Best E-Liquids and Vape Juices: Reviews and Guide

 Last Updated: July 21, 2017 

When it comes to vaping and electronic cigarettes, e-liquid is the most fun component. Vape juice brings the flavor; it brings the fun. This page is focused on one thing and one thing only: helping you find the best vape juice to fit your needs and satisfy your cravings.

The top three vape juice brands also ship to the UK!

Disclosure: Our vape juice reviews are based upon the experience, testing and skill of our trained paid staff. Links from to one of the reviewed products or brands will allow you to purchase directly from the provider. We receive commissions from these providers; this does not affect your price and helps to pay for the operations of this informational website. To learn more click here. Thank you!

Best E-Liquids and Vape Juices for 2017

1. V2 Platinum E-Liquids

V2 is at the forefront of the e-liquid industry, known in particular for their Platinum Series Vape Juices. Their selection is limited, but every little detail in their flavors has been perfected. From the packaging, labeling, and design, to the flavor, throat hit, and nicotine level selection, V2 Platinum E-Liquids are perfectly made. Check out their selection to find out which flavor will best suit your taste!

V2 Eliquids Rating: 98% — The Winner
Best Fruit Flavor:Cherry Platinum E-Liquid$16.95/25ml & $29.95/50ml
Best Tobacco Flavor:Red Tobacco Platinum E-Liquid$16.95/25ml & $29.95/50ml
Best Dessert Flavor:Mojito Platinum E-Liquid$16.95/25ml & $29.95/50ml
Best Menthol Flavor:Green Tea Menthol Platinum E-Liquid$16.95/25ml & $29.95/50ml

10% Off Sitewide

Save 10% on all vape juices and hardware! Click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF your entire order.

10% Off Sitewide

Save 10% on all vape juices and hardware! Click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF your entire order.

2. E-Juices from Halo

Did we like Halo e-juices? We love them. This brand is definitely something you want to try. Their “Purity” line is outstanding, as well as their support and shipping. Four of their flavors won the Choice Award in 2015 which also means a lot. Check out their Tribeca flavor — the one we liked the most. Or try the Sample Packs to find the one you’ll like most. They also offer good prices, as low as $20 for 30ml bottle.

 Update: If you click the “Visit Website” button below and use coupon code QUITDAY during checkout, you will save 5% off your entire order!  

3. Black Note Tobacco Vape Juices

Black Note Sonata Vape Juice

Best Tobacco E-juice Award!No one can match Black Note’s quality and richness of flavor when it comes to tobacco-like e-juices. They’re not the cheapest brand, but quality doesn’t always come cheap. Black Note is famous for their unique flavor extraction process, which they claim to be the safest method of flavor extraction from real tobacco leaves.

Black Note’s site is great, and their customer support and delivery are among the best in the industry. They offer only tobacco flavored e-liquids, but even if you normally like other flavors, Black Note is worth a try.

Here’s why we love Black Note vape juices:

  • No Diacetyl, Acetyl propionyl, Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene glycol, Acrolein or Acetoin
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, dyes or chemical additives
  • Real tasting tobacco
  • First lab certified N.E.T vaping liquid
  • No “gunk factor” meaning e-liquids are coil friendly
  • Free shipping (1-3 day domestic delivery) or money back.
  • 90-day money back guarantee no questions asked.

4. XEO E-Liquids

XEO e-liquidsEnjoy a variety of satisfying and delicious E-liquid flavors with the XEO E-Liquids collection. Delight in a high-quality Vaping experience with bold E-liquid flavors including Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit and XEO E-Liquid Specialty flavors. The XEO E-liquid tobacco blends flavors from countries around the world. Consumers can choose from Virginia tobacco or a more exotic flavor from the Middle East. Each V2 E-Liquid has over 12 tobacco flavors.

Each Menthol E-liquid blends sweet peppermint with a delightful chill. Enjoy specialty blends like fruity menthol and minty grape. XEO Fruit E-liquids provide an authentic and delicate fruit cocktail taste for a special treat. Specialty E-liquids offer decadent flavors ranging in treat dessert tastes. Each bottle is 30mL.

10% Discount: Click the link below and apply coupon code QSC10 to save 10% off your entire order and get a free shipping!

5. Cosmic Fog Vape Juices

cosmic fog vape juices

The Cosmic Fog E-Liquids produce a diverse array of fruit and specialty flavors for the ultimate vaporizing experience. Cosmic Fog fruit flavor E-liquids offer a real fresh fruit taste in a wide selection of E-liquid blends including Cosmic Fog Sonrise, Shocker, and Euphoria. Each fruit cocktail mix features flavors like ripe pineapple with sweet kiwi, tropical medleys and orange, berry, and lemon with cream.

The Cosmic Fog Specialty E-liquids come in unique and delicious combos like Cosmic Fog Kryptonite, Milk and Honey, Sonset, and Fog Nutz. Each Specialty E-liquid provides yummy blends like a melon with sweet candy coating, fresh cream with sweet honey, Japanese pears with crème Brulee and salted caramel, and strawberry with ground almond butter.

6. E-Juices by Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor offers a few different lines of e-liquids, with enough variety to keep most anyone happy. We choosed MigQuid as our second best e-liquid after testing different juices they are offering for more than 3 months.

Update: MigVapor (formerly MigCigs) is now offering a new line of e-liquids called “Vimanna Vapor” — we’ve tried most of the flavors and we love them! They have also recently redesigned their website and are offering some of the lowest prices in the industry. Check them out and you won’t regret!

MigVapor Eliquids Rating: 92%
Best Tobacco Flavor:Rolling Stoned Premium Ry Tobacco$17.95/30mlCheck it Out
Best Fruit Flavor:Premium Dragons Blood E-Juice$17.95/30mlCheck it Out
Best Dessert Flavor:Baked Vanilla Custard with Cream$17.95/30mlCheck it Out

10% Off MigVapor Coupon

Save 10% on Mig Vapor with our exclusive coupon! Just click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF entire order (including hardware).

10% Off MigVapor Coupon

Save 10% on Mig Vapor with our exclusive coupon! Just click the button to reveal code and use it at the checkout for 10% OFF entire order (including hardware).

7. Vista Vapor E-Liquid

vista vapor ejuiceVista Vapor is number four on our list, but we only recently tried their e-juice for the first time. It’s that good. We loved it because they have a huge selection (160 flavors), VERY reasonable prices ($4.99 for a 17 mL bottle) and a lot of great customization options. With each bottle you order, you can customize the nicotine content (like with almost every vendor), but you can also add optional “flavor shots” to really personalize your order. Vista Vapor is a fantastic brand and we recommend them as our top budget option.

8. Mt. Baker Vapor

mt baker vapor eliquidMt Baker Vapor is one of the oldest e-liquid companies on our top ten list. They’ve been around forever and are known for being one of the top American e-juice manufacturers. They have 158 flavors, most of which only cost $4.99 for a 15 mL bottle. That’s a great price. Additionally, they have fantastic customer service and will usually get your order shipped out within 24 hours. If you want a brand that you can trust and that’s been around a while, Mt Baker Vapor is where it’s at.

9. ZampleBox E-juice Subscription

For those of you who plans to spend as less time as possible on ordering new juices every month, the market offers an excellent solution — the e-juice subscription services. We have tested most of what e-juice industry has to offer, and our winner in this particular category is ZampleBox subscription. They offer different e-liquids delivered to you on a monthly basis and allow you to save your money and time, as well as try lots of different flavors.

10. Henley Vape

Henley Vape offers everything vaper’s heart could ever want. It’s has a huge fan base, as well as some of the nicest vape stores in New York.  They offer great fruitty and dessert e-juice blends, that we have really enjoyed, as well as some advanced vapes you can also check out on their site.

11. Breazy Vape

We have stumbled upon Breazy only recently and were shocked with the variety of products they have in stock. You can find literally everything on their site, starting from traditional fruit and tobacco e-juices to rich cereal and (!) milk flavors. If you choose Breazy, we recommend you try the Dewwy Boba flavor. They have recently reduced price, and now you can get 30ml for $21.99.

12. Virgin Vapor

virgin vapor e-liquidVirgin Vapor is a solid brand that produces all organic e-liquid. The one issue is that they are a bit pricey. They are charging about $11.50 for a 15 mL bottle. Most of their flavors are quite good, but the price may drive some people away. Organic e-liquid is a bit of a strange topic, because it’s hard to call something organic that has nicotine and propylene glycol in it. Virgin Vapor has some great sampler options for those that want to try out their flavors without spending a lot of money.

best e liquid brands monthly

Our monthly roundup continues to get more exciting each month. We finally got to test what some are saying is the best e-liquid brand on the market today. That’s obviously a bold claim, but when you see what this brand brings to the table, you’ll want to try it out right away.

The brand is called V2, you may have heard of them. They’ve become enormously popular in recent months. We finally got a chance to taste some of their custom made e-juice and, well, it was pretty dang good.

The Best E-Liquid of the Month

V2 is relatively new to the e-liquid market, but they’ve already revolutionized it and become one of the top e-juice vendors in the US.

Their huge selection of pre-made e-juices is fantastic.  They have a vast library of over 100 flavors that have been proven delicious, so if you don’t feel like mixing your own, you’ve still got plenty of options. We’ve tried about 12 of their flavors, from “V2 Red” to “Cola” and “Peppermint“, and they are top notch.

This is the best e-liquid brand on the scene right now, there’s no doubt about that.

As a smoker, you know how important tobacco is to the experience. Without it, there would be no experience. Essentially, e-liquid and e-juice are to electronic cigarettes what tobacco is to cigarettes. They create the smoke (vapor) and contain the nicotine. So let’s get right down to it and look at how e-liquid works, whether it’s safe, and how you can use it to enhance your vaping experience.

Ingredients Found in Vape Juices

Vape Juice Components

The first question anyone has about e-liquid is, “What’s in that stuff?” And that’s understandable because not many people know anything about it. It’s brand new, and it just seems a little strange to be vaporizing a liquid with nicotine in it. But we’re going to break it down and show how it’s that much better than smoking tobacco.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin: The Base of eJuice

One of the best advantages to smoking electronic cigarettes is the fact that you are exposing your body to far, far fewer toxins and carcinogens than if you were smoking processed tobacco. E-juice typically has only four ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) (most juices these days use a combination of the two), the flavoring, distilled water and nicotine (optional).PG vs. VG in Vape JuicesI know it is hard to believe, especially when you consider the thousands upon thousands of ingredients in tobacco, but it’s true. Many people worry about the vaporization of the PG and VG, but both are commonly used in pharmaceuticals, makeup, food preservatives, and much more. They may not be entirely safe, but we can be almost certain that they’re far safer than the alternative. Let’s look into each of these ingredients.

Propylene Glycol

Many anti-vapor critics have said that propylene glycol is used as the antifreeze, and said that e-cig users are basically inhaling antifreeze. If they had just done a quick google search on the subject, they would see why that’s not true at all.

PG used as anti-freeze is called “industrial grade” and is not pure Propylene Glycol. The PG used in e-liquids is called USP Propylene Glycol, and it is pharmaceutical grade, 99.9% pure. We will have a more detailed article on the safety of propylene glycol, but all you need to know now is the FDA’s statement on the topic:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as an additive that is “generally recognized as safe” for use in food. It is used to absorb extra water and maintain moisture in certain medicines, cosmetics, or food products.

– Quote courtesy of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Abuse Registry

Regarding how it affects your e-cig use (vaping), PG typically causes dry mouth and doesn’t create massive clouds of vapor; however it is used because it carries flavors better.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is very similar to Propylene Glycol regarding safety. It’s non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, and studies have shown that whether you ingest it or inhale it, it has no harmful effect on the lungs or any part of your body. We’ll talk more about the details in further posts, but it would appear that Vegetable Glycerin is perfectly safe for inhalation.

In terms of how it affects your e-cig use, well vegetable glycerin typically creates larger clouds of vapor but does not carry flavor as well. This is why many juice makers will mix PG and VG in different percentages to find the right combination of flavor and vapor production. Also, some people have allergies to propylene glycol while vegetable glycerin is hypoallergenic.

Nicotine: The Source of It All

Nicotine is the reason behind everything. It’s the substance in tobacco that brought us here and the ingredient in e-liquid that keeps us here. But there’s a difference between the two worlds. Mainly, nicotine content isn’t measured or used in the tobacco cigarette market at all. You don’t know how much nicotine you’re getting per cigarette.

But in the vaping world, it is highly measured and highly customizable. Nicotine levels will vary with manufacturer, but for the most part, they are pretty standard. They will either be marked as mg/mL or %. Here are the typical strengths you will find:

  • 0 mg/ml (0.0%) – For those who quit smoking but still have an oral fixation for a cigarette
  • 6 mg/ml (0.6%) -Sometimes marked as 0.6% . A little below what could be compared to a light cigarette
  • 12 mg/ml (1.2%) – Sometimes marked as 1.2%. This is level is typically favored by those who used to smoke light cigarettes
  • 18 mg/ml (1.8%) – This can be considered an average level, for regular smokers and vapers who prefer some nicotine
  • 24 mg/ml (2.4%) – A bit on the high side and preferred by people considered heavy smokers
  • 36 mg/ml (3.6%) – For those who really want a lot of nicotine, not recommended unless you were a chain smoker

Looking at the nicotine levels above should give you an idea of what your choices will be when picking up your e-liquid. If you don’t feel like e-cigarettes are helping with switching over completely, think about upping the strength. If you feel dizzy when you use it or any other symptoms, we’d recommend checking with your doctor and definitely going to a lower strength.
Many who aren’t familiar with electronic cigarettes don’t know how to get started with refillable tanks and e-juice. They just know that some e-cigarettes they’ve seen have tanks with that are filled with liquid, and they seem to be much more satisfying than the disposable from the corner store.

E-Cigarette Liquid Flavoring

The flavoring used in e-cigarettes is a concentrate that is actually made by some manufacturers of concentrated flavors used for homemade candy. The flavoring comes in either alcohol-based extract or oil based. We don’t know much about the inhalation of flavoring but there is so little used in e-liquid, and no studies have reported any issues,  so it appears to be on the safe side.

In terms of what this means for flavor options, it basically makes them unlimited. Juice makers can combine any amounts of the concentrate and alter the levels of PG and VG to really take flavor customization to a whole new level. Which is why you see so many flavors on the market today.

For more details you can also check out the detailed e-liquid guide and reviews of e-juice brands and flavors at — they also support vaping as we do and often publishing some good reviews and articles.

E-Liquid and Safety

There have as of yet been no studies completed to show what the short or long term effects of smoking e-cigarettes might be. For the most part however, common sense would dictate that it is much safer than traditional tobacco smoking. Consider for a moment the ingredients of a tobacco cigarette. There are over 400 different chemicals and additives found in a typical cigarette. So when you smoke a cigarette, you are putting all of those things into your body, and it HAS been proven to be dangerous.

With electronic cigarettes and the e-liquid, they use there are only four ingredients as compared to the over 400 of a tobacco cigarette. In addition to that huge difference in numbers, the 4 are all safe and have been proven as such. Well, that is, with the exception of the nicotine. Regardless, when you compare the two options, it is clear to see that the electronic cigarette and the e-liquid is much, much safer than the alternative. Common sense is something that by definition we should all have in abundance, so if I am using mine, I would have to say that the e-liquid is the safer, cleaner, and tastier of the two. If people aren’t going to quit smoking cigarettes, then why not just switch to something that is probably much safer?

Steeping your E-Juice

Steeping e-liquid may sound complicated, but in all actuality, it is not. New vapers may have heard the term thrown during vape meets while experienced users know its value through and through.

At its most basic, steeping is when e-juices stored with caps open and nozzles removed to allow air to get in. Aside from getting aerated, this also allows the ingredients to settle fully. Whenever we have a batch of e-liquids, we always make sure to remove all caps and nozzles and store them in a cool, dry place for a couple of days.

By steeping the e-juice, the ingredients inside are given time to settle and interact with each other, resulting in a more flavorful product. There are times when new e-juice may seem awful at first, but after it is steeped, it may taste wholly different. Whenever you find a flavor not quite to your liking, store it for a few days and try again, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Some e-liquids get its full flavor after a few hours while others may take several days. If you are serious about getting the most out of your e-juice, some trial and error is required. It is important to note that some manufacturers pre-steep their product, so it is ready to vape in all its flavorful glory once it is in vapers’ hands.

When you decide to start steeping your e-juice, be sure to store it in a cool, dry, and safe place. Somewhere where kids or pets won’t get any access. The last thing you would want is to have all your e-liquid spilled and ruined by accident.

While steeping is not at all required, it does improve the overall vaping experience. If you have the time to do so, we suggest you go ahead. If not, you don’t lose much save missing out on your e-liquid’s full flavor potential. If you’d like to start vaping your e-liquid of choice right after you receive it, we recommend you to check out our top brands. All of them, like MigVapor, for example, sell the pre-steeped vape juices to make sure you get the best vaping experience without any hassle.

How Our E-Juice Rating System Works

Everybody is familiar with the various rating systems that are used by almost everybody these days. Our rating system will likely be similar to one that you have seen before. Our system takes into account the various factors that make a great e-liquid and an e-liquid supplier. Some factors are weighted a bit more heavily than the others, but that reflects the importance of that category towards the ultimate enjoyment of the product. Using the categories listed above, each is worth a certain number of points. The highest total that can be achieved is 100, and that would then equal a perfect score. The weighting and point values are as follows:

  • Selection – 10pts.
  • Prices – 15pts.
  • Quality – 25pts.
  • Shipping – 10pts.
  • Website – 15pts.
  • Service – 25pts

As always, we use our experience with e-juice to gauge who should be considered. Then we take into account any changes or added flavors, as well as price increases or decreases. Our past five winners were all fairly close in rating score, which In my opinion that tells me that the system we’ve developed is working well for its first go-round.

Every part of an e-cigarette is necessary, but the juice is the element that provides most of the vapor feel, throat hit, and especially the flavor. Check out our guide to the ingredients in e-liquid to learn more about the technical stuff. This page is simply about showing you what’s out there and helping you find the best e-juice vendor for your taste buds.

So who makes the best e-liquid? That is a difficult question to answer,  because it all depends on personal taste. We do our best to provide quality e-liquid reviews, but when we can’t get our hands on every brand, ! I for one would like to know what my peers think about various brands and flavors. As a matter of fact, I prefer getting information from this type of source. A source that is hundreds or thousands of opinions strong. A source that has tried more flavors and brands in a couple weeks than I could in a lifetime! This is valuable information we are getting from this enormous source we call our community, and we want to share the information with you.

So, from now on, every month we will review, prod, shake, vape, crush, and validate all the known e-liquids known to man! …and woman! We will talk to, read, email, write, and otherwise politely annoy every major and non-major company, supplier, manufacturer, and sales rep for information that they might share with us, so that we might share it with YOU! We will take all this valuable information and organize it, study it, review it, criticize it, and just squeeze every little bit of knowledge we can from it. Then we will put all of that “stuff” down for you in a quick and easy, simple to read page of goodies. So check it out! This is the first Best E-Liquid and the Best E-Liquid Supplier of the month.

Our Process of E-Juice Evaluation

eliquidgroupTaking on a project like this can make you acutely aware of all the variety that is out there. With all the different choices available we had to make sure that we took everything into account when rating e-liquids. There are many ranking systems out there that do no justice to what they are reviewing. This is usually the case when those doing the reviewing and testing know absolutely nothing about the product they are ranking.

As an avid electronic cigarette user I can tell you that one e-liquid is not the same as the next. I can also tell you that there are a variety of factors that determine which is better.  This only comes from experience, and it is that experience that will give you a solid review and ranking. We will take all of the various factors into account when looking at the various liquids.

The Ground Rules for Our Reviews

That being said, the first thing we must do is lay out the ground rules. What exactly are we looking at and how do we come to the determination that e-juice A is better than e-juice B?  It is really simple actually if you think about what e-juice is. There are three types of e-liquid based on what they are made from. There is the Propylene Glycol (PG) and there is the Vegetable Glycerin, and finally the mixed which is a combination of the two (PG/VG).

Aside from what the product is made from you also have the flavors. I had already said that we will not be ranking flavors because that is way too subjective. However, keep in mind that the flavoring used to make e-liquid brand A might be different than what is used in e-liquid brand B. While we might not know what is being used in each e-liquid, we can definitely say that Brand A Peach taste better and has a much fuller flavor than Brand B Peach.

Now for the rating system itself. There is a lot of e-liquid suppliers out there today. The internet is filled with them. Even though this is the case, there is no overall database of every company that sells or manufactures this product. So what we will do is create our own database that is used for this monthly ranking. However, because of time and space constraints and just for the readers overall enjoyment we will only write about a few at a time. The rest will just remain on the database awaiting their time in the spotlight.

We will rate the e-juices and the suppliers of e-juices as follows:

Overall E-Liquid Selection

Do they have a large selection of flavors? Do they offer the same flavors in both PG and VG? Do they offer 0mg strength juice for those who have quit using the addictive substance?

Prices Compared to Market

Are they in line with other suppliers? Do they overcharge for the same products? What about their shipping charges? Do they offer free shipping or other promotional offers?

Quality of the E-Juice Itself

Is the product they advertise what you feel you received? Is there a full flavor, what about the vapor cloud? Are the bottles nice? Do they fill tanks and carts easily? Do they come with the necessary tools for filling?


Is shipping fast? Do they get the order out the door the same day? How is the packaging, do they protect the product in shipping? We all hate getting our vape mail late, so this is a fairly important factor.


Is the site easy to understand and find what you need? Is the process quick and seamless from order selection to purchase? Most importantly, do they offer a “sort by rating” option when looking at juices? However, we can say we’ve ordered some delicious juice from atrocious looking websites, so this isn’t a be-all, end-all category.


Do they respond to emails when you send them? Are they courteous and polite, do they treat the customer properly? Do they even offer customer service?

As you can see there are quite a few categories that the e-liquid supplier will be rated on. Many of these factors are common sense, but until you see it on the screen with a umber behind it you might not have thought about it. We review all these areas of the process so that when you decide to use one of the suppliers that we reviewed you know what to expect.


  1. I have tried many different variations of e liquid flavors. I plan to one day try them all!!! There are many suppliers online so I’m sure I will never run out.

  2. I’m not even about churros. Except for now I am..
    I don’t know how Kennedy got himself associated with this flavor.. or for that what I’d have picked for him.. Marilyn Monroe’s perfume and swagger?? Anyway, this juice is insane. It hits you with the full mouth flavor of churro then sweeps it clean with a rich vanilla ice cream. The cinnamon blends into the two and just makes it seamless. Some juices just don’t stick. They half flavor or taste burnt right away. This one is heavy enough to feel and sweet enough to vape all day. It gets my vote.
    You got a favorite dead presidents? Let’s have a Presidential debate..

  3. Hi, my concern is bacteria. I will clean mine when it needs a re-fill but worry how dirty everyone’s are, also. Can we use a flavor that kills bacteria as we inhale it from the mouth piece………. maybe orange, or lemon? I think someone needs to protect germs from entering the lungs, being as many users are not bacteria free, or is ones mouth.

    • No less sanitary that having a 44oz soft drink with a straw sticking out of it all day. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The coil heats the e-liquid well above 300F to vaporize it. More than enough to kill germs or bacteria.

    • The Sauce LA make their juice in a ISO level 5 lab. Also I believe the higher temps of vape should reduce the amounts of bacteria.

    • I clean mine every 2x’s I fill my tank just to keep it clean and I wipe my battery with a Q-Tip with a tad running alcohol on to remove any build up then I take a toothpick and go around the battery as gunk can build up there. I’ve had my batteries and tanks for years now without any issues with any sickness’s. When I smoked cigarettes it was a guarantee if bronchitis or the flu at least 2x’s every year so for the last 3-1/2 years, my Doctor has NOT had to prescribe any antibiotics at all… In a way, a very real way vaping has saved my life. As always there’s concern over the e-cigarettes/vaping health risks but so far the evidence in my personal case is positive.

  4. I love HAUS American Blend E Liquid by mystic, the liquid is usually a dark tan however last week I purchased it at a different retailer than I normally do because I was out of town and the liquid was clear and taste HORRIBLE. I called my reguLar retailer to inquire if they had gotten the shipment in, he notified me that the company HAUS is being shut down in the near future due to the government. I am wanting to know what brand and flavor is like HAUS American Blend E Liquid?

    • Haus American Blend was my favorite too, but unfortunately flavors been changed. Also noticed the nicotine content is now 1.8 rather than original 2.4. Anyone no of any e-liquids that are similar to original formula in taste? Thnx

  5. My favorite flavor is peach! I think it is fruity but at the same time not over powering. Kind Juice vape has been my favorite and the best vape so far. I like their organic flavors and taste but the price is too expensive for me. Any suggestions where I can get another organic peach flavor for cheap?

  6. Zeus Juice is my favourite vape, have you reviewe them? Diamond Mist and alike just don’t hit the spot for me.

    As to cleaning, use ‘surgical spirit’ as its known here in the UK. Cleans and eliminates everything

  7. Sugar cookie….buttery doughy ..batter taste…thick rich n luscious…the smell was like no other and I’ve looked about 100″$ worth for it and I can’t find it again….I gave up but if you know please share….
    Thank you patrick

  8. I’m a big fan of the dessert flavor e liquids!And my top 3 are Cuttwood “the sauce boss” Sugar Drizzle,Pinup vapors,all are delicious but love Marilyn,and Charlie’s chalk dust SlamBerry (which is a strawberry ice cream) But all three of these brands are awesome!Also I’m looking for suggestions on the best vanilla custards and sugar cookie vapors (please let me know yours) Thank You

    • I posted these but IMO Adom Bomb Mammas cookies is a great suger cookie flavor also I love Cookies By Mad Hatter is pretty good. On Cloud 9 by Vape Wild is a really good vanilla custard flavor. They let you customize their ejuice too. You can pick extra flavor shots and pg/Vg ratio. It’s extremely affordable too. However you do have to steep their juices unless you buy the pre steeped juice which you can’t customize. Bean town Vapors Soul Custardy is really good, Space Jam has a good one that I think is Starship 1. Hope this was helpful.

  9. I’ve been vaping for about 6 years plus now and have tasted some amazing ejuice.
    Someone asked for the best sugar cookie flavor Adom Bomb Mammas Cookies, I love Cookies Mad hatter those are 2 really good sugar cookie flavors.
    Someone asked for peach flavor, Farmers Daughter by Gallery Vape is an amazing Peaches and cream flavor I’m not huge cream fan because it can be super heavy but this one is perfect. The peach flavor is like biting into a juicey peach (I should know I was born in GA) and the cream is so light and airy it’s easily an ADV for me.
    Peach Perfect by Virgin Vapors is the most authentic peach flavor I’ve had. If you like fruity juice like I do Virgin Vapors has amazing fruit flavors that don’t tast artificial and its probably because they use actual organic fruit extracts.
    My new favorites are Taffy Man all 5 flavors are amazing.
    Also I vape Alpha ejuice. I love their whole line but my ADVs from them are Mr Myagi,Heist, Dude, and Manchu. They also have Dude On Ice which is a great summer vape. Miss White is their tea vape and its easily one of the best tea vapes you’ll try.

    Hope this was helpful. ✌?️ T

  10. if you’re looking for amazing flavors with natural ingredients try highbrow vapor, every juice I’ve tried tastes exactly the way its supposed to. my favorite is the chai tea i double the flavor and add extra cream and sugar its so so good

  11. It’s an old saying, “you get what you pay for”, but is it true ? There are some expensive e liquids out there and quite frankly I would not smoke kippers with them.
    There are also some good liquids that are good value. The trick is to find what suits your taste and budget. Find a reputable e liquid brand and try their samples. You can get quality 5ml samples for as little as £1.50.
    I have found my favourite brand (hangsen) and my choice of flavour, tobacco, virginia.
    Took me a lot of tasting but worth the effort.

  12. Do you mix your own liquid nicotine? I am looking for some that has NO-Flavor. I used to get it from a shop I’ve used for over a year and they closed shop. I’m desperate to find a place that sells it.
    Thanks, Diane

  13. My favorite is VapeWind Ejuice, I’ve tried many suppliers for a good tobacco ejuice, and Vape Wind guys are the best. Camel light and Cuban Black ejuices are the best you can get for tobacco flavors. It is highly recommended

  14. My favorite brand is “Halo” and I vape their “menthol V” …….and I have been vaping this same stuff for a year now. Their customer service can’t be beat either! I have to admit though, I have been wanting to find something different to vape, as I’m starting to get a little board with this flavor after using it for so long. I like this one because I have to have menthol to be happy, but it’s not an over powering menthol. I can’t stand some of the menthols out there that taste like you stuck your tongue in a deep heating rub jar. I tried every menthol I could get my hands on before settling for this Halo. I’m excited to maybe find something different for a change, but I’m so picky I’m afraid I won’t be changing any time soon. We’ll see. ✌

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