What Is the Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

While there are a number of ways to quit smoking, not all of them are equally successful. Here we will break down What Is the Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking that has been used with the most success by those who quit. Keep in mind that success rates will not be the same for everyone. In the end, quitting comes down to a personal decision, the amount of willpower you have and a variety of factors affecting your daily life. But if you want the best chance of success, then these are the methods you should be trying.

Nicotine Replacement

More people successfully quit smoking when they use some sort of nicotine therapy than by almost any other measure. This could involve applying a nicotine patch, using nicotine lozenges, or any other form of nicotine therapy.

What this does is, hopefully, reduce the amount of nicotine going into your body. Gradually, you decrease the amounts you are taking each day and finally get rid of the nicotine and nicotine replacement entirely. This weans your body off of smoking slowly without having to just cut back on cigarettes over time. You will still feel the effects of nicotine on your body, but you won’t be suffering from all the negative effects of smoking a cigarette. It’s not the safest way to quit smoking, but it works the best for the largest number of people.

Trigger Avoidance

For everyone who smokes, there are certain triggers that cause you to crave cigarettes more than you would in most situations. For some people, that trigger is a stressful situation. For others, they simply have a set time and place where they smoke, perhaps when they are on break from work or when they are talking on the phone.

As you quit smoking, these triggers will become even more powerful at creating cravings. If you want to stop yourself form giving in to the cravings, you need to ensure that the triggers never activate. So that means actively avoiding situations that make you feel like you need a cigarette. And if you are used to having a cigarette during something you do every day, then occupy yourself otherwise during those times.

If you would normally smoke while on the phone, then keep a pen and paper handy to just doodle and scribble while you talk. If you would smoke on your lunch break, then do something to keep yourself engaged and distracted from smoking during that time.

Cold Turkey

It may be hard to believe, but the majority of people who have successfully quit smoking have done so by quitting cold turkey. They decided that they would never take another cigarette and they followed through on that promise to themselves.

Now it may seem odd that more people could quit this way than any other, especially since most experts advise that you never try to quit cold turkey. But these statistics come straight from the American Cancer Society. More than 80% of those who have successfully quit smoking did so by the cold turkey method. Now you can’t just decide to stop smoking and have no plan beyond that and expect to be successful. Many of those who have quit cold turkey did so with a lot of support from other people.

The surrounded themselves with people who cared about them and their success and they made a detailed plan about how they were going to go about quitting. This involves lot of willpower, constant reminders why they were quitting and people who were looking out for their wellbeing.

Slowly but Surely

You could also try to quit by just cutting back on your cigarette use until you no longer need a cigarette anymore. This is ideal for heavy smokers who are really deep into their habit. You can just slowly cut back how much you smoke from day to day and week to week.

You take yourself form a pack a day to a pack a week and then a cigarette every other day. This gradually depletes the amount of nicotine in your body and makes the cravings easier to resist, but it may not work for everyone.

And that is the story with each of these methods. They are going to work well for some people, but not for everyone. You may know someone who quit cold turkey, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to do it. Quitting is something personal, and each individual has to find their own best way to do so.


  1. Not quite done with my first day,started 09/29/2015 at 12:00 noon. I am using the nicotine gum and signed up with quit coach. Gonna use the cut down method starting with 5 smokes a day cut down by one every three days,that’s my plan and l’ m sticking to it.

    • I quit over 10 yrs ago by concentrating on the smell. They smell awful especially if you put them out in a container with water. They also raise your blood pressure. I still hate the smell and don’t miss them at all.

  2. Vaping! I realize that switching to vaping is basically just exchanging one habit for another, but vaping at least is far less detrimental to your health than smoking is. If you can’t muster the willpower to quit completely, you should at least switch to a vape.

    • It’s just as damaging, just in different ways, and there hasn’t been enough research yet to show all of the effects vaping has. It’s better than smoking strictly because it lacks the second hand component, but until there is more research done it can’t really be considered a healthier option than cigarettes.

      • There has actually been a good amount of research done probing it’s better for u and helps quit smoking the only group actively fighting vape are pharmaceutical companies who would lose money if everyone quit by vaping

  3. A major reason it’s difficult to break a bad habit is because your brain believes the habit is pleasurable even if you aren’t happy with it. I’m currently working with a company called Pavlok that demotes any bad habit you may possess. It uses beeps, vibrations, and shocks to create negative associations with the bad habit you are trying to eliminate. If you’re actually ready to quit, this is might just be the best way to do it.

      • Please read Allen car how you sto the easy way. A true blessing & yes I stopped so much easier & permanently then I did trying to give it up some other way. Take your time reading through it but not to slow

      • one day at a time dear lady. I smoke 2 packs a day and have the patches, the lozenges, have quit cold turkey for 3 months. etc. We all know we need to quit but is requires a lot of will power. If you still read them email me and we will check on each other progress and be there as a support person. If you want to try lets do it…..

    • Studies for the past three decades have shown that aversion therapy isn’t healthy for just about anything. Pavlok has no studies that show its success. It’s just a bunch of anecdotes. Please quit trying to sell people a 200.00 torture bracelet.

    • You wvwr hear of ‘the easyway method to stop smoking’ by Allen Carr?

      No shocks, no willpower, no weight, no stress, no plug. It works. Smoke while you read it and quit when your done.

      I like easy answers.

    • You may want to look up the “Shick” company that had clinics that employed similar methods back in the 70’s and 80’s.

    • Can you give me more information on this sounds very interesting and effective sort of like the bed wetting devices my brother used that set an alarm off when senses any mouisture and that worked wonders

    • I dont like smoking since I have started …. But I am smoking.
      I quit several times, but restarted.
      I know every hazards’ that will cause by smoking, but I cannot hold no smoking for at least a couple of days.
      I always giving lectures to my friends … How to quit.
      But I am smoking

    • Iam a smoker always trying for years to quit but failed.Don’t smoke a pkt a day but I feel like Iam approaching that level.Please Help

    • Your company was on Shark Tank and got terrible reviews to say the least. You have to shock yourself. You have to personally punishment yourself if you do a bad habit. Also there was no data of your product successfully working. All that this company had said was that the idea of this method worked on animals and some people, however none of the studies were done with this product. It’s all past studies done from people before Pavlov even existed.

  4. You don’t sound like a smoker Nick. I’m reading all this stuff wondering which way should I go. I polished off all but one pack. Then whenever I was feeling torched I’d have a smoke. I did pretty good, that pack lasted me a long time & it’s been 2 days now & I’m hurting.I hope I feel better tomorrow because this is when I tend to give up, but I’m determined to quit! Day by day & praying!

  5. Quitting cold turkey doesn’t require willpower, it only requires the will to quit, which is altogether a different thing. “Willpower,” implies the now ex-smoker has deprived him or herself of something. They haven’t. Smoking does nothing positive for anyone, it never has done and it never will do. The nicotine contained in the cigarettes provides an illusion of relieving one’s stress whereas it, or its absence, actually created the stress in the first place. It ever so gradually also gives the smoker the illusion it is vital to their enjoying themselves whether in eating, drinking, or just relaxing. It is in truth completely unnecessary to anyone’s life in any way at all.

    To repeat, no one needs willpower to stay quit once they have exercised their will to quit. All they need is gratitude for having had the sense to quit, and if at all possible, the ability to rejoice at each new day of their quit. They haven’t got rid of an old friend, they have, so to speak, rid themselves of an antisocial parasite. Instead of gloomily going around hanging on to a quit “Like grim Death,” why not simply realize that your quit has, in all probability, saved you FROM a grim death?

  6. Weening yourself down “slowly but surely” is a regular joke, that’s drawing out the painful process longer than necessary. Twenty minutes after smoking you start subconsciously withdrawing, hence why most people that smoke, smoke a pack a day or more. Same with nicotine replacement therapy including e cigs, nicotine isn’t alcohol or heroin; there’s no physical danger whatsoever to just stopping induction of it into the body. You have to truly want to not smoke (for yourself not anyone or anything else) and really mean it as well as understand how nicotine and smoking really affect the brain. Knowledge truly is power when it comes to quitting. Smoking literally equals premature death no matter how you look at it, no one ever lived longer by smoking. So stop being a bit** about it and just do it. It isn’t easy but it’s not as hard as we all try and make it seem when we think about quitting and try and find any reason not to. Our brains get hijacked by nicotine, carbon monoxide and benzene and think that cigarettes are more so or as important as food or fluid intake. Obviously not so, just take a look at the friends and family you have that don’t smoke and realize it is possible. And even if you suffer from anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and IBS all at once you can still quit cold turkey and heal yourself. How do I know this you ask. I’m living proof. Don’t make any excuses for yourself now to keep smoking because last time I checked you’re not going to be able to just excuse lung cancer away or COPD. There is no better time than now and no better place than right where you are at.

  7. Allen cars easy way seems to have it all .and with a battle against cravings still has to be won .theres almost a pleasure in fighting the fight .well working for me .one week in

    • Ihave been on an allen car seminar and it really is good,the main criterior is to be a happy none smoker which i found difficult to imagine.If you can get your head around this it must be a sucess, good luck for the future.

    • “…Pleasure in fighting the fight… ”
      I feel so Ding-dang empowered by that statement!
      And there SHOULD be Pleasure in Battle with evil. Cigarettes sold these days are the epitome of evil.
      This. Is. WAR.
      And with the new paradigm you’ve provided, I expect to win every battle!
      (Soon’s I smoke these last four packs8-D)

  8. I smoked my last cigarette 49 hours ago. I spent my last week of smoking arguing with my cigarettes until we,broke up Monday night. I said you stink, you stole from me days and dollars, time and my taste and smell. I am over this relationship I savored my last smoke,like a,long kiss then I threw it in the,garbage and,went to bed. I woke up 8 hours later , 8 hours smoke free and proceeded with my day. Oh you tried to distract me but I broke out a word search. Next time. I took a,walk. You can’t cone back. We,are over. You are an aas hole cigarettes I’m done with this pseudo long term dysfunctional relationship. You are,a liar a,cheat a,thief and a,fool.

    • This is honestly the best reply I have seen in very long time. How has your journey been going so far? Successful? Tough? Going through withdrawals? Did you relapse at all? Its all about trial and error. I can tell you have a positive attitude towards this and conquering this addiction. You will get it, I know you can do it.

    • That is really an amazing response! I do hope you were able to quit… And didn’t go back to that very abusive relationship that really wastes time and money!

    • That’s awesome! This too is to be my approach. I am going out of town this weekend without the means to break down and buy anymore of these little bastards. I have been trying for nearly a year and always give up on myself no more they will not beat me

    • Marsha, it’s now Late August. I pray you’re still kicking that cigarette ‘s ass. Enjoyed your post. I don’t smoke but my husband has his whole life and today he gave up the cigarettes. He is having a most difficult time. He is battling COPD. I pray he can fight this.

    • I’m 48 hours cig free. Had quit for 3 yrs then started back. Ikr, stupid. I find that prayer is really helping me. Everytime I crave, I say a prayer that God will take the urge away and I also talk to myself just like u said . I’ll say things like, do u really want to stink, have no $$, be on oxygen like some of your patients bc of cigarettes??? Not worth it.

    • Hi Marsha
      I tok my hat off to you well said and i hope it worked for you cos what you said some call the bulls aye,but what i call you is aye of the tiger let me know please how you ended this relationship.
      Mad respect

    • M

      I can relate to what you are going through being honesty on how to rid yourself from a deadly, nasty and very expensive habit. You spend thousands of dollars every year for years, just to be a burden to your love ones and die shortly after. Cold Turkey is the only way to do it successfully. Yes, it will not be easy but it’s really not that bad. Let me tell you my story. Today, January 5, 2017, is 20 years tobacco free.

      Before I quit, I smoked for 20 years what can I say but being young and stupid. What made me stop is when I visited my mother in law in the hospital with a brain tumor cause by lung cancer. She didn’t know who I was and to see her like that scared the sh**t out of me. That’s when I realized this stuff is for real!
      She was diagnosed and died within 4 months of lung cancer.

      I was scared straight into stop smoking. My withdrawals was intense at times, irritable and headaches but only lasted about 5 weeks. Afterwards, it is all in your mind. I have no desire to smoke again doesn’t matter how life treats me I will not fonder. If I can do it anybody can, just make your mind up to quit and you deal with the challenges day by day until your mind get stronger each day. And then one day you will have no desire and get mad when you see someone smoking. Not because you want too, it’s because you feel sorrow for the people who does. Only they knew, it is not that bad to quit. Your body will remember how it was before the smoke.

    • Yes, tell them off…I did this everyday for a month, after the first month when a craving would hit, I say “who you talking to? I don’t smoke”… I used acupuncture to the ears and it lesson my craving so, I was able to use my willpower on the habit..in month 7 with no desire for a smoke…sometimes the habit will root it’s head…I just start doing something else..didn’t know I smelled like that!! was fooling myself when I freshen up. I smoke for 30 years..was scared to quit didn’t know what JOY,PEACE,HAPPINESS,FREEDOM,

    • Good for You! It’s like a brain manipulation. Getting yourself to actually hate ciggarettes. Great idea I’m going to try it 🙂

    • I’m 37 years old have smoked since I was 14. I had open heart surgery in 07 and thought that would help me quit to no avail. I developed PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) last year and the doctors will not help me until I quit. Then to top it off I got diverticulitis this year, all my f these are effected with smoking. My wife and I are worried about me not making it much longer if I don’t quit. Would love to hear a success story to help me out.

  9. I have decided to quit and I will do so cold turkey. See how long I can hold…..my motivation is $$$ saving because in Ontario, Canada my brand is almost $13.00 and I am buying 5-6 packs a week.

    • Money, weather, religion, has nothing to do with addiction and the love of a cigarette. If you do not want to quit, are Ecigs cheaper for you? When will you have the incentive to quit? Throat cancer time? When someone dumps you because it stinks too much and you are considered low-class? When you are passed over for a promotion? When you are not hired because you smoke? When you are in the therapist’s office discussing moodiness when in fact it is because you smoke? Have you seen brains on and off nicotine on cat-scans? One is smooth and round and the smoker’s is frazzled and indicates OCD and fixations, moodiness and depression. Will you quit when you realize you feel toxic and have no energy? When will you want to quit do you think?

    • Want to know something really f’ed up, smokes in Australia are $25-$38 dollars a pack, just can’t afford it because of the smoking tax to get people off them; this is making so many quit.

  10. Please pray for me Dear God I’m sick of smoking. As soon as I open my eyes I grab one, and I don’t even like smoking anymore!! I haven’t started my journey yet but I have the greatest help of all GOD. The more prayers the. Better. Thank you all.

    • I will be praying for you !!! I am having a stress test this week and have been very anxious about no smoking or having caffeine starting at midnight the night before the test. I know that God is my only help and I’m trying to build up my faith in that He loves me and wants to help me to become set free of this killer !!! He has Blessed me in so many ways all of my life. Now I must remind myself of all the many answered prayers He has done for me all of my life. Please pray for me also. Let’s keep in touch. ??????????

    • I was diagnosed with cancer on June 28 2016 after smoking for over 50 years. I stopped cold turkey and am almost done with Chemotherapy. Oncologist said that I will be cancer free by the end of October. It can be done. Good luck.

    • I am smoking ciggrett from 18 years..once my mom have brain hamerage and whe Sas in hospital intensive care on ventilator machine her voice echo whisper in my mind. Son plz leave this habit. I was in stress my mother was in ICU . In such situation ciggrett could be good relaxant. I just threw packet of ciggrett in wast bin..and beleive me i spent a month in hospital i dont even think about..my elder brother smoke but when ever we were sit out side in open area outside hospital…thing is just drink juices citrus pine apple lemon any good fruite intake and walk…its all damn suggestion use alternative nicotine patch ur any other ..just fresh juice all fine …

      • Week nine?? Gracious I’m only on day five and feel so gittery..just praying for god to help me I know I can do this..Have smoked for 37 yrs ..but time to quit for not just myself but for my family..

    • That’s the best response I’ve heard. Asking God to help you and I both through this. I’m 53. Years old, and had an abnormal Ekg yesterday, so I have many tests to go through, to see if I have blockage, or need open heart surgery. My Dr prescribed me a beta blocker, nitroglycerin, and another medicine. Getting ready to have an echocardiogram and chemical stress test. Not worth smoking!!! God Bless. Tammy

  11. The best way is quitting cold turkey. Just make sure that for at least 2 weeks there are no stressors or triggers that would want you to smoke. I kept a whole pack of cigarettes with me all the time which kind of psychologically helped, it kind of stopped the yearning to smoke when I saw someone smoke, because I had cigarettes with me all the time (you yearn more for something you don’t have)

    After about 2 weeks, your dependence on nicotine and cigarettes is almost gone and after sometime you will be irritated by cigarette smoke and it gets very easy from there on.

    • This is by far my biggest problem with quitting. To me, it’s more of a psychological thing than an addiction. As soon as I think about quitting or start running low and about to run out, I want a cigarette more than at any other time. I’ve thought about doing just this, keeping some with me at all times but don’t know if I have the willpower.

  12. I stopped January 11,2016.I used the patch,almost 3 weeks totally nicotine free.But i also made up my mind about this addiction.Time to put it to rest.Feeling verry good and getting my wind totally back 🙂

  13. I stopped today and I feel like I wanna hit something my bf says im being a major bitch but I already know if I don’t quit now I never will I’ve been smoking since I was 18 (im 30 now) any advice for me I could really use some help before I rip someone’s head off

    • Don’t pick up another one! Or in 15 years you’ll be saying you started when you were 18, and now your 45. That’s kinda where I am at. Except back then, I wasn’t feeling run down when I woke up, tired during the middle of the day, winded after two flights of stairs. NO motivation to play with my kids outside. Just to name a few. I think the road to recovery must be harder as you get older, but after trying many many methods (Everything except acupuncture… Which is next), I believe it becomes more difficult to rebound to what you believe you used to be. I know I can be cold, but hard truths are not easy, and sugar coating something like this not fair to anyone trying to quit.

    • On top of ditching those cigarettes ditch the boyfriend. A good bf would support you not call you a bitch. Sounds like a D bag to me. But good on you for quiting.

      I just had a baby girl and always told myself i would quit if i had a kid. Well no excuses now. My wife hates it too.

    • That’s me all over the slightest thing will trigger my temper I am a kitchen manger/chef of a 4star hotel in Edinburgh Scotland and that is the most stressful environment I have worked in with so many triggers around me I feel as there is no hope have been a smoker for 20 yrs and find it really hard to stop

    • Keep in mind that a non-smoker inhales your deadly stinking breath when you are smoking —-and puts up with your tantrums when you are denied a smoke. You really don`t have it so rough.

  14. I am preparing myself mentally to quit smoking. I’ve tried twice before “cold turkey” which was a disaster. I could not control my agitation at all. My wife bought me a pack. She was tired of dealing with me. Second time I used the patch. Had success but blew it 6 months later simply due to lack of self control. That was in my 30’s now I am 50 and want my quality of life back.

  15. I have been smoking for 15 years was on a pack a day habit for the past three years. Recently i started vaping and it has been awesome! Currently im vaping 6mg nicotine but because vaping is strong i puff less. I love it. Ive been smoke free for three weeks and havent had the urge for a cig. Once my friend came to visit and smoked a cig i took a drag from it and i was so turned off of tasted terriable unlike my fruity vape that tastes like juicy fruit. Im so happy my husband bought me my vape mod we are both happy..he tells me i smell so much better. Ive notice my teeth are whiter and my car is cleaner and smells great! Three weeks in and i pray for many more

  16. I stopped April 1, no joke. Was doing well but having surgery the 13th. Find myself smoking at night. Tonight i smoked 3 . I want to stop, i have to stop.what, ever help) can get will be greatly appreciated.

  17. I’ve decided to quit smoking today I’m 24 years old and there shouldn’t be any reason for me to have trouble breathing. It will take most of me to do this but I think I have enough will power to just put them down and never pick them back up. Please pray for me and my fiance for I know I will be a hand full until the cravings stop

  18. Quitting has never been a problem….staying quit is the problem.I can quit for a month or a year and then one day just start up…..I have been smoke free for a while now but i’m always worried I will just start up again.

    • hi bruce i also have no problem stopping, but i forget how much i want to stop in the first place and undo the great work. this time iam going to post on here and that will help me remember what i want to achieve.

    • Hi Sandra how is it going for you? Did you manage to quit? I want to see my grandchildren grow up too…I’ve cut down over the past three weeks… I now have emphysema.. With many unpleasant symptoms… I was diagnosed about three weeks ago I really need to quit too

    • Me too. I am 65 and just found out I have copd. My dr. Said it was beginning and if i stop now it could reverse. I am having a awful time guiting.

      • My grandmother died of COPD just this past year (December 8th, 2015)…. was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life… because me and her would smoke together, along with my mom. When she passed due to this awful disease, her last wish for me was to quit smoking. I went about a good 8 months before I recently started up again and am trying to go for it again, but the point here is.. COPD is not something to play with. My grandmother died at 69. You’re 65. Please quit now! Don’t take another drag

  19. Hello,

    I’m almost stop smoking from yesterday and today i really wont too smoke case my mouth is starching even i can not concentrate on work as well. i tried chew gum as well but till the time i’m controlling my mind, but please suggest me more tips case this is really really hard to avoid smoke.

    for your information, i use to smoke 1 packet in a day, so should i cut down 1st or suddenly quite smoking is a good idea and it will help me to quite.

    please help on this.


    • reducing has not worked for me. You are either a smoker or non smoker…
      Dont let your hard work go in drain by taking even a puff..
      First 3 days are really hard but 4th morning onwards you would wake much fresher and that feeling is awesome. However, do make sure that your hard work of 3 days, the most itchy, does pay off by not giving in to even a puff of smoke. Stay away from smoking zones.. Pity the smokers as people who can’t control their minds and its cravings.
      Believe me 4th morning onwards you would feel a new rejuvenated you.. Much fresher from inside, much more energetic and youthful you..

      • Utter bullocks. Maybe for some.
        Day five of being clean, total nicotine detox, but the abdominal pain, total inability to focus or think, muscle cramps/tension, stabbing heaches, indigestion, anxiety, mood swings and increasing agitation (and worsening insomnia) finally got to me.
        I caved and accepted a smoke from a friend. That was 6 hours ago. I feel remarkably better. Calmer. Especially considering that all of that is on top of the chronic pain that I ALREADY live with daily, including chronic migraines. Which got worse and compounded with icepick headaches.
        It seems to me that “Cold Turkey” may not be for everyone and it IS a major shock to one’s system, which could trigger problems. Causing my chronic illnesses to flare up, for instance.
        I’m considering trying vaping again. I HAVE to quit, but nothing has worked long term for me.

        • Hi Nomi,

          I did it with vaping but have relapses. It’s that damn migraine on Day 5 that kills you. You have to remember the stuff they put in cigarettes is very much like the chemicals from anti-depressants and analgesics. Their trade secrets allow them to hide this from us. On the 3rd day you have to start eating ibuprofen and not let it get out of your system. My doctor put me on beta blockers and gave me that migraine emergency drug that acts like the shot they give you when you show up in the ER with one of those puking headaches. You can do it but you have to trick your brain and have long talks with yourself. It wont go away without extreme commitment, blood sweat and tears. It’s like going to AA for some of us. You can do it. Peace and a hug.

        • Just a suggestion, could you reserve two cigs a night for yourself and do better physically? One after your last meal or snack and one for the ritual of reward. Just two a day, usually at the end of the day so no rationalizing happens such as, two in the morning and two at night. I am just asking if maybe cold turkey is just too much. Also, I used Kava Kava and it took away tons of anxiety, the brain is being retrained and also tar is leaving brain tissue creating fixations. Just asking if you could put yourself on two cigs in the evening, key being at the end of the day.

        • I know what you mean! I’m ready to quit but quitting is hard enough, the side effects make it harder. My husband isn’t as eager to quit and that makes it rougher. Pray for me! Im praying we all defeat this bully/smoking!

        • I know , cold turkey is not for me.
          My doctor put me on Wellbutrin for it. And I have no strong craving for it anymore It’s been two weeks!

        • Just think of it this way, no matter what you’re quitting (ex: elicit drug use, alcohol and even dieting), you will have withdrawals no matter what. Mind over matter, it sucks, but it works !

          • Jeannedarc —Exactly ! By definition an addiction is difficult to quit. But many cigarette smokers won`t admit that they are addicts.

      • So true Shivam, absolutely right, I have felt the same. The 4th day is the beginning of that new life, it cannot be explained. May be not for all perhaps. Keep fighting boys

  20. My name is gary ,in 2012 i quit smoking for three years ,i used the patch for three months, and then joined the smoking timeline forum which was a massive help.As time went by i was able to give assistance to many people on that site and they all helped me.During that time i felt that i had beat the nicotine monster,sadly the forum seemed to close overnight, even so i carried on with the quit untill one alcahol fuelled night when i thougt one cigarete wont hurt i stupidly started to smoke again, that was fourteen months ago.On the 11 of april 2016 i put the patch on again and here i am on a new forum looking for help and guidance to help my addiction.Ido hope that i get some replys to my post, i inturn will reply to your questiones.As you can imagine i have good knowledge on the subject and will try to help you all. my age is 55 and i want to quit for good.

    • I’m 38 years old and I’ve smoked since I was 16. I am currently having trouble breathing and sleeping. I can’t climb the stairs without being winded. I’ve had pneumonia twice this winter and I just can’t get back to good this time and I know it’s because of the damage I’ve done to my lungs. I need to quit, I’m trying to find the best way to. I have 3 babies (7,5,3) and I want to see them grow up. I’m so depressed thinking about what could happen and yet here I sit ready to smoke another one.
      I hope your doing well on your new journey with the patch, I’m considering going that route myself. I was thinking chantix but the side effects seem pretty harsh.

      • This is the first time I’ve ever tried something like this! I’ve tried to quit many many times but always fall off the wagon. Im replying to your post because I too feel the same way. I have 3 beautiful little girls. I’ve been smoking for more than half my life and I’m 33 now. I have chest pains all the time and can hardly breathe. I try reminding myself when I smoke that it is killing me but yet I still continue. I hope you can quit and wish you the best of luck.

      • Hi Brandi, I smoked heavily for 50 years. When I retired 2 years ago, I decided to quit. I tried many times before and failed. At the time I quit I was smoking 2 packs a day. The way I did it was by taking Chantix and wearing the patch, both at the same time. I couldn’t take the full does of Chantix, however. Yes, the side effects from a full dose was harsh. The very first time I tried it, I got really nauseous and couldn’t sleep. So I took the pills that I had and cut them in half and only took half of the prescribed does along with wearing the patch. With Chantix, you can continue to smoke the first week while taking it, so my first week on Chantix, I didn’t use a patch. From the second week on, I did both. I actually didn’t have to wear the patch as long as it is recommended to use on its own. I’ve been 100% smoke free for 14 months. It’s never easy though, because not a day goes by that I don’t want a cigarette, but it’s in the form of just a passing thought, not a do or die urge. It’s really hard to quit but well worth it. Good luck!!!

      • Brandi, I am 38 as well and started smoking at the young age of 12. Most of my childhood and adult memories are of me smoking. I decided to quit using the nicotine patches and gum so far it has been very easy for me. I have tried quitting several times several different ways and find this to be the best way for me. The gum helps with the cravings that pop up here and there also when I have a craving I take a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds and while I hold my breath I tell myself encouraging words. I was a pack a day smoker (sometimes more) and had the same breathing and sleeping problems you did along with anxiety, irritability, fear, low self esteem etc. I put my patch on one night and woke up the next morning and chewed the gum all day and every fear and negative thought I got worked up over never happened. Within hours I felt better, had more energy, I just all around felt great compared to the shitty feeling cigarettes made me believe was a great feeling. Brandi, just put a patch on and chew the gum to see how it works. It’s not going to hurt you. Good luck on your new journey

      • Oh brandi I feel your anxiety. I’m 56 and have been smoking since I was 14. I gave up a few years ago for one year but started again…sneaking the odd puff here and there and the next thing I’m full on smoking again. So I’m now 10 days in simply because I got a chest infection and couldn’t be bothered getting dressed to go and buy some more when I ran out as I was so ill. I’d also found a lump in my breast and obviously became terrified and blamed it on smoking. Thank God it’s not cancer but it was enough to spur me into giving up and not leaving my children without their mother. I read something that Chrissy Hind said when she was full on into her addictions “if you want to break a habit, stop doing it.” So I’ve stopped with the aid of an e cigarette. Bloody brilliant invention and way better than the disgusting gum and the patches which give you heinous nightmares. Good luck – you’ve probably already given up by now but remember it’s a head game

      • I am on Chantix now for 6 weeks I believe it is just now working for me. I quit for 3 yrs using Chantix and then one day I just started smoking again so here I am again trying to quit. this time I have promised myself this when I am done I am done no cheating. I am 59 and in good health I want to keep it that way

      • Brandi , I`m 70 years old and have never smoked . I made a 50 mile bicycle ride this morning that left me invigorated and not tired. You are still young and have a full exciting life ahead if you put your health first . There is nothing as pretty as a woman flushed with exercise and nothing as sordid as a woman with a fag dangling from her lips.

    • Hi Gary, I did the same thing.. Quit for 4 years, had few few drinks with “friends”, now i’m back to a pack a day!! Last 6 days, I have cut down, like been only smoking 2 to 4 a day.. That doesnt seem to work for me, it’s all or nothing.. Sooo, I got my supply of patches (again) and set my quit date for May 2nd. Have you set a date yet, or still in contemplation mode? Feel free to email me for chat 🙂

    • im with you! new to smoking but i smoke a lot. its like why did i start this habit? its harmful to ur health, then i thk of the pleasure i derive from it. therein lies the issue i need to defeat in order to quit for good. i understand body has picked up a dependency, my mind has to overcome! thinking now as i write that the pleasure i think im getting is false…

      • You won’t always get pleasure from it. I’ve smoked for 15 years and I hate it now. The pleasure you get early on eventually turns to disgust. I am in the very early stages of my quit but if there’s one thing I can tell you is that eventually you’ll hate the habit as bad as you need it.

    • Thx for sharing your experience. I am having to stop smoking in4days because of a stress test. No smoking or nicotine @midnight before the day of test. And my apartment bld going No Smoking very soon. I’m scared but know I have to do this. ?Going to try The Patch. Please keep me in You thoughts and prayers and I will do the same for you. God Bless You.?

    • Gary, my name is Mike. I started smoking around the age of 15. I am now 58. I quit smoking in 2011 for 10 months. Suddenly one stressful day I picked up a cigarette and have had trouble quitting ever since. I also drink beer and find that the 2 habits kind of go hand and hand. I want to kick this habit. I feel that I will have to give up drinking as well. I am going to attempt quitting again soon. I am now up to 2 packs a day and the price of cigarettes just continue to rise. I am wanting to retire in about 5 years, and I really don’t want to be dependent on cigarettes. I am planning on setting a date to stop smoking. I feel that I have to get my mind focused on this and be determined that I will not give in to the craving. I wish you success in your attempt to kick this very bad habit.

      • I quit drinking 10 years ago with the help of AA. I went back to AA 4 months ago as I was smoking a lot of Pot. I quit the pot 3 1/2 months ago and already have a. Stated memory. I used to forget what I was talking about and had to stop half way through a sentence. Not anymore. Must have been the pot. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 36 years I quit tobacco cold turkey 18 days ago and not a big problem to do so at all. I do ha e faith in God and through prayer I have quit all 3 bad habits plus gambling. Faith in God works real strong for me. I was Agnostic, but full belief in God has been the key to my ending of my addictions.

    • Gary! Please, YOU START A SMOKING FORUM.
      If you’re not comp savvy (I’m not) start one using a facebook page. You are the pro, right? Then post a link here so we can all find you.
      I’ve been reading all these posts hoping to hear from someone who’s DONE it, I think you’re it!
      Do consider.
      And, thx.

    • How are you doing? I have tried over and over to quit only last one or two days then bamb there I am again. It is so strange, each time I experience an over whelming sense of fear, I do not understanf

    • Just letting you know that your cry for help in slaying the beast has been heard. I am also on another quit. This time has been easier for me. I decided CT was the way to go. Put them down almost 3 days ago, and feel great with no withdrawal symptoms. I’m 45 on the 27th and have smoked for most of 30 years. Good luck on your quit. You are not alone. I choose me. Not one ugly nasty puff. Not one.

    • Gary,

      I quit today using patch… I am 56, and have quit before with patch for over a year but my husband also smokes and when I had stress his cigs too convenient. He is also quitting this time using a ecig. We have never smoked in the house so he is going out to use the eCig. For me it us physically painful to quit. I have cold symptoms etc… But really need desire success.

    • Gary I am so right there with you. I am 55 and have smoked since like 13!! I have quit many times even for a couple years at a time but always give back in too much stress, or drinking with friends, or just a hit and before you know it I am back smoking. I am trying the patch again I am on day 15 and even with the patch it is so super hard apparently everything I did involved stopping for a smoke break. At work I walk on my breaks and lunch to stay busy and try to focus on the good. But just like today one little mess up in plans and I turned in to crazy “B”. I went for a long walk but have spent the rest of the day laying in my bed afraid anything will lead me back to a cig and I that seems crazy since I am on the patch . I don’t get that it can still be this hard and I am using the patch. Some of the fifteen days have not been as bad but this has thrown me for a loop. I feel depressed and like I just dont want to be around anyone. I don’t get it day 15 and it still really sucks besides the apps I have to keep me inspired. Does anyone know this feeling it’s like my whole body is on pins and needles and one wrong move will or word from someone will set me off. I figured with nicotine patch it would not be as bad???

    • Gary..I read your post from April and have a comment and question. Like alcohol, cigarettes can and are a terrible addiction and when you meet with and or involve yourself in group theory in person or my media, it helps tremendously. Being an alcoholic, I MUST attend AA meetings. Are there SA, smokers anonymous, meetings anywhere.? And is there an app that tracts your smoking habits then gradually reduces your smoking intervals by “telling” you when to smoke ?
      If anyone else knows of such an app, please post. Thank you.

    • I know how you feel. I have been smoking for 60 years and I am 72 years old. I have second stage COPD. I used Chantix and quit for 7 weeks and then I felt like killing myself. If I had a gun I would have. I got off the Chantix and wanted a cigarette so I started smoking again. I sit in the house all day by myself and get so bored. I never smoked in my house before but it was too cold to go outside so I smoked inside, I want to quit smoking but can’t. I have tried so many times until I feel like it doesn’t matter anymore. If I die so what. I know that it is wrong not to care but at this point in my life, I really don’t. My husband passed away and there is no one to cook for or do things with. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Gary i also hate smoking and want to quit. Trird a couple of times but hardly holds out for 2 days. Problem is Im getting big time moods and short breath. Been smoking for 30+ years and need to drop this habit ceriously. If I dont smoke I’m getting real tired due to oxigen levels i believe. Will tri quit soon again.

  21. I am currently smoking 6 a day. When I started my journey I was a pack and half a day smoker. On May 1st I Will be smoke free. Here’s a tip that I like to use. Say the alphabet and as you say each letter say a word that begins with that letter. It helps get thru cravings and I rarely make it very far in the alphabet!

  22. I have been smoke free for 9 days and the first 3 were a piece of cake….since then I am a damn mess. Every day I want to smoke more, I have been smoking for 22 years someone please tell me this gets easier soon…I really don’t want to smoke again, but I really don’t want to keep crying for no apparent reason or bitching about nothing that’s important… my teenage boys are going hate me and my husband is going to think I’m nuts before this is over

    • Hey how’s everything going? I agree with
      You on the first 3 days being cake ! Week and a half in was the hardest for my the first time
      I tried to quit smoking. I have terrible anxiety. Now here I am a little over a year later and today is the day I decide to quit smoking again. And I’m so scared I’ll have anxiety again. But we have to remember that we want to live longer and we don’t want cancer. We want to see our children and their children grow very old and for us to not be attached to an oxygen tank etc hope all is well. Please reach out if you need support!

    • Amanda, remember THIS: the Crazies do pass!
      Missy’s suggestion about the alphabet sounds great, try it and anything else you can, but DON’T PICK UP.
      Tools: Drink grapefruit juice.
      Suck on vitamin C lozenges.
      Brush your teeth when you’re craving-crazy, and use only cinnamon toothpaste and mouthwash.
      Talk to your God, ask him to sit with you awhile, or walk with you.
      Trust me, your son’s and hubby will honor you, especially when you’re a non-smoker and the know what you had to go through to be that. As opposed to putting them through the Crazies for Nada.
      Still, remember also: This Is For You. Dwelling on the expectations of others creates stressors you don’t need.
      And even if you ‘slip and fall’ get your butt back up and do it!
      Good Luck!

  23. not smoked since 11 /4i am ok at the moment,the patches are going ok,it seems to be the triggers that worry me such as going out for a drink and wanting to smoke.Having been through this before i know that this is an illusion and that we all can controll the problem.Iwould like to say to stanley that cutting down is no good because it makes the cig seem to be the be all and end all.you have been here before,and know what is possible.Moose things get better quickly you will soon be able to run upstairs you have the best reason of all to stop. What we all seem to want to know is how long does it take to be cured,the answer is to be happy to not be smoking and pitty those that do.Areal good idea is to save the money you spend on the evil weed,over here in england my prefered brand now costs 10 pound per pack, so it soon adds up.I really do think we are on a good site here and as time goes by we can beat this monster,lets just keep asking questiones and collectivley we will provide the answers. cheers Gary

  24. I’m 47 and have been smoking since i was a teenager. i would have classified myself as a social smoker because I have gone a couple years (while I was pregnant, and I have seven children) without touching one but the last seven years I’m smoking a pack or more a day. I quit for 5 weeks this past September but there was no much stressful things going on in my life and some family members still smoked so one day i bummed one from my son and that started the habit all over again. So I REALLY want to quit and get healthy. i guess I’m going cold turkey.

  25. I am coming up on 4 years smoke free. I quite cold turkey. Just stopped smoking. Bubblemint gum helped me the most. But also knowing that having one single drag resets everything and puts you back at square one. I haven’t had a single drag since October 2012. Not one.
    What you have to do is just mentally prepare yourself. You are killing an addiction. The addiction isn’t going to like it, and it’s going to be mad, and it’s going to trick you and rear it’s ugly head. It’s going to make you feel like crap, and guilty that you are quitting, and bitchy so people around you will suffer and eventually give in to this addiction. Over time, it’ll fade away but you’ll never be rid of it. You’re going to go through your “firsts”. The first time you wake up and not have your morning smoke. Or the first time you go to the bar/pub with your friends and want a smoke. Day by day, it gets easier.
    Personally I think NRT (nicotine reduction therapy) is such a waste of money. Use your brain. Use yourself. Use the willpower! It’s free!
    Best of luck to all you “quitters” out there. I’ve quit, and I’ve never looked back.

    • Carmen, I think you are correct about nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine is the substance that causes addiction, it’s the Tar in cigarettes that kill you.
      Does anyone recall the Congressional hearings on cigarette manufacturers manipulating nicotine levels (to insure addiction, what else)?
      Not only that, now there making money off all the NRT’s! And don’t let me get started on vapes and how they’re marketed & packaged for the younger demographic!
      Still, “to each his own reach”. I see hear that some have found NRT’s useful.

      • Carmen is correct. I was going to say lucky because that’s the way I always felt about people I knew or heard about who quit smoking successfully. I felt they were lucky and I felt jealous, resentful and seriously pissed off. I also felt I would never be able to get past one day of quitting after 47 years of smoking. I quit four months ago – two weeks after I was diagnosed with COPD. Major motivator but the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I know you’ve heard that from every jerk who’s ever quit smoking and you think ‘Sure. Wish I could too’. I hope you can. Try it. If you can’t get past the first day don’t stress. Try another time. If you get past the first week and survive the smokers flu you just have to add a day to your list every evening. Soon it’s weeks and then months. At four months, why would I ever want to go back to day one. Do I still miss it? Sure! But I just can’t go back. Try it. If it doesn’t work, no harm done. If it does. Good for you!

    • Hi, Carmen! My name is Diane congratulations on 4 years smoke-free and not looking back! I have been smoking 40 years, and I’m on day 23 smoke-free cold turkey as well! I believe and am praying that this will work for me as well. I do have to keep telling myself to convince my brain that I do not need it or want it and understand what this has done to my health (COPD) . not only do I know I have to have the willpower to achieve this challenge, but I also would love to be able to see how it feels to be completely off this terrible habit forever. Since I have quit, I can honestly say my breathing has improved so much, and this reason is what keeps me convinced on not turning back. I also have to say this is not easy. I certainly do have my moments of being very angry and depressed and putting my husband, dog and myself through a lot of stress. I really do not want to turn back due to these issues. I guess my question to you is can you remember when you started feeling better and happy again? I know no pain no gain has always been a rule, but I am also open to any and all the help I can get. Thanks despite Diane

  26. Congratulation carmen on your four year quit,it sounds like you have had a bad time,i disagree with your oppinio of nrt being a waste of money,it is a lot cheaper than cigs and any product that helps can only be good.One of the problems of the willpower method is that you will never actually know when you have quit for good,and hence your oppinion that it never leaves you.It might help if you adopt the allen car method where you be a happy nonesmoker.I think we all should heed his advice so that four years down the line we are still not thinking about the weed.

  27. Hi stanley hope you are looking forward to your quit date, what method are you using/ keep us all informed of your progress, good luck you can do this.Iwoke up this morning thinking about a trip to wales next week and the nicotine monster reared its ugly head,the association of a good time and a smoke is very strong in me and is allways my downfall.Within ten minutes of complaining about how i canot live without a smoke to my wife the thought left me.Her comment to my not living without a smoke was that is what nicotine is doing to you.Nicotine is a tricky devil.Reguarding to the nicotine patch,i now realise it is very important to have the new patch next to the bed so i can replace the old one straight away.Ihave decided that after one more week iam going to reduce the patch levell t0 14mg,i will take 14 mg for three weeks before introducing the allen car easy way into my life,i do not know if anyone has tried this method before but it seems to make some .sense. 560 cigaretes not smoked,280 pounds saved,most important i seem to be able to breath,all the best gary

  28. I want to stop sooo bad, I just don’t think I have the willpower to do so. I hate cigarettes, hate how they control my mood, and actions. Going to try the cold turkey method pray to god it works.

  29. Well I have been saying I want to quit for 6 months. I am 55 years old and a Christian. I want to quit for my health and for a testimony to others struggling with this addiction. It seems impossible to me to set a quit date so today I have started a smoke journal to see if that will help me slowly cut back and quit. Has anyone else tried this method? Did it help?

  30. So I’m reading this post to see how other people actually quit smoking cigarettes it seems impossible to me! I’m only 20 (almost 21) I’ve smoked my first cigarette at 15 and smoked regularly since but have been smoking about a pack a day since I could buy them on my own at 18. I have so much going for me I work full time I go to college, smoking is the one thing holding me back . I quit smoking cigarettes for 3 weeks a few months ago for a guy and I literally gained 10 pounds (which isn’t a bad thing for me) and felt 10x better and hungrier. But once the guy was gone there was no reason not to smell and I was back to smoking a pack a day. I constantly try to figure out how to quit and try to smoke less. I don’t really even know why I’m commenting on here but it’s nice to see other people feel the same. It just seems like no matter what I do it’s easier to smoke then not too. But I am terrified of the health risks it seems like smoking is the biggest oxy moron ever!

  31. I am 28 been smoking since was 16… I am wanting to quitI, I want to try the acupuncture!! Have heard alot of good things about that!! But heres the point and I know it has to be the person and have to have the WANT TO QUIT MENTALITY BUT I also want my dad to quit with me… He is 58 and smoked since he was very young.. Im pretty sure he has or is on the verge of getting COPD… I am a daddy’s girl, he is a deputy sheriff and I can’t even start to imagine that day when he is no longer here.. he is my daddy…? I have twin girls (3yrs old) who I want to be able to have a better and longer relationship with him!!! I messaged him “If you could quit would you? Would you want to quit with me? We could quit together!!” His response “That would be great” I said “Do you want to quit?” No response back yet? ?

    • Erin ,
      If you are ” daddy`s girl ” and he was your hero —it`s quite possible his smoking influenced you to smoke . You have reason to be a bit angry about that influence . Similarly , smoking around or in front of your twins is a bad idea . Both of my parents smoked heavily and I`m not a smoker . My parents were genuinely good people but I am a bit angry and disappointed that they smoked around their children .

  32. Hi. I’m 46 and have smoked for 30 yrs. I cut down to 8 a day then bought the patch. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now, but still need that 1 or 2 cigs. I wait until I’m awake for a couple hours and never smoke after 330 pm. So weird those 2. Just can’t do it. So, tomorrow I’m gonna buy lozenges too and combine them both and see how it goes. I do have smokes, but I want what I can’t have, so maybe if I have, then I won’t want, and I’ll have a lozenge instead. I did quit before on Zyban for 11 mths, but I caved and that was years ago. I tell myself, I’m only a quitter if I stop trying to quit. Wish me luck……again!!

    • Hey Diane, I’m 54 and have smoked for 35 years. I have tried to quit so many times. My mom was a heavy smoker and passed away at 74 from COPD. It was a horrible way to die. I’m truly committed this time. I’m about to start day 5. My anxiety level is thru the roof and I don’t understand why. I am 100% committed and am not going to smoke ever again. But I have a knot in my stomach that will not go away. I was with my best friend all afternoon and even though she is a smoker, I wasn’t tempted at all! So why am I so anxious? It’s crazy. Anyway, good luck to you….

  33. So I have a hard time trying to even commit to quitting. I want to and I need to, but I just can’t commit to it. I have tried before, but was suck a horrible bit*h that my sister told me that I need to go back to smoking or she would kill me. I am so tired of spending the money on something that I do not even enjoy anymore. Comments and suggestions are welcom

  34. I too did the cold turkey. Three times. Now I’m ready to so again. It’s like I smoke than I eat. And I’ve lost allot of weight so what I do to gain my weight back , when I crave a cigarette I eat and snack until the cracking is gone so when I finish eating what follows,? A cigarette right? So that means I’m eating more and gaining my weight back. But I haven’t started my cold turkey yet. I want to start Sunday or @12 am. I smoke a pack a day and they are Newport’s long. I’m soooooooo ready to stop. I caint fit none of my clothes and I’m not buying new clothes because I don’t plan on being a size 1 for to long. From a7/8 to a size 1 in under a yr. Yes Lord is time to put those cigs rest. Y’all pray for me. I will pay for your struggling to stop smoking cold turkey.

  35. I have never smoked but my wife of nine years has smoked most of her adult life (except when she was pregnant). She and her mother are attempting to quit smoking by smoking one less cigarette a day until they are down to zero. I hope they can do this because my mother-in-law has chronic bronchitis (COPD) and is coughing about 1,000 times a day. I am fearful she will not be around much longer even if she quits. Any advice on how I, as a non-smoking husband, should be in a supporting role?

    • Keep your head down and your patience up.
      My husband quit cold-turkey 30 years ago and never once criticized me for continuing to do so. (His methods were SO bizarre I never share them). When I decided to quit, he would purchase aides for me, but understood that it was a very personal battle. While in reality, no one overcomes an addiction by themselves (like the objects on a child’s moblie, everyone connected is affected) it most certainly FEELS that way.
      There are a gamut, no, a plethora of emotions that one experiences when quitting. I call this the Crazies. If you attempt to involve yourself without being asked, the Crazies can grow, intensify and mutate! I am not joking.
      Learn more about them so that you can be better equipped to duck when you need to and stand when you need to do that.
      I think that the best advice I can give is:
      1. Be prepared.
      2. Be patient.

  36. Im leaving this comment as a reminder for myself, i quit smoking on 04.04.2016 so i have reached 7 weeks and a few days without a cigarette, I smoked since i was 15 (ish) and now i am 6 months away from i am 50. I decided to quit even though i have tried several times before i have never managed more than 21 days before and normally only 3 – 4 days but recently i had bad chest contractions like beginnings of a downhill spiral towards a heartattack or coronary blood clout. I have also stopped drinking completely which was also on high side before and so far again nothing to drink for around same time, and i began going to gym every week 4 times to ensure my lungs get some excecise as well as rest of my body.
    I like wish everyone else with will to stop or has stopped to continue its absolutely worth the fight smoking kills simply said and it costs a bucket load now, i have found it hard on occasion at moment i am suffering from a bad chesty cough part of process of my lungs now trying to clean up my 34 years of this bad habit but i will keep on track and i shall to continue my update.

    • I’m only on day 5 so I envy you being this far in. I’m not going to smoke and I am fully committed. But it’s still tough. Can anyone tell me when I will quit craving a cigarette?

    • Thank you, Kenneth S.
      I believe that you are already a success story because you have made Major Lifestyle Changes!
      Thanks again, we all need to hear that it CAN be done.
      Please do continue to update.
      And, KUDOS!

  37. Hi,
    I tried my first cigarette at age 18. It was so gross but I continued to smoke because of peer pressure. I also have asthma so the guilt I feel about smoking is just tremendous. I pray often to stop but it is a social trigger for me. I don’t wake up and smoke. Its usually just on the weekends when I have had a few cocktails. I hate myself for it the next day and throw whatever is left in the pack away. My grandparents have both passed away from cigarette related illnesses, my father has, two of my best friends, and now my mother-in-law is days away from leaving this world because of cigarettes. You would think that seeing all these people that I love in my life die from cigarettes I would wake up and never put one in my mouth again. Fat chance!! Its so horrible for you and I hate yet I still do it every weekend. I really need some help.

    • Kristen,
      Don’t look for addiction to make sense! We all know, and probably knew, we could be harmed by cigarettes. Yet, here we all are.
      Turn your weekend syndrome around by takeing pride in the Fact that you’re a Non-smoker. Because, really, you ARE. My guess is that the weekend thing is about something else entirely.
      Could you be trying to relieve the stressors of social situations?
      Check it by doing something truly relaxing on the weekend instead. See if you crave the little nasties then.
      If not, talk to a therapist for a few months. There may be dual benefits from it, because you’ve seen a lot of death, no matter the cause.
      If you do crave, stop in that moment and analyze it: “why do I want to smoke right now? what was the trigger?”
      Then grab a vitamin C lozenge instead. Or any other thing, just Do Not Pick Up!
      If it’s a true nicotine craving, you may benefit from a low dose patch, say, 2mg.
      I think that’s the lowest. But with the little that you do smoke, I’m certain that you could WIN without them.
      Certainly, you will want to go where any free person goes, and that’s as it should be, but until you get a handle on this (get free of nicotine) maybe you want to do different stuff for a bit.
      Good luck!

    • Try surrounding yourself in situations where smoking isn’t a lot. It sounds like you can control it before it controls you. Just switch your weekend routines and at all costs don’t smoke. I started the way you are now and I smoked a pack a day for 6 out of 8 years. You want to get out while you can. Best of luck!

    • Kristen ,
      Honestly — “a few cocktails ” and cigarettes is just trying to make booze and cigarettes sound glamorous . That whole ” glamorous ” world of pretty , sophisticated women with cigarettes and cocktails was what seduced you into smoking in the first place . You were 18 and wanted to feel grown uppy . You`re old enough now to see the phony posing behind the scenes . You`re not sexy and sophisticated posing with a fag in hand —-and the Marlboro man is a phony loser with nicotine stained fingers and teeth. Cigarettes go with the lifestyle you have chosen and you need to change your lifestyle to drop the fags . How many runners, cyclists , tennis players , swimmers need to stop their activity for a fag ? Replace the booze and fags with an active outdoor sporting life and you`ll be too busy to crave a cigarette.

  38. I quit right before Christmas that’s been going on 6 months now. Nobody counting but me. Here’s a little math. 6 months x 30 days/month = 180 days x $5 per day savings = $900 total saved. Better mine than RJR’s. Although less frequent and severe, the urge to beakdown and smoke one is still very much present. I have quit for very long periods in the past. What I see now is that quitting becomes more and more difficult as I get older. Here’s some parting words for those recently quit or seriously thinking of it. Do not consider yourself quit until YOU SPEND A MINIMUM 1 year in absentia and that is what I would call a good start and a little bit of bragging is in order. Good luck to all.

  39. I am on my 3rd or 4th attempt at stopping to smoke, had a scare today at the Dr office, I have bronchitis really bad right now, 2nd time this year, the Dr says well your COPD has gotten bad so we may want to check for lung cancer once your bronchitis has cleared up, I am over here stressing out big time. I know I have to quit for good and I know its going to be a tough road. Going tomorrow to get my meds, and buying all kinds of healthy foods, and anything that can help me quit. I ordered the patches again. I have 2 weeks before I go see my Dr again. 2 weeks to get this show on the road. Wish me luck.

  40. For example, if you have an exam coming up in a week, it’s much better to review your notes only once a day for those seven days than 30 times in one or two days. Even though you’ll have studied several times less, you’ll do better, because you worked with the way your brain naturally stores information.

  41. Day 2. 20 years of smoking. I somehow fought off a couple if instances, where your mind thinks and almost convinces that you are not ready and MUST go back to smoking. I physically and suddenly had to remove myself. I abruptly started to walk, kept walking frantically for another few minutes, stopped and shook myself and took slow deep breaths. That quick distraction for just 6 mins to get off that URGE. Looking back, I am Not sure how I did, but I did it. Its my crazy routine now. It’s gone but will be back and I will have to fight.

  42. I need help so badly. I am 70 and have been smoothing since I was about 20. Now I am up to a pack and a half a day. I have COPD, also meds for high blood pressure, and the worse is I have aneurism in the aorta of my heart. I know I will die if I don’t quit. I have sunken so low that I even light a cigarette in the middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom. I live alone now. My husband passed away a little over two years ago and five weeks ago I lost my dog from illness.
    Where do I begin? I almost go into a panic if I don’t have cigarettes in the house, Sick or well, I will drive to the store for cigarettes. I am living on a tight income now too, and yes, I have figured out how much money I would have ifvI didn’t spend it on cigarettes. I have tried the patch, didn’t work for me, or maybe I Didn’t give test enough time, or maybe wasn’t ready then? Please someone, tell me where to start?
    It is such a rotten,smelly habit! I cannot go down the stairs to my basement because I cannot breathe to come back upstairs. I have an inhaler prescribed by a doctor that I am supposed to use once a day. It doesn’t appear to help me breathe any better.
    My ideas:
    Think about it before lighting a cigarette, can I wait another hour Maybe?
    Put the pack out in the garage to make it inconvenient to get them?
    Cold turkey? Doubt I could do that one
    I can’t even walk from the parking lot and walk around a grocery store, I get so winded so quickly.
    Please throw it at me! I MUST quit! Thank you

  43. I’m not sure how you can list NRT as an effective way to stop smoking. Isn’t the failure rate about 94% in the medium to long term? I asked the doctors and Nicorette about how they get their stats on success using NRT and they use the 4 week point as a measure of success. FOUR WEEKS! And that is while you are still on the patches too. If your last fag was 4 weeks ago and you are still on patches I don’t consider you to be a successful non-smoker. Sorry.
    6 months after you finished using patches maybe. 12 months…ok , congratulations, you are officially a non smoker. 4 weeks? not a chance!

  44. My name is Theresa I’ve been smoking since I was 16 I am no 52 any suggestions on how to quit or some words of encouragement

  45. Hi everyone, I have been smoking since I was 15, my quit day starts tomorrow. ..I started out smoking thinking it was “cool”…that didn’t last long…it went from being cool to smoking 2 packs a day…the effects are just terrible on my health…i am going to get the patches in the morning and start my journey..I know there will be alot of bumps in the road but it is something I feel I need to do for myself. ..the taste and the smell is just gross yet I keep doing it..not to mention I am slowly killing myself…the words self inflicted death posted on my tombstone ….I’ll let you know how day 1 and 2 go….I also hope everyone is doing well on their journey to becoming smoke free

    • I have this view that 75% of the battle is won, when you have decided that, its time. Please do not start counting hrs. Its done and dusted. Buy yours self some strong mint candies and take them liberally. Its not that difficult. Believe me

  46. I am 55 years old and I quit on 5/21/16 using the Allen Carr method and the power of prayer. Day 3 was my worst day. It’s been 3 weeks now and I know I will not smoke again. I put the Quitter app on my phone and it keeps up with how long I have quit and the amount if money I have saved to date. I feel so proud when I look at it. Good luck to everybody!

  47. I need to stop smoking. I am 60 years old and have been smoking a long time and have tried
    to quit several times. 11 years ago I was in horrific car accident requiring mechanical ventilation
    after suffering 37 fractures. I should have died but didn’t and am doing amazing well with all
    my fractures. It is really hard to quit cigarettes.

  48. Hello i have been smokin since i was 15 years old and i am now 26. I have 4 beautiful kids that by some miracle when i was pregnant i was actually able to stop smoking but then picked it right back up after i had them. With one of my children i didnt know i was pregnant and smoked almost a month during my pregnancy. But i stopped as soon as i found out. She has had really bad asthma a baby and i feel so bad. I am ready stop smoking. The only times i really smoke is when im upset or really bored. Even though im not a big smoker it is still hard to quit. But everything in me says i dont need it but my brain keeps saying its to hard. I need to find something that can keep me busy during those hard times. My last cigarette will be at 1150 pm so i can start fresh tomorrow. I hope this works out cause im tired of them.

  49. This is my third time trying to quit and I’m feeling good. tried the patches and gum before, but just got so frustrated that I stopped. Found this Rien Pipe program on Amazon two weeks ago and it’s been working out alright so far. Might just make it this time.

  50. We all know smoking is bad. We have this disgusting picture on the pack, yet we smoke. Believe me no one can make you stop smoking, but you. Recently I went to Kenya on Safari and on Lake Naivasha I had to walk up to the crater to view the wild life. I just could not do it. I was so breathless ( by the way I am 48 ). I lost precious part of my wild life safari. I started blaming cigarettes and started this resolve of quitting and one fine day ( just after 20days of my safari ) while smoking I decided this is my last packet and loved each one of them and said goodbye. I just bought few strong candies and kept popping them. Its difficult but not impossible. Take it as a challenge and even if you do not succeed at the first time, eventually you will.

  51. I’m done with you i need my life back and you are killing me slowly but surely enough is enough !! i will do this for my 2 babys and my husband!! I’m going to start the patches 6/17/16!!will update.

  52. I’ve found the best way to quit was to use a vaporiser, commonly misnamed an e-cig… Used a simple starter kit which cost me like $35. Within a month of use, I tried a normal cigarette, and didn’t even like it, threw it away after just 3-4 puffs… I started vaping with 9-6mg of nicotine, within 6mths I was down to just 3mg, Now I don’t even bother to vape as much, and these days I just make my own juice without nicotine. Its like candy for adults… Vaping really worked for me and I’ve spent less than $500 in a year on juice. I can workout, go for my Muay Thai classes and workout with the best of them and I’m not breathless and I quit without having to suffer as much.

  53. I picked up vaping. The by far easiest way. Amazed how easy it was to quit. Before people go off their heads commenting on how we don’t know how safe vaping is and yadda yadda… I realize this. The study’s are only beginning so nobody knows the long term effects. But it’s painfully obvious that vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavourings and nicotine (which is an addictive substance but NOT A CARCINOGEN) is better than arsenic, formaldehyde, benzene, tar etc…etc…etc. I don’t take random articles and papers as always true and I do check the sources, and the fact is that it’s much better than smoking. I realize not puffing anything in any shape or form is best but many people can’t just quit cold turkey; like me. I tried for years and even when I managed to quit for over two months I always got back into the habit thanks to a few cold beers around the fire. Thanks to vaping I have been quit for 3 months without so much as a thought to switch back. Furthermore, my dad who smoked for decades has stopped. I bought him a vape pen and he hasn’t had a problem since. I’m so proud of him and love this vaping scene.

    So nothing you can say can convince me that vaping isn’t the easiest way to kick the butts. Not the best way maybe… But by far the easiest.

    • I’m so happy youve been smoke free and I have thought about the vape as well…. but I wish people wouldnt quit a substance by replacing it with another.

      Thats why I refuse to use the patch or the gum. Whats the point of getting off one chemical to begin abusing another.

      I wish you the best.

      The study, which was published in the journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, was conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The researchers measured levels of potential hazardous flavoring chemicals in e-liquid such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin. Diacetyl, especially, has been of concern for vapers, as prolonged inhalation is known to cause bronchiolitis obliterans, which is more popularly known as “popcorn lung.”

  54. Ladies and Gentlemen… PLEASE listen to this LONG time smoker. I have been smoking since I was 15! I am turning 50 this year. I tried quitting one other time and made it to three months, stress is a big factor for me. QUIT while you can as young as you can, before damage is done. My final quit date is chosen (July 18th) and I will do ALL in my power to not touch another one. I am done with it all.. and I mean ALL of it. I just had my very first bout of COPD and spent a week in the hospital trying like hell to breathe. You do not want this, trust me. If I could do it all over again, I would have never touched these foul things. It was the biggest mistake of my life. But… Here I am, ready to do what I should have done long ago and I WILL stop this from going any further. I have a lot of life to live yet and I am tired of those things controlling MY life. It is time for ME to take control and keep going. I wish you all the best.. Keep up the fight!! One day at a time!

    • Hello Tami, Wow! That hit home! I too started smoking when I was 15 and will be turning 50 in a couple months. I am on day 4 and I’m at the mind game stage meaning I’ve spent the last hour reading these posts and thinking maybe going cold turkey isn’t the answer. Maybe I should do what some of these other people are doing and wean myself off with nicotine patches and gum like they are doing. This way I can go out onto the deck right now and find a 1/2 a cigarette in the ashtray, smoke it and start again tomorrow. Ugggghhhh Not to mention the fear of reading that day 3 to 5 are the worst days because that’s when the nicotine is out of your body and when the real withdrawals start. So yes, all sorts of mind games going on right now. However……..the mind games being played are between my health and the holes in my brain telling me they NEED nicotine. So my answer to myself for right now……..”No, you do not need nicotine!! You need to fill those holes with pictures of you being healthy when you’re turning 60 and pictures of your grandchildren who are toddlers now, being young adults and you being at their graduations and weddings. So for right now…….I’m deciding to fill those holes with images of me being there for my kids and grandchildren. Nice try nicotine, you @$$!”
      Wishing you Tami and all others a very successful journey to being non-smokers! 🙂

    • Hi Tami,

      what you have written is very heartfelt and I’m sure you will reach the place where smoking is a forgotten past time. I hear you..

      Let us know how you are going.


    • I’ve been smoking for 6 years. I’ve tried to stop for so many times but my breaks were like 3 days maximum. I’ve tried patches, gums, diets etc but those tools are just not enough. It’s really really hard to get rid of the habit. Now it’s 20days since my last cig. I still want to smoke sometimes but it’s much easier then it was during the first week of not smoking.
      I can say that nothing helps you except your own huge desire and motivation. It’s important for me to see all the benefits of life without smoking. My two biggest motivators are saving money to buy a new car and improve my health. SO I found an app called Smoke Free where you can follow the progress of improving your health + it shows the amount of money you save + gives you advices to overcome cravings.
      So my advice is find a convincing motivation, get a tool that reminds you about your success and helps you to stay motivated all the time and enjoy a healthy life!

  55. Hi,my name is Majlinda i smoke since 18 and now im 27..right now im at work and i went out for a cigarette an hour ago than when i came inside the office i had nothing to do than i went to google and started to read about how to quit smoking and than i don’t know how i came in this web and i started to read all of your comments and all of your comments really made me feel good and made me think about seriously to stop smoking and i`am feeling so good and happy just thinking about quieting,i hope i`ll make it and want change my mind.. Good luck to all of us 🙂

  56. I believe taking one day at a time is best. We’re humans, we make mistakes and bad choices. But if we relapse, we start all over. Don’t be so hard on yourself, at least you’re trying. Hopefully one day we can all say we’re smoke free.
    Good Luck All!!!

    Mammy of 4

  57. I want to thank everyone on this forum I feel very encouraged by these success stories. I was diagnosed with Copd 4 years ago I was determined to quit for my 50th birthday until my parents were killed in a bus accident 2 weeks before my birthday I have been smoking even more now. I have to stop I can barely walk after smoking I can’t breathe in cold weather or hot weather I can not enjoy doing simple things like taking my grandchildren to the park everyone don’t end up like me quit now.

  58. Im on day 6. During the day its fine but evenings, nighttime especially weekends still hard to get through. I try to trick my brain pretty often…like I’ve heard in a movie once…”if you don’t want to smoke, you have to think about yourself as a non smoker”. So when it gets a little hard im telling myself that Im not a smoker and I never smoked. Then i go and drink a glass of water. Sometimes it works ?

  59. Why did these post stop in July,2016? ANYWAY, I seem to be older than the lot of you at 68, female, with COPD, using three different inhalers daily, and realising that I spend a lot of time on walks ‘looking at the view’ aka ‘out of breath’. To my shame I gave up, cold turkey, 5 years ago for 6 months, only starting again on my release from hospital having recovered from pneumonia! What sense is that? There is the crux of my problem..
    I do not believe that I am addicted to nicotine, but to the action of smoking, the habit from boredom, and the circumstance. For example, I do not feel the need to stand in the rain smoking outside a non-smoking host’s house, or at a pub, or restaurant, etc. If I am with non-smokers, I don’t smoke, end of. It is only when I am with smokers, where there are no restrictions that I join in, and of course my own home!

    The cost for the dubious pleasure of listening to your own whistling breath as you lie down to sleep, the drool on your pillow, (very sexy) as your body is producing excess phlegm in desperation, making you want to puke every three days and in the meantime making you sneeze loudly and dryly. Then there is the financial cost, which even at a packet a day, would feed a single person, cooking for themselves from scratch with fresh meat and veg.!!

    Finally, there is the panic when you realise that there are only five cigs left in the packet and you feel you HAVE to go and buy some more before you run out. HOW CRAZY ARE WE ???????

    I AM STOPPING, WHEN I FINISH THIS PACKET…..having read your posts, that was not a joke, I just realise that I am mad/crazy/stupid/selfish, and for what? thank you all for inspiring me to write this!

  60. Hi everyone. I feel that anyone who tries to help others quit smoking and doesn’t mention Alan Carr’s book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is doing a huge disservice. I realize that many have read the book and still chose to keep smoking, but no one has anything to lose by reading it. I truly believe it is the best way to become mentally prepared to quit smoking. I quit just over a year now and have never been happier.

    • Agreed Joe,

      Its a process that works for a lot of people over and over again… Alan was a very interesting man and did a lot to help many people way more than he ever knew..

      Congrats on your freedom from nicotine.


  61. I just started a 90 exercise program and quit alcohol cold turkey , I use to drink at least 4 bottles a wine and drink everyday or every other day ! It’s been 1 month this coming Tuesday and I am so proud I quit ! Next on my list is smoking . I am 25 and have been smoking 5 years. I buy a pack of smokes every other day. It hasn’t decreased since quitting alcohol because when I want a drink I smoke instead …. A lot! I smoke the most when I drive ! And stressful days at work. Even if I don’t want a smoke I will if I just got into my car about to drive . I’ve been thinking about it for a couple weeks and I think I am ready to quit the nasty habit ! Next is to set a date and cut back and prepare my mind !
    Would love to talk to someone who is also going to quit soon !

  62. My revolves around Alan Carr’s book versus one of his online video seminars. They are a lot more expensive and I was wondering if people have viewed them compared to reading his book?

    • Read the book after smoking for 20 years 20 plus a day turned the last page and didn’t crave a cigarette again not even when out for a pint or two, 3 years later lit a cigarette for my wife at a party, a friend had let me have a cigarette for her as she didn’t have any on her, that night I smoked 20 cigarettes! Although I didn’t crave nigoteen anymore just shows how addictive this smoking crap can be, lesson learnt not even one drag can be had. I’ve been trying for the last 2.years to stop again but with little success, was smoking 20 plus a day and not getting any younger.
      I’ve learnt that giving up for me is not so much needing nigoteen but getting mind in right place to move forward saying I don’t want this, it’s not going to control me anymore. When I gave up previously I noticed a huge difference everyday how confidence grew and which gave me the self belief that I was stronger than smoking so the journey got easier all it needed was for someone or something (Allen Carrs book) to explain the mind tricks smoking creates, once I had this in my own mind I could beat it. Unfortunately have not been in right mind for last two years but now have decided again that I don’t want or need this relationship anymore so quit again recently reading the book again and will never be tempted to even lite a cigarette again even if it is for someone else, good luck I would recommend the book as for me it made me understand the cytology of nigoteen and cigarettes and that you can beat it

  63. Im 35. Birthday coming up in a month. I’ve been smoking since 1998.
    I want to give my self a present of being smoke free on my 36th birthday.

    I stopped smoking Sunday night. Had my last cigarette Sunday night.
    This is very tough.

    I will be back for support. This website helps, not only with the articles, if anything as a distraction to the cravings.

    I want to live the rest of my life cigarette free.

    Good luck to all those who took the first big step to decide to stop.

  64. I’m 36 and have smoked since I was 18, a pack a day. I want to do it cold turkey bc now I’m ready to quit. Do you think it’s a good idea? I tried the patches and the gums but at the time I wasn’t ready. I’m also gonna quit alcohol bc that just goes hand in hand for me. The alcohol I know I can do bc I was able to stop for over a year. But cigarettes is my number one enemy and I need to stop. Any helpful advice is appreciated.

  65. I am trying to quit now.Was told by my doctor I have the start of PAD (peripheral arterial disease ) from smoking.I have smoked for 40 years and this is the hardest thing I ever had to do.I am using the gum now and it has helped me cut down on smoking.Any other hints I should know about?

  66. I quit cold turkey about 20 years ago. At the time, I thought that life would not be worth living if I could not smoke when I wanted to. Now, I can’t believe I ever felt that way! I threw away my last cigarettes and put a rubber band around my wrist. Whenever I thought about cigarettes, I would snap the rubber band. It just stung a little, you know? But it was enough to tell my mind: do not bring up the idea of smoking or you will be punished. I also filled the refrigerator with carrot and celery sticks. I chewed sugarless gum until my jaws ached. I just kept at it: refusing to smoke, snapping the rubber band. I would have dreams that I was smoking and then wake up SO relieved that it was only a dream. I stayed away from people who smoked and places where a lot of smoking took place. After a while, I stopped thinking about cigarettes. I think you have to make a rule for yourself. If you think about all the other times you quit and then you started again, what went wrong? I think what went wrong was I thought I could have just ONE. But that wasn’t true, just one always lead back to being a smoker again. When I gave them up for good, I knew I could never ever ever have another cigarette. I kept that promise and I was successful at quitting. And even now, some 20 years later, I would NOT let myself have a cigarette for anything in the world. But also,wonderfully, I have zero interest in having a cigarette. Read “The Hunger Artist,” a short story by Franz Kafka.

  67. I smoked my very first cigarette at the age of 9, can you believe that. Caught my older sister smoking and you know how that goes. I was smoking regular by age 12. I am now 61. I quit 6 months ago on my Dad’s birthday, who lived his last days on oxygen and would certainly have lived longer if he had never smoked. I only hope that I have not waited too long and that there is still time for the effects of smoking to be reversed so I can live the long life that I am genetically programmed to live (my mother is 91 and my father was 85 despite smoking for 40+ years, he quit in his 60’s). I still have those moments several times every day when I think it would be so nice to sit down and relax with a cigarette. I brush it aside and soon forgot about it. If I can quit, anyone can quit. I REALLY REALLY liked to smoke, a lot. To keep up the fight, I tell myself that it doesn’t have to be forever. I can smoke another cigarette when I reach 90.

  68. So I am on day 6 and for the first time, I want a cigarette so badly. or maybe to just squeeze something until its eyes pop out. I have had cravings in the last few days, but I’ve been able to talk myself through them. reminders of why I am quitting, all of the little things that are already improving… it’s just not working.

    I quit the first time when I found out I was pregnant 22 years ago. It was a breeze and I was smoke free until about 5 years ago when I decided I could just have one. Falling back into the habit was also a breeze and now, five years later, I am sitting here ready to cry. Six days and I am having the worst anxiety of my life.

    I am also not coughing. I can trot up the stairs without gasping. I can sing in my car and not sound like a frog. My house doesn’t smell. My son is proud of me. I have saved $35 this week. I am down three pounds. I have plans to go hiking this afternoon. I am going to make it to day 7.

  69. My triggers for smoking are, while drinking coffee, when i take a break,waking up, before bed, driving/ridding in a car, stress, after eating, drinking booze… pretty much everything but drinking booze i do on a regular basis. I really want to quit. It is so expensive, detramental to my health, risk of cancer and the biggest is really bc it stinks so bad. My wallet even stinks like ciggerrete smoke. I have quit so many times but noth just ng seems to work totally effectively i wish i would have never started.

  70. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in at least 5 years, thanks to my e-cig. But trying to quit my e-cig is harder than it was for me to stop smoking.

  71. @ Caleb

    I have read both of Alan’s books the earlier version of his book was easier to digest and read and was helpful, though I didn’t stop I appreciated the knowledge I received and I then signed up for the course run here in Australia it was a Saturday and I spent the day with about 15 people Id never me who all had the same issue as me I smoked and couldn’t stop.. We spent the day being demystified, slapped into the realisation what we were doing was the most ridiculous thing ever as the day progressed we neared the last Ciggy break time and it was obvious as it neared that not all 15 people were going to to go and have that last Cig….As it turns out I and a few others did but we never finished the cigarettes.. I stopped for 2 weeks then out of nowhere I started again.. I redid it and it never worked again. My partner on the other hand never smoked again..or wanted too.

    What I have learned from it is that if you don’t know why you smoke then this method will probably fail. I have never understood why I smoke and its bugged me since that day because I had never really thought about it. I know when I smoke etc but I don’t know why.. All the usually reasons apply to me, fear, excitement, relaxation, stress etc but none of these reasons are the True reason..

    I can tell you the date, time and reason I had my first but as to why I smoke now..I’m at a loss. It was the main difference between me and my partner, she knew why she smoked but it wasn’t why I smoked.

    The book will work but you have to read it smoke and enjoy the process don’t rush it and definitely don’t skip to the end..the reason for the length of the book is to readjust your thoughts about smoking slowly as you progress through it.

    I hope it works for you.


  72. I’ve never really had a hard time quitting. I do have a hard time staying quit. I quit lots of times for 3 months, 6 months even 3 years during the time I was pregnant and breast feeding my kids. But I never stopped secretly craving them. And my husband is also a smoker who has never tried to quit, even though he wants to. The most successful method for me is the patch. I find it gives you that steady stream of nicotine so you have minimal physical cravings. Put it on and forget about it. For me the challenge is then to just avoid the habit triggers – morning coffee smoke, drive to work smoke, lunch break smoke, etc. I do find the patch helps that because you just have to find something else to do during those times and the little feeling of anxiety quickly passes. Once I get three weeks under my belt on the patch without smoking I start to get over confident in myself and I usually try to go cold turkey from there. This usually leads to me thinking, “I’ve got this. I’m in control.” Then something stressful happens and I think it’s okay to “just have one” and then it all goes to hell. So I’ve learned over many years and attempts at quitting a) quitting is hard but totally doable. b) There is no such thing as being able to be an occasional smoker after being a full blown smoker the majority of you life. c) quitting is a choice you have to make for yourself that you must stay 100% committed to. Do not give yourself permission to go back. I’ve always given myself permission to smoke again and I always end up going back to it. Because I like it and it’s my crutch. I just finished my last pack a couple hours ago and put on the patch. I think I will always still secretly think about cigarettes since we had such a long relationship. But I know it’s time to walk away one last time for good. I’m starting to get a cough which is the first signs of nothing good. And while I’m 40 now I realize I still have a lot of life left to live so why wouldn’t I want to love myself enough to do what’s necessary to make that as long as I can. And honestly the amount of money I waste on them makes me sick. So this time my plan is to stay on the patch longer. Do the recommended time on each step like they recommend. And do not fool myself into thinking I can ever go back. I also have a vape and e-cigarettes on hand in case I need to get that oral fixation. I’ve been confident before but this time I feel more committed than ever. So long old friend. Old, nasty, dirty, soul sucking, time stealing, money stealing, health damaging, mind f’ing friend. So long for good.

  73. Hi. I’m 22 years old, had my first cigarette when i was 12, and started smoking about a pack every 3 days when I was 17. Now I’m at like a pack a day. I’ve tried several times to quit, but the nicotine overpowers me no matter how much i try to resist. I always tell myself i want to quit, but, it never happens. I’ve tried vaping, and it work for probably about a whole two weeks. Just as you’d imagine i was back in the store buying a fresh pack. My family is not aware of this addiction i have to cigarettes that i have, but my boyfriend is. Im telling you this because my boyfriend doesn’t understand how to be supportive, and help me stop smoking because he doesn’t know what it feels like to be addicted. And with my family not knowing it makes it that much harder. If anyone could give me any helpful advice I’d be more than grateful. I’d rathee be in control of my life rather than a pack of cigarettes.

  74. I have been smoking for 48 years straight. Three weeks ago i felt what tami felt, no breath in or out.
    I was rush to casualty, where the doctor gave me 3 shots, to open my chest. My poor wife thought this was it, its over and she is smoking too. People if nothing can scare you, no breath will, believe me.
    Anyway, it is now 3 weeks later, using zyban to keep calm, sucking suger free butterscotch, beating the cravings 6 love, and never forgetting why i am doing this. No patches, gum, or any nicotine product, just zyban and i am winning.
    I can smell things better, taste better, breathing better, and my wife still smokes next to me, and it does not even bother me, or cause any craving, who knows maybe she is watching me, to see if i can endure and win, then she will give it a go.
    Really people, it is not worth it, was good while it lasted, now it is over and done.

  75. Well it is week four now, and still no problem, no cravings really nothing. I have stop the zyban also on Monday, what a disaster. I have never felt more crappy in my life before, the nausea and tiredness are endless.
    Really, if i knew that the side effects of Zyban are going to be this tough, I really would have consider nicotine replacement instead. It is more worse getting rid of Zyban than of nicotine.
    If anyone had the same experience before, please put it on so that we can share it with future quitters, to save themselves a heap of trouble.

  76. My wife and I had been trying to conceive since December 2015. Both of us have healthy children ages 4 & 7 from prior relationships. So we knew we were capable of making babies. Month after month we kept getting negative pregnancy tests. Every month her heart was broken. started to track ovulation after about three months of trying. Still kept getting negatives for two months. I finally go online to search for help from infertilitycurecenter @ gmail. com and my wife results came back fine, she went and got checked out she was fine. Found this product and ordered some of the boost, mobility, and fertile aid for her and I. we both were only taking them for about a month when we got our first positive pregnancy test. Couldn’t believe it!!! We are now 8-weeks pregnant and beyond happy!! We prayed and prayed each month for this to happen. Really feel that the medication helped us both out significantly! I finished out my supply and I got to say they made a difference in my overall health and energy. I highly recommend this product for anyone how is trying to conceive weather you are having trouble or not. It worked perfectly for us, very happy with the results!!! Can wait to meet our lil bundle of joy in January!! So happy! contact Dr. Godsent today on Email: infertilitycurecenter @ gmail. com! Great supplement for overall health and trying to conceive!

  77. I am trying to quit with parellel help of Sheesha/ Hookkah…i am doing Hokkah at night after Dinner. Only one hours….now daily bit ill make it alternative than weekly and than Monthly than complete breakup ??

  78. Hi I started smoking at the age of 12 and quit for 6 months when I was 18 then started a job and started smoking agian then my next attempt was when I was 46 and quit for only 5 days then I started feeling anxious and having more anxiety so i started smoking agian I’m now 47 I’m wanting to be done with smoking

  79. Cindy,
    Hard it is, make no mistake, fortunately the Zyban effects have subsided and i am feeling human again. Now i really appreciated the fact of not smoking.
    This month i have saved R900.00, my old smokes money. I am planning a blast of a holiday in 2017.
    I hope you and your hubby are still going strong, hey we need to support en encourage each other all the way.
    It is as if i have a more positive outlook on life now, maybe because of an inner strength i never knew i had, till now.

  80. My Mother stopped smoking WITHOUT any help !!! She was smoking for 45 years. Her husband die from smoking. She was smoking less and less until she stopped. It took about a month or two. Smoking is a waste of money. It can lead to health problems like, Bronchitis, Emphysema, and even Cancer. My Mom passed away 2 years ago. She had Cancer.

  81. Cindy,
    Hard it is, and yes in motivation there is no shortage. You know the beauty of the story is that all of our children smokes and they could not believe that DAD does not smoke anymore. When we visit them they would offer me a smoke, out of habit i suppose then i would say something like. ” Have it on me”.
    Thanking God everyday for helping me through the Zyban withdrawals, that was a fight of note, never again on Zyban.
    Anyway it is nice to read the other peoples fights, as it motivates to stay clean.

  82. Either all methods will work or non ever will work. To quit smoking, you need only one thing: your will. If psychologically you are not ready yet, nothing will help. On the other hand you can quit smoking using a helping agent or no any help, if you have come to the the idea that you will really stop. This is the 5th days of being non-smoker and I hope i can stand on it. I hope all you also quit smoking for ever. Be careful though. If you use nicotine gum, you are still in danger. Either you succeed. That’s good. But you may chew so much that you get tired of it and start smoking again or you may get addicted to nicotine gum. Have your will alive all the time. You can manage it. Good luck everybody

  83. I am a 70 year old female who had smoked for 50 years. I was diagnosed with COPD in Jan of 2015. Suddenly had MRI in march 2016 and found 2 brain aneurysms. Risk factors are of course smoking and high blood pressure. Quit smoking on July 24 with the help of Wellbutrin. It has been a god send!!!!!










  85. I was a very heavy smoker, smoked three, sometimes four packs a day. I used to get them online from foriegn countries and therefore they were cheap and i never got caught. They told me I was diabetic in 2008, and i do know that diabetics that smoke lose their legs eventually. I quit. Cold turkey. I was amazed with how easy it was. I only wore elastic pants to avoid facing the weight gain, and the shocker was that three months later i LOST 16 pounds. I did start again in the summer of 2015 and quit again that fall, and it was just as easy. I just stopped smoking and that was it. I don’t miss it, and i never had one withdrawl symptom. I tried the patch once in my life i swear it MADE me crave cigarettes, I have never had a problem in my life quitting cold turkey. Runs in my family, My aunt and my mother were the exact same way. I do not empathize with those that complain of severe addiction, I don’t think I ever was addicted to nicotine. And boy was I a heavy smoker. Strange but true

  86. I will say this. Every time i quit cold turkey and never got cravings, i’d been smoking the one mg brand, Now or Carlton, for a good year. I don’t care what they say, i believe smoking the one mg brands and no other cigarettes, they are so light, there is no way you can “get your dose” with them. They take two weeks to get used to, one day you wake up and they taste as good as any other cigarette. In fact, everything else is way too strong. At first you can smoke up to five packs a day of these, they are like sucking on air, but this subsides over time. When you quit, it’s so easy, you don’t understand why you didn’t do it years ago. Smoking Carlton or Now really reduces your intake and need

  87. Folks, please stop calling cigarette smoking a “habit.” It is an “addiction,” and we habituate ourselves to that addiction. In comparison, brushing your teeth before bed is a habit, but if you go on a trip & forget your toothbrush, you don’t resort to stealing a stranger’s toothbrush so you could brush your teeth. I have, however, stolen cigarettes, and I’ve also smoked the remnants of strangers’ cigarettes that I’ve found in ashtrays or on the ground. Those are behaviors a drug addict does – whether it’s crack, heroin, or nicotine. It was only after I began being honest with myself and realized it was an addiction that I took steps to recover, and after my 22-year addiction, I’m now three years free, and I realize all the lies I told myself to continue smoking – you know them well – that I still enjoyed it (despite never getting the “high” any more), that it helps “calm” me (despite it being chemically impossible to reduce stress – and actually increases it), and that I could quit whenever I wanted to (as I grabbed the pack & headed outside to smoke in the rain). If it was just a habit, it would be easy to quit.

  88. Hi everybody,

    Just want to wish everybody a merry Xmis and a prosperous new year.
    3 hoorays for us that will finish 2016 smoke free, lets beat 2017 as well.

  89. I was taken by ambulance to A&E on Xmas eve following coughing and passing out.
    20 a day for 35 years albeit mostly mild ones has taken its toll recently – last 3-4 months.
    I’d been playing over 50’s walking football (soccer) but that was so exhausting I felt sick and had to go in goal ever since.
    I’m also an alcoholic who hasn’t drunk for 12 years and am happier in that respect than even the good days of drinking! I’m hoping that by living in the solution rather than bemoaning the ‘sacrifice’ will help with giving up smoking.
    Some great motivational posts on here – I’m nearly 2 days off and my first personal motivation is what a wonderful Xmas present this could be. My wife and I had planned to go the Zyban route in the new year, but hopefully I’ll have a head start and be her support ‘cos I love her so much.

  90. I am smoking for 15 years, and from Dec 2016 i have Decide to quit from 1st Jan 2017 even single cigarette i have mind set that only few days are remaining for my bad habits, and now it is 30th of Dec 2016 with my strong commitment with my health no any other family smokes in my home,
    Due to time specification with my mind wish me to stop before committed time but i ask to my mind these days are to remembrance so will not u see again in coming years.
    so lets see what happens in 2017 who will be winner me or my mind.

  91. I also did the quitting on 31 dec but are suffering right now and try to manipulate my brain to reject this overwhelming ache for a smoke.Smoked from I was 17 till now which is 41.Quits every year for a week or two cold turkey but falters every time with alcohol.This time I quit the drinks too but am afraid for the dark lonely nights ahead.Lives in South Africe in small town in the free state.

  92. Started smoking 30 years ago. 1 pack a day. Cluster headaches since I was 24. Smoking and CH some correlation. At the onset of every cluster episode, go cold turkey and leave the nicotine immediately. Seems to help ease the pain of the CH, the intensity much lower and duration of pain much shorter.

  93. I am 27 I been smoking since 18… I decided to quit smoking because when I laid down for bed after smoke it felt like my chest was going to cave in! I quit cold turkey 3 days ago; I had cravings and mood swings I just force myself to sleep. I am craving right now that’s why I am on this site trying to find people who could help me! As of now, I am getting ready to put on my gym clothes and walk to the gym! I’m NOT SMOKING ANYMORE! It’s going to kill me if I start again! You’re a silent killer!

  94. I want to quit smoking but I don’t know where to start. I am only 25 and I have been smoking since I was 16. I just recently got married and my worst fear is to not have kids or not see them grow. Last night, I told myself that I would quit. I failed this morning. I feel so bad that I did. But it won’t stop me from trying again. I will keep on trying. I will push myself to go on with my day without cigarettes. After reading all your posts, I told myself I am done. I am so done. I wanted to smell good again and have a normal life. Thanks, everyone. I wish I can be as strong as you are. I can do this. WE CAN DO THIS!

  95. I am on my 4th month now, and still going strong. I really do not miss the puff. Turned out that my 48 year old addiction caught up with me. Spent the first half of January in hospital after my right lung decided to stop functioning. Luckily my Physician managed to restore some life in it, and now it is functioning at 30% only. Quite a life changing experience to go through that i can say, as the body now has to adapt to less oxygen. This keep me strong, as i have to protect my left lung. The things we do when we are young, will always catch you in the midterm, make no mistake.

  96. I am 35 and have been smoking off and for about 16 years. I’ve quit several times but pick the habit back up when I find myself around peop who smoke frequently. I hate the control it has over me. I try so hard. I pray constantly asking God to help me, I remind myself of what these things are doing to my body. Cancer runs in my family and I’ve lost several family members to cancer and on top of that I have 2 kids 11 and 18. No one in my family knows I smoke. Not even my kids.only my boyfriend knows and it’s because he’s a smoker. It’s a secret I’ve kept all these years. No one would even ever believe I’m a smoker as I’m soft spoken, mild mannered, articulate attractive Christian woman with sparkling white teeth as I’ve worked in dental field for 16 years. I say that not to brag on myself at all but just to show that you don’t have to look a certain way( as most peop think smokers tend to always have yellow teeth, bad breath, smell like smoke, have dark lips, live in poverty or just appear to be stressed) but I keep a bottle of Victoria secrets or bath and body works spray in my purse and my car. If someone happens to smell smoke and ask me, i just lie and say it was my boyfriend who had been smoking and that’s why I smell of smoke. I even lie when i go to doctor and they ask if im a smoker because im ashamed and embarrassed to be labeled as such. I smoke on the way to work after dropping kids off. When I’m home as soon as they are asleep or if they are in the shower those are the times I take advantage of. I’m just tired of living a lie and tired of harming my body with this stuff. I don’t like the smell and it causes my stomach to hurt when I smoke or even just smell it but yet I still do it. I’ve tried throwing them out window or in the trash….a whole pack in the morning, but find myself by my noon luch hour at a store buying another pack smh. This is horrible. I’m going to keep pushing and keep trying. I love my kids to much to continue to engage in this selfish, harmful self inflicted life threatening habit. Tired of living a lie.

  97. DSR — I can relate. I live with Family and the thought of them finding out made me anxious. Eventually I was tired of being scared of getting caught, I am 35 as well and had been smoking over a decade.

    I did what you did, snuck in a few smokes when no one was home or when they were in bed.

    What helped me decide to quit was not wanting to be caught and I knew eventually I would be because i had already been caught by one family member who threatened to tell the other family member if i don’t quit asap and then voiced their concern of how addicting the habit was. This family member doesn’t know I had been struggling to quit for years.

    My suggestion: Use your fear of embarrassment of getting caught as your leverage. Quit before they find out but more importantly quit for you since quitting for other reasons hasn’t helped you.

    Good luck!

  98. 55-year-old, pack a day Male smoker since age 13. Went for a low dose C-Scan for smokers. Have 9mm nodule on right lung. Likely cancerous. Will know more later this week after Petscan. If lucky I can surgically remove the right lung lobe. If not and it spread to my lymph nodes I am dead in 1 to 2 years. Please stop smoking before you wind up in my situation. All smokers die a young lousy death.

  99. Also, day 6 of my smoke ending. It was easy compared to the past. Knowing it killed me. Its your life on the line. If your 30 or 40 and quit now you will live well. If you don’t you will die badly.

  100. Hi, everybody! I’m not a smoker, as a matter of fact I have never even really smoked one cigarette in my life, but I have a boyfriend who smokes a lot and finds it very difficult to quit. I care about him dearly and I thinking of helping him something occurred to me. What if you got yourself a big can and used it as a piggy bank putting in it every day the amount of money equivalent to what you spend on smoking daily. Placing the money in a can would be like going for a big smoke, but healthy ;), and by the end of the year, the money would be for you to spend it on anything you wish (except for cigarettes, of course!).

    • i was thinking about this method! i calculated how much money i spent on cigarettes per year & it turns out that i spend more than 2,500 dollars just on cigarettes. imagine what i couldve done with that money. anyways, best of luck to you couple! 🙂

    • Thank you for your idea, It should be the savings for a Dream Destination Vacation. You are a fantastic girlfriend – Wish you will marry a smokefree man soon! Good luck!

    • Hey! saved money is a good bonus for self motivation. I was doing the same thing.. THere’s an app that helped me a lot. it’s called Smoke Free. It shows all the benefits of not smoking and helps to follow the process of your health getting better. It showed that I can save almost 4000$ per year! It’s 44 days since I smoked the last cig and I feel amazing. Good luck with your bf!

  101. Hey everybody…been reading the comments and commend everybody on trying to stop..it is not easy by a long shot..I lost my husband to cancer from those dammed smokes..a mountain of a man…always thought it would be me first..saw him wither to 56 pounds..our son, who is autistic, still does not grasp the death..and me, being the fool that I am, tried everything known to man..and yet, I still smoked.. and a nurse on top of it all..you think I would know better…I curse these dammed things every time I see them..they are pissing me off now…when I used to welcome the sight of them..still, they sit on my table…I wish everybody the most success in this…I am going to try something different for once…and its ok to chuckle, I am good with it…I am going to PRAY…What have I got to lose…Hugs to all..Stephany.

  102. The best way and the most successful way is hypnotherapy.
    As the subconscious mind is where cravings come from and it’s not nicotine that’s the issue its the habit itself. Hypnotherapy works on the subconscious mind and by changing beliefs eg it’s too hard to zip have to do this for my family. You can kill triggers and have overtime you see someone smoking it reminds you that you’re a non smoker for life

  103. Yes, tell them off…I did this everyday for a month, after the first month when a craving would hit, I say “who you talking to? I don’t smoke”… I used acupuncture to the ears and it lesson my craving so, I was able to use my willpower on the habit..in month 7 with no desire for a smoke…sometimes the habit will root it’s head…I just start doing something else..didn’t know I smelled like that!! was fooling myself when I freshen up. I smoke for 30 years..was scared to quit didn’t know what JOY,PEACE,HAPPINESS,FREEDOM,

  104. I’m a 22 year old young man. I smokes about 9-12 cigarettes a day. I had started this bad habit about 5 years ago. Now I can’t run fastly, I can’t sleep properly, I can’tt able to concentrate in my works. More than this my chest is paining like hell. I’m planning to quit smoking. But I don’t know what to do. Please do help me. I’m so much addicted to this bad habit and it kills me slowly.

  105. HOW DO YOU QUIT SMOKING WHEN YOU LIVE WITH A SMOKER??This is all going to sound so bad and FULL of excuses. My husband and I both smoke. We’re in our mid 50’s. Been smoking since teenagers. Tried quitting several times but only once together. Lasted about 2 mths with me but only a week with him. Tried all the remedies. Failed. My trigger was having a few beers on the weekend. His.. stress. I want to quit this smelly dangerous crap but he will never. We smoke in our home, horrible I know, and my grown non-smoking daughter is naturally always on my case about how everything stinks… EVERYTHING! Believe I know! We have a very nice house that I keep in order but IT SMELLS LIKE AN ASHTRAY no matter what I do! Somehow by the grace of God I was able to quit when I found out I was pregnant years ago. Quit with both my kids but only until they were born. Thought by going in the other room to smoke was ok. NOT! What a stupid naive thought! It still was in the house. I so regret that. Shame on me for putting my innocent kids thru that! Plus, now they’re grown and of course worried about us. My son is moving out now and recently quit smoking. It was inevitable that one of my kids would pick up this nasty habit. He’s replaced it with occasional chewing tobacco. He doesn’t realize it’s just as bad but it’s helped him not smoke. He bought a house and has to wash everything before he moves to his new home because he doesn’t want his new house to smell. Shame on us! My daughter is married now and constantly tells me (not her dad) to quit. She’s planning on having a baby and told us (well..me) we have 2 yrs to quit because she naturally doesn’t want her baby in this smelly house and I don’t blame her one bit! I would never smoke around my grandchild but it would still smell like a cigarette just being in this house. What a hypocrite I am. Smoke around my kids but now say I won’t around my grandkids! I remember feeling and looking so much better when I was off this crap. And being able to walk in the house and smell what we had for dinner the night before vs now smelling cigarettes was so nice. My husband refuses to quit. I know I can’t ask him to quit again with me, that has to be his decision but I would love for him to quit smoking in the house if I try to quit again but his answer is always “This is my house”. But it’s OUR house.. It is so hard to try to quit when you’re married to a smoker. I was sneaking his cigs which also ultimately made me fail. Purely my weakness. I know it’s just an excuse when I tell myself why shud I go thru all this when he continues to smoke. He was generous enough go in the basement but it still would linger. I know it sounds like it’s all about the smell but it’s so much more. Our health, the expense to name a few and most of all wanting my daughter to WANT to come over here. I know it’s just my excuse to not be able to quit because my husband won’t. But it’s so damn hard. I hate this addiction! It’s killing us! I don’t want to argue with my spouse over this. I know it has to be my decision. To do it for me! I just wish we could do this together!

  106. As a physician I found the following protocol will help: We all know that one of the big pleasures in smoking is to light up after eating, take that deep breath and “relax”. Fool your brain as follows:
    1. Keep a pack of cigarettes in your pocket or purse.
    2. Keep a lighter or matchbook with them.
    3. After finishing a meal place a cigarette in your mouth and PRETEND to light it.
    4. Take a deep drag on the unlit cigarette. Take a number of deep breaths
    and tell yourself how relaxed you feel.
    5. Do this every day after each meal for 2 weeks and then gradually reduce
    the frequency.
    6. Reward yourself as you realize that you are overcoming this horrible
    7. Remember that there are easier ways to die then in respiratory

    • Thank you for the advice. I have a pack of smokes on me and a lighter. Seems to be helping. Not worried about finding any. The 6th day and it is a rough one though. The first 3 days,was very sick so now on own working on it. The way I am coughing still I know if I light up it will make the coughing worse. Using a pen as a prop.

    • I like your suggestions. I feel naked without a pack in my pocket.

      I’ve been cutting back for a while, running slightly under a pack a day, and then on April 1, California enacted a tobacco tax that bumped the price of a pack to around $8. I’m under a lot of stress these days and the damn price hike didn’t help. I hear Chantix works, as long as you can manage the potential side effects, and I’m not ready to accept the risk.

      HOWEVER, I’m down to 10 smokes a day. I limited myself to no more than 1/hour, now it’s one every 1-1/2 hours, and I’m watching the clock…

      I’ve bookmarked this page, and I’ll re-read all the comments on the day I decide to go cold turkey.

  107. I started smoking late in life at the age of 54 due to stress and anxiety. I used to hate cigarettes, so it’s very ironic. I am 57. I quit in the summer of 2016 cold turkey because it was affecting my lungs. Then after 4 months, I started, again. Now, I am having difficulties quitting. I really can’t afford this habit and I know it is or it will affect my health. I have 1 cigarette left and 3 14-mg nicotine patches. I will start there. My state also offers a quit line where I can talk to counselors for so many sessions for free. I am also going to join sites for people quitting smoking. Thanks!

    • Hello Marlene,
      Wanted to send some feedback 🙂 How does it feel to be smokefreeeee?
      Best wishes!

  108. I was a smoker for 17 years and was smoking 30 a day. I tried quitting cold turkey, patches, e-cigarettes and many other methods but all had limited success.
    I had nearly given up on quitting but while searching Google I came across material by Jason Vale. He has is a free App called “Quit Smoking in 2 Hours”.
    Looking back I can now see why other methods didn’t work. This is life changing stuff and I believe anyone can quit using this method.
    The best part is the App is FREE and investing just over 2 hours of you time to listen will change the way you see smoking and see just how easy it is to quit forever.

  109. Allen Carr’s Easyway system really does work. It works by making you realize all the things you think are making you feel good by smoking are really making you feel bad. With Easyway, you will not only quit smoking but be delighted to know you’ve conquered a drug addiction as strong as heroine or meth and will never have to or want to put another one of those nasty cigarettes in your lungs again. I smoked over a pack and a half a day for 20 years and tried every other method you can think of including being diagnosed with cancer and having a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed from my colon, which still wasn’t enough to get me to quit using sheer willpower. With Easyway, it was just a completely different mindset, no willpower needed. Get Allen Carr’s book and a few packs of cigarettes to smoke, I guarantee you will finish reading the last 1/3 of the book wanting to puke from the toxic fumes you’re forcing into your lungs that provide you absolutely nothing but until you read the book you’re brainwashed to believe otherwise.

  110. The government of each country should make sure to close all cigarette making factories and put a complete ban on tobacco planting and selling. All tobacco related products should be classified as a drug and should not be legalized as it is affecting millions of people in this world including very young children.
    All health ministers of every country are aware of the deadly effect and why they are silent, just because each government is gaining lot of revenue through tax and sale of tobacco products.

  111. Hi people! I’m sitting down and about to light up. I’m in the midst of spring cleaning and ‘just had’ to have a ‘smoke break’. I know you all get this! It’s still in my hand but I haven’t lit it yet – ah but wait, I can stop writing here for a sec and do it!!! What a shitty habit. Ok, that’s taken care of now…type and smoke at the same time – damn, aren’t we such great multitaskers!! Sooooo, I found this forum and read through multiple comments … then I HAD to shoot to the very end to see if it’s still up and running – oh thank god – it is!
    I’ve pretty much been smoking forever. I’m now 59 and started at 12….damn, what a stupid thing to do. I grew up in Montreal where everyone smoked and I think everyone pretty much still is. Both parents smoked tons – it was easy in the beginning as a kid to grab a few here and there. My parents found out and I got the ‘how dangerous smoking is’ lecture. It’s unfortunate I didn’t really hear the message. Eventually my mother said one day in desperation ‘if you’re going to smoke, then smoke a pipe’. Of course she thought that I’d never do it – wrong! So along comes a Sunday night family dinner; my grandmother was with us that evening. So what do I do after dinner while we’re still at the table … my parents lit up their cigarettes and I lit up my pipe! Oh god, my mother’s face – can you see it?!! She was so embarrassed with her mother watching her granddaughter … poor woman! Anyhoooo, another sit down ‘talk’ came the next day and she preferred I smoke cigarettes rather than a pipe in public.
    I haven’t tried to quit for a gazillion years now, a few decades anyways. The last time I tried I became a crazy person; hysterical highs and then the next moment I was bottoming out. I think I became this nutsoid person not on meds. I was completely out of emotional control. I was so pissed off that the drugs in cigarettes – or lack of – could make me this crazy. That’s when I knew there had to be some pretty toxic crap must be in these things. But there was no way I was going to continue on this cycle without knowing how long it was going to last and not having a safety net. Evidently a rubber room is required – seriously.
    I’ve since tried champix and they made me a different kind of crazy. After explaining my symptoms to my GP she told me I was allergic to it and that ended that. When I fly I use patches and they work really well. However as soon as I can get out of the terminal I’m lighting up.
    My body is taking a beating from smoking, I hate the way my home smells – especially when the windows have been closed ie winter. Out comes the ‘odour eater’ spray which is probably full of more junk. When I watch people smoking I think it just looks terrible, I know without a doubt that it has no beneficial properties for us and it costs a fortune.
    Oh dilemmas….what to do to end this??? BTW, I really enjoyed reading the post at the beginning of this forum where the poster was treating her cigarettes as if in a relationship breakup – arguing with them, etc….too funny!! I enjoyed giggling!

  112. Smoking produces profound harm on smokers and non-smokers’ health. It causes multiple organs dysfunction and increases risks of cancers. Although anti-smoking campaigns are launched within recent years, smoking is still prevalent in any age groups. The precipitating factors contributing to smoking include: curiosity, cultural influence, peer pressure and ineffective methods to relieve stress. Barriers to smoking cessation include: existence of precipitating factors, easy access to cigarettes and difficulties to tolerate withdrawal symptoms. Because tobacco industry makes big profits and provider great job opportunities, in the long run, it is impossible for governments to inhibit cigarettes production. This increases complexity for quitting. Successful quitting depends on smokers’ determine and persistence as well as effective multiple methods used for quitting.

  113. Hey everyone, so I am almost onto day 3 of non smoking and omg I’m climbing the walls literally!! Every little thing is doing my head in and I can’t seem to focus on anything apart from cigarettes!!! Please tell me this is normal and soon it will get easier!!??? I’ve smoked since I was 13 I am 28 now so basically everything I have done growing up has involved smoking. I’ve had many failed attempts at quitting and I’ve always been sneaky and had the odd one but this time I’m so determined.. just feel drained and like everyone around me thinks it’s easy but so far this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.. would be lovely to chat to someone in the same boat as me could use the support and encouragement 🙂
    Good luck everyone

  114. I am pussled about the nicotine-gum … it must contain some addictive additives just as cigarettes do. Otherwise will not take so long to quit the chewing.
    I have a friend that quited smoking but she is on her 5th year of chewing!
    And her face looks distorted by it! I rarely enjoy smoking anymore I hate it! –
    I have to quit, but I am a bit scared of just switching to another long term addiction. I was buying only 2-3 cigs /day from smokers outside, it worked well about 2 weeks till i get turned down and got to buy a packet so I am up to 9 cigs/day again. What a CURSE!
    I wish you all good luck just as I wish it for myself.

  115. I’ve been smoking for 6 years. I’ve tried to stop for so many times but my breaks were like 3 days maximum. I’ve tried patches, gums, diets etc but those tools are just not enough. It’s really really hard to get rid of the habit. Now it’s 20days since my last cig. I still want to smoke sometimes but it’s much easier then it was during the first week of not smoking.
    I can say that nothing helps you except your own huge desire and motivation. It’s important for me to see all the benefits of life without smoking. My two biggest motivators are saving money to buy a new car and improve my health. SO I found an app called Smoke Free where you can follow the progress of improving your health + it shows the amount of money you save + gives you advices to overcome cravings.
    So my advice is find a convincing motivation, get a tool that reminds you about your success and helps you to stay motivated all the time and enjoy a healthy life!

  116. This is fine and topically is beneficial to them, those who determined to quit smoking forever.

  117. Have habit of smoking from 2002 and had quit three times with cold turkey among maximum lasts for 2 years and now again have habit of heavy smoking from 2010, with strong determination again going for quit with cold turkey method, but this time i hope i will never smoke again

  118. Just heard from my phisician, Dr. Brians that my right lung only funtions 15%.
    The diaghraim is not working properly, only quivers. Looks like phrenic nerve pulsy. Anyway its now 9 months later and still i am not smoking. As a matter of fact it irritates me when people smoke around me. I cannot stand the smell of sig smoke anymore.
    I must admit i have prayed a lot and i believe that faith and God has helped me through this bad patch. I tire out very quick because of inadequate breathing, but i feel better, smell better, taste better.

  119. Hello, My name is bilal, I am smoking 4 to 5 cigarette every day sometimes 1 only, I really want to quite smoking but how? I have tried several tricks to stop smoking but failed every day before sleep i am promising my self that tomorrow i am not gonna smoke cigarette but fail to do. I dont know how to quite, My so many friends are smoking when i see them to smoke i eagerly ask them for cigarette, every day this things happening, Please assist me how to quite smoking?

    • I feel you. but it starts to get into my nerves that my co – workers tell me they how much they hate the smell of cigars. I feel guilty whenever I come to work smelling like cigars. At least now I don’t smoke at work but at home I still do it.

  120. I have been smoking since the past 6 years. Like everyone started with one cigarette offered by cousin and continued that for 3 years. The issue was that when my best friend started smoking then it it increased to 4-5 cigarettes a day. Now without him I smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day but with him i smoke pack a day. Now what I should do? I am soo confused.

  121. I had my first drag when I was 16, then I smoked occasionally. I told myself, cigarettes ‘suit’ me,like ‘ I was born to smoke’. Sounds foolish and dangerous now, but God knows what got into me then. I had epilepsy, bipolar disorder, migraine and chronic depression, somehow smoking made things “easier”.I used to smoke for each and every reason. sadness, happiness, anger, stress, joy etc. The one or two cigarettes in a month became few in a week, then slowly before I knew it, within few years it became 1-2 packs a day. My parents were upset, my friends tried to reason with me, but I never wanted to quit. I loved smoking. I still do. In all my years of smoking I tried quitting once, unsuccessfully.
    A decade post my first drag , here I stand, trying to quit the second time. I slowly reduced my intakes from 1-2 packs a day to 2-3 sticks a day for the last week.Then suddenly one fine morning I went Cold Turkey.
    I am smoke free for the last 63 hours.

    It’s not easy but it’s not undoable. It seems harder when I think of the things I am going to miss. But I gain a bit of momentum in my motivation every time I think of the things I am going to get. The trick is to be content with your life. Letting go of all the worries. I used to confuse stress with worry. Stress is real, it will always be there, we can deal with it or not. But worry is a choice. I am unticking worry from my life.
    I am getting cold sweats, sudden bouts of shivering muscles, throats are getting dry, nausea, palpitation, urge to shout and the list goes on. I am dealing these withdrawal symptoms with chanting ” I don’t smoke.” and “I won’t smoke” over and over again.

    Sometimes I am trying to keep the mouth busy with really cold Pepsi or peppermint but taking care not to grow dependent on any of them. Drinking green tea helps. Even watermelon and pineapple is helping with the craving. I am planning to avoid milk tea,coffee, meat and oily/heavy food for few weeks. Whenever I am getting cold shivers or sweats I am trying deep breathing and drinking Pepsi!!!

    It’s a long term commitment I know, and I am trying my best. Isn’t that the right thing to do?
    I have wonderful parents, lovely little sister and best-friend_turned_fiancé standing by me like pillars. Why can’t I do it?

  122. Of course quitting smoking is a very good decision but for doing this i went on a cold turkey but it will be effective for a week or so,
    But for this our family support is very much required they should help us by creating a kind of cooperative environment they should understand that how it will be for us to control smoking a cigarette though its craving.
    My understanding is our family’s support in not creating any situations which could trigger the craving is very much required for any person recruit smoking.

  123. When you have a craving, Instead of lighting a stick go J*ckoff instead to divert your attention 🙂 joke. hahaha kidding aside, it only takes discipline.

    or get an envelope. every time you feel like a buying a pack, place the cigarette money in that envelope and deposit it monthly in a “quit smoking” bank account of yours. Saving up to fuel your quitting to smoke.

    end result you quit smoking plus extra personal savings as a “cherry-on-top” *ting… smoking is burning money.

    I’m in the quitting process as well and this method works for me.

  124. Thanks a lot for such an useful article. Among these four tricks I tried Nicotine replacement and Trigger Avoidance. I did not succeed. What I ended up doing in the end was visiting a psychologist. It helped me so much to change the way I think about smoking and made the process of quitting way easier. The problem was it was quite expensive and took up a bit of time. I was reading about this app called “Quit Genius” in the Evening Standard. It’s essentially a personal psychologist in your pocket and is like the Headspace for smoking and uses scientifically proven techniques to change the way you think about smoking. It is awesome!!! It helped me quit and I am now 2 weeks smoke-free and it feels so good.

  125. Vaping really works.
    I’m a 28 year old male been smoking for 13 years and to date have successfully completed first year without touching a cigarette.
    Seeing my success my father and brothers have also quit and are at 6 month period.

    In the beginning I cheated and had 1 or 2 but I found if I told myself (while I was smoking it) “good god my vape tastes better” or “I miss my vape” eventually the urge for cigarettes faded. If anything now I smell it from other people and say to myself “damn I used to reek too”.

    The best thing I did was take it day by day. Now I’m still vaping at the lowest nicotine level of mg and I feel I’ll be off of it completely very soon.

    Hopefully my success story will help someone that is struggling. Just know that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!!!

  126. Hi
    I am considering hypnosis to help with quitting smoking. I have smoking for 20 years and been on and off them for 8. Quit for a year twice when pregnant so I know I can do it. I would go 2-3 days without smoking and then something draws me back in. I have no idea what as I hate smoking and everything about them. I know all the dangers and these are in my head constantly. I am so paranoid about my health that I will bring on bad health. Has hypnosis worked for anyone or can you give me advice on how to stay away for good. I have read Alan Carr years ago. Thanks

  127. Okay,Im a young man of 23 was actually into drugs before but i stopped after Rehab and started cigarette and booze now i feel like i cant ever stop this habit,honestly i feel all this techniques don”t work because once i crave i just go and get myself a stick of cigarette,what can i do?

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