Best Vape Pens Guide & Top Vaporizer Pens of 2017 Reviewed

Welcome to Quit Smoking Community’s guide to the best vape pens! If you’re looking for the top vape pen, you’re in the right place. We’ll start with the top 12 vapor pens on the market today. Below that, you’ll find information on the different types of vape pens and how to find the right one for you. Let’s get started!

Disclosure: Our vape pen reviews are based upon the experience, testing and skill of our trained paid staff. Links from to one of the reviewed products or brands, will allow you to purchase directly from the provider. We receive commissions from these providers; this does not affect your price and helps to pay for the operations of this informational website. To learn more click here. Thank you!

On this page, we will discuss the best vape pens overall for vaping e-liquids, waxes, and dry herbs. If you want to go to the specific category of vaporizer pens, choose one below:

10 Best Vape Pens on the Market Reviewed

The Winner
V2Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

Starting at $59.99

V2 Pro Series 3
Works With:  Dry Herb, Concentrates, E-Liquids

V2 Cigs is one of the top electronic cigarette retailers on the Internet with a loyal following a huge sales numbers. But last year they released their V2Pro Series 3. It’s a 3-in-1 vapor pen that can handle dry herbs, oil, and wax.

V2 says that the Pro Series is “designed for e-liquid but performs equally well with dry herb and wax“. After testing it for ourselves, that makes a whole lot of sense.

The Series definitely worked best for our oil concentrates and vape juices. It delivered consistent clouds of vapor and there were no problems with wicking and dry hits. This was a problem with some of the other pens because oil concentrate is a bit thicker than normal e-liquid and it can gum up the works.

But we were also very pleasantly surprised to find that this vape pen handled dry herbs pretty dang well. Most vaporizer pens on the market will claim they work with dry herbs, but in reality, they just burn it and the whole thing is a mess. While the Series 3 isn’t going to challenge desktop vaporizers anytime soon, it is a nice addition to be able to vape dry herbs and wax to switch things up.

Overall, this was definitely the best vape pen that we tried when it came to working with essential oil concentrates. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a 3-in-1 vape pen that can actually work pretty good with dry herbs.

If you’re looking for a great vape pen that is capable of vaporizing any type of content — we suggest you try the V2Pro Series 3. We even found a 10% OFF coupon for you to save some money.

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Save 10%

Save 10% on the #1-rated vape pen! Just click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF your entire order.



Halo Tracer Twist Vape Pen

Works With:  Vape Juices (High-VG)

On the second spot in our best vape pens list is a great e-liquid vape pen from Halo — The Tracer Twist. With a powerful 2,300 mAh battery, easy-to-operate interface, Variable Wattage and airflow control functions, this vape pen is definitely a good choice for vapers looking for simple and powerful vape pen for their e-liquids.

Featuring top-fill leak proof sub-ohm vape tank along with borosilicate glass, this vape pen is hard to beat.

Update: Use coupon code QUITDAY and save 5% your entire order if you use the link below.


XEO Void Vape Pen


Works With:  Vape Juices (both PG and VG)

The XEO VOID vape pens are designed in Germany with care to provide the best vaping experience. This E-Liquid Vape Pen has some great features including anti-leak structure, durable build, elegant finish, and an amazing rechargeable battery that will last you all day.

The VOID promises excellent leak protection, thanks to the innovative X-Vapor no-leak technology. All XEO VOID vape pens are compatibe with both PG and VG e-liquid and produce high-quality vapor. It’s better than most of the competition and the only reason it’s on the 2nd spot in our list is because it only works with vape juices.

Update: Use coupon code QSC10 and save 10% on XEO Void vaporizer pen using the link below.


V2 Vertx Vape Pen

Works With:  E-Liquids (Pre-Filled or Blank Cartridges Available)

Pre-Filled cartridge for VERTX vape penThe VERTX & VERTX Plus micro-cigs are the latest offerings by the renowned manufacturer V2. They offer the power of V2Pro in a compact and portable device, at a reasonable price. The VERTX Plus costs $89.95 and comes with touch screen controls to manage voltage settings, durable and high capacity cartridges, super-light construction, LED battery charge indicators, and charger. The VERTX is same as the VERTX Plus but doesn’t come with the flashy touchscreen, and is a more affordable choice, costing just $49.95.

V2 claims that the VERTX Plus can offer up to 650 puffs per cartridge, and it’s not far for truth. Thanks to the pass-through technology, both the models can be used even while charging. VERTX design holds cartridges firmly in place with a simple click and allows for a varied micro-cig experience with thick vapor and delicious flavor in every puff. Our reviewers totally loved the design and performance of the VERTX and VERTX Plus, however, because it is not available with refillable cartridges yet, it is #4 vape pen on our list. 

Update: VERTX blank cartridges are now available.

Update 2: Use coupon code QSC10 and save 10% on this vape pen using the link below.


JUUL E-Liquid Vape Pen

Works With:  E-Liquids (Pre-Filled “JUULpods”)

JUUL is one of the best vape pens for those looking for hassle-free vaping experience. JUUL vaporizer pen starter kit comes with pre-filled cartridges, a.k.a. JUULpods currently available in 4 flavors: cool mint, fruit medley, creme brulee, and Virginia tobacco.

The main downside of JUUL e-liquid vape pen is that JUULpods are not refillable and 4-pack is priced at $15.99.

Apart from this, this is a good entry level e-liquid vape pen capable of producing high-quality vapor. Learn more about this vape pen in our JUUL review or click the link below to go directly to their website for more information.

#6  $99.95 Works With: Dry Herbs

MigVapor Sub-Herb Target Vape Pen Starter Kit

The Sub-Herb Target Mini might not be the most affordable vape pen on our list, it might not the best-looking item either, yet its decent design, above average performance for vaping concentrates as well as flowers, and a relatively affordable price has helped it occupy the 4th spot on our top 10 list.

To make it a good bargain, in addition to the vape itself, the manufacture also includes in the kit an ego adapter as well as many other accessories (like dab tool, extra 510 connectors, etc.). For dry herb lovers, the vape pen offers a very smooth and powerful vapor, and it has a ridiculously long battery life, thanks to the 200mAh battery – making it ideal for use with the advanced sub-herb tank.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to use the sub-herb tank that’s included in the package at 19-27 Watts.

We really liked how MigVapor’s designers have succeeded in making such a small vaporizer pen with an OLED display screen, a safety button and a USB charging port. The area where the this vape pen really excels is customization; it allows adjustable voltage and wattage settings to fine-tune the vape according to your very needs. You can also switch the dry herb tank to your favorite sub-ohm tank, and enjoy the performance of the high-end mod.


MigVapor Matrix Vape Pen


Works With:  Dry Herb, Concentrates, Oils

MigVapor is a pretty small e-cigarette company, but we have noticed that they are always coming up with the best technology a little bit sooner than everyone else. This Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer is pretty incredible, it’s one of the first vapor pens we’ve tried that performs at the level of a full-on portable vaporizer.

The ceramic chamber really allows for a cleaner, softer, more even vape. Not to mention, they just added the capability for concentrates (wax and oil) which takes this pen to a while new level.

The only reason it’s #7 in our best vape pens list, is because it’s more expensive and slighlty on a big side. It’s currently on sale for $140. If you have that extra $100, I would invest in the Matrix, the level of upgrade you get in performance and ease-of-use is worth the extra $50 for sure.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen

$99.95 Works With: Concentrates

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is designed to give the best of low-heat vaporization for concentrates. The synchronization between the atomizers, battery, and the mouthpiece is accomplished through powerful magnetic connections, making the Aurora a vape experience like no other.

We got spoiled with the three different atomizers; Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish- Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish- Ceramic Halo with Quartz Dish, which gave us countless customization options and perfect vapor output from any type of concentrate.

We haven’t even reached the best part yet. Reassembling this vape pen is extremely simple as the components firmly attach to each other magnetically. This ensures a hassle-free vape and makes the whole process of loading and unloading easier.

For the price of one, you will receive a ton of products. Other than the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen and 3 Quartz Magnetic Atomizers, you will receive a handy loading tool, a silicon storage container, a magnetic USB charger and a keychain courtesy of Dr. Dabber.

In terms of performance, vapor quality and design, the Aurora Vaporizer Pen gets full marks! Really, the only reason it’s at the sixth spot is due to the fact that the top five spots are already taken.


Atmos Jump Vape Pen

$59.95 Works With: Dry Herbs

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Pen

Atmos Jump Vape pen Kit offers everything that made the Atmos concentrate pens super popular and introduced it in the form of an herbal pen. It is best with dry herbs and is built to last, thanks to its durable and sturdy carbon fiber body which protects it while rich and flavorful vapor is being produced in the heating chamber. Don’t let this vape pen’s compact size fool you; its 1200mAh battery delivers a powerful performance and heats up almost instantly.

The reason why we are so partial towards The Jump is that it is not just a marketing gimmick which claims to vaporize substance but actually combusts it. It delivers exactly what it promises which is to vape, and not burn your herbs. Working temperature is reached in just 7 seconds, unlike most of the convection vape pens on the market. There is only one temperature setting though, which does reduce vape flexibility.

The 1200mAh battery allows 5 to 6 long vape sessions before it needs to be recharged. Recharge time takes only 2-3 hours. We truly appreciate Atmos’ take on the herbal pen. Priced at $60 and with a 5-year warranty, this product is a steal and ranks as number 8 on our list.

KandyPens SkyCloud

$98.95 Works With: Dry Herb, Concentrates, Oils

Kandy Pens Sky Cloud

The KandyPens SkyCloud is another honest 3-in-1 vape pen on the list. It works with everything. Dry herb, THC e-liquid, and wax/oil concentrates. It comes with different attachments for each type of product, and performs quite well with each of them.

It doesn’t quite match the dry herb vapor quality of the MigVapor Matrix or V2 Pro. It doesn’t provide the same ease of use with wax/oil vapor as the Series 7 with the wax cartridge. But it performs at least above average in every category. However, note that if you’re going to be using mainly dry herb, than the V2 Pro are definitely better options.

Not only can it handle everything you throw it’s way, but it’s under $100, can easily fit in your pocket, it’s durable, and it gets high scores from everyone who bought it on It has a 4.4 star rating from 25 reviews, which is definitely saying something.

Atmos Jr Vape Pen

$64.95 Works With: Dry Herb, Concentrates, Oils

Atmos Jr Vape Pen

The Atmos Junior is an interesting product. It’s by far the smallest pen on our list and the best for using “on the go”. The design and build quality are also fantastic. So basically this thing has the 3 S’s: sleek, solid and small.

The downside is that it isn’t the greatest for use with dry herb. Atmos actually doesn’t even sell it as a dry herb vape, but it is possible if you throw a glass screen over the chamber. It won’t fit a lot of dry herb or do the best job of vaping it, but it gets the job done.

But this pen shines in it’s ability to vaporize concentrates. Wax and oils work amazingly well in this little pen. It’s not quite at the same level as the Omicron, but it’s definitely easier to carry around, better looking and smaller. It’s also built solidly with only a few pieces, making it really easy to clean. Just like the Omicron, it comes with a loading tool that makes filling up a breeze once you get the hang of it.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

$69.95 Works With: Wax and Oil Concentrates

dr dabber ghost vape pen

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape pen utilizes wax and oil based concentrates, and is a perfect starter kit for newbies. Our first impressions were that this is an average basic vape pen that is great for beginners to practice on. Boy, were we wrong. This vape pen performs excellently, and even advanced users who are looking for a light portable contraption will be pleased with it.

The overall quality of the unit is impressive and doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Everything feels smooth, sleek, and the intricate details are exquisite; from the engraving at the end to the logo on the main button, the Ghost vape pen is beautifully textured. As far as vape pens go, this falls in the mid-range category, but can be mistaken for a much more expensive item.
Can you believe that there is no heat up time? The second you press the button; you can start inhaling vapor right away. This is tried and tested, however, we still recommend that you wait at least two seconds for the coil to heat up, just to ensure consistent vapor quality and amount.
It honestly blows our mind to see such tiny products pack a punch with their battery life. The battery life of Dr. Dabber’s Ghost is outstanding, lasting more or less 400 puffs. Offhand we would say this can be used for a couple of days before requiring recharging. Of course, without usage, there will hardly be any power drainage.
The only thing that hinders the Ghost from truly being an exceptional vape pen is its plastic mouthpiece. It is composed from premium quality material, but we felt that it tampers with the flavor slightly. However, this isn’t a con set in stone and isn’t enough to override the fact that the Dr. Dabber Ghost is a high quality product and worthy of being on this list.

Stok OG Four 2.0

$74.20 Works With: Oils

OG Four 2.0 delivers a natural, smooth and consistent taste. It is as simple as that. But behind this simplicity is a state of the art Patent pending Lava-Quartz Technology and Quad Airflow system which is responsible for delivering these beautiful hits.

A spinoff of the flagship R2 series’ design, the OG Four 2.0 has an attractive chrome finish and a stunning visual orange polycarbonate heating chamber. The addition of the Quartz Crystal components burns substance much better than ceramic, and doesn’t ruin the natural flavor.

The visual heating chambers let the user see how the material gets burned and vaporized. This way, you can monitor the exact amount of product left in your vape pen and the hazy vaporizing process is going to send you into a state of trance. You will be staring at the visuals for long durations without even realizing it. These innovative features, along with an excellent battery life and accessories, makes the OG Four 2.0 a winner. You will be exclaiming its slogan “This thing rips!” in no time!

Best Vape Pens Categorized:

Best Vape Pen For:Name:Price:Chamber/ Battery:
Vaping All Mediums (Waxes, E-Liquids, Dry Herbs) V2Pro Series 3 $59.99 2.5 ml/1800 mAh
Dry Herbs V2Pro Series 7 $129.99 2 ml/2200 mAh
Vaping E-Liquids XEO Vape Pen $59.95 2 ml/1500 mAh
Beginners VERTX Vape Pen $49.95 650 puffs/420 mAh
Blowing Clouds + Sub-Ohming Halo Reactor Mega 3 $75 5 ml/5000mAh
Smoking-like Experience JUUL $49.99 Disposable "JUUL pods"
Dabs/Waxes Keymaker Wax Vaporizer Pen $39.95 360 mAh

More Vape Pen Information

Types of Vape Pens

There are three main types of vape pens: Oil Vape Pen, Dry Herb Vape Pen, and Wax Concentrates Vape Pen.

  1. The Vape Juice Vape Pens is where it all started. People saw e-cigs and started asking “when can we use medical marijuana with that”. Turns out they didn’t have to wait very long. Although you could use just about any e-cig with cannabis oil or wax there’s a specialized variety that come pre-engineered to vaporize THC at the most efficient temperature with the best results.
  2. The wax/dab concentrate vaporizer pens were a real game changer. Everyone was in love with using wax but nobody liked the arduous process of heating up the nail, or tray, or sketchy piece of metal from your buddy’s basement with some expensive and unreliable torch lighter. The pen removed the work and made the process enjoyable. With the pen, it’s effortless and exact every time. You can check out our top list of dab/wax pens on this page.
  3. The dry herb vape pens are the least evolved of the three. It is very hard to engineer a very small device that can successfully vaporizer dry herb. Some people have come close to making it work and there are a few worth buying. However, if you want a vaporizer to work with dry herb and don’t mind the device being a bit bigger, than a portable vaporizer is probably a better option.

3-in-1 Vape Pens

Vape pens were designed with wax and oil in mind. Until recently, finding a pen that could vaporize actual buds was next to impossible. These days it’s gotten a little easier, some models can really hold their own when it comes to straight up dry herb vaporization. And there are some astonishing 3-1 combo vapes that are turning heads with their ability to handle all 3 substances (oil, wax, and dry herb). If you’re concerned about getting tied down to one form of cannabis consumption you can breathe deep with a multipurpose vapor pen.

How Vape Pens Work

Vapor Pens, in general, consist of three major parts. Those are the atomizer, the battery, and the mouthpiece. The atomizer is the component that heats your concentrates and herbs.   There has been some debate over atomizers with and without wicks. Atomizers with wicks are frequently made from fiberglass, which can be unhealthy when inhaled so you want to stick to those that are wickless.

The battery can be anything from a standard AA battery to a rechargeable battery that is embedded in the device or is removable. Some come with USB chargers, others with wall chargers so be sure to know what will work better for you. Finally, the mouthpiece-which is pretty self-explanatory-just look out for ones that aren’t detachable as those will be much more challenging to clean.

Vaporizer Pens F.A.Q.

What is Vape Pen/Vaporizer Pen? In simple terms, a vape pen is an electronic cigarette that allows you to vape a variety of materials such as oils, waxes, and dry herbs. Just as the name suggests, they usually look like a fountain pen, but can be as large as a large cigar. They usually have three parts: a cartridge, an atomizer (the heating chamber or plate), and a rechargeable battery.
What are the types of vape pens? Depending on what material you want to use, there are three main types of vape pens: vape pens for oils, dry herbs, and wax/dabs, with dry herb and oil vaporizers being the most common types. Unlike the larger vaporizers, the small size of vape pens usually restricts their use to one type of materials. However, you can find a few vape pens that allow you to vape multiple materials.
What is The Best Vape Pen? Well, it depends on the type of material you're going to vape. There are some great oil, wax, and dry herb vape pens available, along with the hybrid devices. Check out the list at the top this page for the vape pens that our reviewers liked the most.
Are Vape Pens Bad for You? While the debate is still going on whether vape pens are bad for you or not, one thing is sure: the vapor produced by vape pens doesn't contain most of the combustion chemicals found in smoke. The absence of unwanted chemicals, yet a similar sensation to smoking a tobacco cigarette, might make vape pens an excellent choice for people, who switch the way they intake nicotine.
How Does Vape Pen Work? In layman terms, a vape pen gets power from the battery, produces heat between 350 to 400 degrees and slowly turns the materials (i.e. dry herbs/oils/wax) in the heating chamber into vapor, which is inhaled by the user. Unlike the regular smoking devices that can produce temperature as high as 1000 degrees or even more, the vape pen produces vapor instead of smoke as there is no combustion.

Finding the Right Vaporizer Pen For You

There are many choices for many different tastes; everyone can find what they want. Just remember to keep an eye on the type of vape pen you want versus what you are buying. Also look at trade-offs. While some vapes are great at providing cloudy hits every time, others show off their prowess with impressive battery duration or ease and quickness of a vaping. All of these vapor pens are capable of lasting you a long time but that’s only if you take good care of them. A lot of people make the mistake of buying a vaporizer pen and then treating as they would a regular bowl. Tossing it around, banging it on surfaces to get residue out, and being generally careless-these are the types of things that will quickly lead to an inoperable vape pen. I hear way too often someone complaining about how they broke their pen doing this, or doing that. They say it was poorly manufactured or try and blame its breaking on a defect when it was their own abuse. I’ve owned at least thirty vape pens over the past couple years, I’ve always treated my devices with care, and they have never broken. You can do the same thing,

So when you see yourself with your vapor pen, do you picture yourself holding the jack of all trades? Is it the vape pen that simply will not break, ever? Or, do you see yourself holding the first of many pens and just don’t know where to start? I’ve told you my opinion of what the best vapes are overall, but now, let me down break it down by personality.

Finding the Best Vape Pen for Your Personality

The Fuzzy One – If your senior class voted you most likely to lose your car keys then you’re going to want to go with the V2Pro Series 3. With a low price for the initial kit and replacements even less you never have to worry about losing your vape pen because you can simply buy another one and still have spent less than everyone else did on their first one.

The College Student – You’re living in a dorm, your roommate is always playing WoW and you feel like he’s in cahoots with campus security? KandyPens SkyCloud is the perfect choice for you. This tiny Vaporizer looks like a weird mascara container and will leave your roommate clueless as he rifles through your underwear draw during class.

The Pretentious Ring Blower – MigVapor Matrix is the sure fire bet for any moustache-wielding, indie-band-following, “I would explain it to you but why” hipster that wants to impress everyone at the party with his smoke ring antics. Puffing on the Orbit is going to make you forget your lips are on a vape pen

The Taste Purist – You stop to smell the roses. You’re in love with the seasons, fine dining, and long walks on the beach. If you take the time to enjoy the little things in life then the Atmos Junior Vaporizer is what you need-and it’s not because it’s little. If you want to be able to distinguish every little flavor discrepancy in your concentrates with the accuracy of a master sommelier then there is no exception, this is vapor pen was designed for you.

The Backpacker – You like the road less traveled and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty if there is reward at the end. That’s the Mig Vapor Z Stick in a sentence. You have to go the extra mile with the fill tube for wax but you are rewarded for that effort with the quality hits every single use. The battery isn’t going to die over the weekend either.

The First Timer – If you ‘re taking a big leap into the world of personal vaporizer pens for the first time and you don’t know exactly what you need, get the V2Pro Series 7. For a reasonable price you get all the accessories you need as a newbie and don’t have to worry about complicated wax as this unit only uses dry herb.

The Veteran – You started your vaporizing career with a contraption the size of microwave. You’re getting a vape pen and you demand exceptional quality from your piece. The MigVapor Z-Stick is the vape pen you’ve been looking for. This unit leads the race in every category and will not disappoint you with its flexibility as a 3-1 vaporizer.

Wrapping it Up

We hope you liked this list of the best vape pens we made here. If you have some questions about why we didn’t include your favorite vape in here or just wanted to share your opinion about some of these pens — feel free to live your comments in the comment section below.

We also welcome you to check out our list of the best dry herb vaporizers for more options or our guide to the best electronic cigarettes, if you’re looking for something that’ll work well with your e-juice.


    • Try The Mig vapor key maker for wax id you on a budget and want the bang for the buck.
      Use the Brain fogger Bad Ass Mini kit if your serious.

  1. I need help picking out a decent vaporizer pen or steam pen my brother in law just got diagnosed with lung cancer want natural products

  2. I purchased the V2 3 in 1 and it only worked for vaping e-liquid very well may I add. But as far as dry leaf, failed miserably. They had to replace the first only to send me a second pen that also did not work! I was truly disappointed as my current health situation doesn’t want me smoking tobacco products any longer!

  3. I smoke 20 to 30 a day and want to quilt smoking but need a good vap pens that will make me feel like I’ve had a cigarette can you advise me with this

    Kind regards
    Celia gurney

  4. I’d like to know if you can vape essential oils out of these? My husband has mold issues in his lungs, and we were told Thieves oil would be good. We don’t have a tabletop atomizer /vaporizer, and wondered if a pen would work ?

  5. So clearly it is not just “water vapor & nicotine”. That is some bulls**t the e-cig vendors tell you to buy their products. I also noticed I had a slight wheezing problem after vaping certain flavors and chest tightness (I suspect it’s because of the flavorings). It felt as if my airways were being restricted.

  6. I need a 510thread for oils cartridges and one that works with dry herbs … Nothing that gives off aromas please help I need the right one for me !!!!

  7. Got the nexus from qloudup, and best pen I’ve had. Hits like a monster and gives nice clouds. Friend of mine suggested and I highly recommend everyone.

  8. I’m so confused…… I’m looking for something for medical marijuana in oil form but also able to use for dry herb. I have been to many vape shops but it just confused me further with all the options. One shop utiopa told me the pax 3 is the best for my needs. It’s expensive so I’m nervous because it doesn’t have a glass bowl for the oil, I just want to make sure I don’t buy something that doesn’t fit my needs. Please help.

  9. Hey, just picked up a Nexus pen at Lightshade up here in Denver. I gotta say for what I paid I got a sick deal. It has 3 coils and lifetime warranty most important it hits like a beast. Check it out, its from a company I hadn’t hear of called QloudUp. Check them out

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