Vaping VS Smoking

Choosing the Lesser of the Two Evils?
Vaping vs. Smoking

Vaping is often seen as a safe or safer alternative to smoking. It is also relatively new to the market, only hitting the mainstream over the past decade or so. Because it hasn’t been a part of the public consciousness for as long as cigarette smoking, there is a lot that people and even smokers do not understand about it. Here, we will compare a few different aspects of the two habits Vaping VS Smoking to help people get a better understanding of how they are similar and where they differ, and whether one is safer than the other or not.

Smoking vs Vaping – This is How They Impact Your Body

In the vaping vs. smoking standoff, most people believe it’s the case where the lesser of the two evils wins. But is vaping really an evil that falls in the same category as smoking? The answer becomes clear when you take look at how each of them affects human body:


In addition to tar – which is a collective term for various particles that have a wide variety of carcinogens – the smoke of tobacco cigarettes contains thousands of harmful chemicals, at least 70 of which have been proven to be cancer-causing agents. When these chemicals enter your body, they impact every organ they come in contact with, and several organs they don’t even come in direct contact with.

It’s an established fact that smoking can cause all sorts of diseases, from minor health issues like a cough to lethal disorders like lung cancer and heart diseases. In fact, smoking tobacco is the biggest avoidable cause of death around the globe. According to, smoking kills about six million people around the world every single year, with at least 30% of the deaths caused by cancer and other lethal diseases as a result of smoking.


vapingWhile many people claim there are several potential health risks that vaping can cause, the biggest proven harm e-cigarettes can cause is dependence, as most e-liquids contain nicotine. Can we even compare this with the likes of cancer and heart attack? So far, no scientific study has given any solid proof that vaping can have life-threatening consequences like smoking.

The only notable study that tried to paint a scary picture of vaping was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, back in early 2015. The study showed that when someone vapes at very high temperatures, a chemical called Formaldehyde – a known carcinogen which is actually a degradation product of propylene glycol – can be produced and inhaled. However, the same study also showed that when vaping is done at moderately high temperatures, no traces of Formaldehyde were found. And ironically, nobody wants the bad burnt taste or aftertaste that’s produced when you vape at ridiculously high temperature. In other words, this study, which has been manipulated by many for personal gains, actually removes the stigma attached to vaping. 

However, since vaping caught the spotlight only in the mid-2000s, there is not enough data on the long-term effects of vaping. Hopefully, more researches and studies will offer better understating of how vaping affects our body.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

smokingThere’s an ongoing debate on whether vaping is safe or not, and if it is an effective smoking cessation method or not.

According to a report sponsored by UK’s Department of Health and published by Public Health England – a prestigious group of highly qualified scientists, researchers and public health professionals – electronic cigarettes are at least 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes. The report also recognizes their potential as a viable approach to quitting smoking. 

In the US, however, electronic cigarettes are looked upon nearly as evil a product as tobacco cigarettes. Quite interestingly, the American Heart Association (AHA) took a rather cautious stance in contrary to the popular belief in the country. In the 20-page statement published in 2014, the AHA suggested that e-cigs are less hazardous than tobacco cigarettes, and vaping can actually help smokers quit. Here’s a small section copied from the report:

“E-cigarettes either do not contain or have lower levels of several tobacco-derived harmful and potentially harmful constituents compared with cigarettes and smokeless tobacco… [e-cigarettes] present an opportunity for harm reduction if smokers use them as substitutes for cigarettes.”

Vaping vs Smoking – A Head-to-Head Comparison on all Fronts

Health and Safety

Vaping is still dangerous, and many vaporizers employ a liquid known as e-liquid or e-juice that contains nicotine, but usually not in the high concentrations that represent in cigarettes. The biggest change in safety comes from the way the product is produced and delivered. In smoking, the contents (usually tobacco and about 4,000 other ingredients) are combusted. They are lit and they burn and the smoke is inhaled by the user.

This also creates secondhand smoke which causes numerous health problems on its own. Overall, it is a very unhealthy situation, and that combustion creates a lot of the carcinogens present in cigarette smoke.

In vaping you usually don’t have that. You have to say “usually” because not all vaporizers manage to heat their product without combusting it. But once you eliminate the combustion, you do make the product safer. Instead of smoke, you would be inhaling vapor or steam. It’s likely much safer, but you are still inhaling a lot of chemicals that aren’t very good for you.


Cigarettes are pretty much everywhere. You can find them at the grocery, the gas station, online and in many of the shops you frequent. They have been a part of public use for so long that most people just accept that they are there.

Vaporizers are a little harder to come by. Back in the olden days of vaporizer sales, you could only find them in mall kiosks and mail-order catalogs. Now they have a huge presence online, and you can even find them in some markets and many tobacco and vaporizer specialty stores.

But you will have a much harder time finding vaporizers and their assorted product lines than you would find cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia. As vaping becomes more popular, it is increasingly easy to find them.

Legal Status

Here is where the debate between the two really heats up. Cigarettes have been banned in some form or another ever since they appeared. They were first banned on airlines, then in government buildings and later in pretty much every public location. Some states have looser restrictions than others, but for the most part, if you are in a public space, you either have to find a designated smoking area or just wait to smoke until you get home.

Vaping is a bit more complex, but it is slowly going the way of cigarettes as far as public tolerance. While those who vape claim that the secondhand vapor is not as dangerous as secondhand smoke, the research behind such claims is not conclusive. The public often perceives vaping as the same thing. It appears like smoke is emanating from the vaporizers, so non-smokers feel like they may be in danger while vaporizers are in use around them.

What this has meant for those who vape is that the use of vaporizers is slowly being outlawed in public places, city by city. These bans don’t seem to ever lift, so unless new research is discovered it is likely that the bans will continue until vaping is just as prohibited a smoking is.

Cost Effectiveness

When we compare smoking vs vaping in terms of cash you have to spend, vaping comes out as a clear winner. Although there are many cheaper options, the very best, high-end vaporizers can cost somewhere around $250. After that, all you need to buy is your favorite e-liquid, and almost all e-liquids come at a nominal cost. As for cigarettes, let’s suppose you’re a pack-a-day smoker, your monthly cost will be somewhere around $300 depending on where you live. So, in the long run, you’ll be saving big bucks by switching to vaping.

Social acceptance

Vapor doesn’t smell bad like smoke, neither it discolors your teeth or makes your breath smell bad. In fact, vapor usually smells good like candy or vanilla, depending on the e-liquid. So, with e-cigs, you don’t have to slip out of a gathering, your office, or even your own living room to smoke. Vaping is obviously more socially accepted, but before vaping in public places, make sure you know the local laws as several states don’t allow it.


E-cigarettes are clear winners, in almost every aspect. We will have to wait for a few more years to know the true long-term effects of vaping, but now it seems that they potentially can be a safer alternative to smoking than smoking. However, when you vape to fulfill your cravings, make sure you don’t break any laws or disturb other people. Moreover, most e-liquids contain some percentage of nicotine, which can be dangerous if ingested. Therefore, always keep your vaping gear away from pets and children.


  1. In the device of e-cigarette, you will get nicotine vapor controlling device that helps to regulate the vapor. Thus, by the help of willingness of leaving the habits of smoking, you can reduce the vapor and can leave it permanently.

    • I smoked cigs for 40+ yrs & didn’t even Consider quiting til 1 month prior to my 60th birthday. In February 2017 it will be a year since I smoked a cigarette due to the help of vaping . Now I did feel odd with the whole apparatus, now not so much. I enjoy the flavors & am down to 3mg/nicotine so to be at zero. I didn’t gain weight & I always smell terrific. This is a modern miracle as far as I’m concerned. Never felt better!

    • I smoked for over 60 years, starting when I was 12 years old.
      Switched to vaping 2 years ago and quiet cigarettes, flat-out
      Have been vaping for 2 years and am not short winded or smell of old’
      smoke. I just had a quintuple by pass, the result of the cigarettes, and just wish we had had vaping 50 years ago.
      If I hear anything bad about it, will be able to quit very easily, since I forget to vape sometimes for long periods of time. Am using 12 MG of nicotine, much less than cigarettes.

      • The difference is in how customisable a vape is and the control you have over a device. My more expensive vape has a bigger tank, bigger battery, removable battery, and 7-50 watt capability.

        Thats pretty much it, also mines heaver and less likely to break.

      • Depends on what it is. I bought a higher priced one a while back ago and seems like I use it less cause I’m satisfied on my nictone. Sometimes least expensive ones don’t satisfy you and you constantly use it

      • Iv’e tried them all! The cheap ones always break quickly, you will spend more in them. My advice is to purchase a mid-grade vape. $40-60 or so. You’ll be happier, as it won’t break as easily and it will hit much more like a cigarette.
        I LOVE mine!
        Good luck!

      • The differences between cheaper vapes and more expensive ones include flavor and vapor production. expensive ones let you control how hot the vapor is to fit your preference.

      • @Debbie

        I recently bought a mid range KANGERTECH Kbox Mini-C, which is considered to be a low wattage, (10 – 12 watts) low temperature unit, with a Aspire Nautilus 2 ml reservoir. It cost me $120 CAD, complete with battery, wall outlet adapter, spare element, spare tip (mouth piece) and two 30 ml bottles of Juices of my choice, from VapWorx near me.

        In their opinion, from experience, high wattage and cheaper units tend to overheat much more.

      • Nothing at all, if you purchased an ordinary vape-pen/ecig for 20-30$ you will most likely get what you’re out for if you look to quit smoking, bigger vaporizers like Smok Alien kit gives a better flavor and thick, milky & bigger clouds

      • The difference between cheap eJuice and more expensive is the same as cheap wine and expensive wine. It is just a matter of . The more expensive brands are just better at getting that exact flavor of the juice, whereas a cheaper one may be just fine for the regular user. There really is no difference other than preference. Just like wine, eJuices also have connoisseurs.

    • when i smoked cigerettes. I had chest pain and all that, but when i switched to vape i havent had any of that and my health is amazing. I praise vapers out this world and i have been vaping since nov. of 2016 and still going haha hell yea. Now im trying to get my mother over to vapin that thinks vapin is horrible that has the same chemicals as cigs do and i had a 5 minute arguement over it.

      • Hi William pls let your mum know that it is well worth a try and ask her to read this. I am a lady in her 50’s, a mum and a nana. I smoked my first naughty cigarette in my early teens as a lot of my girlfriends did and sadly apart from when I was expecting my babies never stopped. I have tried everything to give up – patches, hypnotherapy, champion, cold turkey, you name it, and my husband also is a heavy smoker. Today I went out on a limb and thought that I’d try out what the kids had been trying to get me to do and wow and can happily report back that this old dog can and has certainly learned new tricks. I bought an aspire pocket with a lovely menthol flavour (was smoking winfields up to today). It hits the lungs same as cigarettes once you learn to puff in the amt that suits, it doesn’t smell yuck and think of not having to wash hair daily, the amt of money saved (watch get tax the heck out of it in the future though!). I’m a convert. Best of all if you just want a quick puff and one or two only you can. Good luck to both of you.

        • Glad it’s worked for you. No-one should encourage non-smokers to take up e-cigs. But for smokers, e-cigs are a great alternative. True, in themselves they don’t remove a nicotine addiction, but they make it a lot safer.

        • Good for you! I’m in the exact same boat. My son encouraged me to try it. I was NOT expecting it to frag like a cigarette, but it does. I’m new to this, but think I can do it.

  2. After smoking cigarettes for 44 years I have not had one for 2 months thanx to vaping. Even if it is an even Health trade-off- and IMO it is better than cigs- the money I save is well worth the switch…

  3. I have decided at the age of 59, to Vape instead of smoke…I smoke less than 10 cigs a day, and the person I get along machine/oil, only buy drinks very reputable company, so all thecresearch I’ve done, here I go!

  4. Another win for e-cigs is…it doesn’t cause fires like Cigarettes.

    Cigarettes (Tobacco) are horrible and nasty..I know, I smoked for 22 years then Chewed Tobacco for 8 years. I Vape now and my health is getting better. Much better.

  5. Smoker for 37 yrs tried vaping a week ago and haven’t looked at cigarettes since transitioning was easy as long as you have people like the owners of kocky dog to direct you properly
    Vape on

    • I smoked for 30 years and tried to quit so many times I can’t keep count. I tried vaping and started with 6mg of nicotine. Two months later I am down to 1mg of nicotine and I will probably stop vaping in the next few months. Immediately after vaping, I hated the smell of cigarets and I had no desire to ever smoke one again. I can not praise vaping enough. I wish people would stop demonizing it and recognize it as the miracle cure to stop smoking that it is. I do understand that people including children who do not smoke should not think about trying it but smokers that want to quit should try it.

      Just my opinion. I wish there was a way to only sell it to hooked smokers. If you don’t smoke please don’t try it. Only a dummy wants to get hooked on nicotine.

      • I agree tried nicorette gum gave me gas and cramps. So now I’m vaping way better than smoking. I’ve tried quitting 7 times argh .I’m also on 6mg and will reduce. They have juices no nicotine also

      • I can NOT agree more! I am also a 30 year smoker and I have also tried everything under the sun, MORE THAN ONCE, to quit smoking, but nothing ever worked for me. I was beginning to think I was going to be one of those people that just never could kick the habit. I FINALLY picked up a vape after everyone I know has been urging me to get one and I have to say, I was AMAZED! Seriously, I smoked 2 1/2 packs a day right up until 3 days after I started vaping! I had a few moments where I had my vape in one hand and an unlit cigarette in the other and honestly, I just put the smoke down every time afternoon chose the vape! I started at 3mg! I think using it to quit is a great idea. I also think, after I know I’m really done with cigarettes, that I will no longer vape either. I will go down to 0mg and that will be it after a few weeks. I really would like to thank the person who invented this. I have come farther with quitting now than ever before. Good luck to all of you trying to do the same.

      • Same here, totally agree with you. I’m so proud I’ve been able to stop cigarettes. 6 weeks now and going to reduce nicotine level over next few months to 0. I’ve never in 30 years smoking been able to do a day without one. Best tool ever.
        I got told by a shop assistant while gripping about cost of fags.
        ” if you started at high school,”” you won’t know your adult self without cigarettes “.
        I will never smoke again ☺☺☺

      • Yes vaping is the same way for me! I have tried to quit for 18 years and never could kick the habit! I only started vaping a week ago and haven’t smoked since! I started at a 7 and 6 nicotine level and I’m now at a 5 nicotine level. Trying to work my way off vaping period! I find vaping is helping me kick the habit of smoking cigarettes!

      • Its been almost 2 months of being an ex smoker, I’m so glad I did . I think anybody who wants to quit smoking should get a vale pen, because it works. Good luck

      • I just started vapor a few days ago. I was a heavy smoker and I totally agree with you. It’s so wonderful to be able to smoke something that will help me reduce my nicotine more and more. I’ve tried to quit many times also and I really think this is the last time.

      • Well considering it does not contain the toxic smoke or the 70 plus chemicals and know carcinogens in cigarettes it has been proven over 95% safer than cigarettes yet everyone wants to demonize them! Really is it a 100% healthy alternative to smoking no… but it is damn close. It is no different than someone who chews nicotine gum daily.

      • My issue with the whole vape vs smoke thing is… How do we conclude that electrolysis of the lungs is ‘safer’ than chemicals in cigarette smoke? The idea of liquid being converted into vapor with at least one of the same chemicals nicotine is only addressing the fact that it goes through a battery… Still I guess the only way to truly know is having some chemistry expertise and mechanically divide the chemical reaction….

        • hey everyone i live in ireland 44 years old smoked since i was 12 was cool thing to do at the time i guess , started using e cig 7 weeks now put 10euro into a tin i bought every day cos 20 cigs =10euro heading to santa ponsa in spain and the filthy cigs will pay for it will never smoke cigs again happy vaping

    • same here as well..smoker for around 13 years and was like 2pack-a-day smoker..had started vaping recently with 6+mg and now down to 3mg within 3months..have better stamina and healthy now..all thanks to vaping!

      • So true everybody…ive been smoking since 14 now 41. Been vaping on 6mg of custard banana liquid for 6 days havent touched a ciggarette. My clothes and hair dont stink of ashtray anymore neither does the house. I love my vapour i could never do it without it

    • Me too… 42 years smoking.. 2 months ago I said ..let me try that.. never looked back.. use 0-3 nicotine. Cough gone.. seems amazing to me!

  6. Hello i am a long haul trucker hrs behind the wheel lead me to a 2 pack a day habbit that was destroying my health .i tryed to quit smoking many times only to fail after 21 years of smoking and escalating .i finally found the help i needed to quit .i vape and have not smoked a cigarette in 3 weeks and dont crave smoking a cigarette vaping cures the craving if you purchase a good quality vaporizer and a liquid that is palatable. With a small amount of nicotine and a good quality vaporizer you can quit smoking tobacco it can be done
    Thanks for the write up here good info
    Mr nim

      • even drinking water can be harmful in some ways. As a Vaper of 9 years I say to not sub ohm vape, use only regulated mods with proven batteries(NEVER modify them) and always know the ingredients in your E-Liquid.
        I buy my own ingredients and mix them myself,saves me massive money. I smoked 2 packs of Marlboro a day for 32 years. First day I started vaping I haven’t touched or wanted a cigarette for over 9 years.
        I rarely get sick, I no longer have sinus problems,I don’t stink, I have more money, I no longer have high blood pressure.
        I went from 24mg nicotine at start and now vape 3mg and plan to do that forever,why? Because I enjoy it.
        I feel better than I have ever felt at 51 years old. My whole family/relation has done the same and feel the same way. All the haters can hate but all I know is how myself and my family feels and have benefitted from ecigs.

    • Totally agree with you ! I just turned 55 and I about died last Im on 9L of oxygen 24/7 They told me if I didnt stop smoking I probably wouldnt make it 3 months ,,i was use to smoking 2 to 3 pks a day!! I tried to quit so many times …so I started vaping and tada I havent touched a cig since I came out of the hospital !! Im so happy it was the best thing ever for me!! Now I even think cigs stink sooo bad. I am totally for vaping and what is even stranger is I stooped coughing 3 days after I started vaping!! To me vaping is like a miracle!!

      • I am understand what you’re going through. I lost the love of my life due to smoking. He also was on oxygen 24/7. I tried to get him to stop. I am so glad you did. I now am on the vapor smoking. An it is helping me. I hope in the future I will quit altogether. Take care.

      • Great to know that with vaping you have stopped, I just stopped a week ago today, and on a vaper, don’t want to ever feel tired again, feeling the improvement already,

  7. I started vaping before 2 years and now I don’t want to comeback to smoking ever! You don’t stick, don’t feel bad, can make exercise. Different man. And finally you break the pattern, because when you vaping you do different action with your hand.

  8. I’m an 18 years heavy Shisha “or hooka” smoker… after i’ve been introduced to vaping i quite it.. not a single hooka since 2 months now…
    Of course u need to choose wisely your ejuice!
    I really hope one day I completly stop inhaling any kind of chemicals, but for the time being I feel much better without tobacco and charbon..
    Thank you for the post

  9. Hi, I would just like to say thank you for the option of vaping instead of cigarettes. I bought my vapourizer back on oct. 10th 2016 and haven’t looked back since then. I have not touched a cigarette nor do I have any craving for cigarettes. I use an e-juice with 3 or 6 mg of nicotine in it. I jump back and forth , hoping to some day cut out the nicotine all together. My wife loves the fact that I have switched and am doing this and she loves the fact that there is no smell of smoke coming from me at all. Once again thank you for an alternative to smoking cigs.

    • I don’t have a craving as such but as I smoked for 24 years I see cigerettes some times and think I want 1 (when I’ve been drinking) but a few puffs makes me realize how bad horrible n burnt they taste and I soon put it down without smoking it and go back to my vapor

      • I smoked at least a pack a day, sometimes 1 1/2 for 20+ yrs. I started vaping Labor Day weekend in 2015 & haven’t had a cigarette since. I’m on my 2nd vape unit (just got it about 3 weeks ago) but my old unit is still in pretty good working order. I have a juice bar with at least 20 flavors & about 7 different tanks so I can mix it up or blend my own flavors as I wish. I would and have recommended vaping to many smokers. It helped me quit for good after 20+ yrs & I’m 1 yr, 7 mos cig free

    • I quit the Friday before Halloween last year. Incoming up on 13 weeks this Friday and I’m so happy! I’ve tried to quit so many times and failed miserably but this time it’s been so easy. I started with a high level of nicotine (18 grams), have reduced to 9 and am getting ready to go to 6 grams. I’m so excited that I’ll be completely nicotine free soon and then I’ll work on the habit itself. I think my biggest excitement with all of this is that when things get stressful and I want to smoke I’ll be able to vape nic free juice for awhile and then just put it down again. I won’t re awaken my nicotine addiction. So grateful for my vape!

  10. Like David, vaping has helped me successfully stop smoking after everything else didn’t work for me.
    I’m 47, quite overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle.
    I have been smoking daily since I was about 17.
    I did manage to quit for 10 years, pretty much all my 30’s. I started again about 6 years ago during a stressful period in my life.
    I had been unsuccessful in quitting the second time around despite finding it relatively easy to quit the first time around (in 2001).
    I tried cold turkey.and patches.
    This time around I bought a simple but effective and good quality vaporizer for under $50 and was given a variety of e-juice samples by a family member who’s an experienced “vape’r”. I also bought some nicotine gum. I chew the gum when I crave a cigarette but am in an environment where vaping would be inappropriate. I use e-juice with 6mg of nicotine and will cut down to 3mg soon. I may cut down to 1.5mg (by diluting my e-juice), I might cut out the nicotine completely and still vape. I may stop vaping. I’m not sure as yet.
    However, having not “smoked” for 3 weeks I consider *very* unlikely that I will take up smoking again. I realise that 3 weeks is a short period of time, however I know from my previous successful attempt that this is going to stick long-term.
    Vaping may not be “healthy” but it’s cheaper, cleaner, pretty much odourless and common sense says that compared to smoking it’s a much safer choice.
    Thanks for the unbiased and contemporary “scientific” comparison, such as it is.

    • I am with you. I loved my Marlboro lights and I had stopped so many times and always gone back. Now and again I smell a cigarette and really fancy one. My worst time first thing in the morning. At a coffee shop, saw a guy with his latte and Marlboro light and I really wanted one. But I didn’t. I have had my vaporizer for 5 weeks and not had a cigarette. And have found it more manageable this time, I smoked a lot and really didn’t want to stop. I can still have my break and have a vape.

  11. I started vaping a couple of weeks ago. I can go through all the same patterns and rituals as with smoking, but vape. No cravings to run to the store for smokes at all. Glad to see that vaping is more healthy. As for the nicotine, I’m clearly, hopelessly, addicted from smoking. That shipped sailed a long time ago. Glad to have this option that lets me have my routine and fix without most all of the heath risk and the stink of smoke. I used to avoid kissing my wife and kids when I got home because of smoking in the car. Not anymore! Nice. I found a vaporium near me, Kure, that hooked me up with a solid set up.
    Vape on.

  12. Since switching to vaping, my lungs have been able to breath. However, my wallet has also gained several ounces, and my organs tell me that they feel better. However, my fallopian tubes have enlarged

  13. As many have stated, I tried everything to quit smoking!! A friend told me about vaping. I went to a local vape shop and the staff educated me on he whole process. They suggested beginning at 12mg nic, within 2 weeks I dropped to 6mg nic, and now at 3mg. It has been a year and 4 months ?
    Just bought a car, and thought this is the first car I have that won’t smell like smoke!!
    I honestly don’t miss smoking, or the smell (yuk)

  14. I been smoking for a year in half it was a lot easier to quit due to the fact I haven’t been smoking that long I been vaping for 3 months and I’m a big fan of it plus I don’t have to worry about smelling like cigarettes all the time love the vape life

  15. Been vaping for a week now. The thought of a cigarette, sickening! I have tried vaping before with the small gas station starter kits with no luck this time I went all in and spent about 100 with vape and flavor. I drink and used to smoke heavily when drinking now instead of a nasty cigarette i get sugar cookies with 12mg nicotine! My cough is gone and I have more energy. Finally done with cigarettes and not looking back!

  16. I smoked for 24 years I quit for 4 months once I have been vaping for the past 8 months now and I’m not gonna lie I still sometimes get the urg for a cigarette but if I take 1 it tastes so bad burnt horrible rubbish and I realize vapor tastes so much better I feel so much healthier I’m not going back

  17. I stopped smoking cigarettes on the 1st of October I’ve never had a cigarette since although bought 10 then snapped them. Its never bothered me since although I’m on 18mg. So reading other comments need to drop down to 11mg and so on. I’m enjoying the cola cubes when I normally smoked menthol previously. Feel so much better in myself too

    • Same here Karen!. I was advised to start on 18mgs and gradually reduce the nicotine strength over time. I will never go back to cigs again.

  18. No way, true blue is 100% correct. Vaping causes cervical cancer in men and prostate cancer in woman. Every step forward is two steps back.

  19. Had my last cig on Oct 28th, and haven’t looked back! Started with an inexpensive all in one unit, just bought my first full box wt subohm tank. It feeds my desire to smoke, and my need for gadgets! 🙂

  20. I have smoked for nearly 30 plus years. And I’m now vaping and cigarette free for 2 weeks and 1 day. I couldn’t have done this without vaping. Leave vaping alone! Please!

    • Thank you! I am so tired of people giving grief about my vaping, and not one congratulates me on quitting smoking. They usually shut up when I tell them that my doctor said that, as long as I am only vaping and not smoking, the vape is virtually harmless. Some people just have to give you a hard time. To them I say, “Bite me!”

      • It honestly is getting a lot of people off of smoking and I think that a lot of people are making a big fuss over nothing

  21. Im 17. I smoked sigarets for 5 years and i switched to vaping. Im still smoking sigarets but not as much as i use to. The only sideafect i have with vaping is im shivvering everyday

  22. I just wanted to put out there I chew regularly smoke when I’m trying not too chew and have been doing so for 9 years, might I add I’m 24. Long story short picked up a cheap vape kit and giving it a try after working through the quirks so far I’m loving it. I’ll save the site and repost with the month with the progress

  23. I’m 29. I smoked for almost 10 years on an average a pack of 20 cigarettes a day & I tried to quit smoking many times but everytime i was only able to quit for a day lol. I bought my vapor 10 days before & I’m glad to say that now I don’t even feel like smoking disgusting tobacco since I started vaping this delicious peanut butter chocolate flavoured ejuice. Right now I’m using 8mg nicotine ejuice & it’s good enough for my craving. I will try more flavours with less nicotine once I will finish this bottle. Definitely vaping is not completely safe but much less harmful than tobacco (as per all the research I did) & the best part of vaping is that my clothes, my living room, my bathroom doesn’t smell of cigarette anymore. I had drinks a day before & vaping with it was not bad at all. Thumbs up for this technology. It totally worked for me.

  24. I’ve been a smoker since like 10 years now. At least 15cigs/ day Tried various methods to quit smoking, and since last 2 years, I’ve been addicted to both nicotine chewing gums and smoking. I’m glad I somehow came across this vaping thing and it’s been around 4 days and I haven’t smoked nor do I feel like smoking anymore.
    Let’s just not demonize this thing and understand the benefits of this for chronic smokers.
    Wish you all a quick and happy recovery.

    • So agree. I just gave up too quick on my vape a couple years ago. This last November I ran out of smokes picked up the vape and though it’s been only a few months I have found benefits. No coughing my head off or fighting to breath but most of all I feel better and didn’t freeze outside this winter like family at my home and coworkers since smoking outside only in both place. Now to get my husband to go for it would be awesome. I am thankful for my vape.

    • My bf and I are on our second try at vaping! The newer mods are very high tech, and don’t get a burnt taste, and the flavors are better! I think this is going to work! I didn’t smoke for 20 years, but fell back into it due to stress…. Can’t wait to have clothes and a home that smells fresh and clean!

  25. I have never been a smoker because both of my parents were heavy smokers while I was growing up and I watched it destroy their health, not to mention I hated the way my clothes always smelled, as well as our house! My kids were raised in a smoke-free home, but unfortunately, all 3 of them picked up the habit. My son was a heavy smoker, not sure how many packs a day. He started vaping about 2 months ago and hasn’t touched a cigarette since. He said he feels a lot better since he quit smoking. He started with 6% nicotine in his e-juice and is now tapering down. He bought a higher end vaporizer and a high quality juice. Now my daughter has just started vaping because she also wants to quit. If this helps smokers quit for good and save their health, I’m all for it!

  26. I was a half a pack a day smoker for the last 20 years. Picked up a vape and havent touched a cigarette since. The smell of burning tobacco I now find to be completely disgusting (how did I ever tolerate it before?). I started with 6mg and I am slowly diluting it down to try and reduce the nicotine rush. I started going back to the gym, because now my lungs are clearing up and I can breathe better. I am feeling so much more healthy. The key is to use a good vape and high quality juices. I am considering trying a CBD based juice to help me with stress and anxiety.

  27. I’ve been a heavy smoker for the past 10 years. I tried everything to quit, even hypnosis and just coulfnt beat the craving for smoking. My problem is i really enjoy puffing smoke and obviously am very adicted to nicotine ( betwen 1 and 1/2 packs to 2 a day and when i drink it can go even higher.

    I started vaping on november 23/2016 and cannot praise this miracle enough. I don’t even like cigs anymore, they taste like charchoal to me. Vaping is amazing, people should be rejoicing for this amazing technology. I’m shure more testing is required but if the efects im experiencing, such as better sleep, more stamina, no coughing, and a general feeling of wellnes are to be taken into account i believe more people would be convinced.

    I hope that people open their eyes and minds to vaping, couse it is real! And it does help!

    Hope to see more articles in the matter

    Oh and try the ronnin ejuice brand. The TSUNAMI flavour is amazing!

  28. Just started vaping today. Was a pack a day smoker. So far I am not wanting a cigarette. I’m using 12mg juice diluted with zero nicotine.

  29. I’m 50 and have smoked on and off since 9th grade, quitting for a year here or there, but always returning at some point to cigarettes. My 17 year old son and his friends vape in the house while complaining of my cigarette smoke. I would occasionally take a hit from my son’s vape but would always choke on it. (He has a Smok; the amount of vapor varies depending on the device, heat, etc.)

    Just before Christmas this year I was at a local smoke shop buying Christmas gifts for friends and juices for my son’s Christmas stocking and decided to buy a smaller vape pen for myself and Hard Candy juice by XXX. I didn’t buy it with the idea of quitting smoking at all, but since purchasing my pen and learning to use it, I just haven’t wanted cigarettes.

    I Googled “smoking cigarettes vs. vape” and found this article and appreciate the information it provides. Yes, I’m sure after more time has passed and there is more data to analyze regarding long-term affects of vape I may reconsider my stance on this, but for now, I’m a firm believer that vaping is a much better alternative to cigarettes, and since there are so many juices available minimal, and even zero, nicotine, I feel better about vaping than smoking. I was amazed that I had no desire to light a cigarette once I started vaping. I highly recommend this as a great way to quit smoking Furthermore, as my son is at that experimental age, I much prefer that he chose to vape over the alternative.

    And, finally, these are a few cool perks I’ve thought of since switching from cigarettes to vape:

    My new MKZ doesn’t smell like an ashtray; even though the vape smoke has an immediate mild, candy-like scent, there is no residual smell at all.

    Planning to use a whitener on my teeth because I know they will stay white since the vape doesn’t discolor them like cigarettes do,

    My gym workouts are already better since I’m not smoking anymore.

    I don’t have to worry about my clothes, coats, or house reeking of cigarettes anymore.

    If I keep vaping instead of smoking, I will save myself about $2800 annually. Here’s the breakdown: I smoked between 4 to 5 packs of cigarettes a week at $8.05 a pack, annually that’s close to $3000. My vape pen was $50 and the juice I like is just under $9 . One bottle will last about a month, so my annual vape-related cost will be less than $200. Wow!

    Unlike cigarette smoke, vape smoke (which is like steam, pretty much) will not damage my face/skin or make it age more quickly.

    Using a smaller, less vape-inducing pen makes it less noticeable; I can use it in more public places than cigarettes.

    I always tried to hide the fact I smoked cigarettes since it is increasingly frowned upon (and for good reason) but I don’t feel the need to hide the fact I vape regardless of society’s lack of understanding of the differences between the two. I feel that eventually vaping will be more widely accepted in America.

    The amount of nicotine, if any, is controllable in the vape, and since my pen heats at a lower temperature than some vape devices, I know I’m not exposing myself or others to any carcinogens.

    I will soon be able to consider myself a non-smoker!

    I can date non-smokers without feeling guilty that my breath smells like an ashtray or that my mouth tastes like one.

    • Can you give me more specifics on where did you get your vape pen how did you figure out the dose and the ejuice. I am trying to get this to a friend who has smoked for years and I want to make sure I buy everything for her and walk her through it.


  30. I agree with everyone else on here. I’ve been a pack a day smoker for over 20 years and love smoking! However since my wife quit years ago she’s always complaining how bad i stink and how bad it is for me. I’ve tried everything to quit over the years and always craved cigs when i was in the process. Since my friends convinced me to get a good quality vape and get tasty juice I have not looked back and it’s been just over a year now!
    The key is a good vape, you don’t need one of those small things that looks like a ciggy, you need something that can crank out the clouds of smoke. A good juice, you do not want a tobacco flavoured juice since if it doesn’t taste just like the cigs your used to it won’t cut it and you’ll go back to smoking. Get a tasty vanilla or fruit punch! Keep smoking cigs but use the vape as much as possible, after 2-3 weeks you won’t be able to stand the taste of the cigs and will much prefer the delicious vape! Change your coils every week or it can get a bit harsh on the throat and enjoy!!!
    There’s lots of great youtube video’s or even search best vape setups and learn as much as you can about vaping and you will truly enjoy it! I started at 12mg and am now down to 1mg. Might quit all together or might vape 0mg for the rest of my life, doesn’t matter to me but I feel so much healthier now and don’t have that terrible morning cough.

    • Thanks so much for the information! Just started vaping last week, trying to put down the cowboy killers Marlboro Reds…my son gave me a WulfMods set-up and I love it. Will go to YouTube to learn more about coils, etc…I’m using 6mg Three Dukes juice, but looking for more flavors and brands that people recommend? Any suggestions are appreciated!

    • My story is the much like yours… Picked up a vape pen in April… smoked and vaped for another month, during a stressful time in my life. But, I found that after I had a puff of cigarette, I needed to vape my yummy ejuice, to get the flavor of the cigarette out of my mouth. I went all in and spent 2 months worth of cigarette budget on a few vape mods and ejuice, I even learned how to make an easy recipe for strawberry and cream, which is delicious. Haven’t smoked a cigarette in 9 weeks. They stink terrible to me now. Wow… after 40 years… 56 years old… I quit smoking cigarettes. Yay!! Saving tons of money now… cash in my pocket lasts a lot longer. Be sure to pick up some coils for your vape mod to have on hand… and order online, from someplace safe and recognized, much better prices if you are in it for the long run.

  31. I smoked cigarettes for over 50 years. A pack + a day. Tried vapping on July 4th, 2016 and never went back to a cigarette again. I started at 12mg and slowly decreased the mg every 2-3 weeks till I was down to 0mg laces with 3mg.

    However, if you do not smoke, PLEASE don’t start. I have kicked all sorts of addictions except this one. Don’t be a fool like I was, just to look cool.


  32. Just purchased a new vape. I tried it a couple years ago in an attempt to quit smoking. As of last week I was smoking 1-2+ packs a day depending on stress and drug/alcohol intake.

    Purchased a reatively cheap battery, a smok baby king, and some 12 mg juice. Down to 3 or 4 cigarettes a day. This thing actually works. I will be done with smoking quickly. Each day I smoke less and crave cigs less. The hard part is refraining from drug use which just instantly causes me to smoke. One hurdle at a time.

  33. I haven’t had a cigarette in over 5 yrs. I don’t miss the nasty ash, butts, smelling like an ash tray, teeth yellowing, and feeling like a$$…I can’t say it’s entirely cheaper, unless you use cheap juices and lower quality devices such as vaping pens..but in my opinion paying a little more for a quality mod and premium juices it’s well worth it for a much more enjoyable vaping experience. It definitely is more convenient and socially excepted, from my experience anyways. I highly doubt I will ever take one drag of a cigarette again, ever! I recommend it to anyone who still chooses cigarettes or is wanting to quit!

    • Hi Barbara, I was just wondering why you are still vaping after 5 years? Surely vaping is just a crutch to help get over the cigarettes in the first few weeks.

    • Honestly ejuice isn’t that expensive because alot of places do deals and have but one get ones on good brands. I have spent 50 on 6 big bottles of ejuice because of the deals. It’s honestly way cheaper than cigs

  34. Vaporizing has saved my life. I no longer have crap in my lungs when I breathe hard in and out, my circulation has increased, which means I don’t feel cold of tired, in fact I have increased energy and stamina I haven’t had since highschool. I love you vaporizer! You have changed my life.

  35. I need to know is the smoke from vaping bad for kids? I tell my wife no but she thinks vaping is I’ve looked up everything I can but I still don’t have an answer that I’m looking for. Can anyone help?

  36. Does vaping really help with your lung functions? I have been smoking for over 30 years . 1 and a half to two packs a day. I just started vaping! I have a aspire k1 and buy a cheap e-juice! I have asthma and possibly COPD!!! Will this help my lungs function better? I am hoping to quit altogether.

  37. Started vaping 5 months ago and took to it immediately.Had a cigarette on Christmas Day and immediately wondered why. Vaping works for me and after 47 years of smoking I know I won’t be buying any more cigarettes. No smell, no more coughing and VERY MUCH CHEAPER. The only opposition seems to be coming from governments (loss of taxes) as well as big pharmaceuticals and tobacco companies (loss of revenue).

  38. Me and my Husband bought ourselves each a Vape (iStick Pico) and some decent liquids just before Christmas last year.
    My husband is the one that is the one that wants to stop smoking, but me, on the other hand, likes smoking cigges. I have been struggling to quit smoking and still crave ciggies. I must say that I have been smoking much less than usual.
    I need to stop smoking as emphysema is in my family, and my sister has been diagnosed with it not too long ago. she has used the Vape ( 0MG) and is loving it and her health is soo much better.
    is this just my mindset that is wrong? Or should I find another liquid as I am not satisfied with the ones we have?
    I will love it if you guys could give some advice.

  39. I started vaping about three months ago, started at 9mg and just a couple of days ago made it down to juice with no nicotine. Haven’t had cravings, and even with everyone else in my house still smoking it’s been easy. My only concern is that, I get sick with colds easily, and because of vaping my cold turned into a full blown flu, which then turned into pneumonia and then pleurisy. Of course, there is no proof at all that it was vaping that did it, only my observation of how I was feeling and how the vaping affected me each time I took a puff. I would suggest vaping to everyone as an alternative to smoking, just do it with caution if you are prone to getting I’ll easily. Still, after being sick I am still vaping away 🙂 as I know that if I stop, I will go back to smoking cigarettes, and I would rather be sick with flu then sick with cancer.

  40. I haven’t smoked a cigarette is over a year thanks to camping, my blood pressure went from stage 2 hypertension down to below normal, I will never go back, I have more money in my pocket now, the only drawback I have found is that I have a very keen sense of smell now (I live in Iowa and pig farms are plentiful)

  41. I’m 57 and smoked a pack a day for close to 40 years. I had a heart attack last year and decided to give vaping a shot. I found a tobacco flavored juice that I really liked and the day I started vaping was the last time I smoked a cigarette. That was 5 months ago and most days I don’t even think about cigarettes except how nasty they smell.

  42. My boyfriend bought me a vape last weekend been a heavy smoker since I was 13 eventually switching to menthol and up to two packs a day. My lungs are clearer, I don’t smell like and ashtray, not having to cover up the odor with heavy perfumes, constant hand washing, and teeth brushing. Going from two packs prior to getting it to now not even having the slightest urge is a miracle. Again love the site and love my vape it’s truly a live saver.

  43. I smoked cigarettes for 30 years and tried countless times to quit. I started vaping 6 months ago and now have 5 months without touching a cigarette. I had serious doubts that vaping would work because I’ve tried to quit so many ties before that I had just about given up hope.
    I quit almost effortlessly. Have you ever switched brands from regular to menthol cigarettes? That’s the best way I can describe the degree of difficulty between going from cigarettes to vaping. I remember the last time I bought a cigarette, yes in NYC you can always find a place that sells them one at a time, .. anyway the taste disgust me so much that after a drag or two I tossed the cigarette in the street. I haven’t picked one up since. Vaping is without a doubt the best-kept secret to stop smoking.

  44. I’m 53, and have been a “RED 100” smoker for 37 years. I’ve tried to quit countless time’s and failed. I’ve tried patches, gum, prescription meds, and the “cheap” e cigs to no avail.
    I finally had enough so I went to a vape store, and purchased a quality vaping mod, and tried a few e juices, and with some tinkering I found a flavor and a reasonable nicotine level (9mg) that was great for me.
    I am on day 5 without a cigarette, have absolutely ZERO desire for a cigarette, and I’m feeling GREAT!!! I will be slowly reducing the nicotine level until I am nicotine free. If your a smoker and just can’t seem to quit do yourself a favor and give vaping a try, if it worked for me it can work for you as well.

  45. I have smoked for 40 years just started to vape using 18 mg of nicotine I usually buy 3 cartons of Camels every 2 weeks since vaping I’ve bought 8 packs and went to a 12 mg nicotine my main reason was for work so I don’t waste cigarettes and smoke where I shouldn’t. Being around horses has helped.

  46. I know that more research is needed on vaporizers. I know nothing should enter lungs except oxygen. I know that I damn near killed myself smoking cigarettes. I know that since I started using a vaporizer, I have quit smoking a pack of cigarettes per day.

    I love the taste, smell and money saved since I started vaping last year.

    I spoke to my doctor whom did research on this subject and he absolutely condones me using a vaporizer.

    Any naysayers out there? Argue with a pulmanologist. I’ll give you his number.

  47. Hello, last Monday 13/02/17 a package arrived in the post. It was a Vaporesso Target Mini ‘vape’ kit ( other brands are available ) and as I had already purchased a 30ml/12mg bottle of menthol e-liquid, I got strait on the task of assembling, charging and filling my new ‘toy!’
    I have been a heavy smoker for the best part of 28 years having stopped twice within the last 5 years. First attempt I lasted 10 months, second go I managed 13 months. On both occasions I fooled myself into thinking ‘one little cigar won’t hurt & it’s Christmas!’ mmm… a few weeks later I was right back where I started. I feel it worth mentioning here that both attempts were aided not with gum or patches, but with a book titled ‘Easy Way To Stop Smoking’ by Alan Carr which I’m sure many of you will have read? If not, then I would recomend it weather you smoke or vape. That was that, the tobaco went in the bin, job done! Err..well..
    Anyway, my habit was pretty bad, a roll-up every 30 mins if I was working in the office slightly less if I was on site and yeh you all know the script, smelling like a ashtray, yellow staining on my fingers, teeth etc.
    It’s now 5pm on Sunday the 19th ( UK time ) and I still have just over a third of my liquid left, I have not had a roll-up or even had the desire to have one! I don’t smell and the staining on my fingers has all but disappeared, happy days!
    I thought I would do some research today and have spent the last 5 hours reading articals, papers and documents both for and against, some of which need no guessing from where the funding was given! Also sites like this one which seem on the whole, very positive because each post is written by real people talking about their own experience which in my opinion is much more informative than some biased and overpayed ‘idiot’ cherry picking the facts for their own agenda!?
    Vapers of the world unite!
    I would also just like to say thankyou to everyone who has ‘bothered’ to post for helping me find my feet and in knowing that I am making a better choice.

  48. I have been a smoker my entire life. I tried quitting for 10 years. I Probably tried every method out there, from bills, to even e cigs when they first came out in the early 2000s. I finally gave vaping another chance seeing how the industry advanced, I bought a good set up where u can control the watts, and it has given me a new lease on life. I didn’t think it was going to work at all given that I tried the basic e cigs years ago. I have been cigarettes free for a week now, but more importantly vaping replaced my urges for cigarettes. I hate the smell of cigarettes now and I can confidently say that I am done with smoking. This is the first time in over 2 decade that I have not smoked a cigarette in over a week, and amazingly have no desire to go back.

  49. I started smoking right before going to Marine Corps boot camp. I made it for three months with out one and when I graduated from there I started right back up. I have been a pack to a pack and a half since then. I started vaping on 25 Feb 2017 at 7 pm. I have had 4 cigarettes since and each one has tasted horrible. It may only be 48 hours, but I do not want to go back.

    I have an 18 month old who as been very curious about cigarettes and I knew it was time to stop! I spent around $100 on a vaporizer that has internal batteries and very small to fit in my pocket. I ended my smoking on menthol cigarettes and so I started vaping on menthol e-juice with 3 mg. I hardly puff on it as is but I’m still not craving a cigarette.

    I’m glade I started vaping

  50. Just over four years ago I began looking at ways my husband and I could quit smoking. (We had smoked for 25 years). His astomach was getting worse and I knew he wouldn’t quit if I didn’t with him. I looked at pills, thought about giving the patch yet another go…then I found ecigs online. I suggested to my husband who was in the US working at the time to grab a prefilled ecig at one of his truck stops and try it out. He did that morning and by that night, after him not having a cigarette all day, I ordered us our first vaping kits. After researching the evolution of cigarettes (which isn’t much aside from the addition of more chemicals and a filter), I decided that this was the evolution.
    Within a few days my package had arrived and I hurriedly charged that baby up, going outside for my cigarette and staring at the device waiting for the light to turn green to indicate a full charge. Then finally it was ready! I began using it straight away. My pack of Dumauriers with only 6 out of it sat by the door waiting for me to take them outside. That pack sat there for the next 6 weeks untouched. I knew I was done. I was no longer a smoker! I threw the pack out and got rid of the full carton of cigarettes from the freezer.
    There was no more morning smokers cough. I could run- and I mean RUN- after 6 weeks of vaping. My husband no longer had to use his inhalers through the day.
    We have convinced about 20 of our friends and family to quit smoking with vaping and about a quarter of them don’t vape anymore either. I’m certain we would both still be smoking if not for vaping.
    I celebrated 4 years of no smoking on January 29th of this year.

    Oh yeah…and that men’s cervical cancer thing…too funny! (I almost shot my tea out of my nose!)

    • LOL.. Great Job guys..

      Started last night and today havent had a stick!! still craving but when i grab my juice and vape, craving is gone.. this works wonders!!

    • Everyone needs to stop smoking, if you have a loved one that smokes you need to help them quit. I lost my mom last year to lung cancer, and it is the toughest thing to experience. My whole family smokes and I mean hard core smokes! Before she died she said “I hope all you kids can quit.” So I bought my first box of patches, they kinda helped but I still was smoking a few a day. The day I got the call she passed away I ripped off the patch and lit up. A few months later I bought my first ecig and have not touched a cig in over 3 months. I’m not 100% sure of the safety but I do know I feel good, I don’t cough anymore and I’m not inhaling a camp fire all day everyday. It really is a tool I wish I knew about before my mom got cancer. Please give it a try if your trying to quit, you literally have nothing to lose if you are addicted to smoking cigarettes.

  51. I’m 60, I know, to most of you “ancient”. I have smoked most of my life, only quitting once for about a year. Have had a horrible case of the flu this last week, and know it’s worse because I’m a smoker. Had a vape, so stopped and bought some juice Tuesday and haven’t had a cigarette since. Jury is still out, as with anything, but I am hopeful that this time’s the charm! Smoking sure hasn’t turned out to be as cool as I thought it was when I started as a teenager.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Im 47 and decided enough is enough, i’m on Day 3 and vaping but gone cold turkey as in on 0% liquid. To be honest, i’m fine, had an odd ‘anger’ moment today but I just walk out of the office.
      Gotta admit, I am determined this time, I will also try to only vape for a few weeks, I don’t want a replacement habit.

  52. I’ve been smoking for the last 15 years and even though I knew it is bad for health but still, i continued doing it. My life has changed when I was introduced to e-cig. Just after 3 days of vaporizing, i feel more of a changed man. My lifestyle has changed and health wise I feel more comfortable. Although here in the middle east e-juice is quite expensive because of the regulations, I already spend around 400 USD but it is worthy of the benefits I am getting. The downsides I have seen in vaping is the expenses from juice, coils, atomizer etc.and the huge vapor it is producing which can be customized. Vape on friends

  53. yes..i’m also a heavy smoker..i smoke sometimes 2 packs of marlboro’s been 3 weeks few days since my last cigarette..started at 12mg of nicotine peanut butter flavor..but the 12mg was too much for now stay on 6mgon freezy lychee hoping soon will reduces to 3mg..vaping highly recommended to heavy smoker out there who trying to quit..vape on.

  54. I am 60 years old. I started smoking around 18 or so. I was only able to REALLY quit once when my wife became pregnant when I was around 32. It lasted about 12 months as I took a new job opening up a new hotel & the stress got me back hooked in. I quit now completely almost 2 years ago. I tried a few commercial products, finally found one that gave me the nicotine and a good draw. No desire to ever smoke a cigarette again. Very inexpensive. Before I quit, was spending about $60 carton for Benson & Hedges menthol at least twice month. About a pack a day. No ther brand tasted good to me. Not a shill for this product, but it works for me. MarkTen, think it produced by Marlboro.
    The device is & feels like holding a cigarette. Costs about 6.99 for the battery part, a cartridge & a USB recharger. The new ones cost about 3 to 5 dollars for 2 cartridges . Each cartridge has 3.5 nicotine. Lasts me about 2 days. what i really like it is innocuous, no big vapor cloud & i never get called out, use it on a plane all the time, even in grocery stores.
    Now no stink, no cigarette ashes or butts or second hand smoke pollution.
    My doctor was happy i quit, but not ecstatic I was vaping, but we didn’t discuss the details.

  55. My experience is very similar to most. After 3 weeks I have no desire for tobacco. Started at 12mgs but with an efficient vape that was too much and I’m a heavy smoker, high mg cigarettes and plenty of them. 6mg is good for me.
    What I would like to pass on is a friend of mine’s experience. She quit tobacco with the vape for over a year. Hooray! Unfortunately she actually suffered a nicotine overdose. How I’m not sure but I think it may be a very efficient vape and 12mg juice. That and maybe she was so used to it and got distracted she didn’t notice how much she was vaping in one go. She had to go to emergency when the OD happened. Judging from the rush I get I can see this happening.
    Vape safe! I am and plan to continue for fear of falling back on cigs. I too believe vaping to be an excellent cessation tool and is the lesser of two weevils.

  56. E-Liquid? They want it to be acceptable to society and considered safer than cigs and yet they decided to call it Electronic Liquid??

  57. I’m 22 I have been smoking since I was 16 never thought I’d quit. I bought mod and a tank off a friend. Haven’t smoked a cigarette yet and it’s been about a month and a half.

  58. I have been a 1/2 pack a day smoker since I was 17 (15 years) not only did I love smoking, I loved the escape it gave me. I never felt like I was addicted, it was simply something I loved to do. Up until this last year I was a single mom of 3 kids. It was my much needed and well deserved mommy time out. Until last month. During a routine pap they found cancerous cells in my cervix! Most likely caused from smoking. I am 32 (in a few weeks) and could not imagine leaving my 14, 7 and 5 year old without their mother over my selfish actions. I tried vaping immediately after my diagnosage but I choke and dropped my vape broking the glass. So I went out and bought another pack of cigarettes. 2 weeks ago I had a biopsy and everything got so real. I went into my local smoking shop and told the man I need to quit NOW. He helped my with a purchase of a new vape, different juice and taught me how to hit it.

    2 weeks later I am proud to say I have not touched a cigarette. I still go outside on my mom time outside to vape but now I come inside and nobody complains that I stink. I feel better. I smell better and I already saved $40 according to my app. That in return equals more time and money for my babies. I pray I continue my journey as a nonsmoker and this little vape just might save my life ❤ congratulations everyone on your success stories!! Your all rockstar in my book.

  59. I have been smoking for 20 years, I didn’t even pick up my first cigarette until I was 25, that was ONE of the biggest mistakes of my life, today I through my cigs in the trash and bought a vape, I’m on 6mg right now and am going to work on lowering the nicotine level every two weeks….. I’m so tired of the way cigarettes make me feel like crap and want to be a non smoker and get my health back to where it needs to be!! I know it may sound ridiculous but I’m already freaking out that I threw my cigarettes in the trash!!!! I hope this vaping helps me to be a non smoker!!!!

  60. I have been a heavy smoker for 20+. I started vaping and didn’t smoke for 2 weeks once I got it. My girlfriend’s father was a smoker for 40+ years. We got him a simple pen vape and he didn’t smoke for almost a month as soon as it got one. The more I vape the better I feel and the more money I save. I also feel that vaping is the new cigarettes and it’s nice having control of your nicotine intake and knowing all the chemicals you are taking.

  61. OK I stopped smoking a day ago. I started to vape w/ e-juice 0gm of nicotine. Is it true that some are with no nicotine in them or do they all have some nicotine? I keep hearing yes they all do.

  62. Well, it seems like my country (Bolehland) is the only one who banned vape but not cigarette. In my county, you get a fine when vaping outdoor while the other guy besides is smoking.

  63. I have tried stopping for years. I’m 44 and I started smoking at 9 yrs of age. I have tried nicotine patches but I always relapsed back to cigarettes. I bought a cheap vape pen set from amazon 15 days ago and I haven’t smoked since. I have just recently purchased a smok subohm and I am loving the not smoking. I feel so proud of myself whenever I crave I vape and amazingly I have not smoked and I don’t feel that I want to now.

  64. I have been smoking since 13 years old maybe 12 (stated smoking my second week of comprehensive school. I have smoked 15 to 20 cigs a day ever since(apart from a 12 month gap) where I had no option but not to not smoke.. I tried to use a smok last year (was a very good vale mod) but I chose zero my nicotine so after a week I went back to smoking. I’m now 23 and have decided to try a new vape. I’m currently using a kangertech vape pen with 3 mg of nicotine and I must say it is working, I do have a morning cig and a bedtime cig but other then that I am not interested. I have been using the new vape for a couple of wheeks now and can can 100 percent say that the taste of cigs is truly horrid. I don’t even want the 2 cigs that I currently smoke through the day but until I get the 6mg vale juice my brain does not give me that option but from 20 a day to 2 a day from less then 20 minutes after buying the vape pen I can honestly say I feel a million times better with my chest ect, not to mention the phsycoligical side of things. I used to feel so down all of the time with cigs. Wondering when I was going to get my next hit.. all in all I am 100 percent for vaping over smoking and let’s face it no matter what proof they find with vaping it is never going to be as bad as smoking the proof is already out there. There is instant health improvements when you switch to vaping within the first hour it is noticible.

  65. As someone who has beaten almost every serious addiction going – 14 years of heroin, crack, methadone and alcohol, tobacco was still the last thing I needed to beat. I began vaping in Nov of last year (’16) and after a few weeks transitioning between the two, I packed the cigarettes in completely in early January and have not looked back. My breathing, lung function and general health have improved enormously in that short time. Such is the impact, I’m already feeling like a smoking Nazi, so disgusting are the smell and taste as I now perceive them! Our British government is very positive in regard to vaping and it’s benefits for ceasing tobacco, and it would appear the US has some catching up to do in that regard. The positive testimonies on here should be sufficient to prompt anyone on the fence to take the plunge and give it a go! 🙂

  66. I started smoking when I was 9 I’m now almost 57 and after being diagnosed with COPD 6 years ago I still couldn’t kick smoking. A friend of my granddaughter introduced me to a high quality vape pin. I have Quit smoking now for 2 months. And I have cut my nicotine to over half what it of was before I stopped smoking!
    My pulmonary doctor said I could smoke anything except cigarettes. Vaping has worked for me when nothing else did!!!

  67. I’ve been struggling with Cluster headaches for the past 3 years. My Dr suggested I should stop smoking ’cause it triggers the clusters. Since I started vaping I have not even had a single “minor” headache.
    What a joy to live without headaches and Clusters.

  68. I started smoking when I was 15, and smoked up until two years ago. I am now 24, and I only vape. I will agree that it is not the best thing for non smokers to pick up on vaping, however, there are always exceptions to the rule. Two of my siblings vape, both of which have severe anxiety. One is an ex-smoker and the other has never picked up a cigarette in his life. The ex-smoker has nicotine in hers to curb the need to have a cigarette, the other has no nicotine in his whatsoever. The only reason that either has their vape is to help them calm down, and neither do this with the aid of thc, which can also be used in e-juice. There are also studies supporting that by vaping only the chemical known as cbd from marijuana can reduce anxiety, treat chronic pain, promote healing within the body from natural hormonal stimulus among many other great things. The best part, you don’t have to get high to reap these benefits, cbd does not kill brain cells or give you any of the effects that thc does. I’m aware that both smoking and vaping are not good for you, but vaping was the easiest way for me to quit smoking, and as a mother, that’s extremely important to me. There are some companies that are starting to put additives into there juices, just like they do with cigarettes; to make people just as addicted to vaping, so please be cautious. But there are also ways to make your own juices that are even more cost effective AND you know what is in your juice. Vape smart, and you might not have the urge to ever smoke again.
    Be safe, be smart, and vape on.

  69. I smoked for 38 years and tried everything imaginable to quit with no success. Feb 14 2015 I bought a vape set up and started with 18mg and have worked my way down to 3mg and next step is 0mg. I am thankful for the ability to quit cigarettes and soon I will be done vaping. I am a 100% supporter of vaping to be able to quit cigarettes and work your way down to also stop vaping.

  70. I just got a vape for my birthday. Started using it yesterday afternoon and I already don’t want to smoke cigarettes anymore. I still have a craving for a cigarette a little bit but I really don’t want one. The vape does take care of the craving. And it taste way better than a nasty cigarette. I’ve been smoking cigarettes since I was about 15 years old and I just turned 31. So I have faith the vape will work as far as helping me stop smoking.

  71. I am here out of curiosity? I smoke and I want to quit. I am looking for aids to help me. I tried chewing gum but it failed. Next I will try this but before I put my money into it. Does it work? will it aid me quit.

    • Hope you have tried it by now… it works!!! Don’t be to hard on yourself at first. If you are on a budget, look for a reputable online ecigarette seller, by reviewing forums and looking for positive ratings. Try some ejuice like strawberry and cream, maybe a couple others that sound good. Start at about 6-12 mg nicotine. Then everytime you want a cig, pick up the vape first and take a few puffs, before you have a cig… it will work and easily… pretty soon you won’t want the cigs, because they taste bad. Good luck… and give it a try!!!

  72. If you want to quit smoking, the most effective way hands down is to vape. I smoked for 20 years and have been vaping for 7 months and haven’t looked back. Yes the Jury is out on the long term affects of vaping, but most agree that it is a much safer alternative to smoking. I plan to give up the vape by getting down to 0mg, started on 18mg now down to 11mg. I personally think smoking should be banned as we all know the harm it causes but are too additicted to the nicotine. After seeing my mum breath her last breath due to having COPD, I never want to see anybody or myself go through that. Vape on.

  73. I’ve been a pack to apack and 1/2 a day for 35yrs….tried to quit several times..On May 25 2016 I tried a friend’s vape with 3 mg and the right ejuice mixes( as I had tried vaping b4 and I’d get a headache) I’ve been free .No more smell, know what good food taste like now..I feel great!!$

  74. I am 28 and i am working in wills the manufacturing unit of cigrates and i would like to tell you that we all have a strict policy to employ only non-smokers. I was hid my habit of smoking at work to get the job. But now i am totally cured i used to smoke 5-10 cigaretes a day. I tried vaping in Dec 2016. I vaped for 2-3 months and now its been 2 months i have touched my vapour i sometimes vape to make rings but i no longer get the urge to smoke or vape. I am making rings cuz i am trying to finish my bought stock. But i can safely say i am not a smoker anymore.

  75. I have been vaping for 2 years now after 30 odd years of smoking, the main issue with vaping is that it is too easy to carry on vaping all day, there is no end to it like there is with a regular cigarette, my advice would be to go to the back door when you vape just like you did when you smoked regular cigarettes

    My other issue is nicotine levels, because you are vaping constantly you are taking in large amounts of nicotine, this does raise the blood pressure, if you are going to vape choose a jouice with zero nicotine.

    I have now gone onto nicotine free juice…here is the reason.

    To put it quite bluntly I have lost sight in my left eye, there are a number of reasons for this including smoking for 30 odd years, damage from the sun from living in the sub tropics for a number of years while being of Nordic heritage and blood pressure.

    My message be very, very wary of vaping, especially if you are vaping every waking hour including having it next to your bed when you wake in the middle ofthe night…..yes you are doing that I know so stop it!!! Get rid of the nicotine and only vape when you really need to.

    If like me you have smoked for many years, kept very fit and have gone on to vaping and you think you are safe to vape 24/7, think again, you have already caused a hell of a lot of damage to your body, excessive vaping is without a doubt going to raise your blood pressure, be sensible!!!

  76. was diagnosed with mouth cancer just yesterday,was told by a consultant that smoking was the cause,i’m only 49 so this is bad news.i was told to give up smoking straight away. What did i do? tried daughters vape and i have to say it has helped! you can imagine the stress that i am under. The stupid cigs took my health!

  77. Well…60 years old and been smoking since about 16. Past couple years around 2 packs a day
    My energy level sucks, i hack, look older than my older non smoking sisters.
    I have had it. I am using vaping to quit smoking and so far so good. Lots of positive on here. Thanks.

  78. Vaping is such a better alternative. You can eventually work your way down to 0 nicotine. Basically, you are just inhaling flavored steam. The problem is, so many people buy these cheap “gas station” e-cigs and they are awful. They make you cough worst than cigarettes do. But, if you buy a decent mod, find the right settings and right e-liquid you will never go back to smoking!

    • Yes this all the way!! I was hard up the other night after all the vape shops in my area closed early on Sunday. I was forced to buy a bottle of vape juice from a gas station. All I can say is, DISGUSTING! It was so bad, I poured the remainder of my tank out the next morning and headed straight to my local vape shop.

  79. Hello I been a smoker for 20 years and smoking was holding me back from all kinds of things (playing with children, work ) and not only that my health was going down hill. I started vaping about 2 months ago and it’s worked for me 100%. I don’t even like the smell of cigarettes anymore my wheezing is gone and I feel better now. I recommend vaping to any1 wanting to quit the nasty habbit of smoking.

  80. I have been a pack a day smoker for 32 years. I have tried vaping and have been smoke free for 5 days now and i will never go back. I feel so good and i will save about $7000 per year. I never thought it would be possible for me to quit. Its a miricle . Vaping is a wonderful invention

  81. I can say enough about vaping. It’s stopped any cravings and I feel and smell a 100% better. Thanks for a great option and I hope all smokers get on this and quit the awful habit.

  82. I have been vaping for 15 mnths after 50 yrs of smoking- still have mild COPD- but breathing way better- so for me nicotine addiction is satisfied without all the other bad stuff!

  83. Started smoking 17 years ago with an average of 1.5 packs a day, started vaping 3 weeks ago & never looked back at the Cigarettes. Vape On & make it legal & available governments, stop your greed from the tobacco Tax money.

  84. I’m a heavy smoker of L&M blue 100s…. I’ve tried every single e-cig created to date and they’re so disgusting I’ve never used one more than a couple times.
    I’d like to know if someone could recommend a vaporizer for me to use with REGULAR cigarette tobacco from a cigarette AND/OR an e-liquid that tastes EXACTLY like cigarettes. I figure the tar is what’s destroying my lungs and at this point a vaporizer with my own cig tobacco would at least clear my lungs of tar.

    • I recommend an Endura T22… get some coils. Don’t buy eliquid from a gas station… order some strawberry and cream online. A lot of people enjoy “The Milkman” in a white carton. The problem with tobacco flavored ejuice is it’s never going to taste like a plant. Ejuices are made with flavorings… so trying to find a tobacco flavored ejuice is hard. It does take awhile to get used to smoking something that doesn’t taste like cigs… at first it seems unappealing, just the thought of it… but if you keep mixing it up, pretty soon it will become your preferred flavor. In fact, tobacco companies wanted to make flavors… but the governments wouldn’t let them. I recommend trying something that has high reviews of tasting good… and most people enjoy a good strawberry and cream.

  85. I started vaping only two weeks ago.
    Then, and only then, did it dawn on me that the Pharmaceutical companies will fight to the death to ban eCigs.
    Why, you ask?
    Do you have any idea of the enormity of profits they rake in with their LEGAL PATCHES?

  86. I’m 28 and a week free from smoking newports. As many, nothing worked for me either, I started smoking when I was 16 and only stopped once for 3 days, I couldn’t stop, mainly because I enjoyed smoking, I always feel like I need to do something… May be adhd, but smoking was very enjoyable so that and addiction, I couldn’t stop. This past year my health has gone down, started having chest pains and heart beating off beat and breathing problems, smoking a pack a day I could see why so I had enough, 7 days ago I went to Avail Vapor, for any one unfamiliar, it’s a high quality vapor store here in Virginia, I see them all over, very classy looking with blue legs lighting up the products. I went inside and began testing flavors and was already hooked, got a package deal, 50 bucks for a pocket x vape, 2 flavors, and a pack of 6 coils, got the (port royal menthal) and haven’t had a Newport since… Well I did, but it was nasty so dropped it. When I first went to vaping I thought it was complete safe, healthy… After much research I am a little worried about what we are putting into our lungs since it’s new, and just like cigarettes, they didn’t know in the 50s it caused cancer until many many years later… So I’m sure this just seems to good to be true, but at the same time, it has improved my health in just a week… It is much healthier then cigarettes but definitely not worry-free. But if this is what it takes to not smoke, I’ll take my chances. I feel better, I smell better, I look better… Only side effect I have vaping, is sometimes I get a headache, and it drys your mouth out and no water can replenish it… Other then that it’s a good thing. Lucky here in Virginia their aren’t vaping restrictions on were you can vape, it’s left up to the business like it should be. We should be allowed to vape anywhere but restaurants just because of the smell mixed with food.. But we shouldn’t be forced to vape where smokers are when we are making a healthier choice that doesn’t effect anybody else! And expose us to second hand smoke again… We need to fight that! It’s not smoke just ’cause it looks like smoke! Cigarettes and vapors are two different things and should be treated as such. People complaining About second hand vape probably use house cleaners more dangerous… I mean really.. Anyway just wanted to leave my thoughts and experience so far. Taken care keep vaping.

  87. Both my wife and I have been heavy smokers (40 each a day) for about 45-50 years. I’ve tried patches, drugs, cold turkey and gently reducing, didn’t work, my wife never tried. We’ve both been on e-cigs for 3 years now and no smokes. Both feel better and the savings (in Australia) are massive. Got a Harley (traded my Z1000) with the saving in a year. E-cigs work, they’re even on the National Health in Britain!

  88. Good luck getting a reply sister. These people won’t even approve your comment for months, if ever, at all…..

  89. I still don’t understand all the things that I have read that vaping is still as bad as smoking PLEASE. HELP!!!

  90. 30 years old, smoked since i was 15, a pack or more a day since i was about 17. I’ve been off cigarettes for over a month now. So thankful for vaping, couldn’t quit otherwise. I feel much better already and am only using 3mg of nic. I plan on going down to 0 soon and then giving up vaping. It’s hilarious to me though when I am at work vaping, which i have to do in the smoking area around all the smokers and I hear them say “You know those are worse for you than cigarettes?” I can’t help but come off douchey as I correct their ignorance lol. I don’t know what big tobacco propaganda they are reading or listening to but there’s no way vaping is half as bad as smoking.

  91. I have smoked a pack a day since I was 18. Will turn 70 this year. I really never wanted to quit. My son gave me a vapor cigarette that tastes like butterscotch. In two months, I haven’t even smoked a whole pack, and it doesn’t bother me. I didn’t promise everyone I would quit, because I wasn’t really ready to. But for all practical purposes I have. I shampooed my cars carpet and upholstery and the only thing it smells like now is butterscotch, lol. I urge my smoking friends to try it. Would love to find some juice without nicotine to see how that does

  92. I am 29 years old, and have been smoking for about 12 years. I have issues with high blood pressure even though I am not overweight. Smoking makes things a hundred times worse, and when I was finally given the gift of a Babe by a good friend of mine I have not picked up a cigarette in about a week. Everything smells so much better, I’m not getting headaches anymore from the high blood pressure, I can breathe again and even the anxiety I was getting from smoking a cigarette along with the fatigues has completely gone away. I am smoking 6 milligram high-quality juice, hopefully cut down to 3 in the future. Nothing can compare to the freedom I feel now not being a slave to cigarettes or smelling like them all the time!

    I agree that somebody who hasn’t smoked should most likely not start vaping nicotine juice, but as far as people who already smoke tobacco this is an excellent alternative and it’s so much more fun and so much healthier for you in the long run I believe.

  93. Been smoking 37 years heavy, and it was killing me. Bought a decent mod box, and I’ve never looked back !!! After a week I never even wanted a cig again, could stand the taste !!! Been cig free for 8 months now and while I’m still vaping , I feel so much better for it !! After just a couple of weeks my lungs felt fantastic, I will never go back to the fags !!! I’m on 6mg now and don’t vape as much as I did at the start, a lifesaver for me !!!

  94. In november of last year I quit smoking and started va ping I love it!!! Would recommend it to anyone who wants to quit but as people have said before if you don’t smoke don’t pick it of the best moves I’ve ever made!!!

    Vape on my friends

  95. I’m 20 years old, i have been smoking cigs for 8 years and 9 months, once i started vaping i still had the craving for cigs, but after the first 2 weeks of vaping i had no craving for cigs and i love vaping now and love the big vapor clouds and the yummy flavor
    Vape on

  96. I am approaching sixty years of age and I started smoking as a teenager. I have been hooked ever since. There was not a day in my life I didn’t embrace smoking, even when afflicted with the heaviest of colds or flu. I stopped smoking one month ago and now I vape. I can’t believe how I achieved this so simply.

    I don’t even require nicotine in my e-juice. If I can do it – you most certainly can as well. Don’t think you will need nicotine in your juice to be able to effectively quit – you don’t. You just need to embrace the Vape and recognise each and every day that smoking is revolting and it stinks and it is disgusting.

    I wish you every success in the world in your personal journeys.

  97. Hello fellas . Im 25 years old . And i started smoking at 15. Coulple months ago ( untill 04.2017 ) ive smoked 2 packs of good old Malboro ))
    im vaping 2 months from this post 1st month was a not so good tank with not so good atomisers and now on 2nd month i have a drip in wich i make spirals and ETC ))
    1 – i still want to smoke )) and i still do )) but i dont smoke 2 packs a day. For now on its not more than a 5 cigs a day .
    2 – Its so much more taste on drip … but so much more troubles ))

    From russia with love )))

  98. I don’t smoke in the more common sense of the word, but I do enjoy my 1-2 joints a day in the evening.
    Figured I give vaping CBD a try, plus I got a red e-cigarette so I kinda looks I’m chewing on Iron Man, which is nice too.

    Now onward to finding out if it can really replace the tobacco and weed.

  99. My pharmacist agrees and cannot understand the eCig ban. His opinion, and mine, pharmaceutical companies will lobby to the death to keep this product (eCigs) off the market. Can you begin to imagine the profits, they are raking in, from all of those “quit smoking” medications?

    I was smoking more than a 25 pack/day over the last 40 yrs. That meant $80/wk going up in smoke. Two months ago, I bought a basic KangerTech with Aspire mini Nautilus bowl (2 ml) along with a three months supply of eJuice and a five pack of replacement atomizers, for $120 cnd. And I smoked less than three packs of cigarettes since.

    No more morning cough, flegme and groggy voice. It doesn’t smell like a “duck with a broken leg” throughout the house or inside the car.

    At 72, it’s given me a new goal in life…Quit smoking once and for all.

  100. Im so happy a week no smoking i bought a juul its amazing. It cures the urge. To smoke. I plan on never going back to cigrettes. And i love that i dont have to spray perfume and chew gum. To try to hide the. Smell. Feel great about not smoking anymore. Its very freeing and now. Dont have to. Run outside or miss my life because i need to go smoke best decision. I ever made for me also going to gym. More to stay busy and drinking lots of water its all a win

  101. Vape/ smoke, two evils none the less. Not to mention that liquid nicotine is pretty toxic, and vape thing has been a phase. People think it is cool to blow huge clouds of vape to make a statement, and in the process they get their fix. I started smoking at a very young age (don’t judge) and tried a vape pen once to look ‘cool’ but realistically it’s a bit juvenile for someone in their 30’s to step out for a vape break (in my opinion). I picked up some little pouches while I was in Denver last month and have to say it’s the best experience I have had of getting my fix. Found them online too and has definitely helped me cut back. Thank you guys!

  102. Hi all

    Similar story to so many above. I smoked from the age of 13/14 to 51, despite trying to give up so many times and quitting whilst pregnant 4 times but always going back to it.

    Then one day, a friend left a full tank of juice on my sideboard and simply said, its there when you want to try. I had 15 cigarettes in a pack when I went to bed that night. In the morning, I picked up the mod instead of the pack, thinking I’ll give this a go. The pack lay untouched and 3 days later, I threw the 15 cigarettes and my lighter in the bin.

    Within a week I knew I would never smoke again. I love that my hair smells of shampoo at the end of the day, my clothes don’t smell of smoke, I can breath deeply and exercise properly alongside someone half my age and keep up.

    For anyone who wants to stop smoking but who doesn’t have willpower, this can really help. Good Luck.

  103. Just wanted to jump to this thread to report something very important to me (yeah, call me selfish if you have to!): I am 39 days without an analog cigarette!! I had smoked for 20 years, and made the switch in May. For anyone out there who may want another perspective on this – here it goes:

    From what I’ve seen, and from what I’ve read, and from what I’ve experienced, the smoking habit is different for almost everyone. For the most part, we were ALL addicted to the nicotine (and the other 4000+ chemicals in the analogs); some are addicted to the physical action of smoking the analogs; for me personally, I had tried quitting cold turkey a few times – but my whole body felt TERRIBLE. Without smoking, my head felt like it was going to explode; and that was just quitting for merely a few hours.

    I tried NRTs (patches, lozenges, gums, etc) but nothing would cure the wrecking ball that was inside my head.

    So, for the SECOND time – I tried vaping. THIS TIME, I actually took the time to do some research, and rather than fly out to the vape shop and attempt to blindly pick something out, I considered nicotine levels. I gladly started on the “low end” (6%). I didn’t want to start too high and work my way down – I do not want to vape for a long period of time. This has worked well for me. I intend to step down to 3% at the beginning of August, and plan to put the vape down at the end of September.

    But there is STILL MORE WORK TO DO besides replacing analogs with vapes – YOU HAVE TO OWNTHE MENTALITY THAT YOU CAN DO THIS!!! For me, I had originally wanted to smoke analogs for two more weeks after I started vaping. So, I decided that I’d smoke half a pack a day for two weeks (while vaping at 6%), then taper off with smoking analogs after two weeks. Instead, I smoked 5 analogs a day for only one week, then stopped with the analogs altogether. I took on the mentality that I REFUSED TO EVER BUY TOBACCO CIGARETTES AGAIN for ANY REASON. This mentality has carried me for nearly 40 days, and I hope that it keeps carrying me through. I will borrow from this once I’m ready to quit vaping.

    If you research, you will find that the FDA will not advocate vaping for many reasons – one of which is that there is no direct evidence that states that vaping will help anyone quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Maybe they can’t say that – but for me personally, I can. But it isn’t by vaping alone. You must adopt a plan and a positive mindset to go along with it – that you CAN and WILL do this.

    You’ve read a lot of pros and cons on the matter. It works. I don’t miss tobacco cigarettes in the slightest. Tomorrow will be 40 days since my last one. Make a plan and stick with it!

  104. I had been a 2 pack a day smoker for 40 years (I’m 55) Picked up a Smok vapor and some 3 mg. juice 2 weeks ago and I haven’t had a cigarette since. no cravings, morning cough and no more tobacco smell. It has been a great thing for me.

  105. Just started vaping 2 DAYS ago. Best thing EVER for a nicotine lover who hates the habit! I’ve been a smoker 15 years and I’ve not wanted a cig not once so far.

  106. I couldn’t agree more with all of your feedback. I smoked near a pack a day for 15 years. I bought a vape and haven’t looked back since. Started at 6 mg and now puffing on 3 mg after about a month. I did have one cig about 1 weeks into vaping and was quite disgusted with the taste. I could actually taste the chemicals.. Back to the vape!

  107. Started smoking as a teen 30 years ago . 1 pack a day habit ,march 2015 started vaping at 18mg .reduced to 10mg and needed a ciggarette .then dropped to 15 and after i got comfortable 12 mg .I figured out 3 mg per drop in nicotine was right for me. When i got to 6 mg dropped to 1.5 at a time . Now im at 4.5 mg nicotine .
    Its been 2 years no ciggarrettes and still reducing nicotine. I was happy to read this site .So many friends have quit smoking by vaping …Im one of them on my way to 0 mg nicotine God bless you all

  108. vaping is easier than smoking and it can actually help smokers quit. Tobacco smoking is risky and not good for health rather than vaping.

  109. I’m 64 years old. Quit for eight years cold turkey and never bothered me only because I had a huge scare when I had to have lung surgery. I began again after a tragic accident that left me permanently disabled. I eventually tried a cigarette like an idiot thinking this would help take my mind off the excruciating pain caused by the rear wheel of a truck running over my body from head to toe. I was so wrong. It merely not only caused me to be an addict again, it harmed my health even more. I began to vapor and have decreased my smoking immensely. My pain 24/7 still has the cigarette as a crutch especially when I wake and a feted eating. The typical targets. Vaping has decreased my smoking immensely and I know I will quit smoking completely once I can revert back to the pure peace I’ve found. Vaping is a life saver. I pray to vape only soon as I hate smoking. There is nothing else I haven’t tried and vaping is the winner. God bless all of you that have quit smoking. If you need to vape then do so before you touch another cigarette. Have a blessed life and live much healthier Iris

  110. Adding to my comment. I was getting married in September. My stubborn man said if I didn’t quit smoking completely there would be no wedding. I have come such a long way. People just don’t realize how addictive smoking is and his ultimatum caused me to pretty much tell him where to go. I need to succeed this feat for me. It never works when you’re forced to do for another. Periodic smoking caused his stubbornness to ruin what we had. Tomorrow I fly back home and live in peace and accomplish my success for me and only I know when I can do this. Shame people just doesn’t understand what this addiction does in taking over your life. He also doesn’t want me vaping as to him it’s still smoking. I can’t win anyway. Shallow minded huh? One bad vice ruining a lifetime of what was supposed to be happiness forever. Happy I learned of his demands early because that would just be one of many demands. I won’t be told what to do. I’m too good a person and vaping was something I did for us and was doing well. Vape away and never allow anyone to make you feel less of a person. People have gotten carried away by condemning us. Vape away folks. Gosh bless all and be blessed always.

  111. All I can say is that I really appreciate what vaping has done in my own life. I went from smoking 1-2 packs per day to smoking maybe 1 cigarette a day all thanks to my vaporizer. No other quitting method ever really worked for me. I hated the gum, the patch gave me a rash, and going cold turkey was plain awful no matter how many times I tried (praises to the people who manage that).

    Anyway, like I was saying I feel like vaping has been an incredibly positive change in my life. I feel healthier and I’m not carrying around that shame burden that comes from smoking (ESPECIALLY out here in California).

    Anyway, YES thank you VAPING for being there as the smarter, better, cleaner, and stink free alternative. <3

  112. Hello guys.
    I am an Indian guy, I switch my residence back and forth between India and Canada because of my work. I started smoking when I was 18. When I am in India, I chew tobacco, and When I am in Canada, I switch to cigarettes for my nicotine cravings. The thing is that When I switch from cigarettes to chewing tobacco in India, It is pretty smooth transition for me but when I switch from chewing tobacco to cigarettes in Canada, It takes 3-4 days for me to get use to smoking. Currently I am in India and chewing tobacco since 2016. Now the thing is I really need to quit chewing tobacco, The side effects I am facing now a days are 1) suddenly I lack stamina and crave for food to balance the weakness 2) belly fat 3) Insomnia 4) I can’t eat spicy food 5) Ugly teeth and gums.

    I have ordered “Eleaf iJust 2” and e liquids (30ml, 12mg/ml nicotine, flavors classic, Cuban, Marlboro) online today and It will arrive in 3-5 business days, and when I told one of my friends, who has same nicotine addiction as me, he said that I am just wasting my money, Its not gonna be helpful to quit.

    FYI: I have been wanting to try vape from last 2 years and he is the one holding me back by saying the same. Couple of months ago, we tried chewing gums and patches but didn’t work. When I was in Canada in 2015 and didn’t smoke for 5 days, My mind had started loosing focus and concentration power and feeling of excitement/happiness was gone. I had to try very hard to have a simple conversation, I could hear people but my mind couldn’t process/understand/response. Physically, I also felt sick so I had started smoking again after 5 days in Canada.

    Now the question is that, Will it be so hard to switch to vape (because chewing gums/patches didn’t work)? Is it going to be same situation as happened with me in Canada when I tried to stop smoking.?

    I know everybody has different experience with vape because everyone’s body works differently. so any reply will be appreciated.

  113. My story is basically the same as all the others you’ll read here but there is a good reason for that. I smoked for about 38 years and only recently have I genuinely tried to quit and the driving reason for that was simply because I didn’t want to die a horrible death from lung cancer. I have a loving bunch of friends and family that care very much for me and it would devastate them if I passed away from a death that could have been prevented. Vaping has given me the confidence that smoking is behind me now. I have so much more ahead of me now.

  114. My husband was a 2 pack a day smoker all his life and he is 47 years old. I bought and Ego AIO with some tobacco flavored e-liquid to see if he would at least try it on July 3rd. He DID try it and he hasn’t had a real cigarette since! I did the math and the overall annual savings seem to be almost $3,000 AND he doesn’t smell like a cigarette anymore… He loves that he can use it inside, and he is also only using the 8mg/ml nicotine so I’m sure he’s even lowering the amount of nicotine he gets daily… It’s a winner and I am very proud of him he sees no reason to smoke a real cigarette now, he’s converted and already feeling better!

  115. I am 84 years old and started smoking at 12. As the years went by I increased my consumption to 3 packs a day and as of two years ago had severe lung problems. Regardless I continued smoking until I had a bout of pneumonia. Though I have tried all the methods to quit all have failed until one day I tried a cheap vape type pen. I found it to be totaly useless. One day a friend let me take a hit of his more costly unit and found it to be quite pleasant and as a result purchased a $150 unit and an oil called Turkish Ice with a menthol flavour. I took to it right away and have not smoked for two years. I no longer Cough and bring up phlegm which occured about every hour and at night time I no longer can hear the weasing of my breath. My health has improved and my fingers are no longer stained brown. Most of all my family love me for quitting and the home and car no longer smells. Doctors wake up and smell the vapous.

  116. I too was a 40+ years smoker, in October 2016 I purchased a all-in-one Vape pen that lasted three days until it fell off the edge of the desk and broke but that didn’t stop me . Went back to the Vape shop and bought a better unit. But I still continued to smoke 3 to 4 cigarettes a day. I found the hardest one to give up was the one first thing in the morning with my coffee. I continue to have, I would say 4- 5cigarettes a day until around Christmas and then I found out was probably back up to my usual 17-20 cigarettes a day. In early February I decided I was never going to buy another cigarette again went back to the Vape shop and bought a smok mod with a really good tank and have never looked back. I think the key for me is to find not only a good mod and tank but also to find a good quality E liquid that you can use when the craving of cigarettes smoke hit you the most. So since February and it’s now mid July 2017 I have not had a single cigarette and I’m quite proud of myself. I also have a tank that I can make my own coils and use my own cotton and I also make my own ejuice, but it’s relatively easy to do For example a commercial retail 120 mL bottle of ejuice is $45 here in Canada and I can make the same size bottle for around seven dollars . If you’re interested in your own Ejuice there are all kinds of videos on YouTube that you can follow but just be careful with the amount of nicotine you use it is a dangerous chemical. I think vaping is the best thing to come into my life in a very long time.
    Happy vaping!

  117. I am a 31 year old single mom of four. I was smoking a pack a day sometimes more Depending on the stress. My friend started vaping and I tried it and liked it. Well one day I got paid and thought I have extra cash I’m gunna go buy a vape and juice. Me and my roommate ,who smoked as well, went down to a vape shop and bought the ijust 2 pens. We stopped smoking and buying cigs and the vape helped curve the cravings. Well her tank went out after 2 days and then mine the 5th so we returned them and got better mods and tanks. We decided to go with what my friend had the smok alien… J honestly haven’t looked at a cig in a long while. My asthma hasn’t been flaring up and we both no longer smell like cigarette smoke and neither do my kids clothes. Vaping saved my life. And I can say honestly that I won’t go back to cigs with vaping being an option

  118. I smoked for 20 years and have been wanting to quit which I did 1 month ago thanks to vaping. I feel so much better.

  119. I smoked for 30 years. Put them down 2 years ago and never looked back. But to me vaping seemed like I was trading one habit for another. Guess I was one of the lucky ones to stop cold turkey.

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