Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Review – The World’s First Dual Chamber Vaporizer

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The Haze Dual V3 vaporizer is the world’s first dual chamber vaporizer that lets you vape e-liquids, wax and even the thick concentrates – interchangeably within the same session. Haze introduced the V3 after the V2 and V2.5 versions, both of which were pretty successful. The biggest improvement the V3 offers over the V2.5 is an improved overall design that also adds a lip to the mouthpiece, so that you can easily detach it. If you’ve used the previous model, you’ll know how much of a hassle it was.

The Haze V3 is one of the best vaporizers and comes with two canisters, one for dry herbs with a stainless steel lid, and one all-purpose can which you can use for wax and oil concentrates. You should consider buying additional canisters if you want to go out on a hike or on an all-night concert, and don’t want to stop vaping. The pricing range for the H3 starts at $175. In short, Haze Dual V3 is the most versatile vaporizer with a better battery life and the longest, 10-year warranty, available on the market. In this review, let’s try to see how it stacks up against the likes of Crafty, Mighty, Grasshopper and Pax 2.

Haze Vaporizer
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Machining and Aesthetics

Haze vaporizer chambers

Dual chambers allow you to vape multiple materials in one session.

Haze has changed the way vaporizers are being designed with the innovative Dual V3. It’s the very first vaporizer to come with dual, stainless steel chambers that let you vape a variety of materials during the same session. To make life easy, they have separate canisters for dry herbs and other materials, as well as two convection and two conduction screens. To find the right combination for your vaping style, we recommend you should consider flirting with different combinations.
Another unique feature of the V3 is that it has a patented heat-exchange mechanism that preheats the chamber to prolong battery life and also cools the vapor when it passes through the stainless steel path.

As for the design, it’s not the most elegant vaporizer, but it’s portable. Half the height of the Mighty vaporizer, it’s pretty much the size of a 4-ounce flask that can easily fit in your pocket. It’s lighter than Firefly and Mighty, but is bigger than Grasshopper, Crafty and Pax 2.
The Haze Dual V3 vaporizer comes with two mouthpieces, each made of stainless steel and glass. We personally liked the stainless steel mouthpiece which not only looks better but offers a cooler vape. It comes with an LED temperature setting display, and long-lasting external Li-ion batteries, which can be charged using an external dock.

Performance of the Haze Vaporizer

Just like the Vapir Prima vaporizer, the Haze V3 comes with four preset temperature settings that you can see on the LED indicators. Depending on the level you choose, the V3 can take anywhere from 40 to 90 seconds to heat up. The two chambers are separated by stainless steel walls, and you can choose different settings for each chamber to get the ideal temperature for the materials you want to use.

I personally like the lower levels for vaping dry herbs. Starting at level two, I might switch to level three towards the end of my vaping session if the hits get less dense, but would never use level four, unless I’m using concentrates.

The performance of the Haze 3 greatly depends on how well you use it, especially the conduction or convection screens. While Haze Dual chamber vaporizer with batterythe conduction screen is considered ideal for using with the dry herbs and convection for other materials, you’ll have to tinker around with different combinations and settings to find your sweet spot. At the end of the day, when you realize how well this gadget performs, you’ll totally fall in love with your V3. Its performance is definitely on a par with the Vapir Prima and Pax 2, but I really love Haze for its lower draw resistance as compared to Pax 2. It, however, is not as free flowing as Crafty or Mighty.

Its performance is definitely on a par with the Vapir Prima and Pax 2, but I really love Haze for its lower draw resistance as compared to Pax 2. It, however, is not as free flowing as Crafty or Mighty.

battery for haze vaporizer

Haze’s Li-ion Battery

What really makes the V3 vaporizer ultraportable is that it comes with pre-packed cans, ideal for situations when you want to enjoy vapes on the go, without having to refill.

Haze is powered by the powerful 3200 mAh Li-ion battery, and it comes with two of these. You can easily take out the battery and recharge using the external dock. The battery is not only lightweight by also offers up to 35% more vaping time as compared to most of its competitors. The batteries only take about two hours to fully charge.

Review Conclusion


•Dual chambers allow you to vape multiple materials in one session
•Good battery life, with two fully charged batteries, you can have up to eight sessions
•Discrete and portable. It’s just like having a flask in your pocket and the pre-pack cans take portability to the next level
•Very easy to use
•10-year warranty – the longest in industry


•It’s bigger than and heavier than the Pax 2, Crafty, and some other portable vapes
•With just four preset temperature settings, it’s not very customizable

While it’s not the lightest or smallest vaporizer, it has features that make it ideal for vaping on the go. The LED lights-based interface and only four preset temperature settings are also not commendable. However, considering the affordable price, and the fact that it outperforms more expensive rivals, the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer is definitely worth every penny.

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