Plenty Vaporizer Review

plenty desktop vaporizer review

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The Plenty Vaporizer is another interesting desktop product. It’s so small and portable that it could almost be called a portable vape. But it definitely has the power of the a desktop vape! And we thought it just didn’t quite fit what we thought a portable vape should be. Here is our review.

Plenty Vaporizer Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full vaporizer reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Plenty Vaporizer followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Ease of Use/Easy Cleaning: 90%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness: 95%
  • Price: 76%
  • Vapor Quality: 90%
  • Overall Rating: 86%
The Plenty Vaporizer is a solid desktop vape, but a bit pricey.

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The Plenty Vape is made by the same people who make the Volcano — Storz and Bickel. So how does it measure up to the legendary vaporizer?


plenty vaporizer setThe handheld design is actually far removed from the desktop setup of the Volcano. The Plenty looks as much like a handheld power tool as it does a vaporizer, especially with the black and orange design. If you’re going for incognito, then you might get away with it with the vape. It’s not really designed to work the same way that most desktop vapes do. You will have to hold onto it while you vape


plenty kitThe Plenty heats up as soon as you press the power button and set your temperature. The heat isn’t actually detailed on the controls, so you have to choose between seven different heat settings. As with any new vape, just start out low and work your way up until you find a heat that works for you. The device goes all the way up to 395°F, so it can get quite hot for a handheld unit.

And it is not designed to sustain the temperature for long periods. So every time you are going to take a draw, you just pull on the trigger to bring the heat back up. It’s a minor thing, and it makes it a lot more comparable to portable vapes than a desktop one, but it definitely packs the power of a desktop.

It takes around three minutes to heat all the way up, which is quite good for a vape this size. The only problem is that you really need to be holding it the entire time it is heating and you are operating it.


The best feature the Plenty has to offer you is its massive vapor production. Seriously, nothing else compares to how much vapor this device can produce. You would almost think it is combusting what you put inside it. It’s great about getting the vapor out to you too, as it allows for easy pulls and pleasant vapor inhalation.

All of this is made possible by the powerful internal heating unit. This vaporizer is pretty small, so basically the entire internal mechanism is a heating element. That means it can get kind of hot, but you will be just fine and avoid getting burned if you hold it properly. There is a warning label plastered on the device to let you know where to keep your hands away from.

The Plenty comes with a three year warranty, which is pretty much industry standard at this point. It seems like it will hold up for that long without much trouble, and we haven’t heard any reports of anyone having theirs break down in them when they are sign it properly.

Still, it can be hard to get over the fact that you need to hold it. You can’t really take it with you very well, so it sits in some sort of limbo between desktop vapes and portable vapes.


Mostly, we love the vapor production on this thing. It blows us away each time we use it, especially when we compare it to anything else out there. But it’s not all about the vapor production.

We are turned off by the fact that we have to hold it the whole time. It’s like it wants to be a desktop vape but at the same time it needs to be babysat. But even with the inconvenience of having to hold the thing, it is still a quality item through and through. We love its performance; we just wish it went about it a different way.

Now you might think that you have to pay a lot to get a quality, smaller version of the Volcano, which this basically is. But in fact it only costs $350. Now that’s a load higher than most portable vapes, but well below the asking price of the Volcano. And you get a similar experience here. And you really cannot beat the draw power this thing has. It’s just smooth, amazing vaping every time. For most people, it’s going to be worth that price tag and then some.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Powerful vapor production, probably the best we have ever seen
  • Fairly incognito
  • Made with that great Storz and Bickel quality


  • Can become very hot
  • Needs to be held
  • No temperature marks on the controls

Disclosure: We receive a small commission if you buy the reviewed vapes using the provided links. This helps us to maintain this website.

Plenty Vaporizer
QSC Rating: 86/100 by


  1. Hey

    I agree about the amount of thick vapour this thing creates. And I agree about the sturdy, German build quality. In fact I agree with all of it apart from the having to hold it bit.

    It has small rubber pads on one side and if you arrange the cooling tube such that it sticks out anywhere apart from that side, you can then rest it on that side without the hot parts making contact with anything.

    Alternatively you can stick the brush that comes with it in the bolt-hole on the handle and use this to rest it standing up.

    But then I bet a million people have already pointed that out!

  2. This is an awesome vape! As the person above stated, it can Absolutely be put down! Actually it’s recommended to put down or at least hold horizontal to prevent the escape of vapor between draws. You are doing a disservice to your readers by not correcting this and allowing a falsehood to significantly lower your rating.
    While not for everbody, The Plenty is a high-end, unique, extremely powerful, low maintenance and durable vaporizer that many people will Love!

  3. This vaporizer is phenomenal! I’ve owned many vapes in my time, including the Volcano, and let me tell you, this is my top pick. This device uses exactly the same air heating method as the volcano, but you are the fan! this thing is engineered brilliantly. look at the photo of the Plenty again, notice the cross hatching across the body of the vape. This cross hatching is actually ventilation holes to draw air into the air preheater at which point it is directed evenly through the super wide bowl.

    You can pack this bowl up Phat, probably up to 0.8g, or as low as 0.1g with the liquid pad. After the hot air passes through the bowl and the delicious vapor is produced, it is funneled through a stainless steel tube to cool it. This cooling system works extremely well. You can easily accidentally take too large of hits with this device because the draws are so effortless and comfortable.

    The plenty is exactly the same heating method as the volcano, but without the flavor loss from sitting in a bag. Much more portable, this will be my go-to vape from now on for home use.

  4. Those who have enjoyed the satisfying experience of inhaling a lung full of fragrant smoke , but now feel the damaging effects of tar and toxins can be comforted that technology has resolved this dilemma.
    The 2nd or 3rd draw of the Plenty gives THE most flavoursome and satisfying ‘hit’ comparable to any pipe, bong, chillum etc. Yet!, very little contribution towards smokers cough, meaning older stoners can still enjoy as if l young.
    There are very few tools that actually are a solution to quitting smoking, and also the craving to smoke, the Plenty is one such tooljj

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