The 5 Best Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

Quit-smokingWhile it can be very difficult to give up smoking, there are a number of effective ways to do so. And some of the best ones can actually be found in your own home. You don’t have to pay for expensive medicines or patches to try to counter the nicotine cravings. Instead, you can use items commonly found around your house to help you conquer your addiction.

We’ll cover some of the best remedies right here. Whether you are trying to combat cravings, get rid of nausea or just get the nicotine out of your system faster there is a cure right here for you. Here are the The 5 Best Home Remedies to Quit Smoking.


Part of the reason that nicotine is so addictive and so hard to get rid of is because it permeates your body as a toxin. It gets into your system and is very hard to get out. But water is a natural detoxifier. It will purge your system better than just about anything. And your body needs water to counteract many of the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine.

The water helps you heal and it enables you recover from smoking while you are trying to quit. As you abandon your regular smoking habits your body will heal on its own and start to detoxify, but water gives it an extra boost, and it speeds up the process, helping you fight your addictions that much more.


As your try to quit smoking, you will likely start to feel nauseous. This is one of the most common symptoms people experience when they try to quit. To combat that nausea, you can take ginger, either in tablets, capsules or as a tea. It will calm your stomach and help you overcome the nausea. And it might keep you from being tempted to go back to the cigarettes for relief.


As you fight the toxins in your body, you may feel like you need some help. Multivitamins, especially those containing Vitamins A, C, and E are excellent for repairing your body and giving it the essential nutrients it needs to expel toxins. What you are looking for as you combat your addiction is something that can ease the withdrawal symptoms and make you better able to handle your cravings. Vitamins reenergize your system and give you the strength to fight back.


If you want to combat the cravings specifically, then ginseng may be the key. You can use about a spoonful of ginseng powder and add it to your juices, cereal, oatmeal or soup. It is best to take it during the morning. That way it can fight your cravings all day. If you find that it is not enough for your cravings, then you can increase your dosage or take it more frequently.

You may already be taking ginseng if you take a multivitamin, so look at what your vitamins have to see if you really need to take ginseng in addition.

Grape Juice

Home Remedies to Quit SmokingThe biggest part of conquering your addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal is to get the toxins out of your body. Nicotine is one of those toxins, and once it is out, you should not experience any more cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Increasing your water intake is a great way to do so, but you can fight even harder by drinking grape juice daily. The acids in the juice are natural detoxifiers and they will rejuvenate your system and cleanse out the toxins faster.

It is the toxins that are causing you to feel cravings and that keep your energy levels down. By using detoxifiers you can boost your energy levels and start to feel better much faster.

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  1. Yes, I am pregnant and have been trying to quit got a few yrs now, this pregnancy was a surprise and I don’t want to use any of the OTC stuff as it could be dangerous to the baby so yes this was very helpful

  2. I tried quiting in December…. It was the nausea that did me in. I’ll try the ginger this time. Hope that helps me finally!

  3. Best way to quit smoking is to chose any week day when u do not smoke. Try it with one day then move on with two days and so on. You do not need anything for no smoke for the day, keep yourself calm and health conscious.

  4. I tried these methods to quit and it worked with some added help. I also got super body cleanse at Trader Joes and did these methods. I have been smoke free for 4 months now. I picked the first day of my 2 days off work to start. Then I started the super body cleanse and followed the directions exactly. Then I combined drinking water, putting ginger in my food, taking a multi vitamin and ginseng supplement, and skipped coffee in the morning. The reason I skipped coffee is because for me coffee and a cig in the morning used to start my day. This also helped my high caffeine addiction too, lol. The super body cleanse is a 2 week supply. I also worked out more during those 2 weeks which really helped. After 2 weeks I did not want a cigarette at all, improved my health, and cleansed my body. Now I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke and even e cig vapor. I had to quit because I smoked an e cig for a while to try to quit, really bad idea for anyone. The high nicotine levels in e cig juice caused me to develop an allergic reaction to nicotine. So I switched back to regular cigarettes because of the cravings. I tried lower level nicotine e juice and 0 level nicotine level e juice but I was constantly smoking the e cig 10x more than regular cigarettes. The allergic reactions were very minor but I needed to quit completely. So I tried this with my own tweak to these methods and it worked for me.

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  6. Transdermal scopolamine patches. Downregulates nicotine receptors. Can produce some intense nightmares. Can cause constipation. Not as nasty as the injection. The best way I have quit is through love. I think of the person who loves me and want to be healthy for her; it gives me strength. She would hold me lots. I am isolated, so I am on the nicoderm patches. Takes up to 6 months to quit, works. Stay away from people who smoke, places where there is smoking. In medical cannabis states, smoking a joint every time you want a cigarette takes about a week. A friend did it, has been off cigarettes for 30 years. His wife says, he ate everything in the house, was good for crap for the week, but well worth it.

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