Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review

vapir rise vaporizer review

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Overall Rating


Vapir Rise Vaporizer Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Vapir Rise followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Dry Herb Vapor Quality – 95%
  • Maintenance/Easy to Clean – 92%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness – 93% – 91%
  • Price – 84%
  • Overall Rating – 91%
This is one of the top desktop vaporizers. It is probably the best whip vaporizer in the $200-$300 price range. IT can also handle balloons pretty well.

Vapir Rise offers an alternative to the Volcano, providing much of the same functionality with a few twists of its own. How does it measure up against the king of desktop vaporizers? Read our review to find out what we thought.


vapir rise vaporizer small sizeThe Vapir Rise looks much like a modern dehumidifier. It features a rounded, low-rise base and a long cylindrical neck. And it comes with plenty of attachments to give you a variety of vaping options.

The entire product looks very sleek and sophisticated. Nothing about it seems cheap.

The base is fitted with a number of controls- for temperature, fan speed, and power buttons for the fan and the unit. It gives you plenty of control over what you are doing, which if you are investing as much as the suggested retail price, then you will want a vaporizer that can do a lot and that can create the kind of vaping experience that fits you.


As mentioned above, there are a lot of parts that come with this unit. You can vape with balloons or whips, and unlike the Volcano, all vapir rise vaporizer kit contentthe parts you need to do both are already included.

You’ll start by pressing the power button on the base of the unit. This starts it up and prepares it for use. Then you can adjust your heat settings with the control arrows on the front of the device. Once your temperature is set, you press the heat button to start the unit heating up to the point you set.

You can also adjust the power of the fans with another set of arrow controls on the base. This will help you speed up or delay the vaping process. If you want to let your Rise heat up slowly and fill a bag while you are doing something else, a low fan setting will work. If you are ready to just dive in and start vaping, you will want to turn your fan up a bit.

Lower fan speeds also provide a denser vapor, while higher ones break up the vapor a bit and offer you something lighter.


We honestly didn’t expect a great performance from a desktop vaporizer that sells for $250. So we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product and how well it works.

It only takes about a minute to heat up all the way. Compare that to the Volcano’s 3-5 minutes and you have a much faster machine. But the Rise only heats to 400°F. And while that is good for your herbs if you grind them up fairly fine, it just won’t cut it for most oils. The unit is advertised as working with oils, but they must mean essential oils, as hash oils need a higher heat than what this provides.

The whips are made of plastic, which can feel inferior to glass whips if that is what you are used to. We liked that these whips will probably last longer and that there was little fear of them shattering, but they don’t provide the same quality of vapor that a glass whip would.

One thing that really bugged us about the Vapir Rise at first was how cumbersome and complex the whole setup process can be. There are a lot of steps involved in filling up a balloon. And while we eventually grew comfortable with it and accepted how much work it all was, it presents quite a learning curve.


Vapir Rise
QSC Rating: 91/100 by

The most important thing to note about the Vapir Rise is the value that it provides. It does a lot at a very reasonable price point. Its many parts may not last you as long as something of a higher quality (and likely a higher price point), but you will get a lot of great use out of this thing.

While we have a few minor issues with its performance and operation, these are all easily offset by the amount of value it offers. If you are new to vaping and you don’t want to make the major investment required for a Volcano or similar product, then this is the best desktop vape you can get for a comparatively lower price.


  • Superb pricing with plenty of value for your dollar
  • Heats up quickly
  • Comes with tons of functionality
  • Gives you plenty of control over all aspects of your vaping
  • Comes with a lot of accessories


  • Can take a while to get used to operating it
  • Doesn’t work well with certain oils

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  1. I have had a vapir rise for about 2-3 years and think it it an awesome machine,it works well and it heats up fast. if I had any complaints it would be the time it takes to fill a bag.

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