Nicotine Gum Side Effects: Stories From Long Term Users

Most medicines cause side effects, but the hope is that the medicine will give you more positive relief from your problem than side effects. Unfortunately, after reading a lot of personal stories and research studies, we don’t think this is the case when it comes to nicotine gum.

There have been many reports of side effects, both short and long term, by nicotine gum users. They range from the bizarre (crazy dreams) to the very scary (hair loss, stomach ulcers). We’ve collected some information on some of the reported side effects of chewing nicotine gum.

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We have many readers who are looking to get a new alternative to nicotine gum. The simple fact of the matter is that nicotine gum has plenty of negative side effects to using it (don’t believe us? Read more below…).

If you’re looking for more information on the side effects of nicotine gum, then read on!

Nausea and nightmares

nicotine-gum-dreamsNicotine gum has been said to have caused nausea and uncomfortable stomach pains. ‘I actually smoked when I used the gum. A lot of the time I felt the need to throw up’ a 25 year old entrepeneur claims. One of the main problems with the nicotine gum, he argues, is that there is far too much nicotine within it. This sends the body into shock and causes nausea. This is the body’s response when there are toxins in your bloodsteam – you get a similar reaction if you drink too much alcohol.

The worse complaint I hear is people experiencing nightmares or strange dreams’. Says a male entrepeneur. He adds that he suffered from such problems himself whilst on the nicotine gum and this made it very difficult to sleep. Sleep deprivation can also cause a multitude of health problems in the future.

Addiction and long term use

The issue with nicotine is that it is incredibly addictive, and though supermarkets leave a warning on the product to not use for more than 12 weeks, some people become dependent on them for years. ‘I also personally know people who have used them [nicotine gum] for years and have experienced stomach problems, high blood pressure, borderline glaucoma and hair loss’ says a 67 year old wife and mother. All these complications disappeared when they stopped using the gum.

She had been smoking for over thirty years and only managed to quit with the help of the nicotine patch and nicotine gum. ‘I have now been smoke free for a decade, but not gum free. It took me years more to get over that addiction, and my experience is far from unique.’

Her personal struggle with fighting the addiction of the nicotine gum made it very difficult for her to come off of the nicotine replacement therapy. Compared to the nicotine patch (which we do recommend), the nicotine gum seemed to take a much larger toll on her health:

I threw out all my cigarettes one night and slapped the patch on. After four weeks on the patch, I decided to use nicotine gum instead, figuring that I would taper off even more on the gum till I was using no nicotine replacement at all.

It didn’t happen. Like any addict, I stopped counting how many pieces of gum I chewed. I kept buying my supply and ignoring the fact that it was taking more and more of the substance to satisfy me. I got so bad that I liked the taste and looked forward to my lozenges the way I had once enjoyed cigarettes. I told myself that it was OK to keep using my lozenges and gum because at least I wasn’t smoking.’

Various Other Health Problems

Nicotine gum also causes various other health issues that develop after long term use. ‘I’ve been on the gum for about three years, after quitting smoking 20 years ago. My left eye has gotten worse and worse in the last few years and has resulted in my getting glasses and I’ve had four teeth pulled. I use up to 20 pieces of gum per day.’ says a 44 year old musician. These health problems may not be connected to the gum, though most seem to appear once the gum is used as a long term therapy.

Chewing nicotine gum can also cause complications on your skin and make it very uncomfortable and unattractive. A 58 year old software engineer claims that a year ago he quit smoking and relied upon nicotine gum instead: ‘My face had become horribly dry during the last year. At various times I would get pimples on my face which would leave scars – I now have 11. I now have reddish skin with white dots upon the rash.’ After visiting three different dermatologists, they could not determine what was causing such an outbreak.

Wrapping Up

Nicotine gum may seem like an easy and simple way of quitting smoking, and it’s definitely the most popular “nicotine replacement” product on the market. But we urge you to look at the side effects and horror stories and think before trying the gum. but there are other options that you can use which are arguably healthier. We particularly like nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes because of their lack of side effects and promising potential.


  1. I quit smoking about 50 days ago. I was very sick and decided that it was a good time as I had an infection in my lungs. I have been using the combination Patch and Gum Therapy. Two weeks ago I started getting pimples on my face. Giant ones at times that never came to a head, but just stayed under the skin. Tiny ones that would not be there in the morning, but sneak up by afternoon. I was using thenStep 1 patch and the 4 mg gum. Today I stepped down to the 14 mg patch, and got my vapor cig out. I still chew gum, but not nearly as often, and I think I will step down to the 2 mg gum tomorrow. I can’t stand these Break out. i can’t even remember the last time I broke out, and never since puberty, have I broken out this bad. I see a Dermatologist this next Friday. She is also an MD, so maybe she will have some answers for me, but I really think it’s the gum.

    • Cindy F. I believe the problems you are experiencing are from using the E Cig, patch, and gum. These treatments are not supposed to be combined, as you are supposed to choose one and stick with it!

    • I have been chewing the gum on and off for over 10 years. I have been able to quit the gum every few years, but I always seem to get back on it. The last time I quit was in 2011, for 6 months.

      But I’ve been on it ever since thin.

      I have a developed a painful solar keratosis (sunspot) on my nose that I am going to need treatment for because it might turn into skin cancer. However, last week I was able to go two entire days without nicotine and the pain completely stopped and the redness and roughness of the sunspot started to diminish almost instantly.

      but then I had to get a a box of nicotines lozenge because I was so irritated that I yelled at my wife and kids. And the patch of rough skin is itchy and tender once more.

      I’m scheduling a 4 day vacation starting next week and renting a cabin by myself in the mountains, where I hope to get off nicotine for good this time. I just can’t be around other people because the withdrawal symptoms make me a real jerk. I also hope that my skin calms down without the nicotine constantly in my system.

      • i like what you said. how did it go? I realize this is a year after your comment… i didn’t realize the gum would be so addicting.

    • Same here. Huge “headless” pimples (a.k.a. cystic acne, yuck) that come out on my face and head.
      Nicotine is great for going to the gym but very unhealthy if you are sitting doing a desk job.
      High blood pressure, nervousness…I think I will stop using the gum and nicotine altogether.
      Not worth it!

    • I quit smoking 15 weeks ago and have been chewing the Nicorette gum (between 8-10 pieces per day). I haven’t had any of the side effects listed here, but I have developed bleeding gums. This is something I’ve never had before, so I’m putting it down to the gum.

      • That is not from the gum. Cigarettes inhibit proper circulation and oxygen levels in your blood due to the numerous chemicals you place into your body. This lack of circulation can hide otherwise poor gum health. When you quit smoking, your circulation returns and your gums try to heal themselves. Bleeding ensues.

        Put differently, you always had gums capable of bleeding, but now your circulation has improved enough to make it happen.

        I had the same issue and the foregoing is the words from my dentist.

  2. I quit chewing tobacco June 25th after chewing for 30 years. I started with Nicorette gum 4mg, then switched to 2mg, I still chew the 2mg gum to this day. I recently had a siezure and I can’t help but to think that maybe Nicorette had something to do with this! I’ve been through several test and nothing has come up as a problem or a reason for the siezure. I’m searching for some answers and wondering if anyone else has had these issues with Nicorette?



    • I’ve used the gum and in literally ONLY TEN DAYS OF USE!! Im noticing my lower bottom lip is out of shape on the side I chew the gum and I already have a white sore on the side of my mouth. Believe it. I sent a picture to my mother. It is significantly sagging and thin on the right bottom lip especially when I smile.
      LOOK UP WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING INTO YOUR BODY!!! Even WIKI ! It says clearly nicotine gum is Nicotine has been CORRELATED IN VITRO WITH INCREASED EXPRESSION OF A GENE ASSOCIATED WITH ORAL CANCER;[7] the researchers say their work “raises the possibility that nicotine could potentially increase the risk of mouth cancer. W

      • I think the gum has helped me big time quit dipping snuff and I am very happy with the results I would recommend nicotine gum to any one who is a tabacco user because I no longer use tabacco products

    • I HAD BEEN chewing Nicorette, 2 mg, about 10 pieces daily, for about 20 years.
      I have recently experienced serious health scares, and can only attribute it to the gum and my long time use.
      What took me to the doctor were eye flashes , a panic attack, and headaches, which led to a MRI. (These all came 2 weeks after a very healthy physical exam)
      Like your seizure Kurt, my results showed I had experienced ,in the last few weeks, a silent stroke, which I did not know I had.Fortunately for me, I have no physical side effects of the stroke. For the past 2 weeks, I have undergone numerous heart and neuro tests, all favorable results.i know this was all from the gum.
      To replace the gum, I now have mints, sugarless gum, and whole cloves. My health is on the line, I thank God for the wake up call.

    • Kurt,
      I’ve been a gum chewer for about 5 years now! Recently I’ve been having night seizures. What I mean by that is if I sleep on my back I will all of a sudden notice a sigh developing, and lately it comes out as a snore, but really not quite like a snore, more like a mini-seizure. I’m not liking what it feels like, since I haven’t had this problem before. Time to quit. And maybe go back to where I was before I started chewing. Just have a little smoke every now and then. I was down to about one cig a day, and didn’t like the taste in my mouth. But I’m sure now that the poison in Nicorette is probably even worse.


      • Kenneth, what you are experiencing sounds more like sleep apnea, you should check with your doctor. I have been using the gum on and off for about 8 years now I have tried Just having a smoke once in a while, but end up smoking again, all it takes for me is 1 cig. I have smoked for 50 years and now have copd, still doesn’t stop me, I hate the addiction!

    • Kurt,

      I chewed tobacco for 40 years and went on the 4mg lozenge. I have had epilepsy for 40 years but it is controlled with drugs. I still use the 4mg lozenge and have not seen any change in my epilepsy–no seizures. I think your seizure is caused by something else like caffeine, lack of sleep, alcohol, stress or a combination of these.

  3. Quit smoking after 30 plus years 2 1/2 years ago and started on the Nicotine 4mg lozenges. After 2 years I switched to the 2mg. I have always had very think hair but over the last couple of months my hair is getting thinner and thinner. I KNOW its from the lozenges. My periodontal disease is not getting better despite regular cleanings, Sonicare tooth brush, RX toothpaste, mouth wash etc. and I KNOW that is from the lozenges as well. Other side effects are brittle nails, blurred vision, chest pains and migraines. I don’t know if its the nicotine (I didn’t have these problems when I smoked) or the aspartame in them. All I know is all the symptoms came on after I started the lozenges. I just don’t know how or when I will get off these things!!!!

    • I was on the lozenges for almost 6 years after smoking for 40 years. I have been free for 33 days. Lozenges and gum contain Aspartame which has been banned in many countries except th US. Please read “Sweet Poison” as Aspartame has 92 nasty side effects. Aspartame is also in diet soda. You are actually poisoning yourself. I had nausea, dry skin, ache all over my chest and arms, blurred vision and my hair is so thin I can see my scalp. It bad enough to continue to be hooked on the nicotine. These companies don’t care about your health as long as they make money.

  4. Ive been on nicotine replacements lozengers for at least 4yrs. Recently ive noticed a burning sensation, muscle pain and ? Detached bicept as muscle change shape. And was wondering if the lozengers are to blame.

        • I wandered on here. I read something that said it constricts your blood vessels and your feet and lower legs suffer the most from it because of poor circulation. I have incredibly tight calves and not from exercise, My feet also hurt for no reason that i can think of. I’ve been on and off nicotine gum for 10 years or more. I think today is the day to quit the gum. I’m convinced my feet and calves are suffering from it. How could it be safe after all? I’m 40 years old BTW.

      • I’ve been on the lozengers for many years. In the last month I have had pain in my quads and hamstrings. Feet hurt too. Hope it’s not related to the lozengers, as I am “hooked” on them.

    • Detached bicept – High doses of nicotine has been definitely link to torn upper and lower bicep tendons – it dries out your tendons- Pus your hair will fall out – your teeth will slowly dissolve and your heart will constantly hurt because of extremely high blood pressure.

      Also you will have numb hand and feet when you wake up in the morning.

      This stuff is poison ! It is healthier to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day !

      It is a lot healthier !

      A regular pack of cigarettes contains around 15 mg of nicotine and when you inhale your lungs can only absorb around 10 to 15 percent of the nicotine. So when you smoke one pack cigarettes you are only absorbing around 2 mg of nicotine for the whole day. Now the problem with the gum and lozenges is that you are being told it is alright to overdose on nicotine for 12 weeks. For example, one piece of gum contains 2 mg. of nicotine which is equal to a whole pack of cigarettes. So what happens when you eat the maximum recommended dosage of 20 – 2 mg lozenges or pieces of gum a day? What happens is that you are now absorbing a total 40 mg of nicotine a day. That is equal to 20 packs of cigarettes a day! Then if you eat the 4 mg gum that is equal to 40 packs of cigarettes a day! 40 packs of cigarettes a day! 40 packs of cigarettes !!!

      • You just said “What happens is that you are now absorbing a total 40 mg of nicotine a day…”

        No, you are NOT!

        And you have already explained why: “when you inhale your lungs can only absorb around 10 to 15 percent of the nicotine.”

        Inhalation is by far the most efficient way of absorbing nicotine. It reaches the brain within 15 seconds although it is metabolised rapidly, being chemically very similar to other normally occurring chemicals in the blood such as dopamine, the brain’s “reward” chemical, which it mimics. That is why those nicotine vaporisers are so popular now. (And they DO stop people dying of fags by the way, recent research has shown.)

        Gum chewing is hugely inefficient. You absorb less than one per cent of the nicotine present and transdermal patches yield an even smaller amount. (If the damn things actually stay on you in the first place that is. Those patches really badly thought out. All humans perspire so they fall off all the time and hence don’t work. The glue they use is a just a thin strip about 2mm wide, totally useless for the job in hand.)

        Indeed the whole concept of Nicotine REDUCTION is massively flawed. The reason giving up smoking always fails is because nicotine has an inverted U-shaped dose-response. Too little and you get cravings. Too much and you don’t want any more. That is why reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke has never stopped anyone smoking.

        The same goes for the gums and patches. They stop the cravings because you always try to get just the right amount to put you into that sweet spot between too little and too much. Reducing the number of gums or patches makes you want more.

        What CAN be said is that they don’t kill you the way smoking does.

        Nicotine REPLACEMENT works fine for me. I have been chewing the gums daily for the last 16 years and never ever want a cigarette. I can’t smoke. I started the NRT the day the doctor said I had COPD, A severe, terminal lung illness caused by smoking. (I can’t vape either, by the way. I tried it once and nearly coughed out my lungs. COPD causes a severe, cronic cough.)

        Smokers can puff right into my face all day long and I simply keep on happily chewing.

        People keep on saying I SHOULD give up chewing. As if it was some kind of moral imperative.

        But why on earth would I do that? It has worked so far, I don’t smoke and I haven’t smoked for 16 years.

        The only time it has ever failed me was when I couldn’t get my nicotine or only the lowest dose. It continues to work. If I stop chewing I will be back on the fags within days and will be dead in a year. I am not into suicide thanks!

        The rest of nicotine in the gum which is not absorbed (99%) is swallowed. Chewing too rapidly means more nicotine is swallowed and it simply causes the hiccups. The stomach rapidly breaks down nicotine into amino acids the same way it breaks down any other protein, like your lovely juicy beef-steak. (No. I am never giving those up either!)

        Now all I want is for Amazon to stop their stupidity and resume delivery it to my country. They did sell it me once last year, and they said I could re-order it regularly, and that they had put aside a stock for me. They lied!

        When I came to re-order they said they couldn’t deliver. Nicotine is not a medical product, you don’t need a prescription, Amazon.

        Are you listening up there in the Amazon land? If you refuse to sell it to me any longer I will die. You will be responsible for forcing a 16-year ex-smoker to smoke again.

      • I have been on and off this stuff for 7-8 years, It is so addicting that smoking is better for you.
        I have never felt worse than I have in the last two years. And I am a daily 1-2 hour high intensity workout person. I have gone through hepatitis C, they found in 1999, but cured after a long treatment ! I know for sure that this “nicotine replacement” is a cause of my dental problems because my dentist has told me that only this could cause this much damage to my teeth. The problems in my shoulder and numbness in my arms and fingers and night and rest, after all of my X-rays and treatment with PT , There is nothing else wrong. and the pain stays with me.
        I now longer sleep with this in my mouth, Thank goodness and started cutting myself down off this stuff once and for all. I do believe all these systems will go away too.

      • Yes , That is very easy to Say Margaret, That is What the package says, to an addict. Why doesn’t the package say all of the disabilities that come with taking more?

      • Duh, I think everyone here already knows that. It’s very addictive. It’s very hard for a long term, 2 pack a day smoker to break the habit and 12 weeks is a ridiculous number. It took a lifetime to become a heavy smoker and 12 weeks just barely scrapes the surface when it comes to trying to break a habit. I chewed the gum off and on for 10 years. A piece every 15 minutes. My pee smelled like nicotine gum, my teeth were yellow, my hair was falling out and every joint and muscle ached. Quitting the gum was a thousand times worse than quitting smoking.

  5. I quit smoking by using nicorette gums. 10 years later I’m still chewing, 2mg, on average 7 pieces a day. I’ve experienced episodes of dizzyness.
    I suffered with Anxioty for nearly two years now.
    The last 2 years my skin has broken out with eczema patches. I’ve never had skin conditions before!
    And the last two days I’ve had this burning sensation on my tongue and pallet. Makes me wonder if this is all down to chewing gum. I’m hoping this will make myself wean off them for good.

    • I started using the gum 18 months in an effort to quit chewing tobacco. About 12 weeks ago I started feeling dizzy and 4 weeks ago started with anxiety, once the anxiety started I quit using the gum, the anxiety and dizziness are still present. I have had MRI’s, CT scans, EKG’s, complete blood work, along with several other tests. Everything has come back normal, don’t know what else to do, hope the symptoms end soon

      • I am having the same exact symptoms had all test come back normal..I’m on 4mg lozgenges I always break them in half and also fall asleep with them..I’m starting to wonder if these r my problems..I’ve had bad anxiety and depression from the way my body chest..feels so tight and hurts..the dr. Is saying fibermyagia

        • Michelle, I always kept with one lozenge in my mouth for at least 8 years. Couldn’t go to sleep with out it. I am diagnosed with high anxiety, and depression. I also have seizure disorder now. This is many years of being addicted. I have had X-rays and PT to find out what is wrong with my shoulder and my arm, and checked ekgs for heart- all.- Nothing is wrong . The chest could be from sleeping with the lozenge in you mouth . I don’t know how many you take or how much water you drink. But it causes extra gases in you esophagus . Don’t chew them ever.
          You could swallow it at night when it is very small. My pain is from these mints. I have decided to just quit it is not worth it. My teeth are ruin from the lozenge in my mouth all the time. Good luck. I suggest the mints are doing the same to you and your muscles.

      • If you have left chewing tobac
        co and then left gums also,now is there any thing else that you can do?

        • I threw my lozenges in the trash this morning. Chewed them for 2.5 years now. Currently laying on my couch and my feet feel warm and my heart is beating about 58 beats a minute. Haven’t felt this relaxed in a long long time. I looked at my tube of lozenges this morning and said “why the hell am I wasting $50/month to break this thing in half and chew on it? Screw nicotine! Hoping the horrible burning on the tops of my feet goes away now. That said, I may continue my 2-3 glasses of red wine per night and my couple rips of reefer…these are a couple of my favorite things. One can only have so many vices…I don’t have room for nicotine anymore so it’s fired.

        • I went cold turkey on May 26th. Over 4 weeks now. The first 3 days I was a terror. The first two weeks I felt like some part of my life was missing, a bit empty, and indeed I’d stopped chewing the gum which had been a constant part of my daily life. The third week I felt depressed and tempted to go back, but didn’t. Week 4+ now and have cravings, but not interested in entertaining them. I’m not interested in being a slave again. Still having mood swings that I would normally treat with Nicotine, but realizing more how my poor diet, lack of physical exercise, poor discipline, and lack of real vision for my life are more to blame than anything. So I’m working on that stuff now. It’s better to be free and struggle with life then be a slave and ignorant in what feels like bliss for awhile, but ends up in something terrible. Hope my story helps.

          • Yes this is very helpful for me. I decided to do the gum to calm my cravings. Now I am definitely second guessing my decision. I will have to quit the gum very soon, so that I can avoid the side effects of long term use. Thanks for sharing!

          • What a great testimony, GC. Your story helped me. I stopped smoking in 1991. Nicotine gum came out in the late ’90’s, as far as I knew. I was an RN in a big HMO when I heard that Nicotine gum could be purchased with a prescription. Even though I had quit smoking in 1991, I started chewing Nicorettes by prescription and kept on for 20 years!!! TALK ABOUT AN ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY!!
            To my horror and disbelief, last week when I was having my teeth cleaned, my dentist said I have white lesions inside my cheeks that look precancerous-he couldn’t guarantee there were no cancer cells. I’m devastated. I have many health problems already (maybe unknown to me because of nicotine), but oral cancer???? I had NO IDEA nicotine gum could cause that!! If I have oral cancer and need a mutilating surgery, I give up.

            • I’ve been using gum and lozenges for over 20 years. I smoked for 25 years. I am 61 now and for the last 2 years, my body was trying to warn me that it will no longer tolerate nicotine abuse. I have a temper issue and every time I tried to quit nicotine, I thought I would lose my mind or kill someone. Seriously. Nicotine is the only thing that would save me. Now, I am undergoing medical testing and next week throat exam. I fear I might have throat cancer. If so, I will not live with mutilating surgery results and will also giveup. The only thing I had in my favor was a very healthy diet and exercise and I think that may have allowed me to get away with nicotine use, but I fear those days are over. Don’t know what’s going to happen but I know something is wrong in my throat. I’m so glad to find this site. I tossed all of my nicotine and will try to contain my temper but it may be too late.

          • Rosalinda Zinke Treder, I am very sorry to hear about your lesions and I hope they turn out to be nothing more serious than (very likely) a candida infection. (Doctors and dentists just LOVE using that horrid Big-C-word all the time-: If they are wrong they get the money for the tests. If they are right they get loads more money for keeping you alive (and feeling like death). Give ’em lots and lots of money and you may well be cured, they are really quite good at it now. Either way they win. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have it checked; You should. I believe in going on living.)

            However! Did you also eat food for the last 20 years? Did you drink water for 20 years? Did you breathe air 20 times a minute during those 20 years? Did you brush your teeth every day for 20 years?

            Yes, you did! The fact is nicotine does NOT cause cancer. Nor does it’s close relative, caffeine. Nor does the neurotransmitter dopamine, which you produce in your own brain. That one is so chemically similar that nicotine activates the same reward-chemical receptors in your brain. Causing you to smoke (or, infinitely more safely, chew).

            The nitrite preservatives in your food DO cause cancers, the petrol fumes in the air you breathe do, the insecticides in your water do, all the artificial stuff added to your toothpaste probably do too.Thousands of things are KNOWN to cause cancers. Nicotine is not one of them.

            So why blame chewing nicotine and not some other well-known hazard for the lesions? Fact: nobody dies from nicotine, millions die from inhaling cigarette smoke. Its REALLY hard to die of nicotine overdose, because at high doses it is aversive. You will quickly feel you have had enough if you ever try to smoke a whole pack of fags, without stopping, all in one go in an hour and a half.

            Ignore all the nonsense and KEEP ON CHEWING till you die of other causes! Stopping smoking is sane, stopping chewing is insane because you don’t smoke if you chew. When/if you ever find you get no cravings by stopping and can happily not smoke in a smoke-filled bar week in week out then by all means stop. If not then don’t.

            It is not some god-given law saying that everyone MUST stop chewing after 12 weeks, Margaret. If you stop and go back to smoking you WILL die. If you carry on chewing, exactly what happens? You don’t smoke and you live.

            It’s your choice: Do I want to live or should I die?

            I chose to chew and live and am still here 16 years later to tell you. Had I not chewed all that time I would certainly have died horribly within 7 years from my COPD.

          • Phew! interesting reading every ones comments.

            Thank you I have taken on board what you have said I know I too have to stop this distructlon to my body,

            So wicked something was supposedly designed to help should have such an effect on people’s lives.

            I may post my story at a later date I just heeded to make the first step in dealing with what I now know is my addiction ?


          • After reading your story and posting ac reply, I have taken all my lozenges and dissolved them in hot water so I can’t use them.

            Let’s all stop this madness! why did we want to stop smoking in the first place, that wasn’t doing us any good and these have certainly not been good for me it’s obviously why I feel so bad, here goes the break to my addiction.

          • So happy to have read your comment,
            Today is my first day of cold turkey, after 7 years or more of chewing the gum. I have at least half of the negative symptoms that I read about.
            As I sit here and take my blood pressure it is normal. yeah!
            but the one thing I’m concerned about is will my skin on my face return to normal? I don’t know yet of course I am taking steps by buying products to help erase the blotches on my face. Nicorette gum, has made me ugly. I use to be pretty.
            thank you for your story because it gives me hope that I can kick this cold turkey, and when I get a craving, I will read these stories.

  6. Hi !
    I’m french and I am a big addict of gums, eating more than 60 gums a day and for more than 10 years !
    I’ve tried a lot of things to heal me: acupuncture, patches, going to an hospital for addiction.
    Nothing works! Today, I don’t know what can I do.
    By chance, I’ve any side effects according to me 🙂 ( fingers crossed)
    So, if you have good ideas, tips, or even addresses, contacts, etc. I’m interested.
    Sorry for my poor english.

    kind regards,

    • Try the patch, starting with step 1 for 3 or 4 weeks, then step 2 and step 3 for the same periods of time. I stopped smoking 20 years ago using the patch. About 10 years ago, I smoked at a party and kept smoking for 6 months. I stopped by using the gum, but like you, I chew a lot, about 40 pieces a day. I plan to stop using the patch when my gum supply runs out (I have about 800 pieces as I buy in bulk at Sams). This has to work because I just cannot financially afford to go on chewing the gum and my blood pressure is a bit high

    • I’m not sure if you are a person of faith but prayer definitely works. I’ve been smoking for 22 years and I just decided that I need to quit if I want to meet my grandchildren. I’ve been chewing gum for 2 weeks and the desire for cigarettes is getting better each day. The weekends are hard because that is when I usually smoked the most (I don’t smoke at work during the week) but through prayer and a few pieces of gum a day, I’m making it. And I have NO will power. I will put you on my prayer list. Trust Him and he will heal you from this addiction. I hope I become healed eventually.

      Also, just try to go 2 weeks and see how you feel. Then go another and then another. That’s my plan. I’ve talked to people that have quit and they say altough the urges never go away completely, its quite easy after 3 or 4 weeks.

      Good luck.

      • Brent,
        I’ve been on the gum for 5yrs. The last 9 months I have been having horrible break outs on my arms, hands, back and fingers. They look like blisters. Pretty sure it’s the gum…I’ve been Praying to God to help me get off the gum. I wish I could send pictures of my breakout. I need prayers please and thank you. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.

      • thank you for your faith in the help that come from Jesus thru prayer. I quit smoking when I was 30 and for 18 years I never had a desire to have another smoke it was so hard to quit I told myself that there was never a reason to have another smoke. But I had a divorce and during my depression i started smoking again. I stopped smoking by chewing tobaco after chewing for three years I started having problems with pain in my mouth and throat. I started chewing nicoret gum to be free from chewing and finaly was free from tobaco but became addicted to the gum one day I ran out of gum and borrowed a smoke from one of my employees that started my old habit alll over again then I started smoking chewing tobaco and chewing gum what a terrible addiction. my wife smokes so in the morning with coffee we visit while we smoke and have our coffee. after my wife leaves for work I start cheing my gum and don’t smoke the rest of the day. But I never stop chewing all day until I go to bed I never stop chewing the gum. I can see my nose and cheeks are red from the nicotine affecting me. also I have gained weight and cant seem to loose any weight I think the sugar in the gum is effecting my weight. I am 5 ft 6 inches tall and weigh 205 lbs I should weigh at most 180 lbs 25 lbs overweight.

    • hi Francis
      im surprised when i read u.. 60 gums a day.. how could it possible…u chew almost 3 gums an hour.
      make it clear that these gums are not for chew.
      1 chew it slowly till u get the taste of nicotine
      2 place it between your cheek and gums.
      3 when the taste fades, repeat first step.

      and make it sure that one gum should be used atleat 3 hours.

  7. Hi !
    I’m french and I am a big addict of gums, eating more than 60 gums a day and for more than 10 years !
    I’ve tried a lot of things to heal me: acupuncture, patches, going to an hospital for addiction.
    Nothing works! Today, I don’t know what to do.
    By chance, I’ve any side effects according to me 🙂 ( fingers crossed)
    So, if you have good ideas, tips, or even addresses, contacts, etc. I’m interested.
    Sorry for my poor english.

    kind regards,

    • Hi Francis

      i to have been addicted to nicotine gum for 12+ years chewing around 24 pieces a day and your right nothing works i have spent thousands of dollars on dental work and i have been taking medication for hypertension and anxiety for the last 6 years


        • I just found this sight. Years ago I stopped smoking by using the Nicolette gum but couldn’t stop chewing the gum. I finally stopped the gum by alternating a cinnamon regular chewing gum with the Nicorrette and slowly increasing the regular gum. Maybe that will help someone.

          Recently I started smoking again due to a period of extreme stress and have again been on the Nicorette gum too long and am again starting to alternate with Big Red chewing gum.

    • Why are you posting in this American site? The internet is run by Americans for Americans. Learn from your mistake and provide the appropriate deference next time. Thank you.

  8. I’m 71 & been on approx 10x 2mg pieces of nicotine gum for at least 15 years now but haven’t noticed any side effects during that time..

    • Hi Grump!

      I’m happy to hear you don’t suffer from side affects from the nicotine gum. I was wondering which flavour you use…does it have a hard coating? It might be possible that the coatings or “whitening” ingredients are causing the bad affects on so many people, myself included.

      Stay Smoke-free!


      • Hi Wendy,

        I chew Habitrol 4mg from I find this gum to be a little softer and taste better than other brands and it does have the white shell coating. Unfortunately, I’ve been using gum for many years and do want to quit. I have not had any issues or side affects yet. For some reason the other brands that are not coated are yellow and stain your whole mouth. I actually feel sick when chewing those. I am not promoting any nicotine gum at all, but I have not had any issues with Habitrol and feel better using it rather than other brands. I hope this helps someone and I hope I find a way to stop soon.

      • Hi Wendy,

        Myself, I quit cigarettes in 2005 yet to this day I still chew 2mg nicotine gum 10-20 pieces each day.

        I have noticed issues with white mint and flavored hard shell coatings causing increased mouth and throat irritation increasing in severity each year at the current rate of consumption. Since recently switching to plain dull 2 mg nicotine gum the severity of my noted throat soreness has decreased substantially. However, I noticed reducing the amount chewed also reduces these effects so also going plain too maybe the thing to do if one must chew?

        My thought is throat irritation would be the most common long term side effect and is directly proportional to the number of pieces chewed and those effects also vary depending upon an individuals overall heath and any present skin conditions which could exacerbate the side effect. Mouth sore frequency does appear related to amount chewed at the 2mg level maybe more at 4 mg would be a guess?

        As to the other side effects noted on this site, it is possible nicotine gum may exacerbate preexisting conditions yet little evidence suggests the gum by itself is a sole cause of major side effects. Understanding what nicotine does in the body and to the body also helps one assess side effects better. However hard shell, fillers and other tasty coatings that make up some nicotine gum may be more likely to cause or contribute to the these other side effects.If you want to quit then keep it simple and plain and save “flavors” just for meals instead.

        A general rule of thumb the body can tolerate most things in moderation – it is your job to figure out how much is too much for you since each person’s physiology is different in one or more ways.

        To anyone curious, the only tip I can offer is try reducing the amount of nicotine gum chewed by 25% over 3-months, change to unflavored or non-coated and note any positive side effect changes that may result? It’s worth a try I think and keep in mind nicotine gum is a medicine and not a treat – no matter what the body tells you! My body says its yummy tasty food so don’t listen to that! It is possible to go toxic too with each nicotine piece chewed so only chew the bare minimum and “park, wait, chew” with the least frequency possible which is easier said then done I know!

        Have a great day!


      • Hello i have been on gum for several years i gave them up for the last two month’s ifelt terrible and have put on so much weight nothing i eat has satisfied me. My clothes are too tight i hate myself and sad to say tonight i have gone back on the gum. I certainly didn’t see any improvement in my vision hair or skin when I was off the gum. Can anyone help me what is worse eating everything in sight or chewing nicotine gum.

        • My mom was just diagnosed yesterday with stage 3 esophagus cancer. She has been chewing Nicorette gum for years. The smell from the gum seems to ooze out of her pores. There is definitely a distinct odor that is associated with people who chew the gum. Also, several months back she got a rash over 75% of her body, which now, reading the comments here was probably caused by the nicorret gum. PLease do your best to get off of it before it takes your life.

    • I’ve used the 2 mg. losenges for 10 years (maybe 8 per day) and no side effects. My teeth and gums are fine, blood pressure is fine. I do cardio and work out with weights 4 days per week as well.

  9. Does any one out there feel anxious or paranoid on lozenges Im snappy and irritable and constantly having too make sure I have a steady supply. Gave up ciggies two years sgo feel worse mentally and getting dizzy spells?

    • Hi mardy lady,

      I tried lozenges and hated them. They were on sale. But to your question, I’ve tried to stop many times cold turkey and every time I do I get anxious and irritable like you so I’m not sure if your problem is the lozenges or just the nicotine. It sucks. I hope you feel better and break the habit.

    • Hiya, I have given up smoking a few times in the last 10 years have always used nrt , gave up this year in October on the gums , I do get alot of headaches feel suck and dizzy alot also feel very anxious and very moody , don’t know what to do x

  10. I am grateful that Nicolette helped me to kick a25 a day b&h habit. But I do not know if chewing nicotine gum is good for you. All I know though is that it is much better than smoking But you are better off coming off the gum also.

  11. I quit smoking about 3 years ago, and I have been chewing the gum ever since. I had chronic gastroenteritis before I started chewing the gum, but it has made it worse. As of today, I chewed my last piece. I am tired of feeling a pain in my stomach, and I am tired of feeling yucky from the nicotine. Wish me luck! I am determined NOT to ever chew another piece again. I’d rather spend my money on shoes!

    • Same with me. I took my last piece of gum 2 weeks ago and have sworn I’ll never touch them again. I’m 38 and have been chewing for about 9 years and in that time I’ve suffered from constant headaches, regular stomach upsets, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, giant spots that rarely ever come to a head, tiredness and lack of motivation and so on…… Since I’ve been off them my headaches have pretty much disappeared (was having them about 3 times a week) and my stomach seems to be settling down a bit. If it’s between one or the other (cigarettes v gum) I’ll take the ciggies anyday, at least with smoking you know what you’re in for. Good luck – whatever you’re trying to give up!!!!!

    • Good for you! Be strong and ask God to give you strength!
      My husband chewed it too long & I believe it gave him cancer that finally took his life!
      Love yourself and you will conquer this toxic substance….

      • I’m addicted to Nicorette gum..did you say your husband chewed it too long and got cancer and it took his life? In asking because I’m trying to find out how dangerous it is. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have been chewing it for 8 years now and need all the help I can get to quit. I’m desperate.

        • HI Anntonya, My father was just diagnosed with salivary cancer. He chewed nicotine gum for the better part of ten years. Salivary cancer is not hereditary. What type of cancer did your husband die from, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Anntonya, last week my dentist said I have white patches in my inner cheeks that reminded him of what people who chew tobacco get!!! I’ve been chewing nicotine gum for almost 20 YEARS. I started in 1996 after quitting smoking in 1991!!! How stupid is THAT?? My dentist said these lesions are at the minimum precancerous. I couldn’t believe it, as I had read that nicotine gum doesn’t cause any side effects! I found this site and realize I’ve been STUPID, AND LIED TO!!
        Did your husband have oral cancer? I will not be able to handle or cope with THAT and the disfiguring surgery I may have to have. I have many major health problems now, and since reading this site, I realize my nicotine addiction may have contributed to my horrible health status. I will give up if I have oral cancer.

    • same here been smoke free for 2.5 years but about 2 years ago I really felt like I was going to go back to smoking so I got the gum and have been using about 10 pieces of 4mg a day. This last week I have had stomach problems and cramps and every time I eat it goes threw me, my mouth feels numb and tingly, my head feels foggy. I think it is the gum so I am going to try to cut down on it a little at a time and in between using just a chewing gum!!! Hope it works. Good luck to all

  12. I too have been on the stuff for about 10 years at around 10 pieces a day. I am in excellent shape, I excercise & have an excellent diet.
    I recently fell seriously ill with a infection in my jaw that proved to be almost fatal as it was making its way up my jaw & into my optic nerve. The infection present for more than 2 years being exacerbated by chewing nicotine gum all day. I have had two very invasive operations to remove this infected tissue & 2 teeth. This Heath issue most likely was the result of chewing this gum all day for years. Apart from the fact that I have the bone density in my jaw of a 90 year old man now. I have spent well over $30,000 in surgery & hospital costs so far.
    If you can’t get of this stuff after 3 to 6 months, switch over to the patches & try them.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your jaw. Hope your better. I am responding to your entry cause I have been having trouble with my jaw ear and neck, on the side I chew gum and use loz. I had a sinus infection and it took 3 antibiotics and prednisone to get rid of. I asked my dr if infection could have gone to neck gland and ear. He thought TMJ. I’m convinced its the damn gum. I have had other side effects as others have mentioned. The gum has cause GI issues and hot flashes. Yes I said hot flashes. I am in those years of my life and quit smoking in the first place due to sinus infections and Hot flashes. Its Hell. Well yesterday was my last day of nicotine anything. I had it with jaw and neck pain sick stomach and hot flashes. Its a bit of a struggle, but havent had a hot flash. Nightmares now.

    • Steve, I have been on the gun for 3 months and have a tightness in my jaw, started shortly after starting the gun…did you first find that you could only open your mouth partially? Thanks for any information
      Hope you are doing better

  13. I quit smoking a total of 3 times. In between the times I quit I rotated between the patches and the gum, neither felt addictive when I used previously. My final endeavor with smoking was in 2013, I used cinnamon burst 4mg my absolute favorite, but when you taper to 2mg its harder to find cinnamon, fruit chill was next best. I used the gum so consistent and didnt realize I was even addicted. I lost my job and realized I was spending my last money to buy nicotine gum…However I continued to chew because I thought I had a stressful life, my ex boyfriend, would throw my gum out and urge me not to chew. But its sooo good. I like the crunch and kick of the gum and when you park it between your cheeks the flavor just sits there. It has become a security blanket and I have most recently noted that im parking it at night to sleep. I had a nice collection behind my bed too. I dont have any stomach symptoms you guys are talking about, but I have noticed a slight raise in my BP , and some times toothache. when I cant have any I get nervous that I wont be able to make it through the day. More recently Ive had reoccuring burst blood vessels in my eye. I want too aattribute this to the gum because i can understand maybe 1every now and then but 1 burst vessel every month. For the last 3 months??? I use no other medication, i workout on a regular basis.Im 31 i drink lightly and have no other risk factors other than. After reading what you guys wrote I MUST quit. I dont want anymore bloodvessels bursting in my eye, toothache, or anxiety. Good luck to you all (Glad to know Im not the only one.)

    • You must be my sister. Exact situation, but do not leave in my mouth at nite. Fear of choking. Any way I like fruit chill too 4mg. 10 plus years. Only side effect mild anxiety. I do not want to need it. Just tapered down to 2mg. Just want the good taste in my mouth like a pacifier. Trying targets up & up brand. Much cheaper. Trying to do 6 pieces a day verses 10, this is going to be a process to get off gum.

    • Hey, chewy, I had the reoccurring burst blood vessel in the eye. It was happening every week! It was driving me crazy! Doctors and specialists had no idea and were zero help. Managed to work it out myself in the end. Basically giving up smoking caused extra blood flow through narrowed vessels due to years of smoking. That combined with a diet low in in vitamin k caused the bleeds to not heal properly. Make sure you eat lots of kale / brussels every day so that the clotting and healing of the blood vessels happen correctly. Don’t think it has anything to do with the gum although based on the other comments on this page I should give up. Can’t say I’ve had any problem with gum since giving up smoking 5 years ago, although I tend to only chew a couple a day(2mg) usually after eating.

  14. Thanks Holli:

    I am sure you are probably right. I am going to give my gum to Jesus and go get a patch.
    It is really easy to overdue the gum. I do believe that the effects of the drug itself can be helpful with focus. But the gum is about to help me focus myself into a heart attack or stroke.
    It does help a turkey neck though so along with the patch I will get some teeth whitening gum and keep chewing. Jesus will understand all that. Me and Jesus got an understanding. I appreciate your comment Holli. The 12 step programs help a ton of addicted souls and it all starts with surrendering your addiction to your higher power. I can’t do this on my own.. God can…
    I believe I will let Him.


  15. Hi,
    I am off the gum (for now) for almost 6 months! My serum potassium on a routine blood draw came back high at 5.4. A repeat came back at 5.5. I stopped the gum and repeated it – normal potassium (3.2).
    I am a healthcare professional and for the life of me can’t figure out what is going on there, but I am almost positive something is.
    Anyway, after a total of ~15 years chewing the gum (on and off, quit for both pregnancies, etc) I believe I may finally be done. Oh…but I miss it.
    Here’s a tip- yum yum gum makes a sugar free clove gum. It’s a poor substitute for nicotine gum but the best I can find. Good luck everyone!

    • I have been using nicorette gum on and off for around 2 years, Knowing how addictive it is I have only used it for short periods, also because of the effects it has had on me with even limited use compared to other people. I have never had any dental problems but while using the gum I have had 2 teeth split in half. I have had palpitations, skipped beats, and my blood pressure is now very high. I recently had a blood test for this and trying to stop smoking, I had a piece of gum half an hour or so before the test. I was called early the next morning to go straight to the hospital as my potassium levels at the time of the test were dangerously high reading 6.5. When my bloods were retested at the hospital, some 24 hours later, I had not used any gum and my potassium levels had gone down to 4.5, still a bit on the high side but nothing like life threatening as they were the day before. I know this was caused by the nicorette gum. I have not, and will not be using it again. I think it’s probably more harmful than smoking and should be withdrawn from sale. It really is time this was banned. Other products have been taken off the shelves for much less harm..

      • Thanks baby…needed the encouragement. I developed an ulcer…which healed but the meds affected my pancreas…now it’s inflamed. Ulcer is gone…pain from pancreas still there…7 months! Now Dr has found spot on my stomach…I have to STOP this gum for good. No doubt Nic gum is involved. Thanks for your strength!

    • Where can you buy the sugar free clove gum? The nicorette gum has caused me major anxiety. Has anyone else had this probelm?

      • I don’t know where you can buy the clove gum. I have been chewing this time for a few years. I quit by using Orbits bubble mint gum. It has the nice coating. I started smoking again for a couple of months last March when my sister/best friend died from cancer. I got really sick and started using the gum again. Tomorrow I am quiting the nicorette gum again by getting the 2mg nicorette gum and alternating it with the Orbit gum. Been having blisters in my mouth this week and I know it’s from the nicorette. Hope this helps…. Terrie

    • Linda and all,

      I stopped smoking my 3 cigs a day about 1 1/2 years ago. The gum helped. Wal Mart brand less expensive. It helps with focus but I really don’t want the aspartame because I’m messing up my ketogenic diet! Each piece has 2 grams of carbs although sugar free. Two weeks ago I tried to stop. I was so angry for a few days, it was awful. I think the addiction is stress related and chewing calms me.

      I just read how we get much less nicotine in cigs than gum. Yikes! Thanks Jason29. I needed to be more motivated. I will try to chew regular sugar free gum until I can be free. If it doesn’t work, ( hasn’t so far I will ask for patches.)
      Anyone here experience small blood vessels breaking in fingers? Spontaneous with little pressure.
      That’s really scaring me.
      Glad I read all this and don’t give up!!

      Best regards,
      Keto Kid

  16. Hello to you all, I am a 48 year old smoker, around six years ago I gave up with no aid at all cold turkey, around three months later I discovered blood in my stools and to cut a long story short was diagnosed with Ulcerative-Colitis. The symptons got worse as time went on, these included a rash on my forehead with pimples, Ulcers in my my mouth as well as other parts of my body, poor eye sight and blurred vision, painful joints. What surprises me is that 85% of sufferer’s of UC are ex smokers or smokers and affects 1 in 400 people in the Uk, so it stands to reason that most of these symptoms would be attributed to any stop smoking aids. My new doctor had no knowlage of the link between smoking and bowel disease so therefore would have not have diagnosed my UC and himself blamed any alternative stop smoking aids. After 18 moths of not smoking and I was nearly house bound with symptons so I started smoking again within 2 months was sympton free. I have tried all nicotine products and within 3 months my symptons return. I know smoke 10 cigs a day low tar and consume around 10 4mg plain gum pieces and this is posibly the best comination for me. My gum symptons seam to be, hair loss at fist popping ears wich seam to be my jaw muscles getting used to constant chewing and hiccups.
    What I am summerising is that some of these sytoms metioned in this and other sites could be caused by bowel problems that smoking has masked, and should be explored as a possibility before attributing them to nicotine replacement products as very few people would take the time to come back on these sites to update any diagnosis.

    • Make no mistake Gary…..Nic replacement products can have life threatening side effects associated with long term use. Don’t think for a minute that all the problems people herein that people are describing are directly attributed to long term use of NR gum/lozenges…the simple proof is that symptoms disappear when use stops….not complicated

  17. I became addicted to the lozenges 4mg for 8 years after quitting smoking. First it was the gum which turned my teeth horribly yellow and my teeth began to crack and break so I stopped the gum and switched to the lozenges. Now I have been diagnosed with three bleeding ulcers which I am convinced came from the continuous use of the lozenges. I have to say I enjoy the sensation you get from them., A slight peppery taste and a little nicotine lift but the ill health effects are not worth it. Use the product as directed to help you stop smoking then wean yourself off it as soon as possible.

  18. Another sufferer here. Addicted to gum then switched to lozenges when I wore my teeth away.
    Having severe bowel problems now. What I’ve found is that when I get absolutely hammered (drunk) it detoxes it out my system and I feel much better, my eyes even become whiter, only for symptoms to return a few days later. Could be nothing to do with the lozenges of course, but I personally believe it is.

    I really need to stop but find I lose all energy and get brain fog within minutes of stopping. There never seems like a good time to go for it and stop.

    I’m glad and sad in equal measure that I’m not the only one.

    We all need to kick this stuff into touch.

    • Good luck. I too am trying to get off after 2 years on the gum. Have diarrhea also, which I attribute to the gum. Would love to get off of it and was told to wean off of it. How?

  19. Hello,
    Been a smoker for 4 years a pack a day since 16 to 20 years old.
    reading the comments and came across a rough average of people’s age here being between 45 – 75.
    Some of the things you are experiencing are purely from age such as hair loss, and teeth falling out (with the assistance of long term smoking)
    I have been on the nicotine gum for 2 years now, on average 7 gums a day of 4 Mg.
    Nicotine is a poison in high doses.
    it’s a natural pesticide produced by tobacco plants to kill bugs.
    Im reading that a lot of you are abusing the ‘medication’ and over indulging in the substance.
    Just like everything in this world its all about moderation, Like eating to much food makes you fat, drinking to much makes you drunk, to much sun can make you sunburnt.

    • Let us know when you’re OFF the stuff….you’re still addicted, you’re no further ahead than the rest. You can continue to kid yourself that some of these side effects are more age related….perhaps yes….but I would bet it has more to do with the length of time someone has used products that contain nicotine. And you will be one of them if you don’t quit! You’re young….DO IT NOW

  20. There are side effects with any medication. I have been chewing 4mg nicotine gum for 2 years. I enjoy it. The only side effect I have had is dizziness due to chewing to much at one time. Other than that I am perfectly healthy. Not sure why people are loosing teeth and hair and attributing this to nicotine gum? I’ve read a lot of studies on the gum, and none of the real ones claim hair loss or dental health loss as a side effect, nor have I ever heard of this happening. You might want to look into these people’s lives before blaming nicotine gum.

    An army friend of mine has been chewing it for a little less than 8 years, and no serious side effects. My point is, if your teeth are rotting out of your face, and your hair is falling out, maybe you should take a close look at maybe your diet, personal hygiene or other health conditions. If you are riddled with health problems maybe the gum is exacerbating your already existing condition? In otherwise healthy individuals, I have never heard of serious complications from the gum.

    • You can justify anything you want to suit you. Just because none of these side effects has impacted you….doesn’t mean it can’t happen or isnt already happening. The variables you are eluding to of possible causes ARE possible…the major point is DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE TO TAKE THE CHANCE it won’t happen to you?

  21. You are really supposed to be chewing nicotine gum for no more then 3 months. Try replacing a few peices of gum with cinnamon hard candies or big red gum. And please try to stop using the nicotine gum. Good luck to you all.

  22. I quit smoking 77 days ago and picked up the 4mg fruit chill gum as a replacement. On the next pack, I switched over to 2mg… but then had my husband grab the next pack on the way home and he accidentally picked up the 4mg again… so I decided to chew it less frequently because I didn’t want it to go backwards in my efforts (though, in order to convince myself to quit smoking – which I truly enjoyed and didn’t want to do – I purchased the gum with no official quitting goal). Ever since, I chew between 2-3 pieces a day on average… occasionally more on a road trip or when drinking… but at least one in the morning and one in the evening – simply for the enjoyment of it. Yes, I believe I am at least emotionally addicted (I panic if I know there are none left in the cupboard) but have found that a 100 pack of 4mg fruit chill lasts me just over a month on average. I enjoy looking forward to the little burst of “happy” energy that it gives me (and the digestive regularity that usually disappears when you lose the smoking “stimulant”). Anyhow, I am having no ill effects at these levels and have somehow managed to maintain my sanity by not giving up my emotional “crutch” in its entirety. Best of luck to you all and I hope you find your right balance 🙂

  23. I have been on Nicotine gum 4mg for a number of years, trying the 2mg seems fine, not had any problems at all, no dryness of skin, no sagging. my best tip is to chew the gum for 10-15 seconds then place it under your top lip and leave it there, 60 gums a day will fall to 12 straightaway.

    Cannot get off them. At least I’m free of thinking cigs first thing in the morning and during the day.

    Getting off gums is wait for it, will power, but it’s that first thing in the morning for me.

  24. Hi I’ve been a former smoker and have been chewing the gum for approximately three years, my husband hates it and won’t come near me when I’m chewing it. He says it smells bad and other people probably think so but don’t say anything. My daughter feels the same. I have had some hair loss but I’m 53 and it may be age related. I have had a higher blood pressure. I can relate to what others say about going into a panic when they realize they are out or only have one piece left. It’s like being addicted to Lora tab or a drug that you can’t control. I got a prescription of Chantix from my doctor and I am trying to quit for the third time with Chantix you have to stop early on when the effects are the strongest. If you can get past three days I’m told the nicotine is out of your system the rest is all mental. I am trying to sleep through those three days as much as possible and chew Dentyne Ice and several others that taste like Nicorette wintergreen. I worry that my back pain and knee pain might be worse because of the gum and some stomach issues as well. I just think my health will be better if I get off the gum. I will pray that the third time is a charm!

  25. Hi guys, I have noticed so many negative comments on this page! I just wanted to share my story with you all and hope it will help someone struggling with addiction. I had been smoking for almost 6 years when one day I was taking a cycling class and I ended up having to leave in the middle of the class because my lungs were burning so bad I couldn’t breathe right, long story short I decided to really quit,(I tried numerous times before, but never REALLY wanted to) I decided to try nicorette gum, I read the entire booklet they give you in the box and started off with the 2mg to try it out. It really did satisfy my cravings. I have been smoke free for 2 years now! I can not tell you how hard it was to actually quit but I feel amazing, I can do a full 45 minutes of rigorous cardiovascular and my lungs are fine. So my advice to you all is to read the instruction booklet if you plan on using the gum ! And use it as an aid to stop your habbit, not to REPLACE your habbit. The truth of the matter is if you get additional to the gum you didn’t really want to quit smoking for the right reasons.

  26. I’m sorry, but you people having all day side effects that are still chewing the gum are crazy.. I quit smoking after 30 years using the 4mg gum for a year then 2 mg for Two years with no side effects. Some hair loss but I’m 58 years old can’t really blame that on the gum

  27. Six years of gum.Panic when I’m out of the gum. Wondering how Diane L. I’s doing with sleeping through the 3 days of getting off the
    gum? I HAVE to get off the stuff. I started out with chewing the gum and quite smoking…but now the gum is chewing me. Anyone out there
    who has quite Nicorette, please tell me how you did it? Is there a 12 Step Program for this addiction ? Count me in. I am so happy to be
    A nonsmoker, and I want more than anything to be free of this addiction. If anyone has been able to quite PLEASE tell me how you went about it. I would most appreciate it.

  28. I’ve been using the Equate nicotine gum, 4mg, for about 4 years. I only chew half a piece at a time, 4 times a day, consistently. Other than occasional slight nausea and 1 episode of vertigo (not sure if it was related) I have not noticed any negative side effects whatsoever. I feel like it’s a great alternative to tobacco.

  29. Like many, I’ve replaced one addiction (cigarettes) with another (nicotine gum). Been chewing it for 6-7 years straight, and heavily: about 30-40 pieces every 24 hours, one after the other. Time to stop, I think. My stomach often feels torn up, and when the center of your body feels bad like that you feel bad all over: a bit cranky, depressive, unhappy. I feel like shit almost all the time. Tonight went a couple hours without chewing a piece, and my stomach upset disappeared. Only one reason to continue chewing: the erroneous belief that I need a crutch of some kind – something, anything – to feel less insecure. Hardly a reason when your physical and emotional health are the cost.

  30. im gonna try 2mg, i feel 4mg is way too strong. side of my gum is hurting alittle, not sure if its because they are too strong. didnt have this with 2mg gum

  31. I quit smoking 2 years ago and was diagnosed with COPD a year ago. I smoked for 60 years and have not wanted to smoke since I quit. However I recently found myself chewing nicotine gum and am trying to find out if it is harmful to chew the gum when you have COPD. I usually chew 1 to 2 pieces a day.

  32. I’m 34 and I had been a smoker and have quit for 4 years where I have been chewing Nicotine gum.
    I have noticed my skin has broken out and been to the dermatologist on several occasions to find out why I have so many spots on my face. They do not know what it is and how it is caused every doctor I have seen has their own hypothesis.

    I also have been losing hair, my hair is really think and long and I have been losing hair in clumps every day to the point where my hair is starting to look much thinner and you can see my scalp where you could not before.

    My jaw aches from the chewing and I feel as though my teeth are suffering as a result. I have been given a guard to wear from my dentist to wear at night.

    I am slowly quitting the gum but it is tough and I am only a few days in and I am already starting to feel a bit more back to normal.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT BE FOOLED, Nicotine gum is bad for you and it is not meant to be a long term measure. There are no studies on it as the pharma industry do not want to uncover the truth on Nicorette gum because it is cheaper for a few people to suffer with side effects than deal with lung cancer patients.

    QUIT WHILE YOU CAN! Be strong and good luck!

  33. Im still a smoker but i’ve quit it, i have not used any chewing gum or medicines. If you set your mind and really wanted to quit the smoking habbit, than you do not need any medication

  34. I quit smoking (Heavy smoker March 23, 2009 and have not had a drag since, major accomplishment for me and to this i mostly attribute a change in thinking due to reading Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking combined with the realization after a non smoking related lung issue and spending the better part of a year looking at blue streaked 60 + year olds with COPD, I made the connection that my 2-3 coughs to clear phlegm out of my throat an have a mostly clear breathing would become permanent, 2 – 2 1/2 packs a day for 20 years. I quit at 31 and am 38 now, that being said, I did switch to the gum and chew around 45-50 pieces a day of the 4 mg target brand, I am fine, other than the cost of the medicine and my dislike of artificial sweeteners. Do you know that several pharmaceutical companies are working on nicotine based drugs for several conditions including ADHD (Something i have) and Alzheimer’s. I suspect a lot of these my hair is falling out and white sores in mouth in the first week of quitting are not related to the gum. I know my own experience is anecdotal, but nicotine itself is fairly innocuous when you consider the 2000+ chemicals in tobacco and the fact that the “flavor” of smoking is the same as the symptom of being in a burning building before you die in a fire. Just my 2 cents.

  35. I wish they made a 0 mg version of these; then you would psychologically know you’re off the nicotine addiction and now you have a gum/lozenge habbit to kick. Then switch to hard candy or mints (or some other “normal” gum) that has a matching flavor.

    Maybe I’ll start a company that makes this:
    – 4mg lozenges
    – 2 mg lozenges
    – 0 mg lozenges
    – matching flavor sugarfree hard candies

    To me that would make massive sense.

  36. That face you make when people use a product intended for short term use, fot YEARS. And grt upset when they see diverse health effects.

    Cigarettes and nicotine is bad in general. What made you think the nicotine products would be any better.

    Use that thing connected to your neck.

  37. I have been smoking for the past 9 years. ..literally a little less then a chain smoker..around 42 cigs a day…and one night I was trying to sleep when suddenly I couldn’t breathe…those were the last moments of my life. ..but I survived…I decided to quit.i have been taking 4mg nicotex gum since the last 3 months..and I am able to quit with no habit of the gum…read the instructions.

    • Yes, Tell your spouse what you are doing. Get other non nicotine gum, start chewing this gum instead of the nicotine gum. Know that you will probably go somewhat nuts for a few weeks. I had panic attacks felt depression etc….. It is hell beating addiction. You can reduce your gum somewhat the week before but “Cold turkey” is the only way. Just take one day at a time and celebrate to yourself your accomplishment. at some point you look up and see that 2 weeks then 3 weeks have passed! Then you say no way will I go back through that crap again!!! Then you have made it! I did!

    • I smoked for 30 years, quit 3 years ago by using the gum. In April this year, I made (3) 24 hour road trips in one month, during which I think I overdosed on the gum. My blood pressure spiked and I felt like I was having a heart attack. Legs swelled up, (peripheral edema) and had severe nightmares and sleep problems. This all was enough to scare me into dropping the gum. Cold turkey. It was difficult the first few weeks, just as any withdrawal from drug addiction is. It has been almost 5 months and still having swelling issues, doctor prescribed a diuretic that helps. Blood pressure is back to normal, still having sleep issues, but the nightmares have subsided. Still battling anxieties, but believe they stem from underlying emotional issues at the root of the problem. I believe the smoking and the surrounding subsequent addiction to smoking and then nicotine gum were attempts to self medicate the anxiety that came from unresolved emotional issues. I now have a deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and am experiencing healing and renewal of my mind through the truth of God’s Word and the healing power of the never changing unconditional love of my Father in heaven. It is only through learning who I am in Christ and who we were created to be that I have found healing for the inner conflicts that led to the addictions in the first place. I believe the gum can be a good temporary answer to get off the cigs but beware of the long term affects of any continuous addictive behavior, whether a controlling substance, relationship or behavior. God bless you.

    • I have spent the last 3 hours reading about the gum I can safely say when I go to work today thanks to he guys I’ll never chew it gain .like 17 years a go I stoped smoking

    • Try try try then try again until you do it! YOU decide…you have to want to more than anything else in the world….it goes a long way. My advice…cold turkey with an exercise buddy who needs to quit too. Instead of Nic replacement…do an exercise when you crave!

  38. I have been chewing Nicotine gum now for many, many years. I would love to get off of it. I have tried the patches but have horrible nightmares that are so vivid and indescribably terrible.

    I don’t know what to do. When I have tried weening myself off the gum to only a few pieces each day, I find when stressful incidents happen in my life, I return to chewing many pieces per day.

    I have no tendencies to return to smoking, intact, I am now allergic to cigarette smoke.

    My doctor suggested Chantix. Does it work to relieve one of the nicotine gum addiction?

    • Hi! The patches seemed to work very well for me. After the first week of not sleeping well, removed them about an hour before I went to bed. In the morning, I would slap a new one again. It worked well for me, since I didn’t smoke during night anyway.

      I stayed quit for 5 yrs then started back. I’m two months into quitting again and catch myself sucking on the e cigs constantly. And my gums are so tender and bleed easily.

      Has anyone experienced this?

    • Same with me, exactly. I’ve been chewing the candy coated stuff for over a decade with no sign of potential quitting in sight. Its delicious and gives me a lift…but this has gone on waaaaay too long.

      There is some stomach upset if one chews too quickly or too often and any stimulant can get one a bit too keyed-up. However, it sure beats smoking. I’m just disgusted with myself for not finding the self-discipline to stop. There’s no way I’m taking an anti-depressant to quit, though. The best way I’ve found to cut way down is to chew regular gum that tastes the same. After awhile, you forget which is which.

    • Champix is wonderful for losing cigarette addiction, just not sure about gum. Might be. However weird dreams are a common side effect so maybe it’s not for you.
      My experience is that Nicotine gum is heaps easier to come off than cigarettes. Just replace with extra or juicy fruit or other chewing gum, and cut back then right off.
      Good luck

    • Dear Liz, I feel the same way you did. I felt I was the only one chewing nicotine gum for years and years and years, until I found this site. About Chantix, I see the commercials often on the TV station I watch so often. The side effects sound terrifying!! I don’t think I could chance trying that drug. But I’m so sick of my addiction to nicotine gum.

  39. I started 4 mg. every 2 hrs. or so. Had noticed some stomach problems at first: probably from too much chewing and swallowing of juices (saliva). Today, I CHEWED LESS, and parked more, with less stomach upset. Also, keep gum in mouth less amt. of time.

  40. I am in my mid 50’s, having smoked since a teenager, I stopped 20 years ago without the aid of any nicotine replacement products. Some months later I visited my GP feeling very ‘down’, she explained nicotine releases chemicals in the brain the keep many people on an even keel and suggested I try a nicotine replacement product, I started using the 4mg gum, chewing around 15 pieces per day and immediately felt better. I have been using this product for over 20 years, still chewing around 15 pieces a day, and have suffered absolutely no side effects. I have great teeth, lovely thick hair and although my eyesight isn’t what it was 20 years ago, I have put this down to age.

  41. I am at the least embarrassed to say I tried the gum as friends were saying they used it for energy and weight loss. Please only understanding comments only as I believe its the same reasons for beginning smoking. Now this is the second time I have taken myself off gum because of hair loss teeth problems skin problems and many more issues I’ve never had before . what I have experienced is the first 2 days off gum is hard but seems by the third day it must be almost out of system. I chewed for over a year . Started with 4mg then 2 mg as stomach problems persist . It is a over counter drug that I feel needs more studies .I am on my own in my believes amongst friends as they don’t feel their health issues are related to nicotine gum use . One suggested today she even knows a Doctor chewing so it must be safe. I can only help myself and hope my comments can help you too! I love to chew the gum but I really like my hair and teeth more .

  42. I bought the chewing gums a few days ago, the reason why so many people are having side effects is because you can’t chew 40 a day, the recommendation of how many you should chew is 15. I have a sore in my mouth from chewing them but that I expected because they lose it’s taste and can become a bit harder, however it has helped me. I think if you’re looking to try these, do it but only take under 15. I have 5-7 gums 2mg smoking for 3 years

  43. I’m in my early 50’s, have smoked and quit on and off since I was a teenager. Since I’m OCD, ADD and too many other issues, so quiting has always been aided with patches, gum, lozenges and once Chantix. I am doing the step down with the patches every 2 weeks and mg gum. I’m a wreck, but determined to kick it all. I plan on chewing 4mg through the patch step down, then quit the gum. I had originally planned on doing the 2 mg 2 weeks after the last patch, but after reading all of these comments and noticing some side effects already, I think I will need to kick the gum too, ANY SUGGESTIONS? ????

  44. This article and website is so clearly biased towards e-cigarettes it’s absurd. This audience is people trying to quit a dangerous habit. E-cigarette marketers are just as bad as big tobacco when they use scare tactics to turn a buck.

  45. I’ve smoked for 16 years. I started when I was 14 and am now thirty. I quit just over a week ago with the help of the gum. I have been using the 4mg and am switching to the 2mg when this pack is gone. I have significant tmj, so it is physically painful to chew it throughout the day. I’m pretty shocked at the stuff I’m reading. The gum, patch, and lozenges are meant to help you get over the mental addiction of cigarette smoking while still giving you the physical fix. It’s meant to be a short term bandaid to assist you in quitting. If you read the instructions, you are not supposed to use the gum for an extended period of time, so I’m not surprised if you’re having health issues. Try to stop using it. Good luck.

    • Kat, trust me. Get off the gum or lozenges fast – addiction to this stuff is worse then smoking.
      I am quitting them again and this time for good.
      They take more out of you then they deliver.
      If I could go back I just would have never never used them. Worse then smokes cause no peer pressure or smoke odor.
      Lozenges are most addictive. T

  46. I was a smoker for 34 yrs . Three years back I stopped smoking but got addicted to nicotine gum . I started with 2 mg then increased to 4 mg . About a month ago I am experiencing shaking and weakness in my legs . I feel very tired and sleepy all day. I did read the side effects of my medications for BP, cholesterol and none of them has the side effects that I am experiencing. I strongly believe the nicotine gum could be the cause of the problem that I am experiencing.

  47. I used the 2mg lozenges for 4 years and suffered extreme anxiety nausea skin issues/hives and was diagnoses with an autoimmune disease. I blame it totally on the lozenges.They kill the bugs in your intestines and you end up with leaky gut and inflammatory/autoimmune issues. Think about it. Its poison. Sop your excuses of shame and denial and put that shit down.

    • Do you still have the anxiety now that you have quit the lozenges? I’ve been experiencing this too, and I’m curious if it’s the lozenges, and if it will go away if I stop. Please let me know your experience. Thanks

  48. I have to say this is quite ignorant, complaining about health issue you developed while abusing nicotine supplements. Do you also blame Mcdonalds for making you fat? And guns for killing people? Anything to pass the blame somewhere else I guess…

    • Hey, I think i may be experiencing the same thing you are describing. I have been feeling like food has been getting stuck at the bottom of my throat sometimes. It happens a few times a month if i do not chew my food enough. I feel it get stuck, i get the hiccoughs really bad, and after a minutes or two it will pass. Is this what happens with you?

    • You should definitely visit a doctor if you’re having trouble swallowing, but one common cause can be gastric reflux. The acid from the stomach goes up into the esophagus and over time it begins to constrict it, giving the sensation of tightness when swallowing. I’ve had reflux issues for years – it is a known symptom of nicotine usage in all its forms (the drug dilates the sphincter muscle that closes off the stomach) – and I too have tightness when swallowing. The reflux is my only issue that is likely exacerbated (or even mostly caused by) the gum usage. But still, hard to quit.

  49. Wow guys…. After reading so many of these posts I made up my mind about nicotine gum. It’s crap. As terrible and bad for you as a F…… cigarette. I was a chain smoker for 20 year, and I escaped this slavery 3 months ago. I chose gum as a support. But, Almost immediately I started to feel pretty bad. Nausea and tiredness. And I thought that this was a common thing when your body is deprived of poison. I was persistent. And I got worst and worst. At this point I’m also weak, I can’t sleep properly, My feet and hand are constantly cold, also tachycardia, breathing difficulties….. things that even when I was smoking never happened. I read a book ( Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Be a Happy Non-smoker for the Rest of Your Life) and this guy is very against gum or any other kind of nicotine replacement. He claims that gum is just another way to be hooked. I got my blood tests today and for the first time ever they were altered ( like big time altered). So yeah, I just wanted to share my story. It was good to read things here. I was feeling alone and honestly a little crazy ( my doctor so not think nicotine gum is bad for you or have any colateral effect. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Syndrome and I’m sure he will suggest many many pills). I’m quitting nicotine gum from now on. I wish you guys can also leave nicotine in any way behind you. Good luck for us!!!

    • Melissa, I meant to comment on your symptoms and I hope that in the past 7 weeks you are feeling better!

      I also wanted to give you and anyone reading this ~ this link:

      from the book The Magic of Believing by the same author
      Claude Bristol who wrote TNT The Power Within You. Amazing Audio worth anyones time! Check it out and see for yourself!

      The TNT book is like the essence of the Magic of Believing so it’s more user friendly, so I would start with that book first.

      The link is to an audio on youtube, and the actor speaking did such a great job, I couldn’t turn it off and then went to amazon to buy both books immediately!
      I think we should learn all this stuff as kids in school! Claude even wrote a book on this subject for young people!

      I hope all of this information that I’ve shared helps you feel better, happier and more creative in your new life!
      I know you are going to get better because you are now taking your health, your life in your own hands and listen to your intuition, if something is right, it will feel right! If wrong or doubtful even a little, it is not the path to take. Personally, I think the feeling could have been a bit stronger when it’s the wrong path.
      Oprah once said: Doubts Mean Don’t!!


  50. I started on icy white 4 mil gum 4 years ago and am now on 2 mil. I chew about 18 pieces a day and do have side effects which are, very weired dreams, tooth abseses which have resulted in 2 root canals

    • Dave- What type of gum do you use? Does it have sugar in it? There are a few out there and some have sugar, you have to watch out. The sugarless ones are actually good for your teeth.

  51. Yes, Here is the solution to quitting the gum! At least my solution! Tell your spouse what you are doing.(Very Important that they encourage you) You may slide a few times, Get yourself other non nicotine gum to chew in its place, start chewing this gum instead of the nicotine gum. Know that you will definitely go somewhat nuts for a few weeks. I had panic attacks felt depression, head aches, couldnt sleep etc….. It is pure hell beating any real addiction. You can reduce your gum somewhat the week before, but “Cold turkey” is the only way to do this!. Just take one day at a time chewing the hell out of the non nicotine gum. irritable as all get out. Make sure you celebrate your accomplishments to yourself. make sure you really want to quit as it is impossible unless you have come to the end and have said “THATS IT!”. at some point you look up and see that 2 weeks then 3 weeks have passed! Then you say no way will I go back through that crap again!!! Then you have made it! I did! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

  52. Quit smoking after 40 plus years August last year, after having an alleged (hospital couldn’t figure out what it was, so they say what it wasn’t, supposed anyway) TIA. That WAS from complications in addition too, lack of exercise, no good healthy diet, and too much coffee (caffeine).

    Did cold turkey for about three months, withdrawals was terrible, suffered anxiety, panic attacks, was put on Paxil low dose (10mg) and high dose (325mg) bupropion. No good. Worse symptoms happened. I stopped it all but went on my own getting 2mg nicotine gum, starting that at half (cut the gum in half). Went also decaf with coffee, starting walking at least 3 and a half miles a day, as for diet still lousy but mental attitude towards food is a lacker anyway.

    The one thing noticed benefiting is after going on the gum, anxiety reduced dramatically, panic attacks stopped completely. This is just from using 1mg of the half of a piece, it rounds out daily using what I’ve tracked, 2 and a half or less pieces of gum. That’s it.

    If anyone would study this, there is a benefit to some, depends on the allergy the body would have for a person, for me this is what happened. I do wonder though long term, though right now when I reduce or stop, anxiety comes back with pending triggers to panic attacks. It does work for me, am a 62 year old man, and know too I’ll never smoke again unless I want to destroy what lungs I have.

    No recommendations here intended, but posted this as info of my experience. Take care and good luck.

  53. After I stopped chewing tobacco I started chewing this gum. After 6 years of use, I’m 29, male, I have lost over 50% of my hair. I was diagnosed with glaucoma, I have had extremely high blood pressure for years, low sex drive, cavities every dentist visit, insomnia, and I am an all over emotional wreck when I try to stop. Did I mention I’m a fitness model who only eats clean and doesn’t put anything else unhealthy in my body. I can’t believe how much this gum is ruining my health. Do yourself a favor and never start this stuff.

  54. What really gets me is, some Connot figure out that a 4mg piece, becomes a 2 mg piece, if you just bite off half of the piece. Good lord.

  55. I have been smoking on and off (I quit 4 times for a couple of years each time) for about 15 years total. This time when I decided to quit I didn’t plan it, I just ran out of smokes and said screw that I’m not giving my hard earned money to those crooks (the tobacco industry) anymore!

    I didn’t use anything the 1st or 2nd day of quitting (no gum, patch, e-cig,ect.) I dedcided a week ago that I would try the gum so I bought the lowest one they had, 20 pieces of 2mg. I only chewed one piece a day for 10 minutes and throw it out, I did that for 3 days and now I don’t need anything, the cravings are completly gone. So I threw away the rest of the Gum, Done!

    It’s like I never ever smoked in my life and the smell of people that do… well let’s just say it’s horrible. Another good reason to never smoke.

    My point is go Cold Turkey, it’s hard but if you do you won’t have all these problems, DO NOT get E-Cigs, they have actually been proven to do just as much harm as a Regular Cig. Look it up if you don’t believe.

    PS: Nicotine causes Cancer too!

  56. I too am an addict, started smoking when I was a teenager am 55 now. I suck on 2mg lozengers for about 7yrs now. Have quit them cold turkey twice then tried vaping but over vaped, it actually started to hurt my lungs so I quit that.

    When I quit nicotine, I over eat and therefore gain weight and so I start up the cycle again on the lozengers so that I dont over eat.
    The gum from day 1 never worked, it made me feel nauseous. I also have TMJ so gum isnt an option.
    Also have had anxiety since a teenager so that didnt develop from the addiction.

    When my stomach started to bother me I stumbled across water kefir information and began making and drinking that. Water kefir is excellent for stomach problems, digestion and a miriad of other illnesses stemming from stomach issues. I highly suggest researching and making your own, it taste pretty good and fairly simple to make. Once you do it a few times, its a piece of cake. My whole family drinks it, the best probiotics you can get is in fermented drinks and foods. My stomach doesnt bother me now.
    My problem is a muscle issue that seems to be an anomaly for my doctor. I wish you all well, we could say a prayer for eachother to walk in freedom from addiction. Its a terrible bondage for those who have a more addictive personality than others.
    Lets not judge one another, we dont know eachothers struggles, issues or challenges.

    Saying a prayer for everyone here and for those still to come, be blessed & may you all walk in freedom from nicotine and any other addictions in Jesus name amen.

  57. I say: justice for all, including the gum! After roughly smoking for 15 years, from the age of 20 to 35, on and off for a while, sometimes for as long as a year or two, I made up my mind and started taking the 4mg gum 2 years ago. And boy, it worked for me. I had never thought quitting would be so easy. Of course, you may say that I only switched, but wo cares, everything is better than cigarettes. I have not been recently motivated to stop chewing the gum, but it seems like this little pleasure of mine comes at a price: high blood pressure and tachycardia. I ran out of gums 3 days ago and I’m not planning to go back. I can also report that with every hour passed, I feel less and less motivation to chew the gum. A word of wisdom: the gum does an excellent job at supressing hunger. I could go on for a day with just gums and water. Now I’ll either gain a lot of weight, or start running and cycling again. I choose life!

  58. I found this article to be very anecdotal. I don’t expect everyone to have a positive experience with nicotine gum, but reading some of these experiences I noticed several were chewing the gum and smoking or using other nicotine products at the same time. You are not supposed to do that, of course you will have problems, it is basically nicotine overdose. Use the gum OR patch OR E-cig OR continue to smoke…not all four at the same time LOL.

    • Stevie, irrespective of using the gum ‘the prescribed way’, it is harmful. Unless you stop using it, you will likely suffer a range of ill effects. After giving up gum cold turkey, my blood presusre is perfect, hair has grown back and face has stopped breaking out. Its wonderful. All those nasty effects were clearly related to the gum.

  59. I’ve been chewing indian Tobacco for 13yrs it’s way stronger than the American tobacco. I decided to quit 3 weeks ago because i knew Ramadan was coming up in like a month & i always knew Ramadan is the best month to quit all bad habits big or small i would be staying with out food and drinks and tobacco for 17 hours a day for a whole month and i know during the night i can stay busy praying and praising God for the majority of the night tobacco free. i’ve realised breaking away from food and drinks for the long days of the summer time during this blessed month breaks your desires and it liberates you from it, so i always had this guilt of chewing tobacco on this blessed month through out my life knowing all well i could easily had quitted it long ago. so that’s y at the end of last years Ramadan i decided to quit tobacco this coming Ramadan praised be to God who gave me strength three weeks ago to start my journey on quitting this harmful product. On the first night of my journey of quitting tobacco i threw away all my packets of tobacco and i bought the nicotine gum 4mg i started using 7 gums a days i had 160 piece of gum and now im left with 28 gums and there 13 days to go till Ramadan so i will finish the rest of this gums then i will go cold turkey in the last 5 to 7 days before the Ramadan begins and by the end of it i will God willing be nicotine free for the first time in 13yrs and i believe that would be one of my best achievement of my life . let me add to this on the day of my quitting i prayed two rakhas of prayers and i asked forgiveness from my lord for all the tobacco i used until then and on ramadan i will pray another two rakhas of salat then i will ask for another forgiveness for the nicotine gum and for sure after this ramadan i will be drug free for the rest of my days with God’s help. So guys don’t lose hope life is just but a test and everything that comes your way know that you can conquer it because if you couldn’t you wouldn’t be tested from that by God. he is just and he only test us by our capabilities. I will post another comment after the ramadan to update you guys on how everything went. Ramadan start on the 5th of june if you muslim or not i think you should try fasting a day or two or the whole ramadan see how strong of a person you are not many people are strong enough to stop themselves from eating even when hunger takes over them test yourself and see how strong your are. Ramadan also has other benefits it will Improves your blood fat levels,Promotes fat breakdown and weight loss and many more benefits especially spiritually. Thanks for reading this. Salam(peace)

  60. I have been chewing the gum for over 20 years after smoking for 30 years. I constantly have a piece in my mouth. I think kicking the gum may be harder than quitting smoking.

    • I haven’t smoked in over 40 days, after 30 years, and that only thanks to a box and a half of nicotine gum. My tongue feels sore, I’m sick of gum, I feel doomed back to the smokes. I just want to be one of those persons that can function on 5 or less cigarettes day…

  61. My husband has been chewing gum for 6ys .he now have a numb lips very sore mouth also dribble when drinking.
    He cant talk probely or open his mouth we are waiting on results, but this is all down to chewing nicotene gum .

  62. Brandon Ramsay, Hello! I wish your words were the truth but “how” can you review soooo many

    negative reaction testimonies and think: its not the gum or lozenge etc.!???

    Anything but wholesome food and pure water affects us all in a negative detrimental way, now to take a chemically created product in a lab that is filled with toxic ingredients many times a day is asking for lots of health problems.

    I think we all need to chart extremely well as we reduce our addictive substance, no matter what the addiction is: and keep * * * reducing it by tiny amounts each day * * * until you are no longer using at all.
    The Key to this approach is the daily charting and continued reducing each day or each week a micro small amount, so your body can gradually adjust without the Cold Turkey symptoms.

    Thats how people got off Opium in the the 1800’s. I wish you all the best of luck as you reclaim your real healthy true creative, loving selves once more. Remember how you felt as a child ~ free to be
    yourself all day without mood enhancers as Life was the mood enhancer.

    Also, jumping on a rebounder mini trampoline empties your inner waste can which is your Lymph System. By jumping daily you are cleaning our all the nicotine residue that is in your cells in your Lymph System.
    Also, Homeopathy is truly Amazing for symptoms of withdrawal. Please google this as they are
    not expensive and truly can help.

    Now add to these: lots of sleep 8-10 hours a night, and a clean healthy diet with lots of vegetables and
    whole grains . . . Make Soups they’re great and easy! and you will all be on the right track.

    Get outside each day and just sit and get some sun and then start to meander, plant some flowers, even one pot will touch your heart! Then walk slowly and just enjoy the surroundings and the sky etc. Don’t race and get out of breath. Be kind to yourself and start enjoying yourself and your life once more. Less times on any screen the better as its more draining and toxic radiation and we all know that!
    Love & Happiness to you all!

  63. Hi. I have been on nicorette gum 4mgs for ( too ashamed to say how long) I ve just developed arithmia. And I am TERRIFIED! Has anyone else experienced this?

  64. Halo everyone. Wonderful knowing there are people looking out for us on this forum? I have been using nicorette gum 4mgs for decades…. I recently had heart irregularity.. Has anyone experienced this? Or am I unique? I am terrified this nicorette has ruined my health.
    Love to you all. Emily.

  65. Wow I’ve been reading all these comments on here . And so many of the side affects are what I’ve been or have experienced. HBP heart palpitations dizziness blurred vision burst blood vessels in eyes. I did cut right down on gum a few months back. And noticed my eye site was vastly improved. But have slipped back into chewing the poison too much again. I actually think it was easier to quit ciggys than the gum. As one man said. The gum does help suppress appetite also . There was a point for about 4 years that I was completely off both. But did chew regular sugar free gum. Which makes me think is it the aspartame that’s the addiction also. I really want to get off all of it. So I’m going to cut down slowly until my gum is all gone. Any tricks in achieving this would be appreciated. Alan Carrs quit smoking book was what got me off smoking in the first place. But then for some silly reason. I started on the gum. As it did help with food cravings as I didn’t want to gain the weight. Good luck to anyone who is trying to quit. And congratulations if you have kicked it

  66. I quit smoking 5 years ago after smoking 26 years-1 pack of Marlboro Lights a day. Through prayer, faith, and the patch, I did it. A few weeks after, I started chewing 2mg gum during a stressful situation. I am still chewing the gum and I want to quit because it’s expensive. I have read several of the post here and I am quite surprised. I have not had any of the symptoms described. (No skin changes, no stomach or bowl issues and no sleep issues) I consulted 4 different doctors, regarding my concerns of long term use and was told that the only issue at hand would be tooth enamel, which would be the same with any gum use. I agree the gum is another trade from one addiction to another but, gum does not cause cancer, second hand cancer, smoke odor, carbon dioxide nor is it toxic.

  67. I now have heart trouble. Cardiologist says that nicotine from Nicorette affects your heart. I am too hooked and going to ask for patch!do not use this stuff

  68. Pity we ever started tobacco. The vacant urge wants to be filled. Have just started experiencing oesophageal spasm when chewing nicotine gum. Could be related to gastric reflux. Also new for me. I have chewed on and off for 30 years, and smoked when off the gum.
    This horrible spasm discomfort has made it easy to quit the gum. It now feels horrible and I spit it out, so I’m giving regular gum a go. And keeping calm about it.
    Drinking peppermint tea and feeling the symptoms subside.

  69. My husband has been on this crap for 32 years. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons and Lewy Body dementia 5 years ago. I can’t help but think this stupid gum has had an impact cognitively. he chews 10-13 pieces of 2 mg per day. He is totally addicted with no end in sight. It is a horrible product–especially for folks who struggle with any type of addition

  70. The gum and lozenges are meant to be used for about three months with diminishing doses to zero. Of course you will have negative side effects if you use them longer. The idea is to get off of nicotine, not replace the way we ingest it.

    If you smoke for three months, there is pretty much 0 risk of cancer. If you smoke for twenty years, it’s another story.

    I have fealt a little nausea when using the lozenge but other than that no problems.

    I wish you all good luck.

  71. I am just as addicted to the losenges. To help me curb the outrageous expense and with fewer side effects I switched to the “mini” losenges. I buy the equate brand because they aren’t as harsh as the Nicolette and much much cheaper. Then I load up on the white mint tic tacs. They are about the same size in your mouth and I alternate putting in a nicotine mint and a tic tax. It tricks my mind into thinking I have one in my mouth and this has also decreased my use considerable. I am down to 6 mini s nics a day and a packet of tic tacs. Just thought I would mention what had worked for me

  72. You are NOT supposed to chew the gum for years. You are NOT supposed to chew it while smoking. The gum is a great aid. Don’t blame the gum because you were not ready to quit.

  73. I have been smoking since I was 15 and am 33 now. I have tried to quit 10 times at least and have failed. I have no will power. Today is the first day I have quit and am surviving from 2 mg gum which I find too strong. I smoke about 5 to 6 cigarettes a day consistently. I hope I do not lapse. I feel tired, weak, and old. I want my life back! Please pray for me. I tell myself I want to quit every night after smoking. Cheers to my first day quitting! I hope I dont fail as I am just too old for this now.

  74. this is hilarious. everyone is equating their health problems to nicotine replacement therapies. from baldness to burning feet. this is so human. lol. oh, the Internet. love it.

  75. I started smoking as a kid, quit after 20 years, started up again after 10 years and smoked for another 20 years. 20 months ago I started vaping and stopped smoking 6 weeks later. A couple of times since then I’ve smoked somebody’s cigarette to prove to them I’m imune to relapse and may be they should consider vaping if they want to stop smoking. Cigarettes now taste terrible. I can smoke one, regret it, and feel no urge for another. I feel fine, much better than when I was smoking. Does nic gum spoil the experience of smoking like vaping does for me?

    Smoking a carton a week used to cost me $3,000 a year. The eliquid I make at home costss $30 a year. If I never bought any vaping toys I don’t need I could vape for less than $100 a year after an initial cost of about $200 for a couple of devices and e liquid supplies.

    How much does the gum cost per day compared to what you were spending on cigarettes?

    • I had quit smoking over 3 years ago. I started with vaping but my problem was I vaped constantly. I didn’t smoke in my house but with vaping I did. I constantly had that thing at my mouth. I decided I wanted to curb that inhalation sensation I desperately needs all the time by chewing nicotine gum. I’ve only just started 3 days ago but I haven t vaped since, it is definitely helping curb that craving. I’m only hoping I can eventually substitute this out for normal gum and finally say I QUIT.

  76. I quit smoking and started using the gum. After 2 weeks I got a cold! Another time I had a sore throat. And this other time I felt tired for a few weeks . Must be the gum because none of that would have happened if I didn’t take it

  77. I have been chewing the gun for nearly 3 months, I noticed shortly after starting a tightness in my jaw. My ability to open my mouth do is greatly diminished. I have a few pieces left: I am over this
    Thanks for all the information. If anyone else has had this effect while on the gum please let me know

  78. What if you just chewed regular gum? Just to replace the action of chewing, while getting over the nicotine addiction….
    Been there, it’s not easy!

  79. I have been chewing this gum for 9 years after quitting smoking 30 cigs a day. I chew around 15 gums a day and have reduced to 2mg gums over the past year. I am disappointed that I am addicted to these.

    Over the last year I have had problems with the gum causing one side of my tongue to have a raised white coating with deep cracks. This is much worse if I fall asleep with the gum in my mouth. Also this is occurring on the inside of my bottom lip and inside of cheek. The skin literally sloughs off. It only improves when I cut the gum right down. I also feel sick most of the time and now wondering what this gum is doing to my insides.

    I don’t understand why the gum does this to my mouth now because nothing has changed apart from a lowered dose gum, same brand. I have very good dental health and always brush my tongue. It also isn’t candida (thrush). I know I have to quit but still really crave it. I am glad I have been able to share this with you. This has given me a bit more hope.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem ?

    • Annie, I have been chewing nicotine gum for almost 20 years!!! When I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned, he noticed white patches on the inner part of my cheeks in my mouth. At the least, he said this is precancerous!! At the worst, it could be cancer!!
      And, yes, I also have the skin sloughing that you describe.
      This is horrible. My dentist is consulting an oral surgeon and I will most likely have a biopsy done. I have many awful health problems. After reading this site, I wonder how many are due to or made worse by my chewing nicotine gum? If I have oral cancer, I’m giving up. My health is so bad as is, that I’m not living right now.
      And these people on this site who say we should read the gum directions and quit using them after 12 weeks, shut up. All of us who are addicted to nicotine gum KNOW THE DIRECTIONS! We don’t need self-righteous people telling us that we’ve gone too far.

      • I’ve been slowly reading through all the posts here and can see I’m not alone in my addiction, I quit cigs about 5 years ago and since then have been chewing about 12 x 2mg gums a day and am addicted to them which means I’m not free of nicotine. My doc is not concerned he congratulates me for quitting cigs and does urge me to phase off the gum, but doesn’t push it.

        i do feel that some of the conditions mentioned here are due to other health issues like aging, overweight, a poor lifestyle but then who am I to say. Nicotine is a poison pure and simple.
        Rosalinda please keep in touch here as I can see you have a lot of health issues going on and finding it hard to cope. I pray for special strength for you ………,and everyone else here of course.

        I’ve been pretty well free of side effects but just a few weeks ago I developed a nasty gastric reflux…. my doc said definitely the gum could cause that. So I’ve been put onto daily Nexium, but have now developed a terrible taste in my mouth, sour/bitter which I’ve read can be caused by too much nexium, so it’s all a vicious cycle. The answer is as clear as the nose on my face which is to quit the toxic gum.

        I agree none of us need stupid preaching as we all know what has to be done and after quitting cigs it just seems so unfair we have to go through quitting the gum. But that’s the bottom line, and i will def try to wean myself off it very slowly and up my attention to fitness and a healthy life style. That’s the plan anyway, so hope it works. Best of luck to all of you tryers, just hold on to the fact that you did manage to quit cigs, no small things, so it can be done again.

  80. I am glad I found this website; I knew I wasn’t alone. I picked up smoking as a teenager (the 1960’s). Along the way I got addicted to alcohol, benzos, stimulants like diet pills, opiates including heroin, and cocaine. I have been on Methadone Maintenance Therapy for 16 months now. My last cigarette was on July 6, 2015 and I have been on 4mg nicotine lozenges since then. Luckily for me, my insurance covers most of the NRT cost.

    When I relapsed a few months ago, I stayed on MMT, shot heroin and cocaine, but did not return to smoking. I would have shot myself in the head if I did. Oh yeah, I take Antabuse (today) so I won’t drink alcohol.

    CIGARETTES ARE THE PROBLEM. In the USA, we keep ’em legal There’s too much money to be made and no one cares about schmucks like us. I get all my prescriptions filled at the CVS. They always seem to have problems filling the nicotine lozenges. That’s gotta be God talking to me. Ha ha.

    I am a junior at WSU where they outlawed cigarettes and e-cigs about 2 years ago. Walking all the way off-campus to smoke is a terror in the winter!

    Today, I am clean (again!) from booze and drugs and still on methadone. I go to AA meetings every day. I don’t understand the connection, but many newcomers to AA smoke but if they stay around long enough, they quit. When I go to the methadone clinic, the smoking areas are FULL of smokers!

    I am making a concerted effort to get off the nicotine lozenges. I am plain tired of all that bullshit! Get your doctors to write you scripts for NRT! Long-term use of ANY type of gum will cause dental nightmares. Start an exercise regimen, too. By the way, I will be 64 in September.

    May God bless us all.

    • I smoked for almost 20 years, I am now 39 years old. I first replaced smoking with nicotin patch , but after 4 days using it, I noticed that nicotin patch makes me too much nervous and … so I started using nicotin gum for 2 weeks and after that 3 weeks I cut off nicotin gum too and I never used it again. Now , it has been almost 8 months that I have quitted smoking and I am exteremly happy because of that. I breathe more better and sleep much better now. My point is this: nicotin gum helps alot to have a successful quitting ,but we should use gum for a short period of time.

    • Methadone is worse than smack. Worry about getting off that more… By the way, you’re not clean if you’re doing methadone.

  81. I have been chewing 2 mg gum for 16 years, about 15-30 a day, and in the last year 4 mg about 15 a day. I have experienced the following negative effects: too much money lost, feeling enslaved by gum, feeling ridiculous chewing gum all the time, cold feet, (weaker hair or hair loss is probably true: there must be less blood to grow hair since also feet get cold), yellow teeth despite of good brushing or whitening, too often gases probably from swallowing saliva, headache, heart pain and extreme tiredness after taking too much 4 mg gum, higher blood pressure, breaking of teeth from chewing the hard gum. That’s about it. Bad enough, so I have tried to quit.

    I found two ways to quit nicorette. Firstly, it is not possible to reduce to 2 gums a day. It is not possible to stop is by reducing, must be by quitting all at once, or by replacing nicotine by cyticine. I did the first type quitting 3 times, but only once managed for longer than a week, and not so long anyway. The second type is easier, but it cannot be done too many times since the body gets used to cyticine and then it probably does not work. So, I buy a packet of desmoxal, it has 100 pills. I only need about 20 pills to quit nicorette. Just start taking cyticine once an hour, then once in two hours, then less often and in a few days not at all. Because cyticine replaces nicotine in reseptors, it is possible to stop nicotine. So stop nicorette as soo as you can while having started with cyticine, then stop cyticine as soon as you can, meaning do not do the 25 day treatment as the instructions say. Just 2-4 days is enough. That’s it. I again tried it four days ago and now I am out of 4 mg nicorette and do not take any desmoxal either. I do not feel the need to either one, and no withdrawal symptoms either.

    Nicotine, like nicorette, is very addictive. Cyticine is not addictive as it gives no good feeling, no positive reward. Both nicotine and cyticine are poisonous, nicotine is the more poisonous of them. It is safe to take both substances according to the instructions given for them.

    I think that one may quit smoking by replacing it with nicorette. Then after a longer time one can quit nicorette with cyticine. That will be a short time, some 2-4 days, but it will be possible only when one is not any more drawn to smoking and when one does no panic if there are no nicotine gums left. That is, first 12 years I do not think I could have stopped nicorette with desmoxal. I had to run to pharmacy to buy more gum. Now I do not panic any more, and so I can stop, and this time will try to stop.

  82. I have a co-worker who chews regular gum and nicotine gum continuously. I don’t think she was ever a smoker but is very hyper and “on the go”. Could she be using the nicotine gum for energy? She constantly drinks coffee and caffeinated diet soda. C/O not being able to sleep or sleep well, joint aches, vision difficulties despite wearing new prescription for contacts. I’m concern for her health. I recently discovered she is secretly drinking alcohol. Just curious as to why she would be using so much nicotine gum.

  83. Hi
    I have been chewing the 4 mg gum for about five years now (5-6- per day )
    The last few years I have noticed that my jaw feels week and my tongue feels almost swollen on off .. Caffeine seem to trigger the symptom which is strange so I avoid the stuff most days
    Some might say oh the weak jaw is because you are chewing most of the day and jaw muscles are tired however I’m a bit worried
    Yes I will be switching to the patch right away
    Has anyone else experienced any of the above ?

  84. And now, an entrepreneur and a 67 y/o housewife are both medical gurus, who sustain their findings on a sample of 1 person plus hearsay.

    No wonder society is all messed up

  85. Nicotine withdrawal and major depression is a very real problem nobody seems to know about.

    56-yo male with history of major depression…I was in hospital for 5 days for a blood problem and was put on a strong nicotine patch since I told the Dr I chewed tobacco. Felt fine in hospital. Discharged and they didn’t give me any patches, I decided time to quit tobacco, No one warned me about the withdrawal.

    First day I felt anxiety going up as well as depression (I can recognize my levels of serotonin). in the days following, I thought I was going crazy, with depression and anger increasing daily. After a month of occasional tobacco (which I couldn’t tolerate; nausea) I was hospitalized being suicidal for the first time in my life. I mention ocassional tobacco, and they put me on a patch. Felt immediate lifting of depression, and totally gone after 3rd day. Discharged and no patches given, no warning about withdrawal. This cycle repeated FOUR times, being treated for panic attacks until a few friends told me how nicotine withdrawal can trigger BAD depression in some people.

    Been on a patch ever since (that was 2013) and life is good! I tell every nurse/doctor about this and some know about it, most don’t. BEWARE to anyone diagnosed with major depression and quitting nicotine!

  86. I quit smoking in 2003 when I was 24 when my dad died of a heart attack at 53 years old. I started on the gum and pretty much been on it ever since. I started when I lived in the uk and could actually buy 7mg pieces so when I moved to australia the most you could get was 4mg so I started popping two of them at a time. I would say I went through about 16-18 pieces a day. To be honest I enjoyed the kick it gave me. Never really had any health issues that I am aware of while on it. I do have some gum problems which I certainly out down to the chewing the gum. I never REALLY had the inclination to want to stop using it though. I did want to for convenience sake since I didnt want to have to always have a supply on me everywhere I went because I feared running out and the consequence of that, I felt I would get agitated and really snappy at everyone. But for the past few days I havent had any. I actually just thought to myself..I will ride the withdrawal symptoms out, with the mindset that they wont be as bad as they are made out to be and you know what? All them years I was worried about nothing!! sure I have been snappy and even went into a rage about something that I cant really mention in here lol I lost it! but it actually felt good to have a rage out and the actual episode only lasts for like 5 minutes…ten if your unlucky I guess lol and I probably had around 5 of those episodes the first day, a couple on the second but was completely manageable by the 3rd day. I think the fear of withdrawal and my reaction always stopped me from quitting but to be honest I think we really do overthink it and make it out to be waaay worse then it actually is. I have really enjoyed challenging myself and getting through it actually. It felt good to go into a rage a couple of times! lol well afterwards it felt good but what I guess Im saying is dont be afraid to go through it. Its really not as dibiliatating as you think its going to be. The first day can be unchartered waters but just ride it and see how you go and dont supress any rage you have from it LOL good luck people.

  87. To anyone wondering if your hair will grow back: mine did. I had long, beautiful hair that started markedly thinning about a year after being on nicotine gum (2 mg, 8 -10 pieces per day). It worsened over the next 4 years. I finally realized what was happening and quit cold turkey. Within a few weeks, my head was covered in ‘spiky hair’ which was re growth. I really hadn’t realized just how much had fallen out. It has now been 3 months and everything (I mean everything in terms of my health and happiness)has improved.Give up. you will love yourself.

  88. I quit smoking 3 years ago. I tried the patch and it gave me nightmares, so I went to the gum started with the 4 mg and after 2 years I dropped to the 2 mg..I have been nausea, overdosed on the gum, have sweats,stomach problems, rash on my hands and my teeth hurt. I believe at the age of 60 I now have several cavities. Dentist appointment is scheduled. i probably chew up to 10 a day.I am addicted and do not know how to fight this addiction. I try to taper off and could not.. It is the hardest addiction to fightt more than I had getting off cigarretes. There was not all these warnings when I started. Help!. .

  89. I FINALLY QUIT SMOKING!! I did it with a new product its called “Harmless Cigarette” I tried every single thing before.. Gum, Patches, Ecigs… I always fell back to the real cigs. But after using Harmless Cigarette I am now smoke free. I highly recommend it!

  90. nicotine addict for 23 years, about 4 years smoking, 4 years dip, and the rest exclusively 4mg gum with an exepction for about 1.5 years I “discovered” crappy America. snus. Now starting day 7 without nicotine. I quit for about 13 months over 4 years ago, but wedding jitters and my cousin leaving a pack of marb lights in my car brought addiction back with a vengeance. After a few months of Marb snus (dont judge, it was cheap and I loved it) i went back to the gum, chewing over 15 pieces a day, well over $75 a month (bought online onsale cheap generic target brand, even got it with an fsa plan for several years). knew it was bad when id wake up a 5am with a startle, pop a piece, then sleep til 7.

    Last few years really starting noticing horrible muscle aches, lack of concentration, decided its finally time to quit. Ruined countless shirts and pants and bedding with gum stains. 2nd child due in April, decided this is enough.

    dont know how else to descibe this but hellish. After first rough day or two (which kept getting delayed after finding pack of gum in various pockets amd drawers)’ days 3-5 were sort of a blur, like being in shock. The shock has worn of and now its like constant pain. so many triggers too. I recall from last time that day 10 seemed like a turning point, but symptoms were not nearly so terrible then.

  91. Um, sure but I don’t think you can say in good faith that e-cigs pack side effects when this is yet to be seen? As far as I’m aware they are not FDA approved and almost completely unregulated? Even just as technology it hard to call them ‘safe’ as such when lack of regulation means there have been instances of malfunctions. Anecdotally, I had hoped they would be my wonder treatment and found myself vaping constantly, taking in far too much nicotine (and yes, experiencing nausea). Different methods work for different people and all should be properly checked (equally, I believe it’s definitely ideal to be quitting with the guidance of a doctor or a quitting service). I say none of this to dominish possible risks tied fo any single approach or replacement treatment.

  92. I decided to start chewing nicotine gum when i craved a cigarette. It has been two days and I’ve been smoke free!! 🙂 BUT i do have increased anxiety and tiredness the past few days. ITS WEIRD because when i think that i want to smoke, i decidedly turn to the gum, but AS SOON as i think about the gum, my want to smoke goes away. also, my desire to chew the gum goes away at the same time. It’s STRANGE. it happened 2 hours ago and i still haven’t had any cravings since then. (: I haven’t had ANY gum today, maybe half a piece but i’m not even sure about that. Just keep a spiritual mindset while using the gum. take a feel of how the gum is affecting you and only use as much as you need.i’m no longer addicted to cigarettes or nicotine gum. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

  93. my boss has been on nicorettes for 35 years. He started when I was pregnant and couldn’t stand the smell of cigarettes….yes I am old you could smoke in your office.

    He swears he has NO side effects and he goes through a box every couple days at least 10 pieces a day.

  94. I chewed tobacco for a couple of years. I wanted to quit so i used the nicotine gum from the grocery store.
    I got addicted to that instead and chewed gum for about a year and half. In that time i developed sleep anea. so now i have to deal with all that issue which is a mess in itself. I am in excellent physical shape and have a very low body fat. My Dr. says i am an unusual candidate for sleep anea. It seemed when i was using it that there was usually a “burning” sensation right at the area of the throat that involves the issues with sleep anea. My opinion is nicotene gum is not a safe replacement for chew or cigarettes.

  95. Yes,

    Society is unfortunately messed up. We had the non smoking generation that the young started after the ’70s.
    Now you see people of all ages beginning to smoke all over again. Smoking areas exist even in the vicinity of hospitals. The ones specialized in curing lung cancer. I have seen nurses there.

    I have smoked for 40 years and used gum for 15. Also the side effects are showing. Bad sleep, hair falling off, glaucoma in one eye all of a sudden.
    Huge problem. When someone smoking passes me by, out comes the nicotine gum. Help me ! I’m even allergic to normal smoke. No prayers help.
    jore, thank you. I am reading your story over and over again. Need lots of research.

  96. Me too! I go through at least 60-80 pieces a day and have been for a year. I just CANNOT STOP! I chew x 3 pieces of 2mg at a time and am so edgy if i don’t have any. I can’t leave the house without them. I am worried about it and don’t know how to stop.

    I had annual check up with the doctor and I have a problem with my kidney now but I still don’t stop.


  97. OMG. Collectively the most absurd random and anecdotal side effect findings in one place ever. I have a red bump on my nose, White spots on my teeth, cracks on my tongue.

    Look at the facts on multi centered randomized trials in peer reviewed articles/studies to get your answers. This site discussion provides none of them. I mean none of them.

  98. When I was 14 i used to smoke nicotine and i still do like i am so addicted to it its a need. My mom ask why you so depress i tell her because i haven smioked all day, an she would say i dont want you to grow up and be like me i want you to be better then your mom was. i cant do nothing but think of the dug its just like i would die for it if i have too. bu no today i changed im 24 years old and have never thought about the drug like i used to im a new person i listen to my mom im a certain fild lawer and have 2 kids who i love im a single parent but life going good for me and i hope my short help other people!!!!

  99. After I started the gum my forehead broke out in acne. All over it. Painful and leaves scars. I’m 31 years old and never had it before. It took me a few months to figure out what was going on. The scars are fading but is still bad.

  100. I was a smoker and a nicotine gum chewer for nearly twenty years. the only negative effect was that I kept getting cavities and toothaches even though i don’t drink soda or eat much sugary food. Especially on the right side where i usually chew my gum.

    The problem with NRT for me was that, if the pharmacy ran out, or i was travelling and couldn’t top up my gum supply, I would immediately go out and buy a pack of cigarettes.

    I finally admitted to myself that i had a nicotine addiction problem and the only way to stop was cold turkey. Now i totally understand why people in AA can’t have just one drink… cos they can’t control themselves..

    I stopped smoking 2 months ago, and stopped NRT 1 month ago. It was really tough. Even now, i still think about popping a gum or lighting a ciggy every single day. But let me tell you this – just suffer through it for 7 days… and you’ll realize it’s not that hard after all. After 7 days, it’s all about mental strength, cos the nicotine is already out of your system.

    Good luck!

  101. I have been chewing nicotine gum off an on for 8 years. I quit it a few times when I started smoking again. So as of now its been 3 plus years straight. I’m not feeling any side effects that i know of. I do notice it raises my heart rate using my fitbit. I just want to stop being addicted and also quit wasting my money on it. With cig price going up next year i’m sure the gum will too. I know quitting will be hard because I know how i get when I run out. I rush to buy more no matter what is going on, sheer panic sets in. I wish i could find a regular gum with a similar texture. Anyhow quitting is my New Years Resolution so wish me luck. Reading all these posts helps my mind set.I am a recovering addict so of course i’m addicted to the gum. I quit meth, i quit alcohol, I quit cigs and i lost 50 pounds this years. Nicotine gum is my last vice so damn it to hell it’s got to go.

  102. Aloha All- I went from CIGARETTES to E CIGARETTES to PATCHES and I am now I only use NICOTINE GUM. It works and have no major side effects. Good luck to you all.

  103. Try 2 or 3 Stevia liquid drops on the tongue, this will take away the nicotine craving right away & it will last all day, seriously, this works.

    You will still have the urge for a gum or a cigarette but this is more down to habit which will become less & less as the days go by.

    The best way to start is by not having a gum or a cigi for a few hours so that you are craving a nicotine hit, then take the drop on tongue & withing a min.ute the craving will disappear, I never thought this would work myself so was amazed when it did.

    I bought the caramel flavoured Stevia drops on ebay, only a few pounds.

  104. I have been a smoker for well over 40 years. My husband passed away from cancer I decided to quit 3 years ago. I started on the patch then tried the gum. I’m still on the gum but after reading on this and recurring heartburn I decided to stop the gum tonight. The cravings are terrible. Some days I feel just like on the first week of quitting. I gained 20 pounds.

  105. Hello

    I was addicted to nicotine gum, then nicotine lozenges for 12 years. I stopped on 1 January and apart from the first four days where I was irritable and felt dizzy it’s been totally fine.

    At the end of my addiction I was on about 35 lozenges a day which is ridiculous.

    I have been surprised how easy it was to stop, so take some heart from that and give it a go. Would recommend drinking more water than normal to get you through it – realised I was chomping on a lozenge whenever I was just thirsty.

  106. After smoking for 53 years I quit one year 2 months 15 days ago. Yea! I chewed for about 4 months starting with 4mg then down to 2 mg. I maintained my weight and started exercising daily and my lung capacity has greatly improved. I feel awesome and even caught a cold and for the first time in years it did not turn into bronchitis. I am stoked!!! My problem is after quitting the gum I have now gained 27 pounds. I am only 5’4″ so that is a lot. I had started eating healthier before stopping the gum so I know my diet and exercise plan is good. I should not be gaining weight. I’m considering starting the gum again just to lose the extra weight and get back into my clothes. Any suggestions, thoughts?

  107. It says specifically use for only 12 weeks the the most. if you use the gun longer than that which is not what you are supposed to who knows what will happen. You all blame it on the gum when you don’t follow directions. It’s not intended for such long use. Just simply plan to stop after 12 weeks of use. If you still have cravings after hopefully tapering for 12 weeks then I recommend e-cigs. Almost no knows side effects while still getting the nicotine you need. Do your research before you buy so you can be satisfied.

  108. I quit smoking 3 years ago after a lifetime of smoking; I am 75 years old.
    In the last month I have been under a lot of stress; a loved one passed away and 4 of our senior dogs had to be euthanized.
    I am now having extreme anxiety like an elephant is sitting on my chest. My blood pressure is suddenly all over the place. I was chewing at least 30 pieces of 2 mg gum a day. I have cut back to 14 pieces a day but still experiencing symptoms.

    I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this, or if the gum is just coincidental.

  109. I have smoked for 33 years, and decided after waking up in middle of night having a coughing fit, that was it! I started on 4mg nicorette gum and I am on 2mg (approx 5 pieces day). It has been a little over 2 months. I have not had sleep interruptions (vivid dreams or sleep deprivation), however I HAVE NOTICED THAT MY UPPER RIGHT GUM AREA IS SENSITIVE AND BURNS.

    In addition I am having swelling in my left ankle (inside ) and bottom of foot,could there be any correlation with nicorettes?

    Reading everyone’s post is scaring me. I want to continue to be a non-smoker, however I have such bad withdrawals from the nicotine if I quit cold turkey. My withdrawals can be so severe that I just breakdown, and could break things, and just scream at the top of my lungs.

    In the past I tired the patch and it did not work. (HOWEVER THAT WAS ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO).

    Any suggestions? Is there a place individuals can go to get help for such addictions as nicotine? I know there is online etc….however true face to face help, creating accountability. support? ( I live in Alberta Canada)

    I will not go back to smoking, I want to enjoy my life and my grand babies. I want to see them graduate, get married, and even have their own babies.

  110. I’ve been chewing the gum/wearing the patches for the last 15 years or so since quitting dipping/smoking cigars. I’ve finally decided to quit. OH YES I’ve “quit” before. about 100 times. No. I don’t mean “quit.” I mean quit. So here I am, 3am, looking at quitting blogs. Why? cause I WANT ANOTHER PIECE!! My tongue is probably the most annoying symptom. IT BURNS!! I eat stuff. Once I’m done eating. my tongue just keeps burnin. hurts like hell. But I decided, whatever happens, I’m done. No matter how annoyed, angry, irritated I get, I’m not going to walmart to grab a 20 piece pack of gum or a 21mg patch pack. NOPE!! NOT DOIN IT!! But GOD I want to…So far I’ve made it 4 days without a piece. I’ve read that it takes 3 months. This is going to suck. I feel a lil better now….not really….

  111. I quit smoking with the patch 6 months ago. After a month, I felt palpitations and stopped the patch.. Bought the gum and enjoyed so much chewing it. For two or three months I was chewing all the time ..It was fun and loved it. Until it started affected my dental work. Specifically, a crown got loose. I kept chewing gum until very recently. Now, for two days I did not have any gum. However, I bought my last box. Better safe than go back to smoking.. After six months , I am finally nicotine free for three days. The problem is that when I eat my flux is irritated. Is it from the gum , I do not know. I need to visit my doctor. Thanks for reading

  112. After 30 years, and well over 2 million smokes, I’m 44 days on the gum. My tongue is sore and my jaws ache. I’m tired of this gum, just as addicted to nicotine as ever(if not more). But I’m happy to not be smoking constantly. For now. I have a fresh box of gum to get through before I decide…

  113. I filed bankruptcy earlier this year because I am up to my neck in debt, also my car recently broke down and needs a new transmission, to top it all off my wife of twenty years finally left me last month, I also have a cough that won’t go away.

    I know this gum is responsible, everytime I chew those little delicious nuggets of pure relaxation I can sense I am being lulled to my doom. Shame on you nicorette, shame on you.

  114. I use between 8-12 pieces of 2mg gum, have a hard time getting off. But fortunately no side effects, I do exercise frequently. I do not have much at all in the way of side effects. However I feel miles better than when I smoked..that is unquestioned. Any suggestion to keep smoking is nuts. If you do not attribute healthy eating and fitness, the side effects like high blood pressure will be made worse. If you take up healthier options in other parts of your life, the side effects are negligible at best. That’s not to say their is none, but it can be mitigated by overall heather lifestyle. I have had a hard time get off my self likely because I haven’t felt better since I quit 3 years ago. All toxins from all foods and supplements stay in reatained water within your body, sweating it out makes a world of difference in long term effects. Just some stuff to consider.

  115. I stopped smoking in 2008. I have been addicted to nicotine gum 2mg ever since. I chew it like regular gum, one after another 20-30 pieces a day. I developed colonic myopathy about six months after starting nicotine gum, and 9 years later, my colonic muscles are very weak. I may lose my colon. Nicotine produced nitric oxide which slows down smooth muscles in your GI tract, actually diminishing contractions. The gum has also affected my teeth, they are worn down, on the side I chew. I do not like chewing the gum, but am so addicted. I am going to try and go cold turkey. I am so sick of nicotine addiction. Not sure what stevia drops do, but I am going to give it a try.

  116. I have read all the comments for the last hour!!! I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to quit to have surgery. Make a long story short, I been chewing the gum for 5yrs now with a few cigs a day and all of y’all comments I realated to so much. As of right now I’m done with it all!! Will leave comment at later date to let all know outcome!!! Thank you all so much!!

  117. I started using Nicorette Gum after smoking for 45 years. I have been chewing Gum for 2.5 years now and have just decided the Gum is the reason for most of my sick feelings anymore. It’s time to quit it. NOW It is poison for sure. I thought my jogging would get better after I quit cigarettes and I knew my lungs would be “sore” for some time afterwards, but Damn. after six months, my lungs were still “sore” one year, still sore, 2 years still sore… I heard it takes some time for the Hairs in the lung tubes to stand up again and that is the reason for the soreness. But that usually goes away after a month. I was still Sore and getting worse? WHY? Then recently my lungs even felt more sore. My breathing more troubled and labored. I get lightheaded going up the steps and keel over after reaching the top. Same with a ladder , I almost faint at the top and start rapid deep breathing to recover. It takes a minute or two, but I do recover. My jogging got worse as far as enjoyment, it was all about my breathing and hard it was to go up hills and the sounds Labored breathing and sound like a train. I could still do it, but Damn WTF is wrong? Heart Tests all normal. Blood Pressure Normal, but lower. hmmm, Lung Volumes Excellent Chest Xray Great NO Fluids I look good. MRI Cat Scan No Abnormalities that relate to my issues. What? The HECK is Wrong with ME!!!! What could be in my blood vessels that make my lungs sore? Why am I getting out of breath only in exertion situations? Why do I feel sickly? My eyes are sore and hurt and blood shot. WHY All tests are normal What kind of Poison is in my system and making me feel death. Oh. Did I say Poison? Am I still chewing Nico Gum? Ten pieces a day at 4mg and I am sensitive to any Meds and Chemicals at all. I am probably the only person in the world the has trouble with Pot. So..Imagine what this Nicotine is doing to me? ! HUH? I am OD’ing on Nicotine. It Is poison and making me sickly and my body is starting to feel death. WHY? Because there is POISON in my system. I quit Nico two days ago. The lung soreness is gone, it is a bit easier jogging Three miles in 36 minutes and I smoked for 45 years. I did not keel over after I was done jogging. I walked straight up a one mile hill to the parking lot and did not stop to catch my breath and recover. I used to stop four or five times. And this is just the first time since I quit Nico gum. Nico folks say it is OK to keep using it for longer periods now…. They are liars. It is Poison.. It is OK to use to quit smoking, but NO more than that. STOP now !!!

  118. I have been chewing 24 pieces of 4 mg for about 33 years. I’m now 59 and given my addictive personality it has become and easily is the lesser of two evils. I had been smoking since 11 years old and between 15 years old and mid 20’s I was smoking 2 1/2 packs per day. Think I’d be alive if I hadn’t gone that GUM route? Sure there are issues with just about anything you indulge in, or over indulge in, but I’m here and breathing.

  119. I’ve quit smoking several times and get bleeding gums, canker sores and pimples every time. It happens regardless if I use nicotine gum or not, so I think it’s just the way my body reacts to quitting smoking. After a few months it settles down.

  120. I gave up smoking about 8 years ago, and have been moving around on various nrts but am currently on nicorette lozenges every day as it works out most cost effective for me. i have one in my mouth at every waking moment although I have tried to stop taking them but always felt weird and like something was missing so wouldn’t try for long.

    i’ve recently been getting terrible stomach pains and have had extremely lose bowels constantly for the last month, but put it down to the fact that i was also getting over a withdrawal from co-codamol for physical pains I have had for the last year.

    I stopped taking the codeine, which was hard enough but the stomach problems did not go away. I have since thought it is probably the lozenges so have decided to stop taking them. I going cold turkey, and so far so good. This is the longest I have been (half a day so far) without one in my mouth for a good number of years.

    But already my stomach is feeling more settled, which I’m pleased about.

    Found this site and glad I did as it’s given me more fuel for the fire to get off these things.

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