How to Quit Smoking: Collection of Guides

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that. But it’s not impossible! Here at Quit Smoking Community, our entire purpose is to help people learn how to quit smoking once and for all. We have a few different sections on our website, but the one that we spent the most time on was the “How to Quit Smoking” section. We have over 20 articles all aimed to help you put down the pack forever.

How to quit smoking

Whether you want to learn how to handle the intense nicotine cravings or about various tools you can use to help you remain smoke-free, this section is for you.

Quitting Cold Turkey

Quitting smoking cold turkey is one of the best ways to do it. When you simply stop smoking, you avoid all of the pitfalls of tools like medications, patches and nicotine gum. The cold turkey method of quitting smoking embodies the “Band-Aid Approach” to quitting, just ripping away the cigarettes and dealing with the pain to get it done as fast as possible and with no complications.

If this method appeals to you and you want to quit smoking cold turkey, than be sure to check out our complete guide:

Quitting Cold Turkey: The Ultimate Guide READ MORE>

Quitting With Some Help

Some smokers don’t want to deal with the intensity of quitting cold turkey and would rather use one of the many tools on the market to help with the process. And thankfully for them, there are a plethora of tools out there that can help ease the pain of quitting smoking. Some are great and others aren’t so great, but our ‘Quit Smoking Tools’ section covers them all. Whether you are thinking about using the patch, nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes, Chantix, or something else, this section has you covered. Check it out:

Smoking Cessation Tools READ MORE>

Dealing With Nicotine Withdrawal

Whether you choose to quit cold turkey or use one of the quit smoking aids, you will at some point have to deal with the effects of nicotine withdrawal. If you go cold turkey, you will face the cravings and other withdrawal effects sooner. If you use a smoking cessation aid, than you will (ideally) end up weaning yourself off to make the cravings less intense. But regardless, you will have to deal with them at some juncture.

Because of the difficulty of nicotine withdrawal, we have three different guides. The first is a guide to understanding what happens when you quit smoking in terms of withdrawal symptoms. Read this one before your quit date to learn about the coming storm and prepare yourself for it. Read it here:

What Happens When You Quit Smoking? READ MORE>

The second article is a look at the nicotine withdrawal timeline. It is a timeline of withdrawal effects along with tips for getting through the various stages. Read this before you start and also during to help remind yourself that the withdrawal and cravings do end, and sooner than you think. Check it out:

Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline READ MORE>

Finally, we have our complete guide to beating nicotine withdrawal. It’s a guide full of useful tips to beating the withdrawal effects talked about in the first two articles. This guide is perfect to read over during the quitting process. If you’re struggling with the cravings or emotional roller coaster of quitting, read this guide and try applying some of the tips to help ease the discomfort. It can be found here:

Guide to Beating Nicotine Withdrawal READ MORE>

Quit Smoking Tips and Tricks

After you learn about the basics of nicotine withdrawal and the tools that can help you beat it, it’s time to hone in on other aspects of quitting smoking. We look at aspects of quitting like breaking old habits, setting a quit date, curing the oral fixation, not gaining weight and so much more.

Note: We are currently renovating our “Tips and Tricks” section and it is currently unavailable. Be sure to check out our blog if you’re looking for some motivation!

How to Quit Smoking – Other Resources

The previous sections deal with the big topics, but we have created other resources to give you the motivation and information you need on your quit smoking journey.

While many of our quit smoking guides are fact-based, our “The Best Way to Quit Smoking” article is simply a motivational tool to help you get started with the quitting process. There is no “right way” to quit smoking, all that matters is that you start the process. Read it here:

The Best Way to Quit Smoking READ MORE>

If you are sick of the guides, tips and motivation, you can check out our article about nicotine addiction. This article is purely informational to help you learn more about how nicotine addiction works. Check it out:

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Below we have also found some useful resources on vaping and electronic cigarettes: