About Us

Hello! Welcome to Quit Smoking Community, the biggest online community and learning hub for smokers in search of inspiration and information.

What is Quit Smoking Community?

Quit Smoking Community is a virtual community that offers support and information for those trying to kick the deadliest habit in the world.

Our vision for Quit Smoking Community is to provide a hub where visitors can access information regarding quitting smoking, as well as download resources and tools to help them begin and complete their quit journey. Our website currently receives over 40,000 visitors per day from around the world, and we hope to bring people of different races and nationalities together in the fight against tobacco.

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Who’s Behind It? Meet the Team.

Quit Smoking Community was co-founded by Nathan and Karen. Recognizing the potential of online communities to help people was one of the catalysts to creating this website, but the decision to create a community for quit smoking support was inspired by  a personal story.

Here’s Nathan’s story on how Quit Smoking Community began:

The idea for Quit Smoking Community came about a few weeks after my father passed away after a long battle with lung cancer.

Karen and I had been thinking about building an online community, and after my father’s death, it was fairly obvious that our community should be built around smoking cessation. I have since been obsessed with creating an online resource that will help thousands upon thousands of smokers avoid my father’s fate.

My Thoughts on Cigarettes and Smoking

After a lot of reflecting on the events that had happened since his lung cancer diagnosis, I guess I couldn’t shake the fact that his life ended so early because of cigarettes.

Cigarettes. How could those little tubes of paper filled with leaves be the reason that my dad won’t be at my wedding or get to meet his grandchildren?

I don’t blame him one bit, addiction is bewildering and powerful, not to mention that he grew up in a time when ashtrays were on every table and you could smoke on airplanes. I just think it really speaks to the power of cigarette addiction that he continued to smoke them despite everything inside of him wanting to quit.

He was not one of those people who shouted: “Let’s go have a smoke!”. No, he was discreet about it, and I probably only saw him puffing on a cigarette ten times in my life. He didn’t want to be a smoker. Nobody would act like that when it comes to smoking if they didn’t want to quit.

My mom definitely wanted him to quit. She must have bought him every quit smoking product available. The Nicotrol Inhaler, the gum, the patches, electronic cigarettes from the nearest gas station and even Chantix. She would have us, as kids, go up to him and remind him that we wanted to have him at our weddings, so would he please stop smoking?

But in the end, as is the case with so many smokers, the only thing that ever worked to help him quit was a diagnosis. And a pretty nasty one at that. He had incurable, Stage Four small cell lung cancer that had already spread to his brain. He wouldn’t be with us much longer.

What took my father’s life continues to take the lives of thousands of people every day. The dizzying, overpowering nature of addiction takes over, and next thing you know, you’re in your 40s or 50s with less than a year to live. And seeing it firsthand, happening to someone I loved and looked up to, made me want to do something about it. What my family experienced as we spent our last days with my dad was the inspiration for Quit Smoking Community.

The Tobacco Truths

  • Tobacco takes the lives of approximately 6 million people  worldwide, every year. 
  • 400,000 of those tobacco related deaths happen in the United States alone.
  • Of those 400,000 tobacco related deaths, 41,000 of them are non-smokers with heavy, long-term exposure to secondhand smoke.  
  • Smoking is a habit that ends up killing half of its users, yet over 10% of the US population (33 million people) report smoking every single day. 
  • Tobacco related illnesses rack up $133 BILLION in direct healthcare costs every year.

This isn’t just a small issue, this is an epidemic.

Our Role in the Solution

Quit Smoking Community is a small organization. We do not lobby governments or organize fundraisers. Our goal is to simply to build a community where smokers work with other smokers to quit together, while ex-smokers give them encouragement and advice.

What We’re Working On

We are currently working on our first feature release for the site, a free program called The 100 Hour Challenge. It’s based on the concept that the worst parts of nicotine withdrawal only last for about 4 days, or about 100 hours. Once smokers sign up, they will be asked write a short pledge to quit smoking, and then start the countdown whenever their quit date is. That’s when the game starts.

The idea is that the participants will write in their Quit Journal at least once a day, this is often considered the best way to reduce stress and get your thoughts onto paper instead of in your mind. Not to mention there are real rewards for contributing your story of quitting.

Quit Journal entries, craving reports, Video Hangouts, and other activities during the 100 hours go toward points. And points are going to be able to get users real rewards such as Amazon gift cards.

The goal here is to gamify the quit  smoking process. And this is just one of the ideas we have as this community develops.

Thank You for Visiting

To wrap this up, we just want to say thanks for stopping by and please don’t be a stranger. We read every comment we receive on our website, and hearing stories of people around the world quitting after visiting our site inspires us to continue to expand Quit Smoking Community. We are motivated by your will to quit, and will do everything we can to end the tobacco epidemic.