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The Arizer Air medical marijuana vaporizer improves on the already good Arizer Solo with a more portable size and replaceable batteries without sacrificing performance.  Arizer has been known for its quality products, as shown by its last product, the Arizer Solo. With its newer device, the Arizer Air, the company is hoping users will appreciate the compact size and updated features, without compromising vapor quality. 

Arizer Air Speed Review 

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  • Dry Herb Vapor Quality: 90%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness: 95%
  • Price: 85%
  • Overall Rating: 90%
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 Arizer Air Design


 At first glance, the Arizer Air looks more like a condenser mic used in recording studios than a vaporizer. Its cylindrical design is simple but with a grill-like addition near the top end. Nothing else graces the device save for a single button and a small LED light. It is about half the diameter of the Arizer Solo but is slightly taller.

 As with all Arizer products, the Air is solidly built with tight tolerances. Nothing rattles and everything looks to be machined precisely. The grill is perfectly straight, and the unit itself is built like a tank. This makes the Arizer Air tough enough to survive years of rugged use. For those who do not want their vaporizers scuffed, there is a clear protective silicon skin included.

 Overall, it is a sleek looking vaporizer with a tough, premium feel.

 Use of Arizer Air

 Users who are familiar with the Arizer Solo will find that using the Arizer Air is similar. Both use similar ceramic arizer-air-vaporizer-portable-dry-herb-vapechambers with a nearly identical heating chamber and filling it is pretty straightforward. Each filling can hold about 0.2 grams of dry herb, enough for quick group sessions.

 The stems included have plastic screws on them, as opposed to the all-glass stems of the Solo. Despite losing the all-glass vapor path with the Air, the stems are smaller, making it easily pocketable even when attached to the device. If you prefer the all-glass stems of the Solo, fortunately, these are interchangeable with the Air.

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Arizer Air is rather small vaporizer.

Arizer Air is a rather small vaporizer.

Performance-wise, both the Air and the Solo produce similar quality vapor, which are both great. However, unlike the Solo, which features seven temperature settings that range from 122 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, the Solo only has five. The temperature range is smaller as well, with the lowest setting at 338 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest at 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Despite the differences, the Arizer Air still manages to perform well, as long as you do not need temperatures lower than 338 degrees Fahrenheit. When starting out with the Air, it is recommended to set it at the lowest setting first then working your way up as needed.

 When it comes to battery life, you cannot beat physics. The smaller size of the Arizer Air means a shorter battery life compared to the more robust Solo. However, unlike the Solo, the Air uses replaceable 18650 batteries. This option balances the battery life issue and is much more preferred by many users since it gives them the ability to swap batteries any time.

 Arizer Air Review Summary

 Those who already own the Arizer Solo might want to take a look at the Arizer Air for its smaller size and option to replace batteries. However, if both are non-issues for you, the downgrade from seven temperature settings to five may not be worth it, especially if you prefer cooler vapes below 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

 For users who want to upgrade from vaporizer pens, the Arizer Solo is a worthy investment. It is only slightly larger than vaporizer pens, so you do not sacrifice portability, but the performance is miles ahead than the best vaporizer pens on the market.

Arizer Air Vaporizer
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Quality Build

Replaceable Batteries


Short Battery Life

Limited Temperature Range