Quit Smoking Vaccine Shot? 2014 Update on ‘NicVax’

A few years ago, there was a lot of buzz about a quit smoking shot. It made a lot of headlines because it was supposed to be a huge breakthrough that could end nicotine addiction forever…if it worked. We’re going to quickly look into this technology, what it is, and why we haven’t heard much about it in a few years.


What is the Quit Smoking Shot?

This quit smoking shot was a proposed one-time injection that was created to disable the body’s ability to enjoy pleasure from nicotine consumption. There have been similar products on the market for other addictions, but this one was still unique.

The most interesting part of these quit smoking shot solutions was that they were irreversible, a lifetime decision. The way the shot was designed, it basically altered your blood chemistry to prevent nicotine from reaching the brain. And once that happened, there was no going back.

quit smoking vaccine nicvax

Courtesy of Nabi BioPharmaceuticals

So essentially, it was more of a quit smoking vaccine. This is really interesting because people started proposing giving it to children so that they would never get addicted to smoking. That brings a whole new aspect of morality into it, which we don’t want to get into. But the implications of this vaccine were pretty big no matter what way you look at it.

The problem was, the companies behind this technology had to prove that it worked and that it was safe before it could be introduced to the market.

To learn more about NicVax and quit smoking vaccines in general, check out: http://www.quit-smoking-central.com/nicvax.html


Did the Vaccine Work? Was It Safe?

The main company behind the nicotine vaccine was a biopharmaceutical company called Nabi. They invested heavily into the vaccine and branded it ‘NicVax’.

Things looked good in the early-going, with the vaccine showing few side effects and a bit of potential to help certain smokers quit. But when it came down to it, it simply wasn’t effective on its own.

The main downfall was that the smokers receiving the vaccine had to have a certain response to it to make it work. Those that responded well to the antibodies did have higher success rates in quitting smoking, but not everybody responded well to them.

The third round of testing was more rigorous. It included a larger amount of patients and the “goal” was for patients in the vaccinated group to be smoke-free after a year. But after a year of testing, those who had received the vaccination had about the same success rate as those who didn’t. Which basically meant failure, and NicVax was shelved.

Learn more about the phases of NicVax studies here.


Final Answer:

No, the vaccine didn’t work after more intensive studies were done. However, side effects were minimal and there are still groups working on a quit smoking shot or vaccine.


The Future of Quit Smoking Vaccines

So clearly NicVax, in its current form, is not going to be a viable option for smokers anytime in the future. But there is still research funding going into vaccinations that aim to prevent nicotine from reaching the brain.

Selecta, another BioTech company, recently received $8.1 million in funding for their own nicotine vaccination. It’s called SEL-068, though very little information is available on how it differs from NicVax. All we could decipher is that it is synthetic and involves nanotechnology.


Our Opinion

In the end, quitting smoking isn’t about a simple pill or solution to help you quit. We’ve talked about this a lot. Quitting smoking is completely possible without the help of anything so extreme. It is possible to quit cold turkey if you have the right support and information behind you, and a lot of people believe this is the safest and most effective way to go.

Even those who use Quit Smoking Aids or Nicotine Replacement Therapies are taking a better approach than simply believing that a shot or pill can solve all their problems. The fact of the matter is, eventually you’ll have to face the nicotine withdrawal, and no pharmaceutical solution is going to change that. And if it does, than the side effects are probably pretty scary.

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    • Well I being one of the ones that B-12 shot for quitting smoking, worked on, I am mad at the government for lying to the public because it worked. Many products on the market these days are being yanked off the shelves because they work, and because the Government & Pharms. don’t want them to work, its like the Cancer cure, they have one. The big Pharms don’t want you to know it. The big $$$$$$$ on the kemo and other drugs that they can patent is what they want you to use, not what works.

    • I went to something called “SMOKE STOP” in IN ABOUT 1978 . THEIR CONCEPT OR BELIEF WAS THAT SMOKING IS A 2 part addiction both physical and emotional.and their vaccination given in ones earlobe worked on the physical then there was only the emotional addiction to handle,, MUCH easier than trying to handle both at the same time, I dont know if their product was NIC VAX? maybe it was. BUT IT SURE WORKED FOR ME!! and I was a 3 &1/2 pack a day smoker… I HAVE NEVER HAD A CIGARETTE SINCE!!!! IT WORKED!!! so I can only recommend vaccines and a real desire to quit.. KNOW that if you start again after the vaccination you will probably like n ALCOHOLIC do TWICE AS MUCH..This scared the hell out of me …I never had a desire to start smoking again. in fact it kind of DISGUSTS ME…….SINCERELY, Martin….

  1. Ive been a non-smoker for two years now thanks to the shot, I had no side effects. I dudnt crave it like you do with all the other stuff. The desire the want and the craving for a smoke is not there making it easy to not smoke again. It’s the best thing out there and they need to advertise it more. Put it out on the market

  2. I had these shots on 23 March 2006 and haven’t missed ciggaretts one little bit. Dr Little John was a God send as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Dr Littlejohn that had a practice here in Fort Worth is no longer in practice. I’m living testimony that these shots work and there is no (ZERO) side effects. Except you aren’t smoking any more.

  4. I have a friend who was a rude cigarette smoker. She took the shot years ago and has not smoked since. One person I thought who would not ever be able to stop. It’s been 10 years or less since she has smoked thank God. Now I can be around her, in the car and not be forced to inhale the 2nd hand smoke. Thank you for the shot. Now I want to find the shot to help a friend who is hooked on chew.

  5. I know this shot works. Is also USDA approved. I has this shot some 15 year’s ago and have not smoked or wanted a smoke. I had no side effects from shot either.

  6. I want to quit smoking so bad. That is all I think about from when I get up til I go to bed. I have tried to quit on my own. Stopped for at least three months. Eventually, the craving comes back. After that All I think about is the cigarrette. Please, anyone that has info on this shot on where I can get it. Please email me. Thank You

  7. Where do I get these shots? I live about 50 miles east of Atlanta, Ga. I would greatly appreciate any information on where I could get this shot and how much. I am desperate to quit! I cannot breathe and wheeze all the time!! Thank you for any help you can give me!!

  8. I would very very much like to know where to get the shot????!!! Obviously all the doctors around central Louisiana are clueless about the shot….!!…..I’ve done tried chantix & wellbutron …..and as well as patch & gum…..nothing has been sucessful….!!!…..after about 2 days…..I’m craving so bad…….!!# they claim there is a surgery that will freeze the receptors in the brain…..and you will quit…….but not sure about someone digging around in my brain!!! So if you know the name of the shot… please email it to me.. …

  9. The shot totally worked for me. 28 years of smoking died the day I paid $300 for this shot that changed my life. Walked in the drs office a smoker and walked out having never smoked again. It will bec4,years in February.

  10. Hi
    Can anyone tell me if its in Australia an.
    I really want to stop. please let me know if it is available in Canberra ACT
    Please let me know where it will shot for stop smoking because I need stop smoking.
    Hope to hear from your reply back email asap.

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