Will Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Work?

Quitting a smoking habit can be intensely challenging for some. Many attempt to quit and then fall back into the dangerous habit. Because those who attempt to quit are often so determined to fight the addiction, they are often willing to try a bevy of ideas. This is a great way to approach the task as what may work wonderfully for one, may not work at all for another. Some methods people try, but are certainly not limited to are:

  • Nicotine Patches
  • Nicotine Gum
  • Counseling
  • Prescription Medications
  • Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Hypnosis

If you have tried all that medical and mental health sciences has to offer and failed, your doctor may suggest you try hypnosis to quit smoking.

What is Hypnosis?

The word itself is defined by being an altered state of consciousness or awareness where the individual under hypnosis appears to be in a trance or sleep state. Hypnosis is commonly used in the treatment of a variety of physiological and physical problems. It is currently utilized in the treatment of pain control, speech disorders, weight issues and addiction problems. While there is certainly general debate about how it works, there is certainly statistical information that shows that for some, it does indeed work, and very well.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

The basic principle of hypnosis treatment for addiction is to bring those unhealthy thoughts to the surface and to replace them with more positive thoughts that encourage the smoker to cease leaning on something so dangerous to one’s health. Patients may be asked, under hypnosis, to share what they know that the unpleasant outcomes of smoking could be. The idea is to make the patient understand the three critical principles of quitting.

  1. Smoking poisons the human body
  2. The body is needed to live
  3. Protect your body to the extent that you would prefer to live

In many cases, a hypnotherapist will also teach the individual the art of self-hypnosis. This type of therapy can include everything from audio, video and even journaling therapy. There are even hypnosis sessions to quit smoking free online sessions available on YouTube. Check out part one of this smoking cessation video.

[youtube_video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dbvckNVbK4 [/youtube_video]


Does Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Work?

There is no doubt that hypnosis itself, in general, doesn’t work for everyone. It actually works for about a quarter of the population. In addition, for those who are hypnotizable, the level or intensity of hypnosis can vary. There have been mixed results in studies on this basic principle of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, as well as for how long it takes to work for those it is a viable option for. A study by the Journal of Dental Education determined that it was possibly an effective treatment. However, the popular cancer institute’s of America still say that it is not supported as an effective method to quit.file0001474704839

The truth probably lies in the variety of stories of those who have used this method to quit smoking. Some have reported that just after a few sessions, they were ‘turned off’ of the idea. Simply did not want to smoke any longer, and many of those reported that this had worked for them indefinitely. While still others reported similar immediate results, but having had relapsed during high stress moments and fell back into the smoking habit once again.

For this reason, most hypnotherapists will suggest to their patients that it is critical to continue with self-treatment, even once they consider themselves cured. Just as with any other physically and psychologically addictive drug, you may need to stay on top of cessation permanently to have the life-long results you desire. It is important to be ultra-aware when you are dealing with stressful moments and make sure you turn back to smoking cessation therapies before you turn back to a smoke. Self-awareness will always help.

Certainly science may not show great favor towards the benefits of hypnosis for quitting smoking, however, that may be mostly due to the fact that only a portion of the population is even able to be hypnotized. For those who are struggling with smoking cessation, usually it is worth it to try just about any available help. Smokers have a 25% chance of having successful results, short and long term, using hypnosis to quit smoking. You may also want to ask your therapist if hypnosis should or could be used in conjunction with other quit smoking methods such as patches or medications to help provide a boost for those who are having a very difficult time quitting.

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  1. I really want to quit smoking I get up in the night for a cigarette and can’t get back to sleep I have tried patches they work for a few days then I smoke I do suffer with stress

  2. My roommate has been smoking for years, and he has already tried to quit several times. I’ve heard that hypnosis might work to help break bad habits. It is really interesting how training the mind can sometimes work better than patches or gum for certain people. I should ask my roommate if he would be willing to give it a try.

  3. Hello Nathan! You have shared a well balanced and informative blog on hypnosis how it helps in quit smoking. I enjoyed the blog and must share with others who don’t understand the power of hypnosis. Bascially Hypnosis is a technique which has all solutions of daily life of human. Hypnosis methods is a great deal, which makes possible for us to quit tobacco also.

  4. I am a 56 yes old and suffer from c.o.p.d. I have quit smoking a couple of times in my years of smoking. I don’t like the patches,or gum,and because of smoking I can’t gain weight, I am a small person but, I am vanishing right before my family’s eyes, smoking makes me not want to eat. Let alone not being able to breath. I am determined to quit, how I need the right method.

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