The First Week of Being a Non-Smoker

If you’ve made it past your first day quitting smoking, congratulations! The next week is likely to be the most difficult period within your quitting cycle, but you have the strength to overcome it.

The first week in a non-smoker’s new life is the most difficult for them. It is a time when the psychological aspects of cigarette addiction and the physical withdrawal from nicotine itself occurs. This can feel stressful, anxiety-ridden, angry, and even overwhelming at times. You may find yourself experiencing emotional responses that you may otherwise not have. It is common to be very tired, short-tempered, or even to experience intense bursts of anger during this period of time. This can make it very difficult to refrain from smoking, but with the right coping skills and tools, you will be successful.

The First Week is Difficult

This particular stage in the quitting process is one in which many emotions may come up, but these emotions tend to be temporary. You are likely to experience cravings during this time, although cravings typically only last about five minutes. These cravings may occur several times a day in the first few days that you quit, but will eventually reduce in number until they occur only occasionally. Think of your quitting process this way; quitting is temporary, and so are cravings. The health benefits you will receive from quitting smoking far outweigh the downsides of smoking.

Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can use to ensure your success. Before you quit, or even if you are quitting right now, remember these important tips:

  • Remind yourself that each craving is a temporary, transient experience. If you can distract yourself for just five minutes, you will likely succeed over the craving. 

  • Remember your reasons for quitting, too. Your motivations are your own, but they can be a great way to keep yourself on track when you are experiencing difficult cravings or emotions. Consider keeping a list for yourself; this will help to keep you on track.

  • At some point, your brain is going to try to rationalize having a cigarette. If you can  determine what these rationalizations will be in advance, you can help to convince yourself to avoid them when they occur. For example, you may rationalize that one cigarette won’t be the end of the world. You may decide that a difficult situation warrants having a cigarette. Or, you may decide that smoking when you drink alcohol is ok, as long as you don’t smoke the rest of the time. By identifying these in advance, you can remind yourself that they are rationalizations when they occur. This can prevent you from falling back into those same daily habits.

  • Drinking water is extremely important. Water will help to remove nicotine from your system more quickly, but is also extremely important for general health. This will also give you something to preoccupy yourself with. Additionally, drinking plenty of water will help to ward off food cravings. While coffee and alcohol may make cravings worse, instead of better, herbal tea and fruit juice is also a good choice.

  • Practice distraction techniques when your cravings or difficult emotions occur. Remember that it may seem as if everything is stacked against your quitting efforts at times. Again, these are temporary thought processes. With will power, distraction, and keeping yourself busy, you can keep yourself from becoming mired in these thoughts.

  • Change your routine, from the very first day you quit. If you typically wake up, and smoke while drinking, consider waking up and going to a local coffee shop for your java.  Avoid other situations in which you would normally smoke. Right after meals, during your drive or commute to work, and when you first get home from work are all high-risk points in time. Consider what you can do differently around these times throughout the day. Maybe you choose to take the bus home from work, rather than drive. Or, perhaps you go out to eat for the first few days. Do whatever you need to do to stay away from smoking.

  • Reach out to your contact network. This may be friends, therapists, or family members who have agreed to support you while you quit smoking. Just speaking with a friend for five minutes can sometimes be enough to get through a craving.

Stay Strong

The first week is the most difficult during the quitting process. If you can power through the first week of quitting smoking, you stand a higher chance of succeeding in the end. You may always have mild cravings or urges to smoke, but these will reduce in intensity to a level that is far easier to overcome. Stay focused, dedicated, and remember why you are on the path you are on.

Issues During the First Week

During the first week without cigarettes, you will also likely experience:

  • Cravings
    The nicotine itself is the addictive ingredient in smokeless tobacco. You will still experience cravings, although you will crave your chosen tobacco form.

  • Irritability and Intense Emotions
    You will still experience nicotine withdrawal in many of the same ways that a smoker would. You may experience anxiety, irritability, and anger. You will need to be patient with yourself; ask others around you to be patient, too.

  • Food Cravings
    People who are withdrawing from nicotine often experience food cravings. You may find yourself very hungry. Ward this off with crunchy fruits and vegetables.

But don’t let these negative side effects deter you. Remember that they are only temporary, a small blip on the radar leading to a healthier life.


  1. I am on day 5 going into 6 of quitting! I have definitely had issues with my routine and having to rethink the way I do everything. My first thought when I would get into my car is lighting up a cigarette, but now I have to forget these thoughts. One benefit I am definitely feeling is my level of concentration has increased! I used to have to get up and smoke at least every hour while doing work, but today for the first time I actually sat down and did work for two and a half hours without any break. I feel amazing. I am only thinking about the positives I am gaining from freeing myself of the slavery of cigarettes.

    • Were you successful on your journey to ending cigarette slavery? I’m on day 4, it’s crazy the changes I’m feeling this time around.

    • On day 7! First few days sucked. I smoked since I was 17, 29 now. Dropped down to 3-5cigs a day before quitting outright. After day 3 things felt better, now day 7 is hurting like no other!

      Hopefully will pass soon.



      • I’m on day 7 today, and one part of my brain is trying to tell me it’s ok to get one of those fake cigarettes, or just have one, but the other half of my brain want’s to beat it up! Its a battle sometimes, good vs evil, need to stay strong. Urges seem to be worse today though…Best of luck to all, this is not an easy thing to do, but worth it.. 🙂

        • How’s it going this far Ina? Day 3 for me and I’m eating a lot more but motivation to equally exercise on treadmill. 40 years of smoking but my motivations are different this time. My faith should be bigger than my vices. Good Luck & God Bless,

  2. Hi,guys i stopped smoking for 11.years .6months ago i started to have one and one,some days ago i stopped again,i have cravings once in awhile i deal with them having a glas of water,teeth friendly chewing gum mindset that cravings are my body calling for water,well it lasted for 11 .years so everytime i got cravings i automaticly had glas of water,this time i use the same thing,and try to remember that teenage feeling of full energy and to gget it back i need to be smokefree,works for me

    good luck out there never give up never surrender

  3. Just finished day 2 ! I will be 40 this year and have smoked since I was 12 🙁 … I am finding it all strangely a bit easy with the help of Nicolette chewing gum .. I wish I d done it years ago ! My husband is on day one and patches … Horray for all of us !!! Well done everyone … I feel ten years younger already ! I’m proud of you all xx

    • How’s everyone doing? I’ve quit thousands of times . Just wondering how everyone’s doing now that yall have more than a month. I have been smoking since I was 26 I’m 36 now I tried quitting today but the agony of having a cigarette over came me. I usually smoke into he morning to use the restroom. I don’t know if any of yall did this before. Today I didn’t smoke so I could use the restroom. I felt bloated. So I smoked on my way to work. It’s been tough trying to quit. I didn’t think it would be this hard.. if any of yall can give feedback on how yall are doing would be great. I would love to hear from yall. Thank you.

      • Hi Luis
        This is my first 24 hours smoke free.
        Its been so easy the reason is Champix.
        Amazing. I was one of those smokers i never quiting. Then when i decided i would i couldnt last more than couple of hours.
        Champix relives cravings and withdrawals. You do get the i want a smoke in your head but its so easy to just say noway.
        Hope this helps

      • Eat more fiber(sweet potatoes, kale, apples, celery) and drink a lot of water! It will help the bloating or constipation lots of people suffer after quitting smoking!

      • I would smoke for the same reason, I don’t know why that used to trigger needing a bathroom break but sure enough it always did at least once a day. Try using caffeine as a replacement for that, it generally works okay.
        Aside from that, exercise is what really helped me. Lots of cardio killed my emotional issues related to quitting and feeling better made it easier to stick with quitting. I smoked from 19 to 34, quit for a year once before but relapsed due to stress. Recently quit again and have been using the cold turkey method I used before, but I’m adding support from reading sites like this one this time around.

      • I been using vapor cigarette to help with me to quit and so far I haven smoke in 5 days when I crave I just smoke on my vapor cigarette it helps a lot I don’t even want a cigarette

      • Hi, I’m 21 and I have been smoking for 2 years for the same reason as you. I cannot use the toilet without a cigarette. But this is my day 7 currently, I don’t use the toilet as often as I used to but I’ve been drinking lots of water, green tea, excercising and eating clean and honestly it’s not as bad. I just think it’s a mind thing telling you you can’t use the toilet without a cigarette. I tried to stop last year too, but couldn’t even go one day. I guess you just have to motivate yourself, I tell myself, Jess, smoking will age you and your skin won’t be clear + my boyfriend hates it, that’s what keeps me and I don’t even crave it anymore xx

      • Hej Luis!
        If you planing to quite smoking I suggest you to use patches and e cig without nicotine!
        I am on day 7 !
        Good luck !

    • Day 4 was the hardest for me. I couldnt take it any longer as i was becoming the most craziest crankiest bitch ever.

      I am back on day 1 again oh Lordy help me!

      • You can do it… I cheated on quitting I got bronchitis tried to have a smoke but I was coughing so much it was NOT WORTH it so I have been 1 week free of smoking…. I am noticing when I would want a smoke I am realizing it was just to get away from my family….I’ll be praying for you…..that has been the biggest help prayer

  4. Day five for me. Been smoking for the last fifteen years. Almost always grab a smoke when drinking so the two have been an evil pair lol I felt like I was wheezing way more and thought my lungs were collapsing when it was just my body starting to normalize. I haven’t had a strong urge to smoke but this time(about the 10th time) I’ve actually kept a half pack of cigarettes in my house instead of pouring water on them and throwing them out like I normally do… (this method is not going to work for most people) so that I “know” that I COULD have one if I wanted to. Instead of making them forbidden and sexy, I decided I’m just going to tell myself that I don’t feel like smoking at the moment. Reminder: this method is something I made for me and it works for me. I think everyone has a different way of coping! Kudos to everyone who has decided to stop smoking. Whether for the first time or the thousandth time, you can do it! The hefty amount of money saved and the epic health benefits far outweigh that first drag after a long time of not smoking. You know that after that first puff, you’ll regret it!

  5. Hey everyone I have been trying to quit for about three months now……i have been chewing nicotine gum but only make it five days in a row till weekends show up and i smoke with my boyfriend. Hes a smoker. I have told him that i want to smoke but since i smoke with him every weekend he dosent take me seriously. But i am determined to stay quit. Dont let other people deter you from your quitting goals. You can do it.

  6. Well today is my 2nd day of not smoking 🙂 I have smoked over 30 years so it is hard but I’m looking forward to breathing easier, not smelling like smoke and saving over $1600 a year.. Good luck to all of us!!!

  7. I’m at day 8. I feel waaaaaay better today. The first 5 days were absolute hell. I quit by using an Ecig with 0mg nicotine. So I still get the satisfaction of smoking something but get no nicotine in my system. I Vape on menthol. I was not a menthol smoker, but I can feel the menthol hit the back of my throat and it feels kinda like a real cigarette.

    Ps. I NEVER write on boards or forums. I’m just the guy that reads. I’ve tried to quit a million times. This method has been the easiest for me and I’m really done this time. Also my blood pressure is perfect for the first time in my life.

  8. I’ve been smoking since I was 16 now I just turned 26. I’ve tried quitting 3 times with e-cigarettes and the longest I’ve gone is 6 months without smoking cigarettes. 8 days ago I decided to quit cold turkey. It seemed impossible the first couple of days but if you and the people around you can get through the first three days you will feel AMAZING. One tip I would give you is whenever you feel the urge of having a cigarette BREATHE. The first couple of days I was walking around with a straw, puffing it like it was a cigarette. That helped me calm down and tricked my brain to think I was having a cigarette. Now each time I have a craving I just think about the reason I’m doing it, and what will happen to me in the future if I go back to smoking. Stay strong, and stay focused. YOU CAN DO IT!!

  9. I am on day three! and so proud of myself- I smoked 30 a day ! I am going to beat this horrid, disgusting habit and you know how! by not giving into “just having that one” yes I crave and yes mornings are worse but I know by having just that 1! I will be hooked again! I have a packet of 20 in my bag and have since giving the habit up – Remember guys smoking is so anti social now lets kick this smoking lark!!

  10. I’m on day one. I can get through the week, but I don’t want to be punished in the long run. Because I know quitting has emotional distresses and upheavals and can oppress us.

    • Exercise! The first attempt at quitting for me, years back, was an emotional roller-coaster. It caused me to relapse. Then later down the road I figured out that working out, especially cardio, really really helped with the crazy emotional stuff.

      • My 6th day. Doing cardio brings me back craving. I have the weirdest craving after swimming. However I took four days off and stayed with my father, didn’t smoke during the time. However today I have this crazy craving. So I searched for some inspiration and I am here.

  11. 28 hours without a cig. Longest with out one since I was 15 years old. Im now 39. So far ive experienced frustration, sweating palms , crying, and hunger… but I also feel a great deal of satisfaction. Ive made it 28 hours!!! Just waiting to get over this 5-7 day stretch. . Im going to stay quit!!!

  12. Day 1 for me.I feel like eating a lot and I’m really trying to stay in the house and away from people because I do feel a little crabby.I tried some exercise and have been drinking lots of water.I really want to succeed this time I tried so many times before with fail.This time I’m winning for me and my kids!!!!.Smoke free world here I come!!!!

    • Mike stay strong,easy to say, started smoking at 9 going to be 59, have tried many times and you would think after two stents and a bypass three years ago I would have stopped, been on and off for about six months really trying, on day 6 and hoping this time I can do if

      • hi every 1, i’m on my day 7, i’m so proud of myself, been smoking since I was 15, now i’m 52, ,, the constant arguing we do with our brain, u can do it, no u cant, its like oh my friggin god.. the coughing hasn’t stopped, well chocking more like it.. On father’s day 1/9/2017. I woke up chucking, tried 2 have a ciggy, nope couldn’t, I was in bed for 2 days straight, so that was when I decided 2 quit…

  13. Day one for me. I’m black so the tar from cigarettes stains my lips. I can not continue to live with black lips. I look in the mirror and I look smoked out to me. But I’m an attractive woman so that’s the killer. I’ve smoked just about every day for the past 10 yrs. The only time I would not smoke a cigarette is when I had no money. My birthday is exactly 6 months from today. I need to be able to say (in January) that I quit smoking 6 months ago.

    I also need my face back. My pretty pink lips. No more acne from built up toxins. Ugh. I can’t believe I played that came the tobacco companies want you to play.

  14. Week one down… Saddened that the nicotine gum makes my tongue yellow, was really hoping for whiter smile to help keep me motivated, now I’m thinking that will also be short lived. . You can quit, you just have to remember you have to want to quit more than you want to smoke. Make yourself proud. You’re worth it!

  15. I am on day 3, and it is not fun. I am exhausted, nausea ridden, and cranky/foggy. What day do the withdrawals begin to fade?

    • Smoking for over 20 years am 44 smoke free day 6,never felt this sleeping my breading. My taste. Wish I quit long time a go. Nicotine had a hold on me . for 20 years.not anymore. Want to be a round to watch my 5 years old daughter grow up..

    • Hi, I hope you managed to quit. I too found day 3 horrific!!! I had physical shakes, nuasia, headache, anger I had the lot. But it did go within a few hours. Im now at day 8. Feeling heaps better!!! Cravings are lessening.
      I can do this!! 41 years 30 a day!! Putrid! That was me.
      I’m taking zyban. It has really helped. Good luck everyone!!
      No one smokes anymore. You csn do it! Its mind over matter.

  16. Day 8 for me. I had a lot of cravings at first. I started using food, especially sweets. I realized I was just trading one addiction for another. Today I’m concentrating on only eating when I’m truly hungry. Good luck everyone!

  17. I’m on day 8. Cravings are starting to let up a bit.. Carrots have now become my best friend.. Been a chain smoker for 20 years. Never thought I could stop.. I’m using welbutrin…

  18. Using stuff like welbutrin/Zyban or gums and patches doesn’t usually tend to work. The trick is to realize nicotine is a horrible drug and smoking is a drug addiction. Taking pills to quit again is more of a short term thing… the anti smoking pills are anti depressants that’s all and they come with their own withdrawals after which are horrible.

    Cold turkey is the best way for sure.. after 3 days with 0 nicotine the cravings are almost 0. The nicotine leaves your body in full after 72 hours. It is still hard to quit after that though because your brain is addicted to the actions and *reward* of smoking. Smoking is not something you are giving up by quitting it. It’s some you’re becoming free of.. it’s a horrible invention.

    Within 4 days your irritability and anxieties or fears will be gone and very slowly you won’t have to fight to not smoke. . You will be like oh..I’m good, I really don’t want a cigarette now. Just don’t fight to avoid thinking about smoking. That’s hard.. try to just think differently. .. not argh I miss my smokes!! But.. oh isn’t this sweet ! I don’t have to feel like I’m rushing through everything to get to my cigarettes..

    That’s what I do and reading these blogs helps a lot lol I’m day 7 and still sucks but not so bad =)

  19. Oh and when you get irrationally angry. ..try to remind yourself smoking did this to you and get angry at cigarettes..I tore up a pack in anger lol it really helped >. <

  20. This is day number 8 for me. It has been hard . What helps is that I go to the gym twice a day . I am ready to have my life back. God bless everyone on their journey . We will come out better than we went in .

  21. Day 3 for me. I quit for 5 years before and up to 3 weeks just 3 months ago (I drank liqour too quick). I already know week one is unbelievable hell, but i also now it gets better guys. So I’m in the trenches with you and we’ll kick this together.

  22. Hello! This is my first day and I feel like I’m not honest in my quitting. Well, it sort of cracked yesterday when I realized I might have hernia because of coughing from stupid smoking and, since I’ve started to exercise, I was kind of pissed off because I shouldn’t do it with my condition. And, from time to time I get really constipated. So, I said to myself, I’m quitting tomorrow!! But, honestly, if I was ok, I wouldn’t. I really love smoking. So, I think it’ll be hard for me. I have to make a good strategy now for not relapsing again (I’ve tried 3 times in the past, like 2 times i haven’t smoked for 3 months, and 3th time for about month, but it was a disaster because I smoked weed and chamomile). I have smoked for about 18 years. And I always thought I’ll stop at this time sometimes. I’m 33 yrs now.

  23. Cheryl- that’s rude to tell people that the pills and stuff don’t work and it’s not true at all.not everyone can quit cold turkey and some need help. I’m taking chantix and love it and it works great

  24. Successfully went through the first week without any add except the changes in daily routines/food.
    Happy to start smoke free day 8.
    I am excited to see and think about positives 🙂

  25. Congrats to everyone on their journey. I am on day 8. Most cravings have left, I have a long commute from work and that is probably the hardest time. Physically though, breathing has improved. Unfortunately, I have experienced salty cravings every night, I have also had issues falling asleep (currently typing this at 2:39am) lol but aside from that I’m happy. I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea, and water, I’ve also been working out a lot as well. This is it for me so I wish everyone success and health!

  26. I am on day 6, and for a surprise I m actually enjoying it, to defeat my biggest weakness. I was 12 when I started smoking, and m 29 now. 17 years of chain smoking and what a relief it is now I can’t tell.

  27. Ive been 18 hours without one….this is my 3rd real attempt at quitting…made it 17 days last time cold turkey…and my stupid self lit up again….igh..its almost like the game sorry…oh you smoked..back to day one for you SORRY! I wonder if any of the previous posters have made it the long haul..speak up let us know!

    • I’m on day one and I don’t know if this will help but when I get a craving I breathe deeply and hold my breath and exhale so slowly it does help the cravings only last three minutes so look at a clock and do it for three minutes it is helped me

      • On day 1 right now. It hasn’t been 24 hours yet, but i am midway through the day and feeling at times positive and at the same time i have managed to break down crying about 5 times today at work. I keep forgetting that it must be the withdrawal and i actually got very worried about my mental state.

  28. I quit August 1st cold turkey after 26 years of smoking and dipping. I’ll tell what’s motivating is having bladder cancer at 42. I got diagnosed around the 25th of July as made August 1st as my quit date. First week was really though, but I kept telling reminding my self having a camera probed up my dick every 3 months for the next 18 months, and if everything goes well every 6 months for the next 3 years. And every ear there after if everything goes perfectly for the rest of my life. 60% chance it will reocur and then back to square one. I have had a turbt surgery yesterday and I have a catheter my in dick right now. Thank you smoking, as Dylan crooned… Goodbye is too good a word to say so say say fare thee well…… To smoking.

  29. Man, I’m so sorry ti hear that. Good luck Kurt, I hope everything works out for you. There are so many ways smoking can screw us. Your story makes me even angrier at smoking, so I will channel that anger and hate of smoking into fighting the cravings.

  30. I’m on my own 3rd day, I’ll be honest In saying that I have not completely stopped, instead As pack a day smoker I’ve only allowed myself no more than 4 smokes a day. The withdraw was still insanely hard but I refused to smoke during them. I wouldn’t give it the power, the morning one is the hardest so it still happens but many hours now pass between cravings and I’m feeling a lot more in control. I have also started excersising again and becoming a lot more active with my dog who is so greatful to me now. My house has never been cleaner and I’m a lot more focuses at work. I will smoke right before my shift and a few hours later when I know things are about to get intense and I need to focus. My new goal is to cut four smoke down to two until I don’t want them at allow, which until Now I never believed that was possible. Just focusing on the good which feels like a new chance at life.

  31. I’ve been smoking since I was 13 and I’m 47 now, this is really really hard, I didn’t realize smoking is attached to everything I do, i’m using the NicoDerm patch it seems to be helping but I keep trying to tell myself just one cigarette won’t hurt. Please pray for me

    • Good luck Cassy. I have been smoking 33 years and am 46. I’m nearly 24 hours in. We have to do this. I’ve got no patches or gum but I am also sick so that helps. Let’s be done with this. Don’t touch it, it’s evil!

    • same here using NicoDerm,after 25 years of smoking the best thing is sports running fitnessand swimming
      im on my 2 month now,and feels way way way better.
      you can do it.

    • Casey one cigarette do whole day was built a round cigarette. One when I wake up one for every thing I do all day one if I am happy one if I am sad.but find all the reason why I hate smoking on its was a ton..on I say our loud six days ago you have me for 20 years..I would love to be smoke free even for 20 years too.

    • Hi Cassy, I have been smoking for 19 years, and I know everything is attached to smoking in your life, I was wondering how is it going for you, I am doing the patch and today is my day 1.

  32. I am one week in.. strictly cold turkey. 31 years old and I have been smoking since about 15 years old. I also want to mention I smoke weed and have quit that for now lol so this is a double wammy for me lol . the cravings, the sweating bs will all go away. especially if you drink lots of water, natural juices eat healthy and work out . the mental is the hardest part of it all. sadly cigarettes were my friends, during the good and the bad,. having one after a meal, drinking, morning time, after sex, at work etc. but u have to just keep fighting through it and point out the reasons you are stopping (kids, parents, wife , yourself etc.). yesterday I had a fall out with a friend of mine and it got me really upset and I thought I was going to crack but I was like if I smoke a cigarette and than what? its not going to fix the situation the problem will still be there and you have to approach with that mind state through all the difficult time. I have also stayed away from the few bad apples for now, I cant hang around with my friends that are heavy smokers (not yet) need another week or so. but I feel sooo much better, I can breathe, I can sleep, i dont smell, playing basketball and feeling like a million bucks at the moment and its only been a week! so looking forward to a better health in the future.

  33. Today is Day 1. My husband and I are quitting together. I am angry and want to smoke … but I won’t. I’m using lollipops and prayer. It’s funny because I am very allergic to nicotine, so I can’t use patches or gum . . and I had to wait for my husband to want to quit before I could (and still be around him) . . . I’m hoping that we can get through this. We’re going to work on the house (projects that have been left because we always spent all evening smoking) . . Just figure we have to keep busy, I just hope this grumpy attitude subsides.

  34. Day 4 today. Weened myself off with nicotine patches for a little bit. Still feeling a little on edge, but looking forward to going running after work today.

  35. Cassy..God bless, I myself have been smoking since the age of 17. I jus turned 40 this summer.. it’s been one week since I had a cigarette.. it is very true about the cravings in being the first week are really strong..however if you pay close attention to yer body you can recognize when they trigger will occur. No matter what I’m doing I instantly get up and walk around the house.. craving don’t last long they are jus intense.. I did notice the cravings are not so bad now.. the true motivation is how yer body feels..I feel like I’m half my age it really is amazing..god bless and good luck living cigarette free.

  36. I’m day 9 of ‘cold turkey’ quitting. Started smoking aged 19, am about to turn 58. Lots of changes to make ongoing, mostly have to stay focussed on not reverting to old ways – hubby still smokes.

  37. I smoked for 20 years, quit for 5 then started back six months ago. Today is day 1 no cigarettes, the patch is the only way I can quit. The first thing I remember from quitting the first time was how much extra time I had during the day, because I was constantly stopping to smoke. Very important to find healthy ways to fill it! Good luck everyone!

  38. I’m on day 3 of not smoking and what helps me is to remind myself that the craving is for nicotine and that my body is NOT being Hurt by Not satisfying my craving. It just wants something its used to having, and the urges WILL GO AWAY in time.. Some deep breathing helps while envisioning my lungs becoming clearer. Never hurts to calculate how much money I am saving by quitting. I REALLY DO FEEL BETTER ! I WOKE UP EASIER THIS MORNING AND MY HEAD FEELS CLEARER. I’M NOT AS HYPER – less un-identified jittery anxiety – FEEL CALMER AND MORE PEACEFUL INSIDE.

  39. This is my 1st day of no smoking and I think I will be ok. I have been chewing on tooth picks to help. keeping my mind focused on work and other things besides thinking about having a smoke.

  40. I am on day 4 of not smoking. I have been a smoker for at least 34 years. This is the first time that I have EVER tried to quit. Found out about a month ago that I have COPD and I am only 50!! Now that was a wake up call to me. Also a friend from school who was also my age just passed away a couple of weeks ago from COPD. I am to young for this crap. I will NOT let smoking be the death of me. I had the hot flashes for about 2 days and I live in the South. I am using the NicoDerm CQ patch and I apply a new patch during the middle of the night. I have heard if you put a new patch on when you go to bed that you have horrible dreams. So far so good for me.

  41. On day 5 . I’m super dizzy, but if this means my body is healing I will take it. I smoked a pack a day since I was 19, I’m now 40.

  42. I STRONGLY suggest everyone get Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking book. It is less than 10.00 and it has worked for me. It is such a great book. I am 8 days in COLD TURKEY. I never in a million years thought I could do that. I must have tried 30 times before to quit. It tells the truth about smoking and what you tell yourself to smoke. Smoking is a DRUG addiction not a habit. I am still getting a craving here and there and I still get cranky here and there, but I can breathe so great and everything tastes amazing. Plus I do not STINK anymore like an ashtray. The book teaches you nobody really wants to smoke. Nobody really likes it, your just addicted to it so you have to. Also, if smoking withdrawals are so terrible (which they aren’t) why wouldn’t it wake you up in the middle of the night to have to smoke. You basically become a nonsmoker every night when you put that last cigarette out for the night. You do not need another smoke until 8 to 10 hours later. If your body can make it that long you can keep it going. Lots of great other info in book. It will get you pretty pissed you didn’t quit before. Good luck everyone. I am totally done now and good!!!!

  43. Day one & after many failed attempts I am using a vape..bad or good I hope to use it for a month as I know from experience of giving up before the first 3 weeks are the worst..I’m determined to quit for good this time 🙂 Good luck to you all 🙂

  44. one week of no cigs. ( patches and vapeing instead)
    i met my grandchildren from school on foot. and WALKED back home UP HILL) And i didnt have to sit down cause i was breathless! now that feels good!
    next step is to walk the 3 miles to town. (with short sharp hills) striding to my music.

  45. Day 29 for me after 35 years of smoking. Using chantix, which helps. Sometimes the habit is so ingrained, the other day I reached for a pack of ciggs that werent even there! Still at it. On day 2 I scrubbed the inside of my truck and it still smells so nice. We can do this!

  46. So far I have almost made it to day 7 with herbal tea, no coffee, and running 3.5 miles if I’m not completely fatigued, I workout almost everyday but since I quit I workout 4-5 days a week. I am feeling exhilarated. My motivation is my family and wanting to age gracefully. I wish you all the best!

  47. I`ve been a 20 a day smoker since I was 13 I`ve just turned 27 and the realisation that I have been smoking for more than half of my life has driven me to quit cold turkey. Today is day one and its tough going cold turkey but after several failed attempts with NRT I think this will work for me, short term pain for long term gain. Good luck everyone.

  48. I’m at the end of day 2… I’ve gone cold turkey and I’m honestly doing fine… I’m kinda waiting for the withdrawal to show themselves, but nothing as yet. The craving are a bit intense at times, but nothing I can’t handle. I’ve successfully quit before for years at a time and the only reason relapsed is because I thought I could have just one drag. You can’t! I’m enjoying the sense of freedom over the last few days. :0)

  49. Good luck for all of us trying to quit smoking. its my 6th day now.
    I love smoking , We all do. But trust me its better to quit smoking now on your choice.. than to quit when your lungs start to collapse, and you just wish to breath easily like before and to have a healthy body without pain. right now i have been coughing for 2 weeks straight painfull coughs. and my lungs hurt .. i cannot even take a full breath.

  50. I am now on day 7. I am using a vaporiser and have to say my breathing is already improving. I can also smell smoke on my coat so a new one is required.

  51. Day 9, the first 3 days for was easier though but I’m pushing through with the lots of cardio. It really helps.fresh air too and oh,I’m doing it cold turkey. I’m never smoking again, I want to to stay healthy a d age gracefully. I only smoked for 3 I feel so strong and clean.pls say no to smoking.

  52. Hey guys, Tried a year ago, with patches, vape, you name it, took all the help i could,,,,,. And failed badly. This time, gone cold turkey,,, And hey,,, What do you know,, much much easier, 4 weeks in and and have no cravings at all, get through days like i have never smoked before. Okay….First 5 days of cold turkey are not pleasant, but to be expected after 35 years on the smokes, Push yourself through the first 5 days and trust me, you wont look back…..

  53. All of this is very craving based and though I understand that, I am 48 hours in and feel so light-headed and nauseous and exhausted I can’t imagine having a cigarette I think if throw up or pass out so that is keeping my cravings away but I’m anxious about how badly I am feeling. I look brutal as well like a raccoon. Please tell me this passes soon and I’ll feel better soon? I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel like crap because I’m quitting but if I have a smoke I’m going to feel even worse. Sick laid up in bed like I have the flu 🙁

  54. Hi, it’s my 7th smoke free day, I had been smoking since last 18 years, it’s really easy to quit smoking instantly rather on keep planning. It’s really good feel that I m not smoking in these days, I had purchased a nicotine gum pack but used only 3 or 4 times as its causing irritation in my throat.
    The major factor is your goal or reason for quitting, it’s the most important thing to remember always, this is the only think which can motivate us to stuck on the same.
    I had felt angry, irritating and craving for food most of the time during first week.
    I had started running in morning, will keep you updated for upcoming weeks feelings.
    Wish me good luck.

  55. Day 8 for me and I’ve got to say that day 2 was the worst. Here in Australia cigarettes taxes continue to rise and I’ve just realised that I was spending $3000 a year on smoking. Anyway $3000 a year for me is the difference between buying a house or renting. Good luck to everybody and stay strong.

  56. I’m 55 years old I’ve been smoking off and on my whole life. I quit cigarettes for 18 years and smoked cigars during that time. six years ago I lit up a cigarette after all that time and it pretty much hasn’t stopped. It’s not that hard to quit I stopped a week ago and I’ve had zero cravings I think you have to realize why you smoke is it a physiological demand or psychological demand or are you just bored or do you just enjoy smoking. Not sure if I ever will quit forever but cutting down it’s a good thing just try to cut down and eventually you may not want one for a while and then if you want one grab one but just cut down

  57. Hello fellow quitters! I’m on day 8. Found out I’m having baby number 3 which made me kick this habit once and for all. Is it normal to still crave after a week??

  58. Day 7 for me ? Hope i will stay strong and quit smoking once for all! I am 29 and planing to have a baby in near future so, fingers crossed!

  59. I have amoke for over 39 yrs this is my first week .i swear those first 2 or 3 days wasvrhe hardest, im using the patch , but i notice it nade me dizzy , unstable the 21 mg. It helped me a great deal, i wold pur it on for a few hours and tben take it 9ff because it would have me tooo dizzy and weak. Im going to the next dtep which im thinking is 14mg . im praying so hard to stay off cigarettes , i never want to smime again. Im going to keep on praying.

  60. I’m on day Four of not smoking also quit drinking! I’m exhausted have a terrible headache feel nauseated. How long does this last?

  61. I’ve switch over to rollies for the past two years and it has reduced my smoking with at least 8smokes in a day. I now smoke between 5-7 cigarettes a day and because I’m smoking so little, my brain has created alternative cravings like; coffee, eating, obsessive behaviour (think this could be a a withdrawn symptom) and I’m also feeling even more dizzy and have lack of energy when I do smoke my ‘little’ amount of smokes in a day. My last roll up was one hour today and I have made the decision to make that my last one and to see how long I can last for without feeding my 19year old addiction. Went to the fruit n veg and stocked up for when the urges kick in. All the best of luck to everyone.

  62. Day 8 for me feeling positive first 4 days were the hardest seems to be getting easier still have cravings but sucking on a peppermint helps my poor kids know when I’m having withdrawals I snapped a few times feel guilty hopefully it will pass soon I must stay off the dreaded cigarettes back in November went for a medical got told had damage to my right lung and if I don’t stop now it will be irreversible damage I’m 44 been smoking since I was 17 I got 3 children 10 years 8 and 7 I’m telling myself not only financial benefits of quitting I have 3 young children I must see grow up marry have children become a grandparent I need to do this I must stay strong minded and beat this disgusting habit for good I know I’m not alone, and there are thousands today going thru what I’m going thru so good luck everyone let’s beat this and triumph over smoking.

  63. If you really are ready to quit read Allen Carrs book “The Easy Way” or you can YouTube the audio. Its amazing and it really helps!!!!!
    Try it what do you have to loose?

  64. Well,I have been smoking for 47 years, god that is a long time. My present to my family this Christmas was in the form of a promise. I promised all of them that I was going to quit smoking. I have never tried to do this, I’ve never wanted to quit. But when I saw the tears in their eyes and the hugs that I got from them, and my son-in-law… it was then that I knew I would win the battle. I quit at 11:30 Jan 1st. 2017 and as of right now, it’s been one week and one hour of smoke free time. I am going cold turkey, and so far.. so good. I know that I will make it, and am very proud of myself.. and I want my family to have a wife, mother, and grandma for many years to come. Wishing us all the luck in the world.. peace to all.

  65. It’s been a good week for me I had been wanting to stop for years and now I finally did, I started smoking on my first deployment, I think I had to let all the past stuff go and smoking was part of it I guess. But I just had surgery a week ago and decided I would stop on the day of my surgery and I been in the house so I am wondering about when I go back to work I been doing so good I don’t want to get stressed out, cause that triggers me to smoke.

  66. In bed here falling asleep on DAY 8!!! Started when I was 13 I’m now 32! I haven’t found my diet to change but it takes very little effort for people to spark my fuse!!! I’ve been leaving work early or just not going lol don’t want to ruin my business haha. Noticed 5 really bad noise bleeds with some really nasty blood clots. Thot I’d hack a lot but really haven’t. Also, find myself to be really lazy! Hope this stuff passes soon. Craving isn’t too hard to control I find! It’s just a mind game! The best part about it so far, loving how good it feel when I wake in the morning. My chest doesn’t hurt!! Well worth it!

    • hey Tyler, I feel the same as u love, I.m on day 7, no energy, still coughing ( chocking) i’m eating a lot more than I did when I was smoking, I thought stop smoking id have energy & doing a lot more, instead i feel like going 2 sleep, I’m nodding of in front of my computer, wtf, is this normal ? my chest hurts from all the choking I do from coughing, feel dazed, cant focus on much, the best thing is though, we rnt alone… thank u all, from South Australia Adelaide….

  67. Day 5 and yesterday was the hardest. I thought I was going to pull my hair out. But my cravings did subside. Not gonna say that it’s easy, but will take it one day at a time. Much luck to all whom are working on being non-smokers.

  68. Apparently, I am the only one having the worst time. I quit 6 days ago and didn’t have any cravings till today in which I am in a miserable CRAPY mood, and it has lasted for much more than five minutes. My head hurts I haven’t been able to sleep well at all (I am one of those few that got insomnia for quitting) I feel bloated, even though I have been trying a low-calorie diet since I know quitting will eliminate burning 250 calories a day. I feel extremely tired to exercise let alone walk. And I don’t want to see my friend because I know they will be smoking and drinking (drinking lowers resistance to quit). I want to believe you guys. EVERY TIME I HAVE tried to quit I HAVE THE WORST TIME IN MY LIFE. The longest I’ve been without smoking is three months. I started when I was 16, and I am now 31. I know, quite sensible huh? HELP!

    • Did you stay quit? I have had the hardest time quitting too but then I read Alan Carr’s book and it really helps you see that the uncomfortableness you are feeling is not from not smoking , it’s healing from the chemicals . I’m on day 8 now. I still gave had a few withdrawals but this quit has been so much easier .

  69. 26 days without a smoke. Smoked for 8 years. The hardest thing I ever hard to do. The headaches, the restlessness, the random body cramps. I experienced the worst of the symptoms and it was pure brutality but I deserved it because I should have never started smoking in the first place. It felt like I was quitting heroin, to be honest. (not that I know what that feels like)

    Anyways I tried quitting a million times before and this is what has helped me so far. Reading articles about other people’s quitting struggles and success.

    I always worked out but this time I started to do a lot of cardio. After a run, you feel so good that you don’t want to smoke.

    Water and I mean a lot of it. Drink lots and lots of water. You feel purified and clean and wouldn’t want to smoke.

    Oh did I forget to mention Ultra Max Anxiety?

    The withdrawal symptoms were so horrible just thinking that if I start again, I will eventually have to quit again and go through the symptoms makes me not wanna smoke.

  70. Hi I’m on day one I have been smoking for 11 years now and the things that really make me wanna smoke is after eating during a coffe / tea and when I first wake up, it is extremely hard but so worth it in the long run

  71. Hi everyone, I’m on day 6. I am 51 and smoked very heavy for 35 years. I wanted to quit but always found it very hard and when I did I usually relapsed. I took up Yoga about 3 weeks ago not to quit smoking but for my joint pain. I bought some Yoga DVDs and a “Yoga for Dummies” book. The pleasant surprise was quitting smoking just came naturally…Yoga and smoking do NOT mix! The deep breathing and meditation involved made quitting smoking EASY! Yes I said EASY! So, for both my joint pain and for not smoking I do Yoga everyday, sometimes several times a day. I just do very simple beginner poses…not up to headstands yet! I also have started back doing light weights and walking. I feel AWESOME! I was coughing a LOT and that has already stopped in just 6 days! I was coughing so much at night that I would actually wake myself up! Some other tactics I have used:
    Nicotine gum, for my triggers, waking up, after eating and driving. I also use lollipops, hard candy, toothpicks for the oral fixation. TONS of water to help flush and detox. I took some time off from work, I was fortunate to have some time off so I have slept a lot this week and have been able to keep my stress levels very low. Good, healthy foods, laying off sugar and junk. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee so those are not an issue for me.
    I keep repeating the following personal mantras: “Smart people don’t smoke”, “People that smoke do not love and respect themselves”, “Attractive people don’t smoke”, “N.O.P.E=Not One Puff Ever”, “The LAW of Addiction is 1=ALL”,”I want to live!”, “Smoking keeps me a slave to poverty”, “I am the master of my actions, a drug no longer controls me”, “I am just 1 puff away from a pack a day”,”I am a positive example for my children/grandchildren”, “Smoking is a losers game…just like gambling…the house always wins!”. (Not judging others here, these are just words I keep repeating to myself and it helps! I don’t want to be an old, ugly, stupid, broke addict!!!)
    I also got really mad at it…I destroyed ALL smoking materials on Day 1, including $1 off coupons from Marlboro I used to get in the mail…took my name off their mailing list too! I’m NOT paying the tobacco companies another cent to make them rich and kill myself! How stupid is that? REALLY STUPID!
    In just 6 days my sense of smell and taste have started to come back, my skin looks better! I had dark under eye circles and they have started to fade…because my skin is getting oxygen now! My hair even feels thicker, it was starting to thin due to smoking and lack of oxygen to the scalp. My breathing is so much better and I already feel younger, healthier and empowered.
    I also reward myself daily, I spent about $10 a day on smoking so with the $60 I saved this week so far I signed up for Yoga classes at a real studio so I can learn more…maybe I’ll learn those headstands! I also bought some Yoga equipment, blocks and a mat. I love having my money for ME now! Next week I’m going to start saving that money for some really cute Yoga outfits!
    I just wanted to share what’s working for me and yes I absolutely recommend Yoga! Like I said I started it not even intending to quit smoking…quitting smoking was a side effect of starting Yoga! Just try it! What do you have to lose? Best of luck to everyone here and my final words are “GUARD YOUR QUIT like your life depends on it…because it does!”

    • Thanks for sharing, I can relate to so many of your comments. Specifically as it applies to dark circles under eyes and better skin. On day 11 and people are commenting on how great I look. To that end, 10 dollars a day adds up fast. I am putting all that money towards the principal of my mortgage 🙂

  72. Day one of quitting smoking, I am doing the patch method this go around. I have been smoking for 19 years, and I have this feeling that enough is enough, I feel that I am carry around junk with me all the time and worried about carrying this junk with me any where I go. I need to get rid of my habits, and my routines, right now I am struggling but with the patch I have less of an urge hopefully tomorrow I can stay strong. It is usually the first puff/cigarette that kills my motivation so I am going to stay away from the first cigarette. Will give you updates as I go along.

  73. Day 8 for me now. I’m 33 and have been smoking since I was 17. I was a pack and a half to two packs a day. I tried cold turkey in the past but would never make it past a few hours, sadly. I just constantly fantasized about cigs and how much I enjoyed them, how stupid, huh? I can tell just by reading all the comments on here that a few people have read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I didn’t think a book would work for me, but it did. Don’t get wrong, it wasn’t “easy” by any stretch of the imagination, but I can safely say that book trained my mind on how to look at cigarettes. I also downloaded a quit smoking app which gave me money saved, health benefits daily, and came with a couple games that last the length of a normal craving. Like I said, it’s day 8 now and my misery has subsided greatly. I still get the additional craving, but I echo similar things in my head as Cindy does, and am surprised how well it works! You have to believe, YOU ARE NOT GIVING ANYTHING UP!! Every time you have a craving, CELEBRATE it, because you are saying goodbye to something that is enslaving you!! We got this, y’all!!

  74. Day 7
    I am 23 years old,
    I have been smoking since my 13 years and I’m feeling great.
    Believe in yourself and understand that it’s only for our best and for our health and for a good future
    God bless you all.
    Good luck x

  75. Hii Friends. I am on day 5. Really i tried many times to quit smoking but i was failing just with in 1 day.. This time i am successfull and i stayed 5 days without smoking. And now my level has 100% increased. Guys these days are very hard. I did not sleep from these days . But now feeling healthy and handsome… Quit smoking n stay young and givr happy life to family…

  76. 33, A heavy smoker and Cannabis user for the last 15 years.
    I have managed to quit before for a year almost. I roll my own tobacco and when I smoke cannabis I never used a filter tip, also carry an electric cigarette! I smoke cannabis heavy but do stop and start many times within the year, not a major problem. Nicotine has been much more consistent in my life with myself only being able to be nicotine free for a few periods and bursts, the longest being a year. I have also gone back to nicotine through cannabis use when not rolling pure.

    I wanted to quit for a long time and did cut down a little but one morning I was out of tobacco almost and my electric was dead, so I went to work without. I lasted the morning and afternoon and took some sleeping pills so I went to sleep early.

    I have attempted to quit a few times but for me cold turkey is the best way, Its also important to cut triggers like coffee, tea and alcohol.

    Its been a week now, I feel great. Really enjoying being free of the hassle of smoking, being free living the addiction.

    This is not the first time I have quit. I wonder why I have found it such smooth sailing on some attempts and high impossible on others? I suspect cigarettes are harder to quit than electric and rolling tobacco? I am also very curious in regards to the cannabis withdrawal being short and intense for two or three days but somehow protecting me for severe nicotine withdrawal? It is never 100% protection but hand on heart I feel the several times I have quit I only experience 1/4 of the nicotine withdrawal? I know there are several companies trying to replicate this after studies support this, I am just blown away that I am lucky enough to discover this by myself by accident.

    Please note I do not condone illegal drug use and I was at the time of quitting strongly psychologically addicted and dependent on cannabis. It is my time now to quit forever. I have however from my own past experiences that quitting cannabis and nicotine at the same time was the way to go. Sleeping pills for the first few days when cannabis withdrawal is intense then resist the urge to replace cannabis with tobacco.

    I am now 7 days, 100% smoke free, caffeine free, I feel great! Lets hope they can manufacture a nicotine quit aid from cannabis in the future.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience to this??

  77. I am on day 4. It hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t been as hard as my brain was telling me it would be. I’ve tried associating my cravings with a good ole rubber band on the wrist and its worked so far. Associating the craving with pain instead of potential pleasure works for me. Also I have been purposefully placing myself into all of my triggers to resist them. Coffee, driving, drinking, gaming, sitting on the deck and watching other people smoke on tv or in person. The more I participate in this the more I find it easier to cope with. I don’t want to reshape my life. I just want to rid myself of one tiny part of it and I don’t want to replace it with anything else. Cold turkey day 4….we’ll see how the rest of the week plays out.

  78. Am on day 7 and feel great,had a drink yesterday evening first time since quitting cigarettes did have a couple of difficult moments but thankfully got through them. Thrown myself into exercising and just making sure I keep occupied. Still have cravings from time to time however getting better. Going cold turkey no going back after 1 week feel so much better. Keep going and good luck

  79. VAPE it up GUYS! I’m on day 8, after the 2nd day of quoting I experienced an intense craving, especially after a nice meal. Then decided to buy a vape (e-cig) which gives me the nicotine I crave, I am using it a quitting tool and alternative temporarily, I have been decreasing the amount of nicotine in the vape every day and will get off vaping in a month or. I am only 24 been smoking since 18 and really don’t want cigarettes to be my cause of death.
    Good luck guys!

  80. Well ,this is how i did it,
    I took a week off! stayed home and slept!
    always keep a water bottle with you! drink lots of water and simply rest! i literally slept for a whole week! but i kind of helped! adding to that, take some green tea too! just relax and take it easy.

  81. I’m on day 6 no smoke. I’m trying here. At times I’m good. Other times not so good. But j made it. Tomorrow down to 7. So it ha to get easier right!

  82. Well, I didn’t WANT to post anything… but I feel its probably better for me too.

    I’m on disability from the Army, now a stay at home dad… who smokes 2 to 3 packs a day. Is that bad? I know it is! But I had nothing to do as I’m unale to even leave my home. ( can’t drive no dl )

    So… I smoke… and absolutely LOVE doing it. But, I bought my first home this month, its a 9 acre paradise… for me. So now I don’t need to go anywhere to get out and do stuff. There’s always things to do on a farm/ranch. But over the course of remodeling, I was always to winded and worn out to do anything. (I’m 43 and I’ve smoked heavy for the last 10 years)

    So, I would NEVER quit smoking, I loved smoking cigarettes, I even planted my own tobacco. But then this happened…


    I got the flu, I’ve gone to my doctor ( only because my temp is around 104°) When he asked me, ” Why don’t you quit smoking, you’ll be able to enjoy your ranch more and feel better everyday, and RIGHT NOW… is the BEST TIME if you go cold turkey!?”

    I told him flat out… I’m not at all interested in quitting, even when I’m strung up with needles and tubes I’ll still smoke my cigarettes.

    Man, was I ever wrong!

    I’ve had full blown pneumonia for 3 days, its past… and I’m on day 5 of no cigarettes. My doctor said that when ya got the flu your body is ALREADY going to try to clense and purify itself… thru sweat… so just help it… and It’ll help you… and it’s SO TRUE.

    In all honesty… I didn’t/don’t want to quit,
    like I always tell everyone, “My Daddy didn’t raise no quitters”
    but, I’m going to give it a fair chance. I don’t have any cravings, I just love to smoke. But, If I manage a week before smoking again then Maybe I’ll stick with it. This is just a hap chance and I figured I’ll try it.

    Mainly I just wanted to try to help everyone who REALLY WANTS TO QUIT… Good Luck!

  83. I’ve been smoking for the past 16 years and I recently had some dental work done. I decided since I had to pay out of pocket that I need to quit smoking since I was paying so much for the dentist. My last cig was on March 30 at 11:55 p.m. It has been a week since I had my last one and I would have to say day 4 was the hardest for me. I never knew that nicotine affects your blood sugar and makes you feel like your going to pass out. I also feel sick to my stomach and wake up in the middle of the night. By the time Fri came around, mentally I still wanted one but then I thought to myself..I saved 40.00 this week by not buying any. I know it will get easier each passing day and the benefits at the end will be higher than the negative ones. I just never knew what this habit of mine I had did to my body for so many years. Now I can say I’m fighting for the years to come but yes we all need support when it comes to quitting this nasty expensive habit.

    • Keep it up I am on day 7 of not smoking it’s hard but every time I get crawing for cigarettes I look at my phone my daughters pic she is a Litle princess I want to be around for her good luck

  84. I’m 23 I have been smoking daily since about 13-14 years old.. I was recently diagnosed with bronchitis and my chest congestion and coughing literally won’t go away!! I never wanted to stop smoking until this happened to me.. Definatly my motivation.. I have officially went 24 hours without a cigarette.. Thought about smoking a CIG all day, but managed to find other things to do… Hoping to stay strong, get over this sickness and STAY smoke free☺☺

  85. I m day 2, I have tried many times in the past, and then ok 1 cig it’s not bad, and then 2 etc and now I find it so hard to quit, but I will I know I can. Good luck to everyone

  86. Hi I’m on day one having smoked since I was 16 and am now 53. I feel ashamed I’ve smoked for so long/at all. I guess that’s normal? Today I’ve walked my dog and chilled on the sofa. The cravings seemed to last for ages and I’ve been deep breathing or watching cute puppies on Facebook lol. Roll on day 2. It’s so hard though. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to smoke. I do and it feels shocking. Thanks to everyone for your inspirational stories. I’m hoping they keep me going.

  87. I’m 36. I’ve been smoking for 20 years. I’m a week into nicotine cold turkey. I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner. I’ve always tried with smoking aids in the past which hasn’t worked for me. The first three days were difficult. I had insomnia and was exhausted as a result. But sleeping has been easier, although still not great, so I’ve felt more rested and much happier. I’ve barely thought about a cigarette today. I think I’ve really turned a corner. With the right mental attitude this time I think I may beat this. And if I can, so can you. Good luck folks.

  88. Today is my 11th day and ironically I am just over it! The reason I quit. I feel so much better and with this much time under my belt the thought of having a smoke is not a thought. I use a calendar and put the cumulative total that I save in terms of money, which is a great motivator. I have so much more productive time and don’t plan my days figuring out when I’m going t have my next smoke.

  89. I am currently 19 going to be 20 at the end of July. Currently 1 week cigarette free using Nicotine gum 2mg, about 3/4 pieces a day. I’ve been smoking for 2 years on and off with the amount of cigarettes being more than half a pack going down to 8 back up and until it remained on 8/9 per day for the past few months. I used to smoke with everything. Stressed? Have a cigarette or two to “Calm down”. Working on a project? The same. Waking up in the morning and taking a dump? Cigarette with that too. Waking up and drinking black coffee with cigarette is everyday for me. Now, I am not going to lie, it helped me lose about 27 KGs in about 4/5 months. Sure, it wasn’t the main reason but it was a tool. I lied to my parents and told them that I was going to stop and acted like I was smoke free for the past 10 months or so that I actually believed the lie. Until my chest started to feel extremely tight and I had issues breathing about 2 weeks ago. I decided that I was gonna finally stop. I never was a heavy smoker but I depended a lot on cigarettes to get me through a lot of things since I am alone most of the time and it worked. Some of the best ideas came whilst I was puffing on that cigarette. I study Cinema so it is important for me to keep the creativity flowing and that’s what cigarettes did for me. The past week has been a mixed bag. The first 4 days were surprisingly very easy but the symptoms started on day 5 and peaked on day 6 (yesterday) for some reason. I felt like needing a gum every 30 minutes for a few hours. If I didn’t take the gum, I would have a medium headache. It felt like hell. I am starting to eat more sugars too however, I am balancing it within my calorie limit but I am not sure If these past 2 days have been successful diet wise. My chest is feeling much better and I am breathing better. I take two cold showers a day to keep the energy flowing and to prevent the fatigue. Its been a mixed bag is all I can say. Is it going to get better anytime soon or will this remain for the next 2 weeks?

  90. Day 6 , I have to admit it feels great . i have more energy at the gym. i really don’t know if i can continue

  91. I am on day 7 of quitting cold turkey. Now my advice to all the smokers trying to quit, try not to find a substitute for smoking. The addiction comes from nicotine, not cigarettes themselves. I used to “quit” smoking and start using another form of nicotine, which always led back to me picking up a cigarette because my addiction to nicotine wasn’t cured. For the first time in years I am truly confident that I will remain a non smoker for the rest of my life! And that was achieved by quitting cold turkey and utilizing my inner will power!

  92. I am 56 years old and been smoking since I was 15. I don’t know any other way of life. I quit smoking cold turkey 7 days ago. I am full of anxiety and talk too much. I don’t feel like me. This is somebody else’s life as a non-smoker. I feel like smoking is part of my personality and don’t know how to move forward. Does anyone else feel like they are living someone else’s life.

    • You feel like that because you still think cigarettes used to give you something.. and now you miss that illusion.. go get a allan carrs easy way to stop smoking book .. he will explain how the addiction works in your body .. no scare talk or anything .. after that it is supper easy !! And you will feel happy to be a non smoker !!

  93. I have completed my 1st week and you gotta trust me .. i didn’t feel anything .. like i wasnt even craving .. or had any problems emotional ir physical or mental.. its just normal .. and i didn’t know this was this easy.. btw i was smoker for past 6 years.

  94. Not my first time trying so I have learned from the past that one moment of weakness took me right back to full blown smoking! I smoked long and hard. 7 days into my journey to be smoke free for life! Praise God!

  95. I used Alan Carr easy Way. No cravings or irritability or food replacement, why don’t our national health service reccomend this???
    Anyway I’m on day 7 and a happy non smoker

  96. Allan Carr Easy way to stop smoking !! The best book ever !! It is truly easy and I dont crave cigarettes at all .. i am just truly happy to be a non smoker !! I tried to use willpower several times, nicotine replacements and champix two times .. i would stop for few months and then get hooked again .. with the book it is different .. it changes all your psychology around smoking !! Truly a gift .. I recommend it so much .. and bo I am not a book seller ..

  97. I’ve been smoking 2 packs a day for 18 years! I stopped buying cartons on April 1st, 2017 I stopped buying cigs on July 4th my last cig was at 5:00 pm on July 9th I’m freaking out now❗️❤️ Wish me strength please❗️❤️

  98. Well I’m now on my seventh day of being a non-smoker and I’m doing pretty well I’m eating a lot of candy so I hope that subsides ❗️I have not smoked a cigarette In 7 days❗️ And I don’t even think about it ❗️

  99. Been smoking menthol cigarettes for 5 years since I was 19. While It hasn’t been nearly as long as many people I was at the point where I was smoking a pack or sometimes even more in a day. Tried quitting with nicotine gum and failed. Bought a top of the line $150 vape and set up, still didn’t work and got pneumonia the first month from smoking both. Loved the vape but would still smoke a cig after a week or so. Decided a week ago cold turkey would be the best option and has worked so far. Granted I smoke and eat weed sometimes and definitely gave to my food desires I have to say that the cravings are fading and I feel like I have so much more freedom now. No more spending 10 minutes of every hour of my life giving myself cancer, chest pain, migraines, and bowel movements.

  100. Been smoking for 5 years now, Im 23, tried to quit a few times, not been very successful, this time hoping for the best, got sick in this crazy hot weather, got a cold, cough. Been at home for the past two days, not smoked a single cigarette, and the thought of smoking one disgusts me. Have read articles about benefits of quitting, and the changes that occur to our bodies once we quit are definately worth it. Therefore hoping for the best that once I “get back on track” from my illness I will not feel like I have the need to smoke a cig.

  101. Day 7 right now….using 4 mg gum. I’ve been chewing about 5 pieces a day. Haven’t had one hit off a cigarette at all. Gum works for the cravings for the most part, still have to remind myself why I’m quitting about 4 times a day.
    The gum leaves a minty taste in my mouth all day, I’m kinda getting sick of it, especially when I’m having a drink in the evenings. Eventually I’m gonna have to bail on the gum as well. I’ll deal with that when it comes.
    I’m 35 smoked since age 13 , so whatever that adds up to.
    Don’t wanna die for cigarettes, want to live a better life overall, don’t want to have any social crutches, and would love my son to know that I do care about him and want to be there for him always.

  102. Day 7 for me and I am really proud of myself I am smoking since I was 18, 34 now. It is not easy but it is way better than the first few days. Still feeling bloated though. I am drinking lots of water, running and eating clean but still look and feel like a balloon. I found out that eating sweets makes the things worse for me. Cravings get stronger and I bloat even more… Anyone had a similar experience? Hopefully that will go away

  103. Day 7 for me. It was a hard first week and stopped cold turkey. I keep reminding myself u want to be able to breath easy and those cigarettes are not going to twist and turn me anymore. Boy is it tough to be a slave of the habit. I have decided I will do whatever else it’s going to take. The first few days I was very irritable, I wanted to shout many times. Can,t do it at work or at home with out causing a scene so what I do on my way to work is shout out loud a few times. This really helps. Need to work out too to get rid of stress in a better way. Hang in there better days are here we just need to appreciate them.

  104. Day 2 here… Cold turkey method… Whenever I get the cravings, I use a straw and puff it in & out like a cigarette… And I have got a non-nicotine vaping pen… Hopefully I make it through… It’s a tough deal with the cravings

  105. Aug 23

    Today i have started it. Day 1, didn’t have my morning cigar, noon and now it’s 3:44 PM and it’s already pushing me. Hopefully i will be successful. Best wishes to the rest of the gang.

    Will try to update here every 1 week or days.

    PJ, India

  106. 5 days completed. I have a timelock safe to help me. I only take out enough cash for lunch and told everyone at work I quit so they wont give me any cigarrettes. I quit 10pm on friday so sat was ok and Sunday was bad. Monday I phoned work and asked for 1 day holiday. Went back tuesday quite hard and today very few cravings. I want to stop If I have a craving I think whats the point of another cigarette as I already smoked 120000 (30yrs)what good will one more do me. I went cold turkey

  107. 6 Days completed without smoke. I attempted many times but could not get any success. But then I had a throat infection and i was not able to smoke for 2 days. It was a great push towards quitting it. My throat is fine now. But i am not smoking anymore. I usually have craving 2-3 times a day. But i keep telling my mind that why did i quit. I keep reading in my office about benefits of quitting smoking. It keeps me motivated. When you have severe craving. Go for jogging and Imagine yourself as Rocky and Cigarette as Apollo Creed. In your imagination, that fight is going to be amazing and you will win. Cravings will lose.

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