Quit Smoking Community Scholarship

Quit Smoking Community Scholarship

Do you have something special to share with the world that can help bring awareness to the hazards of smoking? If yes, Quit Smoking Community has good news for you: we’re offering $3000 in scholarships every semester to those, who bring awareness to the dangers of smoking.

According to CDC, approximately 40 million adults in the US smoke tobacco cigarettes. That’s a staggering 17% of the entire population. Moreover, every one in five deaths is caused by cigarette smoking, which makes it by far the biggest avoidable cause of disease and death. Ironically, smokers are well aware of all the perils of smoking, however, getting rid of the addiction isn’t a walk in the park. This is why success rate for quitting smoking is extremely low. According to estimates, the success rate for people who try to quit without any medicinal aid is as low as 4%. While many people resort to using electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or other NRTs, which are becoming more and more popular, smoking still remains the leading preventable cause of deaths in the United States.

Our goal at QuitSmokingCommunity is to help people understand how smoking affects their lives and make a step towards raising awareness of smoking-related diseases and benefits of quitting smoking. It doesn’t matter if you’re a current or a former smoker—share your vision to inspire more people quit smoking and win money for college!

Application Period is Over

The next scholarship application opens April 1, 2017. Applications will be due July 21, 2017

The winners of the previous period are:

  • Jeanne Larson (University of Michigan Medical School)

  • Ira Anderson (Eastern Illinois University)

  • Enrique Garza (Gettysburg College)

Application Deadlines

  • July 21, 2017 for the Fall 2017 Semester
  • January 21, 2018 for the Spring 2018 Semester 


  • First Place: $1,500
  • Second Place: $1000
  • Third Place: $500

Who Can Participate

You can participate if you are:

  • 18 years or older.
  • a student enrolled full-time in a U.S. institution for graduate or undergraduate program. (U.S. territories are excluded)
  • an American citizen or lawful permanent resident, currently living in the United States

How to Participate

  • Choose a topic relevant to smoking-related problems and share your vision on how to inspire more smokers to quit.
  • The essay has to be original, well-though-out, well written, and ideally between 750-1500 words, although you may write a longer essay.
  • Read the rules and regulations, and make sure you comply with them or your entry could be void.
  • Download, print, and fill in a Scholarship Contest Application Form.
  • Email your essay as well as a scanned copy of your completed application form to scholarship@quitsmokingcommunity.org
  • One applicant can send only one essay.

Winner Notification

  • Judges will choose the three best essays and the winners will be notified via email.
  • Winners will also be announced to the public no later than July 31, 2017 (Fall semester) and December 10, 2018 (Spring semester).