tomorrow can always be the day of real, lasting change. Best wishes everyone.

  11. I quit 3 days ago. The 3rd day has been the hardest. I got some cinnomon candy and suck on that. It has helped a lot todaym i only used 4 candiies. Otherwise i hav been up several times to pace but it does help. I have smoked for 45 years. I have it in my head to quit. The other time i tried i did not have my whole heart in it.
    I am wishing all of you the very best

  12. I stop smoking but i am having Circulation problems in my arms now and i stopped 5 days ago why is that happening is that a side effect that is happing now

  13. I want to be able to walk up the street and not struggle to breath, I’m too young , I’m 52 and I feel like I’m about 95. Been a smoker for about 40 years, and it’s time to take care of me, and this is where it begins. Instead of a cigarette, I’m replacing it with bottle of water for each cigarette I crave. I’m on day 2

  14. I quit 55 days ago it was a little hard. I either had to quit or stop breathing. It does no good to tell anyone to quit the one good thing hey have to do it on their own. I hope I never start again. The thing is now I can go anyplace I want. (I DO FEEL GETTING).

  15. This is my second day of not smoking. I have smoked for 40 + years and this is the first time I have tried to quit. I was always to scared to try. So I prayed to my Lord to give me the strength, and He has, I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s not but I realize that I’m stronger than I thought with the Lord to help me. All praise to the Lord for helping me.

  16. I quit smoking on Dec.27 2016.I have been so sick since I quit.I just feel like dying at times.I now have COPD even more reason to stay smoke-free, but I’ve never been this sick and I smoked for 44 years.and for 3.5 months I have been so sick. When will it end? I thought about going back to Smoking but I haven’t .thank you

    • For you and many other people that have and or having a hard time quitting. I would sincerely suggest picking up a copy of Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking. I swear by it I have the audio as well as the original copy and the animated copy. I keep the animated copy and the audio on my phone. I know a lot of people that smoke as well, but the only difference between them and you guys is that you have made a decision to be free of Nicotine, you are making an effort. I smoked for many years I started in my early teens and quit in my late 30’s. I can honestly say if it hadn’t been for this book I might not have been able to quit.(I’m sorry if it feels like an advertisement) Allen Carr was a heavy smoker and he quit by using rational thinking once you understand the true reason why you smoke it will make it so much easier to stop, and the fact that he was an ex-smoker he knows the pains that we go through being a smoker. I wouldn’t take any advice from someone who has never smoked and gone through the things that we have. If you have google play you can purchase the animated version for like 4.00. But for some you may need the original copy that goes into detail you can buy this book from a book store or if you are lucky you can rent it from your local library, but in all honesty it wouldn’t hurt to read it. Like he says in the book if you don’t quit when you’re finished your no worst off then before reading it but I would give it a try. Spread the word, it may help you like it helped me and in-turn you can help someone else. Everyone be blessed and good luck on all of your life endeavors.

  17. Guys I’m on day three and to say its tough is an understatement, BUT, if you stay strong and remind yourself that you no longer want to kill yourself with those cancer sticks, then its just a case of dealing with the emotional side of it.

    NEVER give up the fight, good luck guys.

  18. I just quit a month ago and i feel great! Please do not give up on trying to quit, it is mind over matter if you can endure some of the withdraws. After about 2 weeks you won’t even understand why you smoked in the first place. Good luck to all of you!

  19. Anyone looking to quit get Alan Carr’s easy way book. It really does work and no i’m not on the payroll just a happy ex smoker who quit using his method without any suffering or withdrawel symptoms. It really is a case of deprogramning yourself. For ref i smoked 20 a day for 20 years…

  20. I have been smoke free(15yrs of smoking) and Alcohol free (was a Hobbie and becoming a problem 10 years off and on) for 6 weeks now. I had to quit both because just quitting one I always had a trigger to do the other. I never thought I could quit, but I did, and I never felt so proud of myself. I used no prescription drugs whatsoever. I went on a juice fast for 14 days and that’s what turned me away from smoking and drinking. I now feel sick to the smell. I definitely feel alot more energized and I don’t feel sluggish in the mornings. Getting to sleep and STAYING asleep at night is a breeze which is wonderful. Quitting smoking and drinking for 6 weeks I have saved around $700.00. No joke! I couldn’t believe how much money I wasted. I still juice to this day. I drink about 40 to 50 ounces a day and I stick mostly to green juices. Juicing has changed my life and I will stick with it until I die.
    I do have one issue thou, I find I get out of breath faster when I walk. Isn’t lung function soppose to improve over time? My lungs feel worst. I still get that burning sensation and I breathe quite hard when I push myself. Will this ever go away? I want to start jogging again. I pretty disappointed. Anyone else have this problem? Will this breathing hard ever go away? : \

  21. I quit like ten times now is the longest just realized Jesus gave his life for me….I need to respect my body and respect the God who gave me my life…on the seven mg patches I see someone smoking and I turn my head to say nope I don’t miss those stinking things and everyone tells me my hair smells good and I look better Praise Jesus without him I could never have won the cigarette battle…Love yourselves and don’t light up nomore,,,Amen ? can I get an Amen

  22. Your page saying… “suffer the severe symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.” this is not necessary and is programming people to do it tougher than they ned to do it. Nicotine is addictive and leaves the body rapidly as a drug of dependence it is the WEAKEST and least enjoyable drug. Withdrawals are NOT horrendous, when you do smoke, between 45 minutes and 2 hours after the last cigarette the ADDICTION will prompt you to smoke to top up the nicotine levels. If you don’t smoke the feeling goes away, if you focus on it the mind amplifies the feeling, remembers it is addicted and goes and tops up again. The the cycle repeats. If you quit smoking using nicotine replacement you keep the nicotine cycle going, in three days all nicotine is basically OUT of your system, all one has to do is not believe the illusion of the pangs that say “Give me more nicotine” – when we believe the pang and feed the feeling we go desperate full bullshit about ‘cravings’ the feeling is fed by our thinking, if when the feeling arrives, all we do is do what we do when we are eat the movies or at work and just “bump the reminder” as if it is of no consequence, we don’t have to have massive dramas – he current quit methodologies are lock stepped with NICOTINE delivery – the very thing that keeps us smoking. there is an EASYWAY – google that and look for allen carr. (I have smoked for 40 years, 30-40 a day rollie tobacco, rusted on smoker. I am now 10 hours free, no NRT, and have not had one craving. I have a cupboard full of nrt therapy spent hundreds on stuff in readiness to quit! but have decided I can do for three days what prompts me every 45 minutes which I routinely bump when I am busy. Please, QUIT professionals listen to smokers who have successfully quit -t the medical model is not as efficient as the psychological model.

  23. Well i didn’t quit smoking but i quit chewing tobacco. 21 days so far and still in a fog after a month i can tell you its not all better for most in one month. There is no straight line to recovery its up and down every day every hour every week. Recovery is different for everyone but the same in many ways.

    • Jmac- how are you feeling now..?55 days chew free for me… Still dealing with issues at times.
      Can a snus a day for 5 years… Sun up to sun down…. Argh.

  24. Hello everyone! I’ve been clean for like 2 months now. Still have heavy breathing and things. The physical symtoms I’ve experienced were really hectic. Anxiety attacks, headaches, pains in my joints all over, so many honestly. But still I will not go back to smoking. We need to appreciate every day. And smoking isn’t showing appreciation for life.

    I cleaned my room a lot in the first few days. Kept cleaning to take my mind off. Also I bought myself healthy snacks. Such as dried fruit etc.

    If you can stop today. Do it! Cause every day that you smoke you’re putting your body through hell! And I’ve learned all that by the recovery.

  25. It has been 3 weeks for me. I feel so much better already, and my taste and smell are awsome. I already have energy, and can do things without a huff or puff. Breathing is 100% better already. I was a pack+ a day smoker for 45 years. You can do it. I feel BLESSED thank you.

  26. 35 year smoker, 6 days clean on 3rd week of Chantix, dreams are moderate but if you don’t dream your not alive. Hip replacement in a week. Good luck yo all,be strong!

  27. Hoping to quit for good :/ almost 19 now been smoking on and off from the time i was 11 til i was 17 then started smoking 1-3 packs a day

  28. I quit smoking and marked 2 weeks today. Feeling better no cough no bad breathing no more craving of ciggrettes.

  29. Hi i will smoke around 20-30 cigarettes a day.
    But presently i am not well(viral fever) i haven’t smoked for a day should.
    I am feeling lot a lot head ache.
    what to do????

  30. On my second attempt to stop smoking…failed miserably the first time, only made it 40 hours. So the battle begins, this time I am anticipating success.

  31. Just turned 46 today, had my last cigarette Monday morning the 12th, I started out with the patch, but it’s been 2 days since I used that too. It’s definitely been a whirlwind of changes. Like I read before and holding true to it, I am cutting out all of the negative items that have held me back all of my life and not getting any younger. As far as a support team, I could only wish and I am envious of those that have it. But, like everything else in my life, I will face it alone.

    If you are wandering about Quitting. Just Do it!

  32. I quit 4 months ago cold turkey, after an almost 40 year habit. Still having issues with lack of energy and discomfort in my middle back between my shoulder blades.
    I’m 64. Does energy improve eventually?

  33. Good luck to all, I am coming up on my 10 year quit anniversary. I quit at 40 after smoking for over 20 years and being in the Army for 20 years.

    BTW. I found quiting is different for everyone.

    I want to talk about the withdraw effect.

    For me I still had withdrawal pains 2 years afterwards. The way I can describe it is there is a trigger (there always is) then the sensation of wanting.

    Quiting is a time and impact thing. Time between incidences increases as we leave smoking behind and the intensity of each incident lessens each time.

    Eventually you will deal with the have one after a meal, driving the car, one with a drink etc. It will be the ones you had that were linked to occasional event to watch out for.

    I have to say it was hard work but well worth it and the best thing is my daughter doesn’t know a time when her Dad smoked and that my friends is priceless.

  34. oh and I forgot to mention I have been smoking for 16 years, I started when I was 15 years old, I am now 31 and I have asthma which I take a very expensive inhaler now because of my smoking, since I quit I havent had to really touch my salbutamol (Blue inhaler) instead I have just been taking my Symbicort (expensive one) to combat the cravings crushing feeling on my lungs which makes it harder to breath and when I started quitting I was at 2 inhales a day for my inhaler now after day 3 I am down to 1 a day if that.

  35. Big tobacco wealth shows that the government is deeply seeded in their web of lies. Then after the payoffs stopped in the 90s the American public finally learned how addictive tobacco was and how the Dr. of toxicology manipulation of how they kept from everyone to make tobacco products more addictive. I know you see ads saying big tobacco companies payout of billions of dollars but it’s a lie. Anyone who has smoked should be covered by a large risk pool and pay for everyone’s health affected from tobacco use. But you will hear others say you knew it was harmful however tobacco users were tricked into not knowing just how their deciepted web kept you and your $ into their profits.

  36. I am on my second day now. Tried giving up many times with NRT like gum and patches. I managed 8 weeks without smoking on the patches. However, you’re still a nicotine addict therefore I’m going cold turkey this time. Hope I can do it…!

  37. I stopped smoking now it’s been a month-and-a-half I feel great I think God everyday give me the strength be strong you can do with us vote for 45 years and this is the best thing I ever did in life your body will go through a lot of changes the first month will be fine after that hang in there good luck

  38. I am going to be 40 in a month. I can hardly breathe and spent yesterday with a pain in my chest and blood pressure that wouldn’t go down, so last night I asked my husband and youngest child to tear up them smokes for me and be on the lookout because I AM DONE! The youngest will tear up any if I try to bring them home 🙂 and I hate wasting money soOo… Today is day one. I am 14 hours into it and still feeling strong. Before the embarrassment of the smell and the awful taste was never enough, my children asking me to quit, but last night I decided I did not want to die young and I want to be there for my kiddos and be able to contribute and be active in their lives. Today I am a NON-SMOKER!

    • I was going through the same things, shortness of breath, chest pains, high blood pressure. I’m in week 4 since last cigarette. I thank God that I was able to quit smoking. Best Wishes, You can do it!

  39. After about 22 years of smoking a pack a day I have now been 23h smoke free. The actual cravings haven’t been that bad today although I miss the feeling in my throat while inhaling the smoke. I think about it every 15min or so. The thought last perhaps 20 seconds. I also find the day to be very boring without the smoke. Drinking coffee is not as enjoyable without the smoke, meals are not so exciting since there is no smoke afterwards. Doing a chore is just more of a chore since there is no reward in the shape of a cigarette afterwards. I also have mood swings and am in a bad mood when having to deal with people and I find it difficult to control. I am working from home this week. I am dreading having to go to the office next week. What shall I do in my ‘smoke’-breaks? It will be long, long days in work I think. Does anyone have any good advice on how to cope during the work dayas? Thank you!

    • Hello Ms Sylvie,
      I am on my third day; I marked each day in calendar and I keep a notebook next to it ( I write down each sensation I experience) In this period I decided to be aware of the thoughts I have, the feeling in the body, I am looking to see the glowing of my skin, the gestures (I notice I am acting with more care); this is all I am thinking off…I am not thinking of how depressing is the coffee( I just quit coffees as well) I replaced it with black tea. I underestand that the cigarette doesn’t bring any, NOT any single benefit.
      Cigarettes kept me in a cage for so many years; now it’s my time, your time!
      P.S. Don’t be afraid, just look forward (set up yourself to look forward). Love and light all within your path.

  40. Congrats to all those who have successfully quit smoking. I quit too and it is like 45 days now for me. Towards the end of my smoking it was a pack a day, before that i could smoke a pack in two days so i was steadily increasing. I smoked since i was a teen 19 for sure, sporadically before 19 and then quit at 63 thats a long time. Quit cold turkey. Funny i used to drink a lot of water before and chew gum, but now that i quit i don’t seem to want to drink as much water. Well guys wish me luck and i too will pray for all of you. Healthier lifestyle is always good.

  41. Things that also come back
    1. Sex Drive (Smoking can cause impotence in men stop smoking and your will be hard and horny again)
    2.Opportunity (you miss out on great opportunities meeting influential people when you smell like cigarettes) Not only do they think you stink but you also subconsciously avoid really close encounters with people because you know that you stink to world. It makes you an introvert.
    3.You can finally get into shape (losing weight and exercise is close to impossible when you are a cigarette head. You don’t even start because of fatigue)
    4. Smoking cuts off the circulation in your brain so in effect, you are not as stupid as you were when you were smoking
    5.(being smarter and having more energy and comfortably talking to the right people is the formula to becoming rich! Top that off with having great sex with those people you were afraid to approach and your entire life will come into fruition….All because you quit smoking you are now RICH AND FAMOUS!) hows that for motivation?

  42. Enjoy the sensations of quitting!

    – Get tough & show’m who’s boss. Place in your mind you don’t like things outside yourself to have control over you. As if it were an alien monster, a idiot, a horrible being that literally has control over your mind & body.

    – Don’t read too much about the experience. Perhaps get enough info, to know what to “maybe” expect so you don’t freak out. Reading too much and the problems people have had will only set up your mind for anxiety.

    – Be prepared you will feel the oddest sensations and cravings! Remember, it’s the monster controlling you to return! 🙂 Enjoy the sensations! Realize your body is becoming free! Smile into it! Be proud of yourself!

    – Don’t worry about your future regarding smoking or not smoking! Take one day at a time! If you go back, fine… go back… If you quit and stay with it, great too! Don’t judge yourself! Let your instinct direct you to do what is best for you! Keep it real!

    – I can’t repeat this enough! Set your mind up to enjoy all the sensations you will surprisingly experience. Joke about the feelings. If you need to be around others! Let them know! Tell them it’s FUCKING horribly FUN! Smile at your cravings…. Take a walk… Don’t pressure or worry about not succeeding! One moment at a time.

    – Don’t whine, whinge or moan about it…. C’mon, if you are going to do it. Then just go back & smoke. Then see how your mind feels about doing that. You will feel crappy. Why? You are the enemy, not the cigarette!

    Remember, have fun with yourself and what ever comes up when you quit.

    Drink lots of water… EMBRACE the experience. Stay off crap like Facebook, get out in NATURE! Walk, swim, what ever…

    If you get cranky, realize and laugh at it!

    There is NO WAR…

    Don’t fight it, LOL…. because if you do, you are now at war with yourself!

    So befriend this departure of the enemy within that took hold.. 🙂 Love, them…

    Seriously, enjoy the sensations and know that your body is making RE-Mapping and shedding the poisoned you, to go back to the real NATURAL you.

    The “you” without the external chemicals & control which are NOT you.

    Your circuitry is getting re-wired again 🙂

    GO FOR IT!!! You can do it!!!

  43. Hello everyone, I’m in week 4 now since my last cigarette. I was a very heavy smoker. Smoked for 25 years. I quit cold turkey. It hasn’t been easy but it’s well worth it. I had been wanting to quit for quite a while. I kept telling myself that, but I realized that I was lying to myself. I started having health issues about 2 years ago. I got bronchitis and since then my health hasn’t been the same. I have been to the Hospital several times but they don’t find any major issues. I have trouble breathing often. I use an inhaler once in a while. I also got high blood pressure around 2 years ago. Last month my blood pressure was very high and I started getting chest pains thought I was having a heart attack. Well enough is enough! It was time to get serious and stop smoking! I still feel like I can’t breathe too well, but I finally stopped smoking Thank God.
    Please don’t ever give up on quitting! If you’re really serious and truly want to quit just set your mind to it and believe me you will accomplish it!
    This is the way I quit and you can too! Good Luck to you all and God be with you!

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