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All of the talk recently has been all about vape pens with little notice given to their hard-hitting big brothers — desktop vaporizers. The name makes you think about a device the size of an old computer tower but they more closely resemble laptops. Certainly too complex to use on the go, most do come with quality carrying cases, making them easy to transport and then use when somewhere safe – perhaps a friend’s house.

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Looking for the best desktop vaporizer?
  • We have carefully researched and tested all available desktop vapes to make this top list for every budget. Continue reading to learn more about all of them or check out our #1 pick Arizer Extreme Q — the best bang for buck desktop vape in 2017!

Desktop vaporizers vary in price greatly. While high-end models carry price tags of close to $700, most common vaporizers run from $150-500. The price is extremely reasonable when you consider the step up in the quality of both vapor and vaporizer. Different vapor delivery systems enhanced temperature regulation, and fan assisted hits—to name a few of the great features you only get with a not always that big desktop vaporizer. Below we have listed some of the best desktop vapes on the market!

Top Desktop Vaporizers of 2017 

Mid-Range Options ($200-300) 
The Winner


Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

*Update: The regular price for Arizer Extreme Q is $165, but with the limited time offer we found for you, you can save 10% and get free shipping + 3-year warranty. (Use the coupon below the description to claim your discount!)

The Arizer Extreme Q provides the user with a variety of different ways to enjoy their vapor, and at a low price point too. This is the cheapest vaporizer you can get that has the functionality to work with bags and whips.

But it’s not just that. From the sleek, stylish body with a bright digital display, to the thoughtful swivel action whip and almost perfect balloon delivery system, the Arizer Extreme Q is our top desktop vaporizer! We thought that it’s performance, multiple vaping options and price combined made it the top option.

Using the Arizer is a breeze, literally. With a controllable fan, you find the best magnitude of vapor for you. The temperature control is about average and I have never noticed combustion before while in the correct temperature range. It has a remote control, which I’m a bit unsure about. A vaporizer is one device that you can’t really use to it’s full capacity from across the room.

There’s not much else to say, for basically $199 (even 10% less with the coupon) you are getting something that does the same thing as a Volcano vaporizer. That’s an easy #1 pick in our opinion.

10% Discount

You can save 10% off your entire order at VapeWorld with our exclusive coupon! Just click the button to reveal the code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF entire order.

10% Discount

You can save 10% off your entire order at VapeWorld with our exclusive coupon! Just click the button to reveal the code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF entire order.

Plenty Vaporizer — $249.99

The Plenty Desktop VaporizerPlenty is another very unique vaporizer that has a lot to like. It’s from the same company that manufactured the Volcano, so you know it’s built well. It’s the only high end vaporizer with the ability to use liquids, extracts, and dry herb. This versatility is a big deal considering the rise of concentrate use. It’s also the lowest priced device from that company, at “only” $249. Additionally, it’s size makes it border on being a portable vaporizer, but with the power of a desktop. Never a bad thing.

Although I wouldn’t call it a whip vaporizer, it is very similar. The vapor goes through a long metal coil which effectively cools the vapor before reaching the removable mouthpiece. It’s important to note that although it looks transformable, you shouldn’t mess with the shape of the mouth piece.

In terms of it’s usability and vaporizing technology, I should mention that the temp control is very precise, better than most. It’s easy to find that sweet temperature spot and get the most out of every round.

One negative little thing is that the cord isn’t really long enough for comfortable use in most settings, so it’s advisable to get an extension, especially if vaping in groups.

Overall, it’s a safe buy for anyone who is willing to pay a little bit more for peace of mind that the piece is built solid as a rock and will work for several more years, as well as allow you to vaporize every type of substance out there. It’s expensive, and at first we thought it was too much, but when you look at the overall picture it’s definitely a good option for many different types of vapers.

Vapir Rise 2.0 — $249.89

Vapir Rise Desktop Vaporizer

This is my favorite new vaporizer. On the whole, the three of us decided that the Arizer Extreme Q was the top dog, but I personally think the Vapir Rise should be there. Regardless, they are both great vaporizers, just different.

The Vapir Rise has a sleek stylish design with an attractive interface for controlling the temperature and fan. Just like the Arizer Extreme Q, you can receive your vapor via bag or whip inhalation. It also comes with a ton of helpful accessories, even a piece made just for grabbing the bowl while it’s hot.

As far as the whip aspect goes, this thing is a beast. You can connect up to 4 whips at a time! That’s how powerful it is. However the bags were a bit complicated to assemble and fill, and was honestly too much of a hassle when we had the great whip setup going on.

I would say that if you really value the balloon aspect, than go with the Arizer Extreme Q. If you are indifferent about it and think whips are more important, go with the Vapir Rise. Both are almost exactly the same price and perform like products 2 times their price.

Da Buddha Vaporizer — $269.99

Da Buddha Desktop Marijuana VaporizerIt’s fun to say. It’s fun to think about saying. It sound’s tacky. Asserting that “da” Buddha was so ahead of his times that he was vaporizing -“I was doing it before it was cool” he tells all his monk friends- is pretty audacious- “Hipster” they call him behind his back.

Seventh Floor Vaporizers masterpiece Da Buddha Vaporizer delivers much more than expected. This vaporizer utilizes a 3 foot long tube whip with a glass mouthpiece. I’ve found the length of the whip to be a decent bit longer than most, making it great for lounging around. You do need to be careful as the temperature control on this vape isn’t as accurate as other vaporizers. What I’m saying is if you turn up all the way, you will combust (fry/burn) your herbs. But overall the glass on glass connection between the whip and vaporizer is snug and easy to manipulate.

It carries a lower price tag than many desktop vaporizers and also has a three year manufactures warranty that covers any defects. It’s definitely worth its price and performs on the same level with much more expensive devices. This is a very good vape and under $300 to boot.

High-End Options ($300+)
The Winner

Herbalizer – $599

The HerbalizerI bet you were expecting to see Volcano listed at the top of the high-end vapes list, didn’t you? Nope, there is a new sheriff in town and it’s name is The Herbalizer. It will only run you almost six hundred dollars, but it truly is the BEST vaporizer on the market. It has both bag and whip capabilities, PLUS it can vape wax and oil concentrates as well. It truly can do everything a vaporizer can possibly do.

This egg shaped, futuristic look, made in the USA vaporizer is more than meets the eye. For starters, it isn’t even just a vaporizer, it also has the capability to produce aromatherapy, which essentially is just filling your room with vapor. We had another name for it as kids but it’s a very interesting capability.

This unit has a hidden compartment in the lid that houses an included cleaning brush, a liquid pad, and an essential oil bottle. Aside from just filling your room with vapor the Herbalizer enables you to vape via balloon or whip. Both are excellent, you’re getting what you’re paying for. The balloons have easy squeeze valves to prevent vapor leaks.

The unit remembers the last temperature you vaped at making it easy to resume use after an extended break, or entirely new session. Heat up on the Herbalizer is the fastest of any vaporizer. In less than 20 seconds after initializing you can begin vaporizing. The precise temperature control is due to an advanced halogen lightbulb the Herbalizer employs as opposed to the typical metal or ceramic element. It has a smaller herb compartment than most high end vaporizers which is good if you typically vaporize small amount.

If you can afford $599 on a vaporizer, you better damn choose this one.

 We recommend you to buy this vaporizer directly from manufacturer. Click the button below to get the best price!  

The Volcano Classic/Digital – $380/$479
The Volcano Desktop Vapes

We suggest to buy the Easy Valve with Volcano to work with bags.

Volcano is the classic. Everyone knows their name and everyone respects their products. However, the three of us came to the conclusion that it has really become just a name brand status item. If you want to show off that you’re a financially secure marijuana user, this is the go-to product.

Not that it’s bad in any way, it’s really just overpriced. Plus, it doesn’t have the whip functionality, only bags. I personally prefer whips to bags anyway (as fun as bags can be) and would rather have the option for both. However, no one can argue that the Volcano is the best bag vaporizer the world has ever seen. The bags are durable, easy to fill, and easy to use. And the vapor production is magnificent. Plus, it’s also one of the best vaporizers in terms of conserving your product with efficiency.

The Volcano itself, a piece that holds the herb, and the bag are all you need to operate the Volcano, it’s seriously too easy. The mouthpiece on bag is the best of any vaporizer, just press in with your lips and inhale. The bags are high quality and offer about 5 hits when full. If you care about efficiency in your vaporizer there is no exception, Volcano is the best. You’re herb is going to last a long time.

If you want a Volcano but want to save $200, you may opt for the Classic version, though the temperature gauge is a little difficult to work with and it’s an older version.

So even though it may be a bit of a ‘status item’, it is still one of the finest pieces of vaping machinery on the market. Absolutely amazing vapor bags, simple to use, efficient, and sure to make you a hit at the party. Volcano is still a hot item to have.

Budget Options ($99 to $229)
Best Budget Winner

Easy Vape 5 — $99

The cheapest vaporizer awardEasy Vape Desktop VaporizerThe Easy Vape v5 does everything a six-hundred dollar vaporizer does for a sixth of the price and a sixth of the quality.

I’m not saying this device is bad, because it isn’t. It’s trying to be fancy. The LED display is effective but looks cheap. The controls are easy to use and the vapor output is acceptable once you find the unit’s sweet spot. It has a five year warranty on the heating element which offers some peace of mind after seeing the lower quality build.

It’s lightweight so you may be tempted to take this piece with you to social gatherings. Resist this urge. There are too many fragile components on the Easy vape for use by a large group so if you’re socializing a lot you may want to look elsewhere, otherwise a fine at home personal vaporizer for the budget conscious.

But if you just want a desktop vaporizer under $100 that works well and gets the job done, you have to go with the Easy Vape 5. We put it at #1 because it is just so damn affordable compared to most other desktop vapes.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer — $269.99
Silver Surfer Desktop VapeAnother stunning (in appearance) vaporizer by Seventh Floor Vaporizers, the Silver Surfer has gotten fairly popular in recent months. I think the main draw is that it’s almost a hybrid between a portable and a desktop vaporizer. It’s definitely the most portable option we’ll talk about on this page. It’s simple to pack up, especially with the very high quality carrying case, and it’s size and setup are just very easy to deal with. Not a lot of moving parts.

In terms of production, it produces about as well as the first two mid-range vaporizers. However, it does not have the bag option which a lot of people enjoy, so it came in behind the other two. But for those who care a lot about portability and ease-of-use, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a fantastic option.

It has a glass dial which I think is reckless since it’s apt to break but I haven’t had issues with it yet. The temperature control is precise however the actual control is done via analog dial so you need to learn what location corresponds to what temperature for consistent temperature.

You can choose between one of two whip options. One being a whip that attaches glass to glass, as is standard, the other being whip that requires you to hold the end piece onto the heating element during use. Some people argue that the hands on one is better, I’m lazy and think they’re crazy, why would I want to have to hold it there. But, its personal preference, you can choose.

Regardless, the thing can vape dry herb extremely well and is the more portable option.

Wrapping Up
How Desktop Vaporizer Works

How Desktop Vaporizer Works

When it comes to desktop vaporizers, there’s quite a bit of variety and pricing differences. Sure, you get pretty close to the performance of the Herbalizer from something cheaper like the Arizer Extreme Q, but the Herbalizer is such a fine piece of vaping machinery that if you have the money, it’s worth it.

Desktop vaporizers also have the highest prices by far, but also one product with one of the lowest prices of all the vapes we’ve reviewed. The Easy Vape 5 is one of only 2 or 3 that is under $100.

It’s an interesting sub-sect of vaporizers, and they are the most iconic of all 3 types. If you want an addition to your home that guests love to come by and try out, or if you simply want power over portability, desktop vaporizers are for you.


  1. I’ve been vaping for years and I brought an easy vape 5, I found that it was utter rubbish, the ceramic heater sits too close to the ceramic filter and it burns a small ring in the material in center of the whip while the material on the edges stays green, the hot air doesn’t get a chance to mix evenly and even at the lowest temperature it was burning the material!

    Even if it did work the temperature reading isn’t real, after turning the unit down the temperature reading doesn’t drop, if you turn the unit off and on the temperate goes back too it’s switched on default of 80 and takes the same time to reach temp even though it’s already hot and ready.

    The unit draws air through the inside of the unit where it’s all plastic and contains all the electrical components, who knows if the solder is lead free!

    • hey John, seems I’m nearly always in a hurry & not terribly bright…lol You sound at least as knowledgeable and maybe more experienced than the ‘experts’ if you get a minute would you drop me a line w/ your recommendation that is comparably priced? If you’re too busy, that’s cool, too. I know how that is, but I’d bet you’re reason for that would be diff than mine, you do seem smart…lol

    • Agreed and I’ve owned the VapirRise since Day 1. I have now played with the improved version which supposedly fixed the few minor bits of feedback early adopters had. The smell and flavor that comes off them is phenomenal.

  2. I’ve had Da Buddah since December 2012. I’m going to use it again in about 15 minutes. Still seems to work just as good as it was 4 or 3 years ago. I hope the best for that company. If I upgrade this year, I like the Arizer Extreme Q. Not used to bags, not sure how it’s better. Seems like any little hole or tear might happen.

    • Bags suck for the very reason that they leak. While you’re filling a bag up, there will be tiny holes that just let your precious vapor go. This might not be an issue as much with the Arizer Extreme Q, I’m guessing, since the bag is nowhere near the heating element. I have both the Herbalizer and Volcano. Those bags leak far too easily that using the whip is the sensible way to go.

  3. Another Da Buddha user checking in. This is a piece of fine craftsmanship. I know someone who is a heavy daily user of an extreme q for 4 years now. They’ve made improvements since, but his is another phenomenal piece. We never really used bags with the q, which is why I did not consider da buddha’s inability to fill bags as a con.

  4. Been using same Volcano for 7 years. My mom got a new one and found they improved the pump to fill the bag in about 30 seconds. The Volcano never burns my herb and lasts forever!

  5. I’m really not a session smoker and always smoke alone or with my wife. I am very interested in the firefly 2 despite its kinda high price point (but with its fast heat up time, ability to vape concentrates and dry herb is awesome… but I consider only having 5 preset Temps a pretty big disadvantage and they advertise it like it’s awesome…)
    Anyway I know the FF2 is also a hit-as-needed type so that attracts me to it. For example using bags would automatically be a session as its vaping up all of it at once to fill the bag… I know there are whip options, forced air or not… basically just trying to see if any of these desktops will give me what I’m looking for. Portability is like last on my priority list. 1. Tied between vapor quality and herb efficiency (the FF2 claims 10 draws from .2g! Each load is .1-.15 providing 5-10 draws, so 2 loads is ~.2 and give 10 hits minimum) 2. Ease of use/accuracy of temp 3. Quality/money back guarantees.. any advice appreciated!

  6. I have an Arizer V Tower that keeps saying Er5 message so it’s not heating up has anyone had this issue, if so how to fix? I contacted the company but they won’t fix it as it’s out of warranty

  7. Silver surfer is the bomb. Very customizable huge clouds. Easy to use. Bomb proof almost never turn it off for years. Also. Close is the ENano from epic vape. Could easily be # 2 or 3 on this list

  8. The Herbalizer is phenomenal…for the first 3 months. The heating unit and/or blower motor quickly breaks down. I’ve gone through 2 Herbalizers, and if it was durable, I’d say it’s worth $400. Given that it’s not durable and $600 (gasp!) I wouldn’t recommend it.

  9. I’ve never vaped before. I had to quit my heavy tobacco use for my health but I don’t want to give up my herb enjoyment too. Can you recommend an inexpensive unit whether it be PEN or Desktop to get me started ? My State is NOT legal (maybe some day) I don’t want to spend $69.99 for a plastic PEN that melts on first use. I’d rather save and buy quality. Can you help with a suggestion for what works BEST for Personal Use Only and where to shop ?

  10. Another buddha owner here. It beats the hell out of most of these things and certainly gets a low shot for being called for hipsters and generally insulted.

    The crappy 500 dollar egg shit thing you boasted for having “aromatherapy” which the buddha also has.

    • Thanks for the support! Your the bomb!!! You are right, both the DBV and SSV are made for you and I, true connoisseurs. All 7th Floor vapes have an aromatherapy feature, and all our desktop vapes can do herbs and concentrates. Also, maybe you do not know that we make the Super Surfer that has more features than the volcano or any other vape on earth, and they are assembled here in the USA by people you can come meet if you are in Colorado.

  11. Aeromed 4.0.

    It is a water based desktop vape that uses halogen bulb heating, like the herbalizer. If you don’t have the money for a herbalizer but can spend around $400, this is a bit cheaper and works great.

    You can fill up the stem with as much as you need. I normally put a gram in and it lasts about 40-50 draws, plus going through water it is always easy to inhale, no heat.

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