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Pax by Ploom Vaporizer Review

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The Pax Vaporizer needs no introduction. It's gotten extremely popular recently and is one of the top portable vaporizers on the market. You can also check out our review of Pax 2 and Pax 3 portable vaporizers.

Pax Vaporizer Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Pax  Vaporizer followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Easy to Use/Clean: 86%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness: 90%
  • Price: 95%
  • Vapor Quality: 84%
  • Overall Rating: 91%
One of the top portable vaporizers on the market, and has been extremely popular the last few years.

The Pax by Ploom is often touted as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. You hear that not only from the manufacturers but also from many vaporizer reviewers. There is a lot of hype around this one. But is it all coming from the company itself or is it really genuine excitement for the product? It can be hard to tell in this super competitive market, which is why we decided to give you the straight scoop on the Pax ourselves.


hand holding pax vaporizerThere are a few different things we consider when we evaluate a vaporizer. The design may be the least important of those factors in many ways, but a poor design is going to make any promising functionality look less appealing. The Pax nails the basic design by giving you a small, very portable vaporizer. It is about the size and shape of a lighter, so you can take it anywhere you like.

And the entire package looks sleek and sophisticated. But it doesn’t look like an obvious vaping tool. You don’t have the long plastic tubing or herb-shaped insignia all over it that a lot of vaporizers go for. It just looks like an inconspicuous device. But it’s also sleek-looking enough that you won’t mind breaking it out in front of your friends and showing it off.

We also like how easy it is to use. The Pax opens by means of magnets. A simple thumb press pops it open, and it’s a simple thing to line it back up and close it off again. You don’t have to worry about any parts breaking apart or getting stress marks upon repeated use. It comes with an admirable 10-year warranty, but it looks like it is designed to last that long without the need for replacement parts or repairs.


pax starter kitActually vaping with the Pax is a mixed experience. We love that it produces a potent vapor and that it comes with adjustable heat settings. You can choose between low, medium or high, so that way you get the best temperature setting for whatever herb you are using. And that’s about as exact of a temperature setting as you can expect from a portable vape.

But we are not very happy about some of the actual experience of vaping. Trying to get your draws out of this thing can be a pain. You really have to strain while you use it, and it takes away from the relaxing vibe that these things are supposed to produce. And many times, we found that our herbs would not be heated evenly or that after we had vaped for a while the device would produce a plastic smell that was not very pleasant. But these problems only happened once in a while and not every time.

But when you can get your draws out, you get a very potent vapor. And once you get used to using it, it is a very pleasant experience. But those people used to taking long, easy draws are going to have a bit of a learning curve to deal with.

The Pax has an indicator light that can tell you a lot of things. It changes color depending on how your battery’s life is changing, what level of heat you have it on and whether it is in use or standby mode.

That ties in to this product’s big appeal- technology. There really isn’t another vaporizer out there that feels as technologically advanced. Most of them come with far fewer features and look awkwardly designed. But the Pax is simply a beautiful device that is mostly easy to use.


We’ve already talked about taking draws off the Pax, but let’s look at another performance feature- the battery life. The Pax has a battery that last for an entire hour of use, which by portable vaporizer standards is pretty good. But it gets even better- it only takes an hour to charge it. You see a lot of these devices that take hours to charge and only give you a fraction of that time in use. The Pax hits a nice medium though, and gives us just what we want out of its battery life.

The Pax works perfectly and easily every time. It sits in standby mode until you are ready to use it. Once you flip that cover off, it turns on and heats up automatically, going right for the temperature setting you last had it set on. There’s no wasted time, and you don’t have to deal with a bunch of button presses to get the thing working like you want.

Heating happens very fast. From turning the device on, it only takes about a minute to reach the desired temperature. This is true of all the heat settings, even the highest, and it still performs this well when the battery is low on power.


There is plenty to love about the Pax by Ploom and very little to dislike. This is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, and the hype seems to be entirely founded. When you are going out and you want to do some vaping while you are there, this is your best choice.

Pax by Ploom
QSC Rating: 91/100 by


  • It is incredibly easy to use
  • The Pax heats up very fast and easily maintains its temperature
  • Powerful battery performance means you rarely have to be without
  • Sophisticated and pleasing design make it a joy to use
  • Compact and functional so you can take it anywhere


  • Tough to get draws from at first
  • Slight plastic smell when vaping the dregs of a batch

In the end, we cannot recommend it enough. At $250, it will cost you some cash, but its 10-year warranty and quality build will ensure that it is worth it. This is a vaporizer you will want to use for years to come, and you will definitely be able to.

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  • BurnBabylon
    April 15, 2016 - 8:02 pm Reply

    Seems like a great vape, tho it’s a shame about the draw resistance and smell at this price.

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