Volcano Vaporizer Ultimate Review and Guide

volcano vaporizer ultimate review

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The Volcano most likely needs no introduction. It’s probably the most famous vaporizer, and known for it’s big bags full of vapor and classic design. This review is for the Digital Version ($599) (with an Easy Valve), though the Classic Version ($479) is not too far off.

Volcano Vaporizer Ultimate Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Volcano Vaporizer Ultimate Review and Guide followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Upkeep/Maintenance: 91%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness: 99%
  • Price: 89%
  • Vapor Quality: 91%
  • Overall Rating: 93%
The Volcano is still a fantastic vaporizer and a great choice if you have a big budget and want a desktop vaporizer. It’s the best at making vapor bags but comes with a great whip attachment as well.

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No matter how new you may be to the vaping scene, odds are that you’ve heard of the Volcano. This is the most talked about, most popular tabletop vaporizer on the market. But is it all just hype or is there some real substance to what it offers? We’ll let you know in our review below.


volcano vaporizer ultimate small sizeThe Volcano is built to be very stable and easy to use. Its pyramid shape allows you to set it on the table without worrying about whether it will tip over. The stainless steel components ensure that it isn’t easily toppled. And the cone tip makes attaching your balloons, tubes or whatever else simple and practical.

It’s also a very beautiful system. This is the best in German engineering, and it is built to last you for years. In fact, the warranty is good for up to three years. You won’t find any cheap plastic parts here, just solid steel and other high grade components.

Classic or Digital?

There are two distinct versions of the Volcano. These are the Classic and the Digital. There are differences between them are pretty slim, but the price is probably going to be the real factor for most people.

There is about a $130 price difference between the two versions, and there really isn’t a lot to justify that extra price. The digital version is going to be more precise. You can input the exact temperature and achieve the heat you want a lot easier than you can with the classic one. But the Classic is still a fine vaporizer, and it gets the temperature close enough for most people.

The digital version also comes with an auto-shutoff feature, which while nice, certainly doesn’t go very far in justifying the price tag.

We also found that the Classic is a bit more durable and performs better. The Digital is slightly more prone to breaking down (though the warranty will take care of that for you), and the Classic heats up faster, though not by much.

In our opinion, the differences were almost negligible, and we would definitely recommend the classic version. If you have money to waste, then that’s another story, but most people don’t.


The Volcano is designed to work with a few different types of vaping methods. All of them are pretty simple to use once you get the volcano vaporizer ultimate kit contenthang of it. Just note that it will take a few minutes for the Volcano to heat all the way up. This is particularly true if you set it to one of the higher temperature settings. This is pretty common for a tabletop vaporizer, and the system needs that long to be able to give you some decent vapor, but it can be frustrating if you are used to something faster, such as a portable or pen vape.

To start, you will want to turn on the Volcano by pressing the heat button. You can set the temperature you want, then give it around three to five minutes to fully heat up. When you first press the heat button, the light will turn red. Once it hits the temperature you set it for, the light will go out.

Balloon Method

While it is getting ready, you can prepare your herbs or oils. You will have to take off the top of the Volcano to put your herb chamber in. Then attach the valve and balloon to the top of the volcano. Once the balloon is filled, you can take it off and attach the mouthpiece to the valve. Make sure you aren’t filling the balloon too full, or it could burst. To stop it from filling, just press the green temperature button on the front of the Volcano.

One note to keep in mind when using the Volcano is that you may want to remove your ingredient chamber once you are finished filling a balloon or taking a break. If you don’t you could easily burn through your entire supply of herbs or oils and not get to enjoy much of it. You don’t have to turn off the Volcano in between balloons, but you should turn off the fan and take out your herbs.

Whip Method

Now you can only use whips with the Volcano if you purchase a vapordome or similar product from outside the Volcano’s regular manufacturer. Our experience was that the vapor wasn’t as good through a whip, but it does allow for a more personalized experience, and it is easier to control the amount of vapor being created from your ingredients.

Anyway, you can attach up to four whips at once if you feel like sharing with your friends. You still heat up the Volcano the same way you did before, but you attach your whips and vapordome to the valve at the top of the Volcano. And you don’t need to remove anything to enjoy it.

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The Volcano makes some of the best vapor you will find anywhere. Of course, vapor production depends on the quality of what you put in there, how finely you grind it up, what temperature you have the vaporizer set to and other factors. But if you want to get the most out of your herbs or oils, then the Volcano can do it. That’s a big part of what makes it worth its asking price of $530 (or $660 if you buy the Digital). And learning how the temperature work with your supply of ingredients will be the key to getting the best vapor possible out of whatever you are using.

And the Volcano makes that possible through exact temperature controls. With the Classic, you turn a knob to change the temperature. You can get it pretty close to where you want it to be without much trouble. The Digital uses a more exact push button system to get the temperature to the exact heat you desire. But either way, you should be getting some great vapor.

The big reason why the Volcano gives such great, dense vapor is because of its design. It offers a large heating area which spreads out the heat and ensures that everything is heated evenly. This gives you a consistent vapor, instead of patches of empty air mixed with vapor. Every inhale just feels perfect.

And this also means the Volcano is great at providing all the health benefits that we have come to associate with vaporizers. Buyers should beware of vaporizers that can burn the herbs, resulting in combustion. Because then they are really no better off than those people who are smoking cigarettes. The entire point of using a vaporizer is to avoid all the chemicals and carcinogens that are in smoke. Vapor is clean and only uses the ingredients found in the herbs or oils you are using. No harmful substances are added to the mix.

And the Volcano is excellent at making sure that only vapor is produced. Of course if you have low quality ingredients and you turn the unit up too high, you could still burn your ingredients, but that is unlikely to happen for most people.

We always suggest that people start out at a lower temperature. If you find you are just getting hot air and that your ingredients aren’t being vaporized, then turn off the heat. Find what works for you and stick with it. But always start out on the low end so you don’t end up burning up your ingredients or using them up too quickly.

This is a very durable vaporizer. We know of people who have had them since they came out years ago and still have working Volcanoes. These are made to last for a long time, as is evidenced by the generous warranty. The parts are all very sturdy, and there is little risk that you are going to damage the unit just by dropping it or bumping it.

You do want to be careful about leaving it on for too long. You aren’t supposed to leave it heating for a very long time or leave it powered on overnight. This can wear down the system and make it require repairs or replacement prematurely. Just follow the directions and you will be fine. Or you can be like those people who do abuse their Volcanoes and still have perfectly-working machines. It’s not an example we promote, but it could be your experience. These vaporizers are just designed that well.

Health Benefits

The Volcano is more than just a high quality vaporizer; it is also a great way to get your fix without sacrificing your health. What you put into the ingredient chamber is what you vape- nothing more and nothing less. You get crisp, clear flavor every time and you don’t have to worry about any additional chemicals making their way into the vapor.

Part of this is from way the Volcano heats everything just right to make for even heating of whatever you are vaping. But another part of it is the added benefit of using a water filter.

Now there isn’t a water filter included with the unit, but you can buy one for cheap. It adds some water to the vapor and makes it easier on your throat. Sucking in all that heated dry air can be rough on your throat, and it will affect some people more than others. You want to be sure that if you are experiencing any chronic discomfort with the Volcano that you invest in a water filter for the unit. This will make vaping a lot easier on you and ensure that you are getting even purer vapor than before.


You really aren’t going to find a better tabletop vaporizer anywhere else. You probably won’t find a better vaporizer, period. But that doesn’t mean that everyone should just jump in and grab one for themselves.

The price is going to be prohibitory for some people. If you don’t think you are going to be vaping for the long haul, then this probably isn’t an investment you want to make. And it really is an investment. At over $500, buying the Volcano is not a decision that you should take lightly. You will probably want to start out cheaper and smaller for your first vape.

That being said, we don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed in this beast of a unit. It is durable and powerful, and it produces high quality vapor on every use. If you plunk down the cash for this vaporizer, you will get your money’s worth out of it. It’s going to last you for years, and even if it doesn’t, it will be replaced by the manufacturer at no cost to you.

And for all those experienced vapers who have been looking for a vaporizer that really meets their needs and lets them customize their session, this is for you. The precise temperature controls mean that you can set it to the temperature you want and get the kind of vapor you are hoping for. You don’t have to deal with preset temperatures or wonder what the temperature is like you do with a lot of other vaporizers.


  • Hands down, the best vaporizer on the market
  • Made from quality parts and built to last
  • Creates the best vapor you will find anywhere
  • Compatible with several different operational modes
  • Temperature is easily adjustable


  • The price may be a bit steep for some people
  • Long startup time

You really need this vaporizer. We haven’t found a single vaporizer that we like more, and while the price may be a bit high, trust us when we say that it is definitely worth it. If you buy a cheap vape, you will likely end up regretting it later. We’ve tried all the other vaporizer we can get our hands on, and nothing else really compares to the Volcano.

Volcano Vaporizer
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  1. Used one of these vaporizers and few years ago with a buddy of mine and it was an INCREDIBLE stone. I loved it. I will be getting one of these vaporizers not to far in the future.

  2. I’ve bought at least five cheaper vaporizers, some highly rated, and have never been completely satisfied, or felt that I was getting sufficiently high.
    That all changed when I sucked it up and bought a Volcanoe. Great quality of vapor produced and I know longer have to ask myself, am I high.
    A quality product and experience.

  3. I just bought a digital volcano off craigslist for $300 used but in mint condition bought a new easy valve set $80 and after using this $380 dollar purchase I have to say it’s definitely worth every cent. I used to combust my herbals everyday and I have to say I quit all that since I got my volcano. Will not look at combusting the same anymore. Volcano for the win all day everyday -_-

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