Vape Tanks: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Vape Tank

Best Vape Tanks Guide

To get optimal results out of your vaping gear, it is vital to choose the right vape tank that will not only match your device but will also suit your personal needs. Many vapers, especially beginners, overlook this fact and end up wondering why something seems to be missing every time they use their vape. This is especially frustrating when you are using a high-end vape mod, but cannot achieve the perfect vape to calm your craving soul.

After all, every little part of your set-up contributes to the quality of the vapor being released. A mismatch, so to speak, between your chosen tank and your mod will mean vapor that is too much or too little for your tongue (and lungs).

Fortunately, there is a multitude of vaping tanks out there, and at least, one is bound to suit your needs. This guide is intended to help you find the best vape tank without any difficulty.

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The Top Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm Vape Tanks

Crown Sub-Ohm Tank by Uwell
Price: $28.95

Uwell Crown Vape Tank

One of the best tanks we have tested for sub-ohm vaping, the Crown Subtank by Uwell is built with durability, flexibility, and usability. Although its manufacturer has yet established its image in the vaping industry, the Crown Subtank is definitely going to make that happen soon.

The Crown Subtank is a neatly-designed tank that comes in three colors, and a smooth stainless steel finish. It features a quartz glass tube, and can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid at a time. It is not out of the ordinary but is enough to hold a significant amount of vape juice that will last the whole day, at the very least, before you need to refill it.

The Crown Tank is a top-filling set-up, which produces extraordinary vapor when paired with a decent mod and vaped at any level from 10-120W. It includes two 0.25ohm and one 0.5ohm coil, plus a spare quartz glass tube and o-rings.

At a reasonable price, the Crown Sub-Ohm Tank delivers a smooth and excellent vape that is both remarkable in volume and flavor.

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Aspire Cleito
Price: $24.95Aspire Cleito Sub-ohm Vape Tank

Also with a top-fill set-up, the Aspire Cleito Tank is among the top tanks on the market. This sub-ohm
tank features the Cleito Coil, which is designed to eliminate the common static chimney through a Clapton structure. Each draw releases full and flavorful vapor using the 0.2ohm or 0.4ohm coil. Featuring dual airflow adjustments, the Aspire Cleito is a versatile tank that allows you to take charge and decide how you want your vape.

This tank can hold up to 3.5ml, and is easy to fill from the top. Its build is made of durable stainless steel and superior glass material. All these for less than $30 and this becomes an excellent choice for those who want value and performance combined.

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Herakles Plus Tank by Sense
Price: $34.95Herakles Plus Sub-Ohm Tank

The Herakles Plus, an improved version of the Herakles Tank, is another top-performing choice for sub-ohm vapers. On top the features already found in its predecessor, there is now a better airflow that is directed to the coil, a new and improved coil system, and a top-filling set-up.

For $34.95, this tank allows for easier filling and better flavor and vapor production. With the same stainless steel and Pyrex glass tube, the Herakles Plus is a durable and quality tank that is well worth an upgrade.

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Eleaf Melo 2 Sub-ohm Tank
Eleaf Melo 2 Sub-ohm Tank

Price: $23.95

The Eleag Melo 2 is a no-fuss sub-ohm tank that delivers and excels. It can hold up to 4.5ml of e-juice, which is very convenient especially for heavy vapers. It also has an adjustable airflow and a top-side filling system that eliminates the hassles of refill leaks, as well as improves the production of vapor.

If you love the Aspire Atlantis Coils, you will be amazed at how this tank’s coils hold the same quality, but at a much lower price. A direct-to-the-point evaluation of the Melo 2 would be an excellent vape tank with high value for money.

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Horizon Phantom Micro Sub-Ohm Tank
Phantom Sub-Ohm Tanks

Price: $34.95

A smaller version of the Phantom tank, the Horizon Micro is the perfect option for vapers who want their full vaping set-up in a compact and portable size.
This tank is 9mm smaller than its cousin, the Phantom, and yet features the same impressive qualities that have made the latter an equally popular tank.

The Horizon Micro makes use of an innovative way to collect and bring your e-liquid back to the tank. This way, there is no wasted juice, no spits, and the coils are kept saturated at all times. Vaping with the Phantom Micro is consistently satisfying, and not once did we get any taste that we did not like.

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Top Regular (not sub-ohm) Vape Tanks for 2017:

Standard Vape Tanks

VaporFi Rebel Tank

Rebel Standard Vaping Tank from VaporFi

Price: $49.99

To date, the VaporFi Rebel Tank remains the best e-cig tank because of the high-quality vape that it produces. The Rebel includes
a dual coil system that creates a 1.3ohm atomizer, which means better flavor in a decent amount of vapor each time. Even without going sub-ohm, this tank lets you have a quick taste of what cloud chasing is.

The Rebel features an adjustable juice and air flow, which we found rather brilliant and practical especially when using different kinds of e-liquids. It has a 510 connection and can hold up to 4ml of juice, so you can use it with almost any mod out there without the need for frequent refills.

It is a perfect choice for anyone who has just moved up from pre-filled cartomizers, and likewise an excellent back-up for sub-ohm vapers who want to use regular tanks occasionally.

Kanger Aero Tank
Kanger Aerotank

Price: From $24 and up to $35

The Kanger Aero is one of the most sought vape tanks at present. Like Kanger’s Pro  Tank 3, this vape tank is a remarkable product that helped the brand gain more and more loyal customers despite the rise of many other competitors.

Among the many desirable features of the Aero Tank is the adjustable air flow that is easily twisted to achieve your perfect vape. Vaping with the Aero Tank is a truly enjoyable experience, with more vapor produced than what the Nautilus does. The taste is likewise impressive.

If you are new to using tanks and want control over the kind of vapor that you will get, then the Kanger Aero is the best option.

EVOD 2 1.5ml OCC Tank
EVOD Vape Tank

Price: $5.95

There is no going wrong with the EVOD 2 OCC Vape Tank. It is a beginner’s clearomizer that gives you an accurate taste of the best that vaping has to offer, without going overboard in terms of price and performance. Any new vaper should start with the EVOD, if not something better.

This clearomizer tank holds up to 1.5ml of e-liquid. While that does not equate more advanced tanks, it is enough for a couple of rounds of vaping. The most important thing is that it produces clean and consistent vapor. It is also easy to use, with a bottom-filled tank that allows for a quick atomizer replacement without having to empty it.

There are many other vape tanks that are available to choose from, and it ultimately depends on the user as to which one is the best according to his or her likings. Our list is a result of our assessment based on our own standards and predilection. While we believe that less popular brands are also capable of making quality products, it is important to consider the reputation of the brand from which you will buy your tank.

Best RDAs (Drippers):

Best RDAs (drippers)

RDAs, commonly referred to as ‘drippers’, are actually Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. Unlike clearomizers, RDAs do not have tanks to hold extra e-liquid for continuous vaping. These atomizers require you to drip liquid on it directly every ten or so draws, depending on the coil set-up, the voltage or wattage settings, the temperature, and how you inhale through the mouthpiece. They are rebuildable, such that you can decide what kind and how many coils to use every time you vape.

Building an RDA involves dealing with coils, wicks, ohm meters, and the like. That being said, RDAs are not recommended for beginners. They are for experienced vapers who know how to get their atomizers together, are fond of meticulous tweaking, and want their vapes to produce clouds of vapor with great throat hit and flavor. Since RDAs work by dripping e-juice directly onto the wick, the flavor and hit is much better with these atomizers as compared to tank-based ones.

Generally, since RDAs ‘amplify’ the flavor and hit out of any e-liquid, it is best to use them with low-nicotine, high-VG juice without the extra flavor shots. Some want to sub-ohm vape with them while others are good without sub-ohm vaping.

RDAs can be used with both mechanical and regulated mods. There are all kinds of mods out there that can be chosen for an RDA set-up, but an essential factors to consider are vent holes, a locking mechanism, and the kind of battery that will go with it. Depending on the kind of mod that you will use, building your RDA will require varying types of coils to use and so on.

RDAs have quickly risen in popularity over the past years, along with the increase in the demand for mods and advanced vaping devices. There are plenty of RDAs being sold in the market, and finding the right one to suit your personal taste can be tough without enough knowledge. We have reviewed the best RDAs, however.

#1 Mutation X V4 RDA
Mutation X V4 Atomizer


The Mutation X V4 RDA is a 22mm atomizer that is available in blue, green, pink, and carbon fiber, copper, white, black, and stainless steel. The aesthetics on this RDA is completely remarkable and, by the looks of it, has a sturdy, well-built body—something that will last you years. However, some find the drip tip too wide and prominent, although the 510 drip tip adapter works wonders to take care of this tiny bit of an issue.

This RDA features dual and single coil options, a direct bottom coil airflow design, and a 5mm deep juice well. Impressively, the Mutation X works best and creates clouds at 0.2-0.5ohm without getting too hot. Sub-ohm builds work great with the amount of airflow that this RDA has, and without trying, this becomes a perfect choice for sub-ohm vapers.

Building on the Mutation X involves four posts with big holes that can accommodate any wire. Needless to say, putting in the coils is relatively easier on this RDA. The juice well was deep enough to hold a significant amount of juice for longer vaping, which adds to the convenience that one will enjoy once everything is set and ready to fire.

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#2 Wotofo Lush Authentic RDA
Lush RDA

Price: $29.95

The Wotofo Lush Authentic RDA is another great choice for those looking for drippers. This RDA is manufactured by the same brand that made the popular Freakshow and Troll. The design of this dripper is much like the Mutation X V4, as it features a stainless steel construction and a wide black drip tip.

The Wotofo Lush allows a good amount of airflow through its angle drilled air holes, enough to deliver great tasting clouds of vapor for the cloud chaser. Its build is just as striking—with high-grade materials such as stainless steel for the body, and silver-plated contact pins that enable seamless top-level connectivity. There is no doubt that this RDA will last for a long time.

Building on the Wotofo Lush is made even easier with its four post design with a T positive center post. There is no single coil option in this dripper, though, and this particular issue can be a downside for those who want to have options depending on their vaping mood.

Another negative aspect of the Wotofo Lush is the painted inner section which is easily scratched. While this is a cosmetic issue that Wotofo can take care of without changing the design significantly, it can be a health-related concern for its users. Hopefully, they will address this concern very soon. Overall, the Wotofo Lush is a well-machined dripper that excels in terms of performance but has some room for improvement to be a perfect option for meticulous vapers.

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Best RBAs (Rebuildable Atomizers):

Best RBAs (Rebuildable Atomizers):

RBAs, on the other hand, are simply rebuildable atomizers. They are also called rebuildable tank atomizers. Unlike RDAs, they do not require dripping since they make use of tanks to hold a particular amount of e-liquid. They do, however, have building decks, too, where you can build and fix your own coils according to your penchant.

RBAs have four parts: the base and building deck, the chimney, the tank, and the top cap and drip tip. Some RBAs have top building decks, which work quite differently and are more complex than those with bottom building decks. The mechanism by which RBAs work depends on their type.

RBAs, like RDAs, work best with mechanical mods, but can also be built to work with regulated mods.

RBAs also require a good amount of knowledge regarding safety nets, correct voltage and resistance, and some practice before you get used to building them. While there are RBAs that are recommended for beginners (to rebuilding, that is), RBAs, in general, are for serious vapers who want to work their way to the right set-up that will deliver vapor just the way they want it.

RBAs create massive amounts of vapor with excellent hit and flavor that is close to, but a little behind, what RDAs do. Nonetheless, when built correctly, these things deliver warm and high-volume vape that are great for a mouth to lung inhales. Here are the best RBAs we have found to date:

Eleaf Lemo 2 RTA
Eleaf Lemo 2 RTA

Price: $29.99

An excellent tank that comes at an affordable price, the Eleaf Lemo 2 is a great choice for those who are ready to start rebuilding and get more out of their
devices. This RTA features a sleek design and durable build made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. By simply taking a look at the Eleaf Lemo, you will know that it is built to last ages. It feels sturdy a bit heavy compared to other brands, which we believe is a positive point.

The Eleaf Lemo 2 comes with a standard 0.5ohm coil, which is fully capable of producing a great amount of vapor with lovely flavor and throat hit. However, this RTA does not seem to work very well with resistance levels lower than 0.5ohm as well as thicker VG e-liquids. The airflow in this RTA is not as much as other sub-ohm tanks but is enough to allow for a good mouth-to-lung inhale.

Just like with any other rebuildable, the Lemo 2 takes a little practice before one gets used to setting it up. The way it is designed, we believe that the Lemo 2 is intended for a single-coil set-up; however, it does allow for a dual coil set-up if it is something you can work out.

The Lemo 2 features a top filling port that lets you refill and clean the tank easily without any spill, and the tank can hold up to3.8ml of e-juice. Convenient and capable, the Lemo 2 is a remarkable tank for new rebuilders who are not so into sub-ohm vaping.

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Joyetech Delta II RBA
Delta 2 RBA

Price: $10.99

Perfect for higher wattage vaping, the Joyetech Delta II RBA is one of today’s most excellent sub-ohm vape tanks. Its exterior speaks of elegance and resilience, as it is built and designed with a stainless steel body and finish. In actuality, this RBA is indeed a relative of The Hulk, as it can survive through many accidental drops.

On the contrary, the solid body limits your view of what is left inside your tank. There are windows for this particular purpose, but it can be an issue for those who want to monitor their e-liquid levels at a glance.

Inside the solid casing is a pack of wonderful features that work great with a 50W mod. Delta 2 features juice flow control, which enables the user to settle with higher PG e-liquids without over-wicking and leaking. Simply control and limit the juice flow and you can be confident that your PG-based juice will not damage your device. On the other hand, this RBA also works flawlessly with VG-based and higher VG e-liquids.

As we vaped through both settings and e-juice types, we noticed that the Delta 2 was remarkably silent without annoying gurgling sounds. The airflow on this tank is superb since there are two holes that allow plenty of air to come through for cool, volume-rich, and flavorful sub-ohm vaping.

While this tank is an RBA, the kit does not include an RBA deck where you can build your own atomizers. You will have to purchase it for another $10 or so. On a positive note, it has two 0.5ohm coil heads in the package, which is enough for a good couple of cloud-chasing sessions.

An exceptional investment for anyone who wants long-lasting tanks, the Delta 2 is an advanced vaper’s RBA that can also be a beginner’s friendly introduction to rebuilding and sub-ohm vaping.

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Best Temperature Control Tank:

While temperature control mods are the newest craze in the vaping world, temperature control tanks are now being manufactured as well. TC vaping allows for a more precise and consistent level of vapor production by maintaining a particular temperature setting. Many regulated mods that are being released nowadays feature temperature control functionality.

Many vapers prefer temperature control vaping because of the consistency in the vapor’s volume and flavor. Needless to say, there are no dry hits and burnt wicks that are not only off-putting but are also a possible health risk. TC vaping prevents overheating and keeps you protected by maintaining a safe temperature that will not damage the device. It also means longer battery life, and therefore, more vaping hours to enjoy.

TC tanks are for advanced vapers who want precision and flexiblity, with control over the volume, warmth, and flavor in every draw that they make.

Temperature control tanks make use of Titanium Grade 1 or Nickel 200 wires because they have non-static resistance levels which rise as they heat up. In essence, a temperature control mod will not work without one of these wires. While you can always build your own atomizer with a Ni200 or Titanium coil, there are great TC tanks with pre-installed coil heads, such as the Arctic Turbo.

Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank 
Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank

Price: $28.95

The Arctic Turbo, featuring three separate coils, is a huge vapor producer at 60-100W. While the quality of the vapor varies at different wattage settings, it is always massive and thick in volume. Flavor, however, is a bit mild on the Turbo.

The design of the Arctic Turbo is sleek and modern. It has a stainless steel body, a pyrex glass tank, and good overall build. Using this tank is likewise hassle-free with a top-filling feature, and is even quite easy with a silicon cover that features a refilling slit. The airflow is substantial on this tank, with both a bottom and top airflow system. The top one, however, has a loose ring that easily moves out of place. The fan in the chimney, which supposedly brings back e-liquid to where it should be, slowly collects e-juice and tends to spread to the air flow ring as well. It does not affect performance, but we think it is an issue worth raising.

While there is a few point that must be dealt with in this tank and some issues that involve the structure of the Arctic Turbo, this Temperature Control tank is a capable one. It lacks flavor, but the clouds on this vape are massive and remarkable.

Standard and Sub-Ohm: Two Types of  Vape Tanks

To start, there are two types of vape tanks that you can choose from: standard or regular, and sub-ohm.

The regular tanks are often a good starting point for beginners in the vaping world. Most of them are designed to work with fixed voltage devices or variableSub-ohm Vape tank vs. Standard Tank voltage vaporizers that use low levels of power. Ex-smokers particularly seek vapor that is strong in flavor and throat hit, as they long for something that is similar to traditional cigarette smoke. Standard tanks are intended for bringing out stronger flavor and throat hit instead of clouds of vapor. Such is the rationale behind these tanks being the best option for new vapers and ex-smokers.

On the other hand, sub-ohm vape tanks are used with sub-ohm devices that utilize high levels of power. The design of these vaping tanks is intended for creating huge clouds of vapor, with flavor coming a bit short when compared to that of a standard tank.

When the wrong tank is used for a device, users will experience unwanted results that range from mild to severe. When a regular tank is paired with a sub-ohm device, the result is a burnt taste that comes from a burnt wick. Regular or standard tanks are unable to withstand the high levels of power and temperature that is released by the device, thus the unfavorable result.

Likewise, when a sub-ohm tank is used for a regular vaping device, the atomizer gets flooded, and the device is unable to vaporize the e-liquid fast enough. When this happens, e-liquid may leak to the adjacent parts of the device.

While experienced vapers and rebuilders can troubleshoot these issues by tweaking tanks and their coils, it is important for those who want hassle-free vaping to choose the right tank for their device.

Different e-cig brands have developed their tanks while others resell what the biggest vape tank brands offer. Below is our list of the best tanks by type (including most advanced RDAs & RBAs), with our quick review of their performance.


There are many other vape tanks that are available to choose from, and it ultimately depends on the user as to which one is the best according to his or her likings. Our list is a result of our assessment based on our standards and predilection. While we believe that less popular brands are also capable of making quality products, it is important to consider the reputation of the brand from which you will buy your tank.

 Rebuildables are likewise starting to flood the market nowadays. Any vaper who wants to try rebuilding for the first time must know which tank involves less complex features. While there is no limit as to who can use these advanced items, it is crucial to know how to handle and use these products with caution.

Vaping can be as simple as pressing a button or taking a drag out of a cig-a-like, or it can be as complex as choosing the right coil to twirl and install on an RBA deck. You can either get cigarette smoke-like vapor or blow clouds on a single inhale. Vaping gives you the freedom to choose what satisfies you most, and in order to do so, you must choose the right set-up to achieve your kind of vape—and tanks are an indispensible part of it.