Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) Review

magic flight launch box review
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The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the most popular and unique portable vaporizers on the market. It’s small and looks like it was crafted by the amish, but it’s very effective and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can check out the Magic Flight Launch Box on VapeWorld to see more photos and read customer reviews.

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MFLB Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Magic Flight Launch Box followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Dry Herb Vapor Quality – 90%
  • Quality/Sturdiness – 75%
  • Battery Life – 87%
  • Price – 92%
  • Overall Rating – 86%
A vape that stands out from the crowd. It’s very fun to bring to parties, it gets the job done when it comes time to vaporize, and the price is very reasonable.

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The Magic Flight Launch Box came in at #9 on our “Top Portable Vaporizers” list. However, at only $119, it is definitely one of the top budget portable vapes on the market. Many other products on that list were over $200 and it was judge only by quality.

The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) is one of the most unique vaporizers on the market. It’s tiny, it’s made of wood, and it doesn’t really look like a vaporizer at all. But when it comes to vaping dry herb, the MFLB is fantastic. It has a large chamber and can hold a lot of product, and the taste and fullness of the vapor it produces is almost as good as the $200+ options.

The cons are that it’s not the sturdiest. It will last you a while, for some people it lasts years, but they tend not to age very well. But still, for the $100-$150 price range, this is one of the best you can get.

Full MFLB Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box, with its simple design and low price may seem like a waste of time. It is certainly unassuming as far as portable vaporizers go. But as many users can tell you, there is more to it than meets the eye. We are going to delve into this controversial portable vaporizer to give you our opinion on it.


mfl designThe design for this product could not be any more basic unless it was made from a soda can or a fruit. But the name tells you it’s a box right up front, and it looks like little more than a small, wooden box. You do get a few differing choices as to which kind of wood you want to have your box made out of- cherry, maple or walnut.

The device may look simple on the outside, bit it actually takes some pretty sophisticated engineering to get a fully functional vaporizer to work off of double A batteries. Beyond the basic box shape, the Flight Box has a plastic tube attachment where you get your draws from. It’s an inelegant solution, but it works just fine.

Some people are going to be turned off by the simplistic design. But really, you should not expect something that looks like a piece of high-tech engineering for the price point (around $90). What you get is something that is fully functional and portable and that doesn’t waste its time or your money on aesthetics.


magic flight launch box packagingUsing the flight box can be a little tricky at first. There’s a certain method to it, and you can’t just use it like any other vaporizer.

First of all, before you put your herbs in, you need to grind them up really small. It’s a minor inconvenience for what is sure to be a great experience. Grinding your herbs up small ensures that they all get vaporized evenly and that none of them get left behind in the tank.

Also, when you toke, you need to use low, slow sucking motions. And you also want to flip the bowl back every now and then. This ensures that all your herb is getting used up and that you get thick, milky vapor with each draw. If you try to vape on this like you would with most other vaporizers, then you just aren’t going to have a lot of enjoyment with it, and you will struggle to get decent draws.

Unlike other vaporizers, this one runs on replaceable batteries. You can use rechargeable ones as well, but just know that there isn’t a charger for the box, so you probably want to have a supply of batteries handy.

Another idiosyncrasy of this vaporizer is that the temperature can be a bit difficult to control. You can’t really tell how hot the vaporizer is becoming inside when you turn it on and adjust it. You just kind of have to get a feel for it first. So there may be some trial and error when you first start using it and figure out how to get it to the right temperature. That’s the price you pay for a low-cost portable vaporizer, and it just ties into the no-frills design philosophy of the manufacturers.

It’s is easy to tell how much herb you have left, so you aren’t sucking on dry air. The herb tank is covered with a clear, plastic screen, so you can always just flip the device and see how much more herb you have to go. And it is great at using all your herb up, so long as you remember to grind it down really small.


This is a very reliable piece of hardware. It is designed and crafted in the USA, and the quality workmanship really shows. We already mentioned how incredible it is that this thing can run on batteries and function so well. But we also need to mention that it will last you. As long as you are using it correctly and not tampering with the screen (seriously, just leave it alone) then it should last you for years. And the replacement policies on the product are generous, as customer service is more than willing to help you fix any problems you have.

The battery life is about what you would expect form a pair of double A batteries. You get several hours or more, depending on how often you use it, how high the temperature is set and how long you leave it on for.


Magic Flight Launch Box
QSC Rating: 86/100 by

Yes, there are better vaporizers than the Magic Flight Launch Box. But they will all cost you more, and they may break down easily. For the money, nothing works better or lasts longer than this. You are getting plenty of value for your money.

It is also a great starter vaporizer for new users. There’s not a lot to learn, and if you don’t come with any preconceived notions about vaporizers, then you are going to absolutely love it. If you are spoiled, on the other hand, by sophisticated and high-tech vaporizers, you might be disappointed by the MFLB.

It’s not the shiniest or coolest-looking vaporizer out there, but it gets the job done and is very reliable. At this price point, you really can’t beat it. And we have to give it a great recommendation.


  • Simple design means that not a lot can go wrong with it
  • Great price point for a portable vaporizer
  • It is very durable and will last you for a long time
  • Easily uses up all the herbs so you aren’t left with some extra in the tank
  • Once you get the hang of it, it is the easiest vaporizer in the world to operate


  • Very bare bones — no extra features here
  • Takes some getting used to, and there will be some trial and error at first
  • Herbs need to be ground up

Disclosure: We receive a small commission if you buy the reviewed vapes using the provided links. This helps us to maintain this website.


  1. I’ve had my Magic Flight for a few years now and its my main go-to vape. There is definitely a learning curve, but once you master it, it’s hands down one of the best portables out there IMO. A friend of mine has the Pax 2, and while I can get good pulls from it, I don’t like the fact that the weed is sitting in a heated chamber the whole time. The Pax is great if you are in a puff-puff give circle, but not if you like taking the occasional hit. My buddy also has the Firefly and while the build quality and feel seems substantial, I wasn’t all that impressed. I think of the FIrefly as a larger high tech version of the MF, its just too bulky for my tastes and the body of it gets pretty warm while its powered on. I love the MF for its small size and simple design. I also like the organic nature, it being made of wood. How I love walking though the city with my dog while puffing on my Magic Flight!

  2. This is my first vape and i think its awesome,i got the muad dib version for concentrates. It heats up in seconds and the vapour is smooth and full of flavour. The screen could do with being slightly larger if i was being super critical but other than that i cant speak highly enough of this unique practical and efficent rig

  3. Absolutely a great product. So simple, doesn’t break. It is right the herb need to be finely ground. I have the money to buy whatever but will not try to improve on it. There is a charger for wall outlet to use at home or in the car. It is really for solo use so it doesn’t work at a party and you can’t just hand it to someone and have it work. You have to play with it a bit to get the hang of it and my friends are stupid when dealing with something other than a joint.

  4. My MFLB has just died after almost TEN YEARS of faithful service. I filled in the warranty claim at the MF website and received a swift reply telling me that a replacement will be in the post within a couple of days ! The new box is also covered by the same warranty so you basically pay once to have an MFLB for life ! This is customer service at it’s very best.

    Yes, it will take you a little while to learn how to use the MFLB properly but, once you have, you’ll be amazed at how efficient it is. Add to that it’s tiny size and stealthiness and you’ll soon be toking it everywhere and anywhere.

  5. Very impressed with the design easy to clean and use. Does the job. Only thing is the glass mouth piece only goes into the box 1/4 of an inch It was hardly sturdy and fell out and shattered on the floor first use 🙁

  6. I bought this thing for half price on a 420 deal at a corner store. I used it for 4 years no problems at all, then it wouldn’t heat up anymore even with a new battery. I emailed customer service, I took a couple pictures and they sent me a new one! Magic flight your team is the best!!! For a little over a hundred u get a vaporizer for life!

  7. Lasts about a week before the batteries turn to shite. I’d put it’s value at 15$. absolute waste of money, you can but an actual vaporizer for $100

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